WFAN’s John Sterling to switch radio booths for an inning during Yankees, Red Sox game

John Sterling better get to work on his Red Sox home run calls.

Yes, you read that right.

The long-time Yankees radio broadcaster will spend the fourth inning of Tuesday’s game in WEEI’s Red Sox Radio Network booth while Boston peer Joe Castiglione takes his place alongside Suzyn Waldman, Newsday…

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Should You Switch to an Electric Toothbrush? Here’s All You Need to Know

Dental professionals have a certain way of making you feel like a child, even after your last baby tooth has long vanished into the Tooth Fairy’s stash.

“There’s almost no plaque on these teeth,” your hygienist might remark. “Great job!”

Or maybe you’re gently scolded for an apparent coffee habit, unable to defend yourself in the open wide position.

Either way, when we’re in that well-feared chair, we know we’re being evaluated, that our dentist can tell a lot about how well we’ve been abiding by the rules of oral hygiene. And despite the recent controversy around the ostensible claim that you don’t actually need to floss, those rules haven’t changed too much in decades.

Most of us have a handle on the basics of dental care — as in, a literal toothbrush handle. Which we know we’re supposed to operate at least twice daily. (And by the way, you should probably keep flossing.)

And some of those handles are part of electric toothbrushes. Which begs the question: Do you really need to spend upwards of $ 50 on one?

Why Are Electric Toothbrushes So Darn Expensive?

You can find rechargeable, brand-name electric toothbrushes starting at about $ 30 at Walmart—- and sometimes they’ll go on sale for as little as $ 20.

But you can just as easily spend more than $ 250 on a top-of-the-line, fancy-pants setup that includes a traveling case and five different “modes,” whatever that means.

Even with an entry-level brush, the expense continues. Along with your one-time handle purchase, you’ll also need a regular supply of replacement brush heads.

Brand-name brush heads tend to cost $ 6 to $ 8 a piece, and that’s if you buy the bulk package. If you opt for upgraded versions with extras like “plaque control,” you might spend more than $ 10 on each.

There are cheap generics, of course, though you run the risk that they won’t fit your base toothbrush.

And considering you can get a manual brush for less than a buck, even the cheapest electric option is a serious upcharge.

So is it worth it?

According to dental professionals, the answer is: Kind of. It all comes down to your behavior.

Published studies suggest that “powered” toothbrushes have an edge on their manual counterparts. But those results may have less to do with the brush itself than how you use it.

Even armed with only a plain-Jane manual brush, it’s totally possible to keep your teeth healthy. “Proper brushing technique achieves everything that even the most expensive electric toothbrush would,” notes Dr. Ron Blaise of 92 Dental. (His prescription for “proper”: soft, circular rotations across every tooth surface up to the gum line for a total of three minutes.)

That said, the built-in features of electric toothbrushes can help develop and reinforce good oral care habits.

For instance, many electric toothbrushes come with automatic timers, which can keep you honest about how long you really spend on dental hygiene.

And according to Dr. Oksana Boyechko of Shingle Springs Dental, those fancy “modes” and programs translate to a simple benefit: extending the total amount of time you brush.

I Tried the Quip Electric Toothbrush. Here’s What Happened

I’ve been an electric toothbrush user for years, having switched to a mid-range Sonicare at my dentist’s suggestion. (What can I say? I’m especially responsive to parental-brand authority.)

Each refill costs just $ 5 including shipping, which is less than I was paying in the store. Plus, I wouldn’t find myself scrubbing my teeth with bent, burned-out bristles in an effort to stretch my budget — which is important. Every dentist I talked to said using a soft brush and replacing it regularly far outweighs whether or not it’s electric.

When my Quip arrived, I was duly charmed. It has all the cute packaging and aggressively conversational marketing copy we’ve come to expect from these kinds of direct-to-door services. The helpful welcome guide even taught me a few things about proper tooth brushing. (Did you know you’re not supposed to rinse your mouth?!)

The handle is waterproof and comes with a convenient caddy that sticks to your mirror. And it is, indeed, less bulky than my electrically charged Sonicare. Quip keeps the timer feature but ditches all the extra modes that can push up the price on those astronomically expensive, brand-name versions. And the brush is covered for life as long as you stay on Quip’s refill plan.

You can even add your dentist to your online Quip profile to help them automate your six-month reminders. Which is cool in theory, but also, like, do we really want our toothbrushes to be part of the Internet of Things?

In the end, I found myself reaching for my Sonicare, bulky or no. Quip’s vibrations weren’t quite as vigorous, and I actually kind of like the bigger brush handle.

But if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality electric toothbrush and regular, no-planning-necessary brush head replacements, Quip is a great option.

And, hey — if having an online portal for your oral-hygiene reminders gets you excited about brushing, all the more power to you.

Jamie Cattanach (@jamiecattanach) is a writer whose work has been featured at Fodor’s, Yahoo, SELF, Ms. Magazine, the Establishment, Roads & Kingdoms and other outlets.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ on Switch Has Hidden ‘Odyssey’ Levels

Heed our advice and make some [mush]room in your life for the Switch gem that needs to be unearthed, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It’s the criminally-underplayed WiiU puzzler from 2014 that’s been reborn as a perfect fit for the best handheld machine going. These are the indisputable facts of the matter. Consider yourself toad.

What we have here is a perfect collection of commute-killing, bite-sized adventures – you’ll enter mini diorama worlds as the titular tracker and then do your best to loot and scoot. Slight complication: the good Captain cannot jump due to an over-encumbered backpack (trust us, a kleptomaniac playing Skyrim would have a lighter load). You’re just gonna need to make smart use of elevator platforms that can be shifted via the touch-screen. Meanwhile, butt-stomp self-defence has been replaced with turnip throwing.

Turnip for What?

Nintendo Switch owners who persevere will be rewarded with our subject of the day: four post-credits bonus levels, themed on the system-selling modern classic that is Super Mario Odyssey. Our aim is to give you a short introduction of each level here – a tourist’s guide if you will. We’ll not deprive you of the joy of sniffing out the Super Gems. That said, each entry is going to mention the “special requirement” challenge that the game reveals after you finish the level once (which is an annoying way of doing things, Nintendo).

Pro tip: don’t want to slog through the entire game to get to these bonus levels? You can insta-unlock them using the Wedding Bowser, Wedding Peach, or Wedding Mario Amiibo.

Captain Toad is about to turnip the heat on this Goomba

Secret of the Inverted Pyramid

This level, based on the Sand Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey, is all about Bullet Bills, ice cavern sub-levels and hidden passageways that are subtly chiseled into those elevator blocks. Classic Mario mechanics are very much in vogue here, like moving platforms and bricks that can be “nudged” with your pointer for free coins. We’d also recommend you rip up a turnip and keep it handy. There are slightly-off-map items that may only be acquired with a skilful vegetable lob.

What’s the coolest thing about the Pyramid level? The way it fools you into thinking you’re free. Once yanked, an exit lever cleverly shifts the entire level (think: geometry and time of day both). Hindered by the darkness of night, you’ll need to dig into the bowels of the level and run an absolute gauntlet of Bullet Bills before snagging the green Power Moon for victory.

Special requirement for red stamp completion: find the Gold Mushroom.

Toad ditches the cart and trips gracefully towards victory

Mine Cart Cascade Crusade

Every once in a while Treasure Tracker will throw a mine cart level at you. Basically, you’re dropped into first-person view as your little bucket shuffles along on a linear pathway (it’s literally an on-rails experience). This level based on the Cascade Kingdom is no different – you hitch a ride past triceratops fossils and do your very best to concuss enemies with pinged turnips.

There are no real curveballs (curve-turnips?) to this level. Expect to dutifully snipe Para-Biddybuds as they swoop in at you while you’re doing your best to line up POW blocks for maximum coinage. You should also keep your eye out for shootable terrain that can cause avalanche paths into collectibles.

Special requirement for red stamp completion: Collect 320 coins.

Captain Toad, on the prowl for Super Gems and an uptown girl, probably.

Uptown, Downtown

Uptown, Downtown is rooted in the Metro Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey, specifically New Donk City. You’ve got a multi-level mini version of the city to scarper through and the forecast for today is a 100% chance of showers from hammers, bro (because Hammer Bros).

This is the biggest offering of the bunch and easily the pick of the level litter. Girder platforming antics (with a dash of cat-and-mouse with MC Hammer) shall give way to sewer jaunts as you’re being stalked by Piranha Creepers. We’re not sure what’s better: the moment where you turn tables on your harassers with a Super Pickaxe power-up or just the sultry sound of the New Donk City theme tune.

Special requirement for red stamp completion: Defeat all enemies.

Background: A quartet of Toads. Foreground: a giant bird's butt.

Cookatiel’s Sizzling Sprint

Last but not least, this bonus level feast is rounded off with a well-packed snack from the Luncheon Kingdom. You’re on the back-foot right away, however, thanks to a rising tide of purple stuff and the constant annoyance that is Cookatiel. It’s an amateur avian chef who wants nothing more than to offer you a side order of regurgitated spiny melons (extra freshly regurgitated). Yum!

To make matters even more sticky, you’ll start the level with the multi-Toad power-up active. Slaloming yourself and three clone minions through melon mortars, plus an array of nasty traps, isn’t easy. Unfortunately, if you want to nab the 100% red rubber stamp, nothing but perfection will do. Four Toads need to cross that finish line alive. Best of luck with that…

Special requirement for red stamp completion: Clear course with four characters.

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Nintendo’s Switch could outsell the PS4 in 2018

Nintendo Switch vs. PS4

Sony has had a stranglehold on the market ever since the PS4 launched in 2013. To date, the PS4 has reportedly outsold the Xbox One by greater than a two to one margin, and the distance between the two consoles grows larger each and every year. But one analyst believes that Sony might finally have some competition in 2018.

In a recent report, NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella predicts that the Nintendo Switch will be the best-selling console of the holiday season, and could even overtake the PS4 for total sales on the year. Keep in mind that the Switch has only been on store shelves since early 2017, so millions of consumers had already chosen between the PS4 and Xbox One by the time Nintendo joined the current console generation.

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Google’s next big thing might be a gaming service to take on PS4, Xbox, and Switch

Google vs. PS4, Xbox, Switch

Google provides a lot of useful services, including the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. But what the company doesn’t have is gaming-friendly products, including hardware and software. Google is looking to change all that with a daring new gaming project of its own. The company is supposedly working on various ways to take on Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo with console-grade gaming.

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Apple will fix busted MacBook ‘butterfly switch’ keyboards for free


Apple is finally taking some responsibility for the troubles assailing some MacBook and MacBook Pro owners with broken keyboards.

The company’s new “keyboard service program” pledges to replace individual keys and — whenever it’s necessary — entire keyboards on certain, more recent MacBook models. Although it’s not outright stated, the move almost certainly stems from troubles Apple has faced over a new keyboard design that was first introduced in 2015.

In its never-ending quest to deliver the thinnest possible laptop, Apple completely redesigned the MacBook keyboard in a 12-inch model that launched in 2015. The larger keys had less travel, and responded to light taps thanks to each key’s fragile “butterfly switches.” Read more…

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Nintendo Just Announced a Bunch of Switch Games, Including Dark Souls

Nintendo fans had plenty to be excited about in 2017 with the release of games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Now in 2018, Nintendo plans to update more of its popular franchises with Splatoon 2 and a Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros. In addition, the company announced Thursday at its Nintendo Direct event, it’s bringing a remastered version of Dark Souls to the console.

There’s no official name for the new Super Smash Bros. installment yet, but a teaser video clip showed mainstays like Mario and Link from The Legend of Zelda series, as well as newcomers such as the Inklings from Splatoon. Inklings, the human-squid hybrids that can transform to swim through pools of ink, have never been featured in a Super Smash Bros. game before. The new title will be coming later this year

If history is any indication, the new entry in the fighting game series is bound to be a hit on the Switch. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was the console’s fourth most popular game, while Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the Wii’s eighth best-selling title, coming just after games like Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Play, Mario Kart, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Read more: Nintendo’s Newest Products Are Switch Accessories You Can Make Yourself

Super Smash Bros. is small part of the roster Nintendo has planned for the Switch in 2018. The company also announced a handful of previously released games that will be making their way to the Switch, such as South Park: The Fractured But Whole, which arrives on April 24, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which launches on July 10, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker., which will be available starting July 13. Dark Souls will land on May 25, and a remake of action adventure game Okami HD will be released this summer.

Nintendo also divulged details on Mario Tennis Aces, such as the different gameplay modes and features players can expect. In a video demo, Nintendo showcased the types of shots players will be able to dish out on the court, including a powerful Zone shot. With this technique, players can pinpoint certain areas on the court using motion controls and target their opponents to damage their tennis racket. The game launches for the Switch on June 22.

The announcements come after a successful first year for the Switch. In January, the company said that the Switch was the fastest-selling home game console ever in the U.S., with 4.8 million units sold in 10 months. Check out the full video above for more details on the newly revealed games coming to the Switch in 2018.

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‘Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2’ Review: Platinum Port Brings Witch to Switch

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat — Bayonetta isn’t a series that’s going to appeal to everyone. Whether you’re put off by its overt sense of sexuality or its borderline nonsensical narrative, these are games that are utterly absurd in almost every aspect of their design.

In a medium where po-faced shooters rule the roost, for some players, these intentionally ridiculous adventures can feel almost obnoxiously jarring.

Yet, while Platinum’s cringe-worthy dialogue and clothe-shedding attacks might make for an (occasionally) embarrassing experience, it’s this gleeful sense of absurdity that makes both titles so hopelessly compelling.

Pure Platinum

Countless combos and screen-filling showdowns are the order of the day in Platinum’s flagship action franchise.

Both entries admittedly have some (totally weird) references to Hollywood, but make no mistake, these are experiences that are completely and utterly unashamed to be video games. Whether its casually urging players to beat hordes of angels to death with their own poles, turning them into a panther and parting the sea, or simply having them kick ass while standing on top of a flying jet, both Bayonetta entries offer some of the most wonderfully over the top set pieces you’ll find in any medium.

Developed by Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya, these insane action games see players taking control of the titular witch Bayonetta, as she fight off hordes of angels who are determined to drag her back to hell. That’s pretty much all the story you need to know.

Playing a bit like Kamiya’s aforementioned genre-defying hack and slash, the Bayonetta games are all about fast and fluid combat. It’s rare to play a game where combat comes together so beautifully, and when it comes to gameplay that’s easy to pick up, but hard to master, there are few better action games than this. Here the order of the day is chaining together spellbinding attacks into never-ending combos.

Portable Perfect

Bayonetta shines on the Switch's screen.
Both Bayonetta games shine on the Switch screen.

Naturally then, it’s a series that lives and dies on its technical performance and thankfully both games run far better here than they did on the lackluster Wii U.

When it comes to playing on the go, these Switch ports seriously impress. Unlike on Nintendo’s last console, both titles run at a rock solid 60 frames — even when you’re playing in handheld mode.  With the two struggling to hit even 50 frames on Wii U, this time around, performance is nothing short of flawless.

Unlike many ports on Nintendo’s hybrid console, developer Platinum Games has admirably managed to get both fast-paced titles rendering at full 720p on the Switch’s sharp screen. In fact, when it comes to the handheld mode, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more technically impressive showcase for Nintendo’s little hybrid.

We found ourselves regularly stopping and gaping at just how gorgeous these games look on the go. This is especially true of Bayonetta 2, with the Wii U exclusive’s improved lighting and sharper textures really standing out on Nintendo’s impressive little seven-inch display.

The Resolution Will Not Be Televised

This is the kind of insanity you can expect from Bayonetta and its sequel.

When it comes to TV performance though, it’s hard not to come away a little disappointed. In a bid to save battery, while docked Nintendo’s hybrid has access to significantly more GPU power than it does in its under-clocked portable state.

Yet, bafflingly, there seems to be no noticeable improvement to image quality when playing either Bayonetta game on the big screen. With past Wii U ports like Mario Kart 8 running at 1080p while docked, and even the sprawling open world landscape of Breath Of The Wild allowing players to explore its luscious locales at 900p, it’s disappointing to see these two brilliant games not properly optimised for big screen play on the Switch.

Still, despite the TV resolution being a little disappointing, it’s hard to get too annoyed when playing both of these classics on the go feels so brilliant. If you’re coming to these ports wanting the highest visual fidelity, there’s no question that PC gamers will still be able to experience the ultimate version of Bayonetta.

Yet, thanks to its sequel’s Nintendo exclusivity, this Switch port is by far the best way to play Bayonetta 2 – and it’s hard to complain about a free copy of the original with it.

Is ‘Bayonetta’ on Switch any good?

Ultimately, these are two of the most enjoyable and finely crafted action games ever released. While the lack of meaningful new content or resolution bump is a bit disappointing, if you’ve yet to experience these bats–t crazy but beautiful brawlers, this is the perfect time to discover what makes the Bayonetta series so bewitching.

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Nintendo Switch emulator already in the works from team behind 3DS emulator

Nintendo Switch emulator

Long before Nintendo started packaging classic games on miniature versions of its old consoles, the easiest way to play those games was with an emulator. Despite their questionable legality, emulators for virtually every console ever made have been released on PC, Android and even other video game consoles over the years.

As you might expect, it often takes years after a console launches for an emulator to be developed, but this weekend, the team behind the Citra emulator for the 3DS announced that a Switch emulator is already in the works.

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Young adults who use e-cigarettes much more likely to switch to real tobacco cigs

Almost half of the non-cigarette users who had already used e-cigs ended up using traditional cigarettes.
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Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals: Console, games, and accessories

Black Friday 2017

The Nintendo Switch launched in early March in various markets around the world, and Nintendo is still unable to satisfy demand. It’s likely the console and Switch games are on the Christmas shopping lists of many gamers and/or parents, with many of them looking to take advantage of some hot deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

The bad news is that you’ll still have to deal with stock supply. Furthermore, retailers are selling the console for the same full price. That’s $ 299.99 for the console only, with no bundled games. However, we’ve still found some deals worth checking out. Meijer offers $ 30 off your next shopping trip with every Switch purchase, while Target says that it’s ready to sell you $ 299.99 Nintendo Switch bundles although it’s not clear what that means.

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  3. World’s first manmade meteor shower is actually going to happen, and now we know when

Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals: Console, games, and accessories originally appeared on on Mon, 20 Nov 2017 at 20:00:38 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.



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‘DOOM’ On Nintendo Switch Is A Blisteringly-Brilliant Portable Shooter

Of all the third-party releases we hoped would grace Nintendo’s shiny new console, Bethesda’s gore-soaked DOOM reboot wasn’t a port we even dared to dream about. While we fell in love with it last year on other platforms, this adrenaline-pumping murder-fest seemed a bit at odds with Nintendo’s squeaky-clean family image. Not only that, but after turning heads on PS4 and Xbox One, it  also looked to be far too technically demanding for the tablet-sized Switch.

Yet, despite all the sizeable odds stacked against its existence, today sees DOOM blasting its way back onto Nintendo hardware for the first time in two decades. But with ID’s latest already wowing on PS4 and Xbox One, does this late Switch release run like a portable FPS dream, or a badly ported nightmare?


It’s time to rest easy Nintendo fans, because DOOM on Switch is the real deal.

While many gamers were expecting this port to be missing features left right and centre, impressively, developer Panic Button has managed to cram the full DOOM experience onto Switch. For once, Nintendo gamers get all the game’s existing DLC, the recently added Arcade Mode and even the fully updated online multiplayer suite. In other words, this is DOOM 2016 through and through.

As you’d probably expect, however, shrinking this impressive package down for a handheld has come at a cost. With the tiny Switch console obviously lacking the horsepower of the fully-sized PS4 or Xbox One, DOOM’s framerate has been halved in order to squeeze it onto Nintendo’s system.

Employing a dynamic resolution, DOOM on Switch constantly changes its pixel count in order to keep the frame rate running at a rock-solid 30 frames per second. While in quieter sections DOOM runs at a respectable 720p resolution, busier battles see the game dropping to noticeably blurrier resolutions, helping the Switch keep up with all the on-screen chaos.

While these resolution drops are definitely less severe when playing in docked mode, DOOM on Switch isn’t exactly a looker on the big screen. Although docked DOOM certainly stays closer to its target resolution, after coming from the sharp 1080p presentation of the PS4 version, this ports muddy textures don’t paint a particularly flattering picture on the TV. It’s still perfectly playable and not an eye-burning monstrosity, but given the majesty of Switch games like Breath Of The Wild and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, DOOM’s muddier visuals are a bit of a shock to the system.

Portable Punishment

Thankfully though, this is an experience that fares far, far better on the go. As anyone who played the original release might remember, DOOM ran at a lightning-fast 60 frames per second on other platforms. On paper then, having DOOM running at half the frame rate sounds like a disaster. Thanks to the game’s aggressive use of motion blur, however, the action still feels surprisingly fast-paced on Nintendo’s platform.

With past handheld gaming devices marred by a combination of a lack of power and their fiddly control layouts, those who play on the go have found themselves stuck with sub-par shooters. With Nintendo’s latest, there are no such annoying  limitations. Playing DOOM on the Switch feels just as good as you’d hope a shooter would on a handheld. Thanks to the system’s solid dual analogue stick layout and its impressive specs (for a handheld), DOOM on Switch is easily the best portable shooter we’ve ever played.

Gamers will probably want to whack up the camera sensitivity, however, as the default settings are set to shockingly low movement speeds.

Multiplayer On The Move

It’s not just the controls that impress on Bethesda’s Switch debut though.  Somehow, DOOM’s online multiplayer has not only made the transition to Nintendo’s new platform intact, but it also features the best online experience on Switch to date.

Not only have all the matches we’ve played run flawlessly both in handheld and docked mode, but the developer has also thoughtfully created its own in-game invite system. Upon booting DOOM, a quick tap of the ‘Y’ button opens up a little online tab, allowing players to easily invite any friends to a party and then hop straight into a match.

With Nintendo’s own Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe opting for a painfully convoluted lobby system, we were thoroughly impressed by just how smooth online matchmaking felt in DOOM. Take note, Ninty, this is how online multiplayer should work on the Switch.

Is DOOM on Switch Any Good?

Blasting your way through hell on the go is still an experience we can’t quite get over. With FPS games largely being a bit rubbish on portable systems, playing DOOM in all its glory on the train or during a flight has been a bit of a revelation.

Not only is this a port that shows that big-budget AAA games can run well on Switch, but more importantly, DOOM proves that adult-orientated games actually fit the system like a glove.

Still, it’s not a perfect port. For those looking to play DOOM purely on the big screen, the Switch version’s janky visuals make it difficult to recommend. Yet, if you’re looking for a portable version of one of the best shooters in recent memory, DOOM thoroughly deserves to be the blood-soaked outlier lurking in your Switch library.

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Nintendo Increases Switch Production to 2 Million Units Per Month

Despite being out in North America for just over nine months, consumers are still having a hard time getting their hands on the elusive Nintendo Switch console. Although stock levels getting a little bit better as of late, the Japanese video game giant wants to make getting a Switch of your own a little easier. According to a report from DigiTimes, the company is increasing the console’s production to 2 million units per month. To put that number into perspective, reports indicate that 4.7 million Switch consoles were sold around the world between launch and the end of June.

The increase in production also comes with the console’s expansion into new markets. Countries such as Taiwan will be getting the console in December of this year, while China’s release is scheduled for early 2018. The uptick in production is also an effort to meet Nintendo’s production quota it set out for itself of 20 million units by the end of the year. The same report says the Switch’s shortage is due in large part to key resources such as DRAM coming in extremely limited supplies.

If you’re still on the fence about buying a Nintendo Switch for yourself, take a look at some of the upcoming exclusives announced at last month’s Nintendo Direct.

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‘Pokken Tournament DX’ is Our First Taste of Real Pokémon Action on Switch

This isn’t the first rodeo for this Pokémon-themed Tekken spin-off, Pokken Tournament. After spending some time as a Japanese arcade exclusive, the game made its way to Nintendo Wii U this spring. Given the close proximity to its original release, you’d think the upgraded Pokken Tournament DX would pack as much of a punch. But from one Switch convert to another (I would hope), the game seems more at home on Nintendo’s portable darling than it was on Wii U.

For one thing, playing a nuanced fighting game with the Wii U GamePad is clunky and uncomfortable — just ask anyone who spent time with Pokken or with its more popular cousin, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. You could use the Pro Controller for the Wii U version, but surprisingly few are willing to spend another $ 50-plus on another accessory. So if you have a Switch and no Switch Pro Controller, it’s no problem; playing using the Joy-Cons on the TV or in handheld mode is a comfortable experience.

But with no Super Smash Bros. yet in sight and with GameFreak’s in-development Pokémon RPG who knows how far away, the Switch is lacking a combat game tied to its older, more classic IPs. Granted, if you’re looking to fight someone, the newer noodly boxing game ARMS is a great choice, as is Splatoon 2 if you’re feeling the competitive spirit.

The Problem with Pokken

Pokken lacks a depth of intricacy compared to Tekken or Smash — the move sets are fairly simple, and you need only hit a face button and use the directional stick to attack. But what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in accessibility and charm. This fairly simple command layout makes it easier to pick up for fighting game newbies and players who just plain love Pokémon and want to try it out.

The problem with this, however, is that Pokken still hasn’t found much ground in the fighting games community. Yes, it’s charming as heck, but it’s the best Pokémon combat game we’ve gotten since Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo 64 (nearly 20 years ago!). But because it sticks to basics and leans heavily on adoration of the Pokémon IP, it seems it’s had a harder time breaking into the fighting games community.

Mechanics aside, the allure of fighting with these popular creatures is a big draw on its own, especially among its own community. However, Pokken Tournament does make one misstep: it needs a bigger roster. The current one is decently balanced in offering different choices using different attack elements, but for Pokémon fans, the draw is the collecting. They need more. I’m not saying we need to have all 800-plus Pokémon playable, but a meatier roster may pique the interest of more hardcore fans.

Perfect for the Switch

The roster and simplicity don’t detract from what Pokken Tournament does well: create an immersive experience in the world of Pokémon. It’s a great local multiplayer experience as well, following Nintendo’s ethos of the Switch as the console you tote along to parties. Perhaps in the future we’ll see this game expanded with a robust DLC plan a la The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Kingsman 47″ Zero Clearance Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces with Electronic Ignition and Wall Switch – HBZDV4740NE

Kingsman 47″ Zero Clearance Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces with Electronic Ignition and Wall Switch – HBZDV4740NE

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