CVS nasal spray recall: Sinus relief product may cause deadly infection

A nasal spray sold under the CVS health brand is being recalled because it may lead to life-threatening infections for certain patients, USA Today reports. 
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Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Dunkin’s Gluten Free Product, Trump’s Florida Rally

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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Peter Strzok’s arrogance is the product of a corrupt FBI

Watching FBI agent Peter Strzok battle with Congress, my initial reaction was pure anger. His repeated, arrogant insistence that he had done nothing wrong despite tons of evidence to the contrary convinced me he deserved immediate firing — if not the firing squad. Gradually, though, anger gave way to amazement as Strzok grew increasingly combative…
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This corrector is the only product that will hide my dark circles

‘I’ve relied on the same corrector for over 10 years’

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had dark circles under my eyes.

The whole surrounding area is slightly darker than the rest of my face, and there is a fingerprint’s worth of purplish shadow under each eye. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had three or 12 hours of sleep, they’re always there.

As my natural skin tone is very fair (my specialist subject is the best foundation for pale skin), my dark circles stand out all the more against such a light backdrop.

Alright, so there are worse problems to have – but it does mean I look tired all the time IRL. That’s why I’ve relied on the same corrector for over 10 years.

I do my make-up on the train to work every day, and am often asked for the name of the magical product I’m using under my eyes; my favourite was the woman who described it as ‘the thing that made you look so awake just now’.

The product in question is Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Corrector, described by the brand as one of her ‘secrets of the universe’ (I’ll say). If I was allowed to wear only one make-up item for the rest of my life, it’d be this.

The shade-matched formula has a hint of pink or peach, depending on your skin’s undertones, to neutralise and correct any darker blue or purple patches.

And with a huge spectrum of more than 20 shades on offer, both very fair and dark skin tones are catered for.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector, £19.50, Fabled

Buy now

The brand recommends you follow up with their concealer to cover up the pink pigment, but there is so little in the fairest shade that I usually skip it. Skin tones darker than mine should probably follow this step, though.

I go through a pot of this about every three months, which means my corrector useage works out as 21p a day, so this is truly a worthwhile investment if you have dark circles like mine.

Other correctors are out there, but I’m yet to find one that’s tempted me to stray.

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Blac Chyna Advertises Organic Skin Lightener Product But Turns Off The Comments Section – Can You Guess Why?

Blac Chyna’s latest post is about some organic skin lightener products which she claims will protect your hair and skin from the sun. On the other hand, she turned off the comments for this post.

‘Summer is here! 👙Who else wants to have smooth, flawless skin? A lot of factors can affect your skin one of the biggest factors is the SUN! 🌞 Taking care of your SKIN should be just as important as taking care of your HAIR! One of the best products I’ve used is @organicskinlightener which is an ALL NATURAL way to help skin with discoloration, stretch marks, acne scars; it works from the inside out to give your skin a beautiful glow!’ Chyna began the caption for her post.

‘They were just picked by Life & Style Magazine as a 2018 Top Celeb Break Out Product! Check out ALL their reviews on their ig and Tell them Chy 💋sent you! USE code Chyna20 to get a discount!’ Chyna finished captioning her video in which she is presenting the product to her fans and followers.

We assume that she turned off comments for this specific post because her fans have been slamming her for a long time, telling her that she is trying to bleach her skin.

And considering the product she is currently advertising on her Instagram is called ‘organic skin lightener’ she probably just fuels these rumors even more.

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Miaou is looking for a full time digital and product manager, based in Los Angeles. The role of the digital manager is to direct the e-commerce site, create digital assets aligned with the narrative of Miaou, along with management of the site’s products, and all social channels. The ideal candidate …

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Emojis used to develop a modern face scale for product testing

A new study finds that emojis are a viable alternative to words when it comes to accurately measuring how kids feel about food, products and other experiences. With that discovery, researchers developed an emoji scale that may help companies better test products in non-Western cultures.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily


Airborne inventors at odds with pharma firm over new product

The mom-and-pop team behind Airborne is back in the immune-supporting game — and Big Pharma doesn’t like it. Reckitt Benckiser, the British drug and health care company, has demanded Rider and Victoria McDowell stop selling Victoria’s Family Formula — a tablet that promises to enhance a person’s immune system. The McDowells started selling their product,…
Business | New York Post


HomeKit is the latest Apple product to have a serious security flaw

Apple HomeKit security bug in iOS 11.2

A zero-day vulnerability with Apple’s HomeKit exposed users’ smart door locks and garage-door openers to hackers, 9to5Mac reports. The serious security issues have already been fixed via a server-side patch by Apple, and an update to iOS 11.2 is coming in the near future to fix any broken functionality.

The site reports that a “HomeKit vulnerability in the current version of iOS 11.2 has been demonstrated to 9to5Mac that allows unauthorized control of accessories including smart locks and garage door openers.” It describes the bug as “difficult to reproduce,” but said that it potentially “allowed unauthorized control of HomeKit-connected accessories including smart lights, thermostats, and plugs.”

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Mompreneur and Son Invent Unique Product and Pitch Steve Harvey

The Unique Seat creators Shirley and Addison Hayden with Steve Harvey on Steve Harvey's Funderdome

Shirley and Addison Hayden are entrepreneurs who recently pitched their product, The Unique Seat, on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV show. Black Enterprise contributor Brandon Andrews sat down with the pair to find out exactly what The Unique Seat is and how in the world they came up with the invention.


STEVE HARVEY’S FUNDERDOME - "Episode 105" - The seed-funding competition reality series "Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME" featuring two aspiring inventors going head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies airs SUNDAY, AUGUST 13 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose) STEVE HARVEY, ADDISON HAYDEN, SHIRLEY HAYDEN (UNIQUE SEAT) (Steve Harvey, Addison Hayden, and Shirley Hayden on Funderdome. Image: The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose))




Brandon Andrews: Tell us the Unique Seat story. When were you inspired to start the business?  


Shirley: They often say that necessity is the mother of invention. Having a young child at the time and wanting to have an enjoyable day going to the beach created the necessity for The Unique Seat for me and many other outdoor enthusiasts. I recall how frustrating it was to pack and carry all the comforts of home with us to enjoy a family day at the beach. That’s when the idea for The Unique Seat came to me. After setting up for the day at the beach I sat thinking, “there has to be a better way to do this” and I received a clear vision of what The Unique Seat would look like. I remember coming home and drawing the vision in detail and therefore beginning the creation of my first prototype.

I showed my handmade prototype to my friend Sybil and she was so excited that she encouraged me to market “The Unique Seat.”  She was so inspired she even came up with our tagline: “Carry Your Indoor Comforts to Your Outdoor Fun.”

We started the search to find a company to manufacture and make a real prototype. After some time passed, I finally started working with ProtoSew, The Unique Seat [took] form and become a real product. It has changed three times since the original handmade prototype, and each time it gets better.


The Unique Seat is a “unique’ combination of innovations; blanket, seats, materials, etc. How did you decide on this mix of pieces to create the product?


Addison: The way that the pieces were selected for The Unique Seat included ideas to enjoy outdoor events in comfort, as well as fixing the annoying flaws that came along with these items. The Unique Seat is equipped with two versatile chairs that attach to bleachers, roll into pillows, and have pockets. The interconnected queen-sized blanket is weighted on all of the corners as well as a waterproof bottom to keep everyone comfortable.
STEVE HARVEY’S FUNDERDOME - "Episode 105" - The seed-funding competition reality series "Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME" featuring two aspiring inventors going head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies airs SUNDAY, JULY 2 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose) UNIQUE SEAT

(The Unique Seat on Funderdome. Image: The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose))


How did you feel pitching your business in the Funderdome?


Shirley: It was absolutely exhilarating pitching on Funderdome and this was actually our first time ever pitching together. Addison actually influenced me to take the pitch in a different direction. It was challenging at first to change what I had been doing, however with direction from our awesome casting team and our team at home, we started to get comfortable with the new pitch. Stepping on the stage to pitch the audience was really one of the greatest moments for me personally. It also played a huge part in helping me overcome my issue with stage fright.

Addison: While pitching on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome I was very nervous, but also confident in our product. The energy of the crowd definitely helped get us excited to where we were able to speak genuinely and keep our enthusiasm.


You won the audience vote! Were you tempted to cash out?   


Addison: Before we arrived at the show I told my mother we were in it to win it so we would not take the cash out offer no matter what. Throughout the show, I was not tempted to cash out because of how the crowd reacted to our product. My mom, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to take the offer. Given the amount of hard work and money put into The Unique Seat, the decision to not cash out was validated by the Funderdome crowd and through their constant excitement.

Shirley: I was pretty sure we had a proven product and believed the audience would use The Unique Seat more often than our competition. I was not tempted to cash out but did a check in with Addison just in case. He was really clear with a smile and his “no way” look so cashing out was not an option and I am glad it wasn’t needed.

















Small Business – Black Enterprise


The Secret To a Wildly Successful Product Launch? Focus Groups

I love inventors. They are typically dreamers who feel they can change the world with their ideas. I truly have an appreciation for that confidence. However, there are some inventors who are so in love with their concepts that they feel once an idea launches everyone will buy it. Oh, if it were only that easy. Focus groups are what they need.


(Image: iStock/vgajic)



A Case for Focus Groups and Consumer Feedback


Anyone who has launched a new product will tell you that it is an expensive process. From due diligence on manufacturers (which often requires travel overseas) to materials to the cost of production, you can spend your entire life’s savings on your dream invention.

The overall investment in time and materials should make inventors leery enough to wonder, “Will anyone really want to buy my product?” But the confidence of ignorance often clouds the judgment of eager inventors and they rush to market with little or no consumer testing. This is can be a costly mistake.

A few years back, an inventor hired me to provide marketing support for her manufactured product that she had dumped her entire 401(k) into (roughly $ 700,000), none of which went toward focus groups or consumer product testing. Her invention, which was actually a really great cooking utensil, began to fail in the homes of some consumers.

She found herself sending replacements and providing refunds to disgruntled customers, which became a burdensome expense. To top it off, she had emptied all of her coffers on research, development, and production. That left her with a super-slim budget for marketing, a decision that ultimately became a death sentence for her product.

I was able to provide some marketing support to this inventor, but she was haunted by her product failures and had thousands of units of a product that she was no longer confident to sell. She ended up taking a major financial loss and went back into research and development to work out the kinks. 


Focus Groups Provide the Clarity You Need to Move Forward


For those unfamiliar with the term, a focus group is a “demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.”

The goal of focus groups, consumer product testing, surveys, etc. is to find out if your target customers understand your product and whether they would buy it. While focus groups are interacting with your product in a controlled environment (often led by a third party you hire) you are privy to their reactions–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Information derived from focus groups can reveal that you have a product that will succeed with your intended consumer, it needs work, or it will likely fail without changing. But the most significant piece of data that might come from this activity, especially if you do it early enough, is the feedback that can help you refine your product offering to suit what consumers really want.

This information can transform your product’s future from moderate success to a blockbuster. For some inventors, hearing consumers disparage their “pride and joy” invention cuts like a knife and it is the fear of these sour reviews that often prevents them from conducting focus groups. This is shortsighted thinking. 


Fearless About Pre-Product Launch Focus Groups


Your invention is like giving birth to a baby and raising your offspring into an adult. But just as you would guide your own human child with advice, care and nurturing, you must do the same for your product. Consider the following:


Egos are Bad for Business

Remember your invention was never just about you, so keep your ego in check to alleviate fears of bruising it. You likely developed your product to fill a need or to solve a problem that many people have. Keep that in perspective and let those same people support your product launch.


Sell a Product Branded for the People, By the People

Branding is often mistakenly thought of as a strategy that is solely devised by a company. This is incorrect. Companies define a message that is conveyed to the public and it is the consumer that uses this information to define your brand. Focus groups offer informative insights into the perception of your product, giving you the opportunity before you invest in marketing strategies to develop brand messaging that will likely resonate with your target audience.


Sorry, Your Product May Actually Stink!

This is a tough pill to swallow, but stay with me. You just may be so close to your invention that you haven’t considered that no one else really wants or needs it. It may be a good idea to you, however consumers may not be willing to pay for it. At the end of the day, you should offer a product that people love so much they will buy it and tell everyone else they should buy one too.

Focus groups can reveal to you that you have a product no one wants, saving you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars and relieving you of the burden of failure. It’s better to have the choice of walking away and cutting your losses or to go back to the proverbial “drawing board” than to invest in a product that will likely lead to personal heartbreak and zero profits.

Let’s be clear, launching a product is challenging, but a successful product launch is quite the reward. Give your product and profits a chance by letting the very people you hope to buy it, test drive it. Insights obtained from a focus group have the potential to change your life forever whether the response is positive or negative. Never miss the opportunity to learn from those who can help make your dreams come true.

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Meet the £7 beauty product that Victoria Beckham swears by

If it’s good enough for VB…

Words – Rachel

From the editors of Good to Know

Victoria Beckham has been a beauty and fashion icon since the 90; she works out for this impressive amount of time every morning, has her own beauty line and is one of the world’s top designers right now. So we could all learn a thing or two about her health and beauty regimes.

But if you always assumed high street products weren’t a part of her beauty regime, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Speaking to beauty website Into the Gloss, Posh Spice revealed that Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 wipes are the only product she uses to remove make-up from her face.

‘The only face wipes that actually take off all my makeup are the Bioderma ones. I always use a cleanser after, but these wipes really get everything off,’ Victoria said.

Shop now: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes for £7.10 from Boots

Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 wipes are infused with micellar solution and are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

They cost about £7 in most UK high street stores, so we reckon they’re worth a try.

The post Meet the £7 beauty product that Victoria Beckham swears by appeared first on Marie Claire.

Marie Claire


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She Created Her Product, a Weave Dryer, After Her Grandma Came to Her in a Dream

On Episode 8 of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, Michalyn Porter, Ph.D., pitched her product, Weave Dryer, in the Funderdome. On the show, entrepreneurs pitch in a head-to-head competition to “The Funderdome” (a live studio audience) for the chance to win up to $ 100K in capital. The pitch that gets the most votes wins the money. Before the winner is announced, both competitors get the chance to “cash out” for a lower sum of money.

(Michalyn D. Porter, Ph.D., holds the Weave Dryer. Image:


Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships sat down with Porter after the show for a one-on-one interview about his startup and his appearance on the show.

Women around the world wear hair weaves. How does the Weave Dryer enhance their hair experience?  

The Weave Dryer enhances the users experience because it provides a way for ladies to completely dry the hair all the way to its roots. The nozzle also gently dries hair faster than sitting under a hooded dryer. It’s absolutely the best and healthiest way to eliminate the possibility of having wet hair on your scalp when wearing extensions.



How did you develop the product? Did you sketch it? Where did you find a manufacturer? Walk us through the process. 


I couldn’t dry my hair extension foundation braids underneath my weave. Every time I shampooed my hair it would always become consumed with water. I love wearing weaves but became so frustrated and angry that I couldn’t dry the foundation properly. One night, I shampooed my hair and tried to dry my hair as best that I could. I went to bed upset with a wet head hoping my tracks would be completely dry in the morning. That night, I had a dream. I was with my grandmother and she handed me a cup looking object that had straws with holes attached. She told me to put the object on the end of my blow dryer. Then I woke up. I grabbed a cocktail napkin by the bed and sketched a drawing of what I saw in my dream. I showed the drawing to my husband and he freaked out and told me to find a patent attorney. I worked with a company called Invention Home to secure a Utility Patent. I went online and found a reputable hair tool manufacturer in China. Twelve months later, I went into production. Now the product is sold on my website.

It was a huge opportunity for me to have a platform called Funderdome to pitch and showcase my dream, the Weave Dryer. I prepared for the pitch by naturally talking about the benefits of the Weave Dryer and sending videos to the producers. I listened to their suggestions and incorporated everything they gave me into my pitch.

(Michalyn Porter, Ph.D., with Steve Harvey on Funderdome. Image: The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose))


What did you learn from your experience on the show? 


I learned that there are many women who experience the same problem while wearing hair extensions. My invention is saving the health of many women. I also learned that even though I cashed out, this opportunity gave me a chance to tell the world about the Weave Dryer.

How do you plan to grow your business in 2017?  

The sales since the show have been amazing. I plan to grow my business by working with other hair tool brands to license my invention, the Weave Dryer.




Small Business – Black Enterprise


Lauren Conrad’s makeup artist tells us the *one* skin care product we’re missing from our routine

Lauren Conrad’s makeup artist tells us the *one* skin care product we’re missing from our routine

Lauren Conrad’s makeup artist tells us the *one* skin care product we’re missing from our routine

In the past few months there’s been a real push-back from beauty experts when it comes to skin cleansing — gone are the days of using harsh scrubs and foaming cleansers that strip your skin anytime you use them. Gentler, more natural methods, like oil cleansing, are sweeping the scene, but few techniques have grown in popularity quite like the rise of Micellar Water. Up until quite recently, our options here in the states have been quite limited, but thanks to Amy Nadine’s new Micellar Cleansing Water, jumping on the bandwagon is as easy as taking a quick trip to your friendly neighborhood Costco.

Amy Nadine’s Micellar Cleansing Water is now available for $ 14.99.

This three-in-one micellar water cleanses, tones your skin, and removes makeup all in one go. It’s formulated with white tea, which is rich in anti-oxidants and coconut water to hydrate and replenish your skin.

According to Amy Nadine, micellar water is the one thing we ~need~ to add to our skin care routine.

Here’s the thing: she is a celebrity makeup artist whose work you’ve seen in every major fashion magazine in the past few years. She’s worked with Lauren Conrad, Susan Sarandon, and Krysten Ritter, to name a few. And she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to beauty.

Our lovely @laurenconrad at the @rebeccaminkoff Fashion Show today with hair by @ryanrichman and makeup by me!

A post shared by A M Y N A D I N E 💄 👑 (@amynadinemakeup) on

So why did the celeb makeup artist come out with a micellar water instead of a makeup product?

Let’s just say Amy is all about gorgeous skin, and she believes using micellar water is what we’re missing from our skin care routine. She told HelloGiggles,

“My husband is French, and every time we spend time at his friends’ home in Paris, I talk to the women about their gorgeous skin. When it comes to makeup we mostly use the same products but in regards to skin care, none of them believe in “washing their faces” — no face wash, no splashing with water until it’s squeaky clean. That concept seems really weird and foreign to them while to us, it seems crazy not to wash our faces!”

She explains that instead of washing their faces with traditional cleansers like we do, they use micellar water. While the use of micellar water may be a new concept on this side of the pond, it’s a total no-brainer with the fine folks in France.

Mama's got a new 70's shag! Thank you @pamwiggy!

A post shared by A M Y N A D I N E 💄 👑 (@amynadinemakeup) on

Whether your skin is oily, flaky, irritated, dry, or acne-prone, micellar water will do it some major good.

Amy thinks it’s a total lifesaver,

“I added it to my routine two years ago and my skin is so much calmer, clearer, and more balanced. My skin is actually cleaner than when I’ve used face wash. If you don’t believe me, wash your face, exfoliate it, and then wipe a cotton pad soaked in my micellar water and inspect it afterward. You’ll die at what it picked up that the face wash and scrub left behind! It’s wild that something so moisturizing is also so powerful at cleansing.”

We love when makeup artists develop their own lines, because who better to know what skin needs and how best to care for it? Amy noted that her work as a makeup artist influences the kind of products she makes, and she works to keep her clients’ skin looking radiant and alive.

“Every product I pitch has to have skin care properties in it. And any skin care products I create have to keep the skin happy and hydrated. Skin is everything!”

Few things make us as happy as when women create accessible, affordable products that help us feel good and keep our skin healthy. Off to Costco we go, because Amy has made a serious case for micellar water, and now we must add it to our routine.



Kim Kardashian Has a New KKW Beauty Product Coming Your Way: Here’s a Sneak Peek

UPDATE Thursday, August 10, 2017: Not into cream highlight and contouring products? Kim Kardashian has a fix for that: Powder highlight and contour kits, so everyone — both cream and powder makeup lovers — can swoon over her products. And while we’ll have to wait until next week for the full rundown from the star, we know a few things: they’ll come in a palette form, similar to Kylie’s palettes, they’ll likely include both contouring and highlighting formulas, and they come with a sleek new powder brush, which Kardashian models in her latest preview of the product on Instagram.

“My new @kkwbeauty powder contour and highlight kits are coming soon,” she writes. “I’ll be doing a full reveal of the palette shades next week. I’m so proud of these new powder kits and I can’t wait to share them with you guys.”

Kim Kardashian West is building her beauty empire — and fast.

Last month, the style icon and rising beauty mogul took fans by surprise when she announced that she’d be following in her sister Kylie’s footsteps and launching four contouring products in a new cosmetics line, KKW Beauty. The four carefully-curated kits sold out within a few hours on the first day, and sold out a second time during her re-stock.

And apparently, there’s much more makeup where  those kits came from. “This is the start of many amazing products,” she said at the brand’s launch at her house, promising that more launches are on the horizon. Now, what started out as four simple, nude contouring kits seems to be growing very quickly, as far as Instagram is concerned.

RELATED PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian West’s Best Beauty Moments of All Time

Last week, the star’s longtime makeup artist and best friend Mario Dedivanovic, who she turns to for product advice, shared a shot of Kardashian wearing nothing but glowing, perfectly-contoured skin and a sharp black cat eye. The pro wrote, “BTS sneak peek ?? secret shoot,” hinting that something major was in the works.

But before we could speculate, KKW Beauty shared the same photo — revealing that the shoot was in fact for a new addition to the line. “@kimkardashian behind the scenes at a new #KKWBEAUTY product shoot… #comingsoon,” they captioned the photo. And considering her cat eye, we’re going to go ahead and assume that there’s a serious eye liner about to drop.

What do you hope to see next from KKW Beauty? Sound off in the comments below.

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LOVESHACKFANCY Is Seeking A Product Development / Production Intern, Fashion / Apparel In New York, NY

LoveShackFancy is currently seeking interns for the Fall ’17 semester in the PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/PRODUCTION department to start late august/early September.(Please note- this role is for apparel product development and production ONLY; this IS NOT an internship for PR or marketing.)Ideal …

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The Most Ridiculous, Hilarious, and Absurd Product Reviews on Amazon

Apparently George Takei has an Amazon account he uses to just write funny reviews.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Too Faced Just Announced a Peaches & Cream Product You Can Use On Your ENTIRE Face

Jerrod Blandino just announced a brand new Too Faced Sweet Peach product that will be available at Sephora in August.
Pippa Middleton chose a surprisingly basic gold wedding band to go with her 3.5 carat engagement ring.
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This Drugstore Beauty Product is the Secret to the No-Makeup Makeup Look at Isabel Marant

Backstage at Isabel Marant fall 2017, Lisa Butler broke out this drugstore beauty product to achieve the quintessential, French girl no-makeup makeup look.
All of the TSA-friendly products you need for Spring Break are in this month’s Allure Beauty Box. If you’re not already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? See all the editor-approved beauty loot below.
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A New Pat McGrath Labs Product Was Just Teased Backstage at Anna Sui

Backstage at Anna Sui Fall 2017, makeup artist Pat McGrath teased a new Pat McGrath Labs product launch.
After showing Plein Sport in Milan, designer Philipp Plein has been accused by Alexander Wang of plagiarism with a side-by-side video comparison.
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Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette: The Brand New Product Coming Soon

We’re freaking over Kylie Jenner’s newest palette called the Royal Peach Palette from her Kylie Cosmetics line.
In a world where a single click pulls up 3,000 different shades of lipstick or a few hundred eye creams, is it possible to find your perfect match?
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What This Product Junkie Packs for the Beach

My top beach-day essentials: a bathing suit and a blue sky. Next on that list is an army of protectors, detanglers, deodorizers, and defrizzers to defend against the hot, sweaty stickiness of a day in the sand. Here, my 15 beauty must-haves for your next day at the beach.
The latest from
We might not be able to help you in your search, but we did ask Becca makeup artist Kerry Cole to show us what all the hype’s about.
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生物元素 Bioelements Makeup Dissolver Perfected – Oil-Free Non-Stinging Makeup Remover (Salon Product) 236ml/8oz

生物元素 Bioelements Makeup Dissolver Perfected – Oil-Free Non-Stinging Makeup Remover (Salon Product) 236ml/8oz

Makeup Dissolver Perfected – Oil-Free Non-Stinging Makeup Remover (Salon Product)
List Price: 270.0

Meet The Beauty Product With A 12,000-Person Waiting List

If you are into makeup and you don’t know the artist Wayne Goss, here’s a helpful hint: You probably should. He’s YouTube famous — with over 1.8 million followers and counting, he is as sassy as he is talented (which is saying a lot, because he is very sassy), and he has a killer brush line that U.K. vloggers and bloggers have been raving about for ages. (Also: He’s devilishly handsome and has a great accent, but I digress.)
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Wasp QuickStore POS Professional Edition – Complete Product – Financial Management – 1 User – Complete Product – Standard – PC

Wasp QuickStore POS Professional Edition – Complete Product – Financial Management – 1 User – Complete Product – Standard – PC

Wasp QuickStore is the easiest quickest way to checkout customers and manage inventory. Simple and powerful the point-of-sale and inventory control features are ideal for stores such as Apparel Stores Bicycle Shops General Merchandise Gift Shops Shoe Stores Specialty Retail and Sporting Good Stores. Your complete point-of-sale solution!
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