Trevor Lawrence snaps, gets in intramural basketball fight

Making contact with Trevor Lawrence is a no-no — even on the basketball court. The national championship-winning quarterback didn’t take kindly to a screen set on him during an intramural basketball game, as seen in a video posted by Clemson’s Barstool account. After a pick, which looked legal, was set on Lawrence in the backcourt,…
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Curiosity snaps a selfie before heading off to new adventures

curiosity rover selfie

NASA may be on the edge of its seat as it waits to see if its aging Opportunity rover will wake back up from its extended downtime, but it’s not the only piece of scientific hardware on the Red Planet. The trusty Curiosity rover is still going strong, and after spending over a year at its current location on the Vera Rubin Ridge, it’s ready to move on.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced Curiosity’s move today and showed off a fancy selfie the rover snapped before it began its journey. The rover will now travel south towards a new area of the large geographical feature known as Mount Sharp.

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Titans’ playoff hopes plummet over the course of two snaps

The Titans were stuffed on fourth-and-1, and after turning it over on downs, the Texans’ Lamar Miller made them pay with a 97-yard TD run. – NFL
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