Shop these 16 fall boots for your next trip to the pumpkin patch

Shop these 16 fall boots for your next trip to the pumpkin patch

Shop these 16 fall boots for your next trip to the pumpkin patch

What’s the best part of fall, you ask? Is it the crisp, cool air? The pumpkin spice everything? The apple picking in quaint, small towns? No. The best part of fall is the fashion. It’s bundling up in your favorite leather jacket and cozy knit sweater. It’s transitioning from your trusty slides to your trusty boots. Tall boots! Ankle boots! Thigh high boots! Printed boots! We just love boots. We would definitely write a love song dedicated to boots. It would be to the tune of Ryan Adams’ haunting cover of “Wonderwall.”

Whether you’ll be exploring your local pumpkin patch or composing cheesy songs for your shoes, shop these 16 fall boots that will be your autumn staple this year.

1. Urban Outfitters Margot Patent Boots, $ 79

Urban Outfitters

Add statement white boots to your corduroy uniform this fall.

2. ShoeDazzle Lacee Bootie, $ 59.95


Don this velvet maroon number while apple picking.

3. Tony Bianco Nikki Black Luxe Boots, $ 81.30

Tony Bianco

Pair these classic black boots with your favorite leather jacket.

4. New Look Festival Rose Embroidered Ankle Boots, $ 38


Channel Coachella in the autumn with these floral booties.

5. Forever 21 Faux Suede Thigh Highs, $ 39.90

Forever 21

Enjoy a hayride in these suede thigh highs.

6. Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Kadeja Boots, $ 138


Get lost in a corn maze in this cognac Anthropologie pair.

7. JustFab Vyona in Black, $ 49


Jump into a pile of leaves with this classic black staple.

8. Zara Heeled Split Leather Boots, $ 99.90


Watch the leaves change in these below-the-knee boots.

9. Naturalizer Rebecca Bootie, $ 69.99


Enjoy some warm cider in this romantic suede number.

10. Tony Bianco Faya Oyster Patent, $ 81.30

Tony Bianco

Avoid rain puddles in these white patent booties.

11. H&M Ankle Boots, $ 34.99


Indulge in a pumpkin spice latte in these commanding booties.

12. Zara Tall Leather Boots, $ 149


Shop for Halloween costumes in these chic leather boots.

13. JustFab Valerie Block Heel Buckle Bootie, $ 59.95


Explore a pumpkin patch in these maroon buckle booties.

14. ASOS Leopard-Print Boots, $ 178


Channel your inner Fran Drescher with these leopard-print babies.

15. Bernardo Izzy White Bootie, $ 298


Pair these swoon-worthy white boots with your best fuzzy cardigan.

16. Urban Outfitters Margot Suede Boot, $ 59

Urban Outfitters

Wear these suede babies while you purchase all things pumpkin spice at Trader Joe’s.

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PLAN: A pumpkin carving party is the best kind of fall gathering.

I had never been to a pumpkin carving party until my friend had a series of them over the past few years. Our group of friends enjoyed these parties so much. So much. Our friend went all out for these affairs (I am not even kidding). The food. The decor. The baked treats. And the warm adult beverages. You don’t need to go all out though. Find a good fall-friendly dish to serve (like, say, a Pork and Tomatillo stew), get yourself the warm beverage (yes, see below), and invite your pals. You’ll need bowls to collect the pumpkin seeds and garbage bags for everything else. You should get typical party supplies (cups, plates, napkins and cutlery). While you could ask people to bring their own candles (definitely have them bring their own carving tools), having some on hand is a good idea. We also had people vote on their favorites which seemed to be a hit.


PREP: Up your Jack-O-Lantern game.

There was a time when I was a pumpkin carving purist: you draw your own face and you carve it. And then I realized you can make some super fun jack-o-lanterns with templates. I have used one or two myself over the last few years. Whether you are hosting a pumpkin carving party or going to one, or just making your front door a little less egg-worthy, these make carving great pumpkins easier. You can find them in lots of stores this time of year (they’re often included in pumpkin carving kits), or all over the internet. Like here. Or here. And here. A google search for “halloween pumpkin templates” will keep you busy as well.


EAT: A simple one-pot dish that celebrates the season.

Pork and Tomatillo Stew from Food & Wine

Let’s face it. In the past this was the time of the year we were meant to be packing it on for the upcoming winter months. Wait. That’s bears. And squirrels. But for reals – this is when we can, without guilt, turn to comfort food and old favorites. It is also a great time to discover new favorites. That’s where this comes in. Pork and tomatillo stew. A hearty dish with vegetables and tomatillos with a seasoned pork that nearly shreds itself. Oh, and this is a perfect dish to serve at a pumpkin carving party. Just saying.


DRINK: It’s time for delicious warm adult beverages. Start here.

Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch from Brown Eyed Baker

Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch. This is as easy as it gets. Just as important, it’s an easy recipe to double. Or triple. Because people will drink this. And then go back for more. In this way, it is kind of dangerous, but moderation in all things, right? It tastes like fall, pumpkin-spice be damned. You can even make it with Honeycrisp Cider. Personally, I would add some cloves but that’s me. Finally, it is a perfect drink for a…wait for it…pumpkin carving party.


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Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He’s currently undergoing a Tim Improvement Project™ (Version 4.0). It’s not pretty.

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