The best fake tan for pale skin, as tested by a shade zero

This way for a subtle, sunkissed glow please

best fake tan for pale skin

Confession time: I used to loathe fake tan. I could never find one that didn’t go orange against my skin’s pasty backdrop. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t be arsed with the faff of it – until recently, that is. Thankfully, times and technologies have changed since the 00s, and now the best fake tan for pale skin can be found on beauty shelves far and wide.

‘Never be scared to tan [if you’re pale], as there are so many formulas now that are perfect for every skin type and tone,’ says Jules Von Hep, master tanner and founder of Isle of Paradise. ‘Choose a light, hydrating formula that you can build up over time.’

Ok, ready for a tanning masterclass? Read on for everything you need to know from the experts to create a subtle, non-streaky glow with absolutely no hint of orange.

Get that streak-free finish

‘The trick to a truly flawless glow is all in the prep. Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to application and ensure skin is exfoliated with a dry brush or scrub,’ Jules says. ‘This means your skin will have an even surface, so the final result will be even, AND, more importantly, it will fade evenly like a natural tan would.

‘Remove any make-up and deodorant prior to application, but don’t use a cleansing oil to remove make-up as this will act as a barrier to the tan.

‘Prime your skin using Isle of Paradise Prep It Spray – this will lower your pH and will help the tan penetrate deeper into the skin. You wouldn’t put make up on without a primer, so why tan without one?

‘Spray this liberally and allow to absorb into your skin while you apply an aloe vera based moisturiser to your hands, elbows, knees and feet, including the heels. If you are fair haired, apply some to your hairline and eyebrows too.’

best fake tan for pale skin

Now you’ve got your prep nailed, you need to master the technique for that streak-free, natural-looking glow.

‘Remember to always apply your tan in sweeping motions over the body, never circular,’ Jules continues. ‘This ensures that product is distributed evenly for the most natural, even looking tan. When it comes to tanning the back – you CAN do this alone! Just turn your mitt backwards and apply product directly onto skin, sweeping from side to side.

‘With all tans, apply two coats to the body and one to face. Starting at the ankles and working your way up means that tan will be dry enough to apply a second coat after a couple of minutes. Just start again from the ankles for the second layer.

‘Use what is left on the mitt to apply to hands and feet and remember to wipe in between fingers and over finger nails with a damp cloth or make up wipe after application.

‘Lastly (and my favourite trick of all) – hang a towel onto the back of your door and rub your wrists together. This removes those pesky, tell-tale tan lines.’

How to maintain your tan and prevent patchiness

So, you’ve managed to get the perfectly finished fake tan. But half of the bother is keeping it that way, without the dreaded patches that can appear after a couple of days time. What do you do to keep this from happening?

‘Keep hydrated,’ advises Jules. ‘Drink that water – happy hydrated skin won’t shed and will hold onto the colour for longer. If you’re going away and are on a long-haul flight, try to not drink alcohol as this encourages the tan to fade due to the dehydration on the skin.

best fake tan for pale skin


‘I love maintaining an everlasting glow (I know, cue hair flick) by applying self-tan to my entire body, following with two consecutive days of rich moisturiser onto my skin. Then I apply a hit of Isle of Paradise Happy Tan to my body to lift the colour back up.

‘Two days after I will begin the scrub process, lightly exfoliating the top coat of tan off, and then applying my next coat of self-tan.’

What to look for when shopping for the best fake tan for pale skin

‘Try light/medium tanning products, rather than going straight for the darker shades,’ says Bondi Sands brand manager Tiffany Whitworth. ‘These are likely to suit your skin tone better, giving you the most natural result,’ says Tiffany. ‘But if you want to embrace your darker side, there’s nothing stopping you.

‘Self Tanning Foams are the perfect product for beginners. They’re super easy to apply and quick drying, leaving you bronzed and delicious in minutes. Using a tanning mitt, apply the foam in long sweeping motions, working from the legs up, following the colour guide to make sure you don’t leave any white patches.’

best fake tan for pale skin

‘Tanning waters are the most hydrating tan possible, we are quite literally giving our skin a drink, and they are SO easy to apply,’ adds Jules. ‘The trick is to apply liberally. Your skin should be drenched after application and then blended with a mitt, swept gently over skin. The peach tones are perfect for a paler skin tone, as it will just brighten your skin and give you a sun-kissed glow.

‘We only use organic DHA in Isle of Paradise, which won’t dry out the skin and ensures a beautiful, even glow on every application. All of our formulas are packed with organic tanning actives and avocado, chia seed and coconut oils, for a happy, hydrated glow.’

Ready to take on the world of tanning? Read on for our top five buys for pale skin below.

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Perfume Interview: The J-Pop Group Talks Skin Care & Scalp Massagers

Allure’s Devon Abelman sat down with Japanese girl group Perfume ahead of their historic Coachella 2019 set to talk about their favorite beauty technology, scent-related memories, and complete skin-care routines. Plus, the trio shares how they upkeep their iconic hairstyles.


The secret to glowing spot-free skin even on your period

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Spots.  We all get them, and we all hate them.  As much as we try to cover them up with concealer or foundation, they still manage to make themselves seen.

There are a whole host of reasons why we suddenly breakout, but the main culprit is hormonal changes, especially throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Within a 28-day cycle our complexion can change drastically; from crystal clear one minute, to pussy pimples the next, super dry and flaky to oily and unpleasantly shiny. We just can’t win.

But experts at Swedish brand FOREO has revealed exactly why our skin changes in the run up to our period, during and afterwards, and the tips to take to have radiant and acne-free skin even if it is your TOTM.

best way to cover a spot

Stage 1: The Menstrual Phase (Day 1 to 5)

The first phase starts with day one of your period, and it tends to be the peak time of the month when we are most vulnerable to breakouts *sigh *.

Within the first few days of Aunty Flo making her return some some people may feel spots brewing under the skin’s surface, and redness around the face, which means the dreaded zit is planning to show its face – literally.

During this time our bodies start to produce excess oestrogen, which triggers the production of oil and sebum, and causes skin – the main contributors to spots.

As much as we may feel sluggish during our period, it is paramount we take extra care of our skin by gently exfoliating and cleansing the face, especially the T-zone, which is often the main problem area as it is the most oily, as well as our chin, and around the nose too.

To use: FOREO recommend the Luna mini 2 device, with its small brushes that can removed 99.5% of dirt hiding in all crevices.

Stage 2: The Follicular Phase (Day 5 to 15)

The mid-point in a woman’s cycle is when we notice our skin has become dry and flaky, in comparison to the week before, which left us feeling like a grease ball, all because our oestrogen levels have dropped.

During these 10 days our skin, and body, is crying out for some extra TLC.  While last week we needed to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, now it is time to hydrate yourself to repair the skin’s barrier after a week of going through the wars (well that’s what it feels like anyway, right?)

Hydrating masks, deeply nourishing moisturisers, vitamin sprays, and simply drinking all the H20 will work wonders on the skin and help to achieve the desired glow.

To use: Foreo H2Overdose UFO Advanced Collection Mask or Ultra Hydrating Face Mask for Dry Skin, which is infused with hyaluronic acid to combat dry skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Face wash

Face wash

Stage 3: The Luteal Phase (Day 15 to 28)

No, we didn’t know it was called that either, but it’s the last leg of your cycle, and the prime time to show off your radiant skin in all the selfies your camera roll can handle.

During these two-weeks ahead of your next period your blood circulation will increase, thanks to oestrogen, which instantly leaves us looking fresh faced with a bit more colour in our cheeks.  Although oestrogen will start to rise again it is not to the point where our face becomes too oily.

Our skin in this fortnight will easily absorb ingredients, which is why we still need to be mindful what we put on our skin, and in our bodies too.

A FOREO expert has advised women to use cleansers containing amino acids, and antioxidants including vitamin E and vitamin C, to boost cell function, collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and UV damage.

To use: FOREO advise using the Micro-Foam Cleanser because its lightweight formula, which is filled with skin-replenishing amino acids and vitamins, will provide a deep but gentle cleanse.

Spot-free, glowing skin all year round we’re ready for you!

Note: Every woman’s skin and menstrual cycle is different depending on their hormones, so listen to your skin too. 


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This under-$15 skin care brand at Sephora is basic in the best way possible

This under-$ 15 skin care brand at Sephora is basic in the best way possible

This under-$  15 skin care brand at Sephora is basic in the best way possible

Every now and then, a new skin care line comes along and—for lack of a better word—disrupts the beauty world with some innovate aspect. A few years ago, it was The Ordinary (under its umbrella brand, Deciem) did just that, thanks to its combination of straightforward products (in often single-ingredient formulas), stark, minimal packaging, and affordable (like, really affordable) price ranges.

View this post on Instagram

Looking to target the signs of ageing? Try our AM skincare recipe… . ▪Kaolin Clay – A gentle white clay that works to effectively absorb excess oils and remove toxins from the surface of the skin. Apply after cleansing 1-2 times a week. . ▪Hyaluronic Acid – A powerful hydrator, it works beneath the surface of the skin as a magnet for moisturise helping your cells retain as much of it possible, for plumper, healthier looking skin. . ▪Q10 – An antioxidant working to protect the skin from environmental damage while working to tackle the signs of ageing. . ▪Vitamin C – Another antioxidant, working to brighten and even the skin, whilst boosting collagen production which gives skin it’s plumpness and elasticity. . ▪Squalane oil – A natural skin oil that works to hydrate and protect skin. 100% plant derived, this oil is lightweight and non greasy. It’s also non-comedogenic, so won’t clog pores and can also help regulate excess oil production. . ▪Collagen – A face serum that tightens the skin and targets fine lines and wrinkles.  Collagen is a natural skin protein that helps to support skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity. . ▪Caffeine – An under-eye serum which is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant derived from coffee.  It can help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and prevent skin damage from free radicals which can make dark circles more pronounced. . Got a skincare question? #asktheinkeylist and our team will be happy to help. . . . . . . . #asktheinkeylist #aging #protectskin #glow #skincare #skincaretips #skincareadvice #skincarehelp #skincarejourney #beautifulskin #glowingskin #radiantskin #newlaunch #serum #affordableskincare #skincarecommunity #amroutine #squalaneoil #hyaluronicacid #vitaminc

A post shared by The INKEY List (@theinkeylist) on

Now, The Inkey List, a U.K.-based brand, has emerged with 19 different skin care products, ranging from the usual suspects, like vitamin C and retinol, to innovative, buzzy ingredients like Polyglutamic Acid (a peptide that can hold up to four times the water that hyaluronic acid can). The Inkey List is quickly becoming a favorite in beauty circles, thanks to its ultra-simple approach to skin care—and its single-ingredient formulas.

Rather than create complex, hard-to-understand, multi-ingredient formulas (whose downfall is often that one ingredient out of the several in a product might be an irritant, but it becomes hard to pinpoint when there are so many), the brand focuses on creating the simplest product offerings possible, making it nearly impossible to be anything but transparent with consumers. Why? Well, when the ingredient list is this short, it’s hard to hide things. For example, check out the ingredient list for The Inkey List’s Squalane Oil (spoiler alert: it’s just Squalane).

The best part is that everything in the collection, which is now available at Sephora, is under $ 15.

Browse some of our favorite offerings from The Inkey List below.

The Inkey List Vitamin C
The Inkey List
The Inkey List | $ 9.99

The antioxidant is great for brightening skin and evening out skin tone over time.

The Inkey List Squalane Oil
The Inkey List
The Inkey List | $ 11.99

The ultra-hydrating oil is a must-have, especially for dry skin types.

The Inkey List Retinol Serum
The Inkey List
The Inkey List | $ 9.99

A great starter retinol, if you’re new to the vitamin A derivative.

The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Toner
The Inkey List
The Inkey List | $ 10.99

If it’s visibly smaller pores you’re after, a glycolic acid toner will be your new BFF.

The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream
The Inkey List
The Inkey List | $ 9.99

A shot of caffeine, inside and out, can solve any problem, tbh.

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First Look: “The Chapter On Rocking The Skin You’re In” | Book of John Gray | Oprah Winfrey Network


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I tested Mented Cosmetics’ first-ever foundation on my oily, dehydrated skin

I tested Mented Cosmetics’ first-ever foundation on my oily, dehydrated skin

I tested Mented Cosmetics’ first-ever foundation on my oily, dehydrated skin

People are always shocked to hear that as an oily skin gal, I prefer hydrating foundations over matte. The confusion lies in people not truly understanding that both dry skin and oily skin need hydration, aka water. Whenever I use a super matte foundation, my skin feels dry and uncomfortable. However, hydrating foundation formulas always leave my skin feeling plump and looking like my natural complexion, but better.

When Mented Cosmetics announced it was venturing into the wonderful world of complexion cosmetics with a hydrating foundation, SKIN by Mented, I jumped for joy. Considering Mented’s line is more geared towards the everyday woman, this type of foundation is a perfect addition.

Over a glass of pinot noir, KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson dreamt up the brand from their personal struggles to find the perfect nude lipstick as women of color. Over the years, Mented has gone from just a line of nude lipsticks to a full collection of cosmetics including eyeshadow, lip glosses and now, the Skin by Mented foundation stick. The newly launched foundation is vegan, dermatologist-tested, and offers two key things I look for in a foundation: buildable coverage and a natural, skin-like finish.

Skin by Mented Foundation
Mented Cosmetics
Mented Cosmetics | $ 30

Skin by Mented is a foundation, but it can also be used as a concealer or contour stick.

Swatches and First Impressions

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

There are 16 shades of Skin by Mented, broken into four shade groups—light, tan, medium and deep. I received three different shades of the Skin by Mented foundation stick—T20 (highlight/concealer), M30 (foundation) and, D30 (contour). Mented also launched a complexion brush that can be used to blend the foundation stick.

The foundation alone is $ 30 while the brush is $ 14—you can save a few dollars by buying a foundation-and-brush bundle for $ 40 (which honestly is a great value, imo).

My bare skin before foundation:

Mented Foundation Review
Mika Robinson, HelloGiggles

11 a.m.: My skin after applying all three shades of the Skin by Mented foundation stick

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

The foundation shade alone is a bit darker than my skin tone, but with the warmer part of spring right around the corner, I’ll be out of the house more and getting a nice tan. The other two sticks left me with a subtle highlight and contour, which I prefer on any regular day.

3 p.m.:

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

The foundation is holding up rather nicely. So far, it feels and looks like skin.

6 p.m.:

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

I’ve mainly been working home today where it’s a million degrees. My skin has gotten dewier, but it doesn’t look bad at all.

Final thoughts:

Mika Robinson / HelloGiggles

From my experience, stick foundations are hit or miss. I’m happy to say that the Skin by Mented foundation is a hit for me. Unlike other foundation sticks I’ve tried in the past, it’s very easy to blend and doesn’t settle into pores. I also like that the coverage is buildable but doesn’t get cakey at all.

These days, I apply foundation with a brush more often than sponges, and this brush works very well with the formula. I’d recommend using a mix of tapping motions and short strokes (with the brush) to blend the foundation seamlessly into your skin.

As much as I love a hydrating foundation, I don’t like my foundation to have a very dewy finish from start to finish. I prefer my oils to kick in throughout the day and make my foundation dewy (is that weird?). I could tell just by swatching that this foundation would look super dewy on my skin. To tweak the finish, I applied a little loose powder before and after the foundation. If you have oily skin, I’d recommend using this method as well.

The shade range by, today’s standards, is short-ish.

Considering that 40+ shades is becoming the norm, Mented’s small range may come as a shock. But it’s important to remember that Mented was founded to focus on the needs of WOC. I think the smaller range is warranted, but I also don’t think more shades in the long term would do any harm. Overall, the foundation is a great formula, and I really hope to see it climb the ranks of some of the beauty world’s holy grails.

If you’re looking to try out Skin by Mented for yourself, it’s available on Mented’s website. Unfortunately, the foundation is not available in stores, but Mented has a handy tool to help you match your shade online. You can also purchase a sample pack for $ 5.

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The Hunt: Stylish Skin Tone Pumps for Work

collage of skin-tone pumps for work

Sure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Ah, springtime — as we all get ready to pull out our spring-y whites and pastels, it’s time for our annual roundup of nude heels for work. I’m pleased to report that the selection of stylish skin tone pumps in 2019 is vastly improved from what it was even five years ago — there are a TON of brands really focusing on offering skin tone shoes for everyone, including Target, Naturalizer, Louboutin, Rebecca Allen, Nubian Skin, and House No. 3028. Of course, it should be noted, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a shade that doesn’t match your skin tone if you just happen to like the particular shade. Readers, what are your thoughts — are you on the hunt for stylish skin tone pumps for work right now, or do you have a favorite from previous years? (Does anyone have thoughts on pantyhose and skin tone pumps?)

Target’s line, A New Day, offers an impressive six shades of nude — huzzah! (Other brands that are focusing on offering a wide range of skin tones include Naturalizer, Louboutin, Rebecca Allen, and Nubian Skin.) The pictured shoes are the color “Cocoa” and are $ 29.99, available in regular and wide widths sizes 5-12. 

I love the little details here — particularly the asymmetric cap toe, which adds not only a dose of style but also makes me think the shoe might last a bit longer. I also love the cone heel, which feels a bit avant-garde — and a low heel never hurts. (We’ve rounded up other low heels in the bulleted list at top; there’s also this lovely d’Orsay option from Sole Society for $ 60.) The pictured shoe is on sale for $ 70.

Not only is Banana Republic offering a TON of skin tone shades this season, they’re also promising 18 hours of comfort. Nice! (Shades offered include deep brown suede, chestnut brown suede, biscotti suede, beige leather, and cool beige patent.) It’s great to see that they come in slightly extended sizes (5-12), and, being Banana Republic, there’s sure to be a 40% or 50% off sale soon. The shoe is $ 118 full price. 

Know your office before trying the transparent trend! It is no longer just a budget option and can be found in the splurge end of shoes — so if you work in a creative, casual office, this shoe might be appropriate. But again, know your office before trying this 4″ heel from Schutz, on sale at Nordstrom for $ 116. They also have a neon option that’s kind of awesome, as well as a lower version of the beige/transparent pump. 

Boden always has darling shoes, and these are no different if this shade of pinky beige is calling your name. I like the racing stripe detail on the heel of the shoe, and I always like a little bit of a strap. These are $ 180-$ 190 and come in other colors, including a very happy yellow.

I don’t think we’ve yet discussed MM.LaFleur’s new line of shoes — what say you, ladies? I know some people were disappointed that the shoes came at such a high price point (these pumps are $ 365), but that feels right to me — in line with Stuart Weitzman, Sarah Jane Parker, and Cole Haan prices, yet lower than Sarah Flint and other designer-y options like Choo and Manolo. 

Some other fun ones we found, pictured at the very top and here:

top row: dark brown / pointy-toed pink block heel / beige pointy-toed stiletto / pink Mary Jane heels
row two: round-toe block heel / pointy-toe mocha block heel
row three: caramel stiletto / beige stilettos / caramel block heel / transparent stiletto

Like this feature? Check out other recent installments! Curious about older editions of this roundup? Check them out here: 2018, 201720162015201420132011201120092008 (awww, just a few weeks after the blog was born).

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

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Black Men Skin Care Brand Challenges The “For All Skin Types” Beauty Claim

Faced with a constant challenge of finding solutions created specifically for men of color, Patrick Boateng II and Blake Rascoe created Ceylon, a skin care brand developed to help men of color adopt an effective skincare routine.

With help from their advisor Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant, Boateng and Rascoe created Ceylon as an exclusive product for men of color because research shows they are disproportionately affected by skin concerns such as acne scarring, eczema, razor bumps, and hyper-pigmentation.

“The biggest change that we’d like to see in the industry is an end to the lie that the product is for all skin types,” said Boateng. “There are specific skin concerns that disproportionately affect people of color and it is disingenuous for companies to imply that a skincare product that hasn’t been developed with skin of color in mind can, in fact, be a safe and effective product for people like us. For us, it’s important to have safe, effective, and well-researched products that help deal with these issues without the risks that many common products on the market carry.”

Built From the Ground-Up With People of Color in Mind.

Typically, targeting people of color is an afterthought for mainstream beauty brands. So when it comes to marketing and product development the founders leveraged their personal experiences and concentrated their efforts on education and accessibility.

“Together, we thought about how to create products that we would have liked to have when we wanted to take care of our skin. We knew that if we created the answer for us, it could be the answer for many others,” said Boateng. For Boateng it was when living abroad that he experienced daily breakouts and routine acne scarring. Despite trying hundreds of products, nothing seemed to help clear up his skin. For Blake it started in high school, when as a three-sport athlete, a rigorous schedule and constant sweating made it difficult to keep his skin clear. At the time, Blake began using an over-the-counter skin care product recommended by his dermatologist to help combat acne which also ended up bleaching his skin, leaving him with a pale, washed-out complexion.

Black Men Skin Care Brand

Beyond selling skincare products directly to consumers online, the trailblazing duo is also creating a community platform for men of color that fosters improved health and wellness outcomes.

“The most overlooked factors that can negatively affect our skin health include poor nutrition, lack of sleep, daily stress, exposure to air and water pollution, and inadequate personal care practices,” said Boateng. These are the same issues that can actually affect our overall health. So it’s important to note that our dermatological health and overall health are linked. Our ultimate goal is to start a conversation around overall health and wellness. We believe that starts with looking in the mirror.”

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Beautyblender’s New Opal Essence Makeup Primer Is Dewy Skin in a Bottle

Makeup-sponge brand Beautyblender launched its first-ever foundation primers, including the hydrating, illuminating Opal Essence Serum Primer. Also available are the Selfie Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 38 Dry Oil Primer, and The Leveler Pore Minimizing Primer, which comes in two shades.


Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment Guide: Cost, Side Effects, and More

Lasers are now being used to zap everything from sun damage and skin cancers to acne scars and regrettable tattoos — and often with little to no downtime. Which ones are best for your particular skin type and issue? In this month’s Life in Plastic column, we tapped the country’s top laser gurus spell it out for us.


This May Be The Best Skin Treatment for People of Color With Dark Marks

Melanin is a beautiful gift from God that gives people of color added protection from UV rays, skin cancer, and signs of aging. Not to mention, it also glistens in the sun with a magical glow. However, on the flip side, those with pigmented skin are prone to hyperpigmentation — a skin condition that causes dark marks and acne scars when excessive melanin is produced. It can be triggered by anything from a rash, scratch, pimple, or inflammation. To make matters worse, this unsightly ailment can take anywhere from three months to two years to get rid of.

African Americans are most susceptible to hyperpigmentation because their melanin-rich skin tends to be more reactive than other people of color. Fortunately, there’s a treatment that can reduce the appearance of dark spots called dermalinfusion. According to Cheryl M. Medina, a physician assistant specializing in aesthetics, this treatment works wonders for those with brown skin. The New York-born Filipina has been working in skin care and practicing dermatology for seven years at Skin Deep Clinics, where she specializes in treating darker skin tones with a focus on acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and anti-aging. She also serves a range of influencers and rising stars, like fashion designer LaQuan Smith and DJ Natasha Diggs, at the Queens-based clinic.

In an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Medina breaks down a popular dermalinfusion treatment as well as common myths about skincare.


Cheryl M. Medina, PA-C

BE: How does the Dermalinfusion treatment work?

One of the most popular and effective dermalinfusion treatments is called “The Silk Peel.”  It’s a wonderful treatment that gets great results in treating acne, dark spots, acne scarring, and anti-aging. Similar to a microdermabrasion treatment, it breaks down the top layer of dead skin revealing newer skin and encouraging new skin cells to the surface, which gives you a nice glow and even skin texture.

As it is abrading your top layer, it forms a hyperbaric chamber with the skin allowing it to suction whatever can be manipulated out of your pore. So all the bacteria that is trapped in your skin gets eliminated and collected in a collection jar. After the treatment, you get to see all the wonderful things that was pulled out of your face.

Not only does it exfoliate and cleanse the skin, it also nourishes the skin.  It is a wet microdermabrasion meaning, it delivers a solution back into the skin through the pores whilst they are engaged. Depending on what your skin is presenting, we are able to deliver back into the dermis nourishment and treatment in the form of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, a brightening solution, as well as salicylic acid that helps prevent acne.

Common Skincare Myths

BE: Can you debunk a few skincare myths that you’ve heard?

MYTH: Greasy foods make me break out.

FACT: Sebaceous glands produce sebum or oil to coat our skin for protection and pH optimization.  Greasy foods do not trigger these glands to produce more oil. In fact, it is the behavior whilst eating greasy foods that can add oil to the skin. For example, touching your face with greasy hands after eating greasy foods adds oil to the face and can lead to a breakout by clogging your pores. Be mindful of touching your face whilst eating and of the grease dribble on your chin when you take a bite!  Sugar actually does ignite those sebaceous glands to produce more oil.  So, what you should be mindful of is your sugar intake.

MYTH: I can use my body soap to wash my face in the shower.  It cleanses all the same.

FACT: Soaps that foam have a foaming agent called a detergent. That’s right. The same agent you use to wash your clothes with.  Detergents are drying agents so using foamy soaps will dry out your skin!  That’s why after you wash your face it feels tight and super dry or “clean.” In doing so, you have stripped what’s called the natural acid mantle barrier, a light layer of oil meant to keep your skin at its proper pH level in order for it to function optimally, and throughout the day, you will notice that your skin will produce a lot more oil. It does so in order to compensate for the loss of oil that you stripped away with the foamy wash. Milky cream wash or gel wash is best!

MYTH: Black don’t crack. I don’t need sunscreen!

FACT: Although it is true, darker skin tones do age better; it is due to the oil that we produce that keeps our skin moist and supple so that our skin does not degrade as quickly. But sunscreen is used primarily to avoid skin cancer as well as aging. Darker skin tones are not invincible to skin cancer. It is imperative that you protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays especially these days with our ozone layer depleting.

As far as aging, darker skin tones are susceptible to hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or age spots. Using an SPF 30-55 daily will prevent these spots from appearing or getting darker. Also, try putting sunscreen on the back of your hands daily as well. Your hands show age quickly due to its overexposure to the UV light.

Treat Your Skin Right

BE: What should people of color do on a daily basis to maintain healthy, clear skin?

It is important to have a proper skincare regimen, starting with a milky or gel-non foaming facial cleanser. You should cleanse your face daily and add a light moisturizer with a broad spectrum (that protects against UVA and UVB rays) SPF between 30-55 that contain antioxidants to nourish the skin.

The most important part of a skincare routine is being a member of exfoliation nation! You must exfoliate regularly. I tell patients, in the beginning, to start natural with a simple sugar and honey scrub that they can make at home with 1/4 cup sugar + 1-2 tbspns of honey. Mix into a puddy and scrub your face for 60sec.  Wash off and apply nourishment to this skin in the form of a moisturizer with antioxidants. This should be done at night, three times per week. Then later to challenge the skin, you can start using chemicals like glycolic acid or retinol to exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliating allows your pores to breath, encourages new skin growth, gives your skin a healthy glow, and also prevents bacteria or acne to grow. Diet also plays a major role in skin health!  You should eat foods that are high in antioxidants like deep greens, acai berries, pomegranate, etc. However, the most important part of your diet is drinking tons of water. Water helps your skin and body rids itself of toxins! Three water bottles a day should be your daily goal at the very least.

BE: What type of products do you recommend for people who suffer from hyper-pigmentation?

When dealing with hyperpigmentation, the process is twofold:

First, you must work out the skin. Meaning, you have to exfoliate regularly. Dark spots are a form of scar tissue.  You can lighten it by exfoliating the dead skin off and encouraging new skin to come to the surface.  Remember after you exfoliate you must, must, must wear sunscreen to protect the new skin from the sun’s damage.  Otherwise, the dark spot will only get darker!

The second part is actually treating the hyperpigmentation with a topical. Products that contain hydroquinone 4%, bearberry, licorice, citric acid and kojic acid help to brighten or lighten the skin.  At Skin Deep Clinics, we offer Skin Tone Pads that contain kojic acid, bearberry and hydroquinone to brighten the skin.  They are easy to use and breed wonderful, safe results.


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Americans are plagued by ‘winter skin syndrome’

Six in ten Americans are plagued by “winter skin syndrome” according to new research. A survey examining the winter ailments of 2,000 Americans saw sixty percent of respondents cite their skin as unhealthy in the winter – with one in four suffering regular itching. The research examined the frequency with which respondents experience certain winter…
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13 Best Foundations for Mature Skin, According to Makeup Artists

As much as we love foundation, it does have a temperamental tendency to highlight stuff we don’t want seen — arguably, something that can be more of an issue for mature skin, which benefits from moisturizing and nourishing formulas. Makeup artists call out their favorite foundations for those with mature skin.


17 Best Nude Lip Liners for Every Skin Tone — Expert Reviews

Everyone needs a solid nude or neutral-toned lip liner in their collection, but with so many on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one will be the perfect one for you. Here, find the best neutral lip liners for every skin tone, which work when worn alone or underneath lipstick, straight from professional makeup artists.


When Skynet meets Elizabeth Arden: A beauty startup sees A.I. as the key to flawless skin

The U.S. skincare market is worth an estimated $ 7 billion. Yet despite the wealth of products available promising flawless, ageless skin, consumers are frustrated by the low success rate. Skincare start-up Proven Beauty believes it has the answer.
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The Black Travel Box Provides Travel Size Hair and Skin Products for People of Color

While away on a vacation, one of the last things you want to deal with is an exhaustive search for products to fix a bad hair day. So when Orion Brown found herself in Japan “dealing with a major miscalculation of weather and a head full of hair with no hope,” she turned her annoyance into opportunity.

“I didn’t have enough product to get me through the trip and there was nowhere locally I could find the products I needed,” said Brown. “Dejected, I avoided the selfies and made the best of it. But upon reflection, I could only hope that someone would make (or would have made) a product company for travelers like me. There weren’t. So I created The Black Travel Box.”

The Black Travel Box provides travel size hair and skin products for people of color delivered to your door when you want. The product line includes a conditioner bar, hair balm, body balm, and lip balm.

“They say that necessity is the mother of invention,” said Brown. “Well, there’s no greater necessity for me than the “necessities” of travel when on vacation. We’re not a typical subscription box company. Our ‘subscribe and save’ model is similar to Amazon’s, where customers can choose products they know and trust, and then select a personalized schedule for receiving them right to their door. Subscribing is optional, but offers savings over one-time purchases, its flexible, and it can be canceled anytime.”

Travel size hair and skin products for people of color

Black Travel


With a background in consumer goods marketing and brand management, Brown leveraged her lessons learned, while working in corporate to build her business model and test the market for the products and service before launching it.

The Black Travel Box could not be where it is today without that working experience,” said Brown. “While I’m still learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, the corporate experience of building and maintaining brands is exceptionally relevant here, particularly as we come into a personal care space that is both vast and nonexistent.”

For instance, according to a Nielsen study, “African Americans have cornered the ethnic hair and beauty market, ringing up $ 54 million of the $ 63 million total industry spent in 2017. Black shoppers spent $ 473 million in total hair care (a $ 4.2 billion industry) and made other significant investments in personal appearance products, such as grooming aids ($ 127 million out of $ 889 million) and skin care preparations ($ 465 million out of $ 3 billion).”  Plus, according to data from Mandala Research, black Americans spend $ 48 billion each year traveling and are among the fastest growing segments in the U.S., with 68% surveyed wanting to learn more about their history and culture through travel.

Travelers of color who want to look and feel their best when traveling abroad are the primary consumers of the Black Travel Box.

“They take photos, selfies, and love to share their experiences,” said Brown. “They are avid social media consumers and content makers. While they travel far and fairly often, the challenge of easily getting their look “just right” hasn’t yet been met. They compromise on the products that they bring along, spending time filling travel sized bottles with their favorite products, purchasing “basic” skin and hair care ingredients abroad, or struggling to make what’s available to them work for their unique needs.”

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Black Travel Box is the sense of community it provides for black travelers.

“I started The Black Travel Box to give women of color a brand they could trust for all their travel personal care needs,” said Brown. “Globally, Black travelers have few if any places they can go to find personal care products that work for their hair and skincare needs. As the culture of international travel continues to grow in our community – more and more of us are exploring the world with a level of freedom and wanderlust that our parents and grandparents could never dream of. Our brand is here to help these millennial explorers travel in confidence (we call it #TravelInColor) knowing they have the products to put their best foot forward and rock those selfies in Croatia, London, China… or where ever their travels may take them.”

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Social media influencer who lost 312 pounds has successful surgery to take off 7 pounds of skin

An Instagram star who lost more than 300 pounds now has to get rid of excess skin and she’s ready.

Influencer Lexi Reed is recovering from surgery to remove 7 pounds of excess flesh as a result of her having shed 312 lbs. in two years, according to her fatgirlfedup Instagram account.

The 28-year-old…

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Vitamin C serums: to brighten, tighten, smooth and make skin oh-so-happy

Brighter days ahead

vitamin c serums

When you feel you’re about to get a cold, what does your mum always say? ‘Have some vitamin C.’ It’s a pretty punchy ingredient to ward off illness, but that’s not all it’s good at. It’s been said by industry experts that the combination of one of the best vitamin c serums and a high SPF during the day, paired with a retinol cream or serum at night is the only arsenal you need to fight the signs of aging.

Vitamin C is something of a mega ingredient – it encourages collagen production, helps brighten dark spots and pigmentation from sun damage and protects the skin from free radicals. Not only that, but it’s also great at reducing inflammation, softens rough skin texture and gives you one hell of a natural glow (meaning you can forgo even the best highlighter).

vitamin c serums

As it’s such an active ingredient, it can take your skin a little bit of time to get used to it. Don’t worry, introduce it slowly by applying it every couple of days to start with and then gradually upping your use. This also means that using a high SPF during the day is also essential. Whilst in the past it was annoying to have to add another step into your routine, nowadays you can find some of the best SPF moisturisers that you can use in lieu of your normal day cream.

You can see why one of the best vitamin c serums should be an essential in your skincare regimen. Nailing your skincare routine ensures that your make-up has the best possible canvas to start on. It doesn’t matter if you have the best foundation for your skin type and the best blusher shade for your complexion, if you’re not putting the right skincare ingredients on your skin, then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

Keep scrolling to find our edit of the best vitamin C serum the beauty industry has to offer…

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I Bathed in a Volcanic Mud Bath in Cartagena Colombia for Better Skin

The Volcan de Lodo El Totumo is located an hour outside of Cartagena, Colombia and is referred to by locals as the “volcano of youth,” thanks to the natural mud bath that is now located inside of it. Writer Zoe Weiner took a dip to see if she’d truly emerge with softer, glowier skin.


Phillips: The NBA’s rule on tattoo logos will always get under my skin

J.R. Smith didn’t play in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ season opener on Wednesday night due to an elbow injury.

But if he had, you would have noticed something different about him.

A long strip of white tape on the back of this right calf covering up his latest tattoo. It’s the same kind of tape/patch…

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How To Find The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

Learn how you can choose the best colors for your skin tone no matter if you have a lighter, a medium, or a darker skin tone.

Alan Flusser at His Office

Alan Flusser at His Office

Wear Colors You Truly Like No Matter Your Skin Tone

I’m a firm believer in the concept of wearing colors you truly like because if there’s a favorite color you have and you wear it, you wear it with confidence and it shows. Now that being said, you probably noticed that some colors look more pleasing to others than when you wear them, however, most men don’t know why it’s that way and how they can change it.

Even if you have a favorite color that naturally is not suited to your skin tone, you can still wear it, you may just have to move it to a different location in your outfit. Alan Flusser, one of the best-selling menswear authors of all time reminds us that the goal of color is to make a person look to your face and not to distract from it.

Apparel arts magazine

Apparel arts magazine

By the way, a classic jacket, the shirt collar, as well as the tie create triangles that are supposed to emphasize your face but more about those things in a different article. During the heydays of classic men’s clothing in the 1930’s in the US, men’s magazines and trade magazines such as Esquire or Apparel Arts would actually have little tables with colors and patterns as well as skin tones for men so they could easily figure out what would work for them and what would flatter them. Of course, these stories also helped introduce new colors for the season and to simply expand the range of colors men would be comfortable wearing.

Finding your skin tone

Finding your skin tone

What Exactly Is Skin Tone?

To put it simply, skin tone is the natural color of your skin. Now that sounds very obvious, however, the color can change constantly depending whether it is the winter or the summer. Now the term skin tone also refers to the undertone of your skin, not just the skin color. Often, they’re used interchangeably but they’re slightly different.

Basically, there are two ways to think about skin tone and dressing. One is the lightness and darkness of your skin, the other one is the undertone. So whether your skin is light, medium, or dark color, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Personally, I’m more in the medium spectrum because my mom is from Germany, she’s from the lighter spectrum and my dad is from Brazil and he’s on a darker, medium spectrum.

Warm, neutral, and cool, undertone

Warm, neutral, and cool, undertone

Finding Your Undertone Is Equally Important

It’s a little more difficult to determine your undertone; basically, there are three skin undertones.

  • Warm Undertone. Warm means there is a greenish-yellowish or peachy undertone.
  • Cool Undertone. Cool means your skin has a bluish undertone.
  • Neutral Undertone. Neutral undertone means you can’t really discern if there’s a greenish, bluish, golden, or yellowish undertone and there’s simply nothing present that you can make out, that’s okay, it exists, it’s simply a neutral skin undertone.

Now, determining your skin undertone is not hard science but there are different ways to determine that. First of all, look at your wrist area. If you look closely, you can see that I have a greenish and yellowish undertone. Just look at the veins, there’s blue, there’s green, there’s yellow which means I’m a warm undertone.

Paper test to determine your skin undertone

Paper test to determine your skin undertone

Now if that test doesn’t help you, you can just take a white piece of paper, hold it next to your face, and take a look in the mirror. Just quickly look at it and observe what color you see at a glance. Is it yellow? Is it green? Is it blue? Is it none of the above? The important thing is you have to do it with a mirror outside in daylight or with lamps that are adjusted for daylight in a color temperature because traditionally, most interior lamps are warmer and fall in a yellow spectrum so even though you might be a cooler tone, in a mirror you will look like you’re a warm tone and that would be wrong and lead to the wrong outfit combinations.

Last but not the least, you could also look at your skin type and the history you have with sunburn. If you’re out in the sun without sunscreen, do you get burned very easily or very slowly? If your skin is prone to burning and it doesn’t tan, you’re a cool undertone. On the other hand, if you don’t need sunscreen and you tan very easily, you’re definitely a warm undertone. Naturally, it’s best to always wear sunscreen no matter if you’re a cool or a warm skin type simply because you want to avoid skin cancer. Again, the best way to do that is under natural daylight because the interior light from bulbs in the house can change the results and how they’re perceived.

How Do You Find The Best Colors That Work For You?

So by now, you should have determined your skin undertone. Now that you have that, how do we actually find the best color for it? Basically, it again comes down to two things. So first let’s talk about the colors for different skin undertones.

Charcoal brown is an acceptable color

Charcoal brown is an acceptable color for warm undertones

Warm Skin Undertone

If you’re a warm skin undertone just like I am, you can really wear earth colors very well and it will always look good on you. By that, I mean the colors of brown, green, warm red, mustard yellow, and anything that is quite warm and natural. Likewise, neutrals like beige and cream that are softer will really work for you.

In terms of the metal color, gold is the way to go. Gold is always flattering but I still wear silver and platinum jewelry simply because I like it and for different outfits, it works better in my opinion.

So don’t let those colors that work well for you dictate what you wear and not wear but much rather look at them in a way that they help you bring out the best in you and the way you look. Instead, try to incorporate those colors more into your outfit whether it’s in your accessories, or in your jackets, maybe in your shirt, or in your shoes, and that way, you’ll just achieve an overall better result.

Cool Skin Undertone

If you have a cool undertone, look at shades of blue, purple, and green, they will work really well for you especially if you choose pastels. So think about a pastel blue, pastel green, maybe pastel pink, or pastel lavender, those are really great colors. In terms of metals, silver or platinum would likely work better for you and so when in doubt, go with that metal color.

Neutral Skin Undertone

Now, if you’re neither a warm nor a cool skin tone, you get the best of both worlds meaning you can wear basically all the colors and it will still work for you, isn’t that great? Now does it mean you can wear anything? No, because you also have to consider the contrast levels.

Universally Flattering Colors

No matter what skin type you are, there are three colors that are considered to be universally flattering. They include eggplant which is kind of really dark purple, a true red which is not burgundy but lighter and brighter, as well as green. Now, in classic menswear showing up in a teal suit with red shoes and an eggplant tie will really not be your best choice and instead, it pays to use those colors and incorporate them into your accessories.

First up, think about socks. You can have red socks or you can have teal socks with a purple stripe that almost looks like eggplant or you can have red and blue tones or red and brown that comes out like an eggplant color and those are really good ways to incorporate those colors, make your outfit unique yet flattering.

The left image of Sven Raphael Schneider looks way better than the right which looks washed out

The left image of Sven Raphael Schneider looks way better than the right which looks washed out

Washed Out Colors

Now when it comes to colors, you may have heard of the concept of washed out colors. Just think about a washed pair of denim that used to be really dark blue but you’ve washed it so much that now it’s just a faint blue color and it just doesn’t look new anymore and you don’t want to wear it. The same concept can be transitioned to humans and your face.

The idea is that if you have the wrong colors next to your face, it makes your skin colors look washed out in a negative way. If I wear a light blue shirt with a light gray jacket, my skin tone looks very different than if I wear a cream or off-white shirt with a dark brown jacket.

Contrast Is Key

Do not wear a black jacket with a white shirt if you have a light skin tone

Do not wear a black jacket with a white shirt if you have a light skin tone

As I mentioned before, apart from color, it’s also important to look at the contrast. For most people, it pays not to go extreme with the contrast but it’s important to maintain some element of it. What I mean by that, for example, if you have a lighter skin tone, it pays to go with a lower contrast. Don’t wear a black jacket with a white shirt because that’s just too strong. Instead, maybe go with a light blue shirt and a medium gray suit that will flatter your skin tone much more.

For medium skin tone, you want to also avoid high contrasts

For medium skin tone, you want to also avoid high contrasts

Now if you’re a medium skin tone just like I am, you still want to avoid these really high contrast outfits of black and white or navy and white. A navy and a lighter shade of white can work for you. On the other hand, you also don’t want to go with pastel tones that are too close to your skin tone because not enough contrast is not flattering either.

Apart from that, you can play a lot with contrast. I can, for example, wear a white shirt with maybe a charcoal suit or a gray flannel suit that will still look good at the same time, I can wear a light blue shirt with it and it’s less of a contrast but it still works for me.

Washed out look - Not a flattering look for darker skin tones

Washed out look – Not a flattering look for darker skin tones

Overall, if you have darker skin tones, you can really wear high contrast outfits. Navy suits, white shirts, that’s something that really works for you but definitely avoid pairing a light blue shirt with a light gray suit because it makes you look washed out.

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style and Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman's Gazette

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style and Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman’s Gazette

Tips For Selecting Clothes Perfect For Your Skin Tone

  1. Identify Color Ranges That Work For You Again, you don’t have to just choose colors from that spectrum but it pays to look at those colors that work for you and then maybe choose variations of it. For example, if green is one of those colors, you can think of paler greens maybe for shirts, maybe for socks, maybe you can incorporate darker greens into your tie and to your pocket square.
  2. When putting together an outfit, color choices are most impactful with the colors that are closest to your face and your skin. So that means a shirt, tie, and jacket. Obviously, it can be tough if white and stark contrasts don’t work for you yet in a business wardrobe, white is really the number-one requirement. In those cases, you can still wear white shirts. Just make sure you wear them with a necktie that covers up part of the shirt and maybe go with a jacket that has a higher button stance or maybe a double-breasted jacket that covers more of the shirt front so you see less of it and therefore, it works in your favor.
  3. If you’re into hats, they’re also right next to your face so make sure you get the colors right. For example with my skin tone, a brown hat or a navy hat will look better than a      black hat or a gray hat. That being said, if the occasion calls for it, I still wear a black hat or a gray hat because it may work well with my suit and you can play with it and use it as a guideline, not as an absolute.
  4. If you want to wear colors that fall outside of your color spectrum, try to keep them away from your face and you can go with your pants, maybe your cufflinks, your socks, your pocket square. Personally, for example, I would not wear a khaki jacket because it would not be contrasting enough with my skin tone so I wear khaki slacks all the time but never as a jacket or suit.
  5. Finally to conclude, keep in mind that you can still wear the colors that you like. Don’t let skin tones and undertones dictate the only colors you wear and keep in mind that contrast is always key.

What colors do you think are perfect for your skin tone? Drop a comment below!

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9 Fall Skin Care Rules Dermatologists Want You to Follow

Now that fall is here, it’s a good time to start thinking about tweaking your skin care regimen, as cold, drier air usually calls for lots of moisture and a little less exfoliation. If you aren’t sure about which crucial steps of your routine you should actually ditch or keep, we asked experts to share some helpful skin care dos and don’ts to consider before winter arrives. Here are 9 fall skin care tips and tricks you’ll definitely want to keep in mind.

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11 Pumpkin Skin Care Products That’ll Brighten Your Complexion for Fall

Pumpkin is so much more than an autumnal treat found in lattes. The orange gourd is actually rich in alpha hydroxy acids, which help exfoliate and renew the skin, say dermatologists. Here, we’ve rounded up 11 pumpkin-infused skin-care products to use for brighter skin this fall.