Here’s the Significance of That Feather in the New Game of Thrones Teaser

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The new Game of Thrones teaser that debuted ahead of Sunday night’s True Detective premiere opened with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) walking solemnly through the crypts of Winterfell and seemed to hint at a long-awaited reveal.

As Jon passes by the effigy of Lyanna Stark in the teaser we see the feather. Fans might recognize that it’s the very same feather that Robert Baratheon placed in her statue’s hand in the series’ first episode. The feather flutters to the ground behind Jon and he looks back, appearing confused, before continuing down the tunnel.

As fans know but Jon Snow is not yet aware, the King in the North is not actually the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, but rather the child of Ned’s sister, Lyanna, and Rhaegar Targaryen. In a series of flashbacks shown in the season 7 finale, it was revealed that Rhaegar wed Lyanna after annuling his marriage to Elia Martell. Lyanna then gave birth to Jon — whose real name is Aegon Targaryen — before she died, making him a trueborn Targaryen.

Lyanna and Rhaegar were very much in love when she ran away to be with him while still betrothed to Robert. However, Robert was blinded by his feelings for Lyanna and incited a rebellion against the Targaryen throne by claiming that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her. Many in the Seven Kingdoms still believe that Robert’s version of events was credible.

But after seeing Robert’s feather finally fall from Lyanna’s statue in the new teaser, some fans are speculating that the truth about Lyanna, Rhaegar and Jon will finally be revealed to all in season 8.

“Jon walking by and blowing the feather off the statue is symbolic of the fact that Jon is a child of Lyanna and the Targaryen,” one reddit user posits. “Jon’s existence is a symbol of Lyanna’s rejection of Robert’s love for her. Jon is a force of revealing the truth and his character destroys the lies everyone believes.”

Watch the full teaser above.

Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season on April 14.

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The world of Toy Story is getting all forked up! A new toy named Forky wreaks havoc in the first official teaser trailer for Toy Story 4, the next sequel to Pixar’s first feature film and the latest installment of the $ 2 billion franchise.

Toy Story 4
Still from Pixar’s newly released ’Toy Story 4’ teaser trailer.

The 90-second trailer, which the Disney animation company released on Monday, November 12, shows the characters dancing in a circle to the tune of Judy Collins’ folk song “Both Sides, Now.” Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie hang with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, an Alien, Slinky Dog and Forky.

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Still from Pixar’s newly released ’Toy Story 4’ teaser trailer.


But Forky, a spork decorated with pipe cleaners and googly eyes, isn’t happy-go-lucky like the rest of the characters in the teaser. “I don’t belong here!” he exclaims, breaking the circle and causing a pile-up collision of toys.

“Somebody get him before he pokes an eye out,” Woody says off-screen.


Toy Story 4
Still from Pixar’s newly released ’Toy Story 4’ teaser trailer.

In the YouTube description, Pixar offers a synopsis for the new movie: “Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called Forky to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.”

Toy Story 4 is directed by Josh Cooley, who also helmed the Pixar short Riley’s First Date?, and produced by Inside Out producers Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen. Hollywood newcomer Stephany Folsom was tapped to write the script after Parks & Recreation alum Rashida Jones and writing partner Will McCormack opted out of the project. (In a statement, the duo cited “creative and, more importantly, philosophical differences” with Pixar.)

Toy Story 4 is slated for theatrical release on June 21, 2019.

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