Why Performers Lip Sync the Songs at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Rita Ora caught plenty of flak for lip syncing the words to her song “Let You Love Me” during the 2018 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Like Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve in Times Square before her, Ora is one of many gifted artists to take a technical snafu in stride.

But when it comes to hitting all the right (silent) notes during the annual telecast on that chilly Thursday, Ora wasn’t alone.

John Legend — who performed “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” aboard a Build-A-Bear sailboat float — took to Twitter on Thursday to explain that lip syncing was the only way to go. Evidently, it all comes down to logistics.

“Fun fact. We all have to lip sync on this parade because the floats don’t have the capacity to handle the sound requirements for a live performance. Hope y’all enjoyed it anyway,” Legend said of himself and his fellow musicians.

Ora was right behind him.

“Fun fact @johnlegend thank you for clarifying what I was about to also tweet,” Ora said in response. “It’s annoying for us but anyway! All my shows are 100 percent live always have been! When you come to a ORA show get ready! Back to holidays! Have a good one guys! 🙂 X.”

Ora was just one of the stars who appeared to be lip syncing at a visible delay for people online who noticed the mishap.

Macy’s issued a statement assuring viewers that artists were not to blame for any performance issues.

“During today’s NBC broadcast of the #MacysParade several recording artists experienced technical difficulties that negatively impacted their performance,” it read. “We apologize and want fans to know these issues were out of the artists’ control.”

Evidently, not all the stars went on vocal rest and mouthed the lyrics during the festive spectacle. Kelly Clarkson took to Instagram to reassure viewers that she did indeed go live.

“Umm, I don’t know if y’all know this, but that was live!” she said on Instagram.

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Miranda Lambert Blames Sexism For Her Lack Of No.1 Songs – ‘I Had To Collab With A Man To Top The Charts!’

The country singer slammed sexism in the music industry! Miranda Lambert may have reached the top spot in the charts, but that does not make her completely happy because she needed a collab with a man, Jason Aldean to be exact, to accomplish that goal!

Their song titled ‘Drowns the Whiskey’ is the one that reached no. 1 and while it may be a coincidence that her first chart-topper was a collab with a man, Miranda can’t help but be a little bit suspicious.

Miranda Lambert actually had to wait no less than five years before one of her songs topped Billboard’s Country Airplay!

While the star is obviously not upset about it, she blames sexism.

During an interview with The Washington Post, she explained: ‘Yes, I had to sing with somebody with a penis to get a Number. 1. I do like this person, Jason Aldean, quite a lot…so it was a great song with an old friend.’

She went on to talk about some statistics she found quite strange.

‘It is interesting that I have not had even a Top 20 in a very long time. And then it goes No. 1 because it is a dude.’

She added that ‘But you know — if we went and looked at how many singles or how many records were sold for the Top 10 songs right now, I would probably triple it on record sales. So it does not matter.’

After all, this is not the only song with which she’s been really high on the charts lately!

For instance, Miranda also got another no. 1 spot with a second collab, this time with a woman – Carrie Underwood.

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Songs for Screens: Synch or Sync – What’s the Correct Usage?

It’s a debate as inconclusive as “theater” versus “theatre”: When writing about music licenses, is it “sync” or “synch”? The shorthand for synchronization has become so interchangeable in industry circles that many music-licensing professionals are at a loss for words as to why they use one over the other. BMG refers to music licensed for […]