In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses

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Spier & Mackay Sunglasses – $ 68

Spier & Mackay is moving and shaking. If diving into the shoe world wasn’t enough, now they’re breaking into sunglasses as well. And just like their suits, shirts, shoes, etc… their sunglasses are priced plenty fair, and feel/wear quite good out of the box. Especially the acetate/round lens options.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Tortoise with green lenses. Classic.

You learn a lot about a pair of sunglasses as soon as you pick them up and swing open the ear pieces. Are they rickety? Do the hinges or ear pads make funny noises when you lift them out of the box? Do the temples flop about? Do they sit on your face square, or do they list to the side? None of these issues arise with these Spier sunglasses.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Branding is on the inside, not outside, of the frames.

The round lens, acetate options are straight up beautiful. All edges round off perfectly. The plastic frames are nice and smooth. The tortoise shell pattern bright without being garish. And they’re super comfortable. Size is 49mm, which usually is a good size for small to medium sized faces, but I found that even my larger than average mug took to these pretty well.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

The wire aviators. Lightweight without feeling disposable.

The aviators are a larger 57mm in size, but don’t seem to wear quite as large. Noticeably lighter in weight than the acetate shades, but not feather-weight and weak feeling like super-cheap shades. Nose pads are comfortable. Ear pieces are smooth. No loose plastic seams razoring into the tops of your ears here. Hinges are like the acetate option, and have a smooth operation and just enough tension so they aren’t flopping about.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Good hinges. And again, branding is on the inside.

No polarized options as of yet, but that’s actually preferable if you’re looking at screens outside (or, inside a cockpit if you happen to fly planes and stuff). The plastic/acetate round lens frames feel a bit more luxurious than the wire framed aviators. I can’t quite explain why, but both fill the oddly large gap between gas station throw-aways and crazy high end luxury brands. Nice work outta Spier & Mackay, once again.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

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Fenty Sunglasses On The Way? A Conspiracy Theory From An Avid Rihanna Enthusiast

Source: Robert Kamau / Getty

Rihanna Navy! I’m freaking out. My brain is in a literal frenzy because it appears that Rihanna, Queens of Queens, Mother of Shade, Breaker of Billboard Charts, and Bad Gal of the House Fenty is launching a collection of sunglasses.  

Here’s how I know! 

Rihanna has been out and about lately sporting the most unique pair of sunglasses. They’re not quite square and they’re not quite round. But they are quite bomb and scream “Glow up!”

Instagram Photo

Here are the terminator-styled shades perched on Rih’s beautiful face. The over-sized fit is a stark contrast to the tiny sunglasses she donned in Spring 2018.

Instagram Photo

Now, she’s onto bigger and better.  All throughout January, the Bajan beauty has been breadcrumbing us to what will hopefully be a heap of gorgeous Fenty specs.  One of these pair unique shades is even said to posses a “Fenty” logo on the side. This was first caught by Instagram fashion account Haus of Rihanna and later mentioned by Vogue.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Rihanna posted a new Instagram story where she is donning another pair of mysterious shades while doing one of the many things she does best – posing. There’s also  a voice in the background explaining what sounds like terms to an exclusive service. 

“Every month. The first pack this February. It’s super limited. Only available first to the fifth every month. Only for extra VIP members, so you have to become a member to get access.” 

The mention of “pack” and “first to the fifth very month” has brought me to the ultimate conclusion that Rihanna is dropping an exclusive subscription-based sunglasses service in just a few days – which means get ya coins ready y’all!

You can thank me later.

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Get Out Your Sunglasses. Neon Just Returned From the 1980s.

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Bella Hadid went pants-less in New York City this week, but the gall it took for the model to bare her legs in 30-degree weather was surprisingly not the most audacious part of her ensemble.

More daring than Hadid’s refusal to wear black tights like the rest of us do when it’s cold was the neon green vest the model threw over her shirt.

Comparisons to construction workers were inevitable, especially since paparazzi photos of Hadid were artfully taken in front of a traffic cone and rental truck.

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Worst fashion trends of 2018: Tiny sunglasses to dad sneakers

They’re called “fashion risks” for a reason— some of them just don’t work. Below are the six sartorial gambles from 2018 with the lowest pay-offs. Tiny sunglasses What is this — sun protection for ants? This year, it-girls from Rihanna to Gigi and Bella Hadid traded in their giant Jackie O. sunnies for shrunken-down specs….
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Sun Buddies Recruits ‘SNEEZE’ for Sunglasses Capsule

Fresh from linking up with Stüssy last month, Swedish eyewear label Sun Buddies has now collaborated with Japanese publication SNEEZE on a new capsule. The joint release an updated version of Sun Buddies’ Edgar frame, which is available in either black or white.

The sunglasses are then finished with Sun Buddies and SNEEZE’s logos embossed onto the inside of each arm. Both styles release in a co-branded box and orange faux-leather case. The SNEEZE x Sun Buddies capsule is available from the Sun Buddies web store now.

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