‘Saints Row: The Third’ is still one of the most batsh*t video games in existence


Saints Row: The Third lives again.

The 2011 game comes to Nintendo Switch on May 10, and it’s the same ridiculously over-the-top story of superstardom, gang warfare, and government malfeasance you remember.

Or not? Even if we accept that time has actually flowed normally since early 2017 — a tall order when every day ages us all another 10 years, I know — it’s been a long time since Saints Row: The Third showed up. If you’re not familiar with the series, or just want to catch up, let’s talk about why it matters.

Finding the right footing

It’s always funny to think back on how Saints Row, the series, started as an opportunistic knock-off. Read more…

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Here’s How a Lot of New Orleans Saints Fans Trolled the Super Bowl

After the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl 53, some New Orleans Saints fans —and even a few players — couldn’t resist mocking the low-scoring game.

Ahead of Sunday night’s matchup, many Saints supporters still had a bad taste in their mouths from a controversial pass interference no-call late in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship that they saw as the cause of their team’s loss. So it’s no surprise that NOLA had a few things to say about the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever.

In addition to New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune trolling the game on both its front page and sports page lead, Saints wide receivers Michael Thomas and Tedd Ginn Jr. took to Twitter to rip into the Rams’ performance.

“Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?” the front-page headline read followed by the sports lead, “What do the Rams and the Saints have in common? Neither scored a touchdown in Super Bowl LIII.”

“Y’all better score more then 3 points in that new stadium,” Thomas tweeted, with Ginn Jr. adding, “Don’t cry now LA.”

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Michael Gandolfini to star as Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark

OHMYGOSSIP — James Gandolfini’s son Michael Gandolfini is set to star as the young Tony Soprano in ‘The Many Saints of Newark’.
The 19-year-old son of the late Hollywood icon – who passed away in 2013 – will follow in his father’s footsteps in the upcoming prequel movie to the hugely popular HBO show ‘The Sopranos’, in which James starred as the New Jersey organised crime family boss.
In James’ run as the anti-hero he won multiple Emmys, SAG Awards and a Golden Globe, and now his son Michael will take over the reins in the planned prequel movie, which will detail the “boyhood” of Tony before he becomes the crime boss portrayed by James.
According to Deadline, Michael was cast by producers after an extensive audition process, as they felt his mastery of the character’s mannerisms paired with his resemblance to his father made him the standout choice for the role.
In a statement to Deadline, Michael said: “It’s a profound honour to continue my dad’s legacy while stepping into the shoes of a young Tony Soprano. I’m thrilled that I’m going to have the opportunity to work with David Chase and the incredible company of talent he has assembled for ‘The Many Saints of Newark’.”
Michael joins Alessandro Nivola, Vera Farmiga, Jon Bernthal, Billy Magnussen and Corey Stoll in the ensemble drama, which is being written and produced by ‘The Sopranos’ creator David Chase, and directed by Alan Taylor.
The story focuses on Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) as a mentor to young Tony as his own father, Johnny Boy, was grooming his son on a pathway to organised crime prominence.
Deadline reports there are expected to be call-backs and shout-outs to numerous other characters from the television series within the movie’s script.

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‘It’s Bigger Than My Team Lost.’ New Orleans Saints Fan on Why He’s Using Billboards to Call Out Referees

Thousands of Saints fans left the Superdome feeling utterly devastated following New Orleans’ overtime loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Sunday’s NFC Championship game — a sentiment that almost any diehard sports fan can relate to.

But when local car dealership owner Matt Bowers woke up the next morning no less distraught about the game’s outcome, he decided to find an outlet for his emotions. Bowers, like many of his fellow Saints fans, felt that the team had been robbed of a trip to the 2019 Super Bowl by a controversial pass interference no-call late in the fourth quarter.

“I walked out [of the stadium] with 75,000 people and regardless of your background or your age, you could look a person in the eye from across the room and you knew exactly how they felt in that moment. Because I felt the same. I think the overwhelming feeling was powerless. Everybody had just seen what happened and what it meant to our city and our team and there was just nothing that you could do about it,” he told TIME. “So I said what can I do? How can I let somebody know how I feel?”

So while some Saints fans were filing lawsuits or starting Change.org petitions, Bowers chose to rent out a number of billboards in the area surrounding Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to voice his displeasure. By broadcasting messages like “Saints Got Robbed” and “NFL Bleaux It” in the city where the Super Bowl will take place on Feb. 3, Bowers says that he is calling out the league for what he saw as a blatant officiating error.

“It’s bigger than my team lost. I think 55 million people from around the world, in real time, witnessed what happened. They threw their own flag — from the sofa, from the bar, from Kansas City, wherever they were,” he explained. “And I think you’re never going to convince me that the paid professionals sent by the NFL to do that game somehow didn’t see what was plain and obvious to 55 million people. So it’s my opinion that the situation in that game, which would’ve ended the game, influenced the call. I think people deserve to know the truth and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that….I’m saying what I think millions and millions of people support and believe. It just happened to be the Saints. It could’ve been any team.”

The Rams will play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3.

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How to Watch the Saints vs. Panthers ‘Monday Night Football’ Game Online for Free Tonight

NFL fans who want to watch the Saints vs. Panthers game on “Monday Night Football” for free tonight have several options for tuning in to this critical NFC South showdown.

While the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers TV broadcast is on ESPN, fans can still live stream “Monday Night Football” for free. All of the ways to watch the Saints vs. Panthers game online for free tonight are explained below.

But first, what about the Saints vs. Panthers matchup itself? Who is the favorite on “Monday Night Football” tonight?

Even though the 6-7 Carolina Panthers are playing at home at Bank of America Stadium, they are the underdogs. The New Orleans Saints, who are 11-2 and have already won the NFC South Division title, are 6.5-point favorites to beat their division rival Panthers. In fact, lately sports books say that the New Orleans Saints have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl in 2019.

But anything can happen in the NFL. Three other strong 2019 Super Bowl contenders — the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New England Patriots — lost their most recent games despite being favored to win.

Here’s all the info you need to watch the Saints vs. Panthers game — online or on TV — on “Monday Night Football” tonight.

What Time Does the Saints vs. Panthers Game Start Tonight?

“Monday Night Football” TV broadcasts, including the Panthers and Saints game tonight, are handled by ESPN. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET.

ESPN is a pay channel included in most satellite and cable TV bundles. If you have such a pay TV package, all you need to do to watch the Saints vs. Panthers on “Monday Night Football” is find ESPN on your TV.

If you don’t have cable, you can still live stream the Saints vs. Panthers for free — at least on your phone, if not another device like a laptop or smart TV.

How to Live Stream the Saints vs. Panthers Game for Free

To live stream “Monday Night Football” and other NFL games for free on your phone, download the newest version of either the Yahoo Sports app or the NFL app. These apps provide free live streams of many NFL games, including tonight’s Saints vs. Panthers game on “Monday Night Football.”

Exactly what NFL games can you live stream free with the NFL App or Yahoo Sports app? Fans get free live streams of national game broadcasts such as “Monday Night Football” (broadcasted on ESPN), “Thursday Night Football” (Fox and NFL Network), and “Sunday Night Football (NBC), in addition to whatever NFL games are being broadcasted on their local CBS and Fox stations every Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, fans who are using these apps are limited to free live streaming on a tiny screen. The apps only stream NFL games on smartphones — so you can’t use them to watch “Monday Night Football” online for free on a laptop, smart TV, or any other larger screen.

How to Watch “Monday Night Football” for Free Online on a Smart TV or Laptop

Consider signing up for a free trial of a streaming TV service with ESPN if you want to watch the Saints vs. Panthers “Monday Night Football” game online for free tonight.

The streaming TV services Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV all include ESPN in certain packages. Prices for these streaming TV packages start at $ 25 to $ 45 per month, but new subscribers can check them out for free for about a week during free-trial periods.

Streaming TV services, for those who are unfamiliar, are similar to cable in that they bundle together dozens of pay channels for subscribers. The main difference with live streaming TV is that subscribers stream content on connected devices, rather than watching channels via TV. Streaming TV packages are generally cheaper, with fewer fees, than cable as well.

Which streaming TV service is best? Well, the amenities and included channels vary from provider to provider. Sling TV is the cheapest streaming TV service with ESPN. But Sling also has the fewest channels included in its basic package. Many other streaming TV services include broadcasts of local network TV — like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox — in many parts of the country as well, which is something that is not yet available on Sling TV.

So it’s worth checking out all the fine print, and what channels are included (and not) with each streaming TV service before registering for a subscription. And if you sign up for a free trial and ultimately decide you do not want to become a paying subscriber, remember to cancel in time. If you don’t cancel before the free trial ends, you’ll be charged in full for the first month.

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