Which Clothing Tags Do You Remove?

I just got a McQueen scarf from Yoox on deep discount (pictured), and when it arrived I had the usual “ugh, tag” reaction. On really fine fabrics, trying to remove the clothing label can sometimes feel like a game of Operation! So, inspired by that thought, here’s today’s topic: What clothing labels do you remove? Which ones do you leave on even though you know you should remove them? On a related note, are there any clothing brands you specifically hate the tags or clothing labels of — or buy them because you prefer their clothing labels?

For my own $ .02:

What Clothing Labels You Should Remove

I’ve always heard that you should remove the labels on scarves (certainly the care labels, and possibly the brand label like the one pictured) but that you could choose to keep the label affixed and just fold the scarf so the tag is hidden.

Remove the label that comes on the sleeve of your winter coat. (Here’s a fabulous stock photo example of the winter coat sleeve label, which I wasn’t willing to pay $ 175 to use to illustrate this post!) 

On a related note, as we’ve noted in the past, you should rip any vents that are sewn shut with an X (such as on blazers or skirts), and you may also find it easy to rip the pockets for pants and blazers that are sewn shut. (If you can see the lining of the pocket on the inside of the pant or blazer but can’t access it, that’s an indication that it’s meant to be ripped.)

Brands with Itchy Clothing Labels

Personally, I don’t have an issue with itchy clothing labels, but I’ve started noticing them because one of my sons is sometimes sensitive to them. I also remember that one of the female partners I worked with at my firm always wore Hermès scarves along her blazers in large part because she found the blazer collars to be itchy. So I’m curious to see what people say! In general, the places we find eczema-friendly clothing for kids tend to have friendly tags — for example, H&M Conscious and Hanna Andersson — and I’ve found Eileen Fisher clothing to have pretty comfort-friendly labels.

Readers, over to you: What clothing labels do you always remove? Do you ever find clothing labels to be itchy or annoying — and if so, do you avoid that brand in the future? 

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