Yankees’ Aaron Hicks staying patient and starting to come around

The plate discipline let Aaron Boone know Aaron Hicks was close. The go-ahead, two-run single the Yankees center fielder added Friday night against Chris Sale didn’t hurt, either. Still trying to find his rhythm after missing the first 40 games of the season with a lower back strain, Hicks stayed patient and then attacked to…
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Google’s Pixel is winning over plenty of Android users, but iOS users are staying put

Pixel vs Samsung

A new study published by Counterpoint Research sounds like good news for Google’s efforts to expand the user base of its generally well-regarded Pixel smartphone series.

According to the study, the Pixel 3 is a solid enough handset that it’s convincing plenty of Samsung owners to switch over to a device that offers a pure Android experience. It turns out that a little more than half of the buyers this study classifies as having switched over to the Pixel 3 (51%) were former Samsung handset owners.

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  1. Google’s Pixel is winning over plenty of Android users, but iOS users are staying put

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How to pack when you’re staying in a hostel


Are you ready for an adventure? Hopefully, you said yes because there are thousands of hostels all around the world that are ready and waiting to welcome you into their shared dorms. While they might not be 5* hotels, hostels offer travelers the chance to fully integrate into the nomad life. You can mingle with other travelers, you can save your money for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and you can experience what it’s like to sleep in a room with 30 other strangers. However, packing your life into one backpack isn’t easy, which is why you need this guide on how to pack when you’re staying in a hostel.

Straps, not wheels

When you go on vacation, you normally fish your wheeled case out of your closet. After all, it’s the easiest way to pack and transport everything you need for a normal vacation. Going traveling and spending your nights in hostels isn’t a normal vacation, however. Instead of having your own space to fill with your belongings, you have one bunk bed to enjoy before you get back on the road again. Because of this, it’s always best to go with straps rather than wheels. You can carry a bag over a remote beach, but you certainly can’t pull a suitcase over the sand.

Get yourself organized

It may seem impossible to pack months worth of clothes and belongings into one suitcase, but it is possible! The best way to ensure that you have everything you need is to get yourself organized. When you’re planning your traveling trip, it can be easy to stuff your toiletries, your food, and even your clothes in plastic bags. However, this is the biggest taboo when it comes to hostels. Would you really want to be woken up at 3am by someone rustling their plastic bag to get a snack? No? Then don’t be that person. Instead, buy packing cubes that can be placed into your backpack to separate your items.

Pack the essentials

Getting ready for months on the road can often spin you into a panic. You want to fill your backpack with oodles of clothes and underwear, because you’re going to need them, right? Well, clothes can be washed on the road, so it’s always best to keep these down to a minimum. Make sure you’re actually filling your backpack with the essentials. Bug spray, sun lotion, money, and official documents should all make their way into your backpack, but you should also consider an eye mask and earplugs. Hostels can be bright and loud, and sometimes all you need is a good night’s sleep.

Traveling around the world and staying in hostels can be one of the most incredible experiences, but you need to make sure you’re doing it right. Packing the right items and packing in the right way can have a huge impact on your adventure – and that’s the last thing you want. Follow these rules, and you’ll be a seasoned traveler in no time.


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Rosario Dawson On Staying Healthy, Making Deals In DMs & How Motherhood Changed Her Life | PeopleTV



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I’m working on my sobriety, so I talked to experts about staying sober during the holidays

I’m working on my sobriety, so I talked to experts about staying sober during the holidays

I’m working on my sobriety, so I talked to experts about staying sober during the holidays

When I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in 2017, I had recently survived a nervous breakdown, had just begun taking antidepressants for my bipolar disorder, was keeping myself afloat on three months of unemployment, and had started to see the cracks in my abusive relationship. It had been a tough year. I wanted to escape those feelings, so I attached myself to the family bar cart in the living room. I overindulged on whatever wine I could get in my glass so I could avoid the interrogation: “How’s the job? Where’s Adam?” etc.

It wasn’t long after Thanksgiving dinner when I decided to become semi-sober. I surrounded myself with other sober women (shoutout to Sarah Ordo, Cara Alwill Leyba, and the Slaying Sobriety Group) and started thinking about how I leaned on alcohol to cope with my life. I became more successful in my career, had a clearer mind, and generally felt more in touch with myself. I was thriving in my new lifestyle.

Then my father died by suicide in July, and maintaining my sobriety got a lot harder.

Holiday season is in full swing, and navigating this time of year can be difficult for anyone. Keep in mind, however, that holiday socializing is often associated with alcohol, and, more often than not, it is associated with overindulgence. For those of us who have chosen sobriety, semi-sobriety, or just more mindful drinking, the holidays can be a minefield of difficult situations.

“The holidays pose a particular risk to those in recovery for a variety of reasons. First, the holiday season can amplify loss, grief, stress, and loneliness in people working to maintain their recovery. To prevent relapse triggers, it is critical for those in recovery to avoid isolation and maintain a normal routine,” states Dr. Brent Boyett, Chief Medical Officer at addiction treatment center Pathway Healthcare.

So I connected with some more experts and got their advice on navigating sobriety during the holiday season:

1. Establish boundaries

“Sobriety is a lifelong journey that requires you to abstain from alcohol and drugs. Once you make that your number-one priority, you’ll know what your next steps are. If you really want to see your friends during the holidays, explain to them that you would love to spend time with them, but you can’t drink or hang out in a bar,” says Carolee Paruta, Clinician and Regional Director of Outpatient Services at Mountainside.

Paruta suggests offering alternatives to friends who ask to make plans. “Maybe you all can go to an early dinner or catch a movie. Make sure that they are aware of what your boundaries are,” she says. “Establishing boundaries will help you and your friends know what to expect and prevent you from being put in uncomfortable situations that could derail your progress. The same goes for family.”

Paruta explains that “friends” who can’t understand this part of your life are probably not supposed to be your friends, or at least not people with whom you should spend your time. “It might be difficult to hear that, but you have to remember that doing what is best for your recovery is what is most important,” she says. “Being sober isn’t all that you are, but it is a big part of you. You need friends in your life who don’t just accept that fact, but support you.”

2. Create a dialogue

Be honest, but that doesn’t mean you have to divulge your personal reasons for sobriety. Laura Taylor, founder of Mingle Mocktails, says, “When someone asks me why I am not drinking, my response is always short and sweet: ‘I am taking a break’ or ‘I just don’t drink.’ I’ve learned that most people just ask out of light curiosity and are satisfied with these simple responses…I’ve found that those individuals who continue to probe with more questions are asking because they’re considering their own drinking issues or thinking about someone in their lives who may have drinking issues.”

Taylor acknowledges that these questions are less stressful now that she has been sober for a few years, but regardless, she believes that brevity is key: “There are other, more interesting topics to discuss at parties than my drinking habits.”

3. BYOBeverage

“I am amazed at how few hosts stop to consider what non-drinkers would like to drink. The default options are typically soda or seltzer, and neither are exciting,” Taylor continues. “Hosts [should] consider their non-drinking guests, and have at least one premium non-alcoholic option on hand, like flavored seltzer, ready to drink mocktails, or fresh juices.” My mother and I are personally fans of La Croix in a wine glass, Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale, or DRY Sparkling Soda in the lavender flavor, and in 2018, we have so many options.

Taylor suggests that hosts ask party guests for non-alcoholic drink preferences in advance. “This need is what inspired me to create my own line of ready to drink mocktails, Mingle Mocktails,” she says. “Non-drinkers deserve something fun, festive, and sophisticated so they can feel…socially connected in these situations.”

4. Seek support and have a network

I suffer from complex traumas, so I lean on my amazing therapist. But I also surround myself with like-minded women in the Slaying Sobriety Group on Facebook, a nationwide network of women who encourage and support each others’ sobriety.

It’s important to have this support from some kind of network since family and friends can unknowingly—but harmfully—attempt to enable unhealthy behaviors. Dr. Boyett tells me, “Though sometimes hard, people in recovery should avoid family and friends who frequently use drugs or alcohol. Many times, family and friends just don’t understand how fragile the recovery process can be. Offering drugs or alcohol to a person in early recovery can result in life-threatening relapse.”

Posted by Sarah Ordo on Friday, July 27, 2018

5. Remember that you are not alone

If you or someone you know is struggling this holiday season, there are organizations ready to help you. This is not something you have to face alone. You can call Alcoholics Anonymous at 212-870-3400 and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at 800-662-HELP (4357)—which is available 24 hours a day.

You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255), available 24 hours a day.

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5 Lessons Will Smith Shared at AdWeek About Rebranding and Staying Relevant After 50

Will Smith has sealed a stellar legacy in entertainment. He’s starred in several blockbuster films, a successful TV sitcom, and earned five Grammy Awards along with multiple Oscar and Golden Globes nods. But the Hollywood star isn’t done yet. Following an illustrious 30-year career, Smith is now embracing social media in his next act.

Last week, the acclaimed actor and rapper opened up at New York Advertising Week about his successful career and his new journey as a YouTube star. “I feel like I’m getting a fourth bite of the entertainment apple,” said the 50-year-old superstar during a session with Google VP Adam Stewart.

Here are five lessons Smith shared about personal growth, rebranding after 50, and the next stage of his life and career:

1. Get Into Tech

Technology has been a major disruptor in almost every industry and especially in Hollywood. According to Smith, making a blockbuster movie is no longer as easy as it once was because social media has forced directors and producers to improve the quality of their films, rather than depending on movie trailers to sell movie tickets.

“We used to say ‘We’re not in the movie business, we’re in the trailer business,’” Smith said candidly. “Once you have a good trailer you’re done. Now, what’s happened with technology, on Friday night at 7:30, people are tweeting, ‘Hey, Will’s movie sucks, go see Vin Diesel’s.’”

Because news, whether good or bad, spreads so quickly on social media, movie makers don’t have the luxury of time to build box office success. “We no longer [have] the three-day window,” Smith said. “If you had a great trailer, it was Monday at noon before everybody knew that Wild Wild West sucked. You had already made your money.”

Although some people may still be resistant to the changes tech has created, Smith’s point serves as a reminder that businesses must embrace social media in order to grow their brand in the digital era. Smith, for example, has partnered with YouTube to launch his own channel, which now boasts 3.7 million subscribers. He also has a massive following on Twitter and Instagram, which has allowed the Men in Black star to connect with younger audiences and remain relevant.

2. Face Your Fear

During the session, Smith talked about how he recently conquered one of his biggest fears – death – to mark his 50th birthday. He celebrated the special occasion on Sept. 25 by bungee jumping out of a helicopter and into the Grand Canyon. The heart-pounding experience was live-streamed on YouTube.

“I’ve had an interesting relationship with fear my whole life,” said Smith in the video, titled Will Smith: The Jump. “[When I was younger, my family and I], we drove to the Grand Canyon and I remember having a deeply meaningful experience of how beautiful it was, but I was terrified of walking to the edge. All my family walked up to the edge but I stayed back, too scared to take in the beauty. I’ve made it a point in my life to attack anything that I’m scared of.”

At AdWeek, Smith admitted the 1,000-foot leap into the Grand Canyon was an “absolute complete terror.” However, confronting his fear empowered him to take risks in other areas of his life and drown out an inner voice that repeatedly tells him “‘you’re going to die.’” He’s realized that the voice will be right only one time in his life and he shouldn’t let it stop him from taking chances. “[Until] that one time comes, why should you give a f–k? Just have fun.”

3. Trust Your Gut

Smith advised the audience of ad executives not to become consumed by data and metrics. Instead, he encouraged them to listen to their intuition and defy data when necessary. “Nothing is more valuable than your gut,” he said. “The metrics are there to help you train your gut because, at the end of the day, you have to make the call on the extraordinary. The metrics keep you in the ordinary. The thing that succeeds is going to be way outside what somebody even thought was possible.”

Smith’s advice is applicable to business owners and professionals in all settings. Sometimes your biggest rewards lie outside of your comfort zone. So don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith when the opportunity presents itself.

4. It’s Not About Winning

Don’t let social media data, analytics, and quantitative feedback make you lose sight of your purpose. Rather, Smith encouraged the audience to focus on connecting with people, growth, and being happy. He also admitted that for the first time in his career, his work is not centered on an agenda, which has granted him a greater level of creative freedom and expression and the ability to have fun in the process. “It always has to be for joy and expansion,” he said. “You can’t get caught in trying to win. If you get caught in trying to win, you can completely lose contact with the audience and with the intention.”

5. The Secret to Business Success

Another gem Smith dropped was about using your individual experiences to drive your creativity and overall success. Focus on personal growth, which, in turn, can translate into growth for your company and brand, he said. “As much focus as you can have on expanding yourself and expanding your wisdom and expanding your best qualities, I think is the best way to create better businesses.” Simply put, he added, “be a better you.”


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