As Robert Mueller writes his report, a potential battle brews over obstruction of justice

As special counsel Robert Mueller wraps up his Russia probe, investigators have focused on conflicting public statements by President Donald Trump and his team that could be seen as an effort to influence witnesses and obstruct justice, according to people familiar with the investigation. – RSS Channel – Politics

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Bumble users can now filter potential dates by zodiac sign, so our apologies to Geminis

Bumble users can now filter potential dates by zodiac sign, so our apologies to Geminis

Bumble users can now filter potential dates by zodiac sign, so our apologies to Geminis

Bumble will make sure your next match is written in the stars. The dating app now allows users to filter potential dates by their zodiac signs. So, our deepest apologies to Geminis. In a new feature quietly rolled out in mid-December, Bumble users now have the option to exclude certain zodiac signs in the advanced filters section. The update comes at the heels of the app’s update that allowed users to disclose their astrological sign earlier that month.

Here’s a look at Bumble’s astrologically savage update.


Bumble’s filters allow users to fill out icons reflective of a user’s personal life, such as political leanings, lifestyle preferences, and faith to ensure the best match. So, it makes total sense that a zodiac feature has inevitably been added to the line-up.

Naturally, users were elated about the new feature. After all, astrological compatibility is a very real concern. What if an Aries unknowingly swiped for a Libra? Apocalyptic.

Be advised that the feature only works for users who have disclosed their zodiac signs. So, the probability of swiping for a Scorpio is still likely. Love is an astrological battlefield, friends.

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FIFA studying potential for 2022 World Cup to be expanded to 48 teams: Infantino

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said soccer’s global governing body was studying whether it was possible for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 to be expanded to 48 teams.

Reuters: Sports News


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Mets, potential trade chip Travis d’Arnaud agree to 1-year deal

Whether Travis d’Arnaud remains with the Mets is another question, but the catcher has avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year deal with the club for $ 3.515 million, an industry source confirmed Saturday. D’Arnaud earned $ 3.475 million last season, when he appeared in just four games before undergoing Tommy John surgery. The Mets expect he…
Sports | New York Post


NASA deep space probe reaches asteroid deemed potential Earth threat

NASA’s deep space explorer Osiris-Rex flew on Monday to within a dozen miles of its destination, a skyscraper-sized asteroid believed to hold organic compounds fundamental to life as well as the potential to collide with Earth in about 150 years. 

Reuters: Science News

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Exploring ‘Scary Terry’ Rozier’s Potential Defense Against Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

The decision to take on the ‘Scary Terry’ moniker and sell merchandise might have landed Celtics guard Terry Rozier in hot water. The shirts Rozier sold, which utilized the ‘Scream’ mask, led to a lawsuit from the owners of the intellectual property. 

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Potential flaw in our assumptions about unknown opinions of others

Findings from a new study suggest that people assume that those who are silent in a conversation would agree with their own opinion, even if the majority of the speakers in the group have a different opinion. This has implications for how people form opinions about products, politics, and much more.
Consumer Behavior News — ScienceDaily


Brainwave activity reveals potential biomarker for autism in children

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects children’s social and intellectual development. Conventional diagnostic methods for ASD rely on behavioral observation. Researchers have now identified a potential quantifiable biomarker for diagnosing ASD. Using magnetic brainwave imaging, they correlated altered gamma oscillation with the motor response of children with ASD, which is consistent with previous key hypotheses on ASD. The means of observation potentially offers a noninvasive, impartial form of early diagnosis of ASD.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily