Kraft wants to trick kids into eating veggies by calling salad dressing ‘frosting’

kraft salad frosting

Keeping children on a course for healthy eating is a challenge, and convincing a crabby youngster to chomp on some broccoli is often an exercise in futility. If you’re a parent who knows what it’s like to try to get a kid to eat vegetables, Kraft wants you to know that they sympathize.

In fact, the company is apparently so sympathetic that it wants to help parents of picky kids lie about the food that hits the dinner table. Kraft will be disguising its ranch salad dressing as “frosting” to give parents a new weapon in the war over nutrition.

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Scouted: This Stainless Steel OXO Salad Spinner Has Made My Salads So Much Better

When it came time to make my wedding registry last year, I had a few items on my mind that I knew absolutely needed to be on there, and a salad spinner was one of them. Luckily, in my search for the perfect option, I came across the OXO Stainless-Steel Salad Spinner, a beautiful silver colander that promised to keep my greens dry and ready to go.

The whole reason you get a salad spinner is to get your greens dry enough to make a pleasant salad that isn’t watery. You can dry your greens yourself, of course, but after doing that for months and then switching to this OXO device, I found that the salad spinner was a much, much better alternative. It speeds up the drying process and truly gets rid of all the excess moisture without leaving you with a sopping pile of green-tinged paper towels.

This particular salad spinner offers some nice features that you don’t get in other spinners. The in-lid pump operation is probably my favorite: instead of spinning the greens yourself with a lever on top, you simply push down on the pump top a few times and it goes off on its own. There’s also a one-touch brake button that allows you to stop the spinning instead of waiting for it to slow down, which is a nice option if you’re very impatient (like me).

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