U.S. solar takes hit from Trump tariffs but is cheaper than ever: report

U.S. solar installations fell 15 percent in the third quarter as the Trump administration’s tariffs on overseas-made panels forced developers to put off large projects, according to a report commissioned by the industry’s primary trade group.

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Tesla’s home solar system price cut can save you up to $5,000

Tesla just lowered the price on its solar shingles and other whole house solar components by up to 25% in an effort to boost sales of its under-performing home solar system.

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Tesla’s move will save homeowners between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000

Tesla has confirmed to Reuters that it’s now slashing installation costs on its home solar systems after sales of the systems have trailed off.

A company executive told the news agency that any residential customer getting a quote after November 15, 2018 will realize an average savings of between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 on material and installations costs versus prior quotes.

Tesla has struggled with its solar installation business since its 2016 acquisition of Solar City, which was then the largest residential solar installer in the country.

A year later, Tesla began accepting orders for its solar roofing shingles, which look like this:


But despite a lot of buzz around the shingles and Tesla’s residential solar initiative, it didn’t get off the ground in quite the way the company had hoped.

Installations have fallen from 200 megawatts (MW) a quarter in early 2016 when Solar City was at its peak to less than half of that — just 93 MW — in the third quarter 2018, according to Reuters.

Adding to the woes is the fact that Tesla tinkered extensively with Solar City’s successful sales model, which relied heavily on door-to-door canvassing in solar-friendly states, among other proven approaches.

Meanwhile, Tesla also terminated a retail relationship with Home Depot in 2017. That means the all-electric automaker could no longer demo its whole house solar approach at some 800 stores across the country.

Tesla executives now hope a lower price on its solar systems will bring in more customers.

You can request your new, lower quote here.

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Giant solar flare detonated mines during Vietnam War

Magnetic radiation from giant solar storms caused the sudden and nearly instantaneous detonation of dozens of sea mines in Vietnam in the 1970s, research has confirmed.
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Attract and Retain Rockstar Talent Within the Solar Industry

Good talent is hard to find, but with the worker shortage within the home improvement industry it can feel downright impossible to attract the rockstar talent that you need in a Solar sales rep. Modernize has partnered with Zoi Solar, a Solar technology company located in downtown Austin, Texas, to deliver a free webinar to teach you how to attract and retain Solar employees that will give you the competitive edge.

Watch our webinar recording here to learn a few simple steps to find and retain the Solar Sales Rep diamond in the rough such as:

  • Tactics to discover the best Solar Sales Representatives for your company,
  • Hiring and training best practices to be sure your new hires are educated and informed,
  • Tips and tricks to maintain employee satisfaction,
  • Industry secrets to keep your team ahead of the competition.

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The Evolution of Solar Lead Generation

The solar industry has changed drastically in the past 10 years – even the past 5 years! With rising demand comes the evolution of digital marketing in the residential solar space. Modernize partnered with Horizon Solar Power to present a webinar on the evolution of solar lead generation including topics like:

  • Competition that you face as a residential Solar contractor,
  • How sales teams can evolve to approach homeowners in today’s Solar market,
  • Horizon Solar Power’s solution to reducing their cost per lead,
  • The pros and cons of exlclusive vs. non-exclusive leads, &
  • How Horizon Solar Power learned to love lead generation through their partnership with Modernize.

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California Shines With Solar Power Rebates

Sunshine is essential for solar energy, which is why it’s no surprise California is the number one state for solar, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. The Golden State is home to five of the top 10 solar cities in the country, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose. It is a state-wide initiative to run on 33 percent renewable energy by 2020, which means there are countless California solar power rebates and incentives for homeowners like you.

The Financial Benefits of Going Solar

With most cities averaging 250+ days of sunshine, California is the ideal location for supplying your home with year-round savings on your utility bill. California also offers multiple rebates and incentives for homeowners.

Here are four reasons why solar panels are an excellent investment:

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

According to EnergySage.com, the typical American family spends more than $ 1,430 a year on electricity alone. Solar energy can help dramatically offset that bill.

In California, the average 20-year savings after a solar panel installation is $ 29,424. With a payback time of fewer than ten years, California is ranked third in the country for return on a solar panel investment.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Research has shown that homes with solar panel installations can sell for $ 15,000 more than the original sale price. Southern California homes increased their average value by 3.8 percent— the equivalent of $ 20,194 in added value.

Pay Zero Property Taxes on Your Solar System

Through 2024, qualifying California homes with new installations are exempt from paying state property taxes on their solar installations. This incentive can save homeowners up to 70 percent on installation costs.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

The average per-kilowatt cost of residential electricity increases 2.2 percent each year. By switching to solar, you can significantly decrease —or even eliminate— your energy bill and avoid this increase in annual utility costs.


Find Solar Power Rebates and Offers Near You

Solar energy is a long-term investment. California offers multiple rebates and incentives to help homeowners manage the cost of a solar investment.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

This national rebate program allows homeowners to deduct 30 percent of a solar installation cost from federal taxes. In 2017, this credit saved the average Californian $ 5,000 on their solar panel system.

Local Rebates

Depending on your region, you may qualify for some very generous rebates. San Francisco offers local rebates between $ 500- $ 2,800. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers residents rebates up to $ 1,500. Learn about California solar rebates in your area.

Get Rewarded for Unused Electricity

California utility companies use net metering to buy unused solar power and credit homeowners for the energy that is supplied back to the grid.  

Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) Program

If you meet certain income criteria and are a customer of Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, or San Diego Gas and Electric, you may qualify for rebates as high as $ 10,000 through fixed, up-front incentives that help offset the cost of your system.

Power Purchase Agreement: Under a PPA, a homeowner can buy the energy that solar panels produce—rather than the system itself—for a reduced cost.

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