Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Make a Quick Outfit Change to Hit the Beach in Australia

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are keeping the beach clean — and looking stylish while doing it!

The couple, who announced Monday that they are expecting their first child, continued the third day of their royal tour by visiting Albert Park Primary School and also the beach in Melbourne, Australia.

Before their final outings of the day, the pair made quick outfit changes from their earlier looks. They did not, however, choose the most practical beach attire.

Meghan, 37, ditched her navy dress and matching suede heels for a black Club Monaco “Miguelina” dress with her trusty black Rothy’s flats — a shoe she has previously switched into during their tour.

She did, however, kept on her Martin Grant trench coat which has been a fashion staple for her during their royal tour.

Meanwhile, Harry, 34, — who matched his wife at their prior events in a navy suit with a white button-down shirt — switched into a pair of black pants and a gray jacket.

The royal ditched his tie and opted to leave his shirt collar buttoned.

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The couple first met with student Sustainability Leaders and Waste Warriors at Albert Park Primary School and learned how the sustainability programs are integrated into the curriculum, before being greeted by many of the school’s younger students.

At one stop along the school’s pathway, Harry sweetly asked a group of students — who were lined up outside excitedly squealing, waving, and yelling their names — if this is where they went to school. One child ignored the question and instead, simply told the prince that he resembled their uncle.

Keeping with their sustainable theme, the pair rode public transport to their next stop, hopping on one of Melbourne’s iconic trams for a short ride from the school to South Melbourne Beach.

As they left, onlookers waved from the crowd, while some even stood on top of their roofs across the street to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

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Onboard the tram, the royals interacted with more schoolchildren during the quick ride. A few minutes later, they arrived at the beach where they were welcomed by another large set of excited onlookers.

As they made their way onto the sand, the couple was greeted by volunteers from BeachPatrol and local children from the area for a beach cleanup. The organization dedicates itself to keeping Melbourne’s shores free of litter to reduce the negative impact of litter on the marine environment and food chain as well as provide a safe environment for the public to enjoy their local beach.

During the outing, Harry and Meghan were also introduced to four lifeguards from the beach.

But the couple didn’t stay much longer after that and finally headed back towards land.

After their departure, one teen — who introduced himself as 15-year-old Milo Thompson — said he was especially impressed with the royal couple’s demeanor during his interaction with them on the sand.

“I was expecting to introduce myself and be real proper,” he said of meeting Prince Harry. “But he came and introduced himself and was calm and collected, and paying a lot of attention to us… they’re down-to-earth and fun to be around.”

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Earlier in the day, Meghan and Harry met fans in Melbourne, gathered on the grounds of the city’s Royal Botanic Gardens. One lucky young woman even got a giant hug from the prince, causing her to break down in (very happy!) tears.

After greeting fans, Meghan and Harry headed to a reception with local government.

While there, the royal couple was shown several sporting demonstrations, including a student-designed Formula 1 racing project, which gave Meghan a fright during its incredibly loud launch.

“I did not expect that!” she exclaimed of their speedy takeoff while laughing at her own jumpy reaction.

Meanwhile, Harry looked as happy as a child in a toy store, beaming at the cars and laughed at his wife’s startled reaction. “Wasn’t quite expecting that,” he joked to her. Harry even fist-pumped when they were first invited to try the cars.

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While the boys showed off their car project, outside the girls showed off their sporting skills. Meghan met with ambassadors from This Girl Can, which is an organization focused on encouraging women to take up sports.

During the outing, Meghan demonstrated her athleticism, tossing around an AFL football and showing off her best hand-passing skills.

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They were then treated to a cooking demonstration showcasing native Australian food at a social enterprise restaurant which provides guidance and opportunity to young Aboriginal people who are in need of a fresh start in life.

During the demo led by Executive Chef Greg Hampton, Meghan and Harry were able to taste some fresh herbs from the area.

Tomorrow, the couple will head back to Sydney for the weekend, before making a stop at Frasier Island on Monday.

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About the Author: Oral Blankson is an early 30-something whose hobbies include menswear, restaurant critique, public speaking, making new friends, and striving to be a better, more intentional man.

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Stick to those five rules and you should become a seasoned, successful thrifter. But some categories of clothes can be mined more than others. Here are what I consider to be the safer/more successful bets when it comes to the racks at thrift shops, with examples of my own personal finds:


SLACKS: Producer Pant by Express – $ .20 ($ 69.90 – $ 98)

Producer Pant by Express |

Average Cost: $ 4.99

Slacks are my #1 draft pick. There’s usually a pair of grey, brown, navy, or tan slacks to be found. Get the correct waist size – sometimes taking in the waist/seat compromises overall fit. Leg width and hem are easily altered (you might find some 70’s bell bottoms!).

These pants were purchased within a 5/$ 1.00 deal, so these were actually 20 cents!


SHIRTS: Polo by Ralph Lauren French Cuff Dress Shirt – $ 4.99 ($ 145)

Polo by Ralph Lauren French Cuff Dress Shirt

Average Cost: $ 4.99-$ 6.99

You’ll usually find a white/pale blue dress shirt, or causal button-downs in stripes, ginghams, etc. Make sure neck size and sleeve length fit. You’ll find slim fits, but a tailor can reduce side billow inexpensively.


SHOES: Alden Loafers – $ 14.99 ($ 543)

Thrifted Alden Loafers

Average Cost: $ 4.99-$ 19.99

If your thrifted shoes look like they’ve seen better days, all you need is some elbow grease. Take a Sunday afternoon, play your favorite record, crack a beer, and follow these steps to restoring the look of your shoes. Soles need restoration? A cobbler can help. Thrifted shoes, including repairs, are still cheaper than buying new. The loafers above were never polished, showcasing excellent purchase condition. Sometimes I’ve even found brand new shoes.


TIES: Various ties for $ 18 ($ 500ish)

Thrift store ties

Average Cost: $ 2.00-$ 6.00

I exclusively thrift ties. Most expensive? $ 6.00. Cheapest? 29 cents! The usual suspects: Stripes, repeating/neat patterns, and old school 80’s patterns (i.e. The Wolf of Wall Street). Great way to create or augment a tie collection, and you don’t need as many ties as you think.

Ties from Left to Right: Robert Talbott, Brooks Brothers, Paul Fredrick, Jos. A. Bank., Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

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