Redditor’s Spongebob Makeup Proves Memes Are the Best Response to Criticism

Redditor u/Chibbayyyy aka Maria Seraphina fired back at a makeup bully who accused her of being bad at makeup with an amazing eye shadow look featuring SpongeBob, which says “You’re shit at makeup” and mocks the troll’s mean comment. Learn more about the situation and Seraphina’s iconic response, here.


Jimmy Kimmel Proves Celebs Get Awkward Texts From Their Moms Just Like Everyone

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Jimmy Kimmel decided to once again offer a twist on his infamous Mean Tweets segments and have celebrities read a selection of heartfelt, head-scratching and downright odd texts sent by their mothers.

“Feather, teamwork when you are cohabbing makes the dream work,” Katy Perry shared from her phone, reading off a mother’s long, non-punctuated text from her mom about how to successfully live with a significant other. (Highlight: “the man is the head but the woman is the neck that turns the head.”)

Kourtney Kardashian confessed that she’d been ignoring a series of texts from her “momager” Kris Jenner, while singer Billie Eilish’s mom told her in no uncertain terms to “go the duck to sleep!!!!!!”

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney showed off his mother’s crude adventures with autocorrect, Pink’s mother outed herself as a “stoner”, and Stranger Things star David Harbour revealed his mom’s desperate desire for freebies: “David love you lots Will you send me anything you can find for free?????? thank you so much–thank you. pens, key chains Are you having fun?? Love you love you. Mom.”

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Kiernan Shipka, meanwhile, received an odd text from her mom that just read: “Jared Leto is 47 I’m going vegan”.

And then there’s this from Regina Hall’s mom: “Jt concert tix not going to good job CCD Kjust.can’t tecxstill trying byb love you you”. While the text was incomprehensible, one thing that’s clear is that she loves her daughter — which is the sign of a good mom text, after all.

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This ultra-thin iPhone case made of real body armor proves good cases don’t have to be bulky

iPhone XS Max Case Amazon

We test a whole lot of iPhone cases here at BGR Deals. In fact, we’ve likely tested hundreds of different cases over the past few years. But no matter how many different cases we test, we always seem to come back to the same model when it comes to protecting the iPhones we use ourselves on a daily basis. It’s called the Pitaka MagCase, and it’s better than rivals on a number of different levels. It’s made out of the same material used to make actual tactical body armor, so it provides terrific protection despite being remarkably thin and lightweight. It also has a wonderfully sleek look and a great rubbery finish that offers tons of grip. This case costs a bit more than rivals, but it’s worth every penny and then some.

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone XR 6.1″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Material…: $ 49.99

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone Xs 5.8″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Material…: $ 49.99

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone Xs Max 6.5″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Mate…: $ 49.99

Here’s what you need to know from the product page:

  • Almost naked — Enjoy your phone with this case which is slim fit and thinner than a dime. Too light to feel the weight added to your phone. Still well protect phones from most of the daily drops.
  • Exclusive “Body Armor Grade” Material — Made of 100% Aramid Fiber which is used in armor, spacecraft, jet engines, and Formula 1 Race cars. Special design and cutting around the buttons and ports makes it retain the thinness of your phone.
  • Wireless charging friendly — Show you the best carrying and wireless charging experience by using with PITAKA magnetic car mount (MagMount Series), the unique transit free design with metal plates inside lets you use PITAKA car mount freely without sticking adhasive metal plate on your device. Yet, no interference to WIFI, GPS, Wireless charging or your signals.
  • A Soft 3D-Grip touch —- Texture you need to feel to believe. It almost clings to your hand without feeling sticky. A protective three-layer coating and manual polishing is applied to each phone case.
  • Fits your phone perfectly — Easily and naturally access all buttons and ports. Each opening is not only accurately aligned, but also at natural “surface level”.—Package includes: 1 x MagCase compatible with iPhone XR. Notes: the screen protector is not included.

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone XR 6.1″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Material…: $ 49.99

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone Xs 5.8″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Material…: $ 49.99

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone Xs Max 6.5″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Mate…: $ 49.99

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‘Twilight Zone’ review: Uneven homage proves Rod Serling was one of a kind

It’s a good thing, I suppose, that hot filmmakers such as Jordan Peele (“Us” and “Get Out”) acknowledge the influence that artists such as Rod Serling, creator of “The Twilight Zone,” have had on them. But an homage to Serling doesn’t make you Rod Serling. And that’s a good thing. Peele’s reboot of “The Twilight…
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said She Doesn’t Have The Range To Speak On The Plight Of Black Americans And Her Remark On Reparations Proves It

2019 SXSW Conference And Festival - Day 3

Source: Gary Miller / Getty

Reader Submission by Ebony Moore

Just the other day I found myself grinning at my android screen as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) stated her place in speaking for Black Americans. To paraphrase, she basically stated that as a Puerto Rican, her ancestry is comprised of European (Spaniard), Indigenous (Taino) and, African (the most litty ingredient) blood. She went on to explain how she is both made up of those racial components but is not singularly one of those things at the same time. I let out a sigh of relief at her admission. She had established and maintained her lane by admitting that she doesn’t have the range to speak for the plight of African Americans. My feelings of “you get me” that the Freshman, Democratic representative sparked would soon come crashing down, however.

As I waited for my trolley to arrive to carry me from work, I grew antsy and did what every millennial accustomed to over-consumption and social anxiety does in nerve wracking situations, I decided to take my thumb for a walk through the mean streets of Twitter. Once there, I stumbled upon the often problematic and always hotep posts of Tariq Nasheed. He had shared a video of AOC and captioned, “What in the hell is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking about”. My eyebrow rose. He went on to lament, “When reparations for Foundational Black Americans come up, these people start engaging in deflective, incoherent babble”. I shook my head like Alfred Woodard when she was Wanda in Holiday Heart.

While sitting as a guest at South by Southwest (SXSW), AOC fielded questions from Briahna Gray, a seasoned and highly credentialed editor for The Intercept. AOC was asked, “What is the political cost of saying you’re going to throw your hat in with a program like reparations, how much do you think those considerations should be made?” I smiled. Surely the young woman who constantly touts her Bronx lineage, Puerto Rican heritage, socialist rhetoric and much-needed trillion dollar Green New Deal would agree that the descendants of men and women who built this country without pay, deserve to be made whole. Not only was I wrong, she had me out here looking stupid as she stumbled over and completely bombed her answer.

“ Well, you know it’s a good question, I think that one of the things that we’ve seen here from early polling, actually, is that I think that we should distance ourselves and start getting away from this idea that that we should only care about ourselves,” she started. “Because when we really do start to assert and believe and understand and see how how our destinies are tied, it doesn’t, you kind of get away from this idea that only people of you know people of color care about other people of color, and only white people care about other white people, and so on. There are a lot of systems that we have to dismantle, but it also it does get into this interesting area of where we are as a country, about identity. Because, like, what does it mean to be black, who is black and who isn’t, especially as our country becomes more biracial and multiracial. Same with being Latino, same thing it brings up all these questions like passing, and you know, things like that. But I do think it is important that we have to have substantive conversations about race beyond, like, what is racist and what is not, and if someone says something racist does that make them racist, like, we need to get away from talking well, not that we have to get away from talking about racism, it’s important that we talk about racism but because we talked about racism so much, we actually are not talking about race itself. And we aren’t educating ourselves about our own history to come to the conclusion that I think we need to come to.”

Why does it seem like every time you go public with your love of someone they let you down? That’s a whole other article, by the way. If your face is twisted up like you just heard some mean battle rap bars then –samsies! What the hell does that even mean? How does demanding reparations equate to African Americans only caring about themselves?

After watching this clip, I could not help but think back to Ocasio-Cortez’s admittance that she is not Black and, therefore, not qualified to speak for Black people. I pondered over the connection between her being a certain percentage African but not African American. For me, it became clear that AOC is not sold (pun intended) on reparations due to the fact that those who are not directly descendants from slaves in the Unites States, but still minorities and embattled, would not reap benefits from such a measure, namely Puerto Ricans like herself. In other words, African Americans are trying to put a little too much dip on our chip and she’s not with it. Should we then remain with her?




Shutdown Proves Once and For All Trump Has No Idea What He’s Doing

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast

Who believed that “great negotiator” stuff in the first place? Who? Anybody with half a critical mind and an attention span longer than a gerbil could figure out in 2016 that Donald Trump was no master negotiator. If he won negotiations, it was because he lied more than the other side. But usually, as time went on, he lost.

But win or lose, in all those negotiations over air rights and concrete prices and how much on the dollar he’d pay contractors he’d cheated, he was operating in a world where the scrutiny wasn’t intense and the law was only haphazardly actually enforced. A world where you could bluff and delay and make the people suing you take a number. You can agree to settlements, pay money, admit no wrongdoing, and skate to the next disaster.

That’s not the world when you’re president. When you’re president, believe it or not, your word has to be good. You have to have some basis for saying Mexico will pay for your wall. And—and thank God this is still true—you have to have public opinion on your side.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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The new Range Rover Evoque proves that luxury can be sustainable

Jaguar Land Rover’s new Range Rover Evoque is combining style with sustainbility


Buying a car can be exhausting, but sometimes a new development comes along which makes us excited about the future of the automotive industry. With sustainability at its heart, Jaguar Land Rover’s newest offering, the Range Rover Evoque, is one of them.

Let’s start at the beginning. Over the last ten years, Jaguar Land Rover has reduced its CO2 levels by 38%, as well as buying zero carbon electricity for all UK operations. As a result of this, their UK manufacturing and production development sites have been certified Carbon Neutral (which includes the manufacture and development of the Range Rover Evoque). No mean feat in the motor industry.

So far, so guilt-free. But how does the car run? Thanks to the new mild-hybrid design, which Dave Skipper, the Land Rover Hybrid System Integration Manager, calls ‘the first step on the path to [electrification]’, the engine will shut off while braking at low speeds to minimise emissions and reduce fuel consumption.


Chief Designer Amy Frascella

As for the interiors, the new Evoque does not disappoint. Chief Designer of Colour and Materials Amy Frascella confirms, ‘We placed a great deal of focus on the creation of refined, sumptuous interior and exterior colour and material details.’

We also have to give props to Danish textile experts Kvadrat, whom Amy worked with to add a twist of environmentally conscious Scandi-cool. The Danish textile experts have banished the idea of scratchy fabrics, and instead opted for their new high-quality material, made of wool blended with Dinamica suedecloth… which happens to be made from 53 recycled plastic bottles per vehicle.

The Kvadrat interior

And, if you’re a KeepCup addict, or if the mere thought of plastic bottles brings you out in a rash, the Evoque has got you covered. The Evoque’s interiors are also available in an Eucalyptus textile option, which uses significantly less water when grown than traditional materials.

With a plug-in hybrid model promised for 2019, this is just the start for the Evoque’s pledge for sustainability.

Sign us up.

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