NBC News Retools ‘Today’ Mobile App, Readies 7 New Digital Series

NBC News will continue its efforts to augment its flagship “Today” with digital-video series and other mobile extensions, the latest signal that TV’s morning-news wars are also being waged online. NBC News Digital is set to add seven new digital-video series featuring “Today” hosts and contributors to a larger roster of online programming built around […]



Series Mania Unveils 2019 Festival Lineup

PARIS — Graced by Uma Thurman, “The Good Doctor” star Freddie Highmore and “Black Mirror” creators-showrunners Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones, the 10th Series Mania – and second in Lille, north-east France – will kick off March 22 with Netflix prominent, a broader   geographical reach and a strong presence of women writers and directors. […]



Stylist Behind Cardi B’s Wigs Featured In New Bet Series #Wigout

Say you’re a hair stylist who wants catapult your business to a whole new level with celebrity clients and need a business to model. Well, you’re in plenty of luck because of a new BET digital series.

We’re talking about the network’s new original digital series called “Wig Out.” It’s designed to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look. In particular, it follows the day to day of Atlanta based celebrity hairstylist Cliff Vmir.

Vmir will be featured in the eight-episode series and will show how the over-the-top stylist, who has crafted styles for the coifs of celebs like Trina, Joseline Hernandez and Cardi B, among others.

Not only will the series take a look at Vmir and his mission to take his hair empire to the next level, but also his quest for acceptance and ultimately stardom as a … rapper.

If you’re not already familiar with him, dude may be “out there” as far as his personality is concerned, but he is also known as maintaining a super serious and professional attitude as well.

Vmir is said to have become a millionaire at the age of 19; he has since gone on to be the owner of the popular luxury hair line, “Hym Hair.

Essence reports that along with beauty and entertainment, the series will also explore sexuality and lifestyle in Atlanta.

This series is loaded with topics, cameos, and twists-and-turns that will keep you coming back for more.

By the way, celebrity guests on the show include Tammy Rivera, Marlo Hampton, Lil’ Mo and Shekinah.

“Wig Out” premiered Jan. 13 and is executive produced by Kristin Shae Pisarcik for Minted Media, and Matthew C. Mills and Chris Vivion for Spacestation. Cliff “Vmir” Watson, Eboyné Jackson and Monique Jackson serve as producers.

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How you can apply for the next series of First Dates

Looking for love? Read this

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, and with it comes Ben and Jerry’s Valentine’s flavour ice cream, Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Day doughnuts and Lush Valentine’s Day bath bombs.

And if you’re looking for someone to spend future February 14ths with then you might consider signing up to everyone’s favourite dating show, First Dates. Producers are currently looking for singles to go along to the famous London restaurant in a bid to find love.

TV bosses said in a statement: ‘Our award winning Channel 4 dating series, First Dates and First Dates Hotel, are looking for singletons searching for love.

‘Each episode will feature a number of intimate first dates. In-depth interviews will help the viewers get to know the daters. Discreet cameras will record the date from start to finish – from first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments, to the end of the date and the discussion about whether or not a second date is on the cards.

‘If you’re looking for love, apply now by completing and submitting the following application form.’

Sound like something you’d be interested in? You can apply here.

But what do you have to do to get a spot on the show? You must be 18 or over and upload a photo and short video clip of yourself describing your perfect partner. You’ll also need to provide some details about yourself. Producers want to know about your job, body type, and height (apparently you’ve got to be between 3’11” and 6’6″), as well as your sexual orientation, marital status, and if you have children.

They’ll also request links to your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

So why not give it a go? If nothing else, you’ll get to meet Fred Sirieix.

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Get Ready for Bravo’s Mexican Dynasties: New Reality Series Will Chronicle Mexico City Mainstays

Mexican DynastiesBravo is going south of the border for its newest reality series–get ready for Mexican Dynasties.
In the new series, which E! News has an exclusive sneak peek of below, viewers will meet…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Black Enterprise Partners with TD Jakes In SOAR Empowerment Series

Black Enterprise President and CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. and TDJ Enterprises CEO T.D. Jakes announced a partnership between the two prominent black-owned media and event companies, to present its inaugural SOAR! Empowerment Series of events, which will kick off in Atlanta on April 6, 2019. Inspired by The New York Times best-selling book SOAR! Build Your Vision From The Ground Up by T. D. Jakes, SOAR, a one-day liftoff event series, is the perfect opportunity for those focused on maximizing their earning power, gaining optimal health, and spiritual well-being while creating multi-generational wealth.

“SOAR Empowerment event programming was specifically designed to equip participants with a vision for their health and prosperity, and a flight plan to reach their destinations,” said Graves Jr. “These events are for those who are ready to take immediate action to get their dreams off the ground to create multi-generational wealth.”

TD Jakes

“Deciding to partner with the only media company aimed at accelerating black business development, career advancement, wealth creation, and economic empowerment was a no-brainer,” said Jakes, CEO of TDJ Enterprises, a for-profit entity engaged in inspirational media, entertainment, digital products, and large-scale live events. “The SOAR! Empowerment events provide the synergistic uplift that equips our respective audiences with the practical insights and economic principles to give flight to their dreams as outlined in my best-selling book of the same name.”

T.D. Jakes, known widely as a pastor is also a prodigious entrepreneur with ventures spanning from bestselling books to box office hits, such as “Heaven is for Real,” “Jumping the Broom,” “Sparkle” and “Miracles from Heaven,” a self-titled TV talk show, to music production, and live events to real estate development.

SOAR attendees will leave the event with:

  • An action plan for acquiring assets, building personal and household net worth, and building real, measurable wealth
  • A lifestyle strategy to optimize health in order to minimize healthcare costs and maximize their capacity to earn and accumulate wealth
  • Exposure to career and business opportunities with high earning potential that can fuel long-term wealth creation
  • Inspiration from the nation’s most successful and accomplished wealth creators, including Black Enterprise President & CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. and TDJ Enterprises L.L.P. Founder and CEO T.D. Jakes
  • A personal network energized by new connections with hundreds of like-minded, success-oriented people focused on wealth creation

And much more!

To register and find out more information, visit www.blackenterprise.com/soar.


Editor’s Note: This article was revised Oct. 16, 2018, to update the date and location of SOAR’s kickoff.

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Introducing ‘Ambitions’, a New Drama Series from Will Packer | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network



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Richard Madden rules out series two of Bodyguard before 2020 as crew ‘need a break’

BODYGUARD fans will have to wait until at least 2020 for a second series, according to one of its stars.

Richard Madden, 31, has dashed hopes of returning to the screens as protection officer David Budd anytime soon.

Bodyguard fans will have to wait until at least 2020 for another series., according to Richard Madden

He told the Daily Mail: “Budd needs a break a sort his life out.

“You just can’t slap a script together and throw it onto the screen.

“It has to be carefully thought through. First of all, what is the story?”

Richard won a Golden Globe for best actor in a TV drama this weekend for his role on the Bodyguard.

Richard Madden has become a firm favourite on Bodyguard

His star is rising and he has even been linked with taking over the role of James Bond.

Richard’s ever rising popularity also means the show may risk him not being available.

He added: “What’s the next step for a character like David Budd? The thinking is for all of us to have a break and come back to it fresh maybe in a year or so.

“I enjoyed playing him and I think the public liked him. We’ll get together and see what’s there.”

Richard kept a tight hold of his Golden Globes as he circulated the party
Rex Features
Idris Elba and Richard share a laugh at Netflix’s Golden Globe Awards after party. They’ve both been linked with taking over the role as James Bond
Getty – Contributor

Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio revealed he’d be interested in returning to the political thriller.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I have got some ideas for a second series, but it is worth waiting until the run is finished to see which bits worked and which bits didn’t work for the audience.”

After the last episode ended on September 23, 2018, The Sun exclusively revealed that Jed is writing FOUR spin-off shows from Bodyguard.

After Juliet was killed in an explosion in episode four there has been much speculation that Julia is still alive.

The theory was strengthened after eagle-eyed fans spotted that Keeley Hawes was listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com) as appearing in the final episode.

But however, there was no sign of her in the season finale and she is in fact really dead.

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Love & Marriage: Huntsville – Series Premiere | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN



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Patrick Stewart’s New Picard Star Trek Series Should Set the Timeline Straight

Back in August, it was announced that Patrick Stewart would be reprising his role as the iconic Starfleet captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Stunning Trekkers across the world, the news had fans theorizing about what the new show will look like, what familiar characters we might see, and what kind of adventures Picard will get up to. We’re just as excited for another new Star Trek series — of course! — and here’s what we want to see in it. Starting with…

Beverly Crusher as a Series Regular

Doctor Beverly Crusher
Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way – Gates McFadden must be a main cast member. Throughout The Next Generation, Dr. Beverly Crusher played a crucial part in some of the show’s most engaging — and important — episodes. The chemistry between Picard and Crusher was always on point. They never made their relationship official in TNG, though, and fans were left disappointed. After all, we love a good ship, even more so when it comes to fruition!

In “All Good Things”, the series finale of TNG, we did get to see an alternate future in which Beverly and Jean-Luc are divorced, however. But their relationship was never fully explored, despite it being obvious in this alternate future that the two harbored strong feelings for one another. Even if the two characters aren’t meant to end up together, Crusher and Picard are so closely intertwined that it would seem like a missed opportunity if Beverly is not involved in the new show in some capacity. In the new show, Picard and Beverly should be married, with a flashback episode unveiling the moment they finally admitted their love for one another. Without her, the new show will feel as if it’s lacking a critical part of Picard’s story.

Countless Possibilities With Guest Stars

The Cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members.

Speaking of guest stars, there’s a wishlist of people we’d like to see make appearances on Patrick Stewart’s new show. There are countless characters in the Star Trek universe that would make excellent additions to the cast. But let’s focus on the Enterprise crew from The Next Generation. Fan favorites such as William Riker, Deanna Troi, Worf, and Geordi La Forge would be welcome in any capacity, but preferably as an integral part of the story. Data’s demise in Star Trek: Nemesis sadly precludes his inclusion. But if there was a way for Data to show up, even in a flashback, fans would be mad for it.

Miles O’Brien, Keiko, Guinan, and yes, even Wesley could all feasibly pop up too. Although Wesley had his haters during TNG, it would be good to see how his character developed. It would be a missed opportunity to not have Wil Wheaton guest star. The new show will reportedly revolve around Picard’s current life, which might mean that the Enterprise crew hasn’t been in his orbit for a while. Perhaps Troi and Riker have settled down and have kids of their own. Is it possible that Worf has mellowed out a bit over time?

The real potential with this new Star Trek show is the fact that it’s set so far in the future. Picard will likely be around the same age that Patrick Stewart is currently. Since so much time has passed, there are endless possibilities. It would be nice to see characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine again. What if Kira Nerys and Picard are teachers at Starfleet? Seeing Nana Visitor reprise her role would make fans extremely happy. If storylines from Deep Space Nine are built into the show, this is an easy way to also bring back the character of Worf, who was on both TNG and DS9 and continues to be a fan favorite.

More Ethical Decisions, Less War And Destruction

Deep Space Nine Space Station
Deep Space Nine.

After watching the Dominion War in DS9, as well as the many Worf-centric episodes that revolve around war, it would be nice to see more ethical situations play out on the new show. The show will undoubtedly have conflict, as it should, but, in light of the current volatile global political climate, it would be refreshing to see a more hopeful vision of the future. War, betrayal, and conflict will likely continue in the show, as it does in life, but is it necessary for war to be the central theme?

It was with DS9, but we’re looking further into the future with this new show and hope should be central. Part of the appeal of Star Trek is in the ethical dilemmas the characters are put in, the decisions they make and the ensuing outcomes. Should they save a planet at all costs? Should they interfere in the lives of others? As great as it would be to see Picard in action once again, we’d love to see him debate the ethics of scenarios like he did oh-so-many times in TNG.

Picard In Space Or Picard On Land?

Star Trek Enterprise Starship
The Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.

Should Picard be the captain of a ship 20 years old, or should he be based on Earth, with the story revolving around his life there? Why not some kind of balance between both? Picard will likely not be a starship captain. Nevertheless, we’re certain he’ll be front and center of everything Starfleet. Whether he’s training young cadets or teaching new students, Picard will surely be in uniform, one way or another.

In order to keep the show fresh and to stay true to Star Trek, space must always feature heavily. This means planets, ships, moons, galaxies, and more. Maybe Picard spends his time on a space station with Kira Nerys in some fashion? But hold your horses, shippers — we’re not talking anything romantic, more working as a team. Seeing this duo in action in this capacity would make for a fun dynamic.

Timeline Answers

When we caught a glimpse of the future in the finale of The Next Generation, the characters had mainly continued on their own, individual paths. With this new show, we’d like to see a clear-cut timeline because, well, the many timelines are confusing. Once you add in the wide array of novels, comics, and more, it all gets quite difficult to follow. For this Picard-focused series, it would be nice to address some of the unanswered questions. Such as, why is Data shown in “All Good Things” yet seemingly killed in Star Trek: Nemesis? No matter what you deem canon-worthy, the fact remains: it’s time for a few explanations in terms of the many timelines and time travel elements of the Star Trek universe.

‘Good Omens’ Characters You Should Get To Know Before Watching


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The Timeless Series Finale is a Love Letter to Fans

This review contains spoilers for the series finale of Timeless, titled “The Miracle of Christmas.”

Turning any television show into a movie is an enormous undertaking, especially when that series is as complicated as Timeless. “The Miracle of Christmas Part I & II” manages to offer viewers a reminder of just how many lives the Time Team has lived together, and how unbreakable their bond is, in a way that should prove immensely satisfying for longtime fans.

This is particularly evident in the moment when Lucy (Abigail Spencer) flips through in her journal to revisit beloved memorabilia from their past missions: a theater ticket, a pamphlet from their time with the suffragettes in 1919, and a little something from the trip to Hollywoodland where the show’s central ship, Lyatt, set sail.

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Graham O’ Brien Is the Breakout Companion of ‘Doctor Who’ Series 11

It’d be reasonable to suggest that any incarnation of the Doctor is only as strong as their companions – especially when they’re first starting out. Throughout the years, TV’s greatest time traveller has played host to robot dogs, pansexual con men from the 51st century, and even a few so-called “impossible” girls able to do such extraordinary things as absorb the Tardis’s time vortex, or implant multiple versions of themselves across the Doctor’s timeline. With all this in mind, who’d have thought that one of the most memorable companions in recent years would turn out to be a middle-aged bus driver from Essex? But that’s the power of Bradley Walsh’s Graham O’Brien.

Introduced alongside the Thirteenth Doctor’s other two new chums, Yaz and Ryan, Graham has spent most of this recent season with one of the most emotional character arcs. Usually, a companion is thought of as a surrogate in which audiences can experience these fanciful flights of escapism when embarking on the next interdimensional adventure, but it’s in Graham O’Brien where the show manages to stay relatively grounded and relatable – if only for the humanity he brings via his humour and grieving.

Many were sceptical of Bradley Walsh’s casting heading into this new series, wondering how he would fit. But, boy, has he exceeded all our expectations. Here’s why we love Graham O’Brien.

Optimism Amid Great Loss

Giant spiders and mud monsters won’t stop Graham from looking up.

Right from the off, Graham’s reasoning for joining the crew once the Doctor regains control of her Tardis at the end of “Arachnids in the UK” is an honest one. Following the heroic death of his wife, Grace (played by Sharon D. Clarke) during the climax of the season opener, Graham looks to use this call for adventure as his primary coping mechanism. It isn’t unusual for the Doctor’s companions to be running away from something, but this is usually something as trivial as the monotony of everyday life – here, it’s the death of a loved one.

This has led Bradley Walsh to play Graham throughout the season with a consistent sense of faint vulnerability, as he once again is forced to ponder what he deems important in life. Despite these terrible circumstances Graham always does his best to stay strong and optimistic, whether it’s in the way he defends his fellow companions against the ongoing racial discrimination of 1955 Alabama in “Rosa” or how it’s revealed he always packs an emergency sandwich in the chilling “It Takes You Away“.

Against all odds, Graham has been gradually growing stronger following his wife’s death, slowly finding the value in life after loss. Optimism has been an overarching theme of Jodie Whittaker’s initial season of Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh embodies this perfectly, and often, beautifully.

Laughing in the Face of Adversity

What other Doctor Who companion needs to stay aware of their blood sugar levels?

To think that Graham O’Brien would be pitched solely as Doctor Who Series 11’s comic relief character may have been wrong, but that doesn’t mean he’s not funny. In fact, he’s hilarious. The character has been a replete dispenser of ‘grandad jokes’ throughout the series – always ready to defuse the tension of the scary scenarios our Tardis crew find themselves in with a bout of regular-Joe jokes. This once again feeds into the emotional journey the character finds himself on, as he continually attempts to find ways to turn his state of anguish into positivity. Even when confronted by 17th-century mud monsters and the maniacal shopping robots of an off-brand Amazon.

I’m Dreading Christmas Without ‘Doctor Who’

One of our favourite running gags so far comes from his constant seeking of grandparent legitimacy. Where, on more than one occasion, Graham has raised his hand for a fist bump to Ryan in true ‘I’m down with the kids’ fashion, only to be left hanging. Despite how “uncool” Ryan might deem it currently, we remain confident that this deal will eventually be sealed by the end of the series finale – if not then, the New Year’s Day special.

It soon becomes clear that Graham is far from the old codger the average passer-by might initially presume him to be, despite him needing to stay conscious of his low blood sugar. When Ryan suggested a bit of Bradley Walsh’s real-life friend, Stormzy, to grant the mutant spiders’ passage to safety in “Arachnids in the UK” he appeared more than willing, and made a rather convincing Steve Jobs when having to think on his feet in the face of a discriminative law enforcement officer. And how could we forget, he is now best mates with Banksy (the Doctor)?

The Voice of Reason

The Tardis team can always look to Graham for advice.

It’s only been passingly mentioned in the show, but as a retired bus driver in remission from cancer, Graham’s vast life experience as the Tardis crew’s most senior human member has rendered him the voice of reason on more than one occasion. This most often comes as a result of him seeking to adequately fulfil the grandad role for Ryan, one that he feels the implicit need to step-up to given the loss of Grace, Ryan’s nan. His 21st-century point of view means he is able to stay level-headed and understand Yas and Ryan’s perspective, particularly on history, alongside the Doctor.

This approach of his was indicated early on in the season when, in ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth”, Graham’s ‘bish, bash, bosh’ attitude and general advice to simply “ask a bus driver” proved crucial in tracking down the menacing Tim Shaw. It’s since continued to feed through into episodes like “Rosa”, “Demons of the Punjab“, and even “The Witchfinders“, where characters feel comfortable in confiding in the middle-aged retiree whenever the question their own beliefs, or what is good and right.

All this contributes to how remarkable Doctor Who’s most seemingly unremarkable companion has turned out to be, pretty much right from the off. Bradley Walsh’s Graham O’Brien is a multi-faceted character we hope will continue to be part of Team Tardis for many future adventures, even if his strong emotional through-line looks to be coming full circle by this season’s end.

Bradley Walsh’s Best Lines in the ‘Doctor Who’ Series 11 Premiere

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5 Composers Who Should Create Music for Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films set the bar high for any adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic trilogy and one of the best aspects of the films was composer Howard Shore’s beautiful music. His music helped us feel like we were in Middle-earth, setting the tone for the adventure we watched unfold on screen. The three soundtracks are undoubtedly among Shore’s finest work and continue to be classics to this day, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for someone else to give us the next great soundtrack for Tolkien’s world. In fact, we’re eager to see who might tackle it next in Amazon’s upcoming series.

While we’re still low on details for the show, we’ve been wondering who might play the young Aragorn the series may be about, and what else would be great to see explored on the series. Naturally we’re also thinking about which composers should try to create the epic soundtrack for this new journey to Middle-earth. It will be no easy task composing music for the world that was given an amazing score with Shore, but there are quite a few we think can bring something new and just as impressive to the music for this new story.

These are the five TV composers we want considered to bring their talent to the music of the series.

Ramin Djawadi

If there’s another composer that knows all about creating a stirring fantasy soundtrack, it’s Ramin Djawadi. He’s scored one of the most memorable TV soundtracks ever for Game of Thrones. The title music is recognizable in just the first few notes and his work completely captures the feeling of Westeros. That’s not the only acclaimed HBO series he’s worked on either. Westworld can also thank Djawadi for the amazing music that accompanies us on an unforgettable sci-fi journey.

These might be the best examples for why Djawadi would be a perfect fit for tackling Tolkien’s world, but if that wasn’t enough he’s worked on shows like Prison Break and Person of Interest too as well as on equally ambitious scores for movies like Pacific Rim and Iron Man. The Emmy-award winning composer would be more than up to the challenge of a Lord of the Rings series and we’d be excited to see what he could come up with for it!

Bear McCreary

Remember the incredible score that guided us on the journey of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica? That was Bear McCreary. McCreary is one of the best TV composers in the business. He’s composed memorable music for many shows including The Walking Dead, Outlander, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. His work is often unique, striking, and stays with you long after you hear it.

McCreary’s TV credits alone show why he would be a great choice for Amazon’s series. For more proof though you can listen to his soundtracks for the video game God of War and the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane. From space to the zombie apocalypse, can you imagine how amazing his take on a Middle-earth soundtrack would be?

Murray Gold

Murray Gold worked in the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey universe of Doctor Who from the first revival season in 2005 to the end of the Twelfth Doctor’s run last year. Much of his Doctor Who music became unforgettable additions to the classic sci-fi franchise that perfectly captured the spirit of the show. His experience composing for the many different settings in time and space that the Doctor traveled to with his companions in the TARDIS would make him a very interesting choice for Amazon’s new show.

Not only did he work on Doctor Who for more than a decade, he also composed the themes for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures as well as additional music for Torchwood. When you listen to these pieces you can see how Gold moves between different styles that fit each show to create compelling music for TV. We think if he had the chance to hop from the TARDIS to the Shire he could make something truly memorable!

Trevor Morris

Transporting listeners into thrilling stories with music is common for Trevor Morris. Morris has a lot of experience creating distinctive soundtracks for a range of TV series. You’ll hear his work on shows like Vikings, Reign, The Tudors, Iron Fist, and Castlevania. His work beyond TV on the video game Dragon Age Inquisition is another example of why he would be an excellent choice for The Lord of the Rings series. It’s a wonderful, exciting game soundtrack you’ll find yourself listening to again and again.

The Emmy-award winning composer can clearly work with any setting to create extraordinary music. It’s why if he’s at the helm of the soundtrack you’ll want the new show to visit every setting in Middle-earth just to see what he might compose for it.

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman might be more familiar to you for his work in film. The movies he works on are often those where you immediately recognize the music. There are almost too many of these to list, but some of his best work can be found in Batman, Beetlejuice, Men in Black, and Spider-Man. While he continues to create amazing movie soundtracks, he’s created remarkable TV music as well which is why he should definitely be considered to work on The Lord of the Rings series. On TV, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, and The Flash themes were all Elfman.

With that in mind, just imagine the direction he’d go for The Lord of the Rings! It would be the perfect mix of something different from Shore’s soundtrack yet still capturing the right essence needed for the Tolkien-inspired series.

The new Lord of the Rings show is set to go into production in 2019.

5 Things We Want to See on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV Series

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Common Is Creating A Series Based On Zora Neale Hurston’s ‘Barracoon’

Music is on the backburner for now as rapper Common delves deeper into his television career.

Common’s Freedom Road Productions company and Lionsgate TV have collaborated to bring a Zora Neale Hurston book to our televisions. Barracoon, a manuscript …



A Series of Surreal Wave Prints Inspired By Jonathan Wilson’s Dreams

It might seem odd, growing up in Wisconsin and having rarely lived less than a few hours from the ocean that I should dream of waves, but there they are: a regular companion to my sleep.  I often think of them as my “frustrated surfing dreams” as usually, I find myself in front of some waves, but almost always something gets in the way of actually going out to surf: usually the lack of a board or the waves disappear, or I get distracted as the dream takes me off in another direction. A psychologist would probably have a field day with the meaning of these dreams, but for me, the more significant aspect is the waves and ocean themselves. Often the sense of place is so vivid and charged that these places and waves exist as a feeling in my body that I can recall days, weeks, even years later. And often the situations are surreal in unlikely ways: waves breaking in a narrow canal in a suburban neighborhood, on top of and down the side of a cliff of a large caldera, on top of a small set of bleachers in a field. A few weeks ago I found myself trying to surf inside a small living room filled with water. Usually, I never make it into the water, and if I do I rarely have a board, and if I do end up with a board it might end up being a floppy mess, or a rug, or piece of cardboard. I can count on one hand (missing a few fingers) the number of times I have actually found myself properly surfing in a dream and those dreams lived up to the lightness and grace one would expect from surfing without a physical body.


Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"
Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”


Despite its overuse, I feel that Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa remains as one of the truly incredible images to grace humanity, and is a continuing inspiration to me as an artist, surfer, and lover of the ocean. Part of my motivation to create these images is to attempt to convey the power and grace of waves as Hokusai did. Considering the number of surfers and lovers of the ocean, I am sometimes surprised at the lack of good wave art. Also, surf art tends toward turquoise tubes and pink sunsets, which is one beautiful face of the ocean…

…but there is also the dark, moody side which deserves to be seen and learned from:  the mysterious energy of the ocean that comes to us at night like a living being, the element of water, the astral plane, la luna and the stirrings of our emotional being, the unstoppable tide of the feminine way.


Wave Dream #1
Wave Dream #1


With these dreams as my inspiration, I am undertaking a series of images to capture (if not the specifics of my dreams) the impact of the energy of the ocean in the astral plane: rolling, flowing, and surging in surreal and magnificent waves.

About the Prints

I am planning on creating a series of 10 images, two of which I have already completed.  I have chosen the medium of linoleum block printing with its bold, graphic darks and lights and elegant lines to conveys the power, grace, and mystery of the ocean.

These prints are all completely original and unique images inspired by my dreams.  I hand-carve the linoleum blocks and then hand-print them on Japanese mulberry washi paper.  Each image will be printed in a limited edition series of 200 prints, so that is all that will ever be printed.  They will be hand signed, editioned and stamped by me.  The image size is 8” x 10”, mat size: 13” x 15”, and outer frame dimensions about 14” x 16”.


Wave Dream #2
Wave Dream #2


Why Kickstarter?

At the basic level, my project will not be very difficult to accomplish—just some paper, ink, time, and elbow grease. What I really need is a little indication that the world might wants these images to come into being: to feel out if the surfing and larger wave-loving communities find enough pleasure in my surreal imaginings to support my efforts. I have set a modest goal of $ 700 which will 1) convince me that there is enough interest in my images to go through with the project and 2) provide me the startup cash needed to make the prints and either make or order custom-made frames.

And, as it turns out I will be moving back to Korea very soon, so it will be more difficult and expensive to make, sell, and ship these prints in the U.S., which makes this KickStarter test all the more important to convince me to go through with the full print series.

Thank you for visiting and considering my Kickstarter campaign.  I hope you enjoy my images.  I look forward to meeting you and trying to delight you with future images in this series.  Please share my campaign with anyone you know who loves the ocean and its waves.


Jonathan Wilson

Risks and challenges

The only real challenge to completing this project is the fact that I will be moving to Korea mid-December. Getting them all printed before then will not be a problem, but framing and sending them out will be a bit more challenging. However, I have a few willing family members who can help me take care of that, so I don’t anticipate any real issue.

The other issue is that I was really hoping to get this campaign going in time for the holiday season for people that might want to give the gift of wave art to their favorite surfing loved-ones. I’m getting started quite late, but I still want to try to get them shipped out to supporters before Christmas. This is why I am running the campaign for a slightly short 21 days. However, it still might be difficult to get them to you by Christmas. Then the main issue will be that I plan to order custom-made frames and mats which may not arrive in time. But worst case scenario, you won’t have them by Christmas. Note: for orders outside the United States, I definitely won’t be able to get them to you before Christmas.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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The ‘Alias’ Cast Fought To Make Terry O’Quinn A Series Regular | PeopleTV



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Ranking Every Adult Animated Netflix Series from Worst to Best

Netflix is home to some of the most raunchy, gut-busting, hard-hitting adult animation out there. That’s old news. But which one of Netflix’s original animated offerings is the most popular amongst animation fans? More importantly, which series should you be bingeing right now?

Luckily, here at FANDOM, we have the largest collection of fan data in the entire world. So, we can definitively tell you which series is truly the best of the best, based on cold hard data. Looking at the total number of wiki page views, here are all of Netflix’s original adult animated series ranked from least to most popular.

#7 – Super Drags

With a whopping 266 wiki page views comes a brand new series fresh from Brazil — Super Drags. This quirky cartoon follows the lives of three gay co-workers who moonlight as superhero drag queens fighting the terrible forces of shade.

Netflix released this fierce series earlier this month to mixed reviews. It’s relatively new on the scene, so that could explain it’s shockingly low ranking. Super Drags deserves better than last place.

This fabulous cartoon is stuffed with sassy queer commentary and we are here for it. If you like Drag Race or Queer Eye, you should definitely try this show on for size. (Drag Race fans might even recognize the familiar voices of Shangela and Trixie Mattel.) Super Drags has some pretty great Powerpuff Girls vibes, but don’t let that fool you. It’s 100% not suitable for children.

#6 – Pacific Heat

Pacific Heat, an Australian animated cop show, garnered a pitiful 1,486 wiki page views. This series centers on an undercover and underqualified police unit, tasked with toppling drug dealers and international terrorists. It’s basically an unfunny version of Archer from down under.

Pacific Heat has been on the beat for a couple of years now, so it’s safe to assume it ranks so low because it’s just not good. There’s no way of sugar-coating it. Pacific Heat is riddled with thin plots, inconsequential characters, and flat humor. No #FOMO here. Skip over this one. Or better yet, watch Archer instead.

#5 – Paradise PD

Brickleberry fans will appreciate this next one. Coming in fifth place, with a modest 25,092 wiki page views, is another animated cop show, Paradise PD. It’s almost as if Netflix ordered this series to make up for the preceding pick because everything Pacific Heat does wrong Paradise PD does oh, so right.

Paradise PD’s stellar voice cast sets this series apart from the competition.  Performances by Scrubs alum Sarah Chalke, Reno 911 alum Cedric Yarbrough, and SpongeBob SquarePants himself, Tom Kenny really stand out. They will make you laugh until you cry, and groan and scream.

This series is also fairly new, so maybe after a couple of seasons, its ranking will reflect its sheer brilliance. This show is equal parts absurd and hilarious, a recipe for great comedy. If you were a fan of Reno 911 or The State or Superjail, then this show is definitely for you.

#4 – F Is For Family

F is for Family secures its spot in the middle of the pack at 215,203 wiki page views. This dark comedy turns the middle-American sitcom genre on its head. We dare you not to laugh at this beautifully crude portrayal of a remarkably dysfunctional family.

Perhaps it would be more popular if it were more unique. F is for Family almost feels like an off-color King of the Hill or Family Guy without its iconic non sequitur moments. That being said, it goes much further than these network shows. We’re talking Newgrounds level vulgarity.

#3 – Disenchantment

We’re not shocked that the newest series to come from animation royalty, Matt Groening, is so far down the totem pole at third place with 747,226 wiki page views. Disenchantment premiered a few months back and received polarizing reviews. Like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Disenchantment has been described as Futurama set in fantasy land, but it’s so much more than that. However, it’s hard to ignore the striking similarities between the two shows. They both use a lot of the same tropes, gags, and voice actors. We should also note that this series is tame compared to the other selections on this list. If you were a huge fan of The Simpsons and Futurama, then you should probably give this one a watch.

#2 – Big Mouth

Coming in second place with 900,563 wiki page views is Big Mouth. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, the same comedic duo that brought us Oh Hello Broadway, take us back to the awkward, sweaty, shame-filled years of puberty in this hilariously raunchy show.

We highly recommend watching Big Mouth with subtitles because you will not be able to hear everything over the sound of your unending laughter. Comedy legends Jordan Peele, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett, to name a few, lend their voices to a star-studded cast. It’s currently in its sophomore season on Netflix, which earned the series a coveted 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you haven’t already seen Big Mouth, watch it immediately.

#1 – Bojack Horseman

It’s no surprise that Netflix’s flagship adult animated series comes in first place with 3,556,620 wiki page views. Bojack Horseman is currently in its fifth season, and like fine wine, the show keeps getting better over the years. Bojack Horseman chronicles the life of a washed-up Hollywood celebrity who goes through a personal renaissance while battling addiction and a myriad of mental health issues.  You wouldn’t immediately peg that plot description as comedy, but Bojack is so funny it hurts.

Bojack Horseman is more than one of the best animated series out there, it is one of the best pieces of television, period. The absolutely brilliant creative risks taken by the creative team completely pay off time and time again.  This show is disrupting modern storytelling as we know it.  One could argue that Bojack‘s tenure on Netflix puts the series at the top of this list, over other very deserving shows. However, in this writer’s opinion, Bojack Horseman truly is the best of the best.

Why ‘Disenchantment’ Was a Disappointment for Matt Groening’s Fanbase

‘Bojack Horseman’ S5 Proves Representation Matters

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Los Cabos Debates Digital Series Revolution, Freedoms, Rights, Talent, Paradigms

LOS CABOS, Mexico — The 7th Los Cabos Festival, the most industrially-minded of Mexico’s film events, was the first to take place in full-blown digital OTT revolution. Two TV panels, the biggest ever at Los Cabos, packed out by some of the foremost Latino TV and OT show-runners, producers and directors,  debated the huge, multi-faceted […]



Cassian Andor is getting his own ‘Star Wars’ live-action series

Cassian Andor is back.

Lucasfilm announced Thursday that a “Rogue One” prequel series is in the works, focusing on the rebel spy’s “formative years of the Rebellion.”

“The rousing spy thriller will explore tales filled with espionage and daring missions to restore hope to a galaxy in the grip of…

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Interview: ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ Director Fede Alvarez on Casting New Lisbeth and Reinventing the Series

Interview: 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' Director Fede Alvarez on Casting New Lisbeth and Reinventing the Series

It’s been eight years since Lisbeth Salander last surfaced on the big screen as part of a big English-language adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Now she’s back in The Girl in the Spider’s Web (in theaters November 9; tickets now on sale) – this time portrayed by The Crown actress Claire Foy – in a more explosive story that centers on Salander and the complicated history she has with her own family. Spider’s…

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Book ‘I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy!’ Turns Into an Animated Series

In 2016, first-time author Joshua Drummond and his mom Betty K. Bynum co-wrote I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy, an illustrated children’s book that aims to address the void in animated network programming targeted to African American children ages 6-11 years old. Now media heavyweight Reginald Hudlin of Hudlin Entertainment has commissioned the illustrated children’s book I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy! for a new animation series entitled Brilliant Boys. “There are no animated series for our boys right now,” says Drummond. “It’s time to address that. I grew up seeing limited reflections of myself, especially in animation form. Today, there aren’t any animated series starring ordinary black boys just being cool and doing fun things. It’s my intention to help remedy that with Brilliant Boys!

With praise from ESPN’s The Undefeated and the Steve Harvey Show, the book garnered support from Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Academy Award-nominated filmmaker John Singleton—all of whom provided quotes for the book’s cover. To turn the book’s message into a movement, the book included a viral video featuring appearances by actor Vin Diesel, Michael Ealy, Blair Underwood, and Omari Hardwick to name a few.

black boy

Joshua Drummond


In the midst of Hudlin fielding network interest for the vibrant series, we caught up with Drummond to learn more about his commitment to positive representation for black boys as well as how he landed A-list celebrity support.

After noticing the scarcity of books with positive messages available for young black boys, how long did it take you to turn your ideas into a book series?

This book series process took over a year. I wrote during my spare time after school hours for college. I had to make sacrifices. I had to replace partying with friends with staying indoors and writing as well as balancing class and studying schedule so I was able to complete the writing in two months’ time. My family company, Dreamtitle Publishing contacted illustrator Brian McGee and he was all aboard for the illustrations.

The creative phase was the easy part, while the business phase was a learning experience for me. It’s a three-tier process: developing, creating, and marketing. And it’s a lot to each step. I was thankful to have a creative and business-savvy mom, Betty K. Bynum, to mentor me through the process.

How did you gain support from A-list celebrities such as Denzel Washington?

Celebrities in the industry who have an entrepreneurial mindset really understood the purpose of my book I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy! They felt the message of the book and gravitated toward it. Being born into black Hollywood was a blessing that comes with many perks. Long before I was a writer, my father, Warren Drummond, brought me over to John Singleton’s house to hang out with him and his son. Our families always had a genuine bond, so John was all for it when he heard about the book series. I met Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson during my childhood on projects my parents worked with them on. I always looked up to them as hardworking black actors. My dad mentioned the book to Denzel while working together on Fences, and he and his wife Pauletta gave us support!  I mean, that’s like getting Barack AND Michelle!

You wrote the show bible for Brilliant Boys! along with the 13-episode summaries in tandem with your dad—celebrated film & TV storyboard artist Warren Drummond. What key messages would you like young boys to take away from your book as well as the animated series? 

First, giving credit to my mom, Betty as a producer on this project for having the initial original idea and pushing us forward to create a series based on this book—a lot of inspiration came from Reginald Hudlin’s past and current works. Bebe’s Kids was a well-written and produced show and the same goes for the Proud FamilyThe Boondocks is probably one of my favorite animations of all time, and his work on the Black Panther graphic novel series is some pretty epic stuff. My children’s book focused on one character and his friends were his “boys” for the most part. So the goal now for the Brilliant Boys animation is to focus on a whole group of fun kids with a bit of parental-shouldering in a format similar to those works I just mentioned. Many black children out there come from single-parent households, no parents, and many other frustrating circumstances. I want this show to be fun for them as something they can turn on to see themselves in a fun positive way doing things that they may be thinking of doing or things they can get inspired to do, or just seeing kids that look like them and their friends or family. But still providing simple and clear stories kids can relate to. Just some real fun with jokes and stories—and I learned that from Reggie Hudlin!

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The Red Sox Are Celebrating Their World Series Victory By Silencing Everyone Who Doubted Them on Twitter

Not content to win the 2018 World Series, the Red Sox kept their victory lap going on Twitter.

The Boston team may have beat the L.A. Dodgers 5-1 to claim the World Series title in Game 5 Sunday night, but the Red Sox social media account still had more scores to settle on Twitter by Monday morning.

In a series of home run tweets, the account celebrated the World Series victory by clapping back at the peanut gallery, singling out a few non-believers who tweeted their doubts on Opening Day.

“Better luck next year,” one user had written.

“This year seemed to work out okay,” the team fired back, still basking in their glory with an arsenal of casually braggadocious tweets. The epic trolling only got more savage from there.

Clearly the Twitter account is a star hitter.

This marks the ninth World Series championship for the Boston Red Sox.

See below for a sampling of some of the tweets.

The World Series Championship banner was raised outside of Fenway Park on Monday morning, and the celebration continues at Wednesday morning’s parade in Boston.

Sports – TIME


Red Sox Beat Dodgers 5-1 to Win the World Series Title

(LOS ANGELES) — The Boston Red Sox won their fourth World Series championship in 15 years, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 5 Sunday night behind David Price’s pitching and Steve Pearce’s power.

Alex Cora became the first manager from Puerto Rico to guide a team to the title. He’s just the fifth rookie skipper to do it overall.

After posting a team-record 108 wins during the regular season and romping through the AL playoffs, the Red Sox finished off a one-sided Series

Price threw three-hit ball into the eighth inning. Pearce hit two home runs, a night after his homer and three-run double spurred a late rally.

Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez also connected as the Red Sox hit three homers off Clayton Kershaw.

Los Angeles lost Game 7 of the World Series last year to Houston, also at Dodger Stadium by the same 5-1 score.

Sports – TIME


Dodgers Win Game 3 in the World Series’ Longest Game Ever

(LOS ANGELES) — Brian Dozier swung bananas from a rope over the dugout railing.How appropriate. The longest game in World Series was bananas.Twenty-three players on each team, including nine pitchers.

Eighteen innings — four more than any of the previous 662 World Series games.

Seven hours, 70 minutes — 1:39 longer than any Series game played before.

Walker Buehler threw the first pitch in autumn twilight at 5:10 p.m.

Max Muncy homered on the 561st and last at 12:30 a.m., when most of America was asleep and even fans up in Alaska and out in Hawaii were struggling to stay up.

Ernie Banks would have been happy — the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox filled his oft-said desire: Let’s play two! “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” was played twice, during the seventh-inning stretch and the 14th inning elongation.

“It was an amazing game,” Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig said. “I’m a little tired. But we’re ready to come back tomorrow.”

Then he looked at his watch and corrected himself.

“In a couple of hours,” Puig said.

Live from Hollywood: the Late Late Late Show: The Dodgers’ dramatic, draining, dizzying 3-2 victory Friday night cut their World Series deficit to 2-1.

“I think my beard got about 3 inches longer,” said Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, whose red whiskers already were Santa length.

Soccer ends after 120 minutes and is decided by penalty kicks.

Even Wimbledon is instituting fifth-set tiebreakers next year when tied 12-12 after John Isner’s 70-68 first-round triumph over Nicolas Mahut in 2010 and Isner’s 26-24 semifinal defeat to Kevin Anderson this year.

No U.S. major team sport DOUBLED the length of a game in its championship. Notably, a Boston team has been involved in the longest title match in all four of the major sports.

Only once has the Super Bowl gone to overtime, with only an extra 11:02 needed for New England’s win over Atlanta in 2017 .

There have been only two NBA Finals games needing the extra 15 minutes of three overtimes, Boston’s victory over Phoenix in 1976and the Suns’ win over Chicago in 1993 . The longest Stanley Cup final matchup was Edmonton’s win over Boston in the 1990 opener, a three-overtime affair requiring an extra 55:13.

“You look up and see the 18th inning, and you’re like, holy cow, where did the game go?” Muncy said. “Those last nine innings or so just kind of blended together.”

The Dodgers munched on peanut butter and banana sandwiches provided by a team employee, and hung the bananas to produce fruitful luck — harkening back to the rally banana credited by Enrique Hernandez for helping end a 35-inning scoreless streak three years ago.

“You want to have fun with it,” said Rich Hill, the Dodgers scheduled Game 4 starter before a middle-of-the-night change to TBA to match Boston’s probable pitcher.

Clayton Kershaw, a three-time NL Cy Young Award winner with a .163 career batting average, pinch hit in the 17th inning and lined out.

“Starting pitchers are used to getting their spikes on, but nothing usually comes to fruition,” Kershaw said.

Muncy nearly won the game in the 15th inning, pulling a long drive off Nathan Eovaldi that hooked just to the foul side of the right-field pole . Eovaldi, Boston’s scheduled Game 4 starter, was starting his seventh inning of relief when Muncy hit an opposite-field drive to left-center for the Dodgers’ fourth World Series walkoff hit. He joined Cookie Lavagetto, whose double in 1947’s fourth game ended a no-hit bid by the Yankees’ Bill Bevens ; Jackie Robinson, whose 10th-inning single in 1956’s sixth game scored Jim Gilliam ; and Kirk Gibson, whose two-out, two-run pinch homer off Oakland’s Dennis Eckersley won the 1988 opener .

“All I know is we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves right now,” Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts said.

Rookie right-hander Walker Buehler allowed two hits over seven shutout innings and left with a one-run lead provided by Joc Pederson’s third-inning homer off Rick Porcello.

Jackie Bradley Jr.’s eighth-inning homer against Kenley Jansen tied the score, Dodgers center fielder Cody Bellinger threw out Ian Kinsler at the plate in the 10th to keep the game going, the Red Sox went ahead on pitcher Scott Alexander’s throwing error in the 13thand the Dodgers tied it 2-2 on Kinsler’s two-out throwing error from second base in the bottom half .

After hitting .297 in winning the first two games at cozy, chilly Fenway Park, Boston was 5 for 57 at the plate in the warmth of Dodger Stadium— including 0 for 28 in the top four slots of the batting order.

“This was a gut-wrenching game for both sides,” Muncy said. “Their guys are banged up, our guys are banged up.”


More AP MLB: https://apnews.com/MLB and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

Sports – TIME


Red Sox Defeat Dodgers Once Again for a 2-0 World Series Start

(BOSTON) — From playoff flop to October ace in two legacy-shifting starts, David Price earned his second postseason victory in a row and moved the Boston Red Sox halfway to yet another World Series title.

The Red Sox left-hander pitched six innings of three-hit ball, and major league RBI leader J.D. Martinez broke a fifth-inning tie during another two-out rally to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 on Wednesday night.

Game 3 is Friday in Los Angeles. The Dodgers need a win to avoid an 0-3 deficit that no World Series team has ever recovered from.

“This is the biggest stage in baseball,” Price said after his longest postseason outing since signing a seven-year, $ 217 million contract to come to Boston in 2016. “To be able to do that, it feels good, for sure. I’m pumped for myself, pumped for all my teammates and coaches for us to be two wins away.”

Mookie Betts had three hits for the Red Sox, who have won 14 of their last 16 World Series games dating to a four-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2004. They have won two more championships since then, in ’07 and ’13.

Not bad for a team that went the previous 86 years without a title.

And Price had battled a curse of his own.

The one-time Dodgers draft pick has pitched like an ace in the regular season but was 0-9 in his first 10 postseason starts before this October. Whether with Tampa Bay, Toronto, Detroit or Boston, his team had never won a playoff game he started before this year.

But the Red Sox have now won his last three postseason starts, including the ALCS Game 5 clincher against the defending World Series champion Astros in which he pitched six shutout innings.

“I get it, the numbers and all that. But this guy is a great pitcher,” Boston manager Alex Cora said. “He’s been one of the best pitchers in the big leagues for a while, and he cares.”

On a frigid night at Fenway Park, Price held the highest-scoring team in the NL hitless through three innings and retired the last seven batters he faced. He struggled only in the fourth, loading the bases with nobody out on two singles and a walk as the Dodgers took a 2-1 lead — their first of the Series.

“I’m so happy for him and proud of him,” Martinez said. “Going through all that criticism that he’s been getting here, to bounce back to what he’s been doing.”

And the Red Sox batters did what they’ve been doing: scoring with two outs.

In an uncanny stretch of clutch hitting that’s been their hallmark throughout their 108-win season, the Red Sox scored all their runs in Game 2 with two outs, including a three-run rally in the fifth that only started after Hyun-Jin Ryu set down Ian Kinsler and Jackie Bradley Jr.

Christian Vazquez singled, Betts did the same and Andrew Benintendi worked the count full before walking to load the bases, chasing Ryu. Ryan Madson walked Steve Pearce to tie the game before Martinez, who had 130 RBIs in the regular season, dropped a flare in front of right fielder Yasiel Puig for a two-run single that gave Boston a 4-2 lead.


Price and three relievers retired the last 16 Los Angeles batters, with Craig Kimbrel closing out the Dodgers in the ninth for his sixth save this postseason . Not since Don Larsen’s 1956 perfect game for the Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers has an AL team retired as many consecutive hitters to finish a World Series game, according to STATS.

“We had him. We had him on the ropes,” Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts said. “The difference is they got the big hit when they needed, and we didn’t.”

Boston’s other run came on Kinsler’s two-out single in the second. The Red Sox, who led the majors in two-out runs in the regular season, have scored 36 of their 68 runs this postseason — and nine of their 12 in the Series — with two outs.


The last 10 teams to win the first two games of the World Series — and 16 of the last 17 — have gone on to win it all. And the NL West champions will need to do it against a team that has won six straight postseason games and five in a row on the road.

“We’re just in the middle of the World Series,” Dodgers first baseman David Freese said. “We’re down 2-0, we get that. We just understand that Game 3 is a necessity, just like Game 2.”


One night after getting four hits, Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi made a leaping, spread-eagle catch to rob Brian Dozier of an extra-base hit leading off the fifth. With the ball tailing away from him toward the corner, Benintendi jumped, kicked and pulled it in a few feet in front of the Green Monster scoreboard.

“Me and Mookie work on our ballet a lot, especially in spring training,” Benintendi said.

Dodgers center fielder Cody Bellinger may have done him one better, sliding under Martinez’s long drive to make a nice grab in the eighth.


The teams head to the West Coast for Game 3 at Dodger Stadium on Friday. Rookie right-hander Walker Buehler is scheduled to pitch for Los Angeles against likely Boston starter Rick Porcello.

Sports – TIME


Audra McDonald To Kick Off Broadway @ Series At The Town Hall; Kelli O’Hara And Jeremy Jordan To Follow

The internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series hosted and music directed by SiriusXM Radio Star Seth Rudetsky is finally landing smack dab in the middle of Broadway itself this fall. kicking-off with legendary Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winner Audra McDonaldon November 12.
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The Beards, the Pitchers and a Rivalry Reborn. Here’s Your Guide to the Red Sox-Dodgers 2018 World Series

Let’s face it: the 2018 World Series, between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox, doesn’t exactly ooze charm. This matchup of coastal metropoles features the team with the highest team payroll in the league — Boston, at around $ 228 million — against a club clocking in at number three — the Dodgers, who shelled out nearly $ 200 million to win the National League pennant. Boston’s been awash in championships, and another one will spark millions of eye rolls outside of New England. Ever since the Curse of the Bambino ended when Boston won the World Series in 2004, the Sox have won two more titles, in 2007 and 2013. Over the past decade, each of Boston’s four major pro sports franchises has lifted at least one championship trophy.

Sure, the Dodgers haven’t won a World Series in 30 years. But Los Angeles is, well, Los Angeles. No one’s darling.

Still, this could be a terrific series. So stop obsessing over your fantasy football team or LeBron on the Lakers or the midterm elections or whatever you’re obsessing about, and enjoy the Fall Classic.

The World Series starts tonight. Here are few quick things to know:

Battle of the Beards. Each team has a talented player with bushy red stubble covering their faces. You can always pick a favorite and go from there. In Game 2 of the National League Championship Series, Los Angeles was six outs away from falling behind 0-2 to Milwaukee before Justin Turner hit a two-run home run that gave the Dodgers a 4-3 lead. Los Angeles won the game, and the series in seven. Turner’s do has inspired Halloween costumes, and this year he was nominated for MLB’s Roberto Clemente Award thanks to his off-the-field philanthropy. Boston’s bearded closer Craig Kimbrel hunches over and dangles his right arm like a bat’s wing before every pitch. He’s also struggled for much of this post-season, giving up runs in four straight playoff games before he quieted the Houston Astros in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series and closed out that series. According to former Red Sox reliever Eric Gagne, Kimbrel had been tipping his pitches: he texted this info to Boston manager Alex Cora, who passed it along to Kimbrel before his effective outing. As a player, Gagne enjoyed his best years in Los Angeles. After sharing info that could have given the Dodgers and advantage, no one’s buying Gagne any Dodger Dogs.

About That Drought. If any team’s due for a World Series title, it’s Los Angeles. Although the Dodgers haven’t won a championship in three decades, LA’s reached the playoffs a dozen times since ’88, and won the National League West six years running, falling just a game short against the Houston Astros in last year’s World Series. You’ll be sure to see many 30th anniversary replays of Kirk Gibson’s legendary home run in the bottom of the ninth of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, when the injured slugger gave LA a walk-off win against the heavily favored Oakland A’s. (The Dodgers won the Series in five games). Poor Dennis Eckersley. The former Oakland reliever made the Hall of Fame, but at this point may be better known for giving up that homer to Gibson. Eckersley’s now a broadcaster… for the Red Sox.

Price Is (Finally) Right? Both teams have top-shelf starting pitchers that can keep the games tight. For Los Angeles, Clayton Kershaw’s likely headed to the Hall of Fame: he won Game 5 of the NLCS against Milwaukee then closed out Game 7 — and the NL pennant — with a quick inning of work. He’ll face Boston ace Chris Sale in tonight’s Game 1. But it’s the performance of another starter that’s giving Boston hope. David Price has struggled in the postseason; against Houston in Game 5 of the ALCS, however, Price pitched six shutout innings, and struck out nine Astros, leading Boston to a series-clinching victory. Price will start Game 2 against of the World Series, on Wednesday night.

Manny Being Manny. The Dodgers won the trade deadline this summer, when LA acquired Baltimore shortstop Manny Machado — one of the transcendent talents in the game — for five prospects. Look for Boston’s fans, never a reticent lot, to boo him hard. You see, a season ago Machado drove his spikes into the knee of Boston’s Justin Pedroia on a slide. Boston retaliated by throwing at Machado, and Machado hurled about 100 F’bombs at the Red Sox. In the ALCS, Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich called Machado a “dirty player” due to some of his baserunning habits (like appearing to kick people). Machado will sign a monster contract somewhere after this season. But LA’s trade deadline bet has paid off: the Dodgers, with Machado in tow, are back in the Fall Classic.

Rivalry Reborn? Fans might not remember the prior Fall Classic between these two franchises, in 1916 : the Red Sox faced the Brooklyn Robins, who became the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1932, who became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958. The Sox beat the Robins in five. Boston and LA forged a legendary basketball rivalry, as the Celtics have met the Los Angeles Lakers 11 times in the NBA Finals, with the Celtics winning eight of those meetings (Boston also defeated the Minneapolis Lakers in the 1959 Finals). Boston’s fans hated LA so much, they implored the Philadelphia 76ers to “Beat LA! Beat LA!” as Philly knocked the Celtics out of the 1982 playoffs. (The Lakers beat the Sixers in the Finals that year). Like it or not, both baseball teams have the money and talent to make return trips to the World Series. If Boston-LA is a budding baseball rivalry, let’s just hope for a stellar first act.

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‘You Ain’t Got These:’ Lena Waithe To Produce New Series on Sneaker Culture

The sneaker industry has grown rapidly. The global athletic footwear market is projected to reach a whopping $ 95 billion by 2025, according to a 2018 report by Grand View Research Inc. The underground resale market is also very profitable and is currently valued at over $ 1 billion, according to Business Insider. Oftentimes, limited releases from sneaker conglomerates like Nike or Adidas and endorsements from popular rappers will increase the value of sneakers by double or even triple their resale amount. Meanwhile, sneaker reselling apps like StockX and the Goat allow sneakerheads to resell their sneakers to make extra cash.

Lena Waithe, a producer, actress, and screenwriter best known for co-writing the Netflix series Master of None and creating the Showtime series The Chi, will take a deep dive into the sneaker business and culture in a new unscripted series titled You Ain’t Got These. Waithe, a professed sneakerhead who owns over 100 pairs herself, aims to explore how sneaker culture influences class, gender, race, and politics, reports Vogue. Waithe will also highlight the addictive personalities of the people who do everything from entering raffles, using sneaker bots, to camping outside of stores for hours just to get their hands on a signature pair of sneakers.

Regarding the new project, executive producer Andrew Fried told The Hollywood Reporter that he is thrilled to be collaborating with Waithe. “She is a singular creative voice of her generation, and her passion for this subject is infectious,” he said.

There is no official release date for this upcoming series but if any of Waithe’s past projects are telling, fans can be assured that she will give a raw and introspective look into this industry. She will also provide a refreshing voice to women sneakerheads, an overlooked sub-culture that has been around for years.

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Amazon’s Jennifer Salke Teases Blake Lively Scripted Series

Amazon Studios is close to a deal with actor Blake Lively for a new scripted series. Jennifer Salke, head of the e-commerce giant’s entertainment division, teased the project Wednesday and the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. Speaking with Vanity Fair‘s Krista Smith, Salke said that she has been recently meeting with Lively in New York […]



How the Boston Red Sox Brought Division Series Drama and Despair to the Bronx

At least we got an inning. Up until the bottom of the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night, baseball’s division series round hadn’t exactly given fans their fill of October drama. Three series had already ended in three-game sweeps; Houston over Cleveland, Los Angeles over Atlanta, and Milwaukee making quick work of Colorado. And the Boston Red Sox were about to close out the series with their bitter division rivals, the New York Yankees, in four games.

Boston’s victory felt all but inevitable. The Red Sox took a 4-1 lead into the bottom of the ninth of Game 4. The Yankees hadn’t even mustered a hit the prior three innings. On Monday night, Boston destroyed the Yankees by a mammoth 16-1, to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Boston’s closer, the bearded, flame-throwing right-hander Craig Kimbrel — who hunches over and dangles his right arm like a bat’s wing before every pitch — was on the mound. New York was headed home.

But then the tension of the ninth inning escalated, entirely out of the blue. And unless you’re a die-hard Boston fan who just wanted three quick outs and a Sam Adams to celebrate, the theater was utterly delightful.

First Aaron Judge walked on four pitches. The nearly 50,000 fans at Yankee Stadium, woken by glimmer of hope, roared. Then Didi Gregorius singled. First and second, no outs, and the tying run — 6’6″, 245-pound slugger Giancarlo Stanton, who makes $ 25 million to blast prodigious home runs that tie up playoffs games and send Yankees fans into a state of ecstasy, was up at the plate.

Stanton took two long, lame swings at Kimbrel’s knuckle-curve balls on his way to a strikeout.

That took some air out of Yankee Stadium. But Kimbrel then issued another four-pitch walk, to first baseman Luke Voit, to load up the bases with one out. Forgive Yankees fans if they started booking train tickets to Boston for a deciding Game 5. Kimbrel was losing it on the mound. And his situation got worse moments later, when he plunked Neil Walker, sending Judge home, shaving another run off of Boston’s lead — it was now 4-2 — and keeping the bases very loaded with Yankees.

How was this happening? Now, Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez, who hit ghastly .186 during this year, had a chance to redeem his frustrating regular season campaign with one swing. He fell behind 0-2, then worked the count full, before hacking at a 98 mph Kimbrel fastball, and sending the ball flying into left field.

The shot sounded mighty good off the bat. Game over? Walk-off grand slam? Some of the Red Sox, however, knew better.

“When it came off the bat, the launch angle was too high,” says Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi, channeling a favorite metric of baseball’s geek analytic chattering class. “That was one of the higher pop-ups I’ve ever caught. Thank God it stayed in.”

Benintendi caught the ball on the warning track; Gregorius scored from third on the sacrifice fly, and the Yankees cut the lead to 4-3. But Boston got its second out; and the next batter, Gleyber Torres, hit a slow roller to third.

Slow enough to keep the season alive? Boston third baseman Eduardo Nunez charged in and fired the ball the first. Boston’s Steve Pearce stretched, barely keeping his foot on the bag. First base umpire Fieldin Culbreth called Torres out; Boston players began to embrace in front of the mound. The Yankees did their dude diligence and challenged the call. Replay confirmed Culbreth’s hunch, and Boston’s celebration properly commenced.

“That was weird,” says Boston second baseman Brock Holt, a master of understatement.

Boston whooped it up on the Yankee Stadium field, just like the Red Sox did in the last time these teams met in the playoffs — in 2004, when the Red Sox came back from an insurmountable 0-3 deficit, putting the Bronx to shame en route to the team’s first Word Series since 1918. As the Red Sox filed into a champagne-soaked clubhouse, a Yankee stadium attendant refused to hide his frustration in an empty hallway behind the visitors dugout. He simultaneously decried his team’s misfortune in the ninth inning, and baseball’s overall emphasis on the power game.

“We had every opportunity,” the attendant shouted. “But those a–holes had to go for the home run ball.” Presumably Stanton’s strikeout, and Sanchez’s long out, left this observer dissatisfied. “Just put the ball in play! You don’t have to go for the f—ing home run every time. That’s what Sanchez was doing. Going for the f—ing home run.”

The Yankees smacked 267 home runs this regular season, a new record for a single team. But they hit zero long balls in their two home playoff game losses to the Red Sox. Boston starting pitcher Rick Porcello, the 2016 Cy Young Award winner who grew up across the Hudson River in New Jersey, held the Yankees to a single run in five innings. (He grew up a Mets fan). Veteran ace C.C. Sabathia, one of only three holdovers from New York’s last World Series team in 2009, got himself in trouble in the third inning, with no score, first by hitting Benintendi with a pitch. A Pearce single moved Benintendi to third; J.D. Martinez drove Benintendi home with a sacrifice fly. Sabathia got the second out on a grounder, but Ian Kinsler’s double sailed over the head of left fielder Brett Gardner — the second holdover from the last Yankees World Series team, nine years ago. Gardner seemed to misjudge the ball: catching Kinsler’s rope would have been a difficult task regardless, but Gardner’s footwork did him no favors. Boston led 2-0.

Once again, New York Yankees left a starting pitcher in the game longer than the fans wanted. On Monday, Boone left Luis Severino in a game in which he was clearly struggling: Boston commenced with an onslaught. Here, David Robertson — the third Yankee who played for the 2009 champions — was warming up in the bullpen. But Boone stuck with Sabathia: he rewarded his manager by giving up another run on a Eduaro Nunez line drive single. 3-0 Boston. Boone’s decisions give New York’s always rational fans sports talk grist for an entire off-season, if not more. Though when Boone finally called in a reliever, Zach Britton, to start the fourth, he gave up a lead-off home run to Christian Vazquez that gave Boston a 4-0 advantage. As if to stick it to the Yanks a bit, the Red Sox called on their best starting pitcher, Chris Sale, to shut down the Yankees in the eighth inning: he retired the side in order, before handing the ball over to Kimbrel for the unforgettable ninth.

In the Red Sox locker room after the game, a Boston player sprayed Budweiser on Sale. “Check out my cutter!” he said, angling the alcohol. The team blasted “New York, New York,” in the clubhouse, an expert bit of trolling of Judge, who blared the song outside Boston’s clubhouse after New York won Game 2 of the series at Fenway Park — the team’s only victory of the playoffs against Boston.

So now Boston moves on to face defending champ Houston — who swept Cleveland in the other American League Division Series — in the League Championship Series. For baseball nerds, Houston-Boston is a scintillating match-up of the sport’s two best teams this season. While the Red Sox won 108 regular season games, the Astros — those geniuses, dare we say — weren’t far behind, as they tallied 103 victories. Over in the National League, the surprising Milwaukee Brewers have won 11 games in a row; it’ll be up to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who after a slow start through May have played like the team that was just one game away from a World Series victory a year ago, to stall Milwaukee’s momentum.

The four teams left are the class of baseball. When it comes to high-stakes drama, the early rounds may have just offered that ninth inning in the Bronx. But the nice part: October’s just begun.

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