10 Surprising Books Every Teen Should Read Before They Graduate High School

They’ll read classics in high school, but those books shouldn’t be their only required reading.

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Robert Redford Reveals He Never Should Have Said He Is Retiring: ‘That Was a Mistake’

Robert Redford regrets saying he is retiring from Hollywood.

“I think it was a mistake to say that I was retiring because you never know,” the iconic actor told PEOPLE at the New York premiere of The Old Man & the Gun on Thursday.

“It did feel like it was time maybe, to concentrate on another category.”

The 82-year-old actor admitted that he never should have said that his last film would be upcoming FOX Searchlight crime-comedy.

“I shouldn’t have said that because it draws attention away from the film.”

In August, the actor told Entertainment Weekly that he would be retiring after wrapping production on the movie.

“Never say never, but I pretty well concluded that this would be it for me in terms of acting, and move towards retirement after this ’cause I’ve been doing it since I was 21,” Redford explained to EW.

“I thought, ‘Well, that’s enough.’ And why not go out with something that’s very upbeat and positive?”

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Redford made his Broadway debut in 1959 in Tall Story and hit the small screen with various roles in 1960.

In the illustrious career that has followed, Redford has earned two Oscars, six Golden Globes, and one BAFTA, among several other accolades. He has starred in dozens of films, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidThe StingThe Great GatsbyAll the President’s Men, and Out of Africa.

RELATED VIDEO: Jane Fonda Admits to Still Swooning Over 4-Time Co-Star Robert Redford: ‘I Fall Into His Eyes’

He has also directed critically-acclaimed movies like A River Runs Through It and Ordinary People, and he founded the Sundance Institute.

The Old Man & the Gun, which also stars Casey AffleckSissy SpacekDanny GloverTika Sumpter, and Tom Waits, hits theaters on Sept. 28.


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Mother of 7-year-old rape victim in India says attacker should be hanged

After raping the 7-year-old girl with a water hose in New Delhi, the attacker handed her 10 rupees and a piece of chocolate in exchange for her silence, according to her mother. He then left her — a towel around her waist and bleeding — near her home.

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Healthy, elderly adults should think twice before starting aspirin: Study

A new study suggests the risks for some older adults may outweigh the benefits.
ABC News: Health


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Elizabeth Smart in 2008: My Kidnappers Should Never Go Free | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN



http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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David Wright’s retirement should be cushy thanks to VitaminWater

David Wright has made a lot of spectacular plays over his 14 years as a Met, but his shrewdest may have taken place off the field. The Mets captain — who, it was revealed Thursday, will retire at age 35 on Sept. 29 after making his final start at Citi Field — played his last…
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Miss America Says Transgender Women Should Be Allowed To Compete

Nia Imani Franklin, representing New York state, was crowned the 98th Miss America in Atlantic City on September 9. The 25-year-old is the ninth Black woman to win the pageant. The North Carolina native is making the media rounds and opened up about the ban against transgender women competing in the competition.

According to Advocate.com, “One of the competition’s official rules is that you have to be a ‘natural born woman’ to compete, therefore eliminating transgender women and non-binary women.” In an interview on The Clay Cane Show on Sirius XM Urban View, Cane asked Franklin, “Do you think trans women should be allowed to compete?”

Franklin responded, “That’s something I haven’t given a lot of thought to. I could see the organization may be going into a different direction in the future, but at this time our goal is just to focus on women who want to further their education.”

She continued, “If trans women want to compete I think they should be able to — that’s not something I think we are really putting too much emphasis on as far as, ‘Are you trans? Check this box’ when you compete. When I competed, in my application, there was nothing that asked me if I was a trans woman or not, so we’re definitely not discriminating.”

Cane did confirm there is currently a ban on transgender women, but Franklin said it was her opinion that trans women should be able to compete. Click here to hear Nia Imani Franklin in her own words.

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5 Hidden Object Games You Should Play Right Now

Many video games today take a lot of time and effort to get to the end. Luckily, there are casual games that don’t need much demand on time or skill in contrast to ones like Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption. With hidden object games, you just have to find items on a list that are within a larger picture. Sometimes, you also need to solve intricate puzzles that require a bit of logical thinking.

Thanks to publishers like Big Fish Games and Elephant Games, hidden object games have become increasingly popular. There are countless games to choose from, whether you want to unwind after an exhausting day or to boost your problem-solving skills. So, here are five hidden objects game that you should start playing today.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

best hidden objects games Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Series

Starting off our list is the third installment of the popular hidden object series — Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst. In the game, the Queen of England asks you to investigate a mysterious mansion in Blackpool, the Ravenhearst Manor. In her letter to you, her Majesty explains that those who have entered the estate have witnessed strange things happen and that many of the doors have bizarre looking locks.

It’s up to you, the Master Detective to solve this mystery and inform her Majesty what is really going on in Ravenhearst Manor. Luckily, you have the journal of a young woman named Emma Ravenhearst, who will guide you every step of the way.

With each clue, you solve you get a piece of the journal detailing the events that happened in Ravenhearst. In the end, you will answer a 100-year-old case, but that doesn’t mean that the story is over. The rest of the games chronicles the events that take place after you solve the first mystery. With things getting a lot more grimmer and covering more extensively topics such as murder, ghosts, and black magic.

Urban Legends: The Maze

best hidden objects games Urban Legends The Maze

The Maze is an incredibly popular reality TV show that garners countless viewers. However, during the show’s finale, the transmission mysteriously stops, and the contestants seem to have disappeared.

Now it’s up to you to solve this mystery and find the participants. But exploring the bizarre sets and traps that make up The Maze will prove to be a challenge of itself. To make matters worse you’re not alone — there’s a strange man who’s ready to stop you. What really happened during the taping?

It was inevitable that there would be a hidden objects game about a reality TV show. Unscripted series have become a common phenomenon. Elephant Games uses this and combines it with the supernatural to deliver a unique take on the hidden objects game genre. The graphic design also brings all the magic of TV to life with exotic animals ready to pounce and, of course, a mysterious man in a terrifying mask. To top it all off, Urban Legends: The Maze is fast-paced and lasts longer than the average hidden object game.

Criminal Case

best hidden objects games Criminal Case

First released for Facebook in 2012, Criminal Case has grown in popularity and is now available in both iOS and Android. You start out as a rookie detective who works in Grimsborough, a town where every day there’s a murder. It’s up to you and your partner — although you will be doing all the work — to solve these crimes.

By locating relevant clues and rapidly clicking the items on the list, you’ll get a high score and earn stars. You can trade in these starts to interrogate suspects, examine evidence or buy power-ups. When you’ve finally caught the murderer, a speedy trial takes place. But that isn’t all — to unlock the next one, you’ll need to complete the case’s post-indictment chapter. This will give you clues to the larger mystery plaguing Grimsborough.

With each passing crime scene, the game’s dark and gritty story will keep you hooked until you finally click away the murderer. And, of course, Criminal Case’s crude humor will also make you giggle at the bickering your partner and the CSI crew take part. If you like dark plots and have quick reflexes, then give Criminal Case a try.

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses

best hidden objects games Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses

Edward Stratemeyer’s Nancy Drew couldn’t miss out in solving a mystery. The first installment of the series, Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! follows the fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew, who’s on the set of the controversial remake of the film “Pharaoh!” However, strange accidents have been plaguing the crew and actors. Is someone behind these mysterious accidents or is Lois Manson, the original film’s star, back to finish the movie, no matter the cost?

Published by Her Interactive, Lights, Camera, Curses! can be enjoyed by anyone, especially fans of the fictional sleuth. The music and Nancy’s many catchphrases complement the challenging and creative puzzles and mini-games.

Besides that, no ending is the same. Depending on the number of points you collect throughout the game, you will have a different conclusion — a good reason to play the game more than once.

Surface: Alone in the Mist

best hidden objects games Surface Alone in the Mist

In the seventh installment of the Surface series, you’re a sixteen-year-old girl named Carol. You wake up full of joy ready to celebrate your birthday. However, what’s supposed to be a joyous day quickly turns to horror, as all of the adults in town including your parents have disappeared. Children run rampant, but the only thing on your mind is to find out what happened to the adults. It will take a lot of strength and courage to solve this mystery.

You’ll have to travel to creepy buildings and meet mysterious characters who will help you on your search. To keep things even scarier, Elephant Games also added a horrifying soundtrack to build up the suspense.

Besides that, the game offers both simple and complex point-and-click puzzles, like matching objects you find to silhouetted shapes. To increase the difficulty level, you can go out of your way to collect unique flowers to unlock special items and more puzzles.

5 Incredible Games You Cannot Play Anymore

7 Most Aggravating Video Game Mechanics

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UPDATE 1-Brazil’s Invepar should restructure, avoid quick sale-Previ

infrastructure operator Invepar should focus on
refinancing its substantial debt load instead of pursuing an
immediate sale, the chief executive of pension fund Previ, one
of Invepar’s key investors, said on Monday.

Reuters: Company News


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Novak Djokovic on U.S. Open Women’s Final: ‘Chair Umpire Should Not Have Pushed’ Serena Williams

Novak Djokovic and Steve Simon of the WTA both shared their thoughts on what took place at Saturday’s U.S. Open Final with Serena Williams.

Latest News


Shop The Official FILA® Store for the latest Performance apparel and footwear for men, women, and kids at FILA.com

Trump says Justice Department should investigate anonymous op-ed author

President calls on attorney general to find the author of critical column depicting a “two-track presidency” and says he is considering legal action against the New York Times.


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Should You Switch to an Electric Toothbrush? Here’s All You Need to Know

Dental professionals have a certain way of making you feel like a child, even after your last baby tooth has long vanished into the Tooth Fairy’s stash.

“There’s almost no plaque on these teeth,” your hygienist might remark. “Great job!”

Or maybe you’re gently scolded for an apparent coffee habit, unable to defend yourself in the open wide position.

Either way, when we’re in that well-feared chair, we know we’re being evaluated, that our dentist can tell a lot about how well we’ve been abiding by the rules of oral hygiene. And despite the recent controversy around the ostensible claim that you don’t actually need to floss, those rules haven’t changed too much in decades.

Most of us have a handle on the basics of dental care — as in, a literal toothbrush handle. Which we know we’re supposed to operate at least twice daily. (And by the way, you should probably keep flossing.)

And some of those handles are part of electric toothbrushes. Which begs the question: Do you really need to spend upwards of $ 50 on one?

Why Are Electric Toothbrushes So Darn Expensive?

You can find rechargeable, brand-name electric toothbrushes starting at about $ 30 at Walmart—- and sometimes they’ll go on sale for as little as $ 20.

But you can just as easily spend more than $ 250 on a top-of-the-line, fancy-pants setup that includes a traveling case and five different “modes,” whatever that means.

Even with an entry-level brush, the expense continues. Along with your one-time handle purchase, you’ll also need a regular supply of replacement brush heads.

Brand-name brush heads tend to cost $ 6 to $ 8 a piece, and that’s if you buy the bulk package. If you opt for upgraded versions with extras like “plaque control,” you might spend more than $ 10 on each.

There are cheap generics, of course, though you run the risk that they won’t fit your base toothbrush.

And considering you can get a manual brush for less than a buck, even the cheapest electric option is a serious upcharge.

So is it worth it?

According to dental professionals, the answer is: Kind of. It all comes down to your behavior.

Published studies suggest that “powered” toothbrushes have an edge on their manual counterparts. But those results may have less to do with the brush itself than how you use it.

Even armed with only a plain-Jane manual brush, it’s totally possible to keep your teeth healthy. “Proper brushing technique achieves everything that even the most expensive electric toothbrush would,” notes Dr. Ron Blaise of 92 Dental. (His prescription for “proper”: soft, circular rotations across every tooth surface up to the gum line for a total of three minutes.)

That said, the built-in features of electric toothbrushes can help develop and reinforce good oral care habits.

For instance, many electric toothbrushes come with automatic timers, which can keep you honest about how long you really spend on dental hygiene.

And according to Dr. Oksana Boyechko of Shingle Springs Dental, those fancy “modes” and programs translate to a simple benefit: extending the total amount of time you brush.

I Tried the Quip Electric Toothbrush. Here’s What Happened

I’ve been an electric toothbrush user for years, having switched to a mid-range Sonicare at my dentist’s suggestion. (What can I say? I’m especially responsive to parental-brand authority.)

Each refill costs just $ 5 including shipping, which is less than I was paying in the store. Plus, I wouldn’t find myself scrubbing my teeth with bent, burned-out bristles in an effort to stretch my budget — which is important. Every dentist I talked to said using a soft brush and replacing it regularly far outweighs whether or not it’s electric.

When my Quip arrived, I was duly charmed. It has all the cute packaging and aggressively conversational marketing copy we’ve come to expect from these kinds of direct-to-door services. The helpful welcome guide even taught me a few things about proper tooth brushing. (Did you know you’re not supposed to rinse your mouth?!)

The handle is waterproof and comes with a convenient caddy that sticks to your mirror. And it is, indeed, less bulky than my electrically charged Sonicare. Quip keeps the timer feature but ditches all the extra modes that can push up the price on those astronomically expensive, brand-name versions. And the brush is covered for life as long as you stay on Quip’s refill plan.

You can even add your dentist to your online Quip profile to help them automate your six-month reminders. Which is cool in theory, but also, like, do we really want our toothbrushes to be part of the Internet of Things?

In the end, I found myself reaching for my Sonicare, bulky or no. Quip’s vibrations weren’t quite as vigorous, and I actually kind of like the bigger brush handle.

But if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality electric toothbrush and regular, no-planning-necessary brush head replacements, Quip is a great option.

And, hey — if having an online portal for your oral-hygiene reminders gets you excited about brushing, all the more power to you.

Jamie Cattanach (@jamiecattanach) is a writer whose work has been featured at Fodor’s, Yahoo, SELF, Ms. Magazine, the Establishment, Roads & Kingdoms and other outlets.

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Women who want to start businesses should steer clear of these six mistakes

Advice from successful CEOs on how women can win at starting their own business. 
Top News & Analysis


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Why You Should Support Indie Shows Like ‘Final Space’

On February 15th, the Netflix lineup changed forever with the release of Final Space. Created by Olan Rogers, this sci-fi animated series tells the story of Gary Goodspeed, a good-hearted troublemaker seeking adventure. Accompanied by a menagerie of aliens and robots, the wannabe-hero pursues heroism in hopes of winning the heart of his superior officer, Quinn.

Supported by a veteran cast of actors such as Tika Sumpter and David Tennant, Final Space is one of the first in a long list of indie creations to join the animated lineup. While Netflix has provided a platform for new and experimental content, shows like Final Space can use all the support possible and it’s very much deserved.

Helps Independent Creators Be Creative

Olan Rogers

The world of animation is entering a new age with a broader spectrum. Shows such as Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, and BoJack Horseman have demonstrated how creative and interesting cartoons can be. A majority of animated shows come from a handful of networks like Adult Swim and Cartoon Network leaving little room for independent animations to thrive. Assuming that animators are able to get a job with one of them, they have limited creative freedom. The world of animation is competitive, which forces aspiring animators to showcase wherever they can.

There are only so many places that an animator can publish their work online and hope to get any attention. Websites like Newgrounds and YouTube are a few places where an animator can make their mark. Olan Rogers is a prime example: a YouTuber of 10 years, he has released live videos and animated shorts. After so long, he finally gained enough attention to warrant putting together a pitch for an original show and creating a trailer for YouTube.

Paves the Way for Original Content

The sad truth is that most western animation has fallen into monotony. With shows like The Simpsons still going after almost 30 years and creators like Seth MacFarlane producing the same show over and over again, most people have stopped taking an interest in animated shows. While many watch such shows to escape, it does not mean they shouldn’t hold creators to a certain standard. The bigger a show gets, the more likely it is to become formulaic and predictable. As big name creators become bored with their own shows, this gives a chance for new blood.

While Final Space is a sci-fi comedy, its fluid animation style, and dynamic dialogue make it stand out. Final Space is one of the indie shows to have come to life from audience support, and it doesn’t have to be the only one. In 2016, Aggretsuko joined the Netflix lineup as another one of its more original shows. Based on a character created by the artist Yeti, the show follows the adventures of Retsuko, an anthropomorphic red panda office worker who has a hidden passion for death metal music. Creative shows like these will spark interest in animated series again.

Creates Variety and Opportunity

Bojack Horseman

Think about how many shows — not only animated — revolve around a nuclear family with a gimmick. The most interesting shows to come out in recent years take the conventions established by years of cookie-cutter animation and flip them on their heads. An example would be Rick and Morty, which takes the concept of a dysfunctional family and combines it with sci-fi hi-jinks and emotional realism. As a result, animation interest is shifting from the mainstream to the independent as more and more people are seeking out creative content. Even BoJack Horseman came to life by webcomic artist Lisa Hanawalt and writer Raphael Bob-Waksberg giving way to a new and unique presentation.

With Netflix growing as a media hub, opportunities for fresh new ideas has never been higher. More and more people are forgoing network television for online entertainment which is where indie animators and writers thrive. The platforms and digital medium isn’t enough for every indie creator to succeed. They need viewer support, constructive feedback, and promotion. Often times they are unable to do everything themselves since they dedicate most of their free time to their content. It’s this kind of dedication that is much needed in the animated world with artists and writers of all shapes and sizes pouring all their care into their content. Final Space carries such heart and, by giving support to its aspiring peers, the animated world would become a place of true passion and endless variety.

With the release of Final Space, western animation received an adrenaline shot. Creators like Olan Rogers give hope to other animators trying to break into the industry. While their dedication will guarantee quality content, it’s the support from fans and fellow creators that will make bring these fresh ideas to life.

Why ‘Disenchantment’ Was a Disappointment for Matt Groening’s Fanbase

‘Rick and Morty’ Fans: 5 Reasons ‘Final Space’ Should Be on Your Radar

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Why you should visit Abu Dhabi ASAP


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. With a population of just over 1.1 million, the city is incredibly wealthy, dealing in several precious materials including oil. Not only is the city one of wealth but it’s one of beauty too – it’s definitely somewhere you must visit at least once in your lifetime! Here are some of the reasons why:

The Heritage Village

If you’re in Abu Dhabi, it is absolutely imperative that you make a visit to the Heritage Village! It gives tourists a glimpse into traditional Abu Dhabi life before it was all about business and making money. With tropical plants and camels roaming free, ready to be caught for you to ride, the village will actually allow you to feel like you were born and bred in the city, which is a lot of fun.

Saadiyat Cultural District

If you’re after a cultural trip, there’s nowhere better to visit than the Saadiyat Cultural District, an area of Abu Dhabi that is chock full of museums and galleries, all displaying some of the Middle East’s best works of art! It’s not just the contents of these buildings that will take your breath away either, but the buildings themselves too! One of the galleries has been referred to as “the second Louvre.”

The lifestyle

The lifestyle in Abu Dhabi is like nowhere else in the world; it’s all incredibly laid back and relaxed, luxurious and enjoyable! A lot of people travel to Abu Dhabi so that they can experience some of this otherwise unobtainable lifestyle for a couple of weeks or so. Soak up the sun, spend every day on the beach and shop until you drop in the city of wealth and wonder.

Qasr al-Hosn

The stunning gardens of Qasr al-Hosn are definitely worth visiting if you’re staying in Abu Dhabi. The gardens have lots of beautiful tropical plants and palm trees for you to stroll through, as well as some national archives to visit, some traditional architecture to look at and peacocks strutting around the gardens too.

It’s beautiful

Above all else, Abu Dhabi is an absolutely beautiful city to visit. The buildings are high-rise, made of glass and in interesting shapes and sizes, there are tropical plants and flowers scattered here, there and everywhere. The beaches are full of soft, white sand and the sea is crystal clear. If you’re looking for somewhere to visit based on beauty alone, then Abu Dhabi is the place for you.


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Suicide By Opioid: New Research Suggests Overdoses Should Be Classified As Self-Harm

There has been a steady stream of headlines declaring that life expectancy in the United States is decreasing.

And the often-cited reason is the climbing number of opioid-related deaths.

Those two facts piqued the interest of a group of researchers who sought to reframe the way these trends can be viewed.

“We have a problem that is otherwise being underestimated,” said Ian Rockett, an injury epidemiologist and professor emeritus at West Virginia University.

Suicide rates have been steadily climbing, Rockett said, but their numbers are likely even higher. He said too often opioid-related drug overdoses aren’t classified as suicides, and he thinks they should be. These deaths are often deemed by medical examiners as “accidental injury deaths” unless a suicide note is found. This classification doesn’t take into account that suicide and drug overdoses both arise from “purposeful” behaviors.

To get at the root of that problem, Rockett and his colleagues developed a model of self-injury mortality that factors together both categories — overdose deaths and suicides. This combined classification “is intended to promote prevention and earlier interventions” by recognizing common, preexisting mental health issues that could have been in play, the researchers wrote.

“By always separating drug deaths from suicide is to underestimate the mental health crisis,” Rockett said. “These are all mental health issues, and they need to be on the front burner.”

The report, published Monday in the British journal Injury Prevention, shows that together these deaths would become the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S., just surpassing diabetes.

It also focuses attention from lawmakers and health practitioners on the nation’s mental health crisis and how both suicide and overdose death rates highlight the system’s gaps. Rockett conducted a similar study two years earlier.

“When a death is an accident, there’s a tendency for people to say, ‘Nothing we could do about that.’ By putting the emphasis on self-injury, we draw greater attention to the problem and particularly as an overriding mental health issue,” Rockett said.

According to CDC data, the incidence of suicide increased from 10.4 deaths per 100,000 in 2000 to 13.5 per 100,000 in 2016.

Rates of drug overdose deaths have increased threefold, from 6.1 out of 100,000 deaths in 1999 to 19.8 deaths per 100,000 in 2016.

Rockett found that in 2016, the most recent year for which data is available, self-injury deaths accounted for 29.1 out of every 100,000 deaths.

But not everyone is sold on Rockett’s concept.

“I understand what he’s trying to do, I’m still not sure of the utility of combining these,” said Bob Anderson, the chief of the mortality statistics branch at the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There’s overlap between drug overdose deaths and suicides, Anderson said, adding that suicides by overdose are underestimated in general.

“I don’t dispute [Rockett’s] conclusions,” he said, although he suggested not all overdoses should be considered the same as suicides.

“By lumping all of them into one category we may miss some important distinctions that need to be made,” he added.

Kaiser Health News


Why Chernobyl should be your next destination?


If you’re planning your next vacation, there’s probably a high chance that you’ll be choosing your destination based on its reviews on TripAdvisor, the attractions that are nearby, the beaches, and whether your friends and family have ever been there. You’re probably not choosing your destination based on whether it has been the site of a nuclear disaster, been considered dangerous to humans, or otherwise abandoned, right? Well, there are some people who are choosing the Chernobyl exclusion zone as their next vacation destination, and we can kinda see why.

Why choose Chernobyl?

If you’re the kind of person that loves to explore new and exciting places, you might spend hours planning your next destination, taking yourself away from the tourist areas, and experiencing something few have ever experienced before. While it’s easy to take a trip to Europe and explore a long-forgotten city that has yet to be taken over by hordes of tourists, it’s just as easy to take yourself back in time – to the time of the Soviet Union. So why not take a visit to Chernobyl and be one of the few people who has ever done so? It’s an adventure!

Taking the tour

Access to the Chernobyl exclusion zone is restricted to those who have not sought permission to enter because the area still carries large amounts of radiation – which can be harmful to humans. Yet, there are many tours and companies who offer you the chance to visit the zone as part of a group, and you will be guided through all of the interesting hotspots, and given information about the Chernobyl disaster. It is forbidden to enter this zone without express permission, and this can often make you feel as if you’re entering a forbidden lair…

How far can you go?

So, the big question! How far can you go into the Chernobyl exclusion zone? Amazingly, you can wander around the the main reactor itself. While it is one of the most radioactive places on earth, it has since been deemed safe for those who are not going to be staying long. This is why you will often be shuffled along the tour when you get to this main area. Nevertheless, it is an incredible sight to see, and one that you should not miss during your lifetime. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you will also feel as though you are in a weird and wonderful science experiment as you wander around the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This is because scientists and researchers in white coats constantly wander around the area taking samples and checking the radiation. Because of the radiation risk, they have to change positions every so often to ensure that the radiation levels do not prove to be too much for them.

Going by the rules

If you’re the kind of person that loves to break the rules and go off on a tangent, you will not be safe in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This place is extremely dangerous for those who visit – and not just because of the radiation. Due to the large scale of the abandoned area and the destruction, it is easy to get lost or find yourself in an area where there is falling debris. Because of this, it’s important that you stick to the rules at all times. Do not try and give your tour guide the slip, do not go off on your own, and listen to all of their instructions. This is extremely important.

If you’re looking to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone, it’s important to realize that this isn’t your average day trip. It may scare you, it may make you feel uneasy, and it may make you feel extremely unsafe – but it’s also magical. Seeing the destruction before your eyes is something that will haunt you forever and make you realize how lucky we are.


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Should You Wear a Jacket Without a Tie?

It’s a popular question that we get asked all the time; it’s probably because you see a lot of men wearing it yet it goes against traditional style rules. We’ll answer this question once and for all definitively, should you wear a jacket without a tie?

Can You Wear A Jacket Without A Tie?

Hell yes! In this day and age, you can wear whatever you want and no one can hinder you. Of course, if you know us, the long answer is it depends.

Why? Because historically, men would not wear a jacket without a tie. Also, keep in mind that just because you can wear whatever you want, doesn’t mean that it’s always advantageous to wear it and so it’s always good to have the right purpose for when you dress.

A tieless Barack Obama

A tieless Barack Obama

For example, just look at previous presidents Barack Obama or George Bush; they would often be seen wearing a suit with a dress shirt but without a tie. Now, they did that purposefully because they wanted to seem more approachable to the common man and at the same time, be presidential. For most other people, this is a no-go because the business suit is simply too formal to be worn without a tie. That being said, if you dress on purpose and you know what you’re doing, it’s good.

Personally, I break the rules from time to time. Wearing a jacket without a tie is not one of them, at least not very often. But I’ll explain to you when I wear a jacket without a tie and why I usually always have a tie.

Traditional Style Rules For Wearing A Jacket Without A Tie

Patterned sport coat with denim shirt

Patterned sport coat with a denim shirt

1. You can go tieless with very casual and heavily patterned jackets.

It could be also made out of a different material such as linen, cotton, or a blend and they’re just predestined because they’re by definition, more casual and relaxed. Wearing a jacket without a tie is relaxed too and because of that, they go well together.

I see a lot of men wearing orphaned suit jackets that are basically part of a dark business suit but then paired without a tie, it simply looks odd. A tie or a bow tie or maybe even an ascot adds a visual interest in your triangle below your face. If you wear a casual combination such as a sport coat with a pattern as well as a dark blue denim shirt, it also creates some visual contrast and it still highlights your face. So these are combinations where you can really forego the tie.

If your jacket is heavily patterned you can skip the tie

If your jacket is heavily patterned you can skip the tie

In terms of patterns, it includes houndstooth or pepita patterns, maybe a larger Prince of Wales check and even a smaller one, if you have bolder colors in your jacket that’s all a good indicator that it can be worn without a tie. At the same time, if you have a jacket that has stripes in it, be it rope stripes, pinstripes or chalk stripes, that always requires some form of neckwear.

Never skip the tie for striped jackets

Never skip the tie for striped jackets

That being said, never wear a striped jacket without a matching pair of pants because it will immediately look like an orphaned suit jacket which is not very flattering. Also, a pinstripe suit, for example, is quite formal so pairing it with denim or chinos makes it look quite weird. Of course, if you have a coarser linen jacket in a solid color, that can also be worn without a tie because the material makes it casual. So you always have to take everything into consideration.

As a general rule, if you have peak lapels on your jacket, you should always wear it with a tie because peak lapels are always more formal than notch lapels.

A white shirt without a tie is not a good look

A white shirt without a tie is not a good look


2. You can wear a jacket without a tie when the ensemble is rather casual.

Let’s say you’re wearing worn-out boat shoes maybe with some chinos and a jacket, in that case, it would look odd to have a tie because a tie is more formal and the other end is quite informal and you want to avoid those clashes.

At the same time if you, for example, have loafers, a pair of chinos, a dress shirt and a blazer you can definitely wear a tie with that because it’s a little dressier.

Black shoes are wrong for this ensemble

Black shoes are wrong for this ensemble

One combination that I see men wear a lot is a blazer with denim. In that case, denim is quite informal and so I suggest you skip the tie. That being said, don’t wear black shoes with your outfit because black shoes are more formal, denim is informal, a blazer is somewhat in between. If you then wear a white shirt without a tie, everything looks off in terms of formality and it’s just not a pleasing look.


3. You can skip the tie when you’re at a moment’s notice.

Let’s say you’re at the office and you just quickly learn that a customer came in and you have a jacket hanging there. Yes, put on a jacket. It’s more formal than if you had no jacket at all and it’s okay to skip the tie in that particular situation. But ideally, you just have a tie somewhere that you can put on when you’re required to.

It is a good idea to have any form of neckwear handy for unexpected events

It is a good idea to have any form of neckwear handy for unexpected events

4. You go to a party and you are unsure of the dress code.

In that case, it might make sense to have a little bow tie tucked away or a regular tie, maybe in the car, so you can quickly put it on. Alternatively, you can maybe even forego the jacket because if you’re the only person there in a jacket and everyone else is in a Hawaiian shirt, it makes you look really weird.

Always keep in mind that a piece of neckwear such as a tie formalizes your outfit and so taking off your jacket but keeping on your tie makes you look like a little flower boy at a wedding and it’s not a look you want to go for. That being said, it takes five seconds to take off a tie.

A stained tie is not a great sight

A stained tie is not a great sight

5. You actually stain your tie.

It happened to me before, I stained my tie during lunch. It just looked odd so I just took it off and it creates an overall better look than having a tie that is stained.

A casual dress shirt

A casual dress shirt

6. You can forego the tie if your shirt is quite casual.

By that, I mean you have a summer shirt and of a linen blend maybe in a pink, orange or yellow tone. Alternatively, it could be a shirt with checks in multiple colors. Also, the style of the collar has an impact on it. For example, a button-down collar is more casual and can be worn open very easily without a tie. Also, there are shirt collars that are tailored to be worn without a tie and open and obviously, you should not put a tie on those either.

As a general rule, the more casual your shirt is, the better it is to be worn without a tie. Of course, other factors such as accessories in your jacket come into play as well but just looking at the shirt, that’s the rule.

Avoid loud boutonnieres and pocket squares

Avoid loud boutonnieres and pocket squares

Few Things To Keep In Mind If You Go Tieless

Always wear either a pocket square or a boutonniere and you can even pull off both. You need something in your chest pocket that creates a visual element of interest at the same time, it makes your overall appearance look a lot more polished.

If you want to wear a boutonniere as well as a pocket square without a tie, they have to really work well together and balance each other out. By that I mean, choose a flower that’s very small and unassuming such as a small blue boutonniere.

You want to avoid bright boutonniere and pockets square colors because otherwise, it’s too flashy. Also, consider the size of your lapel, if you have a very skinny lapel, I’d probably skip the boutonniere. If it’s medium to wide, you can add one but always avoid a large boutonniere in bright colors with a pocket square because it looks just odd without a tie.

When Should You Not Skip The Necktie?

Alright now that you know when you can skip the tie, let’s talk about the occasions when your jacket always requires one.

Faint stripe suit dotted tie and white linen pocket square

Faint stripe suit dotted tie and white linen pocket square from Fort Belvedere

1. Whenever You Wear A Suit

You need a tie whenever you wear a suit which means you wear a matching pair of pants and a jacket. A suit is generally quite formal especially when it’s a darker business suit. There may be exceptions to that, for example, if you have a tobacco brown linen suit and in that case, you might forego the tie but as a general rule, if you wear a suit, a tie is always the best choice.

The reason is that the tie is a visual focal point that ties the outfit together. Frankly, I made this mistake once when I applied for law school. I wore a dark navy single-breasted business suit with a red silk pocket square, a white shirt and without a tie. I thought I didn’t want to be too formal and skipped the tie but looking back, I should have just chosen a different outfit altogether. At the end of the day, if you wear a suit, you show that you respect traditional clothes rules and because of that you should wear it properly with some neckwear.

A perfect outfit for a casual friday at the office - do not miss the tie

A perfect outfit for a casual Friday at the office – do not miss the tie

2. If You Incorporate Traditional Business Colors

Let’s say you have a dark navy blazer with a pair of gray flannel pants, overall, that is a combination which is generally less formal in a suit but it’s a very business appropriate combination and because of that, you should always have a necktie. If you’re not a friend of neckties or you want to be different, you can also try to wear an ascot or maybe a bow tie.



Notice that all men are wearing neckties

Notice that all men are wearing neckties

3. For Very Formal & Dignified Events

At those events, you never want to look half dressed and at a wedding, some people might forego the tie but at a funeral, you certainly can never forego the tie because it’s a solemn event that you attend because you want to show respect to the deceased as well as the family.

Mercer and Sons Button Down collar with S-curve

Mercer and Sons Button Down collar with S-curve

4. If Your Shirt Collar Is Not Conducive To Being Worn Without A Tie

That’s the case if your collar is too big and would collapse on itself without the stability of the tie or if the shirt collar tips would make their way out on top of the lapel because that’s a very 70’s look that makes it look pretty dated.

Likewise, if you have formal collars with a larger spread, I suggest you go with a tie. At the same time, if you have a button-down collar, for example, they’re more conducive to be worn without a tie.

A definite style don't: a visible undershirt

A definite style don’t: a visible undershirt

5. If Your Undershirt Would Peek Out

Some men love undershirts and that’s fantastic but if your undershirt is really a t-shirt and it peeks out underneath your shirt collar when it’s unbuttoned, it’s simply a no-go and a fashion faux pas.

So you have two options, either you wear a necktie or ascot or you get an undershirt that has a deep cut out so it doesn’t show and that way you can forego the tie.

Matt Letscher as Joe Kennedy and Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson in a still from Boardwalk Empire.

Matt Letscher as Joe Kennedy and Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson in a still from Boardwalk Empire.

6. When You Have Formal Dress Shirts

What makes dress shirts formal? In a nutshell, if your dress shirt features French cuffs for cufflinks, then it’s formal and should be worn with a tie. If your dress shirt is solid white and has French cuffs, the same is true.

Ralph Lauren Gray Flannel Suit & Blue Winchester Shirt

Ralph Lauren Gray Flannel Suit & Blue Winchester Shirt

7. If You Are Wearing A Winchester Shirt

Last but not least, if you have a Winchester shirt which means you have either a contrasting collar which is usually white or a contrasting collar and shirt cuffs, then that makes it more formal and you should always wear it with a tie.

How often do you go without a tie? What are your favorite tieless outfits?

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What should you absolutely not do when visiting Spain


Fancy a vacation in Spain? It’s one of the more popular destinations over in Europe, and it’s clear to see why. It’s the perfect place to top up your tan and discover a new and exciting culture. However, whenever you venture somewhere new, you have to be mindful of the way things are done. Spain has its own way of doing things, and ignoring these could cause offense or worse. To avoid getting on the wrong side of the locals, there are several things you should never do.

Don’t be in a rush

Many visitors to Spain travel to the country for a relaxing vacation. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be bothered by the carefree way that everything is run. The people of Spain aren’t in a rush, so you shouldn’t be either. That can be difficult to adapt to, especially if you enjoy eating your meals early. Plenty of restaurants don’t serve lunch before 1 pm, and dinner before 9 pm. That’s a long time to wait if you’re used to doing things whenever you want.

Don’t lose your patience with someone if they’re not serving food when you want it, or they’re taking time to get your meal to you. Adopt the local’s appreciation for relaxation and enjoy yourself, rather than making a scene.

Don’t disrespect the food

Speaking of food, there are certain things you should remember before you start dining in Spain. Firstly, don’t try to add anything to your meals, such as pepper or ketchup. Servers won’t appreciate you changing their food, and if it’s home-cooked, they may even be insulted.

Secondly, meals are supposed to be something that you enjoy, rather than a necessity to prevent starvation. That means you should never casually eat in public, whether on the street or public transportation. Wait until it’s meal time and fill up, so you’re not snacking later on. In Spain, people tend to make lunch their biggest meal, so follow tradition and stuff yourself silly in the middle of the day.

Lastly, don’t forget that Spanish people are incredibly passionate about food. Even if you’ve eaten something better elsewhere, keep that to yourself. You don’t want to cause an uproar.

Don’t dress down on the streets

When you’re visiting somewhere hot like Spain, you want to wear as little as possible. Clothes are not your friend in that intense heat. However, be careful about how many clothes you take off. While lounging around in bikinis and board shorts is perfectly acceptable on the country’s many beaches, it’s considered inappropriate to wear that stuff anywhere else. Walking around town in a bikini will get you a lot of negative looks from people on the street, and it could even land you a fine.

It’s not just beachwear that you should avoid wearing out in public. There are other fashion regulations to keep in mind, such as wearing respectful clothes if you’re visiting somewhere sacred like a monastery or church. More importantly, though, never wear a soccer shirt that doesn’t match the city you’re visiting. The people of Spain are hugely passionate about the sport, and they won’t appreciate seeing you walk around in a rival team’s uniform.

Don’t get caught out

If a supposed plainclothes police officer ever approaches you, always proceed with caution. Ask to see someone in uniform to verify what they’re saying. Do this politely, in case the person you’re talking to is an authentic police officer, but keep your guard up. Although crime rates in Spain aren’t high, there are still people who try their luck with oblivious tourists. No-one wants to lose their belongings on their vacation.

With such great weather all year round, Spain makes an ideal vacation whenever you’re looking for some sunshine. Just remember not to step out of line while you’re there and you’ll have a fantastic time. Also, be sure to explore during your trip. There’s more to see in the country than just sandy beaches.


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Should You Tell Your Colleagues About Your ASD?

If you’re doing well in your job, but your supervisor and coworkers don’t know that you have autism, should you tell your colleagues about your ASD? Should you tell them when you interview, when you start work, or only if you need specific accommodations and/or if problems arise? We recently heard from an autistic lawyer who is trying to make that decision:

Reader M asks:

I’ve been recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. It’s not a huge surprise, an assessment was begun when I was a child and discontinued because my parents were concerned about me being labeled. Now, before my diagnosis I skipped three grades, entered law school young enough that I was the youngest woman there for all three years, did incredibly well at my bar exam, and have been successfully employed. Should I go public with my diagnosis? What could go wrong?

This is a really interesting question. We haven’t talked about autism before, but we recently discussed how to manage ADHD in the workplace (incidentally, up to 50% of people with autism show signs of ADHD), and we’ve also shared advice on disclosing other personal/medical information at work, such as how to announce your pregnancy at work, as well as tips for handling frequent doctors’ appointments and making time for therapy.

Note to readers: Some people on the autism spectrum prefer being referred to as “a person with autism,” while others identify themselves as “an autistic person.” (This is framed as person-first vs. identity-first language.) We don’t know what Reader M prefers, so we’re using both.

For readers who don’t know a lot about autism, here are a few facts to frame the conversation about ASD and the office:

We sought advice from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, which “seeks to advance the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism,” and certified coach Barbara Bissonnette, who offers career development, job coaching, and workplace advocacy for people with Asperger’s through Forward Motion Coaching.

Before we share advice from ASAN, we’ll pass on their personal message to Reader M: “Congratulations on learning more about yourself, and for reaching out. We’re glad to know you’re part of our world.” (As their email response was a joint effort, we aren’t attributing their quotes to a single person.) Here is their input:

  1. Realize that being openly autistic at work can have an impact beyond your own experience. “[It] can also help make your workplace more welcoming for autistic and disabled employees who come after you. … [Y]ou can challenge people’s preconceived ideas and make your field more accepting,” say the folks at ASAN.
  2. Still, consider the risks: “People can change the way they see you, or start looking at you through a stereotypical lens,” says ASAN. “Sometimes, if the way they treat you differently is subtle, it can be hard to prove that they are discriminating against you or make them stop.” (Ed. Note: See this recent Ask a Manager post.)
  3. Know that your experience may be a mixed bag: “We know autistic lawyers who are successfully practicing in their fields (we have a couple working here at ASAN!). We have also heard about autistic people being discriminated against in law — for example, an employer limiting an autistic lawyer’s access to clients after learning about their disability.”
  4. Do some research specific to your field: “We aren’t aware of any states which would not let you be admitted to the bar because of an autism diagnosis, but it is a good idea to check your state’s bar questions to be sure. It might also be helpful to check out the ABA’s Commission on Disability Rights, which has a disabled attorney mentoring program.”
  5. Remember, it’s all up to you. “[D]isclosing your disability at work is a personal decision, and it is yours alone to make,” says ASAN.

Here are some of Barbara Bissonnette’s tips for Reader M on whether she should tell her colleagues about her ASD:

  1. Learn how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you — and your employer. Your employer must make “reasonable accommodations for qualified employees who disclose,” says Bissonnette, who adds, “the modification cannot cause an undue hardship to the employer.”
  2. Make a list of the challenges you face at work and be proactive by requesting accommodations. “Make sure that your list does not contain problems related to basic job readiness,” says Bissonnette, who suggests The Job Accommodation Network as a resource, and offers a free guide on her website called Workplace Disclosure Strategies for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome & Nonverbal Learning Disorder. You’ll likely need a doctor or another qualified provider to verify your diagnosis, she says.
  3. Make sure HR documents your request and works with your manager. Otherwise, you’re in charge of who knows about your diagnosis. “You can choose to keep it confidential, between human resources and your supervisor,” says Bissonnette. “Or you can identify specific coworkers whom you want to know.”
  4. Be prepared for your employer to counter with alternative accommodations. “Be professional, and demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to compromise. Making demands and threatening legal action puts the employer on the defensive.”

If you are a lawyer with autism (or work in any another field), what would your advice be for Reader M? In your opinion, should you tell your colleagues about your ASD? If you are open about your autism at work, what have been the pros and cons? Readers with any disability/condition that has led you to request accommodations at work: Were your efforts successful? Would you have done differently? 

Stock image via Deposit Photos / monkeybusiness.Should you tell your colleagues you're autistic when you start work?



Ariana Grande’s big show and everything else you should know about Monday’s Video Music Awards

Ariana Grande gets by with a little help from her many, many friends.

The singer will take the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards Monday to belt her latest single, “God Is a Woman,” with some help from a “diverse” group of more than 50 female dancers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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Moviepass should be better to it’s customers, but bankruptcy won’t let it

Dear John. I am extremely disappointed with MoviePass’ business ethics. I paid the annual fee, although I do understand the flaw that you point out in its business model. But if it needed to cut back or place limitations on privileges, I think the ethical thing to do would be to impose the new rules…
Business | New York Post


Tech firms say A.I. can transform health care as we know it. Doctors think they should slow down

Some doctors worry that those in the tech world think artificial intelligence can not only help clinicians, but even do a better job.
Health and Science


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First 10 Dress Shirts a Man Should Own

Dress shirts are one of the most important style basics in your wardrobe and most men have dress shirts but often, they don’t quite work with the rest of their  wardrobe and so over the years, I have had hundreds of dress shirts and I learned a thing or two, so if I would have to do it all over again, these are the first dress shirts I would start with.

While dress shirts form the foundation of a classic man’s wardrobe, they’re often overlooked in favor of suits, shoes, or accessories, however, if you get your first dress shirts wrong, it’s much harder to combine them with other things and you may not get the wear out of them. With these dress shirts, you’ll basically be equipped for all classic men’s style outfits yet you really cover just the basics so you don’t spend more money than you ultimately have to. Basically, there are always three main considerations; color, fabric, and shirt details.

Plain white dress shirt - simple and neat

Plain white dress shirt – simple and neat

1. Plain Weave White Solid Dress Shirt

I suggest going with a medium spread collar, as well as barrel cuffs because it allows you to wear it in more formal and less formal settings. It’s also something you can pair with jeans or denim, as well as with a very formal business suit. Opt for a medium weight fabric because it’s something you can wear year-round. If it’s too thin, it’s just appropriate for summer. If it’s too thick, you can only wear it during the colder months of the year and overall, you want something that’s as versatile as possible when you’re just starting out.

Personally, I’m a big fan of cufflinks and for that, you need a double cuff or a French cuff, however, I suggest not to opt for those in your very first shirt because it’s an additional expense and you’re just starting out, you’re better off investing money in your first shirt.

Placket comparison

Placket comparison

For a traditional placket, I suggest you get a French style which means there’s no additional piece of fabric; it is sewn underneath the buttons, it’s just a very neat seam. On top of that, I suggest you skip the pocket simply because a shirt pocket is really not meant to be used. That being said, a lot of off-the-rack shirts come with shirt pockets. I have a few shirts in my wardrobe that I got vintage or used that have shirt pockets but if I go custom and I have the option, I always skip the pocket.

Fancy weave dress shirt in white

Fancy weave dress shirt in white

2. Fancy Weave White Dress Shirt

Preferably with double cuffs or French cuffs. A shirt with a subtle waffle pattern weave makes it slightly different compared to a plain weave in the sense that if you look at it very closely and the light shines in a certain direction, you can see it has a pattern, however, from a few feet away or a few meters away, you think it’s a solid shirt with a nice depth of color. Again, skip the pocket and if you went with a French placket before, go with a shirt placket around this time simply so you have a range of different things in your wardrobe.

subtle waffle pattern

subtle waffle pattern

If you do not fancy the waffle pattern, you can go with a herringbone pattern

If you do not fancy the waffle pattern, you can go with a herringbone pattern

It just creates a more symmetrical look especially when you wear a bow tie. If you wear a necktie, it doesn’t matter because your shirt placket is covered up anyway. If you don’t want a waffle weave, a very popular pattern is a small herringbone pattern weave. Look for a very fine weave because that’s something that will stand the test of time. Again, for the collar, I would go with a classic medium spread collar because it suits every face shape, it works with tie knots, bow ties, or as an open collar.

A selection of light blue dress shirts in different shades

A selection of light blue dress shirts in different shades

3. Light Blue Dress Shirt

It should be made of a medium fabric, ideally, plain weave. Again, barrel cuffs, no pocket and French placket. If I say light blue, you’ll encounter probably 500 different shades of light blue and what you choose is ultimately up to you and your taste. I find a lighter shade of light blue that is more pastel in color is more versatile, especially in the beginning.

Light blue dress shirt

Light blue dress shirt

4. Another Shade Of Light Blue

You can go darker, you can go lighter, just make sure it’s different. For the fabric itself, I suggest getting something in a twill weave because it’s a new small weave pattern that you don’t already have and it’s a very classic thing, it is hard wearing, and it’s particularly good in a slightly heavier fabric for winter because you want to have a variety of shirts in your wardrobe. Of course, if you live in a place where it’s always cold, you should get shirts that are heavier.

You can also opt for a twill weave

You can also opt for a twill weave

If you live in a tropical climate, only get shirts that are lighter in weight. I’ll suggest going with double cuffs and if you want to experiment with a collar here, you can do so. Maybe you get a slightly larger collar, not a small collar, and make sure overall, it’s just something that works out well for you. If your other light blue shirt has barrel cuffs or button cuffs, opt for a French cuff just to give you more versatility.

An ivory shirt works well for brown toned jackets

An ivory shirt works well for brown toned jackets

5. Ivory Dress Shirt

It should be distinctly different from white if you hold them next to each other, however, it’s so close to white on its own that most people would never realize you’re not wearing a plain white dress shirt. Plain white works really best with dark colors; it could be a dark green, dark blue, dark charcoal, or black, however, when you pair it with warmer colors such as brown, all of a sudden, the white just looks wrong.

It’s especially true if you pair a white dress shirt with tweed, the contrast is too stark and it doesn’t work as well. This is when the ivory shirt really shines, it’s super versatile because you can wear it with a business suit in charcoal or a navy but you can also wear it with much warmer tones or summer suits and it will always look more appropriate than the plain white shirt.

In terms of details, the choice here is really up to you. If you wear more cufflinks, go with a French cuff. If you don’t have cufflinks, go with a barrel cuff. If you already got the basics covered, the ivory shirt is just a shirt that I would bring when I travel and because of that, I would probably get it in a barrel cuff because that would allow me to wear it with more casual outfits, as well as formal business suits.

Light blue stripes on a white background

Light blue stripes on a white background

6. Blue Striped Shirt On A White Background

The size of the blue stripe is up to you. I’d stay away from extremely fine ones or extremely bold ones, go with something in the middle down the line because that will work well with all kinds of solid suits. It adds another pattern and you can then either go with a solid tie or have a patterned tie as well. Something that works particularly well are small Macclesfield neats micropatterns.

A few of Sven Raphael's striped dress shirts

A few of Sven Raphael’s striped dress shirts

7. White Striped Shirt On A Blue Background

Ideally, the stripe should be different from what you already had so I’d suggest going more with a finer stripe rather than with a bolder stripe because you want it to be super versatile. Again, a finer stripe will look more like a solid from afar but it will add a different color depth; it works well from close-up because even if you have a pattern, let’s say a stripe and a tie, the stripe is so fine that it works really well together.

Black, blue, and white checked dress shirt

Black, blue, and white checked dress shirt

8. Checked Dress Shirt

It can either be a light blue check on a white background or you can maybe go with a red and blue check on a white background. It just adds an additional color to your shirt wardrobe plus red and blue are staples in a classic man’s wardrobe so you’ll always be able to wear it, it never looks out of place, and it’ll look good with a blazer. If you wear it more casually, again, go with a button-down collar because it works well with checked shirts. I would also opt for the button cuffs because you will likely be wearing this kind of shirt more in a casual environment.

A beautiful OCBD by Turnbull and Asser

A beautiful OCBD by Turnbull and Asser

9. Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt

It’s an American staple, it’s a very hard-wearing cloth. I’ll get it in a light blue color because the Oxford fabric has strands of different colors in white and blue so it gives a nice color effect in the light but you can also wear it with or without a suit when you work. It’s just a shirt that will stay in your wardrobe for a long time.

A denim shirt can look great if combined properly

A denim shirt can look great if combined properly


10. Soft Washed Denim Dress Shirt

Ten-fifteen years ago, it wasn’t really something that men would actually wear. In recent years, it has become so popular that men stock loads of them. In general, a soft washed denim dress shirt really tones down any kind of formal garment you have. So if you are only in a white-collar environment, it may not be the ideal thing for work but it’s definitely something you could off work. You can always tone down your suits or basically any kind of outfit with this kind of soft washed denim shirt. I know one could argue that is a fairly recent invention and it may not stand the test of time and while you were right about that, with the general casualization of men’s wardrobe, I’m pretty sure it’ll still be around in 10 years, we’ll see.

Do you have all these dress shirts in your closet? If not, what are your dress shirt essentials?

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15 Beauty Steals You Should Be Buying From Trader Joe’s

Ah, Trader Joe’s: A health-conscious haven where you can buy everything from some of the most sophisticated wines and cheeses to the latest-and-greatest health food crazes to… beauty products? Turns out, the popular grocery destination also has an ever-expanding beauty section, which, like their food, happens to be natural (and very affordable). Plus, as with the food selection, you can count on TJ’s to stay on top of all the latest beauty crazes and fun seasonal offerings (pumpkin spice, anyone?).

So, next time you’re stocking up on kombucha or charcuterie must-haves for your next party, be sure to pay a little visit to the beauty aisle. Here are some of our favorite Trader Joe’s beauty products that may quickly become your favorites too.

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What should you absolutely not do when visiting Canada


Canada is famous for its hospitable and friendly citizens. While it is often assumed that Canadians do not offend easily, it is probably best not to try and push people too far when you’re visiting their country. We have found some of the most common mistakes made by people who visit Canada and have compiled a list to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap as others.

Don’t stick to the cities

Canada is pretty big, there is more to see there than just the city lights of Toronto, Ottawa, or Quebec. The geography is pretty diverse, so there is plenty of wildlife to see and nature parks to hike through. Make sure to research where you are heading to as there are cougars, bears, moose, and wolves that can all hurt you if you come across them. Don’t head out of a city into nature walk without being prepared. The weather is a bit unpredictable and can change from a lovely sunny day to a snowstorm in an instant. Be prepared for all kinds of weather!

Don’t compare them to Americans

Canadians often pride themselves on being different to their American neighbors, so pointing out the similarities between the two nations is unlikely to win you any friends. While on the face of it they might sound a little like Americans, and their cities can have an American feel, Canadians are proud to be different. Their history, politics, and social dynamics are different, and you should take care not to be insensitive to that fact.

Don’t complain about the temperature

Sure, Canadian winters can be pretty harsh, but you don’t need to remind the locals of that fact when you visit. They are more aware than anyone how cold it can be, so telling them how cold you are is not likely to endear them to you. The temperatures can get as low as 5℉ on a daily basis but can reach extremes as low as -40℉. Make sure you bring windproof clothing if you visit in the winter as the wind chill can make it feel even colder.

Don’t rush onto public transport

Sure, you’ve been standing on the platform for several minutes, but that doesn’t mean you should just barge your way onto the next train. You should allow the people to get off the train first; otherwise, you’ll only be adding even more chaos to rush hour. Hopping on the train before giving everyone a chance to get off is considered to be pretty rude.

Don’t assume Toronto is the capital

Just because it is the city that you have heard of the most, doesn’t make it the capital. Much like New York in America, Toronto is commonly mistaken to be the Canadian capital. The capital of Canada is none other than Ottawa, so if you’re traveling anywhere in Canada outside of Toronto, make sure to remember where the capital city is!

Although Canadians are incredibly polite and friendly people, they have several customs that they are proud of and can take offense if they are not followed. Thankfully, after reading this list, you’ll now be able to blend in perfectly without making anyone angry.


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5 Good but Forgettable Anime You Should Check Out

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve seen an anime somewhere before, but you don’t recall ever watching it? Don’t worry, it happens — and it isn’t your fault. Some anime receive a lot of hype before they premiere. But, once they finally do, the hype fizzles out. Whether it’s due to a flat storyline, boring characters, or just another series dominating the headlines, some shows simply don’t leave an impact on us — even when they’re good. So, here are five anime that are good but forgettable.

The Sky Crawlers

good but forgettable anime The Sky Crawlers

In an alternate world, there’s a war going on. But against whom and why isn’t known — even to those that put their lives on the line (known as “Kildren”). One such soldier is Yuuichi Kannami, a fighter pilot who gets assigned to a new battalion out in the country. While he’s never met this brigade or its commander, he gets a familiar feeling from them. It feels like he’s already met and built meaningful relationships with them.

Premiering in 2008, The Sky Crawlers dominated the Japanese box office and received critical acclaim for its soundtrack and storyline. However, the tale of genetically engineered fighter pilots didn’t seem to grab the attention of Western audiences — despite its artsy animation and eccentric screenplay about social criticism. Even big names like Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell) and Tomohiko Ishii (Eden of the East), who directed and produced the film respectively, couldn’t raise the popularity of this forgettable anime.

The Big O

good but forgettable anime The Big O

Forty years ago, something mysterious happened in Paradigm City that erased everyone’s memories. In the present day, we follow Roger Smith, a negotiator who owns a giant robot (called Megadeus) and tries to solve disputes between parties. Helping him are his butler, Norman Burg, and his human-like android assistant, R. Dorothy Wayneright. Together, they work to solve the 40-year-old mystery plaguing Paradigm City.

While a lot of anime stick to a traditional Japanese animation style, the creators of the series took a different approach. Studio Sunrise styled the anime after the American cartoon show Batman: The Animated Series. Its characters, landscape, and storyline even resemble those typically found in Gotham City. Although it’s a unique take on the mecha genre, Japanese audiences didn’t seem to love or even remember the series, which led to its cancellation and made it possible for shows like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Cowboy Bebop to dominate the headlines. Thanks to a small group of fans, the series came back to wrap up the story. Too bad no one will remember it.


good but forgettable anime UN-GO

UN-GO takes place in post-war Japan where crime has grown rampant and many gruesome cases go unsolved. But despite the high crime rate, there are a few detectives that do their best to solve these cases. One of them is detective Shinjūrō Yūki, also known as the “The Defeated Detective,” who is always bested by his rival Rinroku Kaishō. Yūki along with his weird assistant Inga, investigate each crime but never get anywhere. Well, that’s the official line according to Kaishō. The truth is, Yūki and Inga always catch the criminal — thanks, in part, to Inga’s powers. Will these two ever get the recognition they deserve or will the title of Defeated Detective stay with Yūki forever?

The goal of many mystery anime is to grab and hold onto the audiences’ attention until the final episode. Unfortunately, UN-GO‘s storyline doesn’t possess that kind of captivating power. Its supernatural elements, enjoyable cast, and detective rivalry just weren’t enough to stand out in the small puddle that is the mystery genre.

Kado: The Right Answer

good but forgettable anime Kado: The Right Answer

One day, a mysterious giant cube materializes out of thin air and engulfs an airplane. The Japanese authorities try to identify the cube but to no avail. Luckily, one of their own, Koujirou Shindou, a government official and master negotiator is on board the plane. He meets the being behind the cube, Yaha-kui zaShunina, who materializes in the form of a human man. The being has a message for Earth: he wants to “advance” humanity, starting with Japan. Has this otherworldly entity come here to help or imprison us?

Using anime as a source of social commentary isn’t new. Series like Planetes and Perfect Blue have done it before — and successfully. Unfortunately, by the end of the series, Kado: The Right Answer went from an intelligent and mature take on negations to a space horror. Consequently, the anime dismissed its target audience of older viewers for a younger fan base, who also wasn’t interested in the series. This, sadly, left the now-unpopular anime with a small niche audience.


good but forgettable anime D-Frag!

D-Frag! follows Kenji Kazama, Fujou High’s resident bad boy, who causes a lot of trouble along with his friends. But one day, it’s Kenji turn to be on the receiving end. When he spots a fire in the Game Creation Club, Kazama extinguishes it. However, instead of thanking Kazama for putting the fire out, the club’s members attack him and try to erase his memory to hide the incident. Luckily, the club’s president, Roka Shibasaki rescues him — but also coerces Kazama into joining the club.

Follow Kazama as he attempts to leave this crazy club and its members. Will he successfully escape, or will he have the time of his life?

Its colorful animation, lovable characters, and funny jokes make this series a great one to watch. Unfortunately, the sudden surge in popularity of the game genre resulted in anime titles, such as Recovery of an MMO Junkie and New Game!, that overshadowed the series, and it was quickly forgotten.

5 Anime That Are So Bad, They’re Good

10 Anime You Haven’t Heard of but Need to Watch

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Spike Lee: ‘BlacKKKlansman Should Be Shown in the White House’ [Video]

If it was up to legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman, his latest film to date, would be screened in Donald Trump’s executive mansion.

The new film takes place in the 1970s and is based on the real-life experiences of Ron Stallworth, the first African American detective to join the Colorado Springs police force. In addition to facing a number of racial barriers, Stallworth managed to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan as an undercover and befriend former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke through a series of phone conversations. To complete the operation, Stallworth worked with his partner, a Jewish cop played by Adam Driver in the movie, who pretends to be him at KKK meetings.

Like many Spike Lee joints, the overarching theme of BlacKkKlansman underscores the prevalence of racism and the ongoing fight for racial equality. It opens with scenes from Birth of A Nation, a notorious silent picture released in 1915 that glorified the Klan and demonized black men. The controversial drama has been deemed a classic American film and was even screened for then-President Woodrow Wilson along with members of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Birth of a Nation was shown in the White House. Woodrow Wilson saw it and he said it was like ‘writing history with lightning,’” Lee told Black Enterprise. “I think BlacKkKlansman should be shown in the White House—and make sure you put Jeff Sessions in the front row because there are certain things that people are wearing [in the film] that he might be in possession of!” Lee joked, apparently making a reference to the robes worn by Klansmen.

Blackkklansman John David Washington

(Courtesy of Focus)

Telling A Part of History

The context of the movie is so surreal that Lee admitted that he had a hard time believing it was true, himself. In fact, when BlacKkKlansman producer Jordan Peele told him about the story, Lee initially thought about Dave Chappelle’s popular black KKK member sketch. Nonetheless, he pounced on the opportunity to create a film about a remarkable piece of American history that few Americans know about.

To tell the story, Lee cast John David Washington, the son of Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington, for the lead role as Stallworth. “I just knew he could do it. I just offered him the part. He didn’t have to do a read for it. He didn’t have to do a tape [or] audition,” said the movie director. “I know talent when I see it. Many people have got their first roles in my films over the last 30 years,” he said, noting Halle Berry and Rosie Perez.

Washington, who graduated from an HBCU, says that he, too, was surprised when Lee told him about Stallworth’s story. “I went to Morehouse, class of ’06, so I learned a lot about my culture and our history [but] this one kind of slipped through the cracks,” he said.

The 32-year-old actor added that working on the film changed his perspective about police, especially those of color, and he hopes it will change how they are viewed by society as well. “I had no idea what it was like to be an African American cop and I’m hoping people will get the chance to see what it’s like with this film,” said the star of HBO’s Ballers. “We need to start celebrating more men and women that look like us that are police and are doing their job correctly. It’s a thankless job.” When asked if he felt anxious or excited for his father to see the movie, he cooly responded, “I hope he likes it.”

“Wake Up!”

BlacKkKlansman takes several jabs at President Trump and ends with a powerful scene that suggests that race relations in the U.S. are getting worse. It also includes a handful of scenes with the words “wake up,” a signature expression in Lee’s work.

“My most famous phrase for all my films is ‘wake up.’ School Days—that film came out in 1988—ends with Laurence Fishburne saying ‘wake up.’  Do the Right Thing (1989) begins with Samuel L. Jackson saying ‘wake up,’” he proclaimed. The term “woke—that’s that new sh-t. We were saying ‘wake up’ in ’88!”


BlacKkKlansman will be released in theaters Aug. 10, 2018.

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Is James Dolan singing about Harvey Weinstein? Knicks owner debuts new JD and the Straight Shot song ‘I Should Have Known’

In a song alluding to Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abhorrent behavior — or maybe it was Isiah Thomas’? — blues singer/Knicks owner James Dolan expressed guilt for not uncovering that his friends were abusing women.

Dolan and his band, JD and the Straight Shot, performed “I Should Have Known” on Fox5…

Sports – New York Daily News


Tech stocks should still be a portfolio favorite, despite recent weakness: Deutsche Bank

With the recent steep losses in tech stocks, investors might want to steer clear of them. But Deutsche Bank said it still believes in this sector, declaring that the recent weakness has not shaken its confidence.


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Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan bow down to the women of The Spy Who Dumped Me, as we all should

Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan bow down to the women of The Spy Who Dumped Me, as we all should

Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan bow down to the women of <em>The Spy Who Dumped Me</em>, as we all should

Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan are excellent in The Spy Who Dumped Me. They alternate between high-octane action scenes and funny comedic moments with ease. But the true stars of The Spy Who Dumped Me are the women, both on and off camera—which is something that Theroux and Heughan celebrate.

In addition to Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon playing best friends Audrey and Morgan, we can’t forget Ivanna Sakhno as Nadedja, the terrifying gymnast/assassin hybrid, or Gillian Anderson as Wendy, “the Beyoncé of the government” (as Morgan reverently deems her). And, of course, steering the ship is brilliant co-writer and director Susanna Fogel.

The Spy Who Dumped Me is ruled by women, and the men bow down—as we all should. I spoke with Theroux and Heughan about their experiences working with Kunis and McKinnon in particular.

“They’re amazing,” Theroux told HelloGiggles. “Mila’s got this really loose, hilarious kind of way of performing, which was fun to work with. Kate has this almost academic way of breaking down the comedy and creating alts on her script and different lines that she wants to try out. It is sort of ebony and ivory, in a way. They complement each other really well and have obviously great chemistry together. Watching them both work was really fun.”

#MilaKunis, trust us. @justintheroux is too good to be true. 😬 #SpyWhoDumpedMe

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When I asked Heughan to name the highlight of working with Kunis and McKinnon, he couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing.

“They are just so remarkable, individually, for their skills as actresses,” Heughan told HelloGiggles. “They’re really strong, extremely funny. Kate is hysterical. SNL is incredible, I was a big fan. Mila, I’ve watched her movies for many years and always been a big fan. To have them together—they’re just this great couple. This great friendship. And you can see it. They met to make this movie, they didn’t know each other before, but you feel like they’ve been friends for forever. They are just so much fun to work with.”

Walking into the weekend like 😏 #SpyWhoDumpedMe

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At times during The Spy Who Dumped Me, when Audrey and Morgan laughed, I often wondered if their giggles were genuine, coming from Mila and Kate rather than their characters. Heughan confirmed that more often than not, it was probably the women cracking each other up IRL.

“[Their laughter is] infectious. Especially Mila, she has a great laugh. As soon as she starts going, I think everyone goes,” Heughan continued. “And to be the straight guy opposite that is actually pretty tough. It was really hard. Obviously, the character Sebastian is pretty buttoned up and serious. He’s in a really tough situation, and we have these two extreme characters.”

Heughan said he learned a lot from working with both Kunis and McKinnon.

“Every take was different. They were constantly ad-libbing and making things up. As an actor, at first, it was pretty intimidating to be faced with that. But actually quite freeing as well. I learned a lot watching them work.”

Nothing brings friends closer than evading law enforcement. 🚓 #SpyWhoDumpedMe

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The Spy Who Dumped Me is now playing in theaters.

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Non-drug treatments should be prioritized when treating dementia symptoms: Experts

In dementia, behavioral and psychological symptoms can be challenging for doctors and caregivers to manage.

ABC News: Health


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8 Reasons Etsy Should Be Your New Destination for Natural Beauty Products

Etsy is both a dream and a nightmare for avid online shoppers. It’s a nightmare because there’s so much stuff available to buy. It’s a dream because among that avalanche of stuff there are some absolute gems. Our latest realization about the handmade marketplace? It’s a treasure trove of incredible, hip, modern, natural beauty products.

Going natural isn’t just for crunchy, hippie types (though if that’s your bag, more power to you). Excellent product design and product effectiveness are not mutually exclusive with these natural products. You can take care of your entire face from washing to contouring with these natural finds all from Etsy. Peep our top natural beauty picks above.

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Full Portman: ‘Of course we should talk to’ Russia | Meet The Press | NBC News

NBC News


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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What should you absolutely not do when visiting Australia


Australia is a wonderful country to visit; the climate is great, and the beaches, cities, and wildlife are some of the most interesting and diverse in the world. Thanks to movies such as Crocodile Dundee many of us have an exaggerated view of what Australian people are like, but of course, things you see in movies are not like the real world. There are many dangers in Australia, thanks to the weather and wildlife, so not being fully prepared could be dangerous to your health. We have some tips to make sure you can visit Australia without offending anyone, all while keeping safe at the same time.

Don’t take risks with the outback

The outback in Australia is a vast stretch of land that can catch many people out. There are often signs warning people there is no gas station or shop for hundreds of kilometers. They aren’t there just for fun, the next stop realty could be over 300km away, so make sure you stock up on fuel, water, or any supplies you might run out of. Getting stuck in the outback waiting for someone else to come along might leave you fatigued and in danger of not making it home.

Do not tip

While it is common to tip all service staff in America, Australia doesn’t have the same custom. The workers are paid well and do not expect people to give them additional money for just doing their job. While they are unlikely to be offended at being given extra money, it is not necessarily expected of you.

Don’t pet the wildlife

Sure, the dingoes and koalas might look cute, but they are all wild animals. Although dingoes are used to being tossed some food by people every so often, they aren’t comfortable with being petted like our domestic dogs are. Not considered a major threat to people, there have been some incidents of the dingoes attacking people after being touched by them. The same goes for the cuddly looking koalas, they too can bite if feeling threatened and often carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Don’t ignore the beach safety signs

Australia can be a dangerous place – just look up where some of the world’s most dangerous animals live, and you’ll find many are found there. While there are plenty of animals to worry about on land, you should be aware that there are several reported shark biting incidents on the beaches of Australia. That is why it is super important not to ignore the beach flags and warnings. People are scouting all the time for any signs of sharks to warn swimmers and surfers, so make sure you follow those warnings otherwise you could end up in danger.

Don’t climb Ayers Rock

While many people will visit Australia to explore the landscape, there is one part of the country that some people wish travelers would leave alone. That is Ayers Rock, or Uluru, as it is known to the local Anangu people. While they are happy to show people around at the base of the giant rock formation, they do not want people to climb up it, despite the fact the views are considered to be spectacular. The huge rock has great spiritual significance to the Anangu people, so the sacred structure is considered disrespectful and offensive to them.

Australia is a great place to visit, there is such a diverse collection of wildlife and landscapes that it should be added to your bucket list. Just make sure that when you go, you don’t put yourself in any danger by ignoring some basic rules all Australians abide by.


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Tech firms should be made liable for ‘fake news’ on sites: UK lawmakers

Tech firms like Facebook should be made liable for “harmful and misleading” material on their websites and pay a levy so they can be regulated, British lawmakers said, warning of a crisis in democracy due to misuse of personal data.

Reuters: Technology News


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Pub Tycoon Says Britain Should ‘Get The Hell Out’ Of Europe | NBC News

NBC News


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What should you absolutely not do when visiting France


We’re going all continental now as we jet off to the beautiful land of France, AKA the country of love. This land might be blessed with one of the most delicate languages and some of the best cuisine found around the world, but have you found yourself asking the question what should you absolutely not do when visiting France? Thankfully, we have them all for you right here!

Shop at souvenir stalls

Souvenirs and trinkets can be the perfect way to take all the memories from your vacation back home to share with your friends and family. Plus, if they’re fortunate, you might even pick up a gift or two to share! However, if you want to make the most of your French experience, then you will want to try and avoid these stalls. They are dotted all around the country but are mainly found in the cities. “Why should they be avoided?” we hear you ask? As with most countries, they are overpriced and will leave your wallet feeling considerably lighter.

Visit without learning the language

We aren’t suggesting you take a degree in French and become fully fluent before your vacation. However, before taking a trip to France you might want to think about learning some of the simpler words, such as “Bonjour” for “Hello,” “Au revoir” for “Goodbye,” and “Merci” for “Thank you.” Just like many countries in Europe, the French pride themselves on being polite. Not knowing some of their basic words might make the locals feel as though you’re being rude. Not a good start.

Begin a conversation without a greeting

This ties in with the previous point but is still very much as important as trying to learn a touch of the French language before your big trip. In many countries around the world, it’s acceptable to walk up to someone and dive right in with a question. However, in France, things are a bit different. People like others that are polite and ask for their help rather than assuming they are there to offer up their time. As an added bonus, you might be more likely to receive the help you’re looking for if you’re polite. It never hurts to have manners.

Spend all your time at the Eiffel Tower

Yes, the Eiffel Tower is one of the biggest selling points for a trip to Paris. No one could blame you for wanting to see the structure with your own eyes. That doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire vacation hanging around the famous spot. There is so much more that Paris has to offer, let alone the rest of the country. Spending all your time here is one of the things you absolutely shouldn’t do on a trip to France as you could miss out on all the other wonderful sights across the French landscape.

Get the Metro at rush hour

Unfortunately, like many countries around the world, France is no stranger to pickpockets. So if you want to use their public transport and stay safe, then your best bet is to avoid overcrowded trains throughout the rush hour. They are a huge target for thieves, and you could find yourself on the receiving end of a robbery if you’re not careful. If you have no choice but to board the train at his time, then ensure you have your bag tightly closed as well as keeping it close to your chest at all times.

A trip to France can be one of the most exciting experiences of our lives. After all, the culture is so different to many we see all around the world. As long as you avoid the things you should absolutely not do when visiting France, then you’re set to have yourself a brilliant vacation.


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Netflix in 2018: 6 new developments you should know about

“Strong but not stellar” is the way Netflix describes its latest quarter in a new letter to shareholders.

Why the hint of self-doubt from the leading streamer? Because the service added some 5.2 million members in the second quarter, while expectations were for 6.2 new million subscribers to come on board.

But worries about slowing growth aside, what’s next for the global Internet TV giant? More great content, for sure.

“Internet video is growing globally and we are fortunate to be one of the leaders,” the letter says. “In addition to succeeding commercially, we are starting to lead artistically in some categories, with our creators earning enough Emmy nominations this year to collectively break​ HBO’s amazing 17-year run​.”

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Here’s what’s new with Netflix

If you’re a Netflix customer, here’s what you need to know:

Netflix’s “Smart Downloads” feature is now available

The company’s brand new Smart Downloads feature on Android is geared to members who use the offline mode for viewing.

The beauty of Smart Downloads is it will automatically delete a downloaded episode after you’ve watched it and automatically download the next episode for you.

And because Smart Downloads works with WiFi, you’ll never use cellular data and you won’t clutter up your device’s storage!

Michael Bay’s next feature movie will be a Netflix original

You know him for big Hollywood extravaganzas like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and the Transformers film series, among others.

But lauded director Michael Bay’s next flick will be for Netflix. It’s going to be called ​Six Underground and will star Ryan Reynolds.

Other famed directors who also have made or are making their next features for Netflix include cinematic luminaries like Martin Scorsese, Alfonso Cuaron, Susanne Bier, Paul Greengrass and Chris Columbus, among others.

“As traditional exhibition focuses increasingly on superheroes and sequels, our on demand service allows us to serve a wide variety of tastes,” Netflix notes.

Netflix just received the most Emmy nods of any network

Last week, Netflix got 112 nominations for the 2018 Emmy Awards, including five best series and best limited series nods.

But beyond that the Netflix nominations recognized 40 different scripted and unscripted series, as well as TV movies, limited series, documentaries, talk shows, comedy specials and series for kids.

“This is a testament to the fantastic creators we work with across all forms of television,” the company said.

Netflix believes it can co-exist in a brave new media world

The world of streaming entertainment is always changing and the competition always getting more intense.

Disney is coming out next year with its own streaming service and older competitors such as Amazon and Apple continue spending on content to draw you into their subscription-based ecosystems. Add to that the merger of AT&T and Time Warner and Fox getting ready to sell assets to either Disney or Comcast.

It all adds up to one crowded Internet entertainment landscape!

Through it all, Netflix says it will remain focused on doing what it does best: Creating and delivering great content at a compelling price point.

“We believe that consumer appetite for great content is broad and that there is room for multiple parties to have attractive offerings…Our strategy is to simply keep improving, as we’ve been doing every year in the past.”

You may see international content being promoted

In its letter to shareholders, Netflix called out a few international productions that it’s having a lot of success with right now. These included launching the second season of 3%, a Brazilian sci-fi original, and the premiere of The Rain, a Danish original thriller that’s found an international audience.

“This serves as another data point that our international originals can be important to specific countries and regions and also play well outside of their home markets,” the company notes.

A higher priced ‘Ultra’ plan may be coming

Sticking with the international theme, Netflix is testing a new premium service in Europe priced at about €16.99, which is around $ 20/month. The ‘Ultra’ plan lets subscribers watch 4K content with High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality on up to four different screens at once.

In fact, two versions of the plan are reportedly being tested, each with small differences on pricing and screen limits.

So why should you care what’s going on for European customers? Well, it could be that Netflix is floating a trial balloon in the Old World. And if the ‘Ultra’ plan plays well with consumers over there, it’s next stop could be over here!

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These are the 10 foods you should always buy at Target

You may not think of groceries first when you think of Target, but people who shop at the department store for their weekly food and beverages swear by it. And when you really think about it, it makes sense. Target really is a one-stop shop. At many locations around the country, you can buy every…

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What should you absolutely not do when visiting the UK


A trip across the pond to the UK is a brilliant way to see the home of the Royals and the land of tea and crumpets. Plus, there is much more to the country than the capital, London. However, there are several little bits us tourists might not know before taking a trip. So here are the things you absolutely not do when visiting the UK.

Drive around the cities

The cities of the UK are great. London, Manchester, and Edinburgh are all so different from each other and will help you see what the country has to offer. However, you might not want to use a car if you aren’t familiar with the streets. The cities in the UK can be dangerous places for motorists as it’s every person for themselves. Thankfully, most cities have extensive public transport systems. Just take the tube system in London – you won’t even need a car to get around! If you want to keep safe and enjoy yourself, perhaps leave the car at home.

Assume everywhere is England

England is the largest country in the UK, but it isn’t the only one. In fact, the UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and everywhere is extremely proud of their own country. Yes, England may have been what drew you to Great Britain in the first place. However, this isn’t to say everyone will appreciate you calling their homeland “England.” After all, it would be like assuming Canada and America are the same places. They just aren’t.

Forget about your coins

In America, the coins can seem pretty meaningless. Quarters and nickels, who needs them? Well, in the UK you will want to remember that these coins are highly important. That’s because £1 coins can be used anywhere just like $ 1 bills. If you forget about their existence, you might find yourself with a pocket full of change. Before long you could spend your entire vacation weighed down by all the extra change until you are left needing another suitcase to get it all back home.

Randomly talk to strangers

Brits are funny. They love to tut and moan about the weather among other things, but they rarely like to speak with random strangers. Why? The people of the UK like who they know and keep it at that. In other countries, it can seem reasonable to strike up a conversation with the locals. However, when taking a trip to the UK, you don’t want to try and make friends. People will usually think you are strange and leave you talking to yourself in the street. It’s odd, but it’s normal to the Brits.

Stand on the left

There is a rule when it comes to using escalators – you don’t stand on the left. This area of the moving stairs is reserved for those in a rush or looking to burn a few extra calories on the way to work. If there is one thing you don’t want to do when visiting the UK, it is annoy the workers in the city. They are a hardened bunch of individuals that will fight you even when you’re down, especially if you make them late. If you don’t want to run up and down the escalators, simply stand to the right and hold onto the rail.

The UK is a fabulous place to visit any time of the year. Plus, you can finally find out why they talk about tea so much. Who knew it could taste so great over the pond? With this list of things you should absolutely not do when visiting the UK, you’ll blend in in no time.


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Princess Pointers: Five Things You Should Know About FROZEN’s Patti Murin

Frozen has taken Broadway by storm this season and it’s partly thanks to Patti Murin’s spunky yet honest portrayal of one of Disney’s newest heroines. Earlier this month, BroadwayWorld’sRichard Ridgechatted with Murin about being chosen to originate this role for the stage, her history with Disney shows, and of course,other highlights from the course of her Broadway careerHere are five takeaways from the conversation that you should know
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The top five places history lovers should visit


Although we like to look towards the future and what some of the science lovers have in store for us, we find history much more exciting than driverless cars. Yep, we love nothing more than looking back into the past and seeing how our ancestors used to live – because everything was completely different. The architecture was like nothing we could ever imagine, the fashion was not the kind of fashion you would see walking down a runway, the food was natural and authentic, and their way of life was not governed by technology. If you’re the same, you might want to check out these cool places across the world.

Athens, Greece

When you think of ancient history, there’s a high chance that you think of Ancient Greece – with their chariots and their pottery, their mythology and their columns. In fact, the lives of those in Ancient Greece have fascinated historians and everyday people for centuries, and if you’re one of those people, you might want to check out the epicenter of Ancient Greek life. Athens is home to the famous Acropolis, the first ever Olympic stadium, the beautiful Parthenon, and all of the columns you could possibly wish for. You know you want to.

Petra, Jordan

Jordan isn’t the kind of destination that anyone would want to visit, but it’s the perfect location if you’re into your history. This gorgeous location is commonly linked to the quest for the Holy Grail and has often been featured in the many Indiana Jones’ movies. In fact, Petra is considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and features incredible red rock that is steeped in history. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

Rome, Italy

You had the Greeks, and now you have the Romans! Ancient Rome is considered one of the most fascinating eras in history and is the site of various historical monuments that entice millions of visitors every single year. You can check out the Colosseum, the Catacombs of San Callisto, the Roman Forum and much more. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, you can also break up your sightseeing with oodles of pizza and gelato. Do you need any more persuading?

Machu Picchu, Peru

If you fancy getting in a workout and enjoying history at the same time, then a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru would not go amiss. Although it will take you four days to trek there, the result at the end of the hike is well worth it. The remains of this civilization will completely blow you away. It’s been perfectly preserved and is crawling with the hints of history. The city is also surrounded by gorgeous mountains that will really leave you speechless.

Cairo, Egypt

When you think of Ancient Egypt, you probably think of pyramids, pharaohs, sphinxes, and desert landscapes – and that’s exactly what modern Cairo has to offer. Although you might need to ignore the cars that drive past the pyramids, the real deals will showcase just how incredibly these structures are. Wander around the desert and truly immerse yourself into the lives of those who lived in Ancient Egypt.

Are you a history buff looking for a brand new adventure? Well, we think we have your next destinations sorted for you…


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What should you not do when visiting the USA


America, the land of the free. There is so much to see all across this beautiful land that it can be hard to take it all in. However, on your adventures, you might find yourself asking the question: what should you absolutely not do when visiting the USA? Although the states are all so different from each other, there are some general rules us visitors should probably remember…

Forget to tip

This is one rule you absolutely want to remember when visiting America. In many countries around the world, it is normal not to tip waiters or waitresses. However, in the USA this isn’t the case. Here, employees usually rely on the extra income from customers which is one of the many reasons they pride themselves on customer service. So if you’re eating out then don’t forget to throw a few dollars extra onto the table as a tip before you leave.

Underestimate the size

If you come from Europe, then it might seem normal to drive for a few hours and be in a different country. In the USA, you could drive for hours and still be in the same state, let alone far enough away to consider it a vacation. So if you only have a few days to take in the country then don’t assume you can cram in a whole heap of things to do up and down America. Instead, focus on one area at a time and perhaps consider getting a flight to continue your adventures?

Mess with the cops

Of course, joking around with the police in any country probably isn’t a good idea. However, this is a particularly bad choice when visiting America. Unlike other countries, you are expected to stay in your vehicle if you are pulled over and might be treated as a threat if you get out or make any sudden movements. Plus, they aren’t happy go lucky people in the streets either. These men and women are there to keep people safe and don’t have time to mess around.

Get in people’s space

Americans love their personal space. But here you have to be more conscious about how close you are than other areas of the world. In many countries, it can seem reasonable to give a kiss on the cheek or even give a stranger a hug when you meet for the first time. However, when visiting America, you want to make sure you don’t get too close. If you do, Americans will probably think you’re being strange and rude before leaving the conversation.

Try and compare your country

Many Americans are extremely proud of their country. So comparing your country to their land could have disastrous effects. Of course, the people of America love to hear all about new cultures. However, they most likely don’t want to listen to any ways that your country could be better than theirs – even if it is. So keep the personal opinions to yourself, and you should be set to have a pleasant trip!

America might seem like a big scary place, but there is no need to be afraid. Instead, it’s time to stop worrying about the things you should absolutely not do when visiting the USA and start planning all the wonderful things you CAN do. After all, this should be the vacation of a lifetime!


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The 5 things you should always pack for a vacation


Unfortunately, there’s a bug going around right now and were not sure how to get rid of it. In fact, we’re not sure we want to get rid of the travel bug! Yep, we’re having way too much fun exploring the world and seeing what new and exotic destinations have to offer. However, going on vacation and traveling around the world isn’t all positive – because we don’t think we will ever enjoy packing our bags. How do you know how many pairs of shorts you should take? It makes sense to take underwear for two weeks even though you’re only going for one week, right? Well, to make things easier, take a look at the 5 things you should always pack for a vacation…

An electronics adaptor

Let’s be honest; we can’t go a single day without checking our phones and scrolling through Instagram. Yet, you often find yourself crying in the dark when you realize that the country you have come to doesn’t have the same plug sockets as you do – which means that your phone charger doesn’t work. Because of this, it’s important to remember an electronics adaptor for the country you are going to, to ensure that you can be zapped up all day, every day.

Sun lotion

There are some people in this world who seem to burn at the smallest sight of sunlight, and those rays can get even stronger if you’re going abroad. Of course, getting sunburn on your first day of vacation can ruin the rest of your trip. You have to cover yourself up, you have to stay out of the sun, and you might even start peeling for all of your vacation snaps! To avoid this, ensure that you pack sun lotion before you leave. Although you can buy sun lotion at the airport or at your destination, these are normally much more expensive. Save your pennies for the ice cream.

First aid kit

If you’re the kind of person who always finds themselves in the wars, it may be best to carry a first aid kit with you at all times. It’s best to carry basic items such as band-aids and gauze just in case you have to mend yourself. Going to the hospital in another country can be scary and time-consuming, so it’s important to be prepared for all eventuality. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be careful and take care of yourself!

Copies of important documents

It’s amazing how many people don’t make copies of their important documents when they travel, but it really could get you out of a sticky situation! Although many of us don’t like to think about losing our passport or our credit card while in another country, it can happen – and you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Obtaining a new passport can be a lengthy process, and can keep you in a strange country for weeks. However, many countries will allow visitors to fly in and out of their country with a photocopy of their passport if their passport has been lost or stolen. Don’t get caught out!

Wet wipes

Never underestimate the power of a good wet wipe! These nifty little things are the perfect travel companion because they offer many uses. You can use them on yourself, on your children, or even in your hotel room. Yep, they can take off makeup, wipe off food, and even help deal with the dust situation, and can make you feel more at ease during your vacation. What could be better than that?

Packing for your vacation is never fun, and we all try and put it off until the last minute. Yet, if you know what to pack – it can be a little easier!


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Panel: Paper trail ‘should not be disqualifying’ for Supreme Court pick | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Sure, men can wear shorts — but should they?

Dapper dudes in shorts are cropping up everywhere from the runways to the red carpet. Two Posties take on the polarizing trend. Johnny Oleksinski: Shorts shouldn’t be worn on the job — or on the town Society cannot allow this horrible behavior to be normalized. We must #resist. I refer, of course, to men wearing…
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This is why you should never spray perfume in your hair


If there’s one thing that’s true about hair, it’s that it’s great at holding on to scent.

But although we all like our hair to smell great, you should never spray regular perfume directly on your hair.

This is because perfume contains alcohol, which is incredibly drying for hair and can leave it brittle, haystack-like and more likely to suffer breakage.

Hair mists on the other hand are still perfumed, but with a much lower concentration of alcohol, so you can spritz away to your heart’s content. Plus they last ages, due to your hair’s ability to trap the smell, so no need for top-ups throughout the day.

With this in mind, we’ve picked some of our favourite hair mists from the perfumery world we’re obsessed with (and you will be too).

Balmain Hair Silk Perfume, £9.95, Lookfantastic

A designer favourite, the dreamy scent of pine, peach blossom, woods and raspberry is enriched with argain oil and silk protein to treat your hair while you wear it. Win-win.

Buy now

Byredo La Tulipe Hair Perfume, £48, Space NK

Tulips are actually scentless, so this gorgeous floral scent is founder Ben Gorham’s imagination of what it would smell like. It’s the perfect balance of sweet florals without being too sickly, combining freesia, rhubarb and blonde woods.

Buy now

Maison Francois Kirkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540 Hair Mist, £65, Selfridges

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a delicious combination of cedar, saffron and amber gris, combining for a rich, slightly fruity overall scent – so you can imagine our delight when it was turned into a scented hair mist. It’s the perfect fragrance to wear all year-round.

Buy now

Coco Madameoiselle Fresh Hair Mist, £34.20, House of Fraser

Recently revealed as the most popular perfume of 2018 so far, it’s only fair that we give a shout out to Chanel’s fresh hair scent. A timeless classic, this is the perfect buy if Coco Madameoiselle is already your signature scent.

Buy now

Apologies in advance for starting your new hair perfume addiction.

Here’s to great hair (mist) days for everyone.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Should You Try Swedish Death Cleaning?

Throughout our lives, we gather all kinds of possessions, some we keep out of necessity, some because of their sentimental value. As our ages grow, so do our collections of belongings—which can become quite substantial over the years.

When we pass away, those items are often left to our family members and friends to deal with, which can be emotionally taxing and exhausting.

While it’s safe to assume that some of our prized possessions will be cherished gifts to loved ones, certainly not everything we own is going to end up having emotional or financial value to someone we care about—even if the item meant something to us.

To save our families from the onerous task of sorting through our homes and trying to determine what we wanted done with the remnants of our material lives we can try to offer some relief now through Swedish death cleaning, or dostadning.

In this post, we’ll go over what exactly it is and how it can help you and your family.

What is Swedish Death Cleaning?

Swedish death cleaning is the act of organizing your material life before you pass away so that you can take the burden of doing so off of your loved ones and live a simpler, decluttered life.

While dostadning has been a common practice in Sweden for many years, it was recently modernized by Margareta Magnusson, author of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, who said, “It is about a permanent form of organization that makes your everyday life run more smoothly,” while speaking to The Chronicle.

Essentially, it is the act of going through your belongings as you age and choosing which items you want to keep, which you want to gift to others, and which you should dispose of or sell, and it offers many benefits to both you and your favorite people.

What Are The Benefits of Swedish Death Cleaning?

While some may consider Swedish death cleaning to be a morbid affair, it doesn’t need to be. Once you remove the taboo of talking about death and look at it from a practical perspective, it can actually be a very positive endeavor for everyone involved. Some of the benefits include:

Decluttering your life. As the years go by, it’s no secret that your belongings can start to pile up. From old magazines to VCRs, chances are you have accrued more than you need. Decluttering can help you to feel more in control of your life and your possessions.

Unburdening your loved ones. Most aspects of estate planning, like creating a Last Will or End-of-Life Plan, are focused around your preferences, not necessarily what your nearest and dearest would prefer. And while that does help them to make decisions for you, like what you want done with your remains, the process of going through your worldly goods can be painful and difficult for anyone suffering from grief.

By taking on that task yourself, you can help them to avoid having to decide what you would have wanted done with the contents of your household.

Seeing your possessions take on a new life. While many people gift items to their loved ones in their estate plans, doing so after death keeps you from seeing the people you love enjoy what you have given them. It can be an extremely positive experience to give someone a gift that they genuinely appreciate and to see that item cherished and used instead of sitting in storage.

Choosing what gets left behind. Many people don’t consider cleaning up their belongings before passing away, and by not going through any of your possessions, you leave that responsibility up to your loved ones. That means that they may accidentally come across something that could be hurtful or embarrassing, even after you have passed away.

If there is anything that you would prefer that your family not find or have to deal with, getting rid of it beforehand can avoid unnecessary hurt feelings or awkward situations.

Increasing your disposable income. By selling off some of the items that you don’t want, and that you can’t gift to anyone else, you can make some extra money to do with as you wish. You may also be able to decrease your living expenses by downsizing to a smaller home, giving you even more cash to use towards whatever you prefer.

Simplifying your estate plans. Your estate plans encompass all of the preferences you have for your assets, debts, remains, and more when you pass away. The more assets that you have, the more complicated they become. By unloading some of the items you know you don’t want, and that won’t be of use to anyone else, you can simplify how you want your assets distributed after you die.

This can help to make your estate plans much more straightforward, which can make a big difference to those who have to follow them after you are gone.

Taking Control of Your Life and Your Assets

Don’t think of Swedish death cleaning as a morbid act. Instead, think of it as a way to take control of your material life and all of the possessions that encompasses. Freeing yourself of items that have become a burden can be a cathartic and liberating experience, especially if the benefits are passed on to those you care about as well.

While death cleaning isn’t for everyone, it is a great way to declutter not only your life but your estate plans. Remember that it can be done in small doses and that you can recruit friends and family members to give you a hand if you need to.

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6 Healthy Habits You And Your Man Should Get Into To Strengthen Your Heart


Despite decades of medical research and public campaigns to ease the problem, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. CDC stats report that nearly 44% of African American men and 48% of African American women have some form of cardiovascular disease that includes heart disease and stroke.

As part of our Urban One #REPRESENT Men’s Health Initiative, our founder and CEO Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins are helping to raise awareness for men’s health. What better way to kick things off than with simple changes you can make for yourself and your partner to improve your heart.

One of the problems driving heart disease is the messaging. And we got that from Robert Thompson, M.D an integrative medicine specialist deemed by his peers to be in the top five percent of U.S. physicians. While there’s plenty of good research to indicate good advice, the general public and many of his peers in the medical community, are stuck with faulty conclusions, he says.

MUST READ: Pump It Up: 3 Of The Best Gadgets To Keep Your Heart Healthy

“Perhaps the biggest misconception is that an overabundance of calcium, which may include supplements, is very good for people, especially women, but that’s simply not true,” says Thompson, author of “The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know,” a new book that details the roles minerals play in overall health and how to identify and correct deficiencies and imbalances.

Recent studies suggest that men who take calcium supplements actually increase their risk of heart attack by up to 20 percent.

Calcium is just one of 12 substances, as well as traces of 64 other minerals, that make up our bones. Excessive amounts of calcium hurt our bodies in many ways, especially the heart and the brain, he says. We cannot possibly replace minerals with just calcium, which hardens concrete and makes bones more brittle.

One study, published in the British Medical Journal in 2008, was meant to assess the effect of calcium on bone density and fractures in postmenopausal women. Researchers found that participating women were significantly more likely to suffer heart attacks while taking calcium supplements.

“This is far from an isolated study – there are others, including 15 studies combined into a meta-analysis yielding similar heart-health results, which show an increased risk of heart disease by at least 30 percent,” says Thompson, who offers practical life-saving suggestions for what individuals can start doing for better overall health.

1. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

As a general rule, we need to drink half of our bodyweight in ounces of water daily. For a 150-pound individual, that’s 75 ounces of water. Those who are overweight, or are heavy exercisers or live in warm climates may need more. Take care to drink quality water. Get a quality filtration system at home, which can range from $ 200 to $ 3,000.

And make sure to aim for water as your main beverage of choice for both you and your family.

2. Take ionic sea salt-derived minerals.

We all need a diverse range of minerals and virtually none of us get enough. Ionic minerals are the only ones that are completely available for our bodies to use because they are water-soluble and they naturally carry an electrical charge that allows them to be carried through the cell membranes. All sea salt-derived trace mineral products are recommended – at least three grams per day.

3. Use only vitamin supplements made from 100 percent organic whole foods that have been vine-ripened.

Almost all of us need supplements because contemporary food supplies lack adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, thanks to soil depletion. Most store-bought vitamins include just one component of the many complex molecular elements contained in the naturally occurring vitamin source. You need all of the nutrient components to get the full benefits.

And be sure to work with your doctor to determine which vitamins work for you and for your partner, especially as men and women often require different supplements.

4. Get your fill of essential fatty acids; raw nuts and/or seeds are a good source.

In 2003, the Food and Drug Administration approved the following health claim for seven kinds of nuts: “Scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 oz. per day of most raw nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.” Omega-3 and Omega-6 are considered essential because humans can’t manufacture them within our bodies. Research has now shown that plant-derived Omega 6, and not fish oil, is the best oil for humans.

5. Eat high-quality proteins. Seafood, eggs, beans, chicken, game meat, duck and turkey are excellent sources of essential amino acids that are the building blocks of every protein molecule, hormone, neurotransmitter, cell membranes and immune molecules.

Proteins can also be obtained from grains, sprouted grains, raw nuts and raw seeds. Vegetarians and vegans need to play close attention to combine protein sources to get the full complement of amino acids.

6. Walk at least 30 minutes every day. This activity has a huge effect on relieving the physiologic effects of stress on the human physiology.

Exercise is good, but walking is amazing. No other single activity will more significantly or more rapidly affect the adrenal stress response in humans than walking, which probably works so well because it slows us down.

And, it is an incredible way to build and strengthen your relationship.

“Also, Dr. Thompson recommends ingesting essential monosaccharides, which is new and unknown territory for most people, he says. “They are the simplest form of carbohydrate molecules found in the body, are essential for protein molecules and can be found in maple syrup, sweet potatoes, parsnips, beets and onions.”

*Robert Thompson, M.D., was added to the peer-reviewed directory, “Best Doctors in America,” in 1996.


Life & Style – Black America Web


American Horror Story Season 8: Should the Crossover Actors Play Their Murder House or Coven Characters?

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story, Murder House, CovenSurprise, bitches! The American Horror Story crossover you’ve been waiting for is coming this fall.
Ryan Murphy surprised fans last week when he revealed that a crossover season of…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Giuliani asserts Mueller and his team should be investigated

ABC News


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5 Retro Canadian Cartoons That Should Be on Netflix

Hear the word Canada and what comes to mind? Maple syrup? Hockey? Awesome cartoons from the ’90s? Retro is in, and that’s not going to change. And Canada’s got some great content that would make a fine addition to Netflix’s digital library.


ReBoot (not the Guardian Code, but the original) takes place entirely inside a computer. The protagonists are up against computer viruses, video game users and software pirates. Bob, the hero of the series, is a guardian from the Net sent to help. But he needs the assistance of his friends to save the day.

Although the ’90s computer animation may be a bit dated today, people who watched ReBoot when it was first released will laugh out loud at the humour that went over their heads when they were younger. And fans who saw the entire four-season run can attest that each season is more mature than the last.

ReBoot holds a special place in television history as the first fully computer-generated cartoon. For this alone it deserves to be in a museum. So why not in a digital collection of TV and film masterpieces like Netflix?

The Adventures of Sam and Max: Freelance Police

If the title of the show didn’t already tip you off, The Adventures of Sam and Max: Freelance Police feature the titular Sam and Max, two police-for-hire detectives who often come across other-worldly or supernatural events while working on a case. This crime/sci-fi genre mixed with fast-talking humour provides plenty of opportunities to push TV and film tropes into absurdity.

Sam and Max are also known for the video games series based on them that was developed by LucasArts and Telltale. Yet it was the rapid-fire punchlines and the self-aware back and forth between the show’s two leads that earned the cartoon a Gemini Award (Canada’s version of an Emmy) in 1998. Award-winning cartoons on Netflix (even Canadian awards)? Heck, yeah!

Stickin’ Around

Stickin’ Around brought the childlike mind of the Canadian suburban kid to the small screen. The show follows a group of kids who use their over-active imaginations to make life interesting. Creativity is the keyword here: in one episode the characters may be in a video game and the next in an Inception-like dreamscape. On top of this, you have a soundtrack so quippy it’s practically a comedy routine on its own. The soundtrack covered a wide variety of styles, covering everything from alien invasion movie music to a song that sounds like it’s being played on an old record player.

Although this cartoon is more for the young-at-heart, Stickin’ Around is a safe bet for family viewing. The show was also ahead of its time, giving the two lead roles to a girl and her black friend. It’s a safe program to leave your kids with if you need to, but even more fun if watched together.

Captain Star

If you’re a sci-fi fan with a dry sense of humour and have an interest in little-known, short-lived TV shows, Captain Star is perfect for you. A British/Canadian series, Captain Star is about a spaceship captain who sits in a wheelbarrow awaiting orders to colonize and name planets after himself. Why? Well, to sell the inhabitants sundries of course.

Star Trek fans will immediately recognize the similarities between Star and Captain Kirk. The second-in-command also tends to resemble Beverly Crusher from the Next Generation (voice actor Denica Fairman sounds just like her, if not somewhat Vulcan). The characters enamour you with their unique charm, whether it’s Navigator Black’s obsession with fish or Captain Star’s distaste for ‘unhygienic’ carpets. Listening to Star say the word ‘unhygienic’ is priceless.

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Although The Ren & Stimpy Show is technically an American cartoon that debuted on Nickelodeon, its creator John Kricfalusi is actually Canadian, so it counts. That’s good because only a Canadian can get away with using the label, “Kilted Yaksmen.” In case you haven’t heard, Ren & Stimpy follows a maniacal chihuahua named Ren Höek and his buffoonish Manx cat friend Stimpson J. Cat. The pair’s love-hate relationship follows them through a wide variety of comedic situations.

Sadly, Kricfalusi was fired from Nickelodeon partway through the second season, but Ren & Stimpy remains a legacy. The cartoon inspired countless artists and animators to push the limits of their craft and explore more surreal and absurdist comedy. From Beavis and Butt-Head, which followed the success of the show to SpongeBob SquarePants, which borrowed visual gags and other jokes, Ren & Stimpy inspired a generation. It’s time Netflix allowed it to inspire another.

Why the ’90s Was the Best Decade for Comic Book Cartoons

6 Retro Cartoons That Should Get Their Own Movie

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New York should pass a sports-betting law immediately

It has been just a few short weeks since the US Supreme Court overturned the federal law that had prohibited states from legalizing sports betting. And states like Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi and West Virginia have already moved toward legalization. New York shouldn’t get left behind. Five years ago, state legislators moved to enact a…
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What in the world is growth hacking, and why you should learn how to do it


Digital marketers have their work cut out for them these days. With the onslaught of content flowing in and out of everyone’s news feeds, it has become increasingly hard to capture the attention of users. Marketers need to find a way to make their content stand out amongst earth-shattering TV cancellation (and resurrection) news, royal wedding updates, and adorable puppy videos. And they need to do it fast.

They’re expected to explore non-traditional marketing methods and pin down surefire tactics to grow their user base at exponential rates. This is the essence of growth hacking. It revolves around coming up with a sustainable marketing game plan that looks drastically different than traditional marketing. Read more…

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The ‘real Kevin King’ should finally appear in training camp

A year after the Packers picked him at No. 33 overall, they still haven’t seen Kevin King at his best but believe that will change soon.
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10 things you should never get on a plane without


If you’re just as obsessed with traveling as we are, you’ll know that packing for a vacation is one of the hardest things to do. Sure, you can get excited about wandering around temples, frolicking on a beach, exploring rainforests and other fun activities, but if you haven’t packed the right essentials you might be turning as red as a tomato on the beach, being bitten within an inch of your life in the rainforest, and walking around with broken shoes in the temples. It’ll be a mess. Want our help? We travel all the time, and these are the 10 things we never get on a plane without.

A multi-functional carry-on

Gone are the days of simply taking a backpack as your flight carry-on – the world of traveling has advanced. Nowadays, you can buy awesome multi-functional bags that is a mix between a backpack and a tiny suitcase. Despite their size, these kinds of carry-on cases have enough space to carry everything you need for the plane journey, as well as being both practical and fashionable.

Wireless earbuds

There’s nothing worse than opening your bag to find that your headphones have got caught up in all of your other belongings, or saturated with the hand lotion that popped open mid-flight. This is why we always opt for wireless headphones that you can simply keep in your pocket – away from anything that might hurt or harm them. Nowadays, these kinds of headphones normally have a 6-8 hour charge on them, which is perfect for a mid to long-haul flight.

Comfortable and supportive socks

It’s no secret that sitting on a plane for hours on end is not comfortable in the slightest, which is why should always take it upon yourself to try anything to be comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to wear your most comfortable and most supportive socks. This way, your feet will feel warm, toasty and soft as you sit in the stagnant air of the airplane.

A multi-purpose toiletry bag

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re all about using things that can be used for different purposes, which is why you should get a multi-purpose toiletry bag. When you’re traveling a lot, it is not practical to carry various different bags for different categories of cosmetics and toiletries. By buying yourself an all-in-one bag that has separate compartments, you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

A toothbrush you’re used to

During ours travels, we’ve realized that the toothbrushes you receive in hotels or on long flights are often painful and uncomfortable – which is why it’s always important to travel with a toothbrush you’re used to. Whether you want something a bit fancy, or whether you’re used to a cheap dollar toothbrush from the local store, it’ll save you a lot of hassle and bleeding gums.

A multi-purpose wallet

You might be wondering what other purpose a wallet could have – but it’s actually pretty nifty! You can now buy wallets and purses that double up as battery packs for your cell phone, which is perfect for a long flight or a day of traveling. Instead of finding yourself with no battery, you can simply plug it into your purse and charge it up as you go.

A personal backpack

You may have your multi-purpose carry-on, but this bag is not practical for wandering around small side streets, checking out traditional markets, or even surviving a flight. This is why a personal backpack is one of the 10 things we never get on a plane without. This is where you can carry everything from your water to a good book, to your sunglasses, to your headphones and more. By using a personal backpack, you can separate your important flight essentials from your luxuries.

A fancy phone case

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the items you need to take on a flight, which is why it’s best to keep as many things as possible together. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in fancy phone cases that have space for important cards such as ID or bank card. This way, you do not have to fumble around for a purse if you need these items, as they will always be with your phone.

Comfy clothes

Just as you don’t want to step on a plane without comfy socks, you also don’t want to step on a plane without comfortable clothes. When you’re stuck in one position for a few hours, the last thing you want is to be constricted by your clothing. So, steer clear of tight clothing such as denim, and opt for looser items such as leggings, sweaters and more.

Quality skincare

There are a few issues with airplanes; they’re not totally clean, and they’re extremely dry – and these factors can wreak havoc on your body. If you find your skin feels dry during every single flight, then start arming yourself with quality skin care, such as hand lotion and cleansing lotion to avoid bacteria.

If you travel as much as we do, you’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when you’re in-flight – and after many years, we’ve come to the conclusion that these 10 things are essential. Trust us!


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The C-Word You Should Never Call a Woman

Social media once again proved their chief export was outrage this week when late night show host Samantha Bee told a joke about Ivanka Trump, calling her a “feckless ‘C-Word.’” (She has since apologized.)

It was no surprise that calls for the comedian to apologize split along party lines, with many conservatives demanding their pound of flesh in return for the canceling of Roseanne over racist tweets earlier in the week. (It’s a false equivalency, but nonetheless a useful tool for figuring out if someone is a racist—equating an abhorrent racial slur with a not-very-nice word.)

For years, the “C-word” has enjoyed the “we can use it, but you can’t” codicil in offensive language. But even in feminist circles, it is still very much another c-word—controversial.

As someone who founded and administers a pro-Hillary Facebook group, I’ve found myself in the middle of this discussion so many times, the other admins and I joke that our memoir will be called Parsing the Word C-nt. We have a no hate speech policy but the question remains, is the “C-word” hate speech?

I started employing the “C-word” in high school for a very simple reason: I wanted to shock. I was a teenager, I wanted to be different, I wanted to be edgy. If this was a word that was so bad you couldn’t use it, then I wanted to be the one to use it. I didn’t realize at the time that in my teen rebellion, I was inadvertently reclaiming the word.

I assume that a majority of the women of my generation and younger women have had a similar journey, judging by the way “C-words” rain down freely and peppers our conversations. You can be mad at someone and use it, but it’s lost a lot of its power, having all of the bite of calling someone a “bitch.” (Although admittedly, this word, too, remains charged based on context and personal interpretation.) For other women, it has evolved into being sensual and erotic—take C-nt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio, or The C-nt Coloring Book, for example.

Shortly before the election, I had another evolution in thinking about the “C-word.” After seeing a staggering amount of misogyny from folks across every aisle—all of who were using the “C-word,” and not “Clinton,” to describe the most qualified and accomplished modern candidate for the presidency, as well as any women who supported her, I realized that being a c-nt wasn’t such a bad thing. Women were being called c-nts for actually doing some really amazing and brave things.

If it makes you a “C-word” to stand up for yourself, to work hard, to speak truth to power, to not let a man take advantage of your body, to fight for the rights of marginalized voices—then yes, vagina, I was a cunt!

So I made a video about it.

There is one c-word I think is truly offensive to call a woman: crazy. “Crazy” is a tool that the patriarchy uses to dismiss the humanity of women. If a woman thinks she’s being sexually harassed, she’s crazy. If a woman raises her voice or is demanding like a man, she’s crazy. If a woman calls out discrimination, wants to be paid fairly, or says that your jokes are lazy and offensive, she’s crazy. Calling a woman “crazy” is how men say that a woman’s concerns and experiences aren’t real. It’s the permission they give themselves to keep doing what they’re doing, without confronting their own biases. It prevents one of my favorite c-words: change.

Looking back on the whole mess, what should concern Ivanka Trump the most is the “f-word” she was called, the one before the “C-word”—feckless. It means weak, ineffective, worthless. As a woman who builds her brand on the illusion that she works and a mother of a daughter, that should really sting her the most. You can call Hillary Clinton the “C-word” as much as you want, but you can never say she’s feckless. C-nts are never weak and often very effective.

That’s why they hate us.

Tess Rafferty is a writer, comedian and performer. Most recently, she developed Halfway House, an original half hour pilot at WBTV. Her original pilot, I Know Who You Really Are, Bitch, made the WeForShe 2017 WriteHer list. Tess has written for numerous shows, including @MIDNIGHT on Comedy Central and The Soup, and she currently produces and appears in the live comedy show, RESISTANCE AFTER DARK. As an author, Tess made her debut with her memoir Recipes for Disaster, published by St. Martin’s Press in 2012 and has written her first novel, Under the Tuscan Gun, currently under option with WBTV. You can read more at  or follow her @TessRafferty.

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Jim Jefferies: Samantha Bee Should Have ‘Stuck to Her Guns’

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

SAN FRANCISCO—A few hours after Samantha Bee issued an “sincere apology” to Ivanka Trump for calling her a “feckless cunt” on her show this past week, The Jim Jefferies Show posted a video on Twitter with the message, “We’d like to sincerely apologize to all the people we’ve called c*nts on our show.”

In the montage, host Jim Jefferies can be seen using the “c-word” to describe Richard Nixon, James Comey and the entire country of France. He notably does not use it in reference to any women, let alone the daughter of the president. Perhaps that’s why he never drummed up the level of controversy Bee did this week when she used the word on TBS’ Full Frontal. Either that, or it’s because he’s Australian.

“The accent definitely does help,” Jefferies says backstage before his stand-up set at Comedy Central’s Clusterfest on Saturday. “It does roll off the tongue a little bit easier when I do it. Maybe it doesn’t have the connotations that it does in America.” He admits that in the U.S. it “seems to be a misogynistic term that’s meant to hurt” whereas in Britain, Australia and Ireland, it’s actually often used in a “nice way.” For instance, he might say of a friend, “This cunt’s alright.” But, he adds, “It’s not just Brits and Aussies, I think it’s OK for anyone to say that word.”

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