3.14.19 Zebit CFO responds to Clark; Fee-laden target retirement funds; Renovation scams

Zebit sells electronics items to people with low credit scores. Clark made some comments earlier this week and now has the Zebit CFO on to respond to his comments; Fee-laden target retirement funds have been targeted by the SEC; A huge percentage of folks that decide to renovate a home feel that they were scammed in the process

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Tucker Carlson Responds to Radio Controversy

Tucker Carlson responded Sunday night to the discovery of controversial and off-color comments he made during conversations with a radio “shock jock” between 2006 and 2011, urging people who wanted to know more about what he thought to watch his primetime program on Fox News Channel. Media Matters for America, a liberal advocacy group, posted […]



New York Times responds to Trump calling them the ‘enemy of the people’

President Trump’s tweet calling the New York Times the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” brought a blistering response from The Gray Lady’s publisher who said the phrase “isn’t just false, it’s dangerous.” Trump set off the dust-up Wednesday morning when he tweeted: “The New York Times reporting is false. They are a true ENEMY OF THE…
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Gucci Creative Director Responds To ‘Blackface’ Design

NEW YORK (AP) — Gucci’s creative director broke his silence Tuesday over an $ 890 sweater that resembled blackface, saying racism was never his intention.

Alessandro Michele, a design force at the Italian fashion house, lamented in a letter to employees both his own pain and “that of the people who saw in one of my creative projects an intolerable insult.”

The black sweater with a pull-up neck featured a cutout surrounded by cartoonish red lips. Michele wrote that it was not inspired by blackface but by the late Leigh Bowery, a performance artist, club promoter and fashion designer who often used flamboyant face makeup and costumes.

Regardless, Michelle said, he takes “full accountability” for the sweater, which was pulled last week amid widespread criticism.

Gucci has apologized, saying in a previous statement posted on Twitter that it was committed to diversity and considered it a “fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected and at the forefront of every decision we make.”

The balaclava-style sweater that covered the nose above the cutout was ridiculed on social media as insensitive and racist. It emerged as attention in the U.S. was focused on old photos showing politicians with their faces blackened.

Other fashion brands have made similar missteps.

In December, Prada said it was no longer selling a line of accessories that featured a character with brown skin and exaggerated red lips after complaints they resembled blackface.

Michele’s internal letter was reported by the site Fashionista.com and Women’s Wear Daily.

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and CEO, told WWD, “The lack of knowledge of diversity and the consequent understanding are not at the level we expected, despite all the efforts we did inside the company in the last four years.”

The company is now “evaluating all the processes” to ensure “the right level of awareness and visibility,” he said.




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Michael B. Jordan Responds to “Superman” Rumors | SuperSoul Conversations | Oprah Winfrey Network



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“It’s My Name” Rihanna’s Father Responds To Lawsuit Against Him

Wildfox And Ladygunn Magazine Presents Wayke Up Fundraiser Hosted By Nikki Reed

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty

Earlier this week, we reported that Rihanna was suing her father, Ronald Fenty for capitalizing off her family name. Apparently, Mr. Fenty opened up an entire company—Fenty Entertainment and was attempting to book gigs for her to perform.

Since then, Ronald Fenty has learned of the lawsuit and responded to it. In an interview with OK! Mr. Fenty said:

“She is? Suing me? Why would she sue me? It’s my name! She’s never going to sue me- I’ll have to fight it! Thing is she doesn’t have the time to deal with all this stuff herself, so it is someone else that will be doing it. She’s working hard on her album at the moment. I don’t think she’d sue me.”

He continued, “This is all news to me. They sent something to Fenty Entertainment, it was a letter from Roc Nation I think, but my lawyer said it was OK. They said they preferred me not to use the name, but they didn’t say I couldn’t.”

As we reported earlier, Rihanna is suing Mr. Fenty because Mr. Fenty launched a company and have been acting as agents on Rihanna’s behalf, including booking gigs across the nation and even in other countries. Mr. Fenty said that he ran the bookings past Roc Nation and claims they knew what he was doing.

In addition to work with this daughter Fenty was also attempting to trademark the name for a line of boutique hotels. But the application was rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Rihanna’s lawsuit claimed that she had sent several cease and desist letters to her father. But he’s ignored them.



Britni Mealy Tells Followers That She’s Done With Future After He Hooks Up With Joie Chavis Again — Future Responds!

Future is definitely the king of quip and petty responses when thrown any kind of shade. The rapper took to his Instagram Story with a video after his baby mama, Britni Mealy, told her followers that she was done with the rapper and his playboy ways.

If you didn’t already know, Future is expecting a baby with Bow-Wow’s baby mama, Joie Chavis. Only a few months after the news broke, the “WRLD ON DRUGS” artist went back to Britni.

Mealy, who already has a child with the musician seemed to be enjoying her rekindled relationship as the couple flaunted their matching jewelry and expensive trips on social media.

Everything seemed to be going fine until Joie Chavis had her baby shower. Future appeared to be as close to Joie as he was being to Mealy.

After Chavis posted romantic birthday messages for her soon to be baby daddy and public humiliation, Britni decided to announce that she has cut all sentimental ties with the ladies’ man because she found happiness.

She posted: “I appreciate y’all stop tagging me and associating me with my son’s father and whatever he got going on. Let me make things crystal clear, I am not with him in no way and never will be again. I did my best and always loved unconditionally and been the sweetest girl I could be, even when I knew he didn’t deserve it. This whole world calls me dumb, stupid, whatever but who cares?” she wrote. “I have a genuine, unconditional, loving, forgiving heart. I am not mad, bitter, none of that. I left and finally begin to realize my worth (long overdue).”

She also let her followers know that Future was always the one pursuing her and that she was not a golddigger.

The 35-year-old uploaded a clip responding to Britni where he’s pictured saying: “You found happiness? Ok. I’m so proud of you.”

He goes on to tell her: “Mmnh. One monkey don’t stop the show. It never have.”

Future’s petty response had many viewers praising what he said and how he said it. Others felt that he was being a manipulative womanizer.

Celebrity Insider


This Company Offers Life Insurance That Actually Responds to Your Changing Needs

Pop quiz time. What do you think about when you think about buying life insurance?

Time’s up! Did you think of pushy salespeople? Or maybe your mind went to the dreaded thought of getting locked into a 20-year policy that isn’t right for you even five years down the road.

Your life is constantly changing, and that’s a good thing. What you really want is life insurance that can change along with you.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, an independent resource for information on all things insurance, 44% of consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance, and more than half of them say they’d get it if they could just get it priced without a physical exam.

If you think you’re ready for a term life insurance plan to help protect your family, check out Ladder. You’ll find that you can get life insurance that is easy to get and easy to change when your life takes a new path.

My Life Changes. What About My Policy?

One of the hardest parts about choosing a life insurance policy is trying to figure out just what kind of policy is the best fit for you and your life. What if you sign a 15-year policy and your life situation changes?

People get married, buy houses, have kids and then, eventually, those kids move out and do their own thing.

Ladder gets it. Your life is dynamic, and your life insurance coverage should be able to change with it. That’s why it offers flexible coverage.

Sign up for the coverage you need, but when your life takes a new path, Ladder lets you add more or even reduce your coverage without dealing with high-pressure agents or even tedious paperwork.

Back up — What Is Term Life Insurance?

Simply put, term life insurance is a life insurance policy that pays out a benefit upon the death of the policy holder. The policy is purchased for a certain term, for example 10 or 20 years, and the policy holder can choose to renew their policy once it expires.

The biggest determining factors in the cost of a term life insurance policy are the amount of coverage (the amount left to the family) and the age, gender and health of the person insured.

The primary benefit is the ability to leave money for loved ones for things like funeral and living expenses.

For example, imagine a man who is 35 years old, married and has two kids. He may choose to purchase term life insurance. If he should die unexpectedly, the insurance policy would leave a predetermined amount of money to his wife and kids to help pay funeral costs. It would also help them get by without his income, so they could continue to pay their bills, stay in their home and continue their education.

Keep Life Simple

You can use Ladder’s coverage calculator to figure out how much coverage you should have. Then your online application only takes a few steps:

  • Take about five minutes to answer a few questions about your life and health, such as your income.
  • You’ll get an instant decision on coverage, and there’s no risk. You won’t even have to go get a full physical. Some simple lab work might be required, but that’s easy, right?
  • You’ll need to enter your driver’s license and social security number, which is true for any life insurance application. The company needs this information to verify your identity and prevent fraud,. It uses a secure website and will not sell your private information.
  • You’ll pay no policy fees, and you can cancel anytime. You even get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Your life is full of changes. Make sure your life insurance can change with you.

Life can be hard, and making decisions about it can seem even harder. Ladder makes life insurance easy to get and easy to change.

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.

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Bethesda Responds to Fallout 76 Hacking Concerns, Planning Fixes

UPDATE 11/5: Bethesda have provided further comment to IGN contesting the validity of the claims made in a Reddit thread asserting that Fallout 76 is extremely vulnerable to hacking. Here is the full statement:

“Many of the claims in the thread are either inaccurate or based on incorrect assumptions. The community has however called to attention several issues that our teams are already actively tracking and planning to roll out fixes for. Our goal is always to deliver a great experience for all our players. Cheating or hacking will not be tolerated. We know our fan base is passionate about modding and customizing their experience in our worlds and it’s something we intend to support down the road.”

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‘People Must Vote!’ Robert De Niro Responds After Police Intercept Suspicious Package

Robert De Niro is thanking “security and law enforcement people” after police intercepted a suspicious package mailed to his New York City restaurant on Thursday.

“I thank God no one’s been hurt, and I thank the brave and resourceful security and law enforcement people for protecting us,” De Niro said in a statement Friday. “There’s something more powerful than bombs, and that’s your vote. People MUST vote!”

The actor was an intended recipient of one of at least 13 packages allegedly sent by Florida man Cesar Sayoc, who was arrested by federal agents on Friday afternoon. Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed at a press conference Friday that Sayoc was specifically targeting Democrats. “He appears to be a partisan,” Sessions said.

De Niro has publicly condemned President Trump multiple times, most famously saying “f**k Trump” at the Tony Awards this year.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the packages, many of which were addressed to high-ranking Obama Administration officials, including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Other intended recipients have also spoken out against the attacks. One of them, James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence and frequent critic of President Donald Trump, said on CNN he believed the packages were a form of domestic terrorism.

Another intended target, former Vice President Joe Biden, said Thursday that he hoped the country would pull together after the incidents. “My hope is this recent spate of who knows what they were, pipe bombs being mailed, might wake everybody in my business up a little bit and we will begin to put this nation back together again.” he said.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, also a target, said in a statement that she is “appreciative of the law enforcement entities who intercepted the package and are investigating this matter.

“I unequivocally condemn any and all acts of violence and terror,” Waters added.

Entertainment – TIME