Patrick Whitesell Emerges After Reports That Wife Cheats With Jeff Bezos: Pics!

Putting on a brave face. Patrick Whitesell stepped out for the first time since the news of his wife Lauren Sánchez’s affair with Jeff Bezos broke.

The WME co-CEO appeared carefree while out for a drive in Beverly Hills on Thursday, January 10. Whitesell sported a huge smile and sunglasses behind the wheel of his black Mercedes-Benz.

The National Enquirer broke the news on Wednesday, January 9, that Bezos was cheating on his now-estranged wife, MacKenzie Bezos, with Sánchez. The magazine reported that the Amazon CEO and the former Extra host have been seeing each other for eight months and their spouses found out about the dalliance in the fall.

“Patrick was totally blindsided. He had no idea how serious the affair was or how long it was going on for,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively after the Enquirer’s findings came to light.

The insider noted that Whitesell and Sánchez “were having problems in their marriage for the last year.” However, they “were trying to work things out.”

Meanwhile, another source told Us that the talent agent “introduced Lauren to Jeff and suggested they work together on a documentary.”

Hours before news of the affair came out, Jeff announced his plans to divorce MacKenzie, whom he wed in 1993. “As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends,” the businessman wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. “We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years we have been married to each other. If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again.”

The joint statement continued: “We’ve had such a great life together as a married couple, and we also see wonderful futures ahead, as parents, friends, partners in ventures and projects, and as individuals pursuing ventures and adventures. Though the labels might be different, we remain a family, and we remain cherished friends.”

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Facebook reports steep rise in data requests from Indian government

NEW DELHI — Facebook says there was a steep rise in data requests from India’s government in the first half of this year as compared to the previous two years. The company said in a report released Friday that it received 16,580 data requests from the government in the January-June period as compared to 22,024…
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3 Ways Rental Inspection Reports Can Protect Landlords

As a landlord, it’s essential that you perform rental
inspections and record everything in a Residential Inspection Report when a
tenant moves in or out. Rental inspections ensure that you and your tenant are
aware of every aspect of the rental property’s condition at the beginning and
end of a lease.

Since an inspection report documents any and all issues
related to the property, expectations are set for your tenant on what condition
you expect them to keep the property in, and it also gives you a chance to
address any last-minute problems or repairs with the property before your
tenant settles in.

In this post, we explore three ways that having a detailed Rental Inspection Report can help protect you as a landlord.

1. Records the Condition of the Property Before the Tenant Moves in

Before the tenant moves in, you should perform a
walk-through of the property together. This will give you and your tenant a
chance to make sure the property is ready for them to move into.

By recording the condition of the property before the tenant
moves in, you can help prevent disputes about damage that existed before your
tenant lived there, and what damages were caused by your tenant.

Some examples of existing damage that you could record in
the inspection report are:

  • Chipped paint, marks, holes, or scratches on
    walls or floors
  • Torn or stained carpet
  • Damage to fixtures, such as a cracked sink,
    toilet, or bathtub
  • Gouges or holes in doors or baseboards

In addition to writing a detailed description of the existing property damage in your Rental Inspection Report, you may also want to take pictures for your own reference.

2. Records the Condition of the Property Before the Tenant Moves out

When your tenant is ready to move out, you should refer to the
same Rental Inspection Report you used when your tenant moved in, as most
include a section for a move-out inspection.

The purpose of the move-out inspection is to compare any
damages that you find to what you recorded in your move-in inspection report to
see when the damages occurred. For example, if there are damages to the
property that weren’t recorded in the move-in inspection, they were likely
caused by the tenant during their rental period.

It’s important to note that regular wear and tear, such as
worn carpet, small holes in the walls from hanging pictures, or other minor
damage caused by regular use of the property is generally not considered something
that you can charge your tenant for.

Helps Prevent Disputes about Security Deposits

Keeping clear records of the condition of your property can
help prevent disputes over whether the security deposit should be returned to
the tenant or not.

For instance, if your tenant denies that they caused damage
to the property, you can show them the Rental Inspection Report that they
signed when they moved in to illustrate that you are simply comparing the
damage that was present when they moved in to the damage that exists now.

Keep in mind that each state has its own laws regarding when
and if a landlord can keep a tenant’s security deposit, so be sure to stay
up-to-date with your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Rental Inspection Report

It’s important to have a Rental Inspection report that
records the condition of your property before your tenant moves in, and when
they move out. Your Rental Inspection Report provides peace of mind for you and
your tenant, so you are both on the same page when it comes to the condition of
the rental.

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Oculus Disputes Reports That Rift 2 Has Been Canceled

Along with the departure of Brendan Iribe from Facebook, there had been reports that the Oculus Rift 2, which Iribe was leading development on, would also be cancelled. Facebook has since spoken up and now the future of the Rift 2 isn’t quite as clear.

As reported by TechCrunch, Iribe, who had been the co-founder and former CEO of Oculus, and the Facebook executive team had “fundamentally different views on the future of Oculus that grew deeper over time.” It was also mentioned the Brendan wasn’t “interested in a race to the bottom in terms of performance.”

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First child in Florida has died of flu this season, state reports

A Florida child died due to flu-related illness during the week ended October 6, according to the state’s Department of Health. The child, the first to die in the state, had not received a flu vaccination. – RSS Channel – Health


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Newlyweds Among 20 Killed in Most Deadly U.S. Transportation Accident in 9 Years: Reports

Authorities are shedding some light on the deadly limousine crash that occurred in Upstate New York on Saturday, resulting in 20 deaths.

The National Transportation Safety Board, which is conducting a separate investigation into the crash in Schoharie, said this has been the “most deadly transportation accident” in the U.S. since February 2009, when 50 people lost their lives during the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 in Buffalo.

On Sunday afternoon, the New York State Police held a press conference where they confirmed that “18 of the victims were in the limousine, including the driver,” and that “two pedestrians standing nearby were also struck and killed.” All of the victims were adults.

Lester Andrews, who lives nearby in Rochester, told the New York Times that two of his stepsons, Axel Steenburg, 29, and Rich Steenburg, 34, as well as Rich’s wife Amy, were riding in the limousine at the time of the crash. While he said that Amy and Rich, who were married in June, had rented the limousine, he was not certain why they had done so.

“They rented the limo with some families and I don’t know exactly what they were doing,” Andrews told the newspaper. “There’s just a lot of confusion, so many people died.”

Rich is survived by a 10-year-old daughter, a 14-year-old stepson and his wife, who wasn’t in the vehicle on Saturday because she wasn’t feeling well, a relative told the Times.

Local reports claimed a wedding party was inside the limousine at the time of the crash, the New York Times previously reported, but the aunt of one of the limo victims told the Associated Press that the vehicle was en route to a birthday celebration.

“Our lives have been changed forever,” said Valerie Abeling, whose daughter was invited but unable to attend the party.

Abeling also told the AP that two of the victims were newlyweds Erin Vertucci, 34, and Shane McGowan, 30.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement on Sunday, sharing that his “heart breaks for the 20 people who lost their lives.

“State police are working with federal and local authorities to investigate the crash, and I have directed State agencies to provide every resource necessary to aid in this investigation and determine what led to this tragedy,” he wrote. “I join all New Yorkers in mourning these deaths and share in the unspeakable sorrow experienced by their families and loved ones during this extremely difficult time.”

Additionally, the New York State Police have created a phone line dedicated to assisting family members of the crash victims. Family members are encouraged to call 1-877-672-4911.

The crash, which involved two vehicles, occurred at approximately 1:55 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, according to police. Their preliminary investigation revealed that the accident occurred at the intersection of State Route 30 and State Route 30A.

All of the passengers inside the limousine had been killed in the crash, authorities stated later in the conference.

Though police said they were in the early stages of an investigation, authorities determined that the incident occurred after the limousine, a 2011 Ford Excursion, “failed to stop at the intersection of State Route 30A.” The limousine then “traveled across the intersection into a parking lot and struck a 2015 Toyota Highlander that was unoccupied and parked.”

The Highlander then struck and killed two pedestrians.

The New York State Police went on to state that the scene of the crash has been cleared “and the victims have been transported to Albany Medical Center where autopsies are now being conducted.”

While the police will not be releasing any information about the victims until all of the families have been notified, they did confirm that the license plate on the limousine was from the state of New York. All other information, such as where the limousine was coming from and where it was headed to, have yet to be announced.

Jessica Kirby, the manager of the Apple Barrel Country Store, told the Times that the crash occurred in the parking lot of the store, where multiple pedestrians were struck.

“That limo was coming down that hill probably over 60 miles per hour,” she told the newspaper.

RELATED VIDEO: 20 Killed In Upstate New York Limousine Crash

Addressing the crash in an emotional Facebook post on Saturday, the Apple Barrel Country Store and Cafe wrote, “As you may be aware, there was a horrific accident in front of our business today.”

“First, we want to thank all of the emergency services that responded. We are so thankful for all of you,” the store wrote, adding that they “will be open for business” on Sunday. Encouraging patrons to come by on Sunday, the store added, “we hope you will come and share your smiles, love, friendship and hugs with us.”

In response to the message, a woman commented that her family was “affected by three of the deaths” in the crash.

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