7 Things We Want to See in ‘Supernatural’ Season 14

Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. Well, you could say that the Winchester brothers’ family business has been successful, seeing as they are gearing up for their fourteenth season. As the people who keep the show going, loyal fans have many opinions about what should happen. Until the next installment premieres, here are some things we’d like to see in Season 14.

The Inner Struggle Between Michael and Dean

Dean possessed by Michael
Dean possessed by Michael.

Season 13’s finale brought Supernatural fans many bombshells: the Apocalypse World refugees successfully crossed worlds, Gabriel made his final sacrifice, and Lucifer finally got his due. But the most surprising twist came in the last few minutes when Dean became Apocalypse World Michael’s vessel. Michael took control despite his promises, leaving the archangel to carry out his plans inside his “perfect vessel.” Considering much of the show has been based on Sam and Lucifer’s twisted connection, the toll of Michael’s possession on Dean’s psyche will be an intriguing shift.

Michael seems no less vindictive than the Lucifer we love to hate, and Lucifer’s lifelong torment of Sam all but destroyed the younger Winchester. Though parallels between the two will be interesting, we can hope that Dean will fight with the bravado and heart we expect, ultimately overcoming his latest challenge without too many scars.

Castiel at Full Power

Cas in "Let the Good Times Roll"
Cas in "Let the Good Times Roll."

In his Season 4 introduction, Castiel was a straight-up badass. He fought with the strength and skill of an ancient celestial warrior, defeating powerful enemies with his stoic wit. As the show progressed, the Cas we fell in love with steadily lost his mojo and his good judgment, eventually slaughtering thousands of angels and summoning the Leviathans. Despite a multi-season redemption arc, we haven’t seen him back at full power since his attempt at playing God.

I say it’s about time. With Dean overtaken by Michael, Cas will need to step up alongside Sam and take an active leadership role to guide the refugees in the fight against Michael. The angel has suffered uncertainty for far too long, and his divine powers might be just what he needs to be the hero we know he can be.

More Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters sharing a meal
The Wayward Sisters sharing a meal.

Supernatural fans recently experienced disappointment when Wayward Sisters co-creator Andrew Dabb announced that The CW would not be moving forward with the female-led spin-off, despite the success of its backdoor pilot in Supernatural Season 13. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that the monster-slaying sisterhood gets their fair share of screen time in Season 14.

Andrew Dabb Twitter announcement

The ensemble, led by Sheriff Jody Mills, has incredible chemistry. They embody a perfect balance between human connection and ass-kicking, representing a supportive female community independent of Sam and Dean’s brotherly core. Dabb promises a multi-episode return for the Wayward Sisters in Season 14, satisfying our desire to see the talented women in action once more.

Delving Into Other Worlds

Kaia and Jack in "The Bad Place"
Kaia and Jack in "The Bad Place."

Sam and Dean have long fought villains from the Judeo-Christian mythos, so we have experienced the realms of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. However, Season 12’s finale introduced the idea of alternate dimensions when Jack’s birth created an inter-dimensional tear leading to Apocalypse World. In Season 13, we had a glimpse at more alternate dimensions through dreamwalkers Kaia Nieves and Derek Swan, but there is still a wealth of material left to explore.

With no definitive end in sight, Supernatural will eventually need to explore realms of story beyond angels and demons. Inter-dimensional travel could help the show stay fresh and exciting to longtime fans by letting the Winchester bros do what they do best — overcome the impossible together.

Fewer Deaths, More Character Building

Apocalypse World Bobby with Jack and Mary
Apocalypse World Bobby with Jack and Mary.

Season 13 of Supernatural saw a considerable amount of character turnover, with familiar faces returning in alternate versions and new characters dying unexpected deaths. Death will always be a part of the show, but having developed characters makes fatality meaningful. Kaia, for example, had a lot more story potential. Allowing characters in Season 14 to grow instead of killing them off too soon will allow fans to develop loyalties toward a diverse supporting cast like they always have.

Unexpected New Pair-ups

Charlie and Rowena in the Bunker
Charlie and Rowena in the Bunker.

One significant source of Supernatural’s signature blend of humor and heart is the unexpected relationships that take shape (Season 7’s Cas and Meg, for example). The show hinted at new pairings for Season 14 when an offhand comment in Season 13’s finale mentioned redheads Charlie and Rowena traveling through Arizona on a mission to find Dean. Partnerships like this add some much-appreciated diversity to Supernatural’s long-established character dynamics. And besides, who wouldn’t want to see that spin-off?

A Worthy Ending

Dean on the battlefield in "Swan Song"
Dean on the battlefield in "Swan Song."

As Dean drove onto the graveyard in Season 5’s finale, Def Leppard’s lyrics rang out: “All right / I got somethin’ to say / Yeah, it’s better to burn out / Yeah, than fade away.” Supernatural showrunners should listen to these wise words and work towards a proper finale in Season 14. Considering the show’s original goal of five seasons, its current record is nothing short of a miracle. But coming from a decade-long fan, we’re approaching too much of a good thing.

Supernatural has consistently been an innovative, heart-wrenching whirlwind of paranormal showdowns. However, just like any show that stays on the air for long enough, it’s becoming derivative of itself. Instead of dying a slow death after several more seasons of ever-decreasing quality, our beloved brothers’ story should go out in a blaze of glory. After all that they’ve been through, that’s the least Sam and Dean deserve. In the words of the great Chuck Shurley, “No doubt — endings are hard. But then again … nothing ever really ends, does it?”

Our wayward sons will carry on October 11th on The CW.

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