All the ‘Game of Thrones’ theories and speculations in ‘Fire and Blood’


George R. R. Martin’s new book, Fire and Blood, recounts the 300 years of Targaryen history before the events of Game of Thrones. But it also has plenty of potential fodder for theories directly tied to the time period we know and love on the show. 

But they’re also very well hidden.

“There are a few that are definitely important, but I’m not going to flag them,” Martin told EW in regards to whether the book contained hints. “Readers will have to find them and puzzle out whether they’re hints or red herrings.”

As a in-universe textbook by an Archmaester named Gyldayn, we can’t take everything stated in Fire and Blood as totally accurate. He’s writing down history that happened centuries before he was alive, and a lot of accurate information has been lost to time. Read more…

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