Love Island star Anton Danyluk starred in Towie-style reality show about his rocky love life

LOVE Island’s Anton Danyluk hopes to find love on the new ITV2 series, but he has already appeared in a TOWIE-style reality show.

The 24-year-old made his on-screen debut on GLOW, which is a reality TV series based in Glasgow that has been likened to Made in Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore.

Love Island’s Anton has previously appeared in another reality TV show

The gym owner was in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Denise Wilkie when he filmed the programme two years ago, but admitted they had their fair share of ups and downs.

Speaking in the first episode of the second series to pal Paddy about his love life, Anton admitted he was close to breaking up with Denise a number of times in 2017 because his hectic work life started to take a toll on her.

He said: “A few things have happened with Denise. We’ve had a few fall outs. We’ve been close to splitting up a few times if I’m honest Paddy.

“But, we’ve managed to get through it and we’re working on it. hopefully we can sort it out.”

Anton opened up about his relationship woes to pal Paddy on Glow
Anton starred in Towie-style reality show called Glow
John Gunion – The Sun Glasgow
Glow documented Anton’s love woes and his relationship with ex-girlfriend Denise
John Gunion – The Sun Glasgow

Anton Anton claims he receives a lot of female attraction when he shows off his body[/caption]

He added: “You know my job working seven days a week, it can’t be easy for her and setting up my own business as well. It took its toll on our relationship. We will sort it I think.”

However, Anton is now single and looking to find a girlfriend in Casa Amor, although he has “never really been loyal” to his previous girlfriends.

Speaking ahead of his appearance on Love Island, he said: “That’s a medical condition that I have … a wandering eye!

“I’ve never really been loyal in any of my relationships.”

Anton has admitted he has never been loyal in a relationship

Anton has insisted he is a lothario and has been caught cheating on his partners.

He continued: “My last relationship, I actually got caught cheating for the first time in my life and it changed everything for me. I saw how much it hurt her and what it did to her.

“So, for me going into Love Island, it’s going to be the biggest test of my life.”

He continued: “I know that if I am loyal to someone in that space of time when hot girls are being thrown in all the time then I know I can be loyal to them.”

The new season of Love Island will return to our screens on June 3, two years after Anton appeared on Glow.

Anton will be joined by Tyson Fury, as well as AJ Pritchard’s brother Curtis.

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Rocky star Stallone says he never expected to make it in movies

Action movie superstar Sylvester Stallone told cinemagoers in Cannes on Friday that he never expected to make it in the film industry due to an accident at birth that caused him to slur his words – now one of his more celebrated trademarks.
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A$AP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky “Pups,” Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko & Jelly Roll “EF U” & More | Daily Visuals 5.16.19

Tech N9ne

Source: photo: WENN

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a video where the A$ AP Mob get together to form like Megazord (Wu-Tang Clan reserved the Voltron metaphor for themselves decades ago) but today fans get the next best thing as the groups two most well known artists get together for a new joint.

Hopping on a DMX “Where My Dogs At” sampled track, A$ AP Ferg and A$ AP Rocky put it down at an underground jam with an audience as diverse as can be in their visual for “Pups.”

Tech N9ne meanwhile tackles to the subject of suicide and finds himself in a mental institution to deal with his demons in the Krizz Kaliko and Jelly Roll assisted clip to “EF U (Easier For You).”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Tom G., Millyz, and more.







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2019 could be a rocky year for TV reboots, the Oscars and more

This year will be remembered as the one that took out Les Moonves, Megyn Kelly, Roseanne Barr, Clayne Crawford of “Lethal Weapon” and TJ Miller of “Silicon Valley,” among others. As we look to 2019, we’re sure to see new blowhards and public nuisances whose antics will no longer be tolerated as networks continue to…
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‘Creed II’ packs ‘Rocky IV’-powered punch

“Creed II” represents the square root of “Rocky IV,” with all the tantalizing side plots that entails. Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone again provide a potent one-two combo, in a movie filled with nostalgic callbacks that make the most of the franchise’s durable formula. – RSS Channel – Entertainment


Who Is Viktor Drago? ‘Creed II’ Villain and ‘Rocky IV’ Connections Explained

Creed II is hitting theaters on November 21. This follow-up to the 2015 Rocky spin-off continues the story of Adonis Creed, who has become a boxer in an attempt to live up to his father’s legacy. But the sequel makes things a little more personal for the heroic boxer. Not only does he have a dangerous new opponent to face in the ring, but his determination to fight him may end up costing him everything he cares about.

This new opponent is Russian fighter Viktor Drago, and there’s more going on with him than you might know. Here’s all the info you need on Creed II’s scary antagonist.

Who Is Viktor Drago and Who’s Playing Him?

Creed II follows the Rocky series’ habit of casting real fighters as fictional boxers. Viktor Drago is played by Romanian boxer Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu. He hasn’t done much acting before. In fact, his only other credit is the 2016 short film Bogat. But the filmmakers didn’t hire him for his expensive film experience. He got the job because he’s big, scary, and knows how to throw a punch.

The ‘Rocky’ Connection

Viktor Drago’s father is no stranger to Rocky fans. He’s Ivan Drago, the villain of the fourth movie, which had Rocky Balboa traveling to Russia to take on the machine-like boxer to avenge the friend Drago had killed in the ring.

That friend was, of course, Apollo Creed. Adonis never met his father, but the opportunity to fight the son of the man who murdered him offers some sense of retribution or closure for his loss.

Rocky, who trained Adonis at the start of his career, suffered severe brain damage in the fight. And he hopes to steer the young boxer away from making the same mistake he did. But it wouldn’t be a boxing movie if the big fight didn’t happen, so he’s probably not going to listen.

How does Viktor compare to Ivan Drago?

Since Creed II is all about sons measuring up to their fathers, it only makes sense to wonder how Viktor Drago compares to his dad.

In Rocky IV, Ivan Drago stood 6’5” and weighed 261 pounds. This was thanks to extensive training and whatever no-doubt illegal chemicals his handlers injected into him. The film shows him as almost inhuman and monstrous.

Munteanu — and therefore Viktor — has similar stats, which is a little intimidating considering we’re talking about a real person and not a fictional boxer that the Soviets basically grew in a lab. He stands 6’4” and actually lost weight for the role. So he “only” weighs 245 pounds. And according to the actor, he achieved this by using old-style Russian training methods, some of which will actually appear in the film.

The Drago Legacy

Adonis sees the fight against Drago as an opportunity to reclaim — and possibly exceed — his father’s legacy while getting some sort of proxy revenge for his murder. He’s spent his whole life feeling like he’s had to live up to his famous, heavyweight-champion dad, and this is an opportunity to do so.

But Adonis isn’t the only one carrying father issues into this fight. Ivan Drago trained his son specifically to carry on in his stead. And Viktor’s success will be his own after his fall from grace 30 years ago. Losing to Rocky and embarrassing himself in front of high-ranking Soviet officials effectively ended Drago’s career, and his son presents his best opportunity to return to the spotlight.

So Viktor is carrying his own share of historical baggage, which adds even more to the stakes and tragedy of the bout. The fighters have more in common with each other than they realize, but pride and pressure are forcing them into the confrontation.

Viktor Is More Than His Father

Considering the complicated family history between Adonis, Viktor, and their trainers, comparisons between fathers and sons are likely. But from the footage we’ve seen of the younger Drago in action, he’s nothing like his once-famous father.

That’s probably because rather than being a symbol of the might of Soviet sport and science, Viktor is rising from the crumbs of his father’s life. The elder Drago got the boot from his home country after the fall of the USSR, and he ended up raising his son alone. He’s obsessed with revenge and blames Balboa for everything bad that happened to him.

And he’s poured all of this hatred and rage into his son, who then passes it on to his opponents. Viktor is an aggressive, angry fighter. That’s a huge shift from his father, who was basically an enormous punching robot made of meat and steroids.

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A$AP Rocky “Sundress,” Mic Handz ft. Sean Price “Conceit” & More | Daily Visuals 11.20.18


Just when you thought that the mannequin challenge was officially dead and gone, A$ AP Rocky decided to resurrect the internet trend from a few years ago for his latest video.

In his visuals to “Sundress,” Pretty Flacko hits up the club where everyone in attendance is seemingly frozen in time and he finds himself starring down the barrel of a gun. Gunners are apparently immune from the mannequin challenge.

Sean Price fans meanwhile are in for a treat as they get to see the Hip-Hop legend living, breathing and rapping one last time in Mic Handz clip to “Conceit.”

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Interview: ‘Creed II’ Director Steven Caple Jr. Talks ‘Rocky’ Movies, Training Montages and More ‘Creed’ Sequels

Interview: 'Creed II' Director Steven Caple Jr. Talks 'Rocky' Movies, Training Montages and More 'Creed' Sequels


Before Ryan Coogler directed the original Creed and Steven Caple Jr. followed up with Creed II, the two filmmakers attended USC together as film students. Coogler was a senior when Caple Jr. was a freshman, and they formed a bond that would eventually act as a catalyst for Caple Jr. — who had only directed one feature film previously, 2016's The Land — to lead the Creed sequel.

In Creed II, Caple Jr. builds off Coogler's rich, character-driven film with a story that…

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Trump’s combative weekend shows rocky road ahead

President Donald Trump is responding to a midterm election that represented a rebuke for his polarizing and aggressive behavior by recommitting to his brazen political style, setting up a turbulent two years to come. – RSS Channel – Politics

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The Strange Story That Connects Rocky, Muhammad Ali, Andre the Giant, and a Bear

Outside of New Jersey — and boxing fans of a certain age — Charles ‘Chuck’ Wepner isn’t exactly a household name. But his story is as remarkable as it is bizarre, and very possibly inspiration for one of the most beloved characters in film history, Rocky Balboa.

Indeed, Wepner so believes that the Rocky franchise is based on his life that he sued writer/star Sylvester Stallone, with Sly eventually settling out of court. There are definite similarities between the two stories, some of them pretty specific. But Wepner’s life also took twists and turns too ridiculous for a Hollywood movie, his story featuring the likes of Muhammed Ali, Andre the Giant, and a bear called Victor, as well as drugs, prison, and lots and lots of blood.

Birth of The Bayonne Bleeder

Chuck Wepner on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Born in February 1939, Chuck Wepner grew up on the tough streets of Bayonne, New Jersey, where he learned to fight at a young age. Very much outside the boxing ring. Wepner joined the Marines after seeing the movie Battle Cry. Largely because the characters all attracted beautiful dames. And while there Wepner boxed, his stamina and ability to take a punch quickly making his name.

After leaving the corps, Chuck bounced at a go-go club at night, while he spent his days training as a heavyweight. Running up the steps of the Hudson County Park at the end of sessions, which Stallone DEFINITELY didn’t steal for the Rocky flicks.

Wepner was good at boxing. Really good. Working his way to the very top, and fighting the great George Foreman (who knocked him out), and the great Sonny Liston (who knocked him out). The Liston fight became known as the bloodiest in history, with Wepner needing 72 stitches, and journalists joking that he drank more blood than Dracula over the 10 rounds.

All of which contributed to Chuck becoming known as The Bayonne Bleeder. But those jokes and jibes didn’t stop him landing a fight with ‘The Greatest.’

Chuck Wepner vs Muhammed Ali

In March 1975, Wepner fought Muhammed Ali at Richfield Coliseum, just south of Cleveland. The build-up to the bout was eventful, the pair exchanging heated words on talk shows and at the weigh-in. With Ali somewhat bizarrely vowing to avoid Chuck’s face in the fight.

“He bleeds,” exclaimed Ali during the press conference. “So I’m gonna make another announcement. There will be no shots landed in his face. I will not land one head shot. I will win this fight by laying on the ropes. He’ll get tired. He’ll punch himself to death. And then I’m gonna hit him in the stomach. Hit him in the side. And I will beat him without one punch landing here [motions to Chuck’s head]. I want no excuses about cuts.”

Ali stayed true to his word during the early rounds, tiring Wepner by utilising the ‘rope-a-dope’ tactic he’d used to defeat Foreman in the ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ But he caught Chuck above the eye in Round 7, and ‘The Bleeder’ started to gush.

In Round 9, however, Wepner did the unthinkable. With a big right-hand to the ribs, he knocked the champ down, only the third time Ali had hit the canvas in his career. The fact that he was standing on Muhammed’s foot at the time of the punch merely a minor detail. Ali was on the ground.

Big mistake. Because Muhammed Ali got up before the 10 count. And Muhammed Ali was mad. He proceeded to pummel Wepner for the rest of the fight, but the Bleeder wouldn’t go down. The fight was finally stopped in the 15th and final round. With just 19 seconds remaining.

In spite of defeat, Chuck exited the ring a hero who had very nearly gone the distance with the greatest fighter of all-time. What he didn’t know was that a young actor was in the crowd and looking for inspiration for his next role. “I said that’s it, that’s me,” Sylvester Stallone claims during ESPN documentary The Real Rocky. “The Bayonne Bleeder — Chuck Wepner — that is the way I feel.”

The first Rocky movie followed a year later, and changed the lives of both men.

Chuck Wepner vs Andre the Giant

Following the Ali fight, promoter Don King had dollar signs in his eyes — as ever — and the World Wide Wrestling Federation saw an opportunity. So a mixed match between Wepner and wrestler Andre the Giant was organised, and touted as the ‘War of the Worlds.’

Playing out in front of 32,000 at Shea Stadium — as the undercard for an Ali fight being beamed in from Japan — the fight was a fake. But it’s nevertheless an entertaining spectacle, the 6ft5, 230-pound Chuck going toe-to-toe with the 7ft, 450-pound Andre.

Both men jab and parry and hold for the first couple of rounds, though it’s pretty clear who holds the ascendancy, with the New York Times reporting: “Wepner was a baby against the giant.” And so in the third round, the orchestrated move occurred, with Andre head-butting Chuck, and tossing him from the ring. Wepner being counted out and losing the war.

Rocky Balboa fighting 'Thunderlips' in Rocky III.

In a strange case of art imitating life — or stealing from life if you happen to be Chuck’s lawyer — Rocky III featured a similar sequence. With Balboa participating in a charity bout with wrestler Thunderlips — played by Hulk Hogan. But all does not go according to plan.

“Alright, guys, you know this is for fun,” says the referee. “So take it easy, and give them a good show.” Thunderlips hasn’t read the script, however, and goes to town on ‘The Italian Meatball,’ taunting Balboa as he clobbers him, and prompting Rocky’s trainer Mickey to shout: “Run for your life!”

Like the Wepner fight, wrestler tosses boxer out the ring. But unlike the Wepner fight, Rocky crawls back in, and somehow throws Thunderlips out. The bout ending in a much more Hollywood-friendly draw.

Chuck Wepner vs Victor the Bear

A ‘Victor the Wrestling Bear’ promotion.

Wepner’s life became something of a circus after the one-two punch of Ali and Andre. With Chuck too often the clown. There were the girls and the booze and the drugs. With a spell in prison for cocaine possession. But maybe the most stupid thing Chuck Wepner did was box a bear. Twice.

Victor is a pretty famous bear, and his story is somewhat tragic. Because while he wrestled — and defeated — dumb humans for most of his life, he was also defanged, declawed, drugged and muzzled for those fights.

In 1976, Victor fought Chuck Wepner as the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey. In aid of the Make-a-Wish Foundation. And in spite of those handicaps, Victor beat the proverbial out of his human counterpart.

The plan was for Chuck to signal the bear’s trainer Tuffy Truesdell when he’d had enough. At which point Truesdall would blow a whistle, and Victor would back off. Trouble is, Wepner boxed Victor hard, resulting in the bear throwing Chuck across the ring, and pinning him down so he couldn’t signal to Tuffy.

Wepner ultimately survived the match. But only just. Which makes it all the more insane that he got back in a ring with that very same bear, at a Country Club charity event no less. Speaking to Everlast, Wepner describes the match as follows…

“I’m sitting in the corner. And I’m looking over at this bear sitting there with its beady little eyes. And I said to [trainer] Al: ‘This bear remembers that I hit him a few times. I’m telling you, this bear’s pissed off at me.’ The bell rang. This bear stood up on its hind legs, and I spun around, tried to jump out between the ropes, and the bear took one leap, grabbed my leg, and when he pulled me I got caught in the ropes, and he slung me out about 10 or 12 feet out onto the dinner tables, and everything went splat.

“Two of my buddies picked me up and said, ‘Come on Chuck, get ’em.’ I looked up at the ring, the referee was counting, the bear was standing there. He was up to four, and I said ‘Five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten — that’s it, you win Victor!’ And that was it. I didn’t even get back in the ring. The fight lasted less than a minute.”

Check Wepner vs Sylvester Stallone

There’s no doubt that Chuck enjoyed the fame and notoriety that being the real-life Rocky brought him. Wepner attended screenings where the audience applauded him when the credits rolled. He walked out to the Rocky fanfare before his final fight. And Chuck even formed something of a bond with Sylvester Stallone, who wrote a role for him in Rocky II.

In an early draft of the script, Rocky had a sparring partner called Chink Weber. A name that isn’t a million miles from Chuck Wepner. Stallone asked him to study the script, and travel to Philadelphia for an audition. Trouble is, Chuck was partying hard at that time, picked up some girls for the journey, stayed up most the night, and ended up failing the audition. The character was ultimately cut from the movie.

Their paths crossed again a decade later, when Chuck was serving time in Newark’s Northern State Prison, where Sly was shooting Lock Up. According to Wepner, Stallone embraced him, and told his fellow inmates that Chuck was the real Rocky.

Then in the mid-1990s, Stallone was shooting Cop Land in New Jersey, and Wepner visited the set, where he spoke with Stallone and had his photo taken with Robert De Niro. But according to Chuck, Sly making a movie in his backyard and not involving him was the final straw.

Wepner sued Stallone for a ‘right of publicity’ claim. Stating that the star improperly used his name to promote the Rocky films, and never made good on promises he’d be paid. Stallone countered the suit by claiming that Wepner benefited by making public appearances as ‘The Real Rocky’ for decades.

Unlike the movies, however, there was no dramatic climactic showdown. Rather, Stallone settled the lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed fee. Thereby putting to bed one of the strangest friendships/rivalries in Hollywood history.

The Bleeder vs The Brawler

Chuck wasn’t done with the movies just yet, however. Wepner decided to tell his own story — warts, bears and all — in an official biopic starring Liev Schreiber. Just as Chuck was going into production though, rival feature The Brawler was announced. By producers who had previously worked on Chuck, and who — according to another lawsuit filed by Wepner — stole essential details from his film.

“Comparison between the two scripts, sizzle reels and marketing materials makes it clear that defendants used portions or all of the plaintiff’s script, budget, production schedule, sizzle reel, and other production materials to develop their own copycat film, which defendants apparently intend to release before the authorised Wepner film,” claimed the suit.

Yet again the case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. With Chuck ultimately hitting US screens in May 2017, to some acclaim but little financial success. The Brawler meanwhile — which stars Zach McGowan as Chuck — is due for release this December. Doubtless to rather less acclaim…

As for Wepner himself, he’s had all manner of ailments in recent years, including a hip replacement and major back surgery. While he was diagnosed with cancer last year. But as ever, he’s come out fighting, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. Then taking centre stage at his own celebrity roast.

He’s also readying himself for the imminent unveiling of a Chuck Wepner statue at the Stephen R. Gregg-Bayonne County Park. Which is a bit like a certain celluloid statue stationed at the top of the steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

A fitting tribute to a remarkable man. And the one time that Chuck Wepner has followed in Rocky Balboa’s footsteps.

5 Best Boxing Games

The post The Strange Story That Connects Rocky, Muhammad Ali, Andre the Giant, and a Bear appeared first on FANDOM.



Vince Staples “FUN!,” A$AP Rocky ft. FKA twigs “Fukk Sleep” & More | Daily Visuals 11.2.18

Source: Wireless Festival 2015 – Week 2 – Day 1 – Performances Featuring: A$ AP Rocky Where: London, United Kingdom When: 03 Jul 2015 Credit:

As promised earlier this week today Compton’s own Vince Staples dropped his latest album FM! and accompanying it’s release is a visual for one of the album cuts.

For his visual to “FUN!” Vince shows just how a suburban white child might be utilizing Google Earth to peek into the realness that is life on the streets of Compton. Crazy clever.

In another part of town A$ AP Rocky and FKA twigs find themselves as genetically modified human beings running amok through the night in the futuristic clip to “Fukk Sleep.” Cause it’s the cousin of death?

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Tru Life, Kap G, and more.











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