Fox News Anchors Shut Down Conspiracy Theories About Notre Dame Fire

During two separate occasions on Monday afternoon, Fox News anchors Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto had to dump out of interviews after their guests wildly speculated and parroted conspiracy theories that the blaze that suddenly destroyed much of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was an intentionally malicious act.

While anchoring breaking-news coverage of the fire, Smith interviewed witness Philippe Karsenty, the deputy mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine and a controversial right-wing media figure. Early in the call, Karsenty suggested that the Notre Dame blaze—which is currently being investigated as an accident—was a terrorist attack.

“It’s like a 9/11, a French 9/11,” Karsenty declared. “It’s a big shock. This church was there for more than 850 years. You need to know that for the past years, we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week all over France. Of course, you will hear the story of the politically—the political correctness, which will tell you it’s probably an accident.”

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Scarlett Johansson and co-stars talk weird ‘Endgame’ fan theories

The ‘Black Widow’ and her fellow Avengers, Paul Rudd and Chris Hemsworth, joke about how fans think Rudd’s Ant-Man takes down baddie Thanos, and whether Hemsworth’s Thor falls for Captain Marvel. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

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Jamie’s Lannister Has Thoughts About Most Popular Game of Thrones Theories

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has read your fan theories about how Game of Thrones ends, but says no one has come close to the true ending yet.

Coster-Waldau who plays Jaime Lannister on the HBO series stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night as part of the ongoing media blitz before the show’s eighth and final season kicks off on HBO on Sunday night. Host Jimmy Kimmel plied him with fan theories about how the show will end.

One popular theory is that Jaime will kill Cersei, his sister and baby mama who currently sits on Westeros’ Iron Throne. “That’s a theory,” the actor replied. “It makes sense though, if you think about it.” Another is that Arya Stark will use her unique set of skills to take on Jaime’s face and kill Cersei herself. “That would be cool, wouldn’t it?” he said in an impressive non-answer.

When Coster-Waldau was asked whether Jon Snow would become the Night King, he appeared baffled, simply asking, “How?” While his response to that particular theory makes it seem less likely, never forget Coster-Waldau is an excellent actor who is occasionally paid to look baffled.

Coster-Waldau has pored over some fan theories, but told Kimmel, “I’ve never read anyone who got the whole thing.”

As for the real ending, even Coster-Waldau didn’t see it coming. “When I read it the first time I was blown away,” he said. “I wrote Dan and David, the two creators, and I was like, ‘I really don’t know how you did it, but I can’t imagine a better way of ending the show.’”

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All the ‘Game of Thrones’ theories and speculations in ‘Fire and Blood’


George R. R. Martin’s new book, Fire and Blood, recounts the 300 years of Targaryen history before the events of Game of Thrones. But it also has plenty of potential fodder for theories directly tied to the time period we know and love on the show. 

But they’re also very well hidden.

“There are a few that are definitely important, but I’m not going to flag them,” Martin told EW in regards to whether the book contained hints. “Readers will have to find them and puzzle out whether they’re hints or red herrings.”

As a in-universe textbook by an Archmaester named Gyldayn, we can’t take everything stated in Fire and Blood as totally accurate. He’s writing down history that happened centuries before he was alive, and a lot of accurate information has been lost to time. Read more…

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