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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Finale: FANDOM Staff Predict the Winner

The time has come … to crown a winner for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10.

Four queens remain: Kameron Michaels, the bodybuilder Barbie doll; Eureka O’Hara, the comeback contestant; Aquaria, the fierce young fashionista; and Asia O’Hara, the pageant pro.

Four FANDOM editorial staffers (and self-proclaimed Drag Race superfans) offer up their predictions ahead of Thursday’s Season 10 finale. We predict who we think will win and who we think should win!

Adam Salandra, Entertainment Editor

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Eureka O'Hara

Who I want to win: Eureka

Critics of Eureka complain that she’s too loud and in your face, but that’s exactly why the Elephant Queen gets my vote for the winner of Season 10. I want to crown a contestant who can be an ambassador for the Drag Race brand, and Eureka is smart and articulate enough to handle the task. I was a big fan when she first appeared on Season 9, but it’s when I saw her at DragCon in 2017 that I fully realized the power of her charisma. Eureka was in a panel called Drag in the Time of Trump with Alaska and Bob the Drag Queen, two previous Drag Race winners who truly know how to command a stage. But Eureka didn’t fade into the background, nor did she stream roll the conversation. Instead, she spoke at the right times, infusing her talking points with the perfect blend of intelligence and humor. This was further confirmed for me after having the opportunity to interview the final four Season 10 queens at the finale red carpet. While each contestant was interesting to talk to, it was Eureka who brought the most life to the room. Her personality is fun, she brings awareness to body positivity, she can act, dance, perform, and turn out “proportionized” looks. And that’s why I support the #DoubleChinForTheWin.

Who Will Win: Aquaria

Aquaria has had a steady upward rise throughout Season 10, showcasing more and more talents as each episode progressed. She’s the queen with the most main-challenge wins heading into the finale, including her surprising Snatch Game win for her portrayal of Melania Trump. Who knew she’d be the surprise comedy queen of the season? Aquaria entered the workroom as a look queen and we all knew that was where her talents were strongest. RuPaul even declared that Aquaria is in the top five of all the fashion queens throughout the 10-year history of the show. But at the start of the season, her personality seemed lifeless and she struggled to speak coherently. She proved several times as the season progressed, however, that she knows how to make us laugh, and by the time the last episode came around, she was eloquently speaking to RuPaul and the other queens. She added growth on top of the talents she already brought into the competition on day one, so as long as she slays her final lip sync, the crown is hers to lose.

Bert Hall, Director Support & Engagement

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Aquaria

Who I want to win: Aquaria

Aquaria. Aquaria. Aquaria. This queen hugged the curves, took hairpin turns, and drove her ass all the way to the top. At the beginning of the season, my eyes were firmly fixed on Miz Cracker, with hardly a glance at her tween doppelganger. Aquaria seemed like she might just be an entitled, arrogant millennial. How wrong I was! By season’s end, she was serving us magnetic, cocksure 20-something. It’s exactly that kind of heavy lifting that Aquaria makes look so darn effortless. As if that weren’t enough, Aquaria won the most challenges this season and never landed in the bottom two. That, dear friends, is the pedigree of a worthy champion (see Sasha Velour) who took the game and worked it until the handle fell off, hunty. Brava.

Who Will Win: Aquaria

Without a doubt, Kameron Michaels will be heading back to Music City empty-handed. She sure was nice enough but, outside of delivering electrifying lip sync performances that crushed the dreams of three fellow competitors, Kameron failed to make much of an impact over the course of the season. Asia O’Hara is consistent with her runway looks and possesses a sparkling white, marshmallow-y smile that complements her lived-in pageant persona. The other queens seemed to truly value her counsel, but her assertion that Miz Cracker wasn’t a star left a bitter, acrid taste in my mouth. Her epic fails in Snatch Game and the old-age drag challenge don’t do her any favors, either. Eureka also delivered consistent runway looks that either met or exceeded the challenge requirements. Her bubbly personality and caring nature endeared her to many, and she wore not only the mantle of redemption; she also was the first serious big/plus-size queen championship contender. She strategically deployed both to garner favor at just the right moments. When adding all the aforementioned analyses to our Aquaria analysis, it seems as though it comes down to one question: Will RuPaul crown a seasoned, time-tested pageant queen? An everywoman, zaftig comedy queen? Or a lean, hungry queen with a razor-sharp eye for fashion? My money’s on Aquaria this season (c’mon, RuPaul even likened her to good ol’ Madge herself), not just for the reasons outlined above, but simply because this fierce millennial can’t even conceive of a world in which she isn’t the Champion of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten. And that’s what makes her a winner, baby.

Drew Dietsch, Entertainment Editor

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Kameron Michaels

Who I want to win: Kameron Michaels

Say what?!? Yes, the silent but deadly queen has somehow managed to keep herself in the running all the way up to the end. And her performance and look in the penultimate competition was truly stunning. I love an underdog and Kameron Michaels could very well be Drag Race’s most surprising underdog of all time. Plus, if Kameron won, the fans would go absolutely nuts and I live for such drama. Some Drag Race fans just want to watch the world burn.

Who will win: Aquaria

It would be shocking to see anyone but Aquaria take the crown this season. She has consistently delivered stunning looks on the runway — RuPaul even said her evil twin outfit was one of the top five runway looks in the history of the show — and she can claim the most wins for the Season 10 maxi-challenges. Her ability to surprise the judges and the audience puts her in the prime spot for superstardom. As long as she doesn’t end up being a total bomb at her lip sync showdowns, this is her crown to lose.

Lawrence Yee, Editor in Chief

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Eureka O'Hara

Who I want to win: Eureka O’Hara

All signs point to an Aquaria-Eureka top two. It really comes to perfection versus perseverance. Aquaria has served creative looks week after week and has a polish that belies her age. But at 21, has she had the same experience and life struggles as Eureka — enough to be relatable to fans of all ages?

After watching her over 1.5 seasons and attending her panels at DragCon, Eureka has studied the performance and political side of drag. And for that, she gets my vote over Aquaria.

Who will win: Eureka O’Hara

Aquaria is formidable competition, but I think Eureka will snatch the crown in the end. RuPaul has yet to crown a “big girl” winner and Eureka has the whole “rudemption” arc, having been forced to leave last season due to injury.

Eureka has overcome confidence and body image issues; personal growth that RuPaul looks for in her champions. Aquaria has confidence in spades. She’s a stunning look queen, and I’m just not sure Ru will crown two in a row (following Sasha Velour).

Who do you think will win? Miss Vanjie?

10 ‘Drag Race’ Queens We Need To See On ‘All Stars 4’

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Here’s Why DragCon Was Every ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Fan’s Dream Come True

The fourth annual DragCon death-dropped its way into Los Angeles over the weekend, flooding the floors of the LA Convention Center with a sea of fabulous fashion and must-have merch.

It was a veritable paradise for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, with the opportunity to meet past contestants and catch hilarious references from the show around every corner. (Quite literally, in fact, since each row of the convention was named after a reference that only the Drag Race fandom would understand. See: Stacy Layne Lane.) Here are some of the moments from the three-day weekend that left Drag Race fans gagging.

The Queens

Over 90 contestants from the reality show were in attendance, including every queen from Season 10. Fans had an opportunity to visit their favorite queens’ booths for a meet-and-greet session or see them strut their stuff while sashaying in between panels. Shangela brought her Game of Thrones references from All Stars 3 to life by dressing as Daenerys Targaryen, being carried in by her own version of the Unsullied.

Saturday morning kicked off with the Crowned Queens Walk, which had past Drag Race winners Sasha Velour, Sharon Needles, Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon, and Bebe Zahara Benet sashaying down the pink carpet. But it was All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel that stole the show by riding in on a pink motorized Barbie mobile.

The Merch

DragCon is not only an opportunity for queens to meet their fans, it’s also a great way for them to make some cold, hard cash. Queens sell merchandise with their Drag Race catchphrases and made-up faces plastered all over them, and fans can’t get enough. But it’s wise to get in while you’re still hot. During Season 8, Naomi Smalls’ booth with Kim Chi had a line that wrapped around the convention center, but just two years later, it was a lot easier to get a pic with the long-legged queen. Who had one of the longest lines full of fans waiting to meet her? Well, it was Season 10 legend Miss Vanjie, of course. Get those cookies, honey!

Thorgy Thor was selling “Ugh. Jesus. Gross” shirts, in honor of her response to being eliminated on All Stars 3 and Bianca Del Rio made an appearance on Saturday, signing copies of her new book, Blame It On Bianca Del Rio.

The Panels

Fans got to listen to their favorite Drag Race stars deliver pearls of wisdom and behind-the-scenes secrets at the dozens of panels that took place throughout the weekend. Although fan-favorite Katya announced earlier this year that she was taking a break from her drag persona, she showed up out of drag to give a DEB talk — a parody of the popular TED talks that delved into the Drag Entertainment Business.

For all the gaymers in attendance, there was a panel called Gay for Play: Queer Culture and Video Games, in which panelists discussed how growing up queer and being a gamer influenced their lives. Season 10 stunner Kameron Michaels was one of the panelists, and she dressed as Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

One of the best moments of DragCon always takes place at the end, when RuPaul delivers motherly advice during her Keynote speech. But what was everyone’s favorite moment of her speech this year? Well, it was a surprise appearance by Miss Vanjie, again! (Has a first-to-go-home loser ever been such a WINNER in all of Drag Race history??)

Did you attend DragCon? What were your favorite moments? Tweet us your best pics and videos and let us know how you kiki’ed with the queens.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Which Queens Are Fans Most Interested In?

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How Adam Rippon Plans to Top That Show-Stopping Dancing With the Stars Performance to RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk”

Adam Rippon, DWTS“I need a Diet Coke,” Adam Rippon said. “And I need more Peanut M&Ms.”
The Olympian had just finished his first Dancing With the Stars performance with professional…

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9 facts you didn’t know about ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” kicks off its 10th season 8 p.m. Thursday on VH1 with host RuPaul. Celebrity judges including Christina Aguilera, Kate Upton, Kumail Nanjiani, Audra McDonald, Nico Tortorella and Shania Twain will whittle down 14 contestants — including five from New York City — in the search for the next drag superstar. Here are…
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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Morgan McMichaels’ Road To ‘All Stars 3’

As fans count down to the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 on January 25,  FANDOM takes a closer look at the nine queens competing for the coveted crown.

Name: Morgan McMichaels
Real Name: Thomas White
Age: 36
Hometown: Loch Lomond, Scotland, UK
Season: 2
Finished: 8th place

Best ‘Drag Race’ Moments:

Stripper Challenge

Morgan got a head start on the competition during Season 2 when she won the main challenge of the first episode. Tasked with putting on a show for a bunch of men at a strip club, Morgan used being one of the “pretty girls” to her advantage. Her skills at working the crowd, not to mention her ability to do an upside-down split on the stripper pole, helped land her the top spot of the season premiere.

Morgan vs Mystique

Every season needs a good feud and Morgan’s fight with Mystique Summers Madison was one of the first to enter the Drag Race Feud Hall of Fame. (And it gave us the infamous line, “Bitch, I’m from Chicago!”) Morgan has a sharp tongue and isn’t afraid to speak her mind — something that should make for good TV during All Stars 3 — so there were plenty of moments where she brought the drama, including the scene from Untucked below.

“Two of Hearts” Lip Sync

Being in the bottom two provided Morgan with an opportunity to show off her epic performance skills and she took full advantage during a lip sync to Stacey Q’s  “Two of Hearts.” While her opponent, Sonique, showed off some impressive gymnastic skills all over the runway, Morgan proved you could stay in one spot and still steal the show.

What She’s Been up to Since Her Season Ended:

Morgan is a staple of the Southern California drag scene, performing nightly in San Diego, Long Beach, and LA. New fans may recognize her from her recent social media feud with Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez, who posted on Twitter last year that Morgan was dead. Between her performance skills and her take-no-prisoners attitude, can Morgan snag a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame next to her drag mother, All Stars Season 1 winner Chad Michaels?

Check out FANDOM’s coverage of the other All Stars 3 queens below.

Chi Chi DeVayne
Kennedy Davenport
Thorgy Thor
Trixie Mattel

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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Milk’s Road to ‘All Stars 3’

As fans count down to the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 on January 25,  FANDOM takes a closer look at the nine queens competing for the coveted crown.

Name: Milk
Real Name: Daniel Donigan
Age: 29
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Season: 6
Finished: 9th place

Best Drag Race Moments:

Bearded Queen

Milk got a lot of criticism from the other queens when she chose to wear a beard on the runway, but RuPaul clearly liked what she saw. The next season featured an entire mainstage challenge that required the contestants to sissy that walk with facial hair. The quirky queen was doing “weird” before it was chic.

“Workroom Ru” Look

Season 6 featured a runway challenge that required the queens to recreate their favorite Mama Ru looks from her decades-spanning career. But jaws truly dropped when Milk appeared as “Workroom Ru,” complete with bald head and his signature suit. Not all the judges were happy with the boy drag, but it left the strongest impression of the episode.

What She’s Been up to Since Her Season Ended:

Milk worked at a Marc Jacobs store before her time on Drag Race, but the fashion designer promoted her to a model for the brand in 2016. And that was just the start of the queen’s modeling career. Last year, Milk became the new face of Madonna’s MDNA skin care line. With even more time in the fashion industry under her belt, we can’t wait to see what shocking looks the dairy queen brings to the All Stars runway.

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FANDOM powered by Wikia


‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: BenDeLaCreme’s Road To ‘All Stars 3’

As fans count down to the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 on January 25, FANDOM looks at the nine queens competing for the coveted crown.

Name: BenDeLaCreme
Real Name: Benjamin Putnam
Age: 35
Home City: Seattle, Washington
Season: 6
Finished: 5th/Miss Congeniality

Best Drag Race Moments: 

Shade: The Rusical

When it was time for the season’s musical number, DeLa received high praise for her role as an evil temptress — or as Bianca Del Rio put it, “a man with one eye.” The kooky queen served Phantom of the Opera realness as she urged Courtney Act’s ingenue character to drink from her evil fish-oil potion.

Snatch Game

Viewers were confused when Ben chose Maggie Smith as her Snatch Game character, especially after she confessed to RuPaul in the workroom that she didn’t even know how to do an English accent. But it turned out her worries were unwarranted, as she stole the show with her quick wit and hilarious quips, which ultimately won her the challenge.

Her Looks

DeLa’s “terminally delightful” personality made her a fan favorite, but it was her runway looks that made her a true contender for the crown. She won the season’s first main challenge thanks to her Golden Girls-inspired look and stunned the judges when she entered the runway dressed as a fly.

What She’s Been Up To Since Her Season Ended:

Since being crowned Miss Congeniality at the end of Season 6, BenDeLaCreme has been performing her solo cabaret shows all across the country. The campy queen also served as the narrator for the dark comedy web series Capitol Hill, starring alongside Waxie Moon and fellow Seattle sister Jinkx Monsoon. DeLa reportedly turned down the opportunity to appear on All Stars 2, saying she didn’t like the way producers manipulated relationships between the queens. Luckily for fans, she clearly had a change of heart.

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