Lendlease: Our core strategy is growing very strongly

Steve McCann of Lendlease discusses the outlook for the company's core business in Urbanization, following the announcement that the firm's Engineering and Services business will be reported as non-core in its full-year results for 2019 and beyond.
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How GoPro rebooted itself: CEO Nick Woodman talks strategy — MashTalk


For GoPro, things are looking up.

After a tumultuous couple of years — which saw the action-camera company enter and then leave the drone business, get squeezed harder by increasingly competitive smartphone cameras, and ride a steady wave of criticism of its product line — GoPro appears to have found its footing with the well-received Hero 7 Black camera and a return to profitability.

At the center of the company’s renewal is founder Nick Woodman. Woodman joined MashTalk to talk about what it’s been like to be CEO through such a roller-coaster time. After promising expeditions into media, drones, and 360 video didn’t work out as planned, he’s discarded unrealistic visions for tighter focus. The new GoPro may be less ambitious, but it’s much more confident about what it can offer: high-quality action cameras with a compelling mix of features, value, and usability. Read more…

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Verizon calls out AT&T’s shady 5G strategy in new full-page ad

Verizon Vs AT&T

Verizon earlier today took out full-page ads in papers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and called upon the wireless industry to be upfront with consumers about which devices are truly 5G compatible. The Verizon ad is essentially a not-too-subtle jab at AT&T which, as we reported a few weeks back, is planning to replace the LTE indicator with a 5G E symbol in markets that have support for the fastest LTE technologies. And keep in mind, AT&T doesn’t sell any 5G compatible phones at the moment.

AT&T’s move in this regard is exceptionally misleading, and Verizon wants to let everyone know that they’re only going to use a 5G designation when “new device hardware is connecting to the network using new radio technology to deliver new capabilities.”

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Trump’s focus on pleasing his most ardent supporters raises questions about reelection strategy

His approach stands in stark contrast to the historical behavior of modern presidents, who moved at least briefly toward the political center after being humbled at the ballot box.


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Trump’s Syria surprise devastated US strategy and other commentary

Security desk: Trump Undermines His Own Team President Trump has announced the immediate and rapid withdrawal of troops from Syria — just two days, as The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin points out, after his special representative “publicly pledged that the US commitment to Syria would not waiver.” And barely two months after Trump himself said…
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World Cup Star Reveals His Favorite Investment Strategy

Fresh off a successful 2018 FIFA World Cup berth in Russia, soccer star Martin Braithwaite, 27, played all four games for Denmark before eventually losing by penalties to World Cup runner-up, Croatia, in a dramatic thriller. A soccer star in the UK and his native Denmark (and whose father hails from Brooklyn, New York, via Guyana), Braithwaite has been a leading factor, for his home team and for Denmark. He recently scored the goal that helped Denmark cinch its place atop the European rankings, but despite his impressive kick game, Braithwaite is actually making some pretty scores off the pitch.

world cup



In addition to co-founding a French clothing line, Braithwaite holds stakes in venture capitalism, and is also a quiet partner in a number of real estate developments in New York City. BLACK ENTERPRISE contributor Philip Michael sat down with Braithwaite to get the soccer star’s take on investments, what he looks for, and his favorite deal to date.


Michael Braithwaite: Chillin’.

BE: Let’s get right to it. You’ve always been into business. You have a number of interests off the field. Where does this interest come from?

Braithwaite: I come from a business family. My aunt is a successful broker in my hometown. My grandfather is a very successful businessman; so are his brothers. And I also know there’s a limited window to make money from football.

BE: What’s your favorite deal at the moment?

Braithwaite: Probably my New York real estate. We invested last year and the portfolio’s 4x’d since then. We’re doing the first smart home development in Jersey City, as well as a historic high-rise in one of the neighborhoods over there. Our clothing line [Trente] is also doing super well at the moment, all online sales.

BE: I’m sure you get pitched a bunch of crazy s**t all the time. What’s the craziest deal someone asked you to invest in?

Braithwaite: Some guys in Miami asked me to invest in concerts, said I’d get my money back 10x. Then you have the classic ones like restaurants. Tons of stupid shit.

BE: What do you look for in a deal? And what’s your favorite investment?

Braithwaite: You always want to look at the people first and foremost, you know that. So that’s really the key thing — have they had successful exits in the past? Have they been successful in their field? But more than anything, I make sure I structure any deal in a way that a) they have skin in the game, b) there’s an underlying asset that will retain value, and c) their earnings are contingent on performance.

BE: How so?

Braithwaite: Well, on the value part, some app for instance, will have crazy valuations based on what they think they will do. Say we have a real estate deal. If we invest in something we’re not managing, the manager’s bonus has to come when my side gets paid. That way you’re protected.

BE: What’s next for you? As far as business?

Braithwaite: On the sport side, my goal is to make my team better and win every week. But the ultimate goal, from a business standpoint, is to make more money off the field than on it. We already see what happens to athletes when they retire; it’s not a pretty sight. Like I said earlier, we have a short window to make money so it’s all about setting the family up for the future; both on and off the pitch.

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India Fashion Week: A New Sponsor — and a New Strategy

NEW DELHI — India Fashion Week here for the first time went direct to consumer, indicating the country’s changing fashion market.
The fashion week, the first four days of which were dedicated to retail buyers, also came with a new sponsor and a new name — the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week, or LMIFW.
“The event kept the tradition of buyer sale for the first four days and added a new dimension for public sale on the penultimate two days at the same venue,” Sunil Sethi, president of the Fashion Design Council of India, or FDCI, told WWD. FDCI is the organizer of the event, which closed Oct. 15. “In its 19 years of existence, the FDCI has never thought of doing a B2C show. We have always been about business-to-business, and we are just adding on a new dimension,” he added.
Describing the changing retail market, and a year in which many designers have slowed the opening of their own stores, he said the last two days included past seasons’ designs and old inventory. “Many of the designers have been talking about the pain in retail, about downsizing a bit and reengineering their operations. In the factories, people are reassessing what to do this

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Frederic de Narp Talks Growth, Brand Strategy in Tokyo

TOKYO — Bally launched its latest artist collaboration at its flagship in Ginza here on Wednesday, unveiling a series of limited-edition products while hosting the opening of an exhibition by London-based street artist Shok-1. The project is the second in a series of artist collaborations curated by music producer Kasseem Dean, who goes by the name Swizz Beatz.
Frédéric de Narp, chief executive officer of the Swiss brand, began his career in Japan and still retains a high level of admiration for the country and its culture. He said that his decision to have a creative collective — rather than a single creative director — head Bally’s design activities was inspired by the country he once called home.
“This creative collective mindset, for me, was born in Japan. This is what I wanted to learn from the Japanese culture, what belongs to the Japanese culture, and what the Japanese are the best at,” he said. “This sort of respect and working together as a group, it’s a cliché, but it is true. And it’s not a fact of a one-woman show or a one-man show. It’s a fact of a group, and I believe in this, especially for a brand that has

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