The Predatory Malibu Rehab Guru Who Ripped Off Obamacare

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty

He’s a convicted sexual predator who targeted women in his care. Soon he’ll be tried for an alleged $ 176 million insurance fraud. He’s an exceptionally bad person, but as a businessman he was fairly typical of rehab operators in America’s $ 42 billion-a-year treatment industry.

His name is Christopher Bathum. Until his arrest in 2016 he ran Los Angeles-based Community Recovery, among the fastest growing rehab chains in the nation. Starting with a single treatment center in 2012, Bathum grew Community Recovery into two dozen facilities in California and Colorado, with 400 beds, medical clinics, a testing lab and a Hollywood art center and café, where patients could work and express themselves creatively. Bathum had a vision: “to unleash the power of community medicine” and “heal the plague of addiction in America.”

Because he sometimes he sounded like a cult leader, his employees jokingly referred to him as “L. Ron Bathum.” But no one would dispute the need for treatment when he began Community Recovery in 2012. That year fatal overdoses in the U.S. topped 41,000. As anyone knows who’s been affected, each death marks the suffering of families, countless friends, and co-workers living in the aftermath. Entire cities could be filled with the grieving.

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