The best professional stage makeup products to help your face beat the summer heat

The best professional stage makeup products to help your face beat the summer heat

The best professional stage makeup products to help your face beat the summer heat

Summer is a beautiful season for many reasons, but flawless makeup isn’t one of them. With the temperatures reaching record-breaking highs, wearing makeup in the summer can be a struggle. What’s worst than putting time into creating a flawless face only to have it melt it away? If the “long wear” makeup from your favorite brand is no match for summer heat, take a page out of the expert’s book and try professional stage and theater makeup products this summer. To be clear, by stage makeup, we don’t mean heavy products that you have to layer onto your skin. We mean the kind of products that help our faves like Beyonce put on a three-hour Coachella set without her makeup budging one bit.

Even if you’re not a makeup pro, you can use these professional-grade products to make your summer makeup routine invincible. Best of all, most of these high-performing products are relatively affordable and can be used with your favorite products that you have right at home. We’ve rounded up some of the best professional stage makeup products that can help you avoid a makeup meltdown.

1. Cinema Secrets Super Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray

Cinema Secrets Super Seal Mattifying Setting Spray
Cinema Secrets | $ 24

Looking for a setting spray to lock in your makeup this summer? This setting spray has staying power as you’ve never seen before.

2. Up&Up Latex Free Foam Cosmetic Wedges

Up and Up Latex Free Latex Free Foam Cosmetic Wedges
Up & Up | $ 1.69

Cosmetic wedges aren’t anything new, but this unpopular opinion is—blending makeup with an old school disposable cosmetic wedge can give your makeup a  flawless look just like the pros. Pro tip: Using the sponge wet soaks up less product and gives your makeup a skin-like finish.

3. Mehron Makeup Sweat & Tears

Mehron | $ 7.50

Typically, actors use this to fake a long run or an emotional cry on set. However, it’s rumored that a famous Kardashian uses this to give her psoriasis-prone skin a lit from within glow.

4. RCMA The Original No-Color Powder

RCMA | $ 12

If you’re not fond of transparent powders, let me be the first to tell you that this one from RCMA is truly transparent. As a black woman who has experienced flashback due to falsely claiming “invisible” powders, you can trust me on this one.

5. Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Highlighter in Hot Water

Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Highlighter
Camera Ready Cosmetics
Danessa Myricks | $ 22

Developed by professional makeup artist Danessa Myricks, this critically acclaimed highlighter will help you effortlessly achieve a wet look that won’t disrupt your foundation.

6. AJ Crimson Dual Skin Foundation

AJ Crimson
AJ Crimson | $ 45

You haven’t seen picture-perfect skin until you’ve tried this professional makeup artist-approved cream foundation. You can apply it sheer for a skin-like look or build up the coverage to temporarily conceal discoloration or something more permanent like a  tattoo.

7. Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter Kit

Cinema Secrets | $ 25

Stop neglecting your makeup brushes and add this quick-drying brush cleaner to your cart. Your brushes will be makeup-free, completely dry, and ready to use in a matter of minutes.

8. Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Camera Ready Cosmetics
Ben Nye | Starting at $ 13.50

A little goes a long way with this tried and true setting powder for undereye highlight. Your undereye concealer will be bulletproof with the help of this setting powder.

9. Mehron Skin Prep Pro Pre-Makeup Skin Toner

Mehron Makeup
Mehron Makeup | starting at $ 2.95

If you have trouble getting your foundation to last, this pre-makeup toner should be in heavy rotation in your routine. Spoiler: it creates an almost powder-like finish on your skin to help mattify, control oil, and extend the wear of your foundation.

10. RCMA Four Part Foundation Kit

RCMA | $ 27

If you have trouble finding your perfect foundation shade, try one of these mini palettes. Create your ideal foundation shade no matter which stage of your tan you’re at.

11. Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray Sealer Fixative

Mehron makeup Barrier Spray
Mehron Makeup
Mehron Makeup | starting at $ 9.50

Apply this spray before or your after foundation, and watch as your makeup remains flawless throughout any festivities you have planned this summer.

12. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Embryolisse | $ 16

If hours in the sun and too many mimosas have your skin feeling dehydrated, try this makeup artist approved moisturizer. We like to call it lasting hydration in a bottle.

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Straw Boater Hat Guide – Formal Summer Hats for Men

The straw boater is a classic and distinguished warm weather hat for men; read on to learn how to wear it with flair.

What Makes A Boater Hat?

Straw boaters are most typically made from a type of stiff flat straw referred to as sennit. This can be any type of flat and naturally colored straw, and it’s typically plaited or braided at angles to construct a boater.

The finished boater will be slightly elliptical in shape, and will also have a flat brim and a flat crown (also known as a telescope crown). A boater will most typically feature a solid or striped grosgrain ribbon that runs around the crown.

Speaking of terminology, the boater is also known by a wide variety of other names including the basher, the skimmer, and the sennit hat, among others.

Boater Straw Hats with two ribbons
Boater Straw Hats with multicolored ribbons

Boater Hat History

Interestingly, the boater was worn by women and children as early as the 1860s, but it wasn’t adopted as a staple of menswear until about 20 years later in the 1880s. Much as the fedora was also originally a woman’s hat, so too was the boater. Once adopted into a man’s wardrobe, however, it quickly became popular as a formal summer hat, the warm weather alternative to the Homburg.

It experienced its greatest period of popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was most frequently used not just as an everyday summer hat, but also for boating and sailing activities, hence its most common name. Boaters have also been seen in a variety of other applications, however; as one example, given that FBI agents like Melvin Purvis were frequently photographed wearing boater hats, they developed a reputation as being something of an unofficial uniform for the FBI prior to World War II. This has been immortalized in movies like “The Sting” for example.

Boater Hats at a Baseball game - Walter Johnson & Calvin Coolidge
Boater Hats at a Baseball game – Walter Johnson & Calvin Coolidge

Since 1952, the boater has also been part of the uniform of the Princeton University band. You can see this in such places as a cover of Sports Illustrated magazine from October of 1955. Other notable wearers of the boater include entertainers like Maurice Chevalier and Harold Lloyd, as well as businessman John Jacob Astor IV, who was killed in the sinking of the Titanic. Fashion designer Coco Chanel was also fond of wearing boaters, and she did a lot to keep them popular among women in the early 20th century.

Straw Hat Day – An Interesting Tradition

Back in the days when it was proper etiquette for all men to wear hats whenever they were out of doors, Straw Hat Day was the day when men switched from their felt hats to their straw hats, seen as the beginning of summer. Of course, the exact date of straw hat day could vary from place to place. As you might have guessed, its cold weather counterpart would be Felt Hat Day, which usually occurred in September or October in most locations. In some cities, groups of rambunctious young men would seize and destroy any straw hat that was worn after Felt Hat Day in the fall.

Heyday of the Boater Hat
Heyday of the Boater Hat

In New York City in 1922, this destructive habit would escalate into the Straw Hat Riot, which lasted eight days, involved a mob of around a thousand hat destroyers, and resulted in a number of arrests and injuries. So as you can see, hats were taken much more seriously back in the day than they are now. Let’s just hope if you wear a hat stylishly, it doesn’t incite any riots!

Where might you still see boaters being worn?

Unfortunately, boaters are a bit of a rare sight these days, although they can still be spotted in certain settings. Examples would include sailing or rowing events as we mentioned before, as well as theatrical or musical performances. You may recall that straw boaters are a standard feature of many barbershop quartets, for example. Boaters are also frequently seen as part of school uniforms in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Barbershop Quartet
Barbershop Quartet

A notable example of this would be at Harrow school in London, where boys wear boaters with shallow crowns and wide brims that are frequently referred to as Harrow hats. Because of a historical association between boaters and political rallies held in warmer months, you’ll sometimes see inexpensive boaters made from foam or plastic at political rallies in America, even today.

How To Pull Off a Boater Hat

These days, many men are hesitant to wear traditional hat styles for one simple reason: they’re afraid that they’re going to look out of place. Truth be told, this fear isn’t completely without merit. After all, if the hat doesn’t match the wearer’s outfit in terms of formality or doesn’t match his face shape well, things are going to look a little bit off. However, confidence is key. So if you’re armed with the basic guidelines we’re about to give, you should be able to pull off a boater with no trouble.

Boater Hat and club blazer
Boater Hat and club blazer
  • As we mentioned earlier, the boater is a fairly formal summer hat roughly equivalent in terms of formality to the Homburg. As such, it’s going to look best in its traditional setting with a blazer, or with a summer suit of matching jacket and trousers.
Preston wearing an ensemble perfect for Warm Weather Black Tie
Preston wearing an ensemble perfect for Warm Weather Black Tie
  • Also, given that the Homburg is the traditional headwear choice for black-tie ensembles most of the year, the boater can also be worn with black-tie in the summer. A hatband of black grosgrain will look best with a full tuxedo, but warm-weather black-tie ensembles can be livened up a bit more with a colorful hat band.
  • Given that the boater will often feature a fairly substantial brim, remember to consider how it relates to your face shape. In general, though, wider brims will complement long oval faces, whereas narrower brims are going to complement squat rounder faces. Meanwhile, as you might have guessed, men with strong and chiseled facial features will look good in almost any style of hat including the boater.


While the boater takes a bit more confidence to pull off these days than the Panama hat or the straw porkpie, it can certainly be done–and now that you’ve got our tips for wearing one well, you should feel free to “rock the boat” a little bit this summer. What do you think of the boater hat? Share with us in the comments below.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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From Mini Irons To Yes, Dad Sneakers: 6 Pre And Post-Workout Must-Haves To Throw In Your Gym Bag This Summer

In case you missed the memo, today is the first day of summer. With a new season comes a new array of products to try, including for wellness. I keep most of my most important products in my gym bag, from sunscreens to body sprays, wipes and balms. I’m adding a few new things to my lineup of must-haves, from chunky sneakers meant to cushion your soles to style protecting products made to keep your ‘do together after exercise, and I seriously want them all. Here are all of my new favorites just in time for summer workouts, summer sun and that pesky but welcomed summer heat.


Mini dryer and iron

Source: Eva NYC / Eva NYC

Eva NYC Mini Pro-Power Dryer and Mini Styling Iron

If you opted out of going the braids route for summer and are aiming for sleek styles that you don’t want destroyed by your spin and dance classes, do yourself a favor and get into Eva NYCs super handy and yet conveniently small mini pro-power dryer ($ 47.99) and mini styling iron ($ 29.99). Both products use infrared technology that helps to lock in moisture and aid in preserving your strands post-workout.


Mini dryer and iron

Source: Eva NYC / Eva NYC

Chapstick essential oils

Source: Coyne PR / Chapstick

ChapStick’s Total Hydration Collection Essential Oils Lip Balm

Pre or post-workout, ChapStick’s new Total Hydration Collection Essential Oils lip balm ($ 3.99) is a balm that you’re going to be sorry if you misplace. They come in four mood-inspired fusions, including Peace (rosemary and peppermint), Relax (lavender and chamomile), Energy (grapefruit and lime) and Happy (orange and lemon). Not only do they nourish, but they promote healthy and happy lips.

Reebok Aztrek

Source: Reebok / Reebok

Reebok Aztrek

You may not be sold just yet on the whole dad sneaker, retro shoe trend, but that’s because you probably haven’t had the chance to try the Reebok Aztreks ($ 79.97) yet. They’re super comfortable and the colors are sure to attract a lot of attention. Bring the ’90s back on your feet, and at the same time, hop in some cute and cozy shoes for brunch after your weekend workout.

Re-Wear Dry Wash

Source: Love Home and Planet / LHPNEXT PAGE

Love Home and Planet’s Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray

Love Home and Planet’s Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray ($ 6.99) is the best new option to help you revive some smelly gym clothes, whether in your bag or on your body. The spray, which comes in fragrances including Rose, Lavender and Vetiver, leaves your clothes refreshed and even keeps the wrinkles out. With this in your arsenal, you will always look like you’re ready for whatever is to come in your day, pre or post-workout.

Everyday by Unsun sunscreens

Source: Unsun Cosmetics / U.C.

EVERYDAY by Unsun Sunscreen

Katonya Breaux, who is the mother of singer Frank Ocean, is helping us as people of color protect our skin without having to pile on sunscreen that goes on white and makes you feel greasy.
The EVERYDAY by Unsun line has come just in time for summer, and the clean sunscreen is eliminating active chemicals in favor of natural ingredients. Protect yourself from sun damage while also keeping yourself from dealing with bloodstream absorption with the new body lotion sunscreen ($ 12.99), perfect for a run in the sun. You can also make sure your face is protected and flawless at the same time with the mineral tinted sunscreen ($ 15.99) post-workout.
Everyday by Unsun sunscreens

Source: Unsun Cosmetics / U.C.

Cantu Sweat Protection

Source: Cantu / Cantu

Cantu’s Sweat Protection Style Saver

Protect freshly washed hair without having to duck and dodge your workouts with the help of Cantu’s new Sweat Protection Style Saver ($ 1.49). With added charcoal and, of course, pure shea butter, the only thing you’ll have to duck and dodge is sweat, chlorine (if you decide to go for a swim) and UV rays if you want to get to work outside. All it takes is 10 minutes of letting this product absorb in your hair and you’re good to go. Whatever your type of curl or workout, you’re covered.



French women are buying these four items for summer

If you’re looking for the most quintessentially Parisian store there is, then Sézane is it. So, if you’re also wondering how French women are styling themselves this summer, all you need to look at is what they’re buying here – and my sources there tell me there are four specific items that keep selling out. Literally within hours or days.

But first off, there’s on thing you need to know about French style: it’s not about following trends. Sézane founder Morgane explains, ‘We always want to create pieces that can be transmitted infinitely. Our collections can be worn every day but also for every occasion in life.. we will always favour quality over quantity and difference by creating many references each season, to dress all women.’

With that in mind, Parisian women are stocking up on simple denim shorts, plain t-shirts, embroidered shirts and a little white dress for summer.

Shop now: Paula short for £85 from Sézane

Shop now: Sergio t-shirt for £50 from Sézane

Shop now: Tomboy shirt for £80 from Sézane

Shop now: Grace dress for £130 from Sézane

In those four items, you’ve got your basic seasonal wardrobe covered, and all you need to do is mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

For extra sartorial points, Morgane recommends, ‘A pretty scarf tied in the hair, a nice basket to wear both in town and on the beach and a very comfortable linen dress with a vintage belt’. Sorted.

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Marie Claire


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26 Super-Cute Strapless Swimsuits That You’ll Want to Live in This Summer

Coachella and other heat-stricken gatherings of attractive multi-hyphenates, have filled our spring and summer feeds with intricately bejeweled swimsuits, shimmering metallic maillots and cut-outs galore. But this perpetual need to be extra on the ‘gram — especially on vacation or at a …

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Summer camps are requiring children get vaccinated amid measles fears

Each summer, as Lauren Rutkowski and her husband Joel await the arrival of energized, sun-kissed children for their seven-week camp, the couple surveys the canoes and paddleboards, the arts and crafts, the food menus — and every camper’s vaccination records. – RSS Channel – Health


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Here’s where Americans are vacationing this summer — and what they’re spending

Just about half of Americans are hitting the road in the next three months. Where are we headed and how will we get there? For the most part, it's somewhere we can drive to.


The Street


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Outfit Formula: Casual Summer Palazzo Pants

The palazzo pant trend is going down well with my more casual clients who prefer wearing pants to dresses, skirts and shorts when the weather is too warm for jeans. For those who don’t like to tuck and semi-tuck tops, three of the four examples here showcase untucked tops with palazzos.

Aside from the blue, the palettes are earthy, but feel free to choose any palette in solids or patterns. Sport palazzos at a length and level of volume that works best for you. Shorter or longer, fuller or less flared, it’s all good. Personally, I prefer the visual effect of extra long and full palazzos, but shorter lengths and less voluminous widths are more practical.

1. Earthy Ease

This is the easiest of the four to pull together. Combine a pair of palazzos with a tank or shell top and flat sandals, and you’re done. This is a great formula for short-waisted body types with long leg lines because of its torso-lengthening sensibility. Petites can absolutely wear the look if the top is not too long.

Peruvian Connection Sojourn Palazzo Pants

2. Crisp, Fluid & Sporty

This is a more preppy version and my favourite of the three. Combine palazzo pants that are structured at the waist with a fluid shirt or button-through blouse. Semi-tuck the front or side and scrunch the sleeves to give the outfit some shape or structure. Finish things off with white, tan, blush or metallic sneakers and statement earrings.

Anthropologie Anika Knit Wide-Leg Pants

3. Structured Pretty

Combine a tailored peplum top with a pleated pair of palazzos. The fitted peplum adds ample structure to voluminous palazzos. Finish off the look with casual slides or mules and a straw or embroidered bag. The heels on the slides and the necklace add a dressy component to the look.

Anthropologie Delano Knit Wide Leg Pants

4. Boho Flair

Combine a boho-lite blouse or knitted top with a pair of palazzos. Keeping the top relatively short lengthens the leg line from the hips upward. The suede pumps here are on the dressier side, but the fabrics of the pants and top and straw bag keep things casual. The length and width of these palazzos can be treacherous but they’re awfully striking and dramatic in motion. Please walk slowly when you wear them this long and wide!

Free People FP One Aloha Printed Wide-Leg Pants



This Tomato Dangle Earring Is a Delicious New Addition to Alyssa’s Summer Wardrobe

Just a couple of days ago, I published an essay explaining my personal shopping paradox: The insane amount of stuff to choose from on the market stresses me out, the clutter caused by acquiring stuff stresses me out and the pressure to always have the coolest, rarest, newest stuff stresses me out, …

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With ‘MIB: International,’ Lexus Is Cast as a Blockbuster Car for a Second Straight Summer

When moviegoers first saw King T’Challa in action as Black Panther it was a real showstopper: The Marvel comic book character clings to the top of a sleek new Lexus LC sports coupe as he surfs through the busy streets of Busan, South Korea, in a high-speed chase that ultimately destroys his remote-controlled ride.

The scene’s a crowdpleaser, to be sure–and it successfully sells Lexus’ image as a maker of high-performance luxury sports cars to a younger audience. Starting this weekend, with a prominent role in Sony’s sci-fi franchise Men in Black: International, the Japanese automotive company hopes to add another hit to its credits, giving it supporting roles in summer blockbusters for two years running.

But betting on a movie’s success is a game that most veteran studio executives have a hard time playing, let alone luxury automotive brands. And no matter how much money is sunk into a project, there are no guarantees at the box office.

For instance, Black Panther could have been a big miss for the Japanese luxury automaker. The titular main character, who rules a fictional technologically advanced African nation, was relatively unknown to most audiences prior to the movie’s release. Lexus executives weren’t allowed to read the script before signing on to support the film, giving the company no guarantee of how its brand would appear on screen. The production also wanted six coupes to use for filming, which forced Lexus to provide custom-built prototypes that can cost upwards of $ 1 million each, since the actual car was not being produced.

For Lexus, whose corporate parent Toyota isn’t known for risk taking, the gamble paid off. Black Panther blew away expectations to become 2018’s highest-grossing movie in the U.S., earning more than $ 700 million domestically, and nearly $ 1.4 billion worldwide. And the film didn’t just appeal to comic book fans, it also over-indexed with African-Americans, given that Black Panther was the first big-budget Marvel Studio’s movie to feature a black actor as the lead.

“Lexus has always been committed to celebrating the rich diversity of our customers, but Black Panther catapulted it to a new level,” says Lisa Materazzo, Lexus’ vice president of marketing.

Betting on blockbusters

With Men in Black: International, Lexus is taking less of a risk. Sony has put considerable resources into breathing new life into its $ 2 billion franchise, which now stars Chris Hemsworth (Marvel’s hammer-wielding Thor) and Tessa Thompson, who proved a winning duo together in Thor: Ragnarok.

In the new MIB film, Lexus’ aggressive RC F sports coupe races through London, helping agents escape threatening aliens, before transforming into a jet. Lexus’ RX Hybrid and LX SUVs are also featured in scenes with alien encounters.

In both MIB and Panther, Lexus is portrayed as a future-forward designer of high-tech vehicles, a positioning that promotes the company’s newest slogan “Experience Amazing.” “The beauty of film integrations is that none of the traditional rules apply,” Materazzo says. “It’s an opportunity to partner with filmmakers to imagine all of the possibilities.”

This isn’t necessarily new ground for Lexus, which has introduced other high-tech products like a hoverboard and sports yacht concept over the past several years to expand the brand’s appeal to affluent buyers in the sought-after 45- to 55-year-old market.

Lexus is looking to use films as a way to launch new emotionally engaging campaigns around the release of its new sports cars and luxury sedans and SUVs. It especially sees movies as a way to tap into conversations around cultural events.

But forcing your brand into the story doesn’t come cheap. In addition to providing expensive prototypes to filmmakers for Panther, Lexus produced a comic book and custom videos. It also bought a 30-second Super Bowl spot for the tie-in and LC 500 launch that cost the company more than $ 5 million.

But when Marvel’s movies have made a combined $ 21 billion worldwide to date (including the most recent Avengers installment), you take the risk.

A strategy as old as Bond, James Bond

If Lexus seems like it’s siding up to well-dressed secret agents, there’s a reason: The brand is focused on pushing the performance of its cars, technological innovation and style–while having some fun. That kind of limits just who gets to drive its hero cars.

“We consider how our product aligns with the character who drives it,” Materazzo says, and “how the integration might enable us to illuminate a core brand truth within the story.”

The automaker wasn’t specifically looking to get into the superhero business, though Black Panther was expected to be groundbreaking in bringing the character to the big screen, with Chadwick Boseman as the first black actor to headline a big-budget superhero film (which also featured a largely African-American cast).

So putting Black Panther in a LS 500 luxury sedan and LC 500 sport coupe in the film and marketing materials was akin to pairing James Bond with Aston Martin.

But moviegoers haven’t always embraced the films Lexus has supported with product placement. In 2017, the same year “Experience Amazing” launched, Lexus developed the designs for a futuristic jet for Luc Besson’s pricey sci-fi fantasy Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which didn’t take off, earning just $ 226 million worldwide.

On the other hand, when the films do work, they clearly have helped improve Lexus’ brand image, and boost its sales. Lexus’s “Long Live the King” Super Bowl spot helped boost searches for its LS sedan by 2,500%, according to auto site Kelley Blue Book shortly after the ad launched. And online searches for Lexus rose 15% the week after Panther‘s debut, while the LC 500 was up 10% on its own, according to Autotrader.

Lexus recorded its best global sales year in 2018, moving 698,330 vehicles off dealership lots, an increase of 4.5%–a tough figure for anyone to reach, in what’s becoming a crowded luxury auto market.

“Auto companies partnering on movies is more about exposure than sales,” says Michelle Krebs, executive analyst at Autotrader. This is true especially of summer blockbusters that attract millions of moviegoers, she adds, noting that Nissan’s affiliation with the Star Wars films enabled it to have a themed auto show exhibit, “which surely drew lots of kids with their parents in tow to an exhibit they might otherwise have skipped.”

In addition to the Black Panther franchise–which Lexus isn’t expected to give up, though a sequel isn’t expected until 2021–the automaker will likely appear in future Marvel movies. Marvel Studios’ marketing mavens prefer long-term relationships with brands. For instance, Audi has been the vehicle of choice for Iron Man since 2008. Other Avengers films have also featured Acura.

But Lexus also has eyes on other franchises, as evidenced by its high-visibility role in MIB. The automaker says doesn’t have a “strict rule” for how many films it wants to rally around per year, “one high profile partnership per year (feels) about right,” Materazzo says. “We are actively considering several possibilities.”

Whether MIB tanks or soars, Lexus’ diversification is a smart strategy for Hollywood tentpole brand integrations. Because even without all of Black Panther‘s success, if the movie proved one thing it’s that you can’t stay in Wakanda forever.


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Taylor Swift Just Announced the Summer Release Date for Her New Album Lover

Finally, we have answers: Taylor Swift’s new album will be called Lover and will be released on Aug. 23 of this year, featuring 18 tracks. And her new single, called “You Need to Calm Down” is coming out June 14, with the music video following on June 17.

After months of teasing the upcoming drop of her highly-anticipated seventh album, Taylor Swift took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon to update fans and eager followers about the Lover album news. First, she thanked fans for their dedication to putting their detective skills to use trying to preempt her announcement.

I’ve been so, so, so honored,” she said. She also elaborated on what to expect on Lover: “This album, in tone, it’s very romantic,” she said. “Not just simply thematically, like it’s all love songs or something. The idea of something being romantic…it doesn’t have to be a happy song. You can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through things in your life… it just looks at those things through a romantic gaze.”

Swift most recently dropped her newest single “ME!” featuring Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie in late April, signaling the next step in her new, post-Reputation creative phase. “In the ME! music video there were a lot of foreshadowing clues,” Swift admitted in her livestream, noting that fans had guessed the album title based on Easter eggs in the video. And in true Swift form, she noted that the release date of Aug. 23 is no fluke, either. “August is the eighth month of the year. 23, 2 + 3, you just add it all together, 8 + 2 + 3 equals… I’m obnoxious,” she joked. (Swift’s favorite number is, famously, 13.) At 18 tracks, it’s also her longest album yet.

After a period of dormancy, Swift has been active on social media and in public this spring and early summer, appearing on magazine covers, performing at the TIME 100 Gala to celebrate with her fellow honorees and sharing a new, butterfly-and-rainbow-filled aesthetic in a sharp shift from her last tour’s darker edge.

Beyond her music, Swift has recently made headlines with political statements. She is celebrating Pride Month by calling on her followers to sign a petition to support the Equality Act, publicly posting a letter to her Tennessee senator for his support and applauding Democratic presidential candidate Corey Booker for his signature.

Swift also appeared to bury the hatchet this week with fellow pop star Katy Perry. The two were rumored to be involved in a long-standing feud involving a backup dancer, but Perry shared on social media a photo of a batch of cookies with frosting spelling out “peace at last” — and tagged Swift in the caption.

Entertainment – TIME


Thrashin’: The Case For One Sneaker All Summer Long

When you’re young, authenticity can be everything. Probably before Holden Caulfield whined about phonies, and certainly since, we judge people by their trueness to themselves, until experience softens that stance — both because life sands down the sharper edges of our judgment and because we get cynical. Authenticity goes from an expectation to be met to a pleasant surprise when we find it. Yeah, I’m talking about sneakers.

One of the brands that really gets authenticity-oriented folks’ hackles up is Golden Goose, an Italian luxury brand (their website has “deluxe brand” IN THE URL) that specializes in sneakers. Generally basic looking sneakers — leather/suede uppers, rubber sole, sometimes decorated with a star where otherwise you might see three stripes or a swoosh. They’re quite expensive, but so are many sneakers. What drives people nuts is that they’re pre-distressed.

(Written on the tongue of Golden Goose shoes: “FOR SKATEBOARD USE ONLY,” which is a quick way to boil the blood of the authenticity-obsessed skate community. A lot of the designs are patched up in ways clearly inspired by how skaters repair/extend the life of their shoes, which wear out quickly.)

To quote Bob Dylan, I used to care, but things have changed. We had a lot of the same arguments about distressed jeans a decade ago — like everyone else I wore raw APCs for years to get some authentically worn denim. Then everyone seemed to realize that Levi’s Vintage Clothing, RRL, Visvim, Chimala, etc. made really nice distressed jeans. If some people want to spend $ 500 on ugly distressed jeans or sneakers, let em.

The best response to $ 500 artificially distressed sneakers may be less to actively hate them than to distress some cheap sneakers authentically. After all, there’s little better than a boxfresh pair of shoes, but a perfectly thrashed pair comes close. Recently, author (and skater) Andrew Luecke said “Everyone should buy a pair of canvas sneakers every May and totally cook ‘em by September,” and that’s a concept with which I’m fully on board.

May is over, but summer doesn’t technically start for another week, so there’s time to get a pair of basic canvas sneakers to be your summer pair of summer. Often I make long lists of recommendations, but in this case it barely matters, and quality/value is not necessarily a prime criterion: these are sneakers you plan to wear to death in months.

  • Vans Authentics or Eras ($ 50): Vans original deck shoe (the simple Authentic) and an early skateboard-oriented shoe (the slightly padded era) are cheap and look great beat up. Best in white or navy (Vans navy is really pretty light), with red and black close behind. The plan is to wear these with everything, so while I like prints, etc., I’d stick with the basics.
  • Sperry CVOs ($ 75): Another great deck shoe, with a siped rather than gum sole, and fewer subcultural connotations/less branding than Vans.
  • Converse Jack Purcell ($ 65): A court shoe, Purcells are a little sportier than Vans or Sperrys.
  • Tretorn Nylites ($ 70): A lightly different silhouette and vibe to preppier Tretorns, one of Luecke’s recommendations.
  • Superga cortu classic ($ 65): Another Luecke pick, Supergas have the benefit of being a bit more unusual than the standards.
  • There are number of great looking vulcanized canvas shoes out of Japan, like Moon Star/Shoes Like Pottery, Wakouwa, etc., which I recommend, but not for summer filthifying purposes.

Once you get a pair, wear them everywhere. To barbecues, to baseball games, to the beach (they can get wet). Don’t carefully clean them, don’t baby them, don’t use shoe trees. Wear them with socks, or without. Use an insole, or don’t. Maybe throw them in the washing machine once in August (afterward, I recommend stuffing with paper towels and air drying). Or just hose ’em down as necessary. Despite the general rule of thumb of giving shoes time between wears, just wear them every damn day. By Labor Day, they’ll be perfect. And you can chuck them in October.

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Why Finland might just be your best summer vacation option

Not sure where to spend your next summer vacation? There are plenty of amazing places around the world to visit, and each one offers a plethora of incredible opportunities. However, if you’ve never been there before, then you might find that Finland is the place for you. There’s so much going on there during the summer months that you’ll find it hard to get bored, no matter how long you’re there.


Endless daylight

Living in the US, you forget that not every country follows the same day and night cycles as here. However, there are some places in the world which see the sun a lot more or a lot less than we do. Finland is one of them.

During the winter, this area spends most of its time shrouded in darkness because of the Earth’s rotation. Several months later, the country does a complete 180 and goes from eternal night to perpetual daytime. The sun is up almost all the time, meaning it’s never too dark to go exploring. While this can mess up your sleeping pattern, it’s also bound to give you a unique experience during your vacation.

So much to see

With so many hours of light in the summer months, you have more of a reason than ever to go sightseeing. It’s a good thing, then, that Finland is full of amazing wonders for you to experience. Even things as simple as the local flora can take your breath away. This country might be known for being snowy, but outside of winter, it’s anything but a winter wonderland.

Suomenlinna Fortress, Lutheran Cathedral, and Lake Saimaa are just some of the sights you might want to see during your vacation. If you love National Parks and want to add a bit more nature to your travels, then a trip to Lemmenjoki is a must. There’s a bit of something for everyone here, especially if you’re a fan of hiking or architecture.

A reason to celebrate

If there’s one thing the Finnish love, it’s a celebration. Thankfully, there are plenty of them to enjoy in the country once summer rolls around. With nights seemingly banished for several months, the people of Finland are free to party to their heart’s content. It all kicks off on the summer solstice, and it only gets better from there.

At the height of the season, you can expect a celebration of sorts almost every night. Bonfires and barbecues are the occasions of choice, although you may encounter a surprise or two while you’re there. The Finnish know how to throw a party.


The perfect temperature

When people think of summer, high temperatures typically come to mind. Of course, not everyone is happy about this, especially given how hot things have been the last few years. Luckily, if you prefer to stay cool in the middle of the year, Finland has you covered. Temperatures here rarely reach boiling, meaning you can enjoy a summer vacation that won’t require an AC unit.

Average temperatures in Finland typically sit around 70°F, with the occasional day climbing a bit higher than that. Things will never get freezing cold in the summer, but they also won’t get boiling hot either. It’s the perfect middle ground for anyone who likes things on the milder side.

If this hasn’t convinced you to make Finland your next summer vacation spot, we don’t know what will!

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This is every beauty product I’m currently obsessed with for the summer

This is every beauty product I’m currently obsessed with for the summer

This is every beauty product I’m currently obsessed with for the summer

One of the best things about being a beauty editor is that packages upon packages of products arrive at my desk so much, it feels like a never-ending, Groundhog’s Day version of Christmas morning. Some things I’ll try and won’t be into (though they might be better for a friend or co-worker who will reap the benefits), while others manage to land in the extremely coveted position of “Marie’s Faves.” For Unboxed and Obsessed, my final story as Senior Beauty Editor of HelloGiggles (I KNOW!!!), I want to leave you with my current roster of beauty obsessions, in case you need some recs for your next trip to Sephora or whichever beauty retailer you spend your hard-earned scrilla.

1. Tatcha Mist

Tatcha Satin Mist
Tatcha | $ 48

I’m serious about skin care, and even though I have a few brands I bounce back and forth between, Tatcha is the one I instantaneously recommend to friends, family, strangers, practically anyone who asks me for skin care tips. As a fan of the Dewy Mist (and face mists in general), I was excited about the new Satin Mist. It’s great for combination to oily skin like mine, and I know it’s going to be a lifesaver for me this summer.

2. Touché Eclat High Cover Radiant Concealer/listheader]

Touche Eclat
YSL | $ 35

Dark circles and bags are kind of my Achilles heel. I feel slightly self-conscious about mine, so I will try almost every concealer under the sun. One of my first obsessions was the legendary YSL Touché Eclat, and I am now in love with this new formulation. It immediately makes my eyes look brighter, which is much needed after those late nights spent writing.

[listheader nr=3]Deck of Scarlet Matte Velvet Lipsticks

Deck of Scarlet
Deck of Scarlet
Deck of Scarlet | $ 23

When they rebranded earlier this year, Deck of Scarlet came out with a liquid lipstick, and I’ve been wearing this shade, Siren, nonstop ever since. The pigment is gorgeous and the formula is SO nice. I get compliments on it every time.

4. Cle Cosmetics Multi Cream

Cle Cosmetics
Cle Cosmetics
Cle Cosmetics | $ 32

Cle Cosmetics is a super clean Korean beauty brand that launched a Palo Salo-scented multi cream straight from HEAVEN. You know momma appreciates a multi-use product! I also love Palo Santo and use it in my mystical practice but haven’t found many beauty brands that capture how special it is while also being mindful of the current problem of over-harvesting. Thankfully, Cle gets their Palo Santo oil only from tree branches that have fallen naturally to the ground.

5. Shiseido Waso Hydrating Gel Beauty Sleeping Mask

Shiseido | $ 40

Sleeping masks are a new pleasure of mine, and this Hydrating Gel Beauty Sleeping Mask from Shiseido’s Waso line is a dream. It contains yuzu citrus, an antioxidant ingredient that’s great for brightening and stimulating collagen. Just call me Sleeping Beauty.

6. T3 Singlepass 1” Curler

T3 | $ 160

Straight up, T3 is my all-time favorite hot hair tool brand, so I feel that the release of this 1-inch curler, just in time for my recent short haircut, was a personal gift from the brand, lol.

7. Too Faced Damn Girl 24-Hour Mascara

Too Faced
Too Faced
Too Faced | $ 25

Many years ago, I had a beauty and style advice column on called Damn Girl, so Too Faced already got me with THIS mascara! But it’s also a really impressive product—it makes my short-ass lashes longer and appear fuller. I’ve been carrying this in my purse since I got it.

8. Sephora Collection Glow Peel Pads

Sephora | $ 15

My skin has been feeling rough lately, and I’m loving Sephora Collection just launched a new clean skin care line, and these pads are a must-have. I’m not a fan of physical exfoliants and love me a peel pad, and these are great for cleaning out pores and dead skin cells so your skin feels so much more smooth.

9. Lord Jones Royal Oil

Royal Oil
Lord Jones
Lord Jones | $ 100

I’ve been a fan of Lord Jones, it’s one of the OG CBD brands with high-quality ingredients. I’ve been using the new 1000mg Royal Oil not only on my face but it’s been great for moisturizing cuticles, which tend to get easily irritated.

11. Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Sol Oil SPF 30

Sol De Janiero
Sol De Janiero
Sol De Janiero | $ 38

Now that summer is here, I’m going to fully indulge in the greatness of Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Sol Oil. It’s non-greasy, smells incredible and has an SPF of 30. Oil me up, baby.

12. Joico Defy Damage Shampoo and Conditioner

Joico defy Damage
Joico | $ 18.50

Since I processed the shit out of my hair last year, I’ve been trying to undo the damage by using good quality hair care brands. I’ve been loving Joico’s Defy Damage line, which has been bringing my wig back to life, thank goddess!

13. Root of It All Tincture

The Root of It All
The Root of It All
The Root of It All | $ 35 to $ 70

If you’re into Ayurvedic-inspired wellness, essential oils, cannabis/CBD, and live in a legalized state (of course), check out Root Of It All. These tinctures can help with stress relief, stress, and more.

14. Sunday Riley Globetrotter

Sunday Riley
Sunday Riley
Sunday Riley | $ 15

This isn’t a product (though I’ve been all about C.E.O. Glow lately), but I LOVE Sunday Riley’s Globetrotter, a limited-edition handbook focused on travel. Now, all I need to do is book a vacation!

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Brian Wilson postpones summer tour, says he feels ‘mentally insecure’

Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson has indefinitely postponed a U.S. summer tour that was due to open on Friday, saying he felt “mentally insecure” in the aftermath of recent back surgery but hoped to return to performing later in the year.
Reuters: People News


Checkout HSN’s Beauty Exclusives!

Summer Suits

Have you ever wondered how some people can wear a suit when it’s stifling hot outside? Well, not all suits are created equal and some have a lot more airflow and a lot cooler than others. Why is that? You may wonder. Actually, there are a number of factors and we break it down below.

Most importantly, there’s the fabric and the interlining. If you have a jacket with a glued interlining, it will insulate you much more, it will not breathe and as a consequence, you will overheat much more quickly. Also, the kind of material, the weave, as well as the weight, all have an impact on how cool or warm it feels.

Ideal Summer Fabrics

Seersucker Suit with bold knit tie
Seersucker Suit with bold knit tie


It’s an all-time American classic and it usually comes in a stripe of white and blue. It’s a very fine stripe and it’s very popular in the southern United States and it’s made from a twisted yarn. It’s a very fine highly twisted cotton yarn that creates a puckering effect in the cloth. In a nutshell, that crinkle effect is achieved by tightening certain warped yarns more than others. The crinkle is permanent and can’t be ironed out but as a consequence, it doesn’t wrinkle otherwise, so it’s very wrinkle resistant which makes it also a great travel suit, it’s perfect for garden parties, summer weddings or just hot days when you’re in the southern US.

I really enjoy the classic blue and white seersucker because you can combine it very easily; you can just have the seersucker pants combined with a blazer or just the seersucker jacket combined with different pants. It enhances your wardrobe, it’s a very lightweight material. I also like seersuckers in other colors such as a white and beige stripe which is nice for summers because it’s a very light color so it reflects the sunlight and doesn’t absorb it. If you’re looking for more of a business suit, you can also get seersucker that is basically a solid navy which is a very nice alternative. Unfortunately, it’s something you usually have to get custom-made because it’s often not readily available off the rack unless maybe you find it at places like Polo Ralph Lauren or other who specialize in summer suits. Even when you don’t wear a suit, you can wear your seersuckers with a polo shirt or just a dress shirt and it’s overall, a very versatile summer staple.

Fresco 6x2 DB Jacket with Pocket Square & Boutonniere
Fresco 6×2 DB Jacket with Pocket Square & Boutonniere


It’s a term coined by Minnis which is a British Weaver and they have them in their lineup. They have many different colors typically summer colors in lighter weights and heavier weights. At first, it may seem contradictory that wool can be an ideal fabric for summer but in fact, if the weave is right and with a fresco, you get a weave that’s also a higher twisted yarn which means it doesn’t wrinkle very easily. Wool doesn’t wrinkle easily, to begin with, but it also has a very open weave, because of that, you usually find it in strong colors, not just solids but mottled colors because they help camouflage the fact that it’s a very open weave. The more open the weave, the more likely you are going to feel any kind of breeze and airflow.

When you hold it against a light source, you can clearly see through it and you can see the shadow through it and because of that, it’s very breathable. Because it’s a twisted worsted yarn, it’s not a soft fabric, it doesn’t have a cashmere-like feel and at first, if you touch it in a cloth book, you may be turned off by the cloth but don’t be fooled! This is a wonderful fabric for summer suits. Traditionally, fresco fabrics were heavier more in a 14 to 15-ounce range and the advantage was that they really hung nicely and draped beautifully. Today, the Huddersfield Weaver Minnis also offers much lighter options all the way down to 8 ounces which are not just lightweight but also open weave which makes for an ultimate summer suit.

Yellow Linen Vest with Sky Blue Linen Suit
Yellow Linen Vest with Sky Blue Linen Suit


It is derived from the flax plant and it can be made stiffer or softer. Typically, Irish linen is a little stiffer whereas Italian linen is rather soft. It naturally has a very long staple that is much longer than cotton rather natural fibers and because of that, it’s very resistant to abrasion. It also has extremely heavier wrinkles, and they create a very sophisticated unique look. They wrinkle differently than cotton does but I find that it looks very elegant and classy especially in a summer suit.

Let’s say probably the tobacco brown linen summer suit is a favorite when by many elegant men around the world. It naturally has a fresh and cool feel and sometimes the weave can be very tight and when it’s heavy, it can be actually quite insulating. It looks very summery but you can still feel quite warm. Because of that, I currently do not have a linen suit in my lineup, maybe I’ll add one in the future but at present, I don’t have one.

3 Piece flat front cotton suit with winchester shirt & Polka Dot Tie
3 Piece flat front cotton suit with winchester shirt & Polka Dot Tie


Most of the time, it comes in lighter colors for summer such as khaki. Unfortunately, it often comes in very tight weaves just as twill or gabardine which doesn’t make it very breathable. It also wrinkles very easily but unlike linen, it just looks non-ironed whereas linen wrinkles look sophisticated. Because of that, I think cotton alone is best blended with linen, maybe silk, because that way, it has different properties, it doesn’t wrinkle as cheaply, it looks better, and most importantly, you can have a more open weave which is more advantageous to staying cool in the summer.

Tropical fabric up close
Tropical fabric up close


The tropical is softer than a fresco but the weave is not as open. At the same time, it’s very lightweight and it’s specifically designed for warm weather. Sometimes you can also find it with the addition of mohair which is a little crisper, it adds more wrinkle resistance, it also adds a tiny bit of shine but at the same time, it feels cooler when you wear it. Of all the terms mentioned here, Off the rack suit manufacturers are most likely to go with lightweight worsted wool because it’s widely available, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it is mass-market approved.

How To Put Together A Great Summer Outfit

You Can Get Away With Bolder Colors

Because it’s the summer and everything is lighter, you can have brighter colors and get away with a green suit that otherwise you couldn’t wear in the winter. If you want a shade of navy or gray, intentionally opt for something lighter in color which underlines the summery character. Alternatively, you can opt for beiges, khakis, browns, these are all ideal summer colors. Of course, you can also go with patterns but instead of a Glen check in black and white, you maybe go with something in gray and white which just makes everything more lively and summery.

Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a seersucker suit
Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a seersucker suit

Opt For Single-Breasted

If you want the ultimate summer suit, go with a single-breasted silhouette because the dual layers of fabrics will make you wear much warmer. Stylistically, some people prefer patch pockets because they’re more casual but keep in mind, it’s an extra layer of fabric which is why having jetted or flap pockets is just fine. On the inside of your suit, you can go with a half-lined jacket which means the back is not lined at all thus allowing more air to flow through and reach your skin. You also want to stay clear of a glued canvas and instead, go with a sewn interlining. When I traveled to Naples where it gets quite hot, I saw tailors creating suit jackets and pants that were completely unlined. Now while that maximizes the airflow especially on your shirt sleeve, it will likely catch and the line won’t be as smooth as if you keep your sleeves lined, maybe the shoulder, you just leave the back unlined. Now, of course, the suit is only one part of your summer outfit.

An example of a leno weave on a summer shirt
An example of a leno weave on a summer shirt

Pair It With An Open Weave Shirt

Ideally, you pair it with a very open weave or a very lightweight cotton shirt. That way, you don’t overheat so quickly. Some people have issues with sweat stains on their suit and in that case, you can wear an undershirt underneath your shirt which doesn’t make you cooler but it absorbs the sweat and keeps you from embarrassing moments, however, if you want to stay cool, skip the undershirt. Also, make sure you have button cuffs also known as barrel cuffs and I personally like to wear them unbuttoned because having an extra airflow under my wrists makes me feel cooler.

Ancient Madder Bow Ties
Are you a bow tie guy or do you prefer neckties?

Elevate Your Outfit With A Bow Tie

Because you’re wearing a suit, the overall outfit is much better with some form of neckwear but instead of wearing a regular necktie that covers the middle part of your torso, a bow tie wears a lot cooler because it just covers your neck. If you want to go with a tie, maybe invest in a lightweight knit tie which has a very open knit and therefore, a better airflow.

Chocolate brown and off white spectator
Chocolate brown and off white spectator

Go For Spectator Shoes

In terms of shoes, you can underline the summery character and either get spectators, maybe some perforated shoes that allow more air flow.

Winchester shirt with Wool Challis Navy Bow Tie with White Polka dots paired with Blue Cornflower Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Silk - Handmade by Fort Belvedere
Winchester shirt with Wool Challis Navy Bow Tie with White Polka dots paired with Blue Cornflower Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Silk – Handmade by Fort Belvedere

Stand Out In Accessories

Even if you decide not to go with any form of neckwear, I always suggest having a pocket square because it immediately upgrades the overall appearance of your suit. Because it’s summer, it’s also fun to add a boutonniere lapel flower to your outfit. The problem is in the summer, those flowers wilt extremely quickly in your lapel and just look bad. Because of that, I designed my own boutonnieres that stay fresh all the time and look like the real deal. To complete your look, a Panama hat is a great choice.

Don’t Forget The Socks

When it comes to socks, a gentleman always has over the calf socks, however, if that’s too hot for you, you can also try to go with no-show socks. The problem with most of them is that over the course of the day, they come off your feet and if you have leather-lined shoes, it becomes rather uncomfortable. Either go with over the calf socks that stay up and make your feet feel comfortable or opt for no-show socks that don’t come off your feet.


At the end of the day, a good summer suit will only wear ever so slightly hotter than a polo shirt or a t-shirt but it’s a lot more stylish and elegant. You just have to choose the right one, make sure they have the right fabric with the proper interlining in a single-breasted silhouette and you’ll be on your way.

Gentleman’s Gazette


Look like a Gentleman, Travel in Style and Enjoy the Best in Men’s Accessories at Hook & Albert. Get 20% Off Your First Order with Coupon Code TAKE20. Shop Now!

Summer Entertainment: Let’s Name Favorite Books, Magazines, Podcasts, Bingewatch TV, and More

woman holding a kindle by the pool

As everyone starts to get rolling on summer travel plans, I thought now might be a great time to talk about favorite entertainment items. In the past, we’ve had threads on brain candy books, favorite magazines, and podcasts for working women, but let’s just combine them all today and ask everyone to fill out the following with ONE suggestion each for your fellow Corporette readers. What do you heartily recommend for entertainment? For purposes of this mini-survey let’s assume people will NOT have good WiFi access, as you do while sitting at the beach, so will want to download things ahead of time.

Fiction Book (please note genre): 

Nonfiction book:



Podcast (general):

Podcast (storytelling, like Serial):

TV Series to Binge:


Mobile Game:

My own answers are below (all links to Amazon are affiliate links; thank you for your support)…

Fiction Book (please note genre): The last really fun book I read was The Royal Runaway (rom com); I still stand by my earlier brain candy recommendations.

Nonfiction book: Not terribly new, but I was fascinated by NeuroTribes.

Audiobook: Fire & Fury (political); #GirlBoss was also great on audiobook. I’m listening to White Noise now, and while I enjoy it as a “reread,” I’m not sure I’d recommend it on audiobook for your first “read.” (I’m new to the genre of audiobooks but find I need to take a break from all of my political podcasts at the moment!)

Magazine: Vanity Fair is my go-to airport reading.

Podcast (general): A friend just turned me on to Throughline, from NPR — in each episode they look at the history of a modern problem to better view it in context (so for opioids they looked at the history of morphine and heroin).

Podcast (storytelling, like Serial): I enjoyed Bag Man (Rachel Maddow).

TV Series to Binge: Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

Movie: (pass, haven’t seen anything non-kid related in too long, unless this counts: Iliza: Elder Millennial)

Mobile Game: (pass, curious for recommendations!)  

Two Other Random Recommendations for Beach Reading

In addition to the favorite apps we recommended a few weeks ago, including Overcast for podcasts, I’ll give a shoutout to two other techy things: 

  • a Kindle is great for the beach, and you can usually even get library books sent to it — I love mine but it’s super old (circa 2016), has a cracked screen, and has been dropped numerous times in the water. (Whoops.) It’s still holding up great but it might be time to get a new one, so I’m eyeing this one — what are everyone’s thoughts?
  • I just got this mobile charger and love it — if you forever find yourself texting your travel companions your phone’s battery percentage (“FYI I’m at 1%! See you at the hotel at 6 p.m.!”) then just get a mobile charger and be done with it. This one works as advertised — I got this teensy cord to connect my phone to the charger without a lot of excess.

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

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A Guide To Summer Shirts

When it comes to dressing well for summer, the central problem is almost always the same: how do you look good when there are few opportunities for layering? For most of the year, shirts and trousers play in the background of an outfit. They’re the supports for outerwear, or a jacket and tie combination if you like tailoring. Once the temperature gets pinned to the 90s, however, the dynamics change. You may only be wearing the lightest of outerwear, such as a shirt jacket, or not be layering at all. In these cases, your shirt does more of the heavy lifting.

To be sure, if your clothes fit well, you can look great in an oxford-cloth button-down and some chinos. But these combinations can feel safe and generic, maybe even verging too close to business casual. If you want to inject a bit more personality into an outfit, it helps to think more about your shirts. Solid white and light blue shirts can work year round, but summer offers so many more options: shirts can be more boldly colored and patterned, come in unique materials, and feature more stylish collar lines. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking to pepper a more basic shirt wardrobe with some summer-ready options.



Think About Fabrics

Your most basic shirts will always be made from cotton — broadcloth, poplin, oxford, end-on-end, twill, etc. These are all just different ways of saying the fabric has been woven with a plain or twill weave. Twills are more tightly woven than plain weaves, but generally speaking, a cotton shirt is a cotton shirt. You’ll know which are best from the way they feel: a heavy cotton shirt will feel less comfy than a lighter one, so use good judgment.

Cotton shirts, however, can sometimes come in slightly more exciting textures, such as the slubby options available at our sponsor Proper Cloth. A few years ago, I bought one of the Japanese slub chambray shirts pictured above. The open weave is a bit more breathable without being transparent, and the mixture of light blue and white yarns add a bit of visual interest. I find they’re just as useful as my light-blue OCBDs, but have an attractive texture.

Summer is also an excellent time for linen, one of nature’s original performance fabrics. Linen wicks sweat from the skin and dries quickly, which means it’ll leave you feeling cooler and drier on hot days. To test this, you can wash two shirts — one pure cotton, the other pure linen — and leave them to hang dry. You’ll find the linen shirt typically dries in about half the time of cotton, which is a good indication of how it’ll perform on hot days with high humidity.

Linen wrinkles easily, however, which makes it less appropriate for conservative business settings (in more casual environments, I think the wrinkling lends charm). If you’re concerned about it, try a linen-cotton blend, which combines the best of both worlds — the wicking properties of linen with just a touch less crinkling.

Rayon is another ideal fabric for summer shirts. It’s made from mashed-up wood pulp and typically feels like silk. It has a delicate drape, feels cool to the touch, and doesn’t insulate body heat. That’s why cupro, a type of rayon, is typically used for suit linings.

As a shirt, you’ll find rayon is mostly wrinkle free, doesn’t hold odors easily, and feels cool next to the skin. It has a silky, relaxed vibe that goes well with slim jeans and wide pants. But since it’s made from a more delicate material, you’ll need to be more careful with it. Pure rayon typically has to be hand-washed and then left to hang dry (don’t press it directly with a hot iron). For something easier to manage, try a rayon blend — something mixed with cotton or linen — which will have the silky hand of rayon but can be machine washed.



Think About Color

It’s been said that blue is one of the most flattering colors you can wear, whether that’s through navy suits or light blue shirts, and it’s true. It’s gentle on your complexion, plays well with other colors, and if you happen to have blue eyes, the color may even make your eyes sparkle. White shirts, while often billed as a wardrobe staple, are a little starker and more formal. We think they’re usually best with formal suits, but they can also be useful in the summer. Think of casual suits and sport coats in cotton, linen, and tropical wool; white OCBDs with chinos or jeans; and airy white linen shirts with shorts.

One way to make any outfit feel more summer-ready is to brighten up your colors. Navy turns into French blue; dark brown becomes dusty tan. But how do you incorporate more cheerful colors without turning into a Crayola box? Michael Hill, the Creative Director at Drake’s, suggests starting with your shirts. “Something in a mid-blue or grapefruit pink can be a way to incorporate more color into a wardrobe without making you feel like you’re stepping out of your comfort zone,” he says.

Summer is a good time for colors such as sunflower yellow, Tiffany green, and lavender. As shirts, I find these colors are often easier to wear as Bengal stripes, rather than solids, but a lot depends on the shirt’s overall design. More saturated or sober colors, such as an inky dark blue or a dusty tan, can help anchor a bright summer outfit when everything feels like it’s visually floating away. Jason Jules of Drake’s can be seen above wearing a dusty tan shirt with a blue sport coat and white jeans.



Think About Patterns

Some years ago, Simon Crompton at Permanent Style wrote about something he called the “Italian background,” which is his term for simple, light-blue shirts. The idea is that stylish Italian men are more likely to experiment with their suit and sport coats, while English men like to mix things up with their shirts. The post was written during the late-aughts, during a time when menswear was obsessed with all things Italian, but I think there’s a nugget of wisdom in there. “The combination works well because a blue shirt fades more into the background,” Simon wrote. “It’s the same reason why a dark tie fades more into the background than a pale tie. Light blue shirts work as the plainest and yet most sophisticated of supports to an otherwise daring suit or sport coat.”

Light blue shirts will go with nearly everything, but in the summer, bolder patterns can also be useful. One reason is that summer suits and sport coats tend to be solid colored, so a more daring check or stripe underneath a jacket can help add visual interest. And since most men today are going without a tie — especially on hot days — a bolder pattern can help take up the space between a jacket’s fronts. Similarly, for casualwear, a light blue shirt may look too dressy. Instead, you can try things such as Aloha prints and florals, multi-colored checks and stripes, and slightly larger patterns. Madras, which is a colorful light-cotton check that comes out of India, is particularly useful.

Some good rules to remember: the more unusual the pattern, or the larger the pattern’s scale, the more casual the shirt will look. At the moment, I really like how wide or multi-colored stripes look with tailored jackets and casualwear, or even worn on their own with a dressier pair of chinos and some slip-on shoes. G. Inglese, P. Johnson, Drake’s, and Proper Cloth have some great options this summer.


Think About Collars

Finally, think about collars. If you’re going to wear the shirt without a tie, it helps to have something that can stand up on its own. Button-downs are an easy standby, but summer outfits can also look great with more relaxed, vacation styles such as Cuban collars, one-piece collars, camp collars, and even the occasional band collar. The Armoury has some great looking options right now, which are pictured at the top of this post.

Popovers, which are a type of pullover woven shirt with a half-placket, also have a great summer vibe. Before dress shirts were almost all made with full button fronts, the original dress shirts of the 19th and early 20th century were often popover-styled shirts with detachable collars (see some of the original Brooks Brother shirts from that era). Today, a popover is just a summer style that feels more casual than a traditional button-front. These details may seem small, but they can make all the difference on a hot day when there’s little opportunity for layering.



Where To Shop

There are a ton of great places today for quality dress shirts, and nearly all of them will have summer options. For ready-to-wear shirts, try G. Inglese, Kamakura, Brooks Brothers, Michael Spencer, J. Press, Gitman Vintage, Ledbury, The Armoury, Drake’s, and Land’s End. Don’t forget to also check your favorite casualwear labels. Freeman’s Sporting Club made the sun-motif, camp collar shirt pictured above. It’s currently sold out online, but available in their NYC store.

Custom tailored dress shirts can be surprisingly affordable, at least compared to high-end ready-to-wear. Whereas bespoke tailored clothing generally costs magnitudes more than ready-to-wear suits and sport coats, bespoke dress shirts typically start around $ 200, depending on the fabric you choose (which is more affordable than shirts from Kiton or Borrelli). Granted, these shirts will be machine made, not handmade, but you’ll get the fit and customization of bespoke tailoring.

If you’re in New York City, try our friend Carl at CEGO (he makes Jesse’s dress shirts). In Los Angeles, there’s Anto. I use Ascot Chang, a Hong Kong-based company that has outposts in New York City and Los Angeles, but I find customers generally get a better fit when they order through Ascot Chang’s trunk shows, which are organized twice a year by their tailor Nelson Chin. You’ll want to check their travel schedule to see if they hold trunk shows near you. MyTailor and Dege & Skinner are two other excellent shirtmakers who visit different cities.

For something between ready-to-wear and bespoke, there’s Proper Cloth. While they’re a sponsor here, I’m a genuine fan of the company and have always paid full price for my orders. Since they’re a made-to-measure outfitter, you don’t get the precise fit of true bespoke, but they come pretty close. On my shirts, the upper sleeves are a little slimmer than I’d prefer and I wasn’t able to account for my dropped right shoulder, but these details are minor. With Proper Cloth, you get a more customizable shirt than ready-to-wear — allowing you to get the right fit, fabric, and stylistic details — while paying about half the price of bespoke (shirts are about $ 120). I also find they have many more casual fabric options than traditional shirtmakers: Aloha prints, indigos, madras, florals, textured fabrics, linens, and my favorite of their bunch, the washed denim (something bespoke shirtmakers never offer because it requires organized group runs). Of the eight online MTM shirtmakers I’ve tried over the years, Proper Cloth has been the best in terms of fit.

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Vivica A. Fox and Lifetime Movie Network Have Your Summer Covered With a Whole Bunch of Wrong Movies

Vivica A. FoxIf loving Vivica A. Fox’s Lifetime movies is wrong, we don’t want to be right. The Independence Day star is basically taking over Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime’s sister site, in…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories


Take an Extra 20% off Clearance at!

Cardi B. Performs at HOT 97’s Sold-Out Summer Jam

Some of the biggest names in hip hop, including the genre’s reigning queen, Cardi B, took over the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on June 2 for the annual HOT 97 Summer Jam concert. For the last 25 years, the music festival has celebrated the art, sound, fashion, and culture of hip hop along with the black artists who’ve propelled it into the mainstream. This year’s show included performances from top-selling acts like Meek Mill, Migos, Tory Lanez, and a surprise performance from Lil Nas X with country legend Billy Ray Cyrus.

Cardi B. was greeted by chants from the crowd screaming her name moments before she arrived on stage riding on the back of a three-wheeler motorbike. In between performing her new single, “Press,” and other chart-topping songs, the Bronx-born rapper charmed the crowd with her signature snark and commentary.  She also shared the stage with City Girls, her husband, Offset, and rising rap star Blueface. However, the biggest surprise of the night was perhaps when she threw on a cowboy hat and introduced Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X to perform their viral hit, “Old Town Road,” as part of her electrifying set.

Cardi B.

Cardi B. performing at Summer Jam (Photo credit: Jill Chami)

Securing The Bag

In addition to her ballooning music career, Cardi B is securing the bag with a number of lucrative endorsements. Earlier this year, she starred in Pepsi’s Super Bowl spot. She also launched a second signature clothing line with Fashion Nova in May, which reportedly sold out within 24 hours and generated $ 1 million in sales, according to The New York Daily News’ PageSix.

In 2017, it was reported that the Grammy-winning artist created an estimated $ 4.5 million media value for Christian Louboutin, which she raved about in her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow.” Following the song’s release in June 2017, the luxury shoe brand received a massive 217% spike in online searches by November of that year.


Lifestyle | Black Enterprise


Ladies’ Night: HOT 97’s Summer Jam Was Dominated By The Women Of Hip-Hop, And It Was Lit

Summer Jam 2019

Source: Nicholas Hunt / Getty

Even if you live outside of the New York/New Jersey metro area, if you know Hip-Hop, then you know about HOT 97’s Summer Jam. The biggest stars in the genre take the festival and main stage to showcase their biggest hits. And though most of the acts prominently featured are often men (including stars Meek Mill, Migos and Tory Lanez), we noticed that this year, women were front and center as some of the biggest acts. Cardi B was the main female headliner, while there was also Yung Miami of City Girls, along with Megan Thee Stallion, Kash Doll, Saweetie and more ladies who took the stage. We were pretty impressed, so we compiled photos of all the women doing their thing at the MetLife Stadium in Jersey. Hit the flip to see the familiar femme faces who put on during their electric sets and/or showed up to support the performers.

Summer Jam 2019

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Megan Thee Stallion



The One Secret You Need to Know to See Star Wars Land This Summer

Are you a Star Wars superfan? Have you ever dreamed of flying the Millennium Falcon or joining the Resistance? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to explore your villainous Dark Side. You can do it all at Disneyland’s new billion-dollar expansion (the largest in its history), the completely immersive Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, but only if you know the insider tip to gain access this summer.

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NYC island-hopping will crank up the heat on your summer fun

When you’re a New Yorker, there’s no need to fly to the Caribbean to go island hopping. Along with the city’s two big islands — Manhattan and Staten — there are plenty of smaller ones, each with its own personality, activities and ways to get there. Here’s a look at what’s going on this summer…
Living | New York Post


Outfit Formula: Casual Black Summer Dress

Some of my clients enjoy wearing casual black dresses for Summer. That means easy breezy frocks across an assortment of fabrics, jersey dresses in fitted shapes, and casual footwear. Wearing black in Summer can look and feel less heavy because outfits showcase skin, which breaks up the black. 

Here are four outfits that do just that.

1. Sleeveless Tiers & Moto

The muumuu dress is sleeveless, and topped with a black moto as an option if it gets a little chilly. The flat metallic sandals accentuate the relaxed vibe of the outfit, break up the black, and add some glam. I can see a small chain-strap crossbody work well with the outfit.

Me+Em Sleeveless Frill Panel Dress

2. Body-Con & Sneakers

Despite the body-con fit, this is a casual dress because of the jersey fabric and side tie ruching. The crisp white sneakers take it to extra casual territory, making it a simple everyday look. The stretch of the dress makes it comfy and easy to move in too.

Banana Republic Soft Ponte-Ruched-T-Shirt Dress

3. Arty Drape

Not quite black, but almost. The stripes break up the black and the diagonal lines are magically flattering and interesting. The sleeveless silhouette adds structure to the voluminous drape of the dress. Dainty ankle strap sandals and a statement necklace add a fun polished touch.

Noblu Roxie Dress

4. Sack Dress & Slides

Sack dresses can be hard to feel fab in, and they usually work better when they’re a little shorter because showing skin creates structure. This version is midi length, but the gauzy fabric here provides subtle structure because it exposes more skin. The diagonal sleeves and collar add structure to the volume too. Black slides were chosen here, but personally I’d have preferred to see cognac slides to break up the black. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and headgear as desired.

Eileen Fisher Sheer Overlay Silk Dress

I don’t enjoy wearing solid black dresses, and especially not in Summer. So my version would be a casual dark blue dress, of which I have a few. I wear them with white, blush or tomato red footwear.



Move Over Rosé: Hard Seltzer Is Taking Over Summer

Ros? all day? Not this summer.

As Americans head into beach-and-impromptu-barbecue season, there’s a new de rigueur beverage chilling next to the ros?. Hard seltzer is poised to assume a meaningful corner of the alcohol market, thanks to its light profile, convenient packaging and, perhaps most of all, the now established popularity of sparkling water. Hard seltzer, made from malted barley or fermented sugar, averages 100 calories or less and is about 5% alcohol. It’s a new addition to the beer market’s Flavored Malt Beverage category, but in tone and experience, is more like sipping a vodka soda…or like you added a splash of alcohol to your LaCroix.

The sparkly beverage with low ABV first came on the scene in 2013 with SpikedSeltzer. That brand was acquired by Anheuser-Busch in 2016 and renamed Bon & Viv’s Spiked Seltzer. Now, seemingly every month a new brand is launching, including Truly. All told, the alcoholic seltzer market makes up a 2% share of the beer market. That might not sound like much, “but the interesting part of this is how incredibly it’s growing,” says Macquarie Research’s Caroline Levy. (Macquarie Group Limited and its affiliates owns 1% or more of the equity securities of Boston Beer, the owner of Truly.) “The sales cycle for hard seltzer was originally seasonal and in the last year or so, it’s had tremendous growth over the winter.” She attributes this year-round growth to hard seltzer being a transportable cocktail alternative that’s so much lower in calories than beer. “It’s hitting on a major trend, which is health and wellness,” Levy said.

Courtesy of Candace Hampton/The Beauty Beau

Bon & Viv, which has flavors like prickly pear and cranberry, may have been first, but the largest is White Claw (ruby grapefruit! natural lime!), which holds just over half of all the spiked seltzer market, while second in market share is Truly (pomegranate! blueberry and acai!). The group as a whole had nearly $ 488 million in sales in 2018 and clocked in 193% year-over-year sales growth in April of this year, according to Nielsen data.

Levy sees “a massive distribution opportunity” up ahead for most of the hard seltzer brands, as convenient stores and grocery stores are nowhere near saturation level and there is a consensus view among industry experts that with boozy sparkling water “there is something bigger underway.” Unlike others that appear on the FMB scene, such as hard root beer or Four Loko, hard seltzer has a certain amount of ‘premiumization’ going for it (yes, that’s affordable luxury you’re tasting).

Situated one block from San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park, the Dolores Outpost is a specialty corner store that sells Japanese snacks, kombucha and mochi muffins. Its shelves and refrigerated cases are filled with sake, craft beers, and wine, much of it in small cans, all the easier for an afternoon lolling on the grass in the park. White Claw has been on backorder for two weeks, while the distributor waits for more product. Customers started asking for the black cherry hard seltzer a month ago. “Probably half our requests this week were for White Claw,” Bruce Aguirre, the store manager, said. “We had easily 7 or 8 requests for it just this past weekend.”

Guess they’ll have to drown their disappointment in ros? for now.

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Jean ‘speedos’ are here to ruin summer

Denim diapers are still making a splash. Shinesty, the kooky etailer that creates “wearable aphrodisiacs,” has crafted “The Daytona Dong Sarong Jeado Swim Brief,” aka a jean-printed, speedo-like creation. (Yes, they’re chafe-less and waterproof, in case you were wondering.) The Speedo-style briefs, which cost $ 39.99, are also fully lined with elastic waistband and drawstring —…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


Bathing Suit Season Is Here! Get Inspired This Summer Thanks to Lili Reinhart, Demi Lovato, Gabrielle Union & More

2019 Bathing Suits, Bikinis, Demi LovatoSummer is here y’all and we hope it never ends!
OK, technically today, Memorial Day, is the unofficial start of summer, but we will take it. For months we’ve been counting down…

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Beauty Of Five: CBD Beauty Products That Will Give You That Summer Glow

Flat lay of women's casual outfits with accessories on gray background

Source: Carol Yepes / Getty

With the legalization of marijuana expanding across the United States, the beauty industry is looking at the cultivation of cannabis in a new light, and CBD beauty products are quickly becoming the next big thing.

And for good reason. CBD beauty products are packing a punch with everything from facial oils to moisturisers and body scrubs that have inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The products minimize dark circles, soothe skin conditions like eczema or acne, and more.

If you’re not familiar, CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. It won’t get you high like its fellow cannabinoid THC and is totally legal, so you can buy it and use it regardless of what state you’re in.

What it can do though is transform your skin, which is why we’re excited to share our top picks for the five CBD beauty products we’re craving for summer.



‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ Tops Moviegoers’ Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

'Spider-Man: Far from Home' Tops Moviegoers' Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster

Spider-Man: Far from Home topped Fandango's Most Anticipated Summer Movie Survey, voted upon by more than 2,000 moviegoers. The next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Tom Holland as the beloved web-slinging character, who heads to Europe after the game-changing epic Avengers: Endgame and discovers an entirely unexpected and exciting adventure.

Disney's all-new live-action adventure The Lion King was named by moviegoers on Fandango as the most anticipated family…

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Fandango Movie News


The Hunt: The Best Comfortable Flats for Summer

Sure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.


It’s been a while since we talked about cute flats for the office, so let’s discuss: what are the best comfortable flats for summer that you’ve found? What are the limitations for flats at your workplace — would you wear sandals, peep toes, lace-ups, slingbacks or mules? (Does the state of your pedicure matter in answering the first question?) 

This flat from Sam Edelman has been a best seller for years (and years, and years), and I’m still always surprised by how much cushioning it has inside — it’s definitely one of the most comfortable flats out there. It’s also great to see an affordable brand come in such a huge range of sizes — here the shoe comes in sizes 4-13. The pictured color is on sale at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, bringing it down to $ 71, with tons of options left.

These highly rated flats are $ 128 full price at Ann Taylor, and reviewer after reviewer extolls how comfortable they are. We’re featuring the polka dot flats, but there are numerous colors and prints available right now — and today they’re 40% off, bringing them down to $ 76.

Obviously, Rothy’s are the name to beat when it comes to comfortable flats for summer — not only are they a reader favorite, appearing on a ton of our recent “most-bought” lists, they’re also washable, which is great for when you have stinky shoes. Rothy’s have a number of options, including a pointed shoe (pictured), a round toe, a loafer, and a sneaker (and, awww, they just added little girl sizing if you want to mini me). Their shoes are $ 125-$ 165. (Need a $ 20-off code? Try this one.)

{related: summer foot care}


The Boss line at Everlane uniformly gets rave reviews for comfort, whether you’re looking at their booties, flats, or mules. We’re picturing the flats here, which look amazingly versatile for a wide variety of outfits. They’re $ 165. 

AGL is, of course, famous for their ballet flat, which has been in our Hall of Fame for years. This soft pointed moccasin loafer is a nice change from it, though — and this pretty leopard is on sale as part of the just-started Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (see all our coverage here — I actually ordered this one for myself in royal blue yesterday).  The shoe is $ 370 full price, but the colors on sale are down to $ 247.

I always hear amazing things about Sarah Flint shoes, which somehow manage to look totally appropriate for work, supremely stylish, and just a wee bit sexy. The flat pictured above is $ 345, but has so many great reviews for comfort — reviewers note that the shoe conformed to their foot immediately! — and the description notes that the shoe has extra padding for added comfort. Hooray!

Like this feature? Check out other recent installments!

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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Summer 2019 – Picks for Men

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Summer 2019

It’s arguably one of the better sales of the year. No codes to wrangle. No extra % coming off once something hits your cart. The price you see is the price you pay, and since it’s Nordstrom, everything ships and returns for free. Everything. Plus, Nordstrom is the rare department store that has curated some really nice upper scale brands, and balances those more expensive items with their more affordable, still solid quality, house-brand goods.

So what’s the catch? When they do a sale, it’s always huge. As in inventory. As in 7,000 items this time. There’s a boatload of pages to scroll through and browse. That’s a lot of clicking. And we went through all of it. As always, the picks below are limited to those with at least a decent size selection at post time.


Nordstrom Tech Wool Sportcoats – $ 149.49 ($ 299)


A very, very nice price, for a 97% wool / 3% spandex sportcoat. Perfect, lighter shades for spring and summer, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t wear these in fall and winter as well. Wrinkle resistant. Extra pockets on the inside.


Nordstrom Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt – $ 32.90 ($ 49.50)

Nordstrom Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt

A basic, but a well executed basic in a trim fit that’s always appreciated extra-amounts when it goes on sale.


Calibrate Extra Trim Fit Dinner Jacket & Matching Pant – $ 198.98 ($ 398)

Calibrate Extra Trim Fit Dinner Jacket & Matching Pant

Under $ 200 for a navy, shawl collar tux? It’s pretty modern (a pretty thin shawl collar), but still. Nice. 50% wool and 50% poly. It is wedding season after all. Glad they found some pants. The jacket has been in the sale section for a while, but there weren’t any pants left, if memory serves.


Monte Rosso Made in Italy Lazio Cap-Toe Oxford – $ 249.90 ($ 375)

Monte Rosso Made in Italy Lazio Cap-Toe Oxford

To go with the tux. You’re gonna need some black oxfords if you’re wearing a tux somewhere. Word is they run large and you’ll want to order the next size down?


1901 Rowan D-Ring Leather Belt – $ 29.70 ($ 49.50)

1901 Rowan D-Ring Leather Belt

When I finally say “screw it!” and move to the woods, this’ll be the kind of belt I’ll probably wear all the time. That is, assuming I’m wearing pants. Which is far from a guaranteed. Nothin’ says get outta mah forrest quite like porky piggin’ it.


Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Wool Blazer – $ 334.98 ($ 500)

Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Wool Blazer

Spendy, but Bonobos knows what they’re doing when it comes to sportcoats. 97% wool and 3% spandex. Would look dynamite with lightweight chinos for the heat ahead, and could also pull some serious social studies teacher duty with jeans in the fall.


Common Projects Retro Sneaker – $ 278.98 ($ 465)

Common Projects Retro Sneaker

Unpopular opinion time: I don’t “get” the Common Projects hype. The prices are comparatively absurd. And I think the foil stamped number on the outside is dumb. “Low-Key branding” my fat arse. They’ve literally stamped their calling card in reflective gold type on the outside of your ankle. But, this site isn’t about me. And never will be. So, buy away if it’s your thing! Also, hi reddit subs who love to post deals we find and not give us credit. I see you. UPDATE: And they’re gone. I’m shocked. Shocked!


Cole Haan Pinch LX Sneaker – $ 89.90 ($ 150)

Cole Haan Pinch LX Sneaker

Or there’s these for almost $ 200 less. But what do I know. Why you’d name anything that’s fit-based the “pinch” is beyond my grasp, but, I think it’s one of Cole Haan’s more popular lines. So, beats me. Again, I know nothing.


1901 Ballard Slim Fit Stretch Chino Pants – $ 35.70 ($ 59.50)

1901 Ballard Slim Fit Stretch Chino Pants

From their younger leaning 1901 house brand, so I’m gonna assume that these are a true slim fit. 97% cotton, 3% spandex with a 14″ leg opening.


Levis x Justin Timberlake Colorblock Trucker – $ 88.80 ($ 148)

Levis x Justin Timberlake Colorblock Trucker

Man of the woods and all that. I heard “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC the other day. Goodness that was a throwback. Hard not to dance to. Or move to. Or convulse to. Or, well, whatever happens when you’re a few pints deep.


Smartwool Burgee Geometric Socks – $ 12.57 ($ 20.95)

Smartwool Burgee Geometric Socks

Wool is so much better than cotton, in so many ways. And Smartwool makes a REALLY nice sock. Or, socks. So much so that I got all three pairs here for myself. Prefer stripes? Here you go.


Nordstrom Trim Fit Mélange Sport Coat – $ 149.49 ($ 299)

Nordstrom Trim Fit Mélange Sport Coat

A lightweight blend of wool, silk, and linen, AND they didn’t fully line the back? Just butterfly lined? For $ 150? Dang Nordstrom. You tempting and then some. Want it in some check patterns? Done. They have those too.


adidas Handball Spezial Sneaker – $ 77.96 ($ 129.95)

adidas Handball Spezial Sneaker

Whoa. Serious 70’s sport vibes here.


Nordstrom Signature 58% cashmere, 42% linen sweater – $ 89.49 ($ 179)

From one of their high end lines. Not cheap, but it could be the perfect spring/summer sweater. And yes, there is such a thing as a spring/summer sweater. The weather can be unpredictable. The wind can kick up at the beach and all of a sudden you (or your date) is cold. And then there’s once the sun goes down. Huge thanks to Sean H. for sending in the tip, who said: I’ve seen this in person and it is fantastic- never pulled the trigger (despite every fiber in being wanting to) because of the high price tag but it’s now included in the sale so I was able to order one. 


1901 Extra Trim Fit Chambray Sport Coat – $ 83.98 ($ 168)

1901 Extra Trim Fit Chambray Sport Coat

Light and breezy for the spring and summer. And now, thanks to the sale, cheap! Cotton linen blend. Totally unlined in the back.


Nordstrom EXTRA Trim Fit Dress Shirts – $ 32.90 ($ 49.50)

Nordstrom EXTRA Trim Fit Dress Shirts

When someone yells “HEY SLIM!” in a crowded room, do you look up to answer? Then these shirts are for you. Not just their trim fit, but their extra trim fit. Lots of colors.


Criquet “Range” Regular Fit Jersey Polo – $ 50.40 ($ 84)

Criquet "Range" Regular Fit Jersey Polo

I’m pretty floored that not only are these on sale, they’re 40% off. Fifty bucks still isn’t cheap for a polo, far from it, but they’re a super popular, jersey knit polo with collar stays. Four colors to pick from. Also pictured at the top of the post.


Criquet Regular Fit Players Jersey Polo – $ 47.40 ($ 79)

Criquet Regular Fit Players Jersey Polo

Their flagship polo. With the pocket. Still has collar stays, so, don’t worry if that’s what you’re after. They’re here too. 100% Organic Cotton.


Nordstrom Leather Jacket – $ 199.49 ($ 399)

Nordstrom Leather Jacket

Sporty. Black leather, snap band collar (instead of a floppy bomber style), and a price that feels quite good as long as the leather looks and feels decent in person. And if it doesn’t? You can send it back for free. Thanks Uncle Nordy.


Good Man Brand Slim Fit Vintage Twill Knit Sport Coat – $ 178.80 ($ 298)

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Vintage Twill Knit Sport Coat

As super comfortable and well made as Good Man Brand sportcoats are… they are SHORT. Super chopped in the tail. Which can work with a t-shirt or a henley or something, but I wouldn’t wear this with a collared shirt and slacks. Just a heads up.


1901 Colton Suede Belt – $ 29.70 ($ 49.50)

1901 Colton Suede Belt

Suede! Texture for now, texture for later. Works both in warm weather and in the cooler months. And, since that texture is a purposeful break from smooth leather shoes, you don’t have to worry about perfectly matching your belt to your kicks. Any of these would look great with some white sneakers. Speaking of…


1901 Sloan White Leather Sneakers – $ 59.96 ($ 99.95)

1901 Sloan White Leather Sneakers

White leather sneakers have become just about an essential in most men’s wardrobes, no? Okay, maybe not essential, but they sure are versatile.


1901 Stripe Crewneck Sweater – $ 34.75 ($ 69.50)

1901 Stripe Crewneck Sweater

One of those sweaters that if you’re new to dressing a bit more intentionally, you might take a pass on. Why? Because of the shoulder buttons. But they were put there long, long ago so sailors could get the things over their heads, and then button them up tight to keep sea spray out. Now, they’ve hung around like epaulets on a trench coat. And they’re subtle. But still kinda cool. I wear my version from Lands’ End (sadly, long gone in terms of stock) all the time.


Nordstrom Athletic Fit Textured Chinos – $ 44.75 ($ 89.50)

Nordstrom Athletic Fit Textured Chinos

Yay. Something that’s not a super slim cut, and instead made for those of us on team leg day. Oxford style texture to the cloth.


Made in Italy Rodd & Gunn Wool/Linen Sport Coat – $ 238.80 ($ 398)

Made in Italy Rodd & Gunn Wool/Linen Sport Coat

Italian made, a seasonally appropriate shade, and a 52% wool / 48% linen blend.


Goodlife Slim Swim Trunks – $ 58.80 ($ 98)

Goodlife Slim Swim Trunks

Shades of the trunks Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale? Y’know, minus the shrink-wrapped effect.


Made in Italy Rodd & Gunn Wool Blend Blazer – $ 238.80 ($ 398)

Made in Italy Rodd & Gunn Wool Blend Blazer

Looks to be a box-weave hopsack? Or something along those lines? Not bad for a made in Italy sportcoat. Lots of potential here. Appears to be mostly unlined as well.


Cole Haan Harrison Grand Cap Toe Oxford – $ 139.90 ($ 220)

Cole Haan Harrison Grand Cap Toe Oxford

Are they Allen Edmonds? No! Are they worth a shot if you don’t have AE money, you need a conservative dress shoe that’ll also be comfortable, and you’re not willing to commit to a pair of shoes for life? Of course.


John W. Nordstrom Italian Wool Flat Front Trousers – $ 95.40 ($ 159)

John W. Nordstrom Italian Wool Flat Front Trousers

Really, REALLY nice dress pants. Made in Italy from Zignone wool. From their higher end “John W. Nordstrom” line.


Nordstrom Silk Knit Tie – $ 39.75 ($ 79.50)

Nordstrom Silk Knit Tie

Most are more than fine with picking up cheap ties here and there, but the problem with cheap ties is that sometimes they can feel… cheap. Imagine that. Bad knots, weird fabric, etc. That shouldn’t be the case here. And if it arrives and you’re not thrilled? Send it back. For free. Lots of colors to pick from. Big fan of that hunter green on the left.


Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Wool Blazer – $ 301.49 ($ 450)

Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Wool Blazer

97% wool and 3% spandex. Hits a lot of right notes for the warmer weather ahead. On sale, but not final sale. Which is always a plus with Nordstrom.


Nordstrom “Shane” Bucks – $ 83.71 ($ 124.95)

Nordstrom "Shane" Bucks

From their mainline, men’s house line. Bucks but not super preppy thanks to the muted shades. Plus, these look to be a little sleeker through the toe, and not so bulbous like traditional bucks?


Criquet 93% pima / 7% stretch Players Polo – $ 53.40 ($ 89)

Criquet Polos

More Criquet. This time in a stretchy, 7% spandex, 93% cotton version. More color options here, and this is their flagship design with the pocket.


Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirt in Cotton Texture – $ 39.90 ($ 69.50)

Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirt in Cotton Texture

Basics from a trusted source at a more than reasonable price. A bit of texture. Nothing crazy.


Belstaff Racemaster Water Resistant Waxed Cotton Jacket – $ 329.98 ($ 550)

Belstaff Racemaster Water Resistant Waxed Cotton Jacket

A shorter version of the Roadmaster, which is the one with the belt. Which not everyone wants to mess with. Which is understandable. So they made this thing!


Nordstrom The Rail Payson Chelsea Boot – $ 60.26 ($ 89.95)

Nordstrom The Rail Payson Chelsea Boot

Yes you CAN wear boots in the warmer weather. Chukkas work. As do chelseas. Especially more casually constructed, suede chelseas like these form Nordstrom’s entry line house brand.


Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Knit Cotton Sport Coat – $ 234.49 ($ 350)

Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Knit Cotton Sport Coat

Another knit sportcoat, this time from Bonobos in a “Brown melange knit.” 100% cotton here.


Nordstrom Lightweight Overcoat – $ 99.49 ($ 199)

Nordstrom Lightweight Overcoat

The simple, navy mac is about as versatile and useful as it gets in men’s outerwear. And this one is now half off, and just under a hundred bucks.


1901 Marled Slub Slim Fit Polo – $ 24.75 ($ 49.50)

1901 Marled Slub Slim Fit Polo

That’s more like it. Had my eye on these, but fifty bones seemed like a lot. Now half off and under $ 25. Say it with me: Button Down Collar Polos!!


Cole Haan Feathercraft Grand Derby – $ 120.60 ($ 180)

There’s something about these things. Especially that gray suede option?


Herschel Supply Co Strand XL Tote Bag – $ 47.98 ($ 80)

Herschel Supply Co Strand XL Tote Bag

There are worse ways to carry your crap. Especially, say, if you’re a new Dad and you’ve gotta lug around diapers and what not. (Hi Adam!) Dimensions are 16″H x 17″H x 7 ½”D.


Made in the USA Goodlife Henley – $ 48.98 ($ 98)

Made in the USA Goodlife Henley

Spendy. But, made in the USA. So should appeal to those that want to keep as much of their style spending as possible supportive of the good ol’ US of A.


adidas Samba OG Sneaker – $ 53.56 ($ 79.95)

adidas Samba OG Sneaker

Another alternative to the J. Crew Nike Killshot. Sizes are a bit scattered here though, being that they’ve been cooking in the sale section for a little bit now?


Bonobos Peak or Shawl Lapel Tux Jacket & Matching Pant – $ 669.98 ($ 1000)

Bonobos Tux

Jeebus. That’s a lot of money. At that point, Suitsupply’s tux package, where you get a shirt, tie, and shoes (along with the tux) might be worth your while.


Herschel Supply Co Novel Canvas Duffle Bag – $ 59.98 ($ 85)

The compact gym bag design to end all gym bag designs? The very thoughtfully designed number from Herschel. Separate compartment for shoes. Now down to $ 60 in the camo print.


Nordstrom Shark Attack Socks – $ 7.49 ($ 12.50)

Nordstrom Shark Attack Socks

Amity, as you know, means friendship.


TBNY Benjamin Double Monk Strap – $ 234.49 ($ 350)

TBNY Benjamin Double Monk Strap

To Boot New York shoes don’t satisfy the shoe snobs. The construction and materials are good, not amazeballs. But sometimes they nail a design, and that appears to be the case here. Perfect, timeless toe. Slim sole. (Assuming its Blake stitched?) And those buckles are nice and subtle. Not some big, rigid, clunky, flashy hunks of metal. Full marks. Made in Italy.


TheTieBar Pocket Square Trios – $ 20.10 ($ 30)

TheTieBar Pocket Square Trios

Three pocket squares in similar color schemes (or in the case of the white, with differing piped edges). All for less for what one pocket square from a more famous brand would run you. More than a couple of color schemes to pick from. Ships free too, being that it’s Nordstrom.


Ledbury Jasper Tailored Fit Dot Dress Shirt – $ 97.15 ($ 145)

Ledbury Jasper Tailored Fit Dot Dress Shirt

DOTS! Dots are good. Dots are modern. And Ledbury shirts are amazing. They aren’t cheap, but they are amazing. Can’t swing the price? Understandable. You can get your fill of blue and dots via a less expensive Nordstrom house brand dress shirt right here.


Shoe the Bear Linden Sneaker – $ 97.15 ($ 145)

Shoe the Bear Linden Sneaker

More simple, leather sneakers. But not so simple that they’re boring. Still light years away from the “intentionally ugly” territory.


Topman Mac Jacket – $ 72.00 ($ 120)

Topman Mac Jacket

Sometimes you just need a mac to get around town in. And this appears to be a winner. Cotton/Poly blend fabric should keep the rain out. Perfectly placed pockets. Length = suit jacket coverage. Or, you could always spend 4x as much and get this from BOSS.


Hart Schaffner Marx Sportcoats in Light Grey – $ 296.98 or Tan – $ 356.98

Hart Schaffner Marx Sportcoats

Both are made in Canada. Light gray option is a 98% wool, 2% elastane fabric, while the tan is a stretch blend of 55% viscose, 44% wool, 1% elastane. Both are 40% off.


Gitman Regular Fit Pinpoint Cotton Oxford – $ 77.49 ($ 155)

Gitman Regular Fit Pinpoint Cotton Oxford

Not bad for a made in the USA, timeless classic. Lavender here. Not blue or white, but, lavender isn’t a bad way to step outside that blue and white box.


Made in Italy Rodd & Gunn wool/cotton/linen Sportcoat – $ 238.80 ($ 398)

Made in Italy Rodd & Gunn wool/cotton/linen Sportcoat

Mainly wool with a good dose of cotton and a little linen for texture. 65% wool, 27% cotton, 8% linen is the exact mix. Trim fit? Sure seems like it according to the reviews. Made in Italy.


Nordstrom Vincent Plain Toe Derby – $ 83.71 ($ 124.95)

Nordstrom Vincent Plain Toe Derby

Simple suede bluchers in a dress shoe silhouette. Think less clunk than your standard suede buck.


Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Gingham Dress Shirt – $ 45.90 ($ 69.50)

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Gingham Dress Shirt

… Gingham.

Also available in an extra trim fit.


Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Italian Knit Sport Coat – $ 234.49 ($ 350)

Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Italian Knit Sport Coat

Dressed up but also easy to dress down thanks to it being a knit. 70% cotton / 30% poly.


Bonobos Slim Fit Performance Polo – $ 38.86 ($ 58)

Bonobos Slim Fit Performance Polo

I don’t have any personal experience with this particular blend (this one is 50% Drytex acrylic, 38% cotton, 12% modal), but Bonobos usually makes a solid product. And their slim fit, which is what these are, is appreciated by many.


Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Check Dress Shirt – $ 45.90 ($ 69.50)

Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Check Dress Shirt

I don’t know why checks, specifically windowpane style checks like these, don’t get more credit. They’re hugely versatile, and a nice way to mix it up but not stray too far away from the usual solid and stripe routine.


Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Wool Travel Trousers – $ 64.49 ($ 129)

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Wool Travel Trousers

Wool that’s been woven to be extra breathable, crease resistant, and move with you. 97% wool, 3% spandex.


Timex x Todd Snyder Watches – $ 74 ($ 148)

Timex x Todd Snyder Watches

Still kicking around in the sale section. Half off. Ships and returns for free. Not a bad way to scratch a new watch itch for not too many dollars.


1901 Extra Trim Fit Wool Sport Coat – $ 149.49 ($ 299)

1901 Extra Trim Fit Wool Sport Coat

EXTRA trim fit here. 100% hopsack wool. Burgundy shade that’s farrrrr from fire engine red. So, should be not too difficult to find good looking pants (try white or off white jeans) to wear with it.


The Rail Everett Plain Toe Derby – $ 66.96 ($ 99.95)

The Rail Everett Plain Toe Derby

Those shoes sure are shoey! Plain toe derby = probably what you’d see in a dictionary if you looked up the word shoe. Maybe. Who knows. Depends on how fancy the illustrator was feeling that day. From a Nordstrom house line. For the less is more crowd. And warm weather, for some reason, makes simple bluchers like these look all the better.


NNNNNOPE! Gucci Colorblock Velour Track Pants – $ 749.98 ($ 1500)

Gucci Colorblock Velour Track Pants

Leave it to Gucci to take a style already pre-disposed to fugly (joggers) and make them in the most icky fabric possible (velour) and ratchet up the fug even more through some sort of evil design magic. Those things look like the dumpster contents of a 3rd-rate colonic shop. But what do I know, I’m just some bum who wears Old Navy from time to time.

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is set to expire on June 2nd. And remember, everything ships and returns for free.

Dappered Style Mail


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Four Alternatives to the Basic Knitted T-Shirt in Summer

If you enjoy wearing basic T-shirts under jackets, or with jeans, skirts or casual pants in the Summer, go for it. They are comfortable, affordable, robust, easy to launder, and very casual. Some are roomy and fluid, and others more fitted. Here’s a collection that shows what I mean when I talk about a basic T-shirt.

If you don’t enjoy wearing a basic tee, but want a similar degree of ease, comfort and casualness in a knitted top, try one of these options. They are better than basic, and in some cases a lot more structured. They’re made of jersey, or a very lightweight sweater yarn. Fibres are natural or blends. 

1. Cotton, Linen & Silk Sweaters

These pullovers can be cool and breezy in ultra lightweight gauzy fabrics and fluid silhouettes, in open weave knits, or when they’re sleeveless. The heavier versions make sense on cool Summer days, at the beach at night, when you run cold, or if you work in arctic air conditioning.

2. Styled T-Shirt

Styled T-shirts have fun design details that make them look more interesting than a basic silhouette. Think wraps, ruching, front knots, woven insets, eyelet insets, gathered sleeves, fluttered sleeves, ruffles, flounces and cold shoulders.

3. Knitted Boho Tops

Knitted boho or boho-lite tops are made of jersey so that they feel like a tee, but look like a woven blouse. They are prettier than basic tees, fluid over the midsection, and lovely if you enjoy a ‘70s vibe.

4. Body-Con Tops

Body-con knitted tops are back as a nod to the ‘90s trend, especially in very fine cotton-rich rib knits. They’re tight and fitted, so ignore them if you don’t like tops that cling. They are extremely useful to combine with voluminous skirts, wide crops, palazzos, paper-bag shorts and tops, or to layer under jackets. They semi-tuck well too.

I don’t feel fabulous in T-shirts, so I don’t wear them. I wear lightweight cotton pullovers, body-con tops, and styled T-shirts as my casual alternative. Or breezy woven blouses, which we’ll cover another time. Here are my knitted alternatives to Summer T-Shirts from my wardrobe. I have duplications of the white.

NOTE: Some rich content in this post was omitted because it isn’t supported by the feed. Please visit the post on to see the additional content.



I literally cannot wait to use these beauty products this summer…

The sun is here guys and it’s got me so bloody excited about the summer beauty collections, I can barely contain myself.

There’s something about the warmer climate, the blue skies and the prospect of a holiday that makes me want to change up every product that I currently use for one that’s been designed to be used at this time of year. It’s seasonal beauty at its finest.

As soon as they started arriving and landing on my desk, I could feel the familiar tug.

summer beauty

From Laura Mercier’s dreamy cream bronzer – with the best in built mirror I’ve ever clapped eyes on – to Nars’ Orgasm collection that has taken the beauty industry by storm, you’re not going to struggle to find amazing beauty products this season.

Here’s my roundup of the best of the best…

The post I literally cannot wait to use these beauty products this summer… appeared first on Marie Claire.

Marie Claire


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