Struggling Subway closed more than 1,000 restaurants in 2018

Struggling fast food franchise Subway closed more than double the number of restaurants in 2018 than it had forecast, the company revealed in a regulatory filing. An annual financial disclosure statement filed in Wisconsin Monday says a net 1,108 restaurants closed nationally in 2018. Subway had forecast that about 500 would close, according to media…
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These tube socks are inspired by iconic MTA subway tiles

Wearing public transit can be way more delightful than riding it. Pals and artists Abraham El Makawy and Michael Saunders — who are also fifth-generation Brooklynites — have been making transportation-themed merch under the brand name AINT WET since 2012. “What I love about the trains is that they’re ultimately the grand equalizer,” El Makawy,…
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ASPCA to reward special animals including the dog who helped located Subway sandwich pitchman Jared Fogle’s porn stash

The dog who helped sniff-out Subway pitchman Jared Fogle’s kiddie porn habit will lead a list of furry honorees at Thursday’s ASPCA Humane Awards Luncheon.

Bear, a once-homeless mutt who helped authorities locate digital storage items in a search of Fogle’s Indiana home, is the ASPCA’s Public Service…

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One for the Road. A Man Allegedly Robbed a Subway Before Returning to Grab His Sandwich

Crime doesn’t pay, but it might make you hungry.

Zachary P. Miller walked into a Subway restaurant in Norcross, Georgia and ordered a sandwich.

He then allegedly climbed over the counter, tried to open the register, and demanded the cashier hand over the cash, Fox 5 D.C. reports.

Miller managed to flee the scene with around a $ 100 in cash and was already out the door when he remembered something—the sandwich.

According to Georgia police, Miller wasn’t content with just the cash, he wanted the sandwich, too. So he turned around, returned to the scene of the crime, and grabbed the sandwich he had ordered. He left the scene on foot, holding what was presumably a delicious sub.

No word on toppings, but hopefully it was a good combination, because deputies arrested Miller soon after. He reportedly had multiple warrants out for him in both Tennessee and Georgia and now faces the warrants as well as multiple charges from the Subway robbery.

In short, it may be a while until he gets another chance to choose the toppings on his $ 5 foot long.

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