Catherine Deneuve’s Saint Laurent Wardrobe Raises $1M at Auction

MILLION-DOLLAR WARDROBE: The sale of Catherine Deneuve’s Yves Saint Laurent outfits raised $ 1 million during an auction at Christie’s Paris on Thursday, with every single lot snapped up.
Interest in the sale was so strong that 90 percent of the 129 lots sold for multiple times above their pre-sale estimate, while the pre-sale exhibition held during Paris Couture Week drew 4,500 visitors, the auction house said. Online bidding for a further 140 lots remains open until Jan. 30 at midnight.
“This week, with highlights including the view and the auction itself, has been a new experience for me and has exceeded my expectations in many ways,” Deneuve said in a statement.
“I would like to thank Christie’s for the beautiful catalogue and the fact they paid tribute to YSL’s talent by presenting his creations in such an exquisite way at the preview, attended by thousands of people. I sincerely hope that the new owners will enjoy these pieces of couture as much as I did,” she added.
The top lot was a haute couture evening ensemble consisting of a chiffon blouse, scarf and taffeta skirt from the Russian collection that Saint Laurent designed for fall 1977. It sold for $ 59,745, 10 times the top

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Marketing Mogul Bozoma Saint John Gets New Docuseries

Bozoma Saint John is best known for displaying her marketing chops at massive corporations including, PepsiCo, Beats, Apple, Uber, and currently Endeavor. The chief marking officer will now grace our television screens in a completely different way, showcasing her own brand with a new documentary series on Starz Network entitled, Being Badass.

It is said to be “a mix between Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Mister Rogers, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In a statement recently released to Fast Company, Saint John said the series’ underlying message is “to show up wholly as ourselves, especially for anyone who feels ‘other-ed’ and that you don’t have the allowance to be fully yourself.” She added, “I’ve had a lot of great feedback from different types of people who have said they appreciate that I’m able to be exactly who I am in all these spaces, even if I’m the one and only.”   

This show aims to be aspirational, inspirational, and motivational, but not without its highs and lows. Topics will span across her business and personal life and will showcase her love of fashion and address the challenges of being a single, working mother, and widowed. Saint John’s husband passed away over five years ago after a battle with cancer. Saint John, who graced the cover of BLACK ENTERPRISE last year, will interview folks in similar situations to gain their perspectives.

Papa John's

Bozoma Saint John (center) on the cover of the January/February 2017 edition of Black Enterprise Magazine

“I don’t agree with the line that says you walk into an office and you leave yourself outside,” Saint John continued. “I hope this show inspires people to celebrate all the parts of themselves that perhaps are rough around the edges. There’s something we can learn from each other, even if we’ve been through some things that are tough, or we love things that we think are frivolous. All those things are worthy of celebration and exploration.”

In addition to sharing her bold personal stories, there is also a tech element to this: Saint John will dive into her previous positions at Uber and Apple and where she believes innovation will happen next.

The show is set to air next year but is currently in production.

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Yves Saint Laurent Illustrations for Children’s Book Up for Auction

THE DEVIL IN PARIS: Parisian auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr is holding an auction on Dec. 19 of 100 drawings by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.
The pictures, drawn by Saint Laurent between 1961 and 1962, were destined to illustrate a children’s book commissioned by Parisian publisher Jacques Damase, but the project never came through. This is the first time the drawings are being unveiled to the public.
Named “Le Diable à Paris” (“The Devil in Paris”), the book, written by Damase, features a dapper-looking devil, drawn by Saint Laurent, wearing a red suit and little black horns on the cover illustration.
Other drawings see the devil dress up to visit a duchess, sport a leopard-printed suit and even a bull’s head in an illustration titled “Le Diable Espagnol” (“The Spanish Devil”), where he is pictured alongside a flamenco dancer.
Drawn in ink, pastel or graphite in mostly red and black hues, the title character is faced with an array of magical creatures, such as a giraffe in the shape of the Eiffel Tower or a human body with a dragon’s head.
A statement from the auction house explained Damase met Saint Laurent through accessories designer Roger Vivier. At the time of the project, the

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Saint Laurent Launches Art Project With Daido Moriyama Exhibition

SELF PORTRAIT: Just in time for the Paris Photo fair, Saint Laurent is launching Self, an art project celebrating the various facets of the brand’s identity, with an exhibition by Daido Moriyama.
Moriyama’s works will be in show from Nov. 9 to 11 in a light installation accessible to the public in the Galerie d’Orléans courtyard in front of the Palais-Royal garden.
The Japanese photographer is the first in a series of artists and filmmakers selected by Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello to participate in the project. “This project is an artistic commentary on society while emphasizing the core values of Saint Laurent,” the brand said in a statement.
The title, Self, refers to the concept of personality and also includes the brand’s initials. Further chapters will be disclosed with different formats depending on the content and the location in which they are unveiled, a spokeswoman for the house said.
The Saint Laurent brand has a long history of dialogue with the arts. Some of founder Yves Saint Laurent’s haute couture creations referenced works by the likes of Piet Mondrian, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

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