Renovate To Suit Your Lifestyle

If you love where you live but dream of having more space with a custom home designed to suit your own style and needs, updating your home may be the right answer for you!


One of the main reasons that homeowners move or build is because they want more space. The great news is that you can add that space to your existing home, allowing you to stay in the neighborhood you love without sacrificing your dream home. Adding a second story to your home not only doubles your existing living space, but can drastically change the look of your home for a more luxurious look as well. Adding an addition may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. The experts at Modular Home Additions specialize in making the process as quick and painless as process. They walk you through the planning stages and help get everything together for you. The walls are prebuilt in sections so that when it comes time to begin work, they can have the old roof removed and the second story ready to finish in as little as 3 days! – Modular Home Additions,


One of the benefits of a custom home is the ability to customize all those little details that really make the home your own. With a little planning, you can do the same thing in your existing home as well. Moldings are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any builder grade home or condo and the new Option {M} line from Metrie makes it easy to select the right moldings for your space. The line is divided into 5 trendy design styles; Bohemian, Modern Farmhouse, New Traditional, Shabby Chic and Vintage Industrial. Each combination offers a variety of interior moldings and doors that work together, allowing you to quickly select the best options for the look you wish to achieve! – Metrie,


Custom homes often have creative design features like double sided fireplaces, stone feature walls, panel-ready appliances and other unique touches that really make the home unique. To create this unique touch in your home, you don’t have to redo everything. Instead, choose one unique feature you’d like to focus on and make it stunning. Consider which areas of the home will be most visible and choose a feature that will create that WOW factor! We love this stone half wall with a double sided fireplace, it makes a custom statement and divides the two rooms without losing the open concept feel!

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Huawei has had enough, reportedly plans to file suit against the US

Huawei US ban

A new chapter in the ongoing flap between the US and Huawei is about to get under way, with the Chinese smartphone maker reportedly planning a lawsuit to be filed against the US government later this week in Texas.

That’s where the company’s US office is located, and word of the suit comes via The New York Times, which reports that the lawsuit will focus on a defense spending authorization approved by Congress last year. In it, the federal government barred itself from using products made by Huawei as well as another Chinese hardware maker, ZTE.

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All Deals on HP, Dell and Lenovo!

Showtime’s ‘Billions’ ripped off hedge fund performance coach: suit

The tagline for season four of “Billions,” out March 17, is, “Leave them with nothing.” Mission accomplished, says Denise Shull. “They’ve left me with nothing and then went out of their way to make me look bad for telling the truth,” said Shull, a NYC-based performance coach for hedge funds. In a copyright-infringement lawsuit she…
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‘Definitely and imminently’ filing suit against Trump administration: Xavier Becerra

ABC News

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Conor McGregor Dresses to Impress and Pitch New David August Suit Collection

MAN WITH A BRAND: On the field Sunday pre-Super Bowl LIII, Conor McGregor was tough to miss wearing a custom David August lavender jacket and tie with black pants.
The UFC featherweight and lightweight champion’s 18-month-old son was dressed identically in custom suits, thanks to the designer David August Heil. As is pretty much always the case with any celebrity making such a mega-appearance — and Sunday’s game would qualify — the wardrobe choice was no coincidence. The fiery Irish MMA fighter launched a cobranded collection with August at the end of last year in time for his showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov. The collection included a $ 39 “Eff You” T-shirt, an $ 87 “Whoop Ass” embroidered hooded sweatshirt and a $ 39 newspaper-inspired “August McGregor Post” T-shirt imprinted with a McGregor quote, “When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen.”
But back to the Super Bowl: McGregor decided to wear purple “to remain neutral, as he is a fan of both teams but wanted to wear something to celebrate the occasion,” according to a David August spokesman. To take that neutrality literally, McGregor might be a little color blind since red and blue make purple and red is minimal in

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The Men’s Suit Purchase Priority List

Far too many of us have a suit, or suits, that don’t get used much. It’s probably because something was on sale and we thought we’d wear it more often than we actually do. The solution? Prioritize. Here’s what to buy first, and what to hold off on until later when assembling a suit collection. Not everyone needs all of these. Heck, not everyone “needs” more than one or two of these (if that, in our increasingly casual culture). But if you want to buy a suit, or two, or three, here’s the order to buy them in, starting from the ground up.


#1. The Plain Charcoal Wool Suit

Plenty would favor a navy suit as your first suit, but the argument here is that charcoal looks more appropriate at a funeral. It’s also more sober/conservative for job interviews. Make it a two button, notch lapel. If your job requires you to wear a suit daily, you’ll want more than one of these.


#2. The Plain Navy Wool Suit

Again, many would opt for a navy suit over charcoal for their FIRST suit, and that’s fine if that’s what you choose. But we’re putting it second due to the funeral factor (and let’s hope that doesn’t become a factor).


#3. The Light Gray / Tropical Wool Suit

You’re looking for something you can wear to a summer wedding, but the fabric makes it noticeably more dressed up than seersucker or linen. Also, you can wear these in fall and winter to add a bit of brightness to an otherwise cold and dark wardrobe. Look for lighter weight, not just lighter in color. Also look for less lining. Still favor a notch lapel and two button jacket.


#4. The Subtle Pattern Wool Suit


Slow your roll Sparky. We’re not talking fat chalk stripes or massively contrasting plaids here. Something subtle. Say, a blue on navy plaid. Or a fine pin stripe. A dark charcoal base with a white pinstripe could make you look like you stepped out of a Dick Tracy comic. Less can be more. Especially when it comes to suit patterns.


#5. The Lightweight Cotton or Linen Summer Suit

For when it’s unbearably hot. Don’t worry about the wrinkles. Fabric that’s super light and breezy is supposed to wrinkle. It’s expected, and part of the charm. Favor linen and seersucker suits over chino. Some chino suits can lean a little dense, and thus, won’t breathe nearly as well.


#6. The Wool Tuxedo


There are very few places to rent a good looking, decent fitting tux. (Here’s one.) This is pretty far down the list because most guys these days don’t have black tie events to go to until later in life… if at all. Ever. But if you’re getting married or attending a big event and want to look your absolute best? Buy a tux. Have it tailored. It’ll be a great investment. Even if it’s an inexpensive tux, a little tailoring can go a long way. Peak lapel is timeless. Shawl is a bit more dashing. And finding a tux for cheap can be a tough ask. Retailers assume you’ve got cash, being that you’re shopping for a black tie event.


#7. The Tweed or Flannel Winter Suit

The thick, wintry stuff, for when it’s unbearably cold. Some people live in climates that’ll never necessitate a suit like this. Those who do live in climates with a real winter can usually get by with their normal suits, good layering, and solid outerwear. But hey, there is just something about a flannel suit on a super cold day.

This post originally ran in 2017, but has since been updated with current product suggestions.

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Former Black Employee Files Suit Against Moschino for Racially Profiling Black Shoppers

Shamael Lataillade, a former employee at a Moschino boutique in West Hollywood, California, filed a lawsuit against the Italian luxury clothing company for racial discrimination against her and shoppers of color. In the suit, Lataillade claims that employees at the store were instructed to racially profile black patrons who didn’t appear to be wealthy and classify them using a racist codename.

Lataillade says a store supervisor would call black clientele “Serena” and ordered employees to follow and watch them closely if they weren’t wearing diamonds or name brand clothing, according to documents obtained by TMZ. Associates were also told to tell so-called “Serenas” that certain items were out of stock. The female supervisor even went as far as sometimes recording the license plate numbers of black clients. In one instance, she purportedly called the police to report a “suspicious” customer who Lataillade says turned out to be a high-profile rapper.

In addition, Lataillade, who is a Haitian-American woman, claims that the supervisor stereotyped her as someone who practices voodoo. Lataillade argues that she was then fired for speaking out about the “Serena” code word and other forms of racism she faced.

Ironically, the code word “Serena” seems to be a reference to iconic tennis star Serena Williams, who boasts a net worth around $ 180 million.

In response to the suit, which seeks unspecified damages, Moschino denied Lataillade’s charges and told TMZ the company “complies with applicable equal employment laws and values and respects all customers and clients regardless of their race or background.”

Nevertheless, this lawsuit points to the notorious phenomenon of “shopping while black,” an epidemic that dates back to the 20th century, when department stores prohibited black shoppers from using their main entrance and trying on clothes in fear their skin would tarnished items. Oprah Winfrey even fell victim to the “shopping while black” stigma back in 2013, when a Zurich store clerk snubbed the billionaire and suggested that she could not afford a $ 38,000 purse.

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Maria Wants This Pinstriped Suit for Flexin’ Purposes Only

Suits are pretty baller, no? I imagine if I wore a suit, I wouldn’t slouch so much, or I’d have a little more strut to my step. Plus, a suit provides the same convenience of getting dressed as a romper or jumpsuit: You just throw the thing on and that’s about it. No need to sort out what matches …

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Banking mogul hired private investigator to get leverage in deal: suit

New York billionaire Howard Milstein dished dirt about a Texas financier’s divorce proceedings as he sought to gain leverage in a contentious business deal earlier this year, according to an explosive lawsuit. Milstein — a 67-year-old heir to the Milstein family’s Big Apple banking and property empire — allegedly hired a private investigator to “tail”…
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Outfit Formula: The Fun Holiday Pant Suit

A pant suit that doesn’t look corporate is an excellent, versatile and easy outfit to pull out for the holidays. It’s less formal than a skirt suit, a whole lot warmer than a dress, can be layered with knitwear for extra warmth, and works with practical and weatherproof footwear. The suit can look as dressy, casual, festive, fun and elegant as you style it. The jacket and pants can be separated and remixed with other items.

Men’s fashion shows practical, warm and swish holiday attire every season, while women’s fashion continues to showcase a plethora of skimpy sleeveless dresses. It drives me bananas. I for one want to look festive AND feel warm.

As much as I adore wearing dresses, I’m into the fun holiday pant suit, and hope to encourage you too. Pant suits are cosy, versatile, and a great combination of dressy and smart casual. Here are four ideas.

1. Brocade Suit

The dandy and baroque integrity of a brocade suit is classic, romantic and luxe. This one is multi-coloured, but the more subtle self-colour brocade suit does exist. Choose a neutral or non-neutral, pop a silky camisole underneath, or a simple knitted layering top. Finish off the look with pumps, boots, Mary Janes, loafers or oxfords. Add knee-highs or trouser socks for warmth, and a clutch for dressiness.

Eloquii Brocade One Button Jacket

2. Velvet Suit

Velvet, another regal and luxe fabric, is a fabulous idea in a pant suit. Think neutrals or non-neutrals. Subtle or bright. Pop a casual tee, fitted knit top, turtleneck, striped top, or silk camisole underneath, and wear anything from boots to loafers as footwear. A velvet blazer can be remixed with jeans as holiday outfit #2, while the pants can be remixed with a dressy pullover for holiday outfit #3.

Boden Velvet Straight Leg Pants

3. Plaid Suit

A plaid suit is another way to go. High-contrast plaids are a commitment to wear from head to toe so make sure you’re comfortable doing that. Here’s a classic low-contrast plaid that looks streamlined with a navy turtleneck. It’s easier to wear than a bright or high-contrast plaid. Your choice of pumps, boots, Mary Janes, loafers or oxfords as footwear with hosiery or socks. A sparkly bag and brooch would lift the dark palette of the outfit if that tickles your fancy.

Hobbs Cassidy Jacket

4. Bright Suit

Think of a brightly coloured suit like red, pink, mustard or purple. Or less bright, like teal, plum, blush, forest green, burgundy or cobalt blue. Finish off the outfit with a top, shoes and small handbag in the same colour or pattern. Finish off the look with a suitable layering top, footwear. Add as much bling as you’re comfortable sporting for the festive season.

Karen Millen Waist Emphasis Tailored Jacket

You could wear a leopard print pant suit, a metallic suit, or a classic black “Le Smoking” tuxedo too. Switch out the layers, footwear and accessories to create a fresh look, and layer a warm cape, coat or puffer over the top.



Tom Ford manager said she ‘needed sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner’: suit

A seamstress for famed fashion designer Tom Ford says one of her bosses over-shared about her favorite accessory — sex toys — while boasting that she “needed sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Yekaterina Angert, 34, who worked at Ford’s Madison Avenue flagship store from June through October, says in a new Manhattan lawsuit that…
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