‘SNL’ Recap: Pete Davidson Gives Subtle Nod to Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson proved he hasn’t left ex-fiancée Ariana Grande completely behind during the Saturday, January 26, episode of Saturday Night Live.

Bunny Girl

Davidson subtly alluded to Grande in a rap about his love for dogs. The women featured in the music video sported the pop star’s signature bunny ears, though it turns out they just really loved bunnies. Wink, wink.

Meet Dolton

Host James McAvoy spoofed The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood as a man named Dolton looking for love on Virgin Hunk. The bit even touched on the Hannah B. vs. Caelynn drama when a contestant told Dolton that she grew up with one of the other women in the house and “she’s a toxic, lying bitch with no teeth.”

Philly Perfect

The Scottish host impressed viewers with his spot-on Philly accent in this sketch about a Charmin commercial focus group. Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson and Kyle Mooney provided backup as the other totally unhelpful participants.


Leslie Jones rapped an ode to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which she calls home (“I live here because I remember where I came from,” she explained). The comedian raved about having easy access to fresh bread, Postmates, cabs and a “nobody peed in here” smell on the subway. Meanwhile, McKinnon, an Upper West Side resident, was content staying home with her “warm cat” and Netflix.

A Happy Surprise

Steve Martin made a cameo in the cold open as Roger Stone. The veteran SNL host even referenced one of his most iconic sketches when he described himself as “a normal and straightforward guy.”

Mr. H

Chris Redd starred in this pre-taped sketch about a high school student who was encouraged by his teacher, played by McAvoy, to come back to class. However, Redd’s character thought he was much smarter than he actually was. The word “genius” was used … by him … and was not accurate.

McAvoy, Not McGregor

McAvoy wore a kilt during his monologue to show off his Scottish heritage and his “shredded” calves. The actor also joked about being mistaken for Ewan McGregor, though he noted that the Christopher Robin star has more money than him. The host sweetly lost his place on the cue cards at one point but made it cute when he embraced the slipup.

The Champion

Musical guest Meek Mill performed a mashup of “Going Bad” and “Uptown Vibes” and later “Championships.”

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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Subtle Selfish Things Men Do That Add Up

selfish boyfriend signs

Source: Rowan Jordan / Getty

You want to know how so many women wind up in relationships with selfish partners? It’s because those men were only subtly selfish. Selfishness doesn’t always show its ugly face, clear as day, right away. In fact, sometimes selfishness masquerades as affection or playfulness. If a man, for example, calls you during your girls’ night and says, “Pleeeeeeeaase come over. Don’t you miss me? Don’t you love me? Do you really need to keep drinking with friends?” it can feel like aw he likes me so much and wants to be with me. But, actually, he’s disrespecting your girl time. He’s making you feel guilty for spending time with friends instead of him. He’s only asking himself what he wants in that moment and not what makes you happy or is best for you. See how subtle but true all of that was? And that’s how you find so many women in relationships with selfish babies. It was a slow burn. Here are subtly selfish things men do that add up.


He doesn’t take your calls

When you call him to just pass the time on your drive to work, or to tell him something funny that just happened, he barely picks up. His excuse isn’t great—he was just watching TV or something like that but “Figured if it was important, you’d text.”



A Subtle Twist Of Line: Richard Berner Live Screen Printing Event

Meet Richard Berner, the host of this month’s Live Edition Printing evening with The Private Press.

Richard Berner

What links Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse, the Houses of Parliament and a tentacle-wielding creature from the deep? Unless you have any other (we’d like to say unlikely) suggestions, the answer to that would be Brighton-based artist Richard Berner.

A regular feature on the walls at artrepublic Brighton, Berner’s work blends fine ink work and cultural iconography with a dusting of dark humour. While some of his images are straight-up homages to famous figures, such as David Bowie, Charlie Chaplin and, erm, Storm Troopers, each finished with watercolour hues, drips and splodges, others have the hallmarks of those classic political caricatures found in famous international newspapers and journals for centuries. You know, the ones that take familiar forms and figures but toy with them just enough to make a clever commentary or subtle joke.

Bowie by Richard Berner

Whether it’s a beautiful moth that turns out to be made up of hundreds of tiny skeletons and ghoulish creatures, or a King Kong-like figure ascending Big Ben, drawn in a way that references Dali’s dripping clocks, Berner’s illustrative images definitely reward close inspection. The great news is, you can get up really close to the artist’s next limited edition, as he’s producing it at this month’s Live Edition Printing evening at the gallery, run in collaboration with The Private Press.

Join us at artrepublic Brighton on 26 October, from 6-8pm, as Berner unveils, hand-finishes and signs an edition of just 50 prints, which you can buy there and then. As usual, the after-work creative session will also feature drinks at the gallery and a chance to meet the artist and have a chat about his work.


To find out more about the event, and to save yourself a space at (or near) the printing press, check out our eventbrite page.


For more news stories and events visit our Brighton Gallery page

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