IMF’s Christine Lagarde says she’s still attending Saudi event despite ‘horrifying things’ reported

"I have to conduct the business of IMF in all corners of the world, and with many governments," said Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund. "When I visit a country, I always speak my mind."
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Knicks’ starting point guard spot is still an open battle, with nobody emerging yet

Five days before the regular season begins, the Knicks’ starting point guard spot remains an open battle.

David Fizdale started four different point guards in five preseason games – including Ron Baker in the finale Friday against the Nets – but nobody has been able to seize the moment.

“I am definitely…

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CVS-Aetna merger still faces New York state hurdle

CVS Health’s $ 69 billion deal to buy Aetna just cleared the Justice Department — but it hasn’t yet gotten past New York state. Regulators under Gov. Andrew Cuomo have raised “significant concerns” about the merger, and could become the megadeal’s biggest hurdle, sources told The Post. “My guess is five or six percentage points of…
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Nikki Haley Leaves Team Trump—Dignity Still Intact

Mark Wilson

It’s fitting that U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation Tuesday came on the heels of the president’s insistence at Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing-in that men are always to be trusted over women.  He could have slapped an #IBelieveMen sticker on the podium.

Trump doesn’t just believe them, he likes them more than women, at least in positions of power. Since the foreign policy shake up this spring, Haley has been competing for influence with beefy, rumpled Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whom Trump likes so much better than the wimpy Rex Tillerson, who didn’t like the spotlight or his boss’s IQ.  Pompeo is so much more fun at their frequent lunches than the super competent, non-obsequious Haley, who smiles but doesn’t chuckle at his jokes.

The super-hawk John Bolton, who replaced the intellectual general H.R. McMaster, shares Trump’s instinct to rip up treaties and ask questions later. He welcomed the laughter of the U.N. during the president’s speech to the body last week. It means they’re doing everything right.

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Andrew Gillum Still Holds Lead in Florida Governor Race

Andrew Gillum, Florida, Governor

Democrat Andrew Gillum may be the next governor of Florida, and not in the obvious “he’s one of two options” type of way, but in the “he’s held the lead against his Republican opponent since winning the Democratic primary” kind of way. A recent poll from Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy shows the Florida gubernatorial race […]

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