Will Smith previews his version of ‘Aladdin’ classic ‘Friend Like Me’ and it’s actually great


It’s the moment Disney fans are waiting for, and one many are coming at with eyebrows raised — Will Smith’s version of “Friend Like Me.”

The star of the new live action Aladdin takes on the coveted role of the Genie, one immortalised by the late great Robin Williams.

“Robin Williams smashed that role,” Smith told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, and that Smith himself originally didn’t want to touch the role. “Hell no,” he said, when first asked. And fair enough, people have had their eyes critically fixed on any Genie footage of Smith from square one.

Nonetheless, what pushed him over the line? Messing around with “Friend Like Me,” Smith had the team run the drum beat of The Honey Drippers’ 1973 track “Impeach The President” on top. Read more…

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