New Horizons beams back a new revelation about Ultima Thule

ultima thule shape

When NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zoomed by the twin space rocks known collectively as Ultima Thule earlier this year, the images it sent back seemed to show a “space snowman” in all its glory. The photos showed two round lumps of rock attached by a thick “belt” in a shape known as a contact binary.

Photos don’t lie but they can’t be a bit misleading, even in space. Now, astronomers have been thrown for a loop when New Horizons’ final series of images of Ultima Thule reveal that the twin rocks aren’t actually round. Yep, Ultima Thule is more of a space pancake than a snowman.

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Here’s why everyone’s talking about Jennifer Aniston’s controversial Friends revelation

And we can’t deal


After ten years of being there for us, Friends left our screens in 2004 – leaving a Central Perk shaped hole in our hearts – and we’re still not over it.

Yes it may have been 14 years since Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Joey made their last appearances but it still feels like it was just yesterday.

We’re still deeply invested in Rachel and Ross’ tumultuous relationship, we’ve never given up hope on Parker (Alec Baldwin) coming back into our lives, and are we the only ones confused by our feelings for Ben now that he’s grown up and starring in Riverdale?

Despite their relationship statuses being more uncertain than Brexit and the characters moving house and changing their jobs far too frequently, there was of course one constant on the show, Rachel Green’s perfect hair.

friends favourite character matt leblanc

The cast of Friends

From the iconic bob to the long layered look, everyone wanted ‘the Rachel’, no matter what season we were on.

The only issue of course was that no one was actually able to maintain ‘the Rachel’ other than Jennifer Aniston herself.

Flashback to all of us having a meltdown when we realised that we had cut all of our hair off and still looked nothing like Jennifer Aniston.

Yes, surprise surprise only Jennifer Aniston can pull of ‘the Rachel’ – a look created by iconic hairstylist Chris McMillan, but according to the actress, even she couldn’t handle the look.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

While winning the 2018 Hairstylist of the Year award, Jen was given the honour of introducing Chris to the stage, but not before she told the whole world of the woes of ‘the Rachel’ upkeep behind the scenes.

‘You feel beautiful, you feel sexy, you feel alive, and then you feel screwed because no one has the ability to actually do what Chris did to this haircut,’ she explained to the audience. ‘I used to call it “The Rachel” years when I got that haircut. That was like “wow, this is amazing” and then I was totally left with this, like, Greek, frizzy mop on my head, because I had no idea how to do what he did.’

She concluded: ‘No one seems to know how to do what Chris does. I figured out that’s called creating job security, so well done Chris on that.’

Well at least it’s not just us that couldn’t cope with the iconic look – if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to burn all of the photos of us in the 90s.

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