Hubert de Givenchy, George H.W. Bush, Kate Spade, Stan Lee in Their Own Words

Hindsight, foresight, oversight — depending on perspective, all may apply to words spoken by some of the more established cultural figures who died in the past year.
Over the years, WWD sat down with numerous designers, politicians and writers to reveal their ambitions and obstacles alike. Here are a few of the more memorable lines spoken by some who helped to define the world we live in.
Hubert de Givenchy
“Mine is one of the most beautiful professions in fashion: making others happy with an idea.”
“Balenciaga was my religion,” Givenchy said, explaining that he assembled more than 1,000 dresses for the collection of the Spanish designer’s creations. “Since I’m a believer, for me, there’s Balenciaga and the good Lord. Balenciaga had a sense of construction of clothes. He did things that were intelligent, which isn’t the case today. People are interested in glitz.”
“Fashion’s over. There are bags and shoes that are more and more ugly. That’s all. There are perfumes and everyone talks of luxury. But for me, luxury is, in part, to be well-dressed.”
Kate Spade on starting her own company over dinner with her husband in an Upper East Side Mexican restaurant: “Andy said, ‘Why don’t you do handbags? You love handbags,

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