Set 3 Random Words To Make Tough To Crack Password

A U.K. cyber security survey that exposes gaps in online security revealed the most hacked passwords in the world. “123456” was the internet’s most vulnerable password, with 23.2 million accounts using the easy-to-crack code.
The National Cyber Security Centre’s first UK Cyber Survey, published alongside a global password risk list, urges internet users to set 3 random but memorable words as pa
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Chad Johnson Saves Random Twitter Follower From Eviction By Paying His Rent

Chad Johnson is making headlines this weekend for a good deed.

The athlete began by asking everyone how their Friday was going, but ended up saving a follower from eviction by paying his rent on the spot.

See how it all unfolded over Twitter below:

He then showed Chad the notice (which has since been deleted) and Chad came through.


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Random Man Whose Proposal Reaction Became a Meme Gets a Wedding Invite

It’s not every day one gets to witness a proposal — but 27-year-old Jonathan Miller’s reaction to one was so good that he’s been invited to two strangers’ wedding.

Keith Houseworth proposed to his girlfriend, Panda Green, with the help of the Jumbotron at a Dallas Mavericks game on Sunday night. After he got down on one knee, the crowd in the American Airlines Center went wild, of course — and Miller couldn’t help but insert himself into the excitement.

Green said that the couple ended up inviting Miller and his friends to their wedding, which is set take place November of 2019, according to INSIDER.

“They were an amusing part of our special day so we will see if John gets another meme out of our big day!” Green said.

No stranger to athletic fame, Miller played college football at the University of Oklahoma and Illinois State University. Green is currently a student athlete playing women’s basketball at the University of Dallas, where she is a junior studying history and education. Needless to say, these sporty folks probably expected to make it on ESPN and Bleacher Report for their respective goals and points, rather than a hilarious proposal video.

See some of twitter’s best reactions to Miller’s excitement below.

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