‘Your Species Isn’t Known for Moving Quickly.’ Jon Stewart Roasts Mitch McConnell Over 9/11 Bill on The Late Show

It’s clear that Jon Stewart cares deeply about taking care of the brave men and women who were the first to arrive at the site of the World Trade Center attack on September 11th.

That’s why he went to Congress to try and convince them to fully fund the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, delivering an emotional and powerful speech to those in charge. So when Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went on Fox and said Stewart of being “bent out of shape” for asking Congress to fund the, er, Fund and pointed out that Congress is pretty busy right now, Stewart decided he had to respond. So he stopped by his friend Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on Monday night to once again support the people he calls “the first heroes, and veterans, and victims of the great, trillions of dollars war on terror.”

“I feel like an a–hole,” the former host of The Daily Show said on the show. “I didn’t know that they were busy. I didn’t mean to interrupt them with their jobs.” Stewart then struck back at McConnell, for not fully funding the first responders medical fund. “You love the 9/11 community when they serve your political purposes,” said Stewart,

Stewart said he recognizes that McConnell is busy, but he also said the Senate Majority Leader that if he does ignore the 9/11 First Responders, there could be unintended consequences. “You could pass this thing as a standalone bill tomorrow,” Stewart said. “If you’re busy, I get it. But just understand, the next time we have a war, or you’re being robbed, or your house is on fire, and you make that desperate call for help, don’t get bent out of shape if they show up at the last minute with fewer people than you thought were going to pay attention and don’t actually put it out. Just sort of leave it there smoldering for another five years.”

“I’m sure they’ll put it out for good when they feel like getting around to it,” Stewart said in conclusion. “No offense.”

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Fossils of enigmatic extinct human species found on Philippine island

Thirteen fossil bones and teeth excavated in a cave in the Philippines represent an enigmatic previously unknown human species, probably small in stature and possessing an unexpected mix of archaic and modern traits, scientists said on Wednesday.

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Are Dive Bars an Endangered Species?

Chicago Tribune/Getty

Before there were fancy craft cocktail bars, Americans learned to drink in dive bars.

These humble establishments are a sacred tradition, dispensing affordable shots of potent whiskey and pints of cold beer to the thirsty masses. They likely date back to a subterranean Buffalo joint that opened in the mid-1800s along the banks of the city’s canal. Soon the term and style of bar spread across the United States. The popularity of dives usually ebbs and flows with the state of the country’s economy, but they’ve always attracted a diverse and eclectic crowd. Sadly, in many cities rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods mean that dive bars are now often closing or are being renovated.

On this episode of the award-winning podcast Life Behind Bars, co-hosts David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum discuss the origins and the state of dive bars. They also share a few of their most colorful dive bar experiences. Cheers!

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Siberian cave findings shed light on enigmatic extinct human species

Scientists using sophisticated techniques to determine the age of bone fragments, teeth and artifacts unearthed in a Siberian cave have provided new insight into a mysterious extinct human species that may have been more advanced than previously known.

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‘GoT’-loving professor names beetle species after Daenerys’ dragons

LINCOLN, Neb. — A Nebraska entomologist has named three of his eight newest beetle discoveries after the dragons from the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and George R.R. Martin book series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Brett Ratcliffe named the new scarab beetle species drogoni, rhaegali and viserioni, The Omaha…
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Invasive tick species could have an even larger impact on the US than first feared

longhorned ticks

Late last month the CDC issued a warning about an invasive species of tick that has begun to spread in the United States. Native to Asia, the ticks are gaining a foothold here in the U.S. and they pose a serious threat to both humans as well as animals like livestock and pets.

First spotted stateside a couple of years ago, the parasite is beginning to spread at an alarming rate, and a new study forecasting its relentless march was published this week in the Journal of Medical Entomology. The bad news is that the a huge portion of the country is perfectly suited to allow the ticks to spread. The good news? Well, there really isn’t any.

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