Coronation Street fans in tears as Sinead Tinker breaks down over dying before her baby son can remember her

CORONATION Street fans are in tears after Sinead Tinker broke down after she realised she could die from cancer and wouldn’t see her baby son grow up.

The seamstress – who is played by actress Katie McGlynn in the ITV soap – sobbed in fear of her son never knowing who she is in tonight’s second episode.

Sinead had viewers in tears tonight as she wept over her baby boy

The doctors told Sinead and her husband Daniel Osbourne that baby Bertie was almost out of the woods with his bowel condition.

“No surgery needed, it’s all good,” the nurse told them both.

But while it was good news for the baby, Sinead had a heartbreaking reaction.

A tearful Sinead told Daniel: “What if I die Daniel?

Bertie’s bowel condition hadn’t worsened and the nurses were confident he would be OK
Daniel tried his best to reassure his wife over her fears

“Like you said before he’s not going to remember this.

“He’s not going to remember me. I’m just going to be a photo of a stranger.

“I just can’t bear the thought he won’t know how much I loved him. I wanted to bake him birthday cakes, take him to school…”

And as she sobbed Daniel insisted it would all be fine and she would recover and be able to do all that.

But fans were already crying over Katie’s performance as terrified Sinead.

One said: “Poor Sinead, please don’t panic Sinead such a tiny baby tho #corrie”

A second added: “Awwwwww it makes me sad watching Sinead Daniel and Bertie #Corrie @itvcorrie”

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A Jewish Child and a ‘Nazi’ Child Remember Kristallnacht

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BERLIN — Eighty years ago, on the night in which the Nazi regime’s marginalization of Germany’s Jewish minority turned to naked terror, torah scrolls were burned in the Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin. Friday morning in the same synagogue, on a day that also marks the 100-year anniversary of the birth of the democracy that tolerated Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked the question: “What have we really learned?”

To connect Germany’s present to its past is to provide a foundation for a future “in which we recognize a person in every person,” Merkel said. The Holocaust memorial at the center of Berlin tries to give meaning to the unbelievable number of six million murdered Jews by naming them individually. “It is about people,” Merkel said, “Every single one had a name, intrinsic dignity, and an identity.”  

The brutality of “Kristallnacht,” or Crystal Night, as the Nazis called a night of broken windows and spirits, did not just play out in cities, but also reached far into the provinces. The violence also took place in Austria, which had been annexed by the Nazis to cheering crowds in Vienna a few months earlier. Not every region has confronted its past in the same way, and not many witnesses are still alive today. But we were able to speak to the Holocaust survivor Menachem Mayer, who was born in a small German village called Hoffenheim, and to Siegfried Kernberger, from the southern Austrian state of Carinthia, on what they remember of that night.

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