On ‘Sacred Soil,’ Trump Honors Fallen Soldiers

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Sites of Insight: A Guide to Colorado Sacred Places

Sites of Insight: A Guide to Colorado Sacred Places

Co-Winner of the 2004 Colorado Endowment for the Humanities Publication Prize. In these eighteen illuminating essays, some of Colorado''s most accomplished novelists, essayists, and poets write in intimate detail about their most poignant experiences in the Colorado wilderness. Readers are given access – both physically and spiritually – to settings that inspire reverence for and contemplation about one''s relationship to the land. From above tree line in the Rawah Mountains down into the broad San Luis Valley, from the Western Slope to the high plains in the east, the reader is taken on a vivid journey through a rich assortment of Colorado''s awe-inspiring landscapes. Essays by Tom Noel, Fred Baca, Kristen Iversen, and Reyes Garcia are historical in makeup, while those by Sangeeta Reddy, Merrill Gilfillan, and Amy England feature engaging spiritual and philosophical explorations, even epiphanies. Reg Saner and Nick Sutcliffe share experiences of pitting themselves against nature. And in the tradition of Thoreau, John Muir, and Annie Dillard, all of these essayists explore the intense and vibrant relationships people have with the wilderness. Sites of Insight belongs on the bookshelves of tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, and Coloradoans – both longtime residents and newcomers – who seek to apprehend something in nature that is larger than themselves.
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Jesus Seen In Chicken, Smoke Plumes And Garden Gnomes: The Year’s Top Sacred Sightings

This time of year, people all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Readers of HuffPost Weird News reportedly see him all throughout the year, in everything from chicken to waves and trees.

These “Sacred Sightings” are always popular, both with believers, who feel the pictures confirm that God is truly everywhere, and with people impressed with the human ability to create patterns from what are basically random shapes.

Of course, every picture tells a story and these stories are just as weird as the photos.

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Whole Cloth; Second Edition: Sacred Stories in Verse

Whole Cloth; Second Edition: Sacred Stories in Verse

In Whole Cloth, I have collected some of my poems writ-ten on Biblical themes and some well-known and lesser-known stories and characters. There are also two thematic series in the book. One on the Nativity tells the story of the common figures of the Christmas Nativity scene. This series was inspired one year as I packed away our collection of craches after Christ-mas. It struck me that Mary was the only female figure in an event-birth of a baby-that in any other setting would feature numerous other women. I have tried to reflect women’s points of view in several other poems as well, such as Hannah, Naomi, Mary Magdalene, and the unnamed women whose stories are woven into the gospel. The book also includes a series on the Beatitudes, which I hope will give readers an opportunity to dwell upon the amazing words of Jesus as he spoke to the multitudes upon the mountain.Many of the poems are written in sonnet form, but there are also other formal patterns and some in free verse.My hope is that the language will help to open fresh insight into what for many people are familiar stories and teaching in the Bible. a “Garry Breland

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