This Ice Roller Is Dhani’s New Favorite Thing

Despite their ubiquity in my Instagram feed, I’ve somehow still not succumbed to the peer pressure to get a jade roller. I did, however, decide recently to buy an ice roller for $ 15 on Amazon. I couldn’t wrap my head around how a room-temperature roller could do anything to my face, but something …

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Before wrapping up this roller coaster year, test how much you remember (even if you’d rather forget).

Entertainment 1. What movie made the most dough in the U.S. this year without featuring superheroes? A. “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” B. “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” C. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” 2. Which Drake song inspired the year’s biggest viral dance challenge? A. “God’s Plan” B. “Nice for What” C. “In My Feelings” 3….
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Holy Roller at 40: How a Raiders’ fumble-turned-TD changed the NFL

Forty years ago, because of a fantastic finish between the Chargers and Raiders, the rules about fumbling the ball forward were changed. – NFL
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