Kareem Abdul-Jabbar almost starred in ‘The Princess Bride’

NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s trophy case runneth over — but now he’s angling for an Emmy. He has nabbed six NBA MVP awards, six NBA Championships and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The New York native has also written numerous books and pens op-eds — about everything from whether LeBron James is…
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Can we all stop unfairly judging The Princess Switch please?

Before you form your opinion, consider this…

The Princess Switch

The Christmas countdown is officially on, and with the cold weather setting in and Yule logs and mince pies coming into the shops, we’re feeling more festive than ever.

Now all we need is a new Christmas film to obsess over with a mug of mulled wine, and last week, that is exactly what we got – thank you, Netflix.

The Princess Switch, released last Friday, is this year’s answer to A Christmas Prince, and let’s just say it doesn’t disappoint.

Vanessa Hudgens plays the two leads in this Parent Trap esque flick, involving a European Duchess switching places with an ordinary baker from Chicago, who looks identical to her, just one week before Christmas. Inevitably they fall in love with each other’s partners, want each other’s lives and somehow everything ties together perfectly in the end.

The Princess Switch


I’m not going to lie, there are a few gaping plot holes and I can’t pretend that I understood everything. Why didn’t Stacy report that her blender had been sabotaged and get a new one? Why was the strange old man that kept popping up everywhere to deliver wise quotes never explained? And HOW did the butler Frank De Luca survive that almighty fall off the bridge?

And yet, I loved it.

The film has proved to be pretty divisive, but in this writer’s opinion, it’s all pretty unfair.

There’s no point in comparing it to an Academy award winning film because it never pretended to be one – it’s set in a make-believe European country and packed with cliché quotes about Christmas wishes, orphans wanting to be princesses (Hello Princess Diaries 2), fake snow ball fights and makeover musical montage scenes.

Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s the perfect winter film – especially if you’re an over-worked stressed out millennial who just wants to switch off and feel festive.

Sure, if you’re a film buff whose highlight of Christmas is dissecting the artistic camera work of It’s A Wonderful Life, then give this a miss. But if you tend to like films that score less than a 6.3/10 on IMDb and you feel like putting your feet up, this is a must-see.

Here’s why The Princess Switch is well worth a watch…

1. Lady Margaret Delacourt’s wardrobe:

The Duchess of Montenaro is impeccably dressed, and the scene where Stacy explores her wardrobe for the first time rivals Carrie Bradshaw‘s SATC big wardrobe reveal. We’re talking Blair Warldorf style berets, Camilla Mendes esque mini skirts and some serious Jackie O inspired tailoring. And don’t even get us started on the red and gold ballgown that she wore to the royal dance – that is reason enough to watch.

2. Robin Soans’ multiple cameos

The big unanswered question from The Princess Switch has to be the identity of the wise old man (played by Robin Soans), who turned up everywhere (even within the palace walls) to deliver some much needed Christmas wisdom. We assume of course that he is a sort of modern day fairy godmother, but still – why doesn’t the character have anything better to do?! How does he know everything?! And did he literally follow Stacy all the way from New York? There are so many questions and we really would have liked some reassurance Netflix. That being said, he did save the day on numerous occasions so we’ll let it slide.

3. Kevin the baker’s bod

Kevin the baker! Who knew that body was hiding under your apron? Well, Lady Margaret does now, but it’s safe to say we were all surprised and understandably, it is of course a highlight.

4. The hilarious British accents

Somehow the accents in the mythical European country of Belgravia (yes, Belgravia!!) are English, same with the country of Montenaro, where Duchess Margaret Delacourt comes from. Get ready for some very clipped old school Mary Poppins style accents. Let’s just say it’s in the same league as Gossip Girl‘s Lord Marcus Beaton.

5. That moment of Inception

In one particular scene, Lady Margaret posing as Stacy and Kevin from The Princess Switch sit down to watch a Christmas film, scrolling past A Christmas Inheritance, before landing on A Christmas Prince. Yes, really. The characters in a Netflix original Christmas film just watched another Netflix original Christmas film. What is real life? We don’t know anymore.

6. The Meghan Markle effect

Did anyone else think that Stacy as Lady Margaret had elements of Meghan Markle about her? A feminist royal who wanted to have a hands-on approach in terms of official events, and despite being a high profile princess-to-be, insisted on being heard, not just seen. Just saying – we loved the millennial references.

7. The references to other chick flicks

One thing that has really got viewers talking is the inspiration from other romantic comedies. There’s a dancing in a fairy-lit canopy scene that is almost identical to A Cinderella Story, a Parent Trap esque hair cutting scene and even a moment that mirrors a Princess Diaries 2 scene where an orphanage of children get to be princesses for the day. One scene that excited viewers the most however was when Kevin gave Margaret a locket, looking a lot like a High School Musical 2 scene (also starring Vanessa), where Troy gave Gabriella a necklace. Basically, The Princess Switch is an amalgamation of every single romantic comedy you’ve ever seen, and if that’s not reason enough to watch it, we don’t know what is.

Be right back – off to watch this again.

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Princess Eugenie’s wedding hair looks awfully familiar

We’ve got deja vu

Princess Eugenie married her long-term partner, Jack Brooksbank, today at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle – five months after her cousin Prince Harry married Meghan Markle at the same place.

princess eugenie's wedding dress


Eugenie’s dress was pretty incredible – that low back, that train, that designer, that secret message – we could go on. And the celeb guest list was out of this world.

And that’s all before we’ve got onto her hair & make-up. Wow.

princess eugenies wedding dress

AFP/Getty Images

According to Harpers Bazaar UK , Eugenie’s hair was done by Sonny-Jo MacFarlane at Hari’s Salon in Chelsea. Perhaps the Princess’ regular hair stylist? He created a low chignon with loose tendrils, topped with an art-deco tiara borrowed from the Queen. Sound familiar?

The only difference is that Eugenie took the modern approach and opted against a veil.

Fancy recreating this look at your wedding? Gorka Aararas, Creative Director at Charles Worthington Salons has given us an easy step-by-step.

Step 1: Set the hair in rollers or tongue it and then pin to set the curls.

Step 2: Separate the front from the back.

Step 3: Backcomb the back on the crown area, then pin into the lower nape.

Step 4: Put the remaining up to create a soft romantic and relaxed chignon.

Step 5: Place your tiara or headpiece on top of the parting of the hair.

Step 6: Lastly, with the front of the hair that has been curled, brush the hair softly and sweep the sides of the hair up adding that relaxed and effortless look.

For her make-up look, Princess Eugenie kept it natural on the lip, but chose a brown smokey eye to accentuate her green eyes. Hannah Martin, Pro and Artistry Manager for Bobbi Brown, created the look.



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How the Cost of Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Compares to Meghan Markle’s and Kate Middleton’s

Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Wedding DressesPrincess Eugenie, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton each had weddings fit for a royal, so it only makes sense that their nuptials are equally as hefty.
On Friday, the Princess of York wed…

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Princess Eugenie’s weird wedding request that compared hubby to doomed literary character

Princess Eugenie may want to reread “The Great Gatsby.”

The British royal family member — or as we Americans know her, one of Queen Elizabeth’s other grandkids — had a strange request at her Windsor Castle wedding Friday.

Eugenie, cousin to Prince William and Prince Harry, had her big sister Princess…

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Kate Middleton Is Royal Wedding Guest Chic (Again!) for Princess Eugenie’s Big Day

Once again, Kate Middleton is the epitome of wedding guest chic.

The royal mom arrived at the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank on Friday, shortly after returning to royal duty after taking some time out of the public eye following the birth of her third child, Prince Louis, in April.

Kate wore a burgundy ensemble by her own wedding dress designer, Alexander McQueen, and a matching velvet beret by go-to milliner Philip Treacy.

She and Prince William quickly headed inside after being driven to the chapel door, taking their seats next to newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (The couple, who wed in 2011 and whose children George, 5, and Charlotte, 3, even snuck in some hand holding before the ceremony began!)

Kate, 36, returned to her royal duties following maternity leave on Oct. 2 when she visited the Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden. She took a short two-mile drive from her home at Kensington Palace to a recreation ground in Paddington, London, to spend time with local school children and learn how getting their hands dirty in a wildlife garden and outdoor learning helps with their well-being.

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The 36-year-old royal is set to take part in sporadic engagements during October and through to the end of the year. She will return to her usual busy schedule come January.

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Despite her time off from work, Kate has had a busy wedding season. In addition to helping marshal Prince George, 5, and Princess Charlotte, 3, who served in the bridal party at the wedding of her longtime friend, Sophie Carter, last month, she was her usual stylish self to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle less than a month after Louis’ arrival.

Despite her royal status, Princess Kate has developed a clever trick to avoid upstaging the bride on her big day: Pulling a royal rewear!

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For Sophie’s September nuptials, Kate wore a cornflower blue Catherine Walker & Co coat dress, which she previously wore when she arrived in Berlin with Prince William and their two eldest children during their July 2017 tour of Poland and Germany.

At the May wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, she appeared to pull an epic royal rewear with an off-white structured-collared coat dress. In July 2015, Kate wore a very similar piece to Princess Charlotte’s christening. She pulled out the ensemble again at the Queen’s official birthday celebrations, Trooping the Colour, in 2016.


Fashion Deals Update:

Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress is a total dream and we’re in love

That train though!!

princess eugenies wedding dress

Princess Eugenie’s dress gave us major old Hollywood vibes and she painted an utterly romantic picture walking up the chapel’s staircase, with a dramatic train trailing behind her. Prince Andrew apparently gave away some key elements of the dress away prior to the big day as he revealed he was worried about stepping on the train of her gown.

Designed by Peter Pilotto, the folded, slightly off the shoulder neckline dipped down into a lower V at the back for just a flash of skin. According to ITV, the subtly patterned fabric on the gown was designed especially for Princess Eugenie.

She accessorised with a pair of emerald and diamond earrings, which were matched beautifully to a tiara she borrowed from her grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

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