Here are three reasons why a Fed rate cut won’t save Wall Street

Senior economists from both political parties say a rate cut may not work that smoothly even if the Fed says yes. And that poses risks to America's decade-long recovery as the 2020 presidential election draws nearer.


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All the reasons de Blasio’s 2020 presidential candidacy is a complete farce

New York’s own Mayor de Bill Blasio will make it official today, announcing his candidacy for president. Of the United States. If you’re not laughing, then you don’t know Bill de Blasio like we know Bill de Blasio.
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The Legal Reasons You Shouldn’t Lie in Your Resume

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when applying for a new job, so when you write your Resume, you might be tempted to embellish your job experience or twist the truth about your academic achievements. Perhaps you’re worried you might not be fully qualified for the job. But Resume padding or fudging, or lying on your Resume could have some unexpected and serious consequences.

important for you to consider what kind of impression you actually want to make
with a potential employer and what the legal implications of writing a potentially
fraudulent Resume could be. In this post, we’ll go over three of the potential legal
repercussions of lying in your job application, which can include fines, litigation,
and even jail time.

Reason #1: You Could Face

There is no
such thing as a white lie in the eyes of an employer. Many employers consider lying
in your job application to be fraud. During the hiring process, if an applicant
is required to make a signed statement that the information they are providing
to the employer is true, lying from that point onward becomes illegal.

In several
states, if an employer determines an employee lied about their credentials (such
as by claiming to have an accredited university degree that they don’t actually
have), there could be legally enforceable consequences beyond termination of
employment. For example, in many states, using a fraudulent degree is subject
to a civil penalty, such as a fine.

Reason #2: You Could Be

Aside from
firing or fining an employee, a company can also sue an employee who misled
them if they can demonstrate that it hurt their business.

example, if an employee isn’t legally permitted to perform certain duties and a
customer is physically or emotionally harmed as a result, the customer can sue
the company for negligence and the company can hold the employee accountable,
which may lead to the company suing the employee.

professionals, like doctors and lawyers, require a license from a state
licensing board to practice their work. If a company determines a doctor or
lawyer has lied about having the appropriate license and has practiced medicine
or law without it, then this is a serious offense the professional can be sued for.
In some cases, they may even face jail time.

Reason #3: You Could Go to

states have different laws regarding fraud. In some states you can only be
fined for lying about having a degree, but in other states a fine could be
accompanied by something more severe.

In some
states, if you claim to have a college degree you don’t actually have, it’s
considered a misdemeanor. This could mean a fine of up to $ 2,000 and a sentence
of up to six months in jail. In other states, the same offense is a higher misdemeanor
(which could be classified as a felony). This could mean a sentence of up to a
full year in prison.

Avoiding a Fraudulent

In some circumstances,
lying on your Resume could be considered fraud. Different companies, states,
and courts will have their own perspectives on the matter, so a seemingly white
lie could have unforeseen consequences. Something as simple as exaggerating
your qualifications can have greater consequences than just getting fired.

The fact is that many companies are willing to invest in and train the right candidate even if they’re somewhat underqualified for the role. By being upfront about your skills, abilities, and qualifications in your Resume, you start building trust with the employer and avoid making any mistakes that could have legal consequences.

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Top 5 reasons to visit Bora Bora

Bora Bora looks and sounds just like paradise, and so it is no wonder that it is so popular with honeymooners or those just looking for a romantic, luxury getaway! If simply looking at photographs is not enough of a reason for you, here are five other reasons to visit Bora Bora.

Breathtaking views

The lagoon is what dreams of made of, with stunning turquoise water which looks out onto Mount Otemanu. The beach full of golden sand and the palm trees are plentiful – it’s such a colorful scene that you’ll feel like you’re dreaming with the contrast turned up! Every morning you will wake up to the unbelievable view and start your day in paradise.


Under the sea

The water is stunning from the land, but it’s even more incredible when you get up close and personal with the residents! Snorkeling or scuba diving in the waters will open up a whole other world, full of stingrays, manta rays, reef sharks, and beautifully colored tropical fish. Book a guide to show you the best places to spot these creatures and create some unforgettable memories. With the weather being quite balmy, you will welcome the coolness of the water, and a lot of it is very shallow (although the deeper areas give a different shade of blue which is just beautiful), so ideal for a paddle to cool down!

Peaceful moments

One of the most appealing things about Bora Bora is that it’s never crowded with tourists. In fact, the whole French Polynesia gets the same amount of visitors that Hawaii sees in a week, over the course of the entire year! That means you can really relax without hoards of other people, and the beach really does feel like a secluded paradise, even in the peak season.

Luxury accommodation

You won’t be slumming it in Bora Bora; it’s all about the luxury experience. Staying right on the beach is incredible of course, but the most iconic accommodation choice is a private overwater bungalow – there’s a reason that these are the photos all the brochures show. You’ll be immersed in the beauty of this stunning island from the moment you look out your window every morning. A lot of the interior design of the accommodations blends Polynesian culture with contemporary touches for a perfect balance. You won’t want to go home!


Absolute paradise

Due to the lack of tourists, the area is unspoiled and pure. No vast high rise hotels are blocking the view, and everything is set up for relaxation and an amazing experience. There is an abundance of spas offering exquisite treatments, and you can enjoy mouthwatering French delicacies while watching the sunset over the water. There are no hotels offering tacky entertainment, but it is still family friendly.

So, if you’ve never considered Bora Bora as a potential travel destination, perhaps this post has changed your mind! If it was your other half who needed persuading, perhaps leave this tab open on their computer… We are sure it won’t take much to convince them at all.

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5 Reasons to Get Excited for April Movies

Only an April fool would think it’s too early in the year for major summer-type movie blockbusters, and you’re no fool. Why, just a year ago, Avengers: Infinity War, A Quiet Place and Blockers broke records at the box office. As for this year’s group? If you thought the great Captain Marvel was a smash with her $ 150 million-grossing opening weekend, wait until she returns … with about 20 of her closest allies.

Meanwhile, a caped crusader in another universe is primed to unleash his own incredible powers. So forget all that walk-outside-in the-springtime nonsense. Here are five reasons why April movies have come to play.

1. Shazam! Is Super!

Shazam is not your typical superhero. For starters, he’s actually a wise-cracking, street-smart 14-year-old foster kid. But when he utters the magic word, he turns into an ultra-strong, ultra-fast flying force of nature (played by Chuck alum Zachary Levi). Shazam! has already been a crowd-pleasing hit in preview screenings because the movie — a sorta mash-up of Spider-Man and the iconic 80s comedy Big — has that rare ability to deliver laughs, appropriate PG-13 scares and a big-hearted family-friendly message. A delightful montage featuring a Queen favorite doesn’t hurt either. You’ll be having a good time (having a good time). (In theaters Friday, April 5)

Five Reasons to Be Excited for April Movies
Paramount Pictures

2. A Remake Worth Screaming About

Thirty years. That’s exactly how much time has passed since the original adaptation of the Stephen King horror classic Pet Sematary hit theaters. That’s also how long it’s taken to get over those emotionally scarring images. (Ahem, a dead little boy named Timmy literally emerges from a grave like a zombie and tears off his own face. And how was your day?) Time for a new generation to have nightmares! Once again, a couple (Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz) and their two kids move to Maine and discover a mysterious burial ground hidden in the woods near their home. An unfathomable evil soon wreaks havoc on their lives. Good luck. (In theaters Friday, April 5)

3. Regina and Issa and Marsai, Oh My

Regina Hall and Issa Rae have teamed up for a big-screen comedy called Little, and, frankly, what else do you need to know? Hall plays Jordan, a brash tech mogul who gets the chance to press reset on her life and revert to her younger, 13-year-old self (Black-ish’s Marsai Martin). Rae is the overworked assistant — is there any other kind? — trying to help her. Oh, and Justin Hartley plays young Jordan’s hunk of a teacher. Did I mention this was a comedy fantasy? (In theaters Friday, April 11)

4. This Rom-Com Looks Great

If April showers are in the forecast — or if you’re just too lazy to get off the couch, no judgments — seek instant surefire comfort in the form of a new Netflix romantic comedy about love, loss and the power of female friendship. In Someone Great, a newly dumped woman named Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) embarks to New York with her two best friends (Brittany Snow, DeWanda Wise) before she moves across the country for her dream job. The flick is coproduced by Paul Feig, who directed Bridesmaids, A Simple Favor and the Ghostbusters remake. You’re responsible for the Chardonnay. (Streaming begins Friday, April 19)

Five Reasons to Be Excited for April Movies
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Walt Disney

5. It’s the End for the Avengers … Maybe?

When we last left the Avengers, evil Thanos (Josh Brolin) made the likes of Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Baby Groot disappear. Now Iron-Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and his fellow survivors try to save the day — along with the likes of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and, yes, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Avengers: End Game is purportedly the last for originals such as Chris Evans’ Captain America, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and The Hulk’s Mark Ruffalo. Will they martyr themselves for Black Panther? After all, he’s a more precious commodity than vibranium itself. Let’s find out. (In theaters Friday, April 26)

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Iyanla Uncovers the Reasons Why One Man Killed His Wife | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN


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Ariana Grande accuses Grammys producer of misrepresenting reasons for not performing

Ariana Grande has been silent regarding rumors she’s not performing at the Grammys until addressing them and Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich in a series of tweets.


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Here Are the Reasons People Believe the Super Bowl Halftime Show Could Bless Fans With a SpongeBob SquarePants Tribute

Thanks to some hints floating around the internet from Maroon 5 and others, SpongeBob SquarePants fans have high hopes that the famous cartoon character might be making a Super Bowl LIII cameo.

One main reason for the theory comes down to a brief appearance of the Pineapple-Under-the-Sea-dwelling creature in a tweeted video that Maroon 5, the headlining Super Bowl 2019 Half Time performers, shared earlier in January. About 30 seconds in, a cryptic, brief snippet of SpongeBob appears.

The SpongeBob fan theories

While SpongeBob and Maroon 5 don’t normally have any particular connection, SpongeBob does have a song — “Sweet Victory” — that was performed in a season two episode of the show called “Band Geeks” by the Bikini Bottom Super Band. Longtime fans think this means “Sweet Victory” may end up on Maroon 5’s set list, or in some other way SpongeBob will be involved in the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show.

While there’s currently no confirmation one way or another, it’s worth noting that many responses to Maroon 5’s video teaser are related to the potential for a SpongeBob song cameo. And the SpongeBob snapshot in the video is the only cartoon that appears: the rest of the footage is clips of the band’s preparations and performances and hints of Travis Scott and Big Boi, two rappers who will also be featured at the show.

The Episode

There’s more to it, too: a petition was set up earlier in January calling for a “Sweet Victory” tribute at the Super Bowl. It’s collected nearly 1.2 million signatures so far. The reason? To honor SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg, who passed away in November last year.


In another bump for the theory, Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s Twitter account even shared a GIF of SpongeBob dancing in his band outfit all the way back in December, adding fuel to fans’ fire about the potential cameo.

The Bet

People are even betting on it — literally. The odds, according to an online betting pool, are in favor of SpongeBob appearing at the Super Bowl, in particular popping up in an inflatable costume.

In another more under-the-radar hint, according to CNET, Rodger Bumpass, the voice actor behind the character of Squidward, reportedly posted on Facebook that he was going to be making some kind of Super Bowl introduction for the Halftime Show.

SpongeBob fans, at least, were convinced.

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5 Reasons Why You Have To See One Of The Fyre Festival Documentaries

Over the weekend, social media exploded with the Fyre Festival. Not because there was a new one planned but because of the two documentaries, on Hulu and Netflix respectively released on January 14 and January 18th. Fyre Fraud on Netflix and Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Was show different sides of the fallout from the 2017 festival created by rapper Jah Rule and serial entrepreneur William “Billy” McFarland.

Here are five reasons you should watch. (A picture is painted of the shenanigans that took place in each documentary but for the purposes of this story we are referencing the Netflix doc.


William ‘Billy” McFarland is a scammer and a criminal mastermind. He is also now a convicted felon though six years seems too little for a man who ran multiple scams of which the Frye Festival was the largest.And all by 25 years old, mind you. The New Jersey native,  raised by parents that are real estate developers,  first ran a company called Magnesis that produced and provided access to luxury events.

Through the connections he made there, McFarland creates an artist booking app and hooks up with rapper Jah Rule to conceive a luxury music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. Without ruining it for you, McFarland uses a shoot with top models and social media influencers to advertise the festival which sells out. With $ 27 M in hand, McFarland soon either finds himself in over his head, or he knows from the beginning he can’t pull it off, because one of the doc’s unanswered questions is if the money wasn’t used for booking acts for festival infrastructure, where did it go?


Rapper Jah Rule was the festival’s hype man and McFarland’s partner, who seems largely to have been used as celebrity bait. Somehow, even though the festival was geared to millennials, Rule had just enough star power to make it legit. But by the time the festival came to its inevitable downfall, you’re not sure how much he knew or didn’t know, especially as it seems he never actually makes it to the island on the day of the festival. After the docs aired, Rule born, Jeffrey Atkins says that he, too was hoodwinked, but there’s a scene in the doc that suggests once he knew the extent of the Fyre Festival deception, he was more interested in spinning it than making the situation right.




Had McFarland chosen to use his powers for good, The Fyre Festival could have been a huge success. Like many scammers, McFarland’s greatest talent was to convince a lot of people that nothing was something. A marketing video shot on the private island where the festival was initially supposed to take place on with top models/influencers Chanel Iman, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid went viral. Those models have now been  subpoenaed about their participation for the bankruptcy case arising from the failed festival.

McFarland also reportedly paid influencer Jenner $ 250K for the orange square post that when simultaneously posted by an army of influencers also went viral and created demand for tickets, despite the fact that the advertised acts would have barely sold out a day at Made In America or any other U.S. festival.


FOMO,  the condition known as “Fear Of Missing Out”  was apparently the impetus for thousands to sell out the festival days after it was advertised. That was one of the things that may have made McFarland decide that the stress of actually putting on a festival and the work and money it required would have been too hard, when just keeping the money would be easier. Once the marketing effort was over with, the doc is a descent into chaos that seems very clearly was never going to be pulled off. Aside from the questions of funding, organization and infrastructure, there was also just plain bad juju that hovered over the festival in its planning stages. Despite the young talent McFarland amassed to build the artist booking app that was to become and integral part of Fyre Media pre-and post festival, they were mostly wasted as the festival, the app and the company were all casualties of the mess he created.


Event producer Andy King will go down in documentary history as the individual most willing to take one for the team. His testimony about what happened when the Bahamian government denied festival organizer access to four trucks filled with Evian water became meme and social media gold after the doc aired. We won’t spoil it for you here but let’s just say, if you had to pull off a near impossible event with little resources and an egomaniacal con man at the helm, he’s the guy you want.

Here are the trailers for both docs:



Which one are you checking out?

PHOTO: Netflix







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Three Feminist Reasons I’ll Be Grateful This Year

I aspire to start every day with gratitude. In spite of a year of natural disturbances and disasters, deepening political divides and disappointments and worsening humanitarian crises in so many parts of the world, I strive to find at least three specific reasons to give gratitude each day. Every day on that list is gratitude for a loving life partner, a healthy and loving family and lasting friendships. This week, as 2018 ends and 2019 begins, I am adding three organizations that fill my heart with gratitude every day.

Pat Mitchell speaking at the 2018 Judicia Digital Learning Center graduation in November.

As all my friends and family know well, I find my time on the African continent to be restorative in so many ways. I am especially inspired by the good work that is visibly and measurably creating new opportunities for many communities left behind or left out of the digital economy created by new technologies. The Good Work Foundation (GWF) is addressing this challenge in rural South Africa by establishing digital learning centers and partnering with corporations to create new jobs in the region.

GWF CEO, Kate Groch, reminded the graduates to believe in themselves.

Earlier this month, I had the honor to speak to the graduates of the 2018 computer competency course at the Judicia Digital Learning Center, one of seven in the Kruger Park area where the nearby game preserves and safari camp owners are providing the funding for a complete ecosystem of learning and working that is shaping a new kind of future for individuals, families and communities.

Founded and led by Kate Groch—an energetic, dedicated teacher who realized the limitations of the government schools in reaching this population with needed skill training, the centers now offer self-guided curriculums, specifically targeting job opportunities in the region, serving more than 6,000 learners of all ages every week, transforming the future for rural South Africans.

Graduates, Pat and her grandchildren celebrating after the graduation ceremony.

At this graduation, nearly 100 young people—80 percent of them women—accepted diplomas as their parents, overwhelmed with gratitude that their children would now have opportunities for economically viable work and careers, looked on with great pride. Parents and grandparents danced, sang and celebrated—and took pictures with me and my grandchildren, who loved being a part of this special day. Gratitude to the Varty family of Londolozi, founding partners of GWF; Luke Bailes, Singita chairman; and Kate, Ryan and the entire team for this experience.

Each day I’m in South Africa or Kenya or Congo, I reflect on the privilege I’ve had to participate in the work of the V-Day movement to end violence against women and girls. 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of V-Day by Eve Ensler and, rather than diminishing in strength and impact, V-Day’s 20th year activities reflect the ever evolving power of art and activism, led locally and connected globally to a singular commitment to rising up against gender-based violence.

As a V-Day board member since the beginning, I have witnessed the changes made by V-Day supported activists working to end female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, provide healing and training for the victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo and come together in 200 countries as part of V-Day’s One Billion Rising to challenge cultural practices and demand important reforms.

V-Day board members Pat Mitchell and Carole Black, with V-Day founder Eve Ensler and Agnes Pareyo, Masai activist and anti-FGM leader.

This year began with the release of My Revolution Lives In This Body, which has been shown at V-Day gatherings around the world and a special V20 edition of The Vagina Monologues available for activists anywhere to perform on V-Day (Valentine’s Day). More performances than ever took place this year, adding to the $ 150 million already raised by this one play to support anti-violence activists.

The CITY OF JOY documentary also had a worldwide release as a Netflix original—and our beloved friend, V-Man and co-founder of City of Joy, Dr. Denis Mukwege, received the Nobel Peace Prize, along with our Yazidi sister-activist Nadia Murad. It was a defining moment for the anti-gender-based-violence movement.

These are only just some of this year’s highlights that make me ever more grateful to Eve and the global sisterhood I give gratitude for every day.

I’m also grateful for the work of Jacqueline Novogratz and Acumen, a nonprofit working to change the way the world tackles poverty. Investing in social enterprises that offer products and services to serve the poor, the Acumen Fund leads the impact investing movement with its patient capital approach, a unique fellows program and an online moral leadership course. Acumen is disrupting the status quo by nurturing and strengthening values-based leaders and innovative and courageous entrepreneurs.

Just this past month, Acumen launched #OneGreatIdea, a new video series that tells the stories of three such entrepreneurs and their enterprises that are creating real, lasting impact. The challenges we face today, from extreme inequality to climate change, demand new solutions.

#OneGreatIdea can redefine what’s possible.

At a gathering last March of the global Acumen community of fellows and entrepreneurs, one of them stopped me on the first day and asked: “Why are you here?” I was startled by his inquiry, but answered that I was an Acumen board member and was eager for the opportunity to meet the people doing the work on the ground in Kenya, India, Pakistan and Ghana. He smiled and asked his question again.

Why are you here? I realized he wasn’t asking why I was at that convening—he wanted to know why someone whom he probably viewed as a privileged older white woman was involved in this work. I answered: “I’m here for the same reason you are. To be engaged in the work that is making the world a better place for everyone.” He smiled at my answer, hopefully believing that it came from my heart, where I have held his question throughout the weeks and months that followed.

Why am I here—or anywhere, doing anything—if the reason isn’t engaging in good work, showing up with support when possible and using every platform to raise awareness of the good work being led by extraordinary individuals and supported by deeply committed people and to express gratitude for all of that?

One of my favorite quotes is from the British writer Gilbert Chesterton: “Thanks are the highest form of thought and gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” My happiness is indeed doubled by the wonder-filled work that is creating change for individuals, communities and the small and fragile world we all share.

Originally published on Pat Mitchell’s blog. Republished with author permission.

Pat Mitchell is known for her leadership in the media industry as a CEO, producer and curator. She partners with the TED organization to co-curate and host an annual global TEDWomen conference and is the chair of theWomen’s Media Center and Sundance Institute boards, a founding board member of V-Day, a member of the board of the Acumen Fund and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The first woman president and CEO of PBS, she most recently served as president and CEO of the Paley Center for Media; she is now a senior adviser to the organization. She is also the former president of CNN Productions, where she executive produced hundreds of hours of documentaries and specials, which received 35 Emmy Awards and five Peabody Awards. She was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Are Sequels Poisoning Pixar? 5 Reasons Not to Worry

When Pixar ’s long-awaited Incredibles 2 hit theaters this summer, it was a smash hit, decimating box office records and earning rave reviews from critics and fans alike. As awesome and massively successful as it was, however, some wondered if Pixar has succumbed to the same sequelitis plaguing present-day Hollywood. Is Pixar, once well-known for bold moves and originality, being ruined by the temptation of easy money? Or do the sequels actually support its creative goals? Below are five reasons sequels don’t spell the end of Pixar as we know and love it.

Originality is in Pixar’s DNA

Pixar lamp sculpture

Pixar is such a powerhouse nowadays that it can be hard to remember how truly tenuous the fate of the studio was in the beginning. Before Woody and Buzz Lightyear became household names, Pixar was a struggling startup, and its dreams of making a fully computer-animated film would have never amounted to anything had it not attracted the attention of Steve Jobs. Jobs was looking for his next project after being ousted at Apple, and Pixar offered him a chance to be on the cutting edge of computer graphics. When attempts to make money from smaller projects failed, Steve Jobs poured his own money into the studio to keep them afloat as their first feature film became the make-or-break project.

In such circumstances, it would have been easy to play it safe and go for tried and true storylines. But Pixar rejected the easy path, and the release of Toy Story in 1995 was a massive game changer on a number of fronts. Not only was it a technological marvel, but its subject matter also stood in stark contrast to the Disney fare of the time. The Mouse had returned to adapting fairytales, while Toy Story was something wholly different, a completely original story that appealed to children yet also had an emotional depth and maturity that transcended a simple kiddie flick. Pixar took a chance, and it paid off big time, making them a lot of money and setting them on the path to continue producing groundbreaking films.

Sequels as Far as the Eye Can See

Monsters University, Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, Cars

Those worried about the state of Pixar will point out that out of the past ten films released by the studio, six have been sequels. This sounds like a lot. When we look at the state of the movie industry at large, however, we see Pixar’s ratio of sequels to original movies is actually quite good. Even Disney, Pixar’s parent company, has fallen victim to this trend, planning to pump out Marvel and Star Wars films as well as sequels and remakes with very few original titles.

By these standards, Pixar is putting out a fairly substantial amount of new — even groundbreaking — material. Yes, the past ten films might include six sequels, but it also includes one-of-a-kind films like Brave and Coco.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Mr. Potato Head with money bags

One of the reasons that Hollywood has been mired in sequels and remakes is because such films are sure to make money. Why take a gamble on something new if another movie from a wildly popular franchise will rake in millions? However, as cynical as we can be about money, the fact remains that without money, movies don’t get made. Pixar was incredibly lucky in the beginning to have a wealthy benefactor, but if it is to continue to survive, it needs to be financially sustainable.

Original movies are central to their identity, but they are still gambles. Without financial security, one misstep could topple the studio. This is demonstrated by the fate of The Good Dinosaur, a film released in late 2015 that wound up being the lowest grossing Pixar movie ever. If it had come along early in Pixar’s history, the failure might have crippled the studio. Instead, Pixar could afford to soak the loss, in no small part because their next movie was Finding Dorya sequel to the iconic Finding Nemo and a massive hit. Originality requires taking risks, and sustainability makes it easier to push the boundaries.

Pixar Sequels are Totally Awesome

Fabulous Edna Mode

Many Hollywood franchises have dragged on for years, churning out terrible movie after terrible movie to wring every last cent out of a willing audience. (Children of the Corn had ten sequels – ten.) Pixar, on the other hand, has for the most part been producing sequels that are great movies in their own right.

Even with characters we already know, the storylines have been fresh and inventive, with no impression that they are merely phoning it in to grab as much cash from their fans as possible. This is because Pixar only makes sequels when the director of the original movie has a great idea for a return to the world they created. This dedication to quality is why these sequels garner so much critical acclaim. Toy Story 3 was even nominated for Best Picture!

It’s All About Balance

Pixar's For the Birds

As we’ve seen, sequels can help secure the financial stability of Pixar and can be good movies on their own merits. Still, too many sequels can corrode the vibrantly original soul of the studio. So a balance is needed. As long as Pixar continues to make original movies, and the sequels are high quality, they can stay financially secure without totally selling out.

The question is how well they are currently striking this balance. With the majority of the last ten movies being sequels, there might be some room for concern. However, Pixar has said that their only planned sequel for the future is Toy Story 4, and they intend to release at least one original film per year. If they follow through, then they should be able to stay true to themselves while making fans happy with more Pixar brilliance.

Here Are Pixar’s 5 Best Sequels, Ranked

Pixar Moments That Will Make You Cry

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5 reasons Dubai is considered the richest country in the world


Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is well known for its riches that seem to attract people from all walks of life. The food, culture, and way of life all reflect a level of wealth that is unmatched in the rest of the world. But why is Dubai considered such a rich country?

Many people would assume since Dubai lies in the gulf region, then most of its riches come from oil. This is actually not the case. Only about 7% of Dubai’s revenue comes from oil. So where does Dubai get its riches? Here are five reasons that Dubai is considered the richest country in the world.

Diversified economy

Unlike other middle eastern states, which depend heavily on oil for the growth of their economy, Dubai has a very diverse and vibrant economy. While a decline in oil prices would be very devastating to many nations, Dubai, on the other hand, wouldn’t feel too much of an effect. Tourism, transport, trade and commerce, finance, and accounting are some of the major players in the economy of this vibrant city.

Free trade

There is nothing that scares investors like a high tax on investments and income. Dubai is well known as one of the few places globally with a low tax on trade and zero income tax on both local and foreign investors. It is for this reason that investors from all over the world stream in to Dubai to make huge investments, with the expectation of high returns.

Technological innovations from all over the world

While it would have seemed almost impossible to find tech companies setting up shop in Dubai a while back, Dubai is now proving to be a force to reckon with in the tech world. In return, this gives Dubai the revenue generated from the sale of the various products manufactured. Another factor that led to Dubai becoming a major tech player is the cheap transport through its ports to the rest of the world.

Skilled immigrants

It is estimated that for every native in the city of Dubai, there are nine immigrants. Like anywhere else in the world, immigrants are often quite skilled and even more entrepreneurial than the native population. This drives up growth, with the city benefiting from the skills and revenue generated through trade.

Gateway City

Dubai is strategically positioned geographically. It is for this reason that it is considered the busiest airport in the world after snatching this title from Heathrow airport in the UK. Connecting flights to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East have to make stops here first before continuing to their destinations. Apart from transport, these destinations are also very crucial trade markets with economies growing very fast compared to the developed countries. The only way to tap into these markets is through Dubai.

While Dubai is a city, it has the wealth and popularity of an entire nation. In fact, many people do confuse it for a country and even envy those living or working there for their luxurious lifestyles.


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15 Reasons to Think Twice About an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have dominated modern home design since they first appeared in the 1950s as part of the overall trend toward more contemporary styling. Open concept homes skyrocketed in popularity in the 1970s, and by the mid-’90s nearly all new construction incorporated some version of an open floor plan or great room. But after nearly half a century of ascendancy, open concept living has been losing ground as buyers turn to cozier, more energy-efficient houses. Here are just a few reasons you may want to pass on that open floor plan.
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5 Reasons to Get Hyped for ‘Aquaman’ Besides Jason Momoa

Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman, is getting his first solo movie on December 21. The character first showed up briefly in Batman v. Superman before getting a proper introduction in Justice League, in which he teamed up with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Cyborg to save the world. But now it’s his turn to go it alone.

Aquaman is historically one of the Justice League’s less celebrated members, since fans typically aren’t super impressed by his ability to talk to fish. But the latest entry in the DC Extended Universe hopes to change that. And it’s off to a good start with actor Jason Momoa in the role. Much has been said about how awesome Momoa is, but there are plenty of other reasons to get hyped for the flick.

Here are some other things you should know about Aquaman.

James Wan is an Awesome Director

Amber Heard, James Wan, and Jason Momoa on the set of Aquaman

James Wan is helming Aquaman. He’s probably best known for co-creating the Saw and Insidious horror franchises, but in recent years he’s gotten into blockbusters. He did Furious 7, the seventh entry in the Fast and the Furious series. And it went on to become one of the highest grossing movies ever. Early work, which also includes the Conjuring movies and Dead Silence, shows that he has a unique, vivid style and ensures that this superhero movie will look amazing.

Amber Heard and an Epic Cast

Justice League Mera

Aquaman boasts some impressive actors to go along with that walking slab of man, Jason Momoa. His costars include the talented and beautiful Amber Heard as Mera, Curry’s future Queen of Atlantis; Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Aquaman’s mother; Temeura Morrison (who played Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones) as Thomas Curry; and Patrick Wilson as Orm, the villain of the movie, who’s also known in the comics as Ocean Master.

The cast also has Dolph Lundgren, Willem Dafoe, Randall Park, and Djimon Hounsou. So it’ll have plenty of familiar faces bringing the action to life.

The Story Goes Deeper, Literally

A massive ocean fight in Aquaman

When we last saw Arthur Curry in Justice League, he was torn between worlds. He knows he’s the rightful king of Atlantis, but he’s happy just hanging out in fishing villages and punching underwater cameras that got too close.

Aquaman has Mera come seek out the heir and convince him to take his rightful place. That’s because Orm has taken over in his absence, and he plans to declare war on the surface world to retaliate for all the damage society has done to the oceans. And he may have a point, but all-out conflict is taking things a bit far, maybe.

Curry will have to come to terms with his Atlantean history to claim the thrown, save both the ocean and the land, and unite the seven underwater kingdoms. It’s quite the to-do list.

The Costumes All Look Amazing

Jason Momoa goes full Aquaman

The biggest disparity in the new version of Aquaman is his costume. Instead of using the comic-book traditional orange and green, filmmakers have gone for nondescript gray armor or just had Momoa walk around without a shirt on. And if we want to be really nitpicky, Aquaman didn’t even use a trident in Justice League; it was a five-pronged quindent.

His solo movie will fix both of those, however, returning the King of Atlantis to a look and weapon set more in keeping with the source material. It makes sense because this story will be about him becoming a proper, heroic Aquaman and taking on his responsibilities. And giving him the appropriate suit and gear will make the transformation complete.

Black Manta is Everything

Orm isn’t the only baddie Curry is going to fight in Aquaman. He’s also going to go up against Black Manta, one of his most formidable villains in the comics.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is playing Manta in the movie. The character’s comic origins differ. Sometimes he was a boy whom unscrupulous sailers kidnapped and forced to work on their ship. In other versions he was an autistic boy who received a “cure” via questionable medical experiments.

Two things remain constant through all his incarnations, however: He hates Aquaman, and he wears a huge, buglike helmet that can shoot destructive beams out of its eyes. Just like a manta, apparently. Comic books are weird.

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The most common reasons for flight delays


We’ve all been there. You’re super excited about going on vacation, you get to the airport with more than enough time to get through security, and then the screen flashes up: DELAYED. Eugh. There’s nothing worse than having to hang around an airport for hours, waiting for your flight to take you somewhere sunny and beautiful. But, have you ever considered why your plane might be late? Here are some of the most common reasons for flight delays.

Late planes

According to statistics, the number one reason for late planes is…uh… late planes. If one aircraft is too late to land, then it caused a domino effect to other flights. Unfortunately, it’s not really something that is within the airline’s control. They cannot physically land until they are told it is safe to do so. While you may be all ready to start shouting at the air hostess for running behind, consider that it might actually be another airline company that’s causing all the delays.

Your airline

In nearly half of all cases, however, it is actually the fault of your airline – or something that is at least within their control. According to the U.S Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), nearly 50% of late flights between June 2015 and June 2016 were down to something the airline was simply slacking on. This could be refueling taking too long, crew not turning up on time, aircraft maintenance, and so on. This then leads to other take-offs and landings being delayed (see above). It’s a bit of a Catch-22 situation if you look at it that way.


Around 30% of delays are actually all down to the weather, which is definitely something that cannot be controlled. Well, not by mere humans anyway. Poor weather means that planes are unable to take-off or land, causing that Catch-22 situation we mentioned earlier. To be fair, we’d rather stay cozy in the airport for a little while longer as opposed to battling high winds or storms in a metal bird. Sure, we don’t mind weather delays one bit.

Airport security

You and I are the kind of people to turn up early for security, right? Unfortunately, not everyone else is. Airport security has got tighter in recent years, which means that it can take a little longer to go through all of the checks. This can then lead to holding up flights, as dozens of passengers can sometimes still be going through screening areas. Less than 0.1% of delays were due to actual security threats, such as evacuating an airport or plane due to a breach, you’ll be pleased to know.

What you can do

So, can you do anything to keep a flight running on time? Other than turning up early enough to check yourself in and get through security, not really. You can also be mindful of all the poor airline staff who will have to deal with the aftermath of a late plane though. It’s not (normally) their fault that the flight is delayed. Unless they’ve turned up late for work, in which case it definitely is their fault…


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Les Moonves’ replacement Richard Parsons steps down as CBS interim chairman after a month, citing health reasons

Richard Parsons stepped down late Sunday as interim chairman of CBS barely a month after taking the job following Les Moonves’ departure.

“The reason for my departure relates to the state of my health,” Parsons said in a statement.

“As some of you know, when I agreed to join the board and serve…

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Queen Latifah ‘Unable To Accept’ Award For Personal Reasons

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Queen Latifah is “unable to accept” an award named for a pioneering opera singer, citing personal reasons.

The Marian Anderson Award made the announcement on its website. The organization wasn’t more explicit, and Queen Latifah’s spokeswoman did not immediately return an email Friday.

The award is given in Philadelphia to critically acclaimed artists for their humanitarian work. Anderson was the first black singer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera.

Past winners have included Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou and Quincy Jones.

Born Dana Owens, Queen Latifah won a Grammy for her 1994 album “Black Reign” and earned an Oscar nomination for her role in 2002’s “Chicago.”

The organization says its Nov. 20 awards gala will be rescheduled, and it “hopes to honor Queen Latifah in the future.”

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