Breaking: SEA WALL/A LIFE, Starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Sturridge, Will Transfer to Broadway This Summer

According to the New York Times,Sea Wall A LIFE, written by Simon Stephens and Nick Payne respectively and directed by Carrie Cracknell, will transfer to Broadway next season. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge, it will begin performances on July 26 and will open on August 8. The limited engagement will conclude on September29. Featured Content


5 Summer 2019 Hair Trends That Took Off at Coachella

Festival season is finally here, and so, too, are a number of fashion trends.
Coachella weekend one saw the emergence of a number of trends, primarily in the hair category, as influencers and guests looked to accessories, classic styles and colorful looks to complement their festival gear.
A go-to festival style, textured waves left its mark at Coachella, with many taking a grungy and grittier take on the classic beach waves with hair that looked like it had been dipped in a swimming pool prior to styling.
Others went for bold, colorful looks with balayage highlights and full coloring in pastel hues of pink, purple and blue.
Read on to see the five key hair trends that emerged at Coachella.
1. Pastel Hues

Lottie Tomlinson at the Revolve Party at Coachella 2019. 

Sophie Simmons at the 5th Annual ZOEasis Party, at Coachella 2019. 
Chelsea Lauren/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Winnie Harlow at the Revolve Party at Coachella 2019. 
Chelsea Lauren/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Jenn Im at the Revolve Party at Coachella 2019. 

2. Loose Braids

Shay Mitchell at the Revolve Party at Coachella 2019. 

Kathryn Newton at Coachella 2019. 
Eric Charbonneau/REX/Shutterstock

Khanh Duong at Coachella 2019. 
Amy Harris/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

3. Gritty Textured Waves

Aimee Song at the Revolve Party at Coachella 2019. 

Jasmine Tookes at the Revolve Party at Coachella 2019. 

Danielle Herrington at the Revolve Party at Coachella

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18 Pairs of Distressed Denim Shorts to Stock Up on for Summer

A great pair of denim cutoffs can provide endless outfit options throughout the warmer months of the year, and a bit of torn-and-tattered detailing can help give a vintage feel to a brand new pair. Plus, imagine the possibilities thanks to this extremely versatile garment: Distressed …

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Spring / Summer Temptation: New Affordable Men’s Style Arrivals for 2019

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why.

And here’s one: You know that confident feeling you get when wearing your favorite suit? Imagine feeling that way about your finances. Personal Capital tracks your net worth and spending for free, so you know where your savings stand and how your investments are performing. Get started here.

Spring/Summer 2019 – The Best Looking New Arrivals in Men’s Style

Those piles of parking lot snow should be starting to whither. Winter clearance events for retail are coming to an end. That means new, warm-weather arrivals are starting to show up in store, and online. Spring/Summer 2019 seems to feature more color, more patterns, more… more. But since this website bangs the drum for less is more, we’ll try and keep from getting too far out of control. Know that for many of these items, prices are sure to come down with sales & promos once the snow starts to melt.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazers – $ 320 – $ 360 w/ ECLIPSE20 ($ 400 – $ 450)

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazers

Up there in price for sure, but Bonobos knows what they’re doing when it comes to these minimally lined, lightweight, wear it in everything from 10 degrees to 110 degrees sportcoats. Plenty of colors and patterns to pick from. Totally unlined in the back. Hopsack, looser weave wool is nice and airy. Super easy to dress up or down. Available in slim or standard fits.


Target Goodfellow & Co. Short Sleeve Henley Shirt – $ 12.99

In Review: Target’s Goodfellow & Co Spring 2019 |

Well made, soft cotton, and plenty of colors to pick from. Part of our round up of what Target’s Goodfellow & Co line has to offer for the warmer weather. The cotton is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap, and the color options are all pretty nice.


Timex Allied Coastline 43mm Fabric Strap Watch – $ 99

Timex Allied Coastline 43mm Fabric Strap Watch

Nautical, seashore style without the “would you like to see my beach house?” price. 100m water resistance. Functional top bezel. (Yay!) Brass case so there should be some decent heft to it.


EXPRESS Piped Performance Polo – $ 49.90

EXPRESS Piped Performance Polo

The stretchy, super comfy, mostly cotton EXPRESS performance polos have gotten the piped treatment for Spring 2019. Not bad at all. Spendy from the jump, but… this is EXPRESS. There’s always another 40% off train a comin’.


Nodus Retrospect II Diver – $ 400 – $ 450*

Nodus Retrospect II Diver

Good gracious, that’s something. Designed and assembled in Los Angeles. Has a Miyota heart beating inside. More than a couple dial colors to pick from. Inward sloping bezel. I’m a big fan of my own personal Avalon (that cushion case speaks to me) but this? This is a heck of a do-anything, all purpose, classic but not boring dive watch. *Note that they are currently taking $ 200, non refundable deposits for pre-orders. Remaining balance will be charged right before shipping, which is expected to be early April.


Suitsupply Havana Fit Linen Blend Sportcoats – $ 399 – $ 499

Suitsupply Havana Fit Linen Blend Sportcoats

The Havana fit in linen or a linen blend is perfect for this time of year. Not ridiculously close to the body, but still tailored looking. There’s just enough room for ventilation and to breathe. Ships and returns for free since it’s Suitsupply.


Allen Edmonds Nomad Bucks – $ 345

Allen Edmonds Nomad Bucks

I really like the “Nomad” line. I know the new ownership at AE has NOT done everything right. Far from it. But these are still Goodyear welted, still made in Port Washington WI, and they’re darn comfortable. Full review of their chukkas from this line can be found here.


Nordstrom 1901 Marled Slub Polo – $ 49.50

Nordstrom 1901 Marled Slub Polo

Nordstrom is making a button down collar polo these days? Excellent. A little on the spendy side though. Slub fabric. From one of their younger leaning house brands, 1901. Ships and returns for free since it’s Nordstrom.


Spier & Mackay Tropical Weight Suits – $ 348

Spier & Mackay Tropical Weight Suits

Excited about these, but they do have a drawback: The jackets are fully lined. So if you’re a super sweater of a man, then you might want to steer clear. Lined in Bemberg though, so it’ll breathe noticeably better than stuffy polyester lined suits. Lighter weight tropical wool does help too in the warmer months. And hey, thankfully they’re selling the pants as separate stand-alones if you just need some trousers.


GAP Cotton/Linen Khakis – $ 41.97 w/ STYLE ($ 69.95)

GAP Cotton/Linen Khakis

Why GAP insists on calling these just “linen” khakis, when they’re 63% cotton and 37% linen, and most colors aren’t khaki, is beyond me. But I’m just some schmuck on the internet. Nice pants though.


Banana Republic Nyle Italian Lace-Up Oxford – $ 94.80 w/ STYLE ($ 158)

Banana Republic Nyle Italian Lace-Up Oxford

Gray suede bucks. Perfect for warm weather, but you can even wear them in cooler temps with jeans. Does go up for 40% off codes with some regularity.


Relwen Utility Trap Blazer – $ 328

Relwen Utility Trap Blazer

Y’know how a lot of fall/winter sportcoats can deftly walk that line between blazer and outerwear? That doesn’t happen all that often in spring. Until now. Also available in navy or gray. Ships and sold by Huckberry.


Goodthreads  7″ Inseam Lightweight Oxford Short – $ 29.19

Goodthreads  7" Inseam Lightweight Oxford Short

Oxford cloth is certainly a favorite warm weather fabric. Especially for shorts and pants. Thirty bucks doesn’t seem too bad, especially considering they ship fast and free thanks to the Prime service.


Banana Republic Tipped Luxe Touch Polos – $ 29.70 w/ STYLE ($ 49.50)

Banana Republic Tipped Luxe Touch Polos

There are two kinds of people in this world. First, those that love Banana Republic’s smooth as glass, cotton, luxe touch fabric. And second, those who seem to shrink these damn things in the wash/dryer, and thus, HATE Banana Republic’s luxe touch fabric. If you are in the latter camp, don’t buy these.


J. Crew Cotton/Linen Unstructured Suit Jacket – $ 168

J. Crew Cotton/Linen Unstructured Suit Jacket

Not all of J. Crew’s new spring arrivals look like they’ve fallen out of a norm-core lookbook. This jacket is loud but not tinnitus inducing. The top half of one of their newest “un-suits.” So unconstructed and unlined. Wearing it WITH the matching pants might cause some ringing in the ears.


Cole Haan GrandPro Turf Sneaker – $ 150

Cole Haan GrandPro Turf Sneaker

Spendy, but purposefully built with “Grand.OS” technology that specifically helps deliver arch support. Arch support. In a retro styled sneaker. Imagine that. Currently efforting an in person and maybe a giveaway.


Target Goodfellow & Co Hennepin Slim Fit Chino Pants – $ 22.99

In Review: Target’s Goodfellow & Co Spring 2019 |

A true slim. Gonna be too slim for some. If you can go to Target and try several pairs on, you’ll probably be good to go. Size shown above is a 32×32.


Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chronograph – $ 2195

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chronograph

Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! But man. That price. Should come down quite a bit once it hits gray market dealers. IF it ever hits gray market dealers. And hey, it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?


B.R. Silk Cotton Cashmere Sweater Polo – $ 47.70 w/ STYLE ($ 79.50)

BR Silk Cotton Cashmere Sweater Polo

These can be super dressed up or down. Worn with jeans when it’s cool to cold, with golf pants or even those performance wool trousers when it warms up a little. Come to think of it, those wool pants + one of these sweater polos would make a really smart (but maybe a little too retro) golfing outfit.


Suitsupply Grey Italian Suede Sneakers – $ 179

Suitsupply Grey Italian Suede Sneakers

Whoooo spendy. But hey, if you’re out looking for some gray colorblock sneakers, here they be. Ships and returns free since it’s Suitsupply.


J. Crew Factory SLIM Pocket Tee – $ 15ish

J. Crew Factory SLIM Pocket Tee

Cheap. True slim fit. Four colors to pick from and that pocket breaks up the large swatch of chest fabric just enough. Cotton/poly gives it some softness and a bit of a marled look.


Spier & Mackay Acetate Round Sunglasses – $ 68

Spier & Mackay Acetate Round Sunglasses

Really nice. Not polarized, but the feel and finish is really quite impressive. Hits that rare mid-price-point between gas station garbage shades and super luxury sunglasses. Full review here.


Banana Republic Core Temp Chinos – $ 58.80 w/ STYLE ($ 98)

BR Core Temp Chinos

So good. Lightweight, breathable, and absurdly comfortable. Full review here. Currently only offered in their Aiden Slim fit. Which leaves some of us in the athletic booty camp feeling a bit squeezed. But they’re stretchy enough that even if you are on team caboose, you still might find these to be a favorite.


Nordstrom The Rail Payson Chelsea Boot – $ 89.95

Nordstrom The Rail Payson Chelsea Boot

Spring/Summer and boots don’t often go together. These do. Sandy suede color. Cheap. Ships and returns for free.


Amazon Goodthreads Lightweight Slub Polo – $ 20

Amazon Goodthreads Lightweight Slub Polo

Serious potential here. Tons of colors, cheap, lightweight and slubbed. Casual due to that lightweight, slub fabric, but some of us dig that. Ships and returns free with Prime.


J. Crew Factory Chunky Cardigan Sweater in Marled Cotton – $ 60ish

J. Crew Factory Chunky Cardigan Sweater in Marled Cotton

Will look great with chinos or shorts, and a t-shirt or short sleeve henley on a cool summer evening. Something to pack for those trips to the beach / lake.


Jack Erwin Driving Loafer – $ 115

Jack Erwin Driving Loafer

Still handcrafted in Portugal. Not bad for $ 115. TONS of colors to pick from, and that familiar, low profile and nubby sole (and heel) of a true driving loafer.


Spier & Mackay Warm Weather Sportcoats – $ 228 – $ 298

Spier & Mackay Warm Weather Sportcoats

From cotton chino to linen silk blends, Spier does warm weather seasonality really well. Of course, they do cold weather seasonality really well too, but, wear one of their tweed numbers in the summer heat and you might end up in a puddle of your own sweat. Anyway, back to the warm weather sportcoats. Lots of fabric options. Lots of colors. Lots of patterns and textures too.


B.R. Supima Cotton Button-Shoulder Sweater – $ 59.10 w/ STYLE ($ 98.50)

BR Supima Cotton Button-Shoulder Sweater

The buttons are inspired by fisherman’s/sailor sweaters from the past. They used to have higher necks on them, and the buttons would help guys at sea button them all the way up to keep the sea spray out, but could be unbuttoned later for on/off. Price above reflects a pretty standard 40% off discount.


Suitsupply Nubuck Duffel – $ 399

Suitsupply Nubuck Duffel

Travel season is coming up fast. And honestly, not a bad price for an all nubuck leather duffel.


UNIQLO – AIRism Button Down Collar Polo Shirts – $ 29.90

A favorite. Shown above is last year’s shirt-collar version, but you get the idea. A deep-ish, three button placket, and button down collar points = a polo collar that’s smart and in control. Not one that’s curling and flopping about as the day wears on.


Gustin Made in Italy White/Green Sneakers – $ 169

Gustin Made in Italy White/Green Sneakers

A total splurge, and twice as expensive as Stan Smiths, but Gustin knows what they’re doing when it comes to making quality products for a fair price. The catch? It’s a pre-order system, so you’ll have to be patient. Italian Nappa leather. Cream Margom Sole. Lined in Calfskin.


J. Crew Factory Oxford Cloth Pants in Slim or Straight Fit – $ 35ish

J. Crew Factory Oxford Cloth Pants

Again, oxford cloth shorts and pants are quite appreciated when it heats up. Yes, since they’re all cotton they tend to soak up and hold onto moisture. But they’re just so light and airy that unless you sweat like a beast, you should be okay. Depending on the temp and humidity of course.


Spier & Mackay Button Down Collar Polos – $ 30

Spier & Mackay Button Down Collar Polos

For those who prefer their polos 100% cotton with great buttons and a collar that won’t stray. More than a few color options to pick from.


Made in the USA Flint & Tinder 365 Pants – $ 98

Made in the USA Flint & Tinder 365 Pants

Because jeans are about to get kinda hot. These? Not so much. Perfectly weighted and stretch infused cotton 5-pockets designed specifically for year round wear. Full review here in case you missed it.


Todd Snyder Fine Cord Stripe Suit – $ 676

Todd Snyder Fine Cord Stripe Suit

Made in Canada, Italian cotton fine cord with a touch of stretch. An investment, but it has a lot of things going for it.


Spier & Mackay Cotton/Linen Dress Trousers – $ 128

Spier & Mackay Cotton/Linen Dress Trousers

Side tabs! Feel free to ditch that heavy leather belt (or heck, even a lightweight belt) in favor of side tabs. 55% Cotton / 45% linen blend fabric. Sharp as hell. Lots of colors.


J. Crew Unstructured Blazer & Pants in Stretch Cotton – $ 266

Available in either stretch cotton (as shown above) or a cotton/linen blend. Nice to see that despite all the turmoil, J. Crew is still making these popular “un-suits” for the spring and summer months. Multiple colors available too. Full review here.


TheTieBar Pointed Tip Knit Ties – $ 25

TheTieBar Pointed Tip Knit Ties

Love the knit tie thing but don’t like the “it’s hip to be square” blunted end of most? Then TheTieBars limited run of tip-knit ties are your jam. Still just twenty five bucks. Knit silk, and finished with a more pleasing to the eye (to some) point.


B.R. Arley Suede Work Boot – $ 106.80 w/ STYLE ($ 178)

B.R. Arley Suede Work Boot

Yes you can wear boots in warmer weather. Just favor less clunk, and more suede. And that applies here. Full review can be found this way.


Spier & Mackay Stretch Wool Suits – $ 348

Spier & Mackay Stretch Wool Suits

98% wool and 2% lycra in a couple of spring-appropriate shades. Still half canvas. Still one of the best values in the suiting business.


WP Standard Boxcar Duffel – $ 400

WP Standard Boxcar Duffel

More travel gear here. WP Standard is the real deal. And while $ 400 is no small amount of money, the look and feel of their leather, not to mention the smart construction, really is something else.


Suitsupply Italian Wool Blend Raincoat – $ 499

Suitsupply Italian Wool Blend Raincoat

A lightweight, almost suiting-fabric 3-season raincoat is pretty much ideal. It ain’t cheap, but ideal rarely is. 80% wool and 20% poly. Fabric is from Italy. Ships and returns for free being that it’s Suitsupply.


Bonobos Lightweight Golf Pants – $ 78.40 w/ ECLIPSE20 ($ 98)

Bonobos Lightweight Golf Pants

A Bonobos tech pant that doesn’t start north of $ 150? Be still. My heart. Anyway, still a splurge, but try the code ECLIPSE20 at checkout for 20% off. All poly/nylon blend here. So don’t be shocked if they “swish swish” when you walk.


J. Crew Diagonal-Stitch Rope Cotton Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $ 140

J. Crew Diagonal-Stitch Rope Cotton Shawl-Collar Cardigan

The heavier sweaters from winter might be stashed in cedar for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a sweater or two around the house for when it unexpectedly cools off. Should go on sale with the frequent codes and promos that J. Crew runs.


Nordstrom Roger Monk Strap Derby – $ 124.95

Nordstrom Roger Monk Strap Derby

From their affordable, but still pretty nice house brand. Should look quite good with all manners of lightweight suiting.


Banana Republic Heritage Slim Linen Suit Jacket & Pant = $ 275 w/ STYLE ($ 458)

BR Heritage Slim Linen Suit

Price above reflects a 40% off discount, but do know that these suit separates get excluded quite a bit. Once upon a time BR would take an otherwise nice, airy, 100% linen suit like this… and fully line the jacket. But not anymore! Someone got in the ear of whoever was in charge of suit construction and said “hey, it sorta defeats the purpose of an airy, breathable summer suit, to fully line the jacket.” Sweat city people. But not here. This is the way to do it. Just butterfly lined in the back. True slim fit.


J.C.F. Slim Thompson Double-Breasted Blazer in Flex Chino – $ 130ish

J.C.F. Slim Thompson Double-Breasted Blazer in Flex Chino

I mean… it’s possible of course. But. Well. YOU FIRST.

Did we miss something warm-weather specific that should have made this list? Send those tips into:

Dappered Style Mail


Shrimps and Warehouse Team for Summer Holiday Capsule 

SUMMER READY: Shrimps’ creative director Hannah Weiland has ditched her signature faux fur in favor of summer clothing as part of a new collaboration with British high street retailer Warehouse.
“They are a classic British brand and I like that they have their own unique aesthetic on the high street,” said Weiland, adding that she was inspired by a hot summer’s day in Europe. “A glamorous beach day drinking Campari Spritz under a striped umbrella, sitting on a gingham towel and playing Scrabble.”

Shrimps x Warehouse’s “Holiday Edit” capsule collection. 

The Holiday Edit will be available in Warehouse stores and online from mid-April. The collection ranges from T-shirts and sundresses to jewelry and beach bags. Pieces start at 15 pounds.
There are ruched tops, long-tiered dresses and button-up tops. Some feature a floral pattern and daisy embroidery, while others are designed with a printed illustration, drawn by Weiland herself.
Elsewhere, pieces such as a belted playsuit, high-waisted towel shorts and a vinyl tote bag feature a lime green gingham pattern. Accessories take the shape of bucket hats, straw hats and lace-up espadrilles.
“I think Shrimps’ prints and colors work very well for an exciting summer wardrobe. I have a love for lime green so this is key

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These are the 7 main shoe trends you need to know for summer

With a new season around the corner, we’re starting to look at the main summer fashion trends to dictate our wardrobe for SS19. And whilst we’ve already got the main spring bag trends covered, we’re all for updating our shoe game too. After all, as Marilyn put it, ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’.

As ever, we’re looking to the catwalk for inspiration, so keep scrolling for the top shoe trends to invest in this season, as seen at Chloé, Prada and Jacquemus to name a few.

Neon shoes

spring summer shoe trends

It’s official, neon is back. While hints of bright coral, hot pink and flashy orange were spotted at the shows, lime green was the colour of choice, as dictated by Matthew Adams Dolan, Jeremy Scott and Christian Siriano.

Naked sandals

Never has a sandal been so covetable. Designers like Versace, Mary Katrantzou and Ports all sent their models down the catwalk in barely-there sandals that somehow make feed look extra sexy without deterring from the clothes. Look to The Row and Neous for great buys, and Topshop, Mango and Zara for high street equivalents.

Perspex heels

spring summer shoe trends

If you’re after a futuristic heel, then this trend is for you. Balmain, Chanel and Christian Dior have all designed boots, mules and court shoes with a simple perspex heel for SS19.

Scultpural heels

spring summer shoe trends

The maximalists amongst you will adore this trend, which was already big last summer thanks to Jacquemus (what trend didn’t he set?). Whilst last season was all about the wooden heel, this time round we’re injecting a bit of colour and metal in delicate shapes. Also look to Rejina and Balmain for inspiration.

Prim Mary Janes

Consider this the shoe equivalent of the lady bag trend. Miu Miu, Prada and Tom Ford have all re-imagined the Mary Jane (‘I thought it was an urban shoe myth!’) for the new season, in pastel shades with jewel clasp details, and classic black croc and white leather.

Kitten heels

The kitten heel is here to stay, and we’re backing the styles seen at Rejina Pyo, Christopher Kane and Tibi. This low heel is deceptively flattering, both on short and long legs.

Shoes with tassels

spring summer shoe trends

Festival season starts early with these tasseled numbers. At Longchamps they were on gladiator sandals, at Coach they adorned trainers and at Oscar de la Renta they were the finishing touch on classic heels. Who knew they were so versatile?

Scroll down to shop the best spring summer shoe trends.

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Marie Claire


Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Attention, Teachers: Need Cash This Summer? Try One of These 26 Side Gigs

While many of us dream of having the summer months off, some teachers prefer to use their vacations to earn extra cash.

According to a Penny Hoarder analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, the median salary for teachers (elementary, middle and secondary) is $ 51,000, and the starting salary comes in at $ 35,800. So it’s no surprise that one in 10 educators works a second job during the summer. Not only that, teachers are twice as likely to work a second job than people in any other occupation.

Working during the summer can help you keep your teaching skills sharp and can even help you learn a few new things — preferably with someone else footing the bill.

You’ll find no shortage of summer jobs for teachers or educators. Many of these opportunities will give you a modest income without a lengthy commitment. When the summer’s over, you can resume your day job without having to worry about quitting or keeping a second job.

Ready to find your new summer job?

Jobs That Will Keep You Teaching

Baseball team and their coach

For some teachers, summer is a time to get away from their regular day-to-day work. But for others, teaching is what gets them going in the morning. These jobs will bring in extra income while fulfilling that desire to keep teaching.

1. Teach English as a Second Language

Want to strengthen your teaching skills while earning extra money? Look for opportunities to tutor English as a second language (ESL) students locally and online.

You can contact large corporations in your area that may relocate foreign employees to your city and inquire whether they need a freelance ESL tutor to help their staff brush up on their language skills. Or go online and connect with students all over the world through sites like GoFluent and QKids. One former public school teacher earned over $ 500 a week teaching English to Chinese students through VIPKID.

2. Offer Tutoring

School may be out for the summer for you, but that doesn’t mean students don’t still need a helping hand. If you just don’t get enough of teaching during the school year, tutor in your subject to make extra cash.  

If you want to offer in-person tutoring, start by spreading the word with your students’ parents during the school year so they know who to call when summertime rolls around. And of course, shamelessly publicize your tutoring skills to friends and family who have children. A great thing about tutoring is you can set your own rates, with tutors typically charging anywhere between $ 30 and $ 90 per hour, depending on the subject, according to

And if you’d like to tutor without actually having to leave your house, consider online tutoring instead. There are a ton of websites that hire online tutors. Here are some of our favorite online tutoring companies.

3. Become a Test Prep Instructor

This is similar to tutoring, but with a little twist. As a test prep instructor, you can still flex those teaching skills but take a little break from teaching the same stuff you do during the regular school year.

Depending on your area of expertise and skill level, you can earn income over the summer helping students prepare for the ACT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT or GRE.

Again, you can simply spread the word through friends and family to tutor locally, which means you can set your own rates. Or you can turn to a national organization that is regularly hiring, such as Kaplan Test Prep, where tutors earn anywhere from $ 17 to $ 28 per hour, according to Glassdoor salaries.

4. Teach Abroad

Why limit your summer job search to the U.S.? You’ll find many great opportunities for teachers to work abroad during the summer months.

While paid short-term positions can be hard to come by, volunteer programs, especially those teaching English, are plentiful in certain regions of the world — plus, you’ll get to travel. Some programs will even pay for your expenses. Go Overseas lists a ton of volunteer teaching opportunities abroad.

5. Coach Youth Sports

Coaching youth sports during the summer is another opportunity that allows you to continue working with and instructing children — just in a different way from your regular job. Sure, it’s not teaching long division, but spending the summer imparting athletic and teamwork skills to children can be just as challenging and rewarding.

Plus, you get to watch kids run around playing sports, which is always adorable. A 6-year-old in an oversized, bobbling baseball helmet? Forget about it.

Check with your community recreation centers, churches and camps to find open jobs.

6. Work as a Nanny or Baby Sitter

Technically, this isn’t a teaching gig, but as a nanny or baby sitter you’ll still be working with children and informally teaching them along the way.

You can either find a regular full-time nanny job working for parents who prefer that to traditional day care or just pick up baby-sitting gigs here and there when you feel like making some extra cash.

Start by spreading the word through friends and family, and be sure to mention your teaching position so you have an edge over teenagers willing to do the job cheaply. You can also check out sites like Sittercity to find jobs in your community.

Online Summer Jobs for Teachers

Woman works from home with her cat

Looking for a summer gig that earns you some extra cash — but doesn’t require leaving the house? We’ve got you covered.

7. Sell Your Lesson Plans Online

I love opportunities to leverage what you already have for passive income. You’ve already done the work. Why not make the most of it?

Take those lesson plans and worksheets you created during the school year and upload them to a site like Teachers Pay Teachers. You will earn 60% to 85% on each sale of your education resources. And this is an opportunity that can continue to bring in additional income year-round without any extra work.

“I only sell digital products, so I don’t have to mail anything,” Meredith O’Neill, a middle school teacher who sells her resources on the site, told us in May 2017. “The sale and the transfer of my work happens automatically. The payment goes straight to my PayPal account after TPT takes its cut. It’s extremely easy once your store is created and your work is loaded.”

8. Write and Edit Resumes

If you’ve got writing skills, you can earn extra cash writing and editing resumes. For some (read: a lot) of us, crafting a resume is like pulling teeth, and people are willing to fork out funds for a final product they feel will help them land a job.

This is a good summer job to pursue if you’re interested in part-time work that you can pick up on your own time.

Your personal network is a good place to start, and your teaching background will give you an edge. You can also list your services on freelance platforms such as Upwork, Thumbtack and Fiverr.

Fiverr user Charmaine Pocek started writing resumes and cover letters for $ 5 a piece. Within six years, she was charging $ 30 to $ 800 for her services and has since earned over $ 2 million through the site, according to Fiverr.   

If you’re interested but need a little refresher on resume writing, check out this step-by-step guide.

9. Work as a Website Tester

You probably already spend a good amount of time browsing the internet and using phone apps, so why not get paid for it? Companies want to know how users interact with their websites and what can be done to make them more user-friendly.

All you have to do is browse and navigate websites and then provide honest feedback. You won’t get rich testing websites — expect to earn between $ 5 and $ 10 for each test.

UserTesting pays $ 10 for every 20 minute test; UserFeel pays $ 10 for every 10-20 minute test; and User Test pays around $ 10 per review.

10. Look Into Work-From-Home Jobs

You spend the school year commuting, so consider spending the summer earning extra income from the comfort of your own home. You’d be amazed how many companies are regularly hiring work-from-home employees, and with such a broad selection you can find an opportunity that fits your skill set.

Customer service, copy editing, travel consulting, coding, part-time, full-time, seasonal, freelance: Honestly, the internet is your oyster. You can start with with our Work-From-Home jobs portal to find a gig.

And if you’ve never forayed into the remote work life before, take some time to go over our work-from-home guide. It covers topics such as insurance, scams, taxes and how to find a job that fits your lifestyle.

Summer Jobs in the Great Outdoors

Hardy Bender, 26, steers a raft on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.

It’s summertime and you probably spend the rest of year cooped up in a classroom. Why not spend your months off in the great outdoors and earning extra cash at the same time?

11. Camp Counselor

If you love fresh air and sunshine, consider getting a job at a summer camp.

Writer Amanda Simkin spent three summers working at a summer camp during her eight years of teaching. “Working at a summer camp is a great supplemental job because sometimes you just want to get away from the classroom and interact with kids in a more fun-focused and laid-back way,” she explains.

Here’s how she recommends you find a job. “I learned about openings through word of mouth, but nowadays you can use social media, such as park district websites, Facebook, even Craigslist to find openings,” she says. You can also check with your local YMCA, community organizations and churches.

12. Local Tour Guide

Know all of the hot spots and hidden gems in your city or neighborhood? Then consider becoming a local tour guide. It’s a great way to enjoy the weather, the scenery and good company (hopefully) while earning extra cash.

Another neighborhood-based gig that’s similar to becoming a tour guide is Yelp’s community ambassador program. The company hires people in each city to host events, partner with local organizations and act as an online moderator. It’s a flexible gig, usually 15 to 20 hours per week.

13. Whitewater Raft Guide

This is the perfect job if you want to work in the great outdoors but you’re also looking for an adventure. But be warned: The job is intense and physically-demanding. It also requires long hours and certain qualifications, depending on your state.

Hiring for river guides really amps up around June and July, and recreational hiring in general grows an average of 68% in the U.S. around this time, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The river-rafting season typically runs from June to September, making this a perfectly complementary job for teachers looking to earn a summer income. In fact, Idaho river guide Hardy Bender says a lot of guides seek out teaching jobs purely so they can have the summers off to hit the river.

14. Lifeguard

Like river guiding, this summer job for teachers gives you the perks of getting paid to enjoy the water and sunshine but in a more controlled environment.

Summer is the busy season, so check with city-operated pools, recreation centers, water parks and country clubs for seasonal lifeguarding jobs. Or if you’re blessed enough to live on the water, you can spend the summer working on the beach.

The pay for lifeguards varies depending on your location, skill level and employer, but you can earn anywhere from $ 9 to $ 25 per hour, according to Glassdoor salaries. Just remember, there are certain certifications and training to complete before you can get that telltale red suit and whistle.

15. Dog Walker

Honestly, who doesn’t want to get paid to hang out with dogs in their spare time? Well, maybe cat people… but they don’t count.

Start by offering your services to friends and family who don’t have the summers off. They may jump at the chance for someone to take their beloved pups out for a walk on long work days.

You can also sign up for Rover.

The online network connects dog walkers and sitters to local dog owners through its 4.9-star-rated app, so you don’t have to staple flyers on every utility pole across town.

Rover says sitters can earn as much as $ 1,000 a month.

Rover dog-sitter requirements vary by location. In general, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have access to the Rover app (iOS or Android).

Here’s how it works: You’ll create an online sitter profile where you’ll answer questions about your experience with puppers and your schedule availability.

You can choose to offer a variety of services, including dog walking, overnight boarding at your home or theirs, and daycare. Boarding is the app’s most popular service, so offering it can get you more gigs. You set your own rates. (Rover keeps a small percentage as a service fee.)

Dog owners will reach out to you. Accept which gigs you want, then start snugglin’ pups. As soon as you complete a service, you’ll be paid within two days.

And if you don’t want to just stick to dog walking, you can expand your services and become a full-blown pet sitter — check this out for more information.

Jobs That Offer a Change of Pace

Terence Michael is a Hollywood producer who also makes extra income as an Airbnb super host.

Maybe you want a summer job that breaks away from the standard tutoring gig. Here are some options all across the board, we’re sure at least one will catch your eye.

16. Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you want to make some extra cash without committing to a full-blown job, driving for Uber or Lyft is a legitimate option. Demand for ride-sharing has been growing like crazy, and it shows no signs of slowing down. To be eligible, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old with a year of driving experience, pass a background check and own a car made in 2007 or later.

We talked to Paul Pruce, who had been driving full-time with Lyft for over a year and earning $ 750 a week as a driver.

Best of all, he could do it on his own time. You can work days, nights or weekends — it’s up to you.

Because it’s easy to switch between apps, Lyft drivers often also sign up to drive with Uber.

17. Rent Out Your Driveway

No one wants to worry about feeding a meter while on vacation. If you live near an event center or stadium, rent out your driveway using sites and apps like JustPark or MonkeyParking — or go old school and simply post a “Parking” sign in front of your house. You may only earn $ 20 per day, but $ 20 is $ 20.

18. List Extra Space in Your House

Have a spare room? Might as well try to earn some money by listing it on Airbnb.

If you’re a good host with a desirable space, you could add hundreds — even thousands — of dollars to your savings account with Airbnb.

A few simple steps can make the difference between a great experience and a less-than-satisfactory one. We talked to Terence Michael, an Airbnb superhost based in Los Angeles.

Here are some of his tips:

  • Break out the labelmaker. “I have the entire house loaded with labels,” Michael says. “They look nice; they’re modern. This helps people feel less helpless.”
  • Be a good host, and stock your place with the toiletries you’d expect at a hotel — toilet paper, soap and towels. Here’s a little hack from Michael: “I order on Amazon and have it delivered when people are there.”
  • Be kind to your neighbors. “I say, ‘I’m not going to put anyone here who I think won’t be good for you,’” Michael explains. “And I turn a lot of big groups away, especially in Nashville. I don’t want anyone going to the cops or the city.”

(Hosting laws vary from city to city. Please understand the rules and regulations applicable to your city and listing.)

19. Rent Out Your Car

If you put Uber and Airbnb together and mix them up, the result is renting out your car for extra money. You’re earning extra income from your car, but in the passive way you rent out an extra room — you just have to be cool with strangers driving your car around.

One service to start with is Get Around. When signing up, you’ll list your car and its availability —plus, all cars on Getaround include primary insurance during rentals. Another to check out is TravelCar, a service that allows you to rent out your car while you’re on vacation.

20. Host Trivia

Consider yourself a “Jeopardy!” nut? Combine your love for trivia, wealth of teaching knowledge and ability to command a room to become a part-time trivia contest host. After all, coming up with a set up trivia questions isn’t too far off from crafting a quiz for your students.

Check with your local restaurants and bars to see whether they’re in need of a trivia host. Sure, you might find yourself working only one night a week, but it’s a fun way to flex your brain muscles and earn extra money.

This math teacher in Florida told us he earns $ 125 per week hosting trivia (and he also offers tips on how to do your best Alex Trebek impersonation).

21. Rent Out Baby Gear

Renting out baby supplies — what will they think of next? There seems to be a rental service for just about everything these days, and this one is great for anyone who can get behind earning some extra cash off of that unused baby stuff taking up storage space.

Companies like BabyQuip allow traveling families to rent strollers, car seats, cribs and other baby items instead of lugging around their own gear. So if you have baby equipment you’re not using, you can list it for rental.

Manuela Madrid, a stay-at-home mom in Brandon, Florida works less than 12 hours per month renting out her gear through BabyQuip, and earns between $ 120 and $ 180 with each fulfillment. BabyQuip users keep 80% of each reservation fee, but 100% of each delivery fee.

You can sign up for BabyQuip here, or check out these other options: Babies Getaway, goBaby and Traveling Baby Company.

22. Officiate Youth Sports Games

Aside from coaching, another way to get involved in youth sports over the summer is by officiating games. Plus, officiating gives you the involvement in local youth sports without having to offer as much commitment that coaching would demand.

One option is working as a youth baseball umpire, a gig that can earn you upwards of $ 50 per game, which are usually less than two hours long. Aside from directly reaching out to youth sport programs, you can reach out to your local umpire association to inquire about open positions.

Summer Jobs if You Want Some Me Time

Young man working in a start up office.

Look, if you want to spend your summer months catching up on some much needed alone time, we definitely don’t blame you. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t earn some extra money along the way.

23. Write Book Reviews

Here’s a dream scenario: Spend your summer months getting paid to stay curled up with a good book. Freelance book reviewing won’t give you J.K Rowling-level finances, but it’s a great way to earn extra cash while doing something you love — and were probably going to do all summer anyway.

How much you can earn will vary depending on the publisher and your skill level, but you can typically look to earn anywhere from $ 5 to $ 100 per review. Plus, you’ll probably get the book for free. Score!

Here are some reputable websites and publishers that will actually pay you for book reviews.

24. House Sitter

If your summer months are going to be spent picking up odd jobs and side hustles, house sitting will fit into your schedule quite nicely — and it’s a great opportunity for some alone time.

Whether you’re spending the night in the home or just stopping in for a short while each day to bring in the mail, house sitting is a pretty easy way  to put extra pennies in your pocket.

Sure, you can go through friends and family, but the chances of that avenue offering paid gigs is slim. Check out professional sites that can connect you with potential clients in your area, like

25. Transcriptionist

A transcription gig is perfect for teachers who just want to throw on a pair of noise-canceling headphones and block out the world for a bit.

You can typically find transcription jobs in three categories: general, medical and legal. Note that the latter two might require additional training or requirements, but that will depend on the employer.

Most transcription jobs are independent contract work, so you can set your own hours and work when you want. Just note that transcriptionists are usually paid by the audio hour, so the amount you earn in comparison to hours worked will depend on your transcription fee.

26. Deliver Food

We already talked about driving for Uber and Lyft, and this is kind of the same thing… except you don’t actually have to talk to people beyond the “Here’s your food, you’re welcome, bye.”

Working for food delivery services gives you the opportunity to pick up side-gig work when you feel like earning extra cash — while enjoying some me time. Uber Eats offers flexible food-delivery opportunities, as do GrubHub, Instacart and Shipt.

Kaitlyn Blount is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. Angie Nelson has been a virtual assistant and serial blogger since 2007, when she took her future into her own hands and found a way to escape the corporate cubicle farm. Visit The Work at Home Wife to learn about more opportunities to earn an income while keeping your personal freedom.

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Sam's Club Membership Offer

U.S. should have ‘discretionary enforcement’ of summer ban if E15 rule delayed: USDA official

U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Stephen Censky said on Wednesday he is “hopeful” the administration will complete its rule allowing year-round sales of E15 gasoline by summer, but that the government should use “discretionary enforcement” of the E15 summertime ban if there is a delay.

Reuters: Environment


20 Spring and Summer Trends

I’ve worked my way through the Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear collections, pinning directional looks along the way. Through the chaos of over-the-top outfits, unrelatable looks, kitchen-sink combinations, messy hair, scary make-up, and very ugly outfits, an interesting and cohesive set of fashion themes emerged. This makes it easier to extrapolate and predict the trends that we’ll see for the next few Springs and Summers.

Here are a few things that stood out:

  • Chaos, complexity, drama and uncertainty describe the state of modern fashion for the third year in a row.
  • The lack of diversity across the body type and age of the models was disappointing. I had high hopes for change this season, but nothing. It’s surprising since we’re seeing many more brands offer extended sizes, and retail campaigns are using older models more regularly. It would have been powerful and complementary if designers were equally inclusive when showcasing collections on the runway. In that respect, designer runway shows are dated.
  • The emphasis is on creativity, juxtaposition, and comfort, so there is little regard for creating conventionally flattering proportions.
  • The enormous and overwhelming variety in today’s fashion supports what I call the Individualism and Maximalism trends. In other words, just about anything goes if you are confident and comfortable in your outfit.
  • Athleisure — wearing sports gear and workout clothing as regular casual wear — was nonexistent.
  • Sporty Luxe is alive, with sneakers often combined with dressier items.
  • Skinnies and hem lengths above the knee took a big backseat in lieu of wider and roomier silhouettes, and midi and maxi lengths.
  • Denim was featured as a staple in many of the collections.

Interestingly, despite what’s happening on the runways, retailers continue to flood the market with body-con skinnies, stretchy leggings or jeggings, and Athleisure, because consumers buy it. Remember that designers do not have the power to control trends as much as we do collectively as consumers. Retailers will stock items when it’s a sure sell at retail, despite what the trend forecasts predict.

My favourite shows were:

On to the trends.

1. Individualism

There is no one way to be stylish, and fashion is a melting pot of sartorial choices. Increasing diversity in fashion with each passing year means that there is something for everyone. Trends are no longer seasonal and fads no longer exist. To some extent trends are becoming harder to define, and at some point they will be irrelevant.

Creating a signature style, milking the one you have, or evolving it over time is the most important and relevant trend of them all. Take the PERSONAL in personal style to heart because you have the power to pick and choose from the trend buffet, and sport it your way.

2. Maximalism

Maximalism means wearing it all together to create a harmonized whole. Think of wearing complex silhouettes, combining them in one outfit, layering all sorts of pieces to create interesting proportions, accessorizing to your limit, pattern mixing, texture mixing, patchwork, embellishment, remixing high-contrast colours and clashing colours, wearing statement make-up, and adding nail polish and rainbow hair.

3. A Billion Shades of Beige

Most runway shows had a beige component, which is a nod to the early and mid ‘90s. Beige ranges from the lightest tan to the gentlest caramel across every wardrobe item, but was especially apparent in pants, shorts and toppers. Long flowing beige layers of pant-tunic-gilet were there, and make me think of 1993.

4. Explosion of Pattern

There was SO MUCH neutral and non-neutral pattern coming down the runway. Everything from the classics like leopard, snake, stripes, florals, dots, chevrons and checks, to quirky paisleys, novelty prints, slogan prints, blurry watercolour looks, geometric designs, insects, flags, birds, tie-dye, iconic scarf prints, and botanical designs. Lots and lots of subtle and hectic pattern mixing.

5. ‘80s & ‘90s Redux

Modern Retro means that you’re incorporating a style, trend or design from a bygone era AND adding a good dose of modern to the look. Retro items are new pieces, not vintage items that actually come from those eras. The ‘80s continue to hugely influence today’s fashion. Think oversized tops and toppers, ruffles, flounces, pleating, ruching, fringe, flares, sharp shoulders, jumpsuits, acid wash, pleated trousers, one-shoulder dressing, boho, pleated skirts, disco, dandy, high rises, paper-bag waists, New Romantic, lace anything, bows, wrap tops, graphic statements, crop tops, embellishment, punk, neon, waist belting, oversized eyewear, and white footwear.

The ‘90s are influencing today’s fashion too. Slip dresses and pinafores worn with tees. Prairie dresses worn with sneakers and combat boots. Beige from head-to toe, palazzo pants, flowing looks with relaxed gilets, bias-cut skirts, head-to-toe black goth vibes, long blazers, lots of long flowing layers, dresses over pants, bootcuts, bootcuts with sneakers, wide pants with flats, a bit of grunge, chunky black footwear, flatforms, crystal and broomstick pleated skirts, lug soles, square toes, snip toes, bangles, shrunken blazers, ditsy florals, Hermès and Versace patterns, slides, round eyewear, maxi skirts, body-con black dresses and dungarees.

6. Jumpsuit Jive

There was some type of jumpsuit or romper in almost every collection. From stiff and rigid ‘80s boiler suits, to soft and flowing styles of the ‘90s. Patterned, solid, short, long, wide, tapered, pretty, mechanics overalls, sleeved, collared, bright, muted. You name it and it was there.

7. Acid Wash

It’s all about light and not dark denim. ‘80s acid wash jeans, shorts, crops, skirts, jackets, handbags, dresses and vests were aplenty. Acid-wash denim was remixed with both casual and dressier items, and used as a trim.

8. High Rises

Most dressy trousers, shorts, cropped pants and jeans rises were high or very high, which goes hand in hand with the structured waist definition trend. It’s also a strong ‘80s flashback. The point is to showcase the high rise, and not cover it up with a top. Tucking or semi-tucking is key, or wear a shorter top. This is a hard trend to wear if you’re short-waisted and apple-shaped, so grab those mid and low-rise jeans and trousers while they’re available.

9. Midi Mania

’Tis another midi dress and skirt season. Wooohoooo! The runways were swarming with dresses and skirts across all sorts of silhouettes, colours, patterns and fabrics. Some were soft and romantic, and others were strict, avant-garde and rigid. There is sleeved, sleeveless, structured, unstructured, casual and formal. Some were layered over cropped pants and worn as long tunics. Most lengths were midis that finished between the knee and calf. ‘90s maxi dresses are on the rise, and minis were few and far between.

10. Playful Suiting

There was lots of warm-weather matchy-matchy trouser suiting in fun colours. Pastels, brights, earth tones, and all sorts of light neutrals like beige. A handy way to stay warm and look Summery in arctic a/c, dress up in a covered way, or wear pants when you don’t like dresses.

11. Structure & No Structure

There was an incredible amount of structured waist definition coming down the runway. AGAIN. This was created by garment tailoring, fit-and-flare frocks, peplums, belting, garments with attached belts, and tucking tops into high-rise bottoms. Showcasing the waistline is trendy. If that’s not your thing, allow garments to hint at a waistline for a bit of structure. Oversized, extremely oversized, fluid fits, and gently fluid fits are there. Tailoring is definitely gaining momentum, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

12. Denim on Denim on Denim

There was more denim at the shows than ever, which makes me think that jeans might become more popular than leggings (like they were a decade ago). The emphasis was on statement jeans with bells and whistles, and design detailing. Nothing basic, and lots of it worn in one outfit in the same or different wash.

13. Utility

There was an earth-toned utility theme running through a lot of the looks. Cargo pockets, carpenter pants, field jackets, camouflage, netting, webbing and drawstrings are popular. These casual items and design details were remixed with dressy and casual vibes.

14. Wide Cropped Pants

Most of the pants coming down the runway were wide or extremely wide, and most of them were cropped. Some silhouettes were fitted on the thighs and flared at the hems. Many were wide all the way down the leg. Fabrics were both soft and rigid.

15. Roomy Full-Length Pants

Dramatic, soft and very wide floor sweeping pant lengths are making a comeback, and another nod to the ‘90s. Some lengths looked very luxurious and leg lengthening, whereas the extra longer lengths looked dreadfully precarious and impractical. Interestingly, many extra long lengths were paired with flat footwear like strappy sandals, mules and sneakers.

16. An Assortment of Shorts

There was a huge assortment of both casual and dressy shorts across all sorts of lengths, colours, fabrics and patterns. 99% of them had high rises. From the shortest hot pants, to the longest Bermudas. Vibes were both straight, stiff and boxy, or as pretty, structured and soft as can be. Thigh length and knee-length spandex cycling shorts across neutrals and non-neutrals made a statement. Most were worn under mini dresses or combined with blazers.

17. Mustard, Earth Tones, Orange and Coral

These days we see all the neutrals every season, which is a beautiful thing. For Spring and Summer this year, I see an emphasis on shades of beige and white, dark blue, light blue denim, and some black. That said, earth tones like cinnamon, toffee, olive and mustard continue to make a meaningful warm-weather statement. All shades of red and orange are strong, like coral, burnt orange, Dutch orange, tomato red, fire engine, watermelon and berry tones. Pastel pinks like blush and ice pink continue to be strong, and can be considered a neutral.

18. Hints of Turquoise and Bright Green

I was VERY excited to see shades of turquoise come down the runway. It’s been a decade since we’ve seen it make a fashionable statement so it’s about time. From the bluest turquoises of the Mediterranean sea, to light aqua, and Tiffany blue across tops, bottoms, dresses, toppers, footwear, patterns, or used as a trim. Bright lime and apple green were there in small doses and looked great with turquoise. FRESH.

19. Every Style of Footwear

It’s reached the stage where it’s hard to wear dated footwear because it all came down the runway. Just about every style of heel and toe box is having either a small or big fashion moment. Chunky styles to dainty styles and everything in between. Pointy toes, very pointy witchy toes, almond toes, round toes, square toes, rounded-square toes, slanted toes, blunt toes, snipped toes – it’s all there. Block heels, stilettos, Cuban heels, lug soles, kitten heels, wedges and ornate heels. Boots, Western boots, perforated booties, mules, slides, pumps, ankle-strap footwear, pool slides, T-straps, loafers, oxfords, ballet flats, Mary Janes, espadrilles, Birkenstocks and sandal booties. Every style of sandal and sneaker, and hybrids thereof.

Flat sandals with either dainty or broad straps were the most popular, as were flat slides, flat mules, white sneakers, loafers, booties, and variations on the classic pump. Most of the footwear coming down the runway was flat or low heeled. Footwear was very brown, white, beige or black. A bit of red and metallic too.

20. Irregular Outfit Juxtaposition

Irregular outfit juxtaposition continues to be THE styling tool of our fashion era. The more contrasting and odd-to-the-eye a combination may seem, the more 2019 and fashion-forward it is. Sneakers both refined and athletically chunky are styled with every outfit. Faux-pas looks of the past are all the rage. What was thought of as unattractive and dowdy decades ago is hip and fab, and proportions that are just flattering enough reign supreme.

WOW. There are lots of trends that make me happy. I adore the ‘80s, high rises, white footwear, lace, acid wash, sour brights, statement denim, all shades of orange, flat footwear, cropped pants, structured fluidity, irregular outfit juxtaposition, anything that looks pretty, classic patterns, and pattern mixing. I’m going to milk the midi dress trend until the cows come home, add turquoise and bright green to my wardrobe, try a little beige with white, throw in a bright pants suit, and continue sporting my signature style. I’ll say no thank you to shorts, most things ‘90s, jumpsuits and oversized silhouettes.

Filter through the trends. Keep the ones that tickle your fancy on your radar, and leave the rest. Don’t stop rocking your signature looks, but do try something new. The “personal” in personal style means styling the trends YOUR way, which is the best part in all of this. Feel refreshed and empowered as the new season unfolds.

VERONICA BEARD Mac Asymmetric Floral-print Silk-blend Midi Skirt

TIBI Steward Double-breasted Crepe Blazer

LOW CLASSIC Belted Faux Leather Jacket

11 Honoré Lorelei Dress

Eloquii Kimono Sleeve Bomber Jacket




Organization: Yumi KimWeb Site: Yumi Kim, a growing contemporary women’s brand based out of Soho, is looking for enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate interns for this Spring / Summer 2019 to assist in our corporate office. Design/production, wholesale, ecommerce, …

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Offset’s Sidepiece Summer Bunni Wrote Some Struggle Bars About Their Relationship

Variety’s 2nd Annual Hitmakers Brunch

Source: FayesVision/ / WENN

For the foreseeable future, Offset will be looking mighty funny in the light after allegedly stepping out on his lady for women who are in Cardi B’s line of work but nowhere near her level of fame. Summer Bunni, the alleged mistress of Offset, apparently put together a track in honor of her relationship with the Migos rapper and insisting that she didn’t intend to be a homewrecker. 

The Blast reports:

Summer Bunni tells The Blast, she penned “Don’t Matter” over the summer when she was experiencing “mixed feelings” about Offset. “I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time,” Bunni says, adding that she felt her emotions were being neglected during her brief fling with the hip-hop star.

As we’ve reported, Cardi B shocked the entertainment world this week when she announced a split with Offset after claiming the two had been trying to make the relationship work for a “long time.” Shortly after news broke, text messages went viral appearing to show Offset was trying to organize a ménage à trois with Bunni and another woman, Cuban Doll.

Bunni is mortified that she has been labeled as a homewrecker and says she never intended to be a catalyst for rapper’s split. “I really thought he and I were for real,” Bunni admits, saying she sincerely hopes the “Bodak Yellow” star can accept her apology one day.

If you want to hear the track, you’ll have to wait to next Tuesday (Dec. 11) or check out The Blast‘s exclusive teaser on their site.

Photo: WENN

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired


5 adult summer camps that will help you feel like a kid again


 Most people are certainly fine with aging and the idea that whether we like it or not, we are getting old, or older. However, others simply refuse to accept the fact that those good ol’ days when they were young and careless are nothing but a distant memory. As we get older, especially when we start having our own kids, there’s a growing need and wish to stick to our younger-self version as tight as possible. Perhaps we want to feel and seem young in our kids’ eyes, or maybe we just want to go back to those kid-free days and the only way to do so is to live vicariously through our own flesh and blood. Nothing screams childhood more than summer camp, but as we get older, let’s just say that our summer plans are becoming more and more, well, lame.

Good thing adult summer camps have become more and more common. Anyone who used to go to those kinds of camps as a kid knows there’s nothing more fun than doing all these fun activities and not having one care in the world. Grown-up summer camps have become a trend in recent years and they include all the perks of a summer camp, only with a few mature twists like yoga classes, happy hours and the most important thing, there’s no curfew. We’ve rounded up five camps that will help you relive those childhood memories. It’s time to unleash your inner kid and head to an adult summer camp this summer.

Camp No Counselors

Just as the name suggests, this all-inclusive site that already has more than 15 locations around the world, is everything you can expect from an adult summer camp, and more. Once you arrive, you will get your room key where you get to sleep on bunk beds as well as your t-shirt. All of your favorite childhood games will be accompanied with a beer in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Water games, talent shows and themed night parties are all part of the itinerary, oh and the open-bar of course.

Camp Bonfire

It’s time to make new friends and there’s no better place to do so than at Camp Bonfire. Sure, the name might sound a bit cheesy, but trust us, there’s nothing cheesy about the place. It’s all about the idea of making new connections while sitting by the fire and watching the lake with a beer in your hand. Settled in the Poconos Mountains, Camp Bonfire will allow you to be on your own schedule where you can mix and match the times of the activities.

Camp Grounded

In the technological world we live in, there’s no doubt that we all need a break from our phones and laptops from time to time just to relax in the most natural way possible. During your four-day stay, you get to choose from 25 different sessions. It’s a real digital-detox in every sense of the word. No screens, no technology, no talking about what you do for a living and no agenda really. It’s an opportunity for you to unplug, literally, connect with yourself again and experience the real camp life, like they used in the old days.

Soul Camp

Speaking of unplugging and relaxing, Soul Camp is the place for you low-key adventurers. If you can’t enjoy even five minutes of quiet time or a long and relaxing bath, then this place is probably not for you. But if you need have some soul searching to do and love to listen to inspirational talkers and meditate, then you need to book your spot at Soul Camp asap. Making dream catchers and doing yoga for instance, is part of the curriculum.

Camp Throwback

Not sure if this camp was founded before or after the famous social media hashtag was alive, but the only difference between this camp and the one you remember from when you were a kid is the booze factor. Settled in Ohio, this adult camp includes all the classics. From bonfires and sticky marshmallows to team effort activities. Do you feel like a kiddo yet?


The post 5 adult summer camps that will help you feel like a kid again appeared first on Worldation.



Tina Turner Show To Join Cher, Summer And King On Broadway

(AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz)

NEW YORK (AP) — Move over, Donna Summer, Carole King and Cher. There’s another diva heading to BroadwayTina Turner.

Producers of Tina said Wednesday a new musical based on the life of the legendary artist will land on the Great White Way in the fall of 2019. Performances dates, casting and all further details will be announced in the coming months.

Tina made its world premiere in London in April. It has a story by Katori Hall with Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins and is directed by Phyllida Lloyd. It includes the songs Private Dancer, River Deep, Mountain High, Better Be Good to Me and Proud Mary.

It will continue a trend in jukebox musical biographies, a list that also includes the recent shows On Your Feet! and Jersey Boys.

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