‘Special’ creator Ryan O’Connell: ‘There’s such ignorance around disability’

Actor/writer Ryan O’Connell, who has cerebral palsy, wants to change the way we talk about disabilities — and he’s hoping to do that with “Special,” his new Netflix sitcom premiering Friday. “When people see me in public, they think I have limited cognitive ability; they think I can’t do certain things,” says O’Connell, 32, who’s…
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Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric suggests he cares little about implications of such a radical move, which he has threatened to take as early as this week

President Donald Trump could initiate chaos and grave economic disruption by finally making good on his threat to slam shut the southern border, yet he’s clearly tempted to do it anyway.

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Bruce and Donna and Why ’70s Music Packed Such a Punch

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

The last dance of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s fictional rock-and-roll epic Daisy Jones & The Six takes place at Chicago Stadium on July 12, 1979. That night in real-life Chicago, the White Sox’ “Disco Demolition Night” rocked Comiskey Park in the flame of burning records. The mob, white and male, raged against sounds from the radio, dances in a club. Thousands stormed the field, forcing a Sox forfeit loss amid the detritus.

“I chose that date because I wanted the band to break up in the heat of the summer,” Reid told The Daily Beast. “But when I realized it landed on ‘the night disco died’ it felt like a nice coincidence.”

It is a good coincidence. Knowing the real events, a reader can imagine the smoke from Comiskey wafting over the book’s finale fireworks. Reid captures the dynamic of relationships within her perfectly-described construct of a rock band in the ’70s stadium era; when Daisy Jones and The Six take the stage for one final time, it’s no spoiler to say that years of emotional engagement will boil over.

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Here’s Why Shopping for Life Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Such a Hassle

Getting life insurance seems like such a pain.

I mean, you have to jump through all these hoops — sign a million forms, go to a doctor’s office to get a physical and send a stack of paperwork to an insurance agent. The whole thing is probably going to take weeks!

Maybe you’re interested in getting a life insurance policy to take care of your family in case you die unexpectedly. But let’s face it: At this rate, you’ll probably never get around to it, because it’s a hassle that never quite rises to the top of your to-do list. Does it?

Ah, but what if it were way simpler than that?

If you’re stalled on the whole life insurance thing, try checking out innovative new options like Leap Life’s online marketplace. It’s like a personal shopper for life insurance. Its motto is brutally honest: “Life insurance isn’t fun. Let’s get it over with quick.”

Wow! The folks at Leap Life are not exactly holding back, are they? Clearly, this isn’t your dad’s life insurance agency.

Leap Life simplifies and streamlines the process in a big way. You can apply in minutes, and most healthy people can do it all online — no medical exam required.

Lickety-split, you get instant quotes from top life insurance companies like Prudential, Lincoln Financial, Pacific Life, and Protective, among others.

That way, you can compare them side-by-side to find the best life insurance policy matched to your needs.

Cheaper Than You Think

Leap Life uses your  information to predict approval and match you to the most affordable insurance policies to fit your needs. The company says it saves people an average of 50% on their insurance premiums.

The company says its research shows that 80% of Americans can pay 50% to 300% more for their life insurance if they pick the wrong life insurance carrier. The could mean paying hundreds of dollars more per month than you have to.

People overestimate the cost of life insurance, anyway. For instance, nearly half of millennials think life insurance costs about five times what it actually does, according to a 2018 study by the life insurance industry group LIMRA.

No Hassle, Free Returns

Leap Life is updating the old model. If you stuck with the life insurance industry’s traditional way of doing things, you might have to wait weeks to hear whether you’re approved.

You don’t have to wait any longer. And if you change your mind, you’ve got a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Leap Life’s pitch is that it’ll match you with a policy that fits your needs, your health history and your financial situation. “No extra fees, no hassle and free 30-day returns,” the company’s website says.

The company has an A-plus rating with the BBB. It operates in every U.S. state except New York.

You can choose a life insurance policy that lasts from 10 to 30 years, with death benefits ranging from $ 250,000 to $ 5 million.

It’s time to get life insurance off your to-do list and move it over to your “done” list.

Really, it doesn’t have to be such a pain.

Mike Brassfield (mike@thepennyhoarder.com) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. He probably doesn’t need life insurance because he’ll probably never die.

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Beyoncé’s make-up artist gave me SUCH brilliant tips, I’m basically now a pro

Luckily, I wrote them all down for you…

Sir John, Beyoncé’s make-up artist and L’Oréal Paris ambassador, started work at 18 on the make-up counter with Mac. Later he was on Pat McGrath’s team working backstage at various fashion weeks, before assisting Charlotte Tilbury, who then introduced him to Queen B. From there it’s all gone a bit crazy. One of his career highlights was when Beyoncé was performing at Coachella and the crowd oogled at the fact that when she wiped her face on a white towel, not a speck of make-up transferred: ‘I call that Teflon make-up’ he says.
When I met him recently, he gave me such amazing tips that I barely had time to breathe, because I was ferociously taking notes. So here they are – Sir John’s tips on how to nail your base, choose the right shades and basically smash your make-up routine…

Base – skin is aspirational

‘For truly beautiful skin increase your heart rate for at least 30 mins a day as it helps with skin turnover. Put your moisturiser on just before you start your base, because you want to put foundation on damp skin. Only apply primer to your t-zone, because that’s the area your foundation lifts from. Always have two foundations – a darker one for summer and a lighter shade for the winter. Take a look at where you do your makeup. Natural light is always better, so if you do it in a bathroom with no light, it’s going to look so different in the real world. Step into the light to see exactly how much coverage you need. You really don’t need to lacquer and conceal everything; embrace you dark circles and veins. And definitely don’t cover freckles – they are hot. You also need two concealers – one for spots, one for dark circles. When you’re doing you’re concealer, beware of the deep V that YouTubers tell you to create under your eyes. It’s way too much product. Don’t use powder. Normal skin is not matte. If you have healthy skin, you don’t need powder. However, if you want to use a bit of powder under your eyes, never use pressed powder. It’s too heavy and dry and will age you. Always go with loose.’

Cheeks – highlighter should stay on your cheekbones

‘Always go for a cool tone bronzer; it’ll stop you looking orange. Highlighters should only be applied to the side of your face. Tap it into your cheekbones, but stop when you get to the eye. You don’t want to see your highlighter from the front – you want that to be a matte blush. Use your lipstick as blusher. Dab a bit on the back of your hand and use a fluffy brush to apply. We don’t contour, we sculpt.’

Eyes & Lips – add a Pritt stick to your make-up bag

‘No matter what your skin tone is, you can wear any colour on your eyes. Don’t use a tinted eyeshadow primer, use a sheer, invisible one so that you can see your natural eyelid colour. The best brow gel in the world is Pritt stick and a toothbrush. It lasts all day and you can still draw on top. A perfectly modern look is to just pop a bit of foundation on and then a red lip. A blue based red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter.’

Tools – don’t hold your brush like a pencil

‘Don’t use foundation brushes, they don’t create a seamless look. Use a Beauty Blender. If you make mistakes with your bronzer or blush, your Beauty Blender that you used to apply your foundation is like your magic eraser. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to buff in your concealer. A stiff brush won’t blend properly. Fluffier and bigger brushes are more diffused natural look. The tighter the brush the fuller the application. Don’t hold your brush like a pencil hold it at the base for a lighter touch.’

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The man is a make-up genius.

If it’s good enough for B…

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For college football’s elite, there’s no such thing as an inexperienced QB anymore

The College Football Playoff features four quarterbacks who have starred as first-year starters, a product of grass-roots coaching and innovation that are changing the way the game is played.


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Why Joan Lee is Such an Important Part of the Stan Lee Story

When Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018, the world mourned the loss of an icon; a figurehead of popular culture. Lee’s contribution to Marvel has had an unprecedented global influence, and it is difficult to imagine the current climate without Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko in the picture, pioneers of the pop-culture world we have come to love. Although Stan became the ‘face’ of modern Marvel because of his film cameos, the Marvel universe — cinematic or otherwise — would have been a very different place if it wasn’t for one key influence. The person who would encourage and support Lee, propelling him to massive success: his wife, Joan Lee. Joan was a writer, voice-over actor, and half of one of comics’ most famous unions for over 50 years.

The Lee Origin Story 

Stan Lee Cameo Thor Ragnarok
Stan Lee in his Thor: Ragnarok cameo.

During the 1960s, Stan, at this time an established writer at Marvel, was employed to write stories he felt lacked emotional core. He was tired of their violence and bravado and believed they lacked character nuance and relatability. He wanted to create something richer, something with a stronger backbone of humility and humanity; traits that would come to define Marvel characters and legacy. On the verge of quitting the business, Joan said the words that became a catalyst for change and set her husband’s path on a different trajectory.

“Why don’t you write one the way you want to write it?” she said. “You’re going to quit anyway, so if he [Stan’s boss] fires you, who cares? But get it out of your system.”

These words marked the turning point in Stan’s career; they gave him the fire to write a story in his vision, not the way he was expected, with characters who were heroic and powerful, relatable yet flawed. He created a family of outsiders who would bicker and fight amongst themselves. The comic he wrote was Fantastic Four (1961). Stan may have written the comic, but Joan Lee had changed the game.

Mother Marvel

The Lee union has always been respected and held with affection by fans. She may be primarily viewed as a guiding force — ‘Mother Marvel’ to many — but the vivacious Joan Lee was a successful woman in her own right before she met and married Lee in 1947.

Born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1922, Joan Boocock quickly established a modelling career in her late teens. However, she strove for more and yearned to escape the cold of the North of England in search of adventure and better times. In 1943, at the age of 21, she married Sanford Dorf Weiss, an American serviceman she had known for 24 hours. Joan had acquired the new life she craved but not the great love story.

“In many aspects, it was a great marriage,” Joan once conceded. “But after living with him a year I was finding him sort of boring…”

Never one to follow convention, the day she divorced Weiss was also the day she married Stan, the two services taking place in adjacent rooms in the same building. They married after dating for two weeks, on December 5, 1947, a union that lasted until Joan’s death 69 years later. In one interview, she described her husband as “the best looking, nicest man I’ve ever known”.

The Real Mary Jane Watson 

Mary Jane in the recent PS4 Spider-Man game.

Joan and Stan’s meeting was not a conventional one. It could have even been written by Mr Lee himself.

Stan once described how he “wanted to get married,” after the war.

“I wanted to live with a girl, I was tired of living with sergeants,” he said.

Having established a reputation as something of a womaniser during his youth, he had arranged to meet — at his friend’s suggestion — “a gorgeous redhead” model in New York on a blind date. However, it was Joan, another flame-haired beauty (albeit a married one) who opened the door instead. He was immediately besotted with this girl from Northern England, informing his friend: “I have drawn that girl’s face a thousand times, I am going to marry her”. Six weeks later, they were married in Reno, Nevada, by the same judge who would preside over Joan’s divorce.

Joan’s “comic-book face” (Stan would always say she had the perfect face for comic books), has been rumoured to have influenced various characters, but never more so than Mary Jane Watson, the beautiful red-haired girl-next-door adored by Peter Parker. MJ was created in Joan’s vision, inspired by Stan’s very first meeting with the woman who would soon become his wife on New York’s Madison Avenue.

Stan’s Personal Superhero

Joan would appear in a number of Stan’s projects, both live-action and animated. Her most significant roles occurred during the 1990s, when she appeared in two animated Marvel shows. She voiced Miss Forbes in Fantastic Four as well as Spider-Man’s Madame Web. Then, of course, there was the obligatory Lee cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Although she is best known for steering the canon, in more ways than we will ever know, Joan was also active behind the scenes, both at Marvel and in her own right. In 1987, she wrote The Pleasure Palace, a novel about a man building the world’s most luxurious ocean liner while romancing several women at the same time. Three more unpublished novels were found among her possessions when she died from stroke-related complications on July 16, 2017.

Despite her husband claiming she had no interest in comics, there is more than a touch of the Starks in this synopsis of Joan’s playboy character, a slight inflection of Howard and Tony. Had Tony Stark really been influenced by Howard Hughes as Stan claimed, or had the seed been planted by Joan’s, at that time, unpublished idea? The movie director Kevin Smith once referred to her as “Stan’s personal superhero” and “Marvel Muse” but Joan was infinitely more than a muse, and who knows how much of an influence her unseen work had as she silently, privately, inspired Stan towards ‘Excelsior’?

‘Spider-Verse’ Producers Want Marvel to Reboot the Film in 2038


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Why the border wall might not be such a good idea

Dear John: Ever play King of the Mountain? If you’re really strong, you can ward off challengers for a long time, maybe forever if there’s never a superior force. Walls are just like that. At the very least, they really slow things down. If necessary, they give the defenders time to reinforce the area. Plus,…
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