Customer Success Video: Woodbridge Home Exteriors

Woodbridge Home Exteriors has been fulfilling homeowners’ exterior home improvement needs in the Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas area for over 25 years. Their specialty in replacement windows, siding, and doors makes them a perfect fit for Modernize lead generation campaigns.

Rebekah Lopez, Marketing Manager, for Woodbridge Home Exteriors took a break from her busy schedule to meet us at the Modernize headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas. Watch the video or read through our interview below to find out how we helped them increase their revenue by more than $ 2.5 million in the past year.



I’m Rebecca Lopez and I’m the Marketing Manager for Woodbridge Home Exteriors. We do replacement windows, siding, and doors. We’re in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas so we do about 3,000 jobs a year and about $ 40 million volume. With Woodbridge, I run all of our traditional marketing, so I do all of our media, television, radio, newspaper, and direct mail. I also do all of our digital marketing like managing our website, handling our Google Adwords campaigns, and any third party digital lead aggregators that we work with.

How has your relationship with Modernize progressed?

“We started at a pretty small scale with Modernize – we just wanted to test it out since these were
a new type of lead that we hadn’t really worked with before. After a few months of seeing really good results, we were ready to scale. We’ve scaled quite a bit and have increased our volume and have seen some really good success!”

What more can you tell us about that success?

“So, we’ve been working with Modernize for just over a year now – We’ve done over $ 2.5 million in net revenue from Modernize leads. I’ve been really pleased with the consistent KPIs that we see. Our set rates, issue rates, and our close rates have all been really steady and predictable and in a good spot to bring us to a positive ROI.”

What is important to you in your relationship with Modernize?

“As a Marketing Manager, I’m constantly working to optimize all of our lead sources and see where we can get better so it’s important to me that a company I’m working with is doing that on their side and they’re equally invested in ensuring the quality of that lead and the experience of the homeowner. Modernize is extremely committed to making sure that the quality is good on the user (the homeowner side) as well as on our side (the contractor side). I’ve been really impressed with the amount of work and the consistent work that Modernize has done to constantly make it better – even when we’re doing great we’re looking for what we can do better.”

How do you work with Modernize to improve?

“I’m sure there’s a lot that goes on in the backend – I see it from my Account Manager. My Account Manager is always prepared for our meetings, always bringing her own data to the table, always looking at what I’m sending her so I can dig into it on my side and she digs it into it on her side and together we always find a solution if there’s a problem or we find new ideas for things that we hadn’t explored before.”

What are some keys to success?

“Definitely the most important thing is to have a well-equipped and successful call center – the bottom line must have! We contact the customer as soon as possible – as soon as we receive the lead goes into our database – we have technology in place to make sure that they’re getting called right away. We’re also making sure that we reach out to them multiple times through multiple avenues like calling, texting, sending an email, if we don’t get a hold of them then we’re going to call them back in an hour – we’re going to call them multiple times over the next couple of days or weeks if we don’t get a hold of them. Besides setting the appointment and being on top of getting in touch with the homeowner, reviewing the data on a regular basis, working with my Account Manager, looking for trends, looking for what we can drill down into and dig into if a KPI is not where we’re used to seeing it. We can break that data down and find out what’s going on.”

Can you describe your relationship with Modernize in one word?

“If I was going to describe Modernize in one word, I think I would choose partnership
because it really is two-sided. They bring just as much work to the table as I do, and we really work well when we work together.”

Ready to grow your business?

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Charles Tyrwhitt’s New CEO Looks to Replicate U.S. Success Globally

Charles Tyrwhitt was founded in the U.K. in 1986, but the U.S. is actually the brand’s largest market. So it makes sense that the executive who had been overseeing the American market would be charged with running the entire company as it works to expand its reach globally.
Luke Kingsnorth, who had served as president of North America, has been overseeing the division during a run of double-digit growth and the addition of eight retail stores. He was named to the top post in April after Michael Stanier resigned.
In July, Kingsnorth will move back across the pond, taking the success he achieved here and applying it to the corporation as a whole.
He will lean on his omnichannel expertise to expand the company’s e-commerce reach while continuing to exploit casualwear, add made-to-measure suits, offer a revamped trouser assortment with a new, more-modern fit, and develop a range of casual shirts with shorter tails so they can be worn untucked.
Additionally, Kingsnorth said the business is “exploring wholesaling in some core territories.”
Kingsnorth has been with Charles Tyrwhitt since 2010 when he left John Lewis Direct to join the company as e-commerce director. Two years later, he added marketing duties to his role before moving

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Milk expression within 8 hours associated with lactation success for VLBW infants in NICU

A study has shown that first milk expression within eight hours of giving birth is associated with the highest probability of mothers of very low-birth-weight infants being able to provide milk throughout hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Breastfeeding News — ScienceDaily


Teachers predict pupil success just as well as exam scores

New research finds that teacher assessments are equally as reliable as standardized exams at predicting educational success.
K-12 Education News — ScienceDaily


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Former Banker Finds Success in Synthetic Hair Extensions Business

Tiffini Gatlin—a former corporate bank executive—turned her 20-year side hustle of braiding and protective styling hair into a beauty brand by creating the first pre-curled and looped synthetic crochet hair. With a successful sale of her first synthetic hair brand, Curlkalon Hair Collection, Gatlin expanded her vision for creating safe and affordable synthetic hair extensions with the launch of her second brand, Latched and Hooked Beauty.

Her products are a staple in the synthetic hair industry, catching the attention of celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and mainstream media outlets including Allure, which named her brand one of the best for women of color.

In this interview, Gatlin expands on her career pivot and future plans.

Black Enterprise: Tell us about how you got started in the industry and what was your inspiration?

Gatlin: I actually started in the beauty industry when I was 16-years-old. Ms. Gloria, a popular braider in my neighborhood, asked me if I was interested in learning how to braid and told me how much money I could make, so I decided to give it a try. For a few months on the weekends, I’d walk almost a mile to her home, and she’d teach me different techniques and even allowed me to practice on her clients. Several months later, I started building my own clientele. I used my friend Naima and other popular girls in my high school as models to display my work and attract clients strictly by word of mouth.

I didn’t pick braiding back up as a side hustle until I became an entrepreneur in 2010. I used the money earned from braiding hair to fund my entrepreneurial goals. In 2014, I took notice of girls on Instagram using a century-old method called crochet braiding to create voluminous curls, and I thought the style was amazing and the perfect style hack for girls who were transitioning, unable to grasp the “perfect rod set” or just wanted to switch up her look for a few weeks. I started trying the style on my clients and although I loved the results I hated the process which consisted of using boiling water to form the synthetic hair into a curl. Because synthetic hair is nothing more than a polymer (plastic), the use of hot water makes the style “set” and voila, you have perfect curls for weeks without any additional maintenance.

You created and manufactured a new product overseas. Can you share what that process was like?

As a natural creative, I became interested in how to make the process safer so that women would not be subjected to hot water burns and professional hairstylist would not have to bear the thought of liabilities due to the method. Not to mention, the time commitment was gruesome and unappealing to a stylist who worked to get more bodies in their chair. After searching in beauty supply stores, I realized there were no unwefted, pre-curled, and looped options. From that moment I became inspired to embark on a journey to design and manufacture the first pre-curled and looped crochet hair that matched the texture of black women’s unprocessed hair. In 2015, I launched my first beauty company, Curlkalon Hair Collection, which was acquired in 2018. Since then, I have expanded my vision of offering quality beauty convenience with the launch of Latched and Hooked Beauty.

Creating a product overseas actually wasn’t overly complicated. We found a few candidates, and I interviewed four prospects via Skype and eventually hired a woman based on her experience with locating factories that specialized in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) development. After signing an NDA with her, we developed a short term contract that outlined her engagement with our business, which included being a liaison and helping us negotiate pricing and finding a factory that could design the prototype and help us break through the language barrier. Once we began production with the factory we chose, we worked directly with the factory, and the liaison relationship ended. I’d say the most challenging part was trusting that what we agreed to would actually show up and not being there in person to observe the process from beginning to end made me feel uneasy.

If someone was interested in inventing a new product, what three things are a must to ensure success and why?

If you are interested in inventing a new product I would recommend these three steps:

  • Research your target market – How do you know your target market needs this product? Have you done a focus group? Have you identified a problem? Just because everyone else is doing it and you may have seen someone else become successful doesn’t make it a good idea.
  • Create a prototype – Creating a prototype can help you determine how to approach the build-out of your product, you can quickly rule out the approaches that don’t work to focus on the ones that do work.
  • Evaluate the manufacturing process for your invention – Can you manufacture in the U.S. or do you need to locate a manufacturer overseas? Knowing your options will help you put costs associated with MOQ’s (minimum order quantity) into perspective as well as give you an idea of how long the process will take to deliver the final goods to your consumer.

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Southern Culture Foods Founder and Chef Shares Her Recipe for Success with You

You’ve probably scrolled past editorial stylized dishes on your favorite food blog or on social media. But it’s not every day that you learn about the business behind culinary entrepreneurship. Yes, it’s an entire industry. And if you’re ready to learn how to take the heat in the kitchen, Chef Erica Barrett, founder and CEO of Southern Culture Foods, wants to help you learn the recipe for success as a food entrepreneur.

Since launching her company in 2012, Southern Culture Foods products are being sold in 4,000 stores nationwide. And we hear that her pancake mix, waffle mix, and rubs are popular by demand! So, if you’ve been sitting on a family recipe, want to learn more about the science of cooking, or become an entrepreneur and food personality like her—she has you covered.

Barrett took a moment from throwing down in the kitchen to talk about all things food and business. Take a look at her bite-size tips for food entrepreneurs.

BLACK ENTERPRISE: There are years of training that goes into becoming a chef, how can those interested in food entrepreneurship learn the basics without formal training?

Erica Barrett: Being an entrepreneur is about figuring things out. When you embark on a food journey, you embark on the road less traveled. Read articles, research everything, exhaust all resources, reach out to people that you admire. Make mistakes as experience is the best teacher.

How did you turn your career as a chef into a successful business, Southern Culture Foods?

I really didn’t do anything outside of step out on faith. God did the rest. My journey has been an everyday journey of learning, growing, networking, structuring my goals, and working tirelessly to make Southern Culture a household name.

What is the secret sauce to the business of culinary entrepreneurship?

The secret sauce is learning about the food industry every day, studying trends, and striving to be extremely different.

You wrote the cookbook, Shuga & Seoul, which seems like a natural move for a chef but what did you learn about culinary entrepreneurship through that process?   

Writing a book taught me about structure, being organized, and creating a culinary road map for others to follow.

How important is it for food entrepreneurs to position themselves as personalities and build their social media presence?

Social media is huge and can be life-changing. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, separating yourself comes from being totally different. We have an opportunity to change the world through food, so don’t take it lightly.

Have you been able to monetize your online presence? If so, what advice do you have for other food entrepreneurs?

Yes, I use FB ads; I also do influencer ads, videos, FB lives and email lists. Building a community online is important to success. My advice is to find your unique calling in food and trust your gut. Be bold in who you are as a chef an entrepreneur and success will follow.

If you want to hear more from Barrett, join us in Charlotte for our newest premier event for innovators, creators, and founders; FWD. Get your tickets today!

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This PR star says glamorous selfies are the key to her success

In the age of Instagram, dress for success isn’t just advice — it’s a social media strategy. Just ask public relations dynamo Susan Magrino, whose roster of clients includes Martha Stewart, the Miami’s Fontainebleau, The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, and the new Four Seasons restaurant. Two years after her eponymous firm first took the digital…
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Tapped to Sit on Fed Board, Herman Cain Straddles Fence Between Business Success and Political Controversy

Perhaps no other black business person stirs up more polarizing debate than Herman Cain. The former head of Godfather’s Pizza, stepped into the political limelight in 2011 when he announced his candidacy as the Republican presidential nominee. That effort was thwarted by a series of sexual harassment allegations against Cain. Yet, he has re-emerged on the national stage as a proposed pick by President Trump to sit on the Federal Reserve Board. A success in business, yet, a failure in politics—is now the time for Herman Cain to rise to political prominence?

Herman Cain’s Business Backstory

Cain was named president of the then-failing Godfather’s Pizza chain in 1986. In an article from Black Enterprise in 1988 on Cain: “Fresh from rejuvenating Pillsbury’s Burger King chain in the Philadelphia region, the energetic, enthusiastic new president of Godfather’s went immediately to work closing weak outlets, strengthening the company’s advertising thrust, repairing relations with franchisees and swiftly resolving legal conflicts.”

Herman Cain

Black Enterprise Magazine

Without question, Cain has proven he possesses sharp business acumen. Under his leadership, Godfather’s Pizza saw a reversal in sales decline and generated $ 260 million in sales.

He demonstrated business savvy early on. The Morehouse College graduate served a short period in the Navy and then went on to complete a master’s degree in Computer Science at Purdue University. His first corporate position was as a business analyst at Coca-Cola.

Cain’s business talents came to light during his next gig at Pillsbury where he advanced to vice president status within five years.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Although he quickly ascended the corporate ladder, Cain also had an entrepreneurial spirit. He set his sights on the fast food business—even becoming a member of a Burger King kitchen crew to learn the ins and outs of the hamburger business. Within seven months, he was promoted to regional vice president.

“You’ve got to have a passion for that business, followed by a desire to make it to the top,” he said in an interview with Black Enterprise in 1988. “Then you will do whatever you need to do in order to get there.”

He eventually bought the Godfather’s Pizza chain from its parent company, Pillsbury for an estimated $ 50 million. The transaction was the first leveraged buyout of a major fast-food company by a black executive in business history.

Political Ambitions

Cain’s political ambitions were made clear when he ran as a Republican presidential nominee. Plagued by scandal, his campaign fell flat—perhaps one of the rare failures for the businessman.

Now, with the blessings of Donald Trump, it seems that Cain is poised to assume a prominent political and economic position at the Federal Reserve. How likely is his appointment and is he the person for the job?

No, says Catherine Rampell, a columnist for The Washington Post. And it isn’t just about the troubling sexual harassment allegations that took down his presidential run, she says.

“When it comes to understanding pretty basic policy issues, Cain isn’t able,” writes Rampell.

“Most people who remember anything about Cain’s brief political career might know him for the “9-9-9” tax rate plan. Unfortunately, neither did that plan have rates that were actually 9 percent nor did it turn out to be particularly strong in its arithmetic,” she continues.

A fellow Republican, Sen. Mitt Romney, also cast doubt about Cain’s fitness for the Fed. “I doubt that will be a nomination. But if it were a nomination, you can bet [what] the interest rates he would be pushing for,” Romney said in an interview.

“If Herman Cain were on the Fed, you’d know the interest rate would soon be 9-9-9.”

Some Republicans are more optimistic. Sen. David Perdue, a Georgia Republican, said about Cain; “He’s a business guy. He’s got a great background for it. I know him personally. I think personally he’d be a great addition,” according to Fortune.

Cain’s businesses successes have seemed to elude his success in politics. Is his appointment a serious consideration or another one of the mercurial President’s whims? And if appointed to the Fed, how effective can he be? That all remains to be seen.



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Switch up your networking strategies for career success

There’s a misconception that networking is strictly for job hunting, but the most successful people do it on a daily basis, all year long. Your network is your professional currency, and trust me, you want to be rich. And it’s not Instagram followers you need, but meaningful connections in real life. Kathryn Rose, CEO and…
Living | New York Post


Success Tax Is Going To Be At Opp Ex, Will You?

Success Tax

Source: Success Tax / Success Tax

Have you recently received a notice from the IRS demanding payment? Are you struggling to figure out how you will ever pay back taxes or a large tax liability? Are you losing sleep worrying about what you are going to do about all of those unfiled tax returns? Has the IRS levied your wages or your bank account? Have you been contacted about an upcoming IRS audit?

You are not alone…

We can get you set up on a resolution plan that is within your ability to pay without causing financial hardship while protecting you from unforeseen wage garnishments, bank levies and asset seizures.

Click Here for More Info and register for Opp Ex on March 9!

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‘No rush’: Trump redefines success ahead of second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Some aides fear that Trump could offer a major concession to Kim in hopes of securing a reciprocal commitment he can herald as a political victory.

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World Record Egg on Instagram could make its creator millions as marketers chase its viral success

According to a report by The Atlantic, marketers are already seeking the opportunity to help brands crack out of the World Record Egg, which some compare to the value of a Super Bowl ad.


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Want to Start a Side Hustle? These 10 Tips Will Help Set You Up for Success

Side hustles can be a great way to supplement your income or satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit. Who knows — having one might someday lead to a more fulfilling job opportunity.

Experienced side hustlers will tell you there’s a lot you can do in the beginning to build a solid foundation for your gig. So if you’re thinking about taking on a new venture, here are 10 tips on how to start a side hustle that will help you avoid future headaches.

Find Out How Much Side Hustle Time You Have Available

McKinzie Bean, creator of the

When juggling a day job and starting a side hustle, time is precious. McKinzie Bean is the operator of Moms Make Cents, a website aimed at helping moms build their own businesses.

She advises people to document their normal routines for one week before starting their side gig so they can see how much time during the evenings and weekends they spend doing things like cooking dinner, watching Netflix, doing chores, etc. Bean recommends using time tracking smartphone apps like Toggl when offline and Google Chrome extensions to monitor time spent on the internet.

You can see how much time you really have for a side hustle once you cut unproductive activities from your schedule.

“In your first year, you do have to dedicate a lot of time to your side hustle,” Bean says. “Just see which pieces you’re willing to give up because it is going to take some sacrifice to get to that point where your business is growing.”

Research if the Side Gig Is Worth Doing

Now that you know how much free time you have available, consider whether it’s feasible to add a side gig on top of a regular job.

Alex Tran is a full-time digital marketing strategist who operates five separate side hustles, including teaching yoga and reviewing activewear.  She recommends searching Google and YouTube to see if there’s a need for your side hustle and to determine how time-consuming it can be. During your research, see if other people are doing something similar and ask if they are willing to offer their advice.

“Say, ‘Hey, I work full time right now, but is it possible that I could just do this maybe six hours a week?’” she advises. If they respond, they may tell you how much of a financial and time commitment it will be to get your business off the ground.

Find Out Whether You Need to Inform Your Current Employer

One thing to consider before starting a side hustle is determining whether the gig will interfere with your day job. Every company is different, and some may have strict guidelines on what employees can do outside of work, Bean warns.

Do yourself a favor and dust off the employee handbook to see if there are any rules against side jobs. The last thing you need is to lose your primary source of income because you forgot to tell your boss about your budding side gig.

Set Some Office Hours

When Bean and her husband started working on their website 2 1/2 years ago, they set a schedule to keep them on track during the evenings. For example, she’d work for an hour on the site after her husband got home, then he’d take over after dinner. She says having a schedule in place was critical for them.

Also included in their schedule was at least one social or family activity per week to avoid burnout. “There was always one piece in the week that we could look forward to,” Bean says. “A few hours where we could recharge and be rejuvenated.”

Open Separate Business Accounts

Trish McDermott poses with baby gear in front of the trunk of her car

It’s never too early to start thinking about tax season. Trish McDermott is a longtime side hustler and co-founder of BabyQuip, a baby gear rental service for traveling parents. She tells people to open a bank account and credit card dedicated solely for their business.

Doing this provides you with a true-to-life snapshot of the financial results of your side hustle. “That snapshot is really difficult to see if you’re commingling your personal transactions with your side hustle,” she says.

By having all your side hustle income and expenses in one place, you can see trends and other relevant information to improve your business. Plus, she says, your accountant will appreciate it when it’s tax time.

Develop an Organization System for Your Paperwork

Instead of throwing all your receipts into a shoebox, consider setting up a digital filing system. “As a side hustler, you have to maximize your time,” Bean says.

Most of her receipts and invoices are sent via email because she runs an online business. To save time, Bean uses free basic automation software, such as If This Then That (IFTTT), to automatically save her receipts into a Google Drive folder.

For physical receipts, she takes photo backups using the smartphone app CamScanner. That way everything is saved on her phone or computer, ready to go for tax season.

Design Templates to Work Smarter

Tran encourages people to set up a task workflow in the early days of their side gig. For example, if your side business is in copywriting or involves creating a lot of documents, she encourages people to design templates.

“Have a system down so you can streamline it when you start to scale your business.” These templates can have the basic format laid out so all you need to do is change out the unique details. That way, you’re not starting from scratch on every project.  

Find Industry-Specific Groups

McDermott says there are many industry-specific groups and communities available on social media for side hustlers. In these LinkedIn and Facebook groups, you can learn from other professionals working in your field as they share advice. McDermott recently discovered a Facebook group for freelance social media managers and was blown away by the information and resources they were sharing among themselves.

“Those kind of connections nowadays are so easy to find, and so fruitful,” she says.

Create a Productive Home Environment

Your home office needs to have minimal distractions. Two ways to ensure this include following a set work schedule and having everything you need in the office, McDermott says.

By following the same work schedule, your family, neighbors and others know not to bother you during designated times. Plus, if you have everything you need at your disposal, you don’t need to leave the room.

“Having the tools you need to do your work available in the space you’re doing it prevents you from wandering around the house and deciding that you should start the dishwasher,” she says.

Don’t Wait for Perfection — Just Go For It!

Whether it’s posting on social media, launching a website or starting a company, McDermott encourages aspiring side hustlers and entrepreneurs not to get paralyzed by perfection, which can get in the way of execution. Her outlook is to do it the best you can and fix what doesn’t work as you progress.

“There’s no company on the face of the planet that has gotten it all right all the time,” she says.

In her opinion, the rewards are more significant for entrepreneurs who take risks and are willing to bring their energy and passion to whatever they do.

“You just can’t wait around to be perfect,” she says. “Someone else will take the idea and run [with it]. Just go!”

Matt Reinstetle is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. He covers side hustles and the gig economy. If you have a side gig story idea, message him on Twitter @MattReinstetle.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Sam's Club Membership Offer

Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke Shares 5 Keys to Success in 2019

During this year’s second annual Success Supper—an annual family-style dinner designed to recognize and celebrate women who embody grace and fortitude while impacting their community—Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a legislative pillar in Brooklyn, New York’s 9th district, talked about the importance of communities supporting black women.

As a co-chair of the Congressional Black Caucus of Black Women and Girls, Clarke focuses on providing women with the education and entrepreneurial resources needed to become successful business owners.

Congresswoman Clarke shared five keys to success in the New Year:

Evaluate your network

“It’s about the circles you’re in, your network. We have to ask ourselves who is in our network? The challenge for our community is not one of worth, it’s one of trust. Because we’re spending money every day how much of those dollars do you spend with black entrepreneurs?”

Use your Influence

“We’re not using our influence. Were very influential. As a matter of fact, there is not a popular trend that’s been started that we have not been at the heart of.”

Trust Your Abilities

“Always trust in yourself and your abilities. Be self-aware, because understanding yourself helps you to improve your leadership.”

Stay True to Yourself

“It’s important for us to stay true to ourselves. Not everyone is going to be out here [protesting] in the street but some folk may fund the movement. Not everyone is going to be the person who is going to be out front but every leader is building an organization of support.”

Stay Focused

Stay focused enough [on your] own goals and aspirations.

The post Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke Shares 5 Keys to Success in 2019 appeared first on Black Enterprise.

Career | Black Enterprise


Ex-fiancée of HQ co-founder Colin Kroll: ‘Success got the best of him’

On Sunday, the developers behind HQ Trivia — the game show where hundreds of thousands of users compete for cash on their smartphones — launches a new game: HQ Words, a “Wheel of Fortune”-inspired app. It should be a time of celebration and optimism for the young start-up. Instead, HQ is facing a crisis. One…
Technology News & Reviews | New York Post


Octavia Spencer Admits Playing God Was ‘Hard’; Talks ‘Green Book’ Success

Actress Octavia Spencer isn’t on-screen in Green Book but because she was so drawn to the story she opted to become an executive producer.

Green Book gives us a look inside the road trip of Jazz pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) and his driver/bodyguard Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) as they traveled through the deep south in the 1960s for Shirley’s tour.

Spencer, who was born in Alabama, called into the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss how she became involved in Green Book and how her southern roots had a lot to do with it.

Check out the full interview above.

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Entertainment – Black America Web


Rom Com Success Of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’: Top 10 Pop Culture Moments | PeopleTV


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Kandi Burruss Graces The Cover Of ‘InBetween Magazine’ – Talks Family, Success And The Power Of Social Media

Kandi Burruss is featured on the cover of InBetween Magazine, and she shared this with her fans and followers who couldn’t be more excited for their favorite housewife. Take a look at the cover below.

Her fans started to congratulate her on all of her achievements, beginning with Xscape and finishing with her latest movie and her restaurant, Old Lady Gang.

Someone brought up RHOA and Porsha Williams: ‘You were so worried about the sincerity of Porsha’s apology to you about “the lies, the lies, the lies”…you could have taken this opportunity to show her how its done when a woman of stature is wrong, she can admit it sincerely and move on. ❤❤

Speaking of Porsha and RHOA, in this week’s episode of the show, Kandi exposed some shady secrets about her fiance, Dennis McKinley’s past, including how he has a reputation for being a player and a cheat.

Another fan told her that they had seen her latest movie (in which she plays a drug addict mother) and they were completely impressed:

‘@kandi I saw the movie (never heard) you were excellent!!!! There’s nothing you CANT DO… I’m soooooooo proud and a big fan.❤

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Someone else told her ‘I Love me some Kandi B. Keep doing what doing, cause them, haters, going to keep on hating, but you flaunt on.🖤

Another commenter said that they visited Kandi’s restaurant and had a little observation to make: ‘Went to OLG tonight the new location EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING !! I’m 8 months pregnant so it was kinda tight with the seating arrangement.. The bigger people there will probably struggle too. But other than that… #blackownedbusiness. ❤

One person gushed over Kandi and told her ‘Kandi is the best! She never ages, dresses super cute, she has it all! God bless her and her family! Heavenly voice as well! Love her!’

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Dress for Success Lines Up Bruno Magli, Altuzarra, Project Gravitas for Giving Tuesday Initiative

GIVING THANKS: For Giving Tuesday, the nonprofit Dress for Success has rounded up some designer and apparel companies like Bruno Magli, Altuzarra and Project Gravitas to promote its worldwide work.
Committed to helping women reach economic independence, the group has created the #DFSPowerPiece social media campaign and microsite to encourage donations. In addition to the aforementioned three brands, Christian Dior Makeup, Peruvian Connection, Rent the Runway, Sorel and Wander Beauty are involved in this year’s effort. Each is selling an item for the initiative where some of the proceeds will benefit Dress For Success. Magli’s selection is the Gala sued pump, Altuzarra’s pick is the Pencil Skirt and Christian Dior Makeup’s choice is the Ultra Rouge 999 Lipstick.
In years past, the group marked the annual post-Thanksgiving event as “Giving Shoesday,” where people were encouraged to donate shoes to the organization. Chied executive officer Joi Gordon said that this is the first time the group is working with multiple brands that will have dedicated items to help ring up sales for Dress For Success. Some of the participating brands are regular donors to DFS.
“This will obviously be driven by not only the brands, but also our database and social media. We’re excited

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‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel Falls Short of First Film’s Success, But Still Wins Weekend Box Office

(LOS ANGELES) — “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” crawled, slithered and flew its way to the top of the weekend box office with a $ 62.2 million opening in the U.S. and Canada, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The latest offering from the Harry Potter multiverse fell short of the opening of the first film in the Warner Bros. series, 2016’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which debuted with $ 74 million in a similar November release and went on to earn $ 234 million in the U.S. and Canada.

But all the Harry Potter films have had a broad international reach, and “Fantastic Beasts” had a hearty worldwide weekend gross of $ 253 million, according to the studio’s estimates.

“Clearly it’s a huge phenomenon globally,” said Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros.

Last week’s top film, “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch,” was second with $ 38.1 million, bringing its domestic tally to $ 126 million for Universal Pictures after two weekends.

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” 20th Century Fox’s Freddie Mercury biopic, is still rocking, taking third place with $ 15.7 million for a total of $ 127 million.

“Fantastic Beasts,” the second film in the series of Potter prequels written by J.K. Rowling and starring Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp and Jude Law, had a budget of $ 200 million. Its reviews were largely lackluster, with critics saying Rowling’s magical world is wearing thin after 10 films.

Globally the first nine films have earned $ 8.5 billion, a total that this one’s worldwide take will inflate.

“This is yet another example of a movie whose opening weekend skewed heavily into the international territories,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for Comscore. “This happens a lot with bigger franchise movies. For many of these blockbusters, it’s the international component that comes in and saves the day.”

In the U.S., Warner Bros. is hoping young devotees who are out of school will keep “Fantastic Beasts” in flight through Thanksgiving.

“It’s a big week coming up,” Goldstein said. “Friday is one of the biggest movie days of the year.”

It will have a major challenger in Disney’s “Ralph Breaks The Internet,” which opens Wednesday, as does “Creed II.”

“Fantastic Beasts” continues a year of high points and hits for Warner from a diverse string of movies, including “The Meg,” ”Crazy Rich Asians,” ”The Nun” and “A Star is Born.”

“Warner Bros. is on a roll that every studio would envy,” Dergarabedian said.

In this weekend’s smaller-budget openings, “Instant Family” starring Mark Wahlberg brought in $ 14.7 million for Paramount Pictures, and “Widows,” the latest from “12 Years a Slave” director Steve McQueen, earned $ 12.3 million for 20th Century Fox.

Overall, the weekend was down 14.5 percent from the same timeframe a year earlier, when “Justice League” made for a major pre-Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Comscore. Where available, the latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday also are included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” $ 62.2 million.

2. “Dr Seuss’ The Grinch,” $ 38.1 million.

3. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” $ 15.7 million.

4. “Instant Family,” $ 14.7 million.

5. “Widows,” $ 12.3 million.

6. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” $ 4.7 million.

7. “A Star Is Born,” $ 4.3 million.

8. “Overlord,” $ 3.8 million.

9. “The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” $ 2.5 million.

10. “Burn The Stage: The Movie,” $ 2.3 million.

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You Mad Or Nah? New York Post Piece Slams Michelle Obama’s Success Post White House

Whether she had students moving their bodies with Beyonce’ in her Let’s Move campaign championing physical fitness or she was letting first-generation college students know that she was with them every step of the way, you’ve got to give it …



More than intelligence needed for success in life

Research has examined long-held beliefs that success in school and careers is due to more than just high intelligence. Non-cognitive skills are also important.
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The fascinating story behind the explosive success of Candy Crush — MashTalk


What does “time well spent” mean for games like Candy Crush?

If you own a smartphone, chances are you know Candy Crush and maybe even the game’s latest incarnation, Candy Crush Friends Saga. What you may not know is the story behind the franchise: How an Italian entrepreneur put all his cash on the line as a co-founder of King, the company behind the game, in the early 2000s, with an idea of how to re-invent gaming for the online world.

That person is Riccardo Zacconi. He’s guided the company through the many phases of online gaming (desktop, Facebook, mobile, and more), taking King public and eventually selling it to gaming giant Activision Blizzard in 2015. In this episode of MashTalk, Zacconi talks about that journey, his thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg, and what the future holds for mobile gaming now that people are starting to question all the time they’re spending on their devices playing games like, well, Candy Crush. Read more…

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Saudi crown prince proclaims investment conference a success despite boycott

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince trumpeted on Tuesday a conference that has drawn investment deals worth $ 50 billion despite a boycott over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, declaring the event as “great – more people more money”.

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How post-it affirmations and dreaming about Manhattan shaped Bebe Rexha’s success

Filled with post-it affirmations, her famed closet door bore a large sign, “I Will Be a Worldwide Superstar,” indicating that this was where the seeds of her ambition and
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