9 Things to Do in the Yard Before the First Frost

As summer scurries away, cooler temps and autumn leaves can’t be far behind. If you live in a region where frost accompanies the change of seasons, take note: Some outdoor projects have to be tackled before the chill sets in. Here are a handful of temperature-sensitive yard chores you should move up to the top of this month’s to-do list.
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Five Things We Learned From Daniel Radcliffe and the Cast of THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT

Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale are getting ready to bring The Lifespan of a Fact to the Broadway stage. BroadwayWorld chatted with the cast recently about the upcoming production. Here are a few things we learned
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The Pentagon is going to spend $2 billion on AI because things are getting serious now

DARPA artificial intelligence

If North Korea’s dear leader wakes up tomorrow, takes a crazy pill and decides to lob a nuclear missile at the U.S. mainland, there’s a good chance the military will be relying on artificial intelligence to protect us.

Reuters reported earlier this summer on the existence of a secretive military effort — actually, of multiple classified programs in various stages that are all focused on the development of AI-reliant systems to help us anticipate the launch of a missile, as well as to track launchers. In North Korea and, of course, beyond.

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7 Things We Want to See in ‘Supernatural’ Season 14

Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. Well, you could say that the Winchester brothers’ family business has been successful, seeing as they are gearing up for their fourteenth season. As the people who keep the show going, loyal fans have many opinions about what should happen. Until the next installment premieres, here are some things we’d like to see in Season 14.

The Inner Struggle Between Michael and Dean

Dean possessed by Michael
Dean possessed by Michael.

Season 13’s finale brought Supernatural fans many bombshells: the Apocalypse World refugees successfully crossed worlds, Gabriel made his final sacrifice, and Lucifer finally got his due. But the most surprising twist came in the last few minutes when Dean became Apocalypse World Michael’s vessel. Michael took control despite his promises, leaving the archangel to carry out his plans inside his “perfect vessel.” Considering much of the show has been based on Sam and Lucifer’s twisted connection, the toll of Michael’s possession on Dean’s psyche will be an intriguing shift.

Michael seems no less vindictive than the Lucifer we love to hate, and Lucifer’s lifelong torment of Sam all but destroyed the younger Winchester. Though parallels between the two will be interesting, we can hope that Dean will fight with the bravado and heart we expect, ultimately overcoming his latest challenge without too many scars.

Castiel at Full Power

Cas in "Let the Good Times Roll"
Cas in "Let the Good Times Roll."

In his Season 4 introduction, Castiel was a straight-up badass. He fought with the strength and skill of an ancient celestial warrior, defeating powerful enemies with his stoic wit. As the show progressed, the Cas we fell in love with steadily lost his mojo and his good judgment, eventually slaughtering thousands of angels and summoning the Leviathans. Despite a multi-season redemption arc, we haven’t seen him back at full power since his attempt at playing God.

I say it’s about time. With Dean overtaken by Michael, Cas will need to step up alongside Sam and take an active leadership role to guide the refugees in the fight against Michael. The angel has suffered uncertainty for far too long, and his divine powers might be just what he needs to be the hero we know he can be.

More Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters sharing a meal
The Wayward Sisters sharing a meal.

Supernatural fans recently experienced disappointment when Wayward Sisters co-creator Andrew Dabb announced that The CW would not be moving forward with the female-led spin-off, despite the success of its backdoor pilot in Supernatural Season 13. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that the monster-slaying sisterhood gets their fair share of screen time in Season 14.

Andrew Dabb Twitter announcement

The ensemble, led by Sheriff Jody Mills, has incredible chemistry. They embody a perfect balance between human connection and ass-kicking, representing a supportive female community independent of Sam and Dean’s brotherly core. Dabb promises a multi-episode return for the Wayward Sisters in Season 14, satisfying our desire to see the talented women in action once more.

Delving Into Other Worlds

Kaia and Jack in "The Bad Place"
Kaia and Jack in "The Bad Place."

Sam and Dean have long fought villains from the Judeo-Christian mythos, so we have experienced the realms of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. However, Season 12’s finale introduced the idea of alternate dimensions when Jack’s birth created an inter-dimensional tear leading to Apocalypse World. In Season 13, we had a glimpse at more alternate dimensions through dreamwalkers Kaia Nieves and Derek Swan, but there is still a wealth of material left to explore.

With no definitive end in sight, Supernatural will eventually need to explore realms of story beyond angels and demons. Inter-dimensional travel could help the show stay fresh and exciting to longtime fans by letting the Winchester bros do what they do best — overcome the impossible together.

Fewer Deaths, More Character Building

Apocalypse World Bobby with Jack and Mary
Apocalypse World Bobby with Jack and Mary.

Season 13 of Supernatural saw a considerable amount of character turnover, with familiar faces returning in alternate versions and new characters dying unexpected deaths. Death will always be a part of the show, but having developed characters makes fatality meaningful. Kaia, for example, had a lot more story potential. Allowing characters in Season 14 to grow instead of killing them off too soon will allow fans to develop loyalties toward a diverse supporting cast like they always have.

Unexpected New Pair-ups

Charlie and Rowena in the Bunker
Charlie and Rowena in the Bunker.

One significant source of Supernatural’s signature blend of humor and heart is the unexpected relationships that take shape (Season 7’s Cas and Meg, for example). The show hinted at new pairings for Season 14 when an offhand comment in Season 13’s finale mentioned redheads Charlie and Rowena traveling through Arizona on a mission to find Dean. Partnerships like this add some much-appreciated diversity to Supernatural’s long-established character dynamics. And besides, who wouldn’t want to see that spin-off?

A Worthy Ending

Dean on the battlefield in "Swan Song"
Dean on the battlefield in "Swan Song."

As Dean drove onto the graveyard in Season 5’s finale, Def Leppard’s lyrics rang out: “All right / I got somethin’ to say / Yeah, it’s better to burn out / Yeah, than fade away.” Supernatural showrunners should listen to these wise words and work towards a proper finale in Season 14. Considering the show’s original goal of five seasons, its current record is nothing short of a miracle. But coming from a decade-long fan, we’re approaching too much of a good thing.

Supernatural has consistently been an innovative, heart-wrenching whirlwind of paranormal showdowns. However, just like any show that stays on the air for long enough, it’s becoming derivative of itself. Instead of dying a slow death after several more seasons of ever-decreasing quality, our beloved brothers’ story should go out in a blaze of glory. After all that they’ve been through, that’s the least Sam and Dean deserve. In the words of the great Chuck Shurley, “No doubt — endings are hard. But then again … nothing ever really ends, does it?”

Our wayward sons will carry on October 11th on The CW.

9 Episodes That Prove You Shouldn’t Sleep on ‘Supernatural’ Season 14

Ranking the Best Alternate Versions of Sam and Dean Winchester on ‘Supernatural’

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Who Knew? Fermented Ingredients Also Do Amazing Things for Your Skin Care

Fermented skin care is having a moment, though the concept has been a staple in K-beauty routines for centuries. Our skin loves natural food sources. Fermented skin care, much like fermented foods, means that microorganisms (bacteria) have been added, which release enzymes that break down the ingredients, yielding products that our skin (and tummies) love. Just like wine, beer, kimchi, sauerkraut and yogurt are fermented into foods that promote healthy gut bacteria, ingredients like yeast, milk, fruit and plants are fermented into skin care products with so many added benefits.

Fermentation causes a substance to undergo three major changes — 1) it becomes easier for the skin to absorb, 2) it removes irritating substances and 3) it becomes more nutrient-dense. Basically, the bacteria breaks down the substance into smaller particles (for easier absorption), it neutralizes irritants (like pesticides) so the end product is gentle enough for sensitive skin and the process produces antioxidants, peptides and amino acids not found in the raw material, so it becomes a topical nutrient powerhouse. Typically, the fermentation of skin care ingredients is much shorter than that of foods because it will eventually cause the ingredients to break down and be less effective. Fermentation also helps to prolong a product’s shelf life — no need to add synthetic preservatives as it’s full of anti-microbial organisms.

If you’re looking to hydrate, plump and minimize lines and wrinkles, consider adding a fermented skin care product to your regimen. Popular fermented ingredients include: berries, seaweed, tea and yeast (to name a few). These natural wonders can strengthen your skin barrier and give you stunning results. Here are a few of our favorite fermented products to try now.

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Shanann Watts’ Friend: If We Knew, We Would Have Done Things Differently

Chris Watts Cheating On Pregnant Wife Shanann Watts
Shanann Watts Frederick Police Department

Shanann Watts’ friend Nickole Atkinson expressed regrets after the pregnant woman’s husband, Chris Watts, was charged with murdering her and their two young daughters.

“I can speak for all of her friends and family and say that if we had any inkling, there are so many things that we would have done differently,” Atkinson said during a Wednesday, August 22, Facebook Live video. “To hug her one last time. To hug the girls one last time. So please, please be more aware of what’s going on in your life.”

Atkinson, who dropped the 34-year-old off at home in the early hours on August 13 after a business trip and went looking for her hours later when she didn’t respond to her texts and missed a doctor’s appointment, added: “I wanted people to know that I am not a hero. I was just a concerned friend. I talked to Shanann on a daily basis. I knew that it wasn’t normal for her to not text or call me.”

Chris Watts Cheating On Pregnant Wife Shanann Watts
Chris Watts Frederick Police Department

“The message that I want to get out is that if you’re concerned about a friend or a family member, take the time to go check on them and ask for a health and wellness check,” Atkinson told viewers. “The police will go check on them. It may start the process sooner to find them or to help them if they need help.”

“I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what,” she noted.

Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder, and daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, went missing from their Frederick, Colorado, home on August 13. Her husband was charged on Monday, August 20, with five counts of first-degree murder, three counts of tampering with a deceased human body and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy after the bodies were found on the property of Chris’ former employer.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by Us Weekly earlier this week, Chris was having an affair with a coworker and “informed Shanann he wanted to go through with a separation, and they were both upset and crying” the night of her murder. He claimed to police that he later saw “Shanann actively strangling Celeste” on a baby monitor. The 34-year-old told authorities that “he went into a rage and ultimately strangled Shanann to death.”

Us Weekly


3 Things You Can’t Include in a Non-Compete Agreement

The internet and social media have made it easier than ever for recruiters to contact employees and entice them to move on to other companies. According to Qualtrics, top-performing employees are contacted with other employment opportunities on average 4.3 times a year, and about 88% of those employees will reply to the inquiry.

With a high chance that an employee will leave for greener pastures, it makes sense that companies want to prevent these employees from using the confidential business information they learned in their current position to gain a competitive advantage at another company.

While it’s understandable why a company would want to use a Non-Compete Agreement (or a non-compete clause in their Employment Contract) to guard their business secrets, the agreement has to be reasonable. It shouldn’t include anything that is too broad or would otherwise prevent someone from making a living. This post outlines 3 common terms you can’t add to a Non-Compete Agreement. As a general rule, a non-compete clause that would cause a negative effect on the ability of an individual to find work or make a living is likely to be considered unreasonable.

1. Unspecific Time Periods

A Non-Compete Agreement can’t last forever, so an employer must put a reasonable period in the agreement. It would be unreasonable for an employer to expect a former employee to follow the rules of the non-compete indefinitely.

A reasonable amount of time for a non-compete can be anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, and the amount of time the employer chooses will depend on the type of work and the industry.

For instance, a telecom company might say that if their marketing director leaves, they cannot work for a competing telecom company for a period of 6 months due to the fact that it would be possible for the former marketing director to use their insider knowledge of their previous employer’s upcoming sales or promotions to influence the sales or promotions of the new company they are working for.

However, it would be unreasonable to expect that the marketing director could never work for a competitor at any time in the future, so not stating a specific period of time that the non-compete will be effective for would most likely make the agreement unenforceable.

2. Unreasonable Geographic Restrictions

Sometimes, companies feel that it is necessary to include a geographic restriction in their Non-Compete Agreement. A geographic restriction means that the employee cannot compete with their previous employer or solicit clients that were doing business with that employer within a specific area.

For example, let’s say that the owner of a local coffee shop has decided to sell their business. The coffee shop owner was able to build a significant customer base over the years, getting to know many of his customers personally.

In the purchase/sale negotiations, the buyer is entitled to add a clause to the non-compete to specify that the seller can’t open a new coffee shop in the same area to prevent the seller from poaching customers from their former business. The geographic restriction, however, has to make sense. It would not be reasonable to prevent the seller from opening a coffee shop in an area where the buyer wouldn’t be conducting business (like the other side of town).

Similarly, if a company in California includes a non-compete clause in its Employment Contract that forbids an employee from seeking work in a specific industry within the state of California if they leave the company, it would most likely be considered unreasonable by a court of law.

3. Unreasonable, Vague or Ambiguous Activity Restrictions

Non-Compete Agreements often include activity restrictions to protect their business interests. However, the nature and type of activity usually needs to be outlined in a specific and pointed way.

For example, an employer can’t include a clause in their non-compete which states that if an employee leaves, they can’t take any job where they would have to use a computer to complete their work. Since computers are an essential tool at basically any job, it would be unreasonable to expect a former employee to work at a job that doesn’t use them.

“Reasonable Person” Test in Non-Compete Agreements

A Non-Compete Agreement should be able to pass the “reasonable person” test, which is a generic term that is sometimes used in law as a hypothetical standard to determine if an average person’s judgment would think that something is fair or unfair.

As long as the agreement contains terms that are considered to be fair given the circumstances, then it has a better chance of being enforceable.

Using Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are used by companies to prevent the spread of confidential information that could be used by a former employee to gain a competitive advantage against their former employer. But non-competes must be reasonable and can’t prevent someone from making a living, so it’s important to ensure that the terms listed in the agreement are fair for everyone involved.

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Cars are the new hot spot for companies to sell you things


When everyone’s a passenger instead of a driver, the car experience really starts to change.

As we take more and more Lyft and Uber rides — and eventually once autonomous cars drive us around — the purpose of the car will transform. The space once centered on getting us from point A to point B is already becoming yet another portal to sell us stuff.

Services like Cargo and Vendy bring products like gum or earbuds into cars tied to ride-hailing services so you can have them there and then. It’s a vending machine in the age of ride-hailing apps. Uber has already exclusively partnered with Cargo as a side hustle for drivers. Grab in Singapore similarly has partnered with the in-car commerce startup with a captive customer base in the back seat. Read more…

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Watch LIVE: Bonnie Milligan Talks All Things HEAD OVER HEELS and More!

BroadwayWorld’s Steve Schonberg is getting up close and personal with Head Over Heels beltress, Bonnie Milligan Tune in to our official Facebook page to submit your questions live or send us questions in advance on Twitter BroadwayWorld with AskBonnieBWW.
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9 Things to Watch for in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years and 18 movies that built the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie brought the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy together for the first time. And there’s only one foe dangerous enough to unite the Earth’s mightiest heroes: Thanos.

Avengers: Infinity War is a love letter to Marvel fans with lots of surprises, jokes, and Easter Egg-y references. In this video, FANDOM finds 9 important things for you to watch for in Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Infinity War is now available on Digital and Blu-ray.


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Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and others want to fix one of the most broken things about health care

Patients can't easily get their health data. Microsoft, Amazon and others want to change that. 
Health and Science


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ICYMI: Slip-On Sneakers, Dermstore’s Anniversary Sale & More Things to Unfreeze Your Credit Card for

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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Learn all things business math with this $10 online course


Just when you thought you’d already cut all your ties with math, you realized numbers are an important part of building a business or a side hustle.

We hate to break it to you, but if you want to make it big, you need to rekindle your love-hate relationship with math. That is unless you want your business to sink as soon as you’ve built it.

If you want your math knowledge to extend further than calculating tips at restaurants, the Essential Business Math online course will strengthen your grasp of numbers to help you make critical business decisions. Read more…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beyoncé

Fans, stans, and members of the Beyhive have been obsessively following Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s illustrious career for the last 21 years, watching and documenting her every move. Yet in still, the notoriously private superstar has managed to keep much of her personal life guarded and protected.

In Vogues‘ September issue, Knowles-Carter, however, revealed intimate details about her last pregnancy, raising her children, and her family lineage. She also explained why she intentionally choose Tyler Mitchell, a 23-year-old photographer, to shoot her portraits for the issue, making him the first black photographer in Vogue’s 126-year history to shoot a cover. Here are five eye-opening revelations from her cover story titled Beyoncé in Her Own Words: Her Life, Her Body, Her Heritage.

She had An Emergency C-Section

In the essay, which was narrated by Knowles-Carter and written by Clover Hope, the pop icon opened up about having a scary pregnancy and suffering from toxemia, a pregnancy complication that can become life-threatening to both the mother and fetus.

I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth to Rumi and Sir. I was swollen from toxemia and had been on bed rest for over a month. My health and my babies’ health were in danger, so I had an emergency C-section. We spent many weeks in the NICU. 

She’s In No Rush to Lose Her Baby Weight

Knowles-Carter admitted that she’s not letting society’s standards pressure her into losing the weight she gained after giving birth to twins in June 2017.

To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch, and I’m in no rush to get rid of it. I think it’s real. Whenever I’m ready to get a six-pack, I will go into beast zone and work my ass off until I have it. But right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be.

Her Ancestor Was a Slave Owner Who Married His Slave

In a revealing detail about her lineage, she reflected on her ancestry and how it has empowered her to be a better mother.

I researched my ancestry recently and learned that I come from a slave owner who fell in love with and married a slave. I had to process that revelation over time. I questioned what it meant and tried to put it into perspective. I now believe it’s why God blessed me with my twins. Male and female energy was able to coexist and grow in my blood for the first time. I pray that I am able to break the generational curses in my family and that my children will have less complicated lives.

Why She Sang The Black National Anthem At Coachella

Back in April, the renowned entertainer affectionately known as Queen Bey delivered an unapologetically black performance at the 2018 Coachella Festival, where she paid tribute to Malcolm X, HBCUs, and black Greek college culture. She intentionally opened the epic performance singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which is also known as “the black national anthem,” well aware that the largely upper-middle-class white audience would be unfamiliar with the song.

I know that most of the young people on the stage and in the audience did not know the history of the black national anthem before Coachella. But they understood the feeling it gave them.


It was a celebration of all the people who sacrificed more than we could ever imagine, who moved the world forward so that it could welcome a woman of color to headline such a festival.

She Was a People-Pleaser

The 36-year-old singer also talked about her struggle with self-esteem during her younger years.

I look at the woman I was in my 20s and I see a young lady growing into confidence but intent on pleasing everyone around her. I now feel so much more beautiful, so much sexier, so much more interesting. And so much more powerful.

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4 Things We Learned at TCA: Day 4

Starz, Amazon, and AMC braved the TCA summer press tour on Saturday. Charles Donalson III of the docuseries “America to Me” held the gathered reporters in rapt attention with an impassioned speech, while Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke touted the company’s diversity. Here are 4 things we learned from Saturday’s session. 1. Charles Donalson III, […]



4 Things to Know About Sexual Assault Allegations Against CBS’ Leslie Moonves

A New Yorker report on allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and retaliation against CBS CEO Leslie “Les” Moonves was so anticipated that it sent the media company’s stock down almost 10% hours before the story’s publication on Friday afternoon. CBS also said it would investigate the allegations before the story appeared.

And then it did. The New Yorker‘s Ronan Farrow provided accounts from several women, both identified by name and presented anonymously or with partial identification, who accused Moonves of unwanted physical contact that ranged from forcibly holding them down, putting a hand up a skirt, or thrusting his tongue down their throat.

In a statement to the New Yorker, Moonves said acknowledged making advances in some cases “decades ago,” but said he understood “‘no’ means ‘no’” and never retaliated. CBS said the company has never received any claims of misconduct against the CEO during his 24 years at the company, and has paid out no settlements. Still, earlier Friday, CBS released a statement that its independent directors were committed to investigating claims of personal misconduct. Multiple past and present CBS executives are mentioned in the article.

Five key takeaways from the lengthy New Yorker story:

1.) Moonves is alleged to have arranged solo meetings at which he made advances or assaults, a pattern similar to that reported of Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein. Writer and actress Illeana Douglas, writer Janet Jones, producer Christine Peters, and an actress who appeared on a CBS show as a police officer and declined to be identified further said Moonves made unwanted contact or advances during such meetings. Dinah Kirgo, a writer, said she turned down a private dinner with Moonves. (CBS told Farrow that Moonves acknowledged trying to kiss Douglas, but denied any more aggressive behavior, and that he didn’t touch or make inappropriate contact with the police-officer actress or Peters. CBS said he didn’t recall interacting with Jones or Kirgo.)

2.) Following Moonves’ alleged assault, Douglas had her role cut from a show in production and an exclusive appearance deal canceled with 80% of the payment not made. Douglas’s attorney negotiated for part of the payment and a contact to appear in a new miniseries. CBS denied the payment or new contract were settlements. Other women in the New Yorker article described retaliation after their alleged negative interactions with Moonves, including the loss of career opportunities and the spread of rumors that they were difficult to deal with.

3.) Farrow described an environment at CBS that allowed a culture of sexual misconduct and harassment to fester, citing numerous incidents, including those recited in a lawsuit in 2027 by a longtime CBS employee, Erin Gee, who said she was demoted after a boss told her “to have sex with a coworker with whom she was having difficulties in order to ‘break the ice.’” (Her attorney declined to comment and CBS said the matter was settled.)

4.) A Washington Post article early this year providing extensive reporting on the allegations about Charlie Rose’s purported sexual misconduct omitted mention of Jeff Faber, the executive producer of 60 Minutes, about whom Farrow details a number of anecdotes about his unwanted physical contact with employees and how he allegedly protected and promoted other men accused of a variety of behavior. Fager allegedly pressured the Post. The Post declined to comment on the specifics, stating: “Nothing that met our longstanding standards for publication was left out.” (Post contributing writer Irin Carmon, one of the two authors of the story, said while accepting an award at an event in June and at which Fager was in the audience: “The system is still powerful men getting stories killed that I believe will someday see the light of day.” She added on Twitter: “There will be more to say, and I will when I can.”)



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New Villains Will Shake Things Up for Danny in ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2

Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist, and he’s nowhere near done protecting New York City from viable threats in Iron Fist Season 2.

The last we saw Danny, he was teaming up with Luke Cage to investigate Bushmaster. Luke and Danny first met during the events of The Defenders, which aired last summer. Danny will return to crime-fighting duty this Fall, as new threats arise against him. One threat will be a newcomer, one will be a familiar face. Let’s jump into Season 2’s premiere date and which baddies will be facing off against Danny this season.

Iron Fist Season 2

Iron Fist Season 1 ended with Danny defeating Harold Meachum and removing the Hand from Rand Enterprises. Throughout the season he had to acclimate to wealth, power, and the fast-pace lifestyle of New York City.

Despite his wealth, Danny was far from the MCU’s version of Bruce Wayne. He was more like the Hulk, in a way — reluctant, reclusive, and humble. He did reclaim his family’s company however, which left the Meachum’s without their wealth or prowess.

Since Iron Fist Season 1 and the events of The Defenders, Danny has settled down in New York with Colleen Wing. Together they are funding medical research projects and helping their friends when they can. For instance, they gave Misty Knight her bionic arm in Luke Cage Season 2.

When Iron Fist Season 2 picks up, Danny should have a better sense of running Rand Enterprises. He should also have some leads on who destroyed K’un L’un. He will also be poised to meet Mary Walker, a woman with multiple personalities, also known as Typhoid Mary.

Meet Typhoid Mary

Iron Fist Mary

It was announced during San Diego Comic-Con that Star Trek Into Darkness alum Alice Eve will be playing Mary Walker. While little was revealed about her role on the series, Mary has a long comic book history.

Mary Walker first appeared in Daredevil #254 in May of 1988, suffering a personality split when Matt Murdock accidentally pushed her out of a window. As Mary, she has no powers. But as “Bloody” or “Typhoid” she can access telekinesis and mind control.

It will be interesting to see why Mary comes to New York City and how her paths cross with Danny Rand. According to a scene shown at Comic-Con, Mary can wield machetes. Did she have some kind of formal training? Mary won’t be alone, too. Someone else will be in pursuit of Danny in Season 2.

Davos Returns

Iron Fist Davos

During Season 1, Danny and Davos were like brothers. Davos swore to be Danny’s right hand, as long as Danny stood watch at the gates of K’un L’un. Throughout the season, Davos urged Danny to leave New York and return to K’un L’un, but Danny refused to go.

It was Danny’s final refusal that put Davos over the edge. In the final shots of Season 1, Davos met with Joy Meachum and agreed to team up with her, since they both wanted Danny out of the way.

Davos is back in Season 2, and clearly working with Joy, based on the episode photo above. Their partnership means that Joy has a weapon on her side, a weapon who is almost as powerful as Danny himself. This lines up very clearly with Davos’ loyalty in the Iron Fist comics.

Iron Fist Season 2 premieres worldwide on Netflix September 7, 2018.

“I am Harlem, and Harlem is Me!” — The Best Luke Cage Lines in Season 2

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5 Things to Know About ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

James Cameron is known for his epic projects, and the trailer for his latest — Alita: Battle Angel — just dropped. Cameron serves as writer and producer on the cyberpunk film, but Robert Rodriguez takes over the directing reins while Cameron works on the Avatar sequels.

The film is centered around Alita (newcomer Rosa Salazar), a cyborg girl. Her core (brain) is salvaged from a junkyard by Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz), a scientist who specializes in cyborg technology. He places Alita’s core into a mechanical body that he developed for his paraplegic daughter before her untimely death. Alita must learn to use this new body, as well as uncover a past she has no memory of.

“At first glance, it’s seemed like a very powerful female character like a Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley but with a big twist. Those were very human characters with big hearts [who] discovered their warrior spirits. But this is someone who is already a warrior and unstoppable and discovers her heart,” explained Rodriguez during a private San Diego Comic-Con preview.

“The film is about discovery and being vulnerable enough to do that,” added Salazar during today’s worldwide trailer reveal.

Here’s what FANDOM gleaned from today’s event and Comic-Con.

It’s an Adaptation

Alita playing a harmonica

Alita began as a manga created by Yukito Kishiro. Cameron and longtime producing partner Jon Landau went to Japan to acquire the rights and Kishiro’s blessing. Landau revealed that Kishiro is constantly provided updates on the project, and even visited the set.

Cameron wanted to stay true to the manga style (more on that below), and some of its most-beloved elements, like Motorball, will make their way into the film (even though they’re not in the trailer).

It’s Had a Long Journey to the Big Screen

Alita in cyborg body - Alita - Battle Angel

Cameron started working on Alita over fifteen years ago but delayed the project to work on a little movie called Avatar. He brought on Rodriguez to condense his 180+ page original screenplay (plus 600 pages of notes) into a shooting script. Rodriguez was able to pare the story down while still maintaining the core scenes, which pleased Cameron. Production began in 2017, and the release date is scheduled for holiday 2018.

Motion Capture Mastery

Alita Battle Angel - Alita looking around

It was actually the technological advances in Avatar that made Alita possible. The character of Alita is a computer generated, motion-capture creation, just like Neytiri from Avatar or Caesar from Planet of the Apes. Salazar admitted the motion-capture was a challenge at first.

“It’s just a process like any other. You get to know it. In the beginning, it’s all kind of foreign: the suit, the batteries, the cords that are on your body, the helmet with the boom [mic] that comes out … which made some kissing scenes a little challenging [laughs]. But it elevates the performance because you’re otherworldly. You have this idea that you are even more capable of your physical body,” Salazar explained.

Two of the big sequences shown in the trailer — the underwater scene and the underground battle — were captured by Salazar during her first two days in the suit.

The Eyes Have It

Alita Battle Angel
Alita has manga-esque eyes.

There’s much discussion about Alita’s large eyes, something Cameron preserved in his earliest character design from Kishiro.

“We’ve seen manga and anime, but we’ve never seen it photorealistic,” Rodriguez explained. “Jim [Cameron] knows eyes better than anyone. We learned so much from Avatar.”

Less Guns, More Swords

Alita Battle Angel - Cyborg

Cameron called Terminator a “guns movie,” but he sees Alita as a “swords movie.”

We know Alita’s cybernetic body is a weapon in itself — super strong, super agile, and durable (but not invincible). However, her cybernetic pursuers have blades for limbs, boasting sickle-like arms. There is even a massive cyborg whose fingers become bladed hooks he can cast out as tendrils.

Alita: Battle Angel opens December 21, 2018.

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‘The Flash’: Nora’s Big Mistake Will Shake Things Up in Season 5

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains mild spoilers for The Flash Season 5. Proceed at your own risk.

The cast of The Flash gave a preview of the show’s 5th season today during San Diego Comic-Con. Season 4 ended with Team Flash outsmarting The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) and stopping the Enlightenment. It also revealed the identity of the season’s mystery girl as Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris‘ (Candice Patton) daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), a speedster from the future.

Nora and her “big mistake” will play a major role in Season 5 of The Flash. Barry and Iris will not only have to deal with the repercussions of her actions but also with being parents to an adult child. Not to mention, Nora brings with her some big secrets from the future.

What Is a Legacy?

Barry and Iris

With the 100th episode of The Flash on the horizon, the cast spent time during the panel looking back on their time on the show. They all expressed their gratitude at getting a chance to play these characters and shared memories from their first days of shooting. This is all especially fitting because producer Todd Helbing says Season 5 is focused on the theme of legacy. “Everyone is thinking about what it means,” he explained.

With Nora in the picture, this is especially true. Barry has a new responsibility with a daughter in his life. Grant Gustin says that Barry will take the patience he learned from Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and apply it to his relationship with Nora. And with fathers like Joe and Henry (John Wesley Shipp), Barry has big shoes to fill.

Hey, Our Kid Is Pretty Great!

Nora West Allen

Nora is going to throw a big wrench into the West-Allen family’s life. “It’s a brand new dynamic on the show. I think we’re all in very different head spaces about it,” says Gustin. “Nora is [clings] to Barry, and we don’t know why. And she’s kind of distant to Iris.” Candice Patton says that it’s hard for Iris to see Barry and Nora form an instant bond. She wants to find out what happened between her and her daughter that could cause such a coldness.

The Comic-Con trailer also hinted at an emotional scene between Barry and Nora. There is an event in the future that Barry wants to know about (typical) that seems to cause his daughter a great deal of pain. Could the reason Nora is so unwilling to let her father out of her sight have something to do with a certain Crisis of 2024? Only time will tell!

The Flash Season 5 premieres Tuesday, October 9, 2018, at 8 p.m. on the CW.

‘The Flash’: Iris West Proves That Journalists Can Be Heroes Too

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5 things you didn’t know about women’s rugby

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco this weekend, Sarah Mockford, editor of Rugby World, gives us the lowdown  on the state of play in women’s rugby while England’s scrum half Natasha Hunt teaches us a thing or two about what it takes to be a player.

‘Every year women’s rugby continues to make strides and we saw a giant leap in 2017, with the 15-a-side Women’s World Cup final shown live on prime-time Saturday night TV,’ says Sarah Mockford, who as well as being the editor of Rugby World magazine was the first female chairman of the Rugby Union writers’ club.

‘Not only did that take the sport to a wider audience but it was recognised as a great game of rugby, regardless of the gender of those playing it.

‘This weekend we’ll see some of the game’s most skilful athletes, women and men, playing in the Sevens World Cup in San Francisco. There are sure to be plenty of thrills at AT&T Park and if I had to pick my favourites to reach the women’s final it would be Australia and New Zealand.’

Meanwhile, Natasha Hunt reveals what it takes to be an international player:

1. Most female rugby players have regular full-time jobs

‘As an athlete, you make sacrifices. Or rather, you make a choice to commit. I am also a trained PE teacher, so I had two jobs when I started out, but I have been a full-time athlete now since 2014.’

2. It’s a sport that forges strong friendships

‘Rugby seems like a strange game. You’re trying to hit people as hard as you can and run past them as fast as possible – everybody is putting their bodies on the line. You work hard because you don’t want to let your team down and, because of this, you forge strong friendships.’

3. They wake up early and workout – a lot

‘An average day starts at 7am, with training at 8am, where we have a screening to make sure our bodies are not vulnerable to injuries. Then we go to the gym for a weights and capacity session, or a speed session outside.’

4. As well as physical training, they also do mental training

‘After lunch, the girls normally head to our local coffee shop for a caffeine hit, before our afternoon training, when we concentrate on mental skills. Sevens is a game about focus, so it’s important to work on our mindsets as well as our moves.’

5. Rugby players need to eat carbs, carbs and more carbs

‘There is a movement at the moment for living actively and finding a healthier lifestyle. I find it difficult to eat between matches, so I load up on carbs in the build-up to a match, as it’s vital to have energy in reserve.’

Tudor Watches is sponsoring The Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, which takes place in San Francisco  20-22 July.

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4 Things You Can Do if You Can’t Pay Rent on Time

There are times when your spending can get away from you, and it can make for a stressful time when all your bills start piling up at the beginning or end of the month. Many people find themselves in a bit of a bind when their landlords are expecting rent, so what are you supposed to do if you don’t have the proper funds sitting in your account on collection day?

Should you try to ignore the problem and hope your landlord won’t notice you’re a day or two late? Should you send a check you know is going to bounce or “forget” to sign it because you know it’ll cause a delay? Probably not. There will likely be consequences if you’re caught (like late fees), and there are other ways you can solve this problem.

In this post, we’ll discuss four things you should do when you know your rent is going to be late.

1. Tell Your Landlord Your Rent Will Be Late

Barring extenuating circumstances, like if your bank account is hacked and drained or other unforeseen financial emergencies, you should know within a couple days of your rent due date whether or not you’ll have enough money to cover it. The moment you know you won’t be able to pay on time, inform your landlord.

Any notice you can provide your landlord with will work in your favor because it demonstrates your willingness to be transparent and to take responsibility for the late payment. The worst thing you can do is try to sneak a late rent payment past your landlord because they will likely notice you’re late, and you will have shown them that they can’t trust you.

Explain your situation to them and do it in an honest and concise way. They’ve probably heard every excuse in the book, so just take responsibility rather than giving them a sob story.

2. Discuss the Possibility of Partial or Delayed Payments with Your Landlord

Informing your landlord that you’ll be late on your next rent payment opens up the opportunity to negotiate a payment plan.

Some landlords are willing to accept partial payments, usually where you pay part of the total rent amount on the day it’s normally due and then the rest when you get your next paycheck.

Other landlords are willing to accept a late rent payment if they’ve been given some notice and you pay it within one or two days of the due date.

Keep in mind that your landlord can still charge you a late fee for late rent—odds are there’s a clause in your Residential Lease that explains the late rent procedure and states the amount of the fee. However, being candid with your landlord might increase the chance that they’ll waive the late fee altogether.

Just remember, if you come to alternative arrangements with your landlord, you should get it in writing just in case. It’ll help prevent the possibility of any disputes with your landlord later.

3. Consider Re-evaluating Your Budget

It doesn’t hurt to take a look at your budgeting efforts, especially if not paying rent on time is becoming a common occurrence for you. You might need to re-evaluate what your wants, needs, and wishes are and how they play out in your monthly budget.

You don’t want to make a habit out of being behind on rent because your landlord has every right to serve you an Eviction Notice if you’re consistently paying late.

4. Ask for Help with Your Finances if You Need it

Most people will experience some kind of financial turmoil at least once in their lives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Many people turn to payday loans when they’re in a financial jam, but these kinds of loans can often start a revolving cycle of taking out more loans to pay off the original loan.

Before resorting to payday loans, consider some of these alternatives:

  • You can ask friends or family for a loan (which you can secure with a Promissory Note to put them at ease).
  • If federal student loans are causing your financial trouble, you can always apply for a deferment plan that puts a hold on your monthly payments for a limited time.
  • If credit card debt is your issue, you can ask your credit card company about their hardship programs to see about lowering your monthly payment.
  • You can apply for a Modest Needs grant which can get you up to $ 1000 one time to help make ends meet provided you are currently employed.
  • Organizations like 211.org can connect you with local charities to help you out with rent assistance.

Finding a Payment Solution

If you’re unlucky enough to have a drained bank account come rent time, don’t be discouraged because you can’t find a way to pay. Consider using the tactics discussed in this post to help with your problem.

Don’t try to be sneaky with your landlord. It’s likely they’re keeping track of which tenants haven’t paid on time and who’s making a habit out of it. Communicate openly and honestly with them about your situation, discuss alternative payment plans if possible, re-evaluate your budget, and ask for help if you need it.

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Princess Pointers: Five Things You Should Know About FROZEN’s Patti Murin

Frozen has taken Broadway by storm this season and it’s partly thanks to Patti Murin’s spunky yet honest portrayal of one of Disney’s newest heroines. Earlier this month, BroadwayWorld’sRichard Ridgechatted with Murin about being chosen to originate this role for the stage, her history with Disney shows, and of course,other highlights from the course of her Broadway careerHere are five takeaways from the conversation that you should know
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5 things every wannabe wellness guru needs

Promotional feature with Pearl Drops

Busy women (read: all of us) are realising that me-time isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. 

We all want glowing skin, a strong core and a healthy, white smile that proclaims we’re on top of our game. But, let’s be honest, there have been times when food-exercise-rest hasn’t been a priority.

This year, more than ever, self-care is a mantra hot on the lips of all the wellness gurus. From meditation apps to a new crop of über-healthy food trends (golden milk, anyone?), a healthy lifestyle is key to getting that all-essential joie de vivre.

Mindfulness apps

The next time you’re feeling anxious, stressed and can’t sleep, use an app like HeadSpace to guide you back to calmness with meditation and mindful breathing exercises. What’s great is that you can do quick 3-minute sessions on your commute to work or during the day, then longer ones in the evening when you’ve got more time. The app makes meditation seem easy and the music is so relaxing.

A bright smile

We all know the power of a smile to spread the love… And thanks to brilliant whitening toothpastes and a positive change in teeth trends, a whiter smile that’s true to you is now more desirable than Hollywood perfection every time. Want to whiten your teeth using natural ingredients? Pearl Drops Pure Natural White Toothpolish, £6.99, is destined to become your gleam go-to. with  90%  of its ingredients sourced from natural origins, including white clay extract, it will remove stains, giving you naturally whiter teeth in just two weeks. Boom.

Healing crystals

Today, spirituality is as important as fitness to many of us and crystals are the latest thing we’re intrigued by. We’re not entirely convinced that keeping a rose quartz on your bedside table or carrying a black tourmaline in your handbag will open your heart chakra or beautify your complexion, but some of our fave celebs are getting into this new age vibe. Want in? Then treat yourself to The Little Book of Crystals – it covers everything a beginner needs to know about crystals.

Beauty boosts

What you eat is as important as your skincare routine, so make sure you’re eating plenty of foods that are rich in nutrients to help repair, maintain and boost your skin, hair and nails. All brightly coloured fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants… so try cooking with as many different colours as you can each night. There are so many amazing companies, such as Abel & Cole, offering fresh fruit and veg boxes with heaps of variety. By the end of the week you’ll be able to say you ate a rainbow.

A fitness buddy

What’s the one thing that can make exercising more fun? Doing it with a friend – which is why we’re all over partner workouts. From smashing a HIIT session together on your lunch break to trying a new fitness trend like Aerial Pilates, working out together is not only fun but effective too. Psychologists say it creates a tribal effect, so before long your girlfriends will want to get in on the act. We guarantee it’ll be way more entertaining than the usual jog-and-gossip session. Now who’s smiling?!

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5 Things to Avoid when Staging a Child’s Room

When staging your home, especially when you are still living in it, it can be tempting to allow the children’s rooms to be staged to their personal preferences and habits but potential home buyers may not be looking for a child’s room. They need to be able to see the potential of the room. Here are a few things to avoid when staging your child’s room.

BEFORE: Nursery decals and too much furniture makes this space seem small and childish.

1. Colorful Wallpaper or Murals

Ditch the pink and purple stripes, removal all decals and don’t hire your best friend’s neighbor to paint a forest mural. While these things may be very popular decor trends for children’s rooms, they are very personal and will limit the potential buyers view of the space. Choosing a neutral paint color will help potential buyers envision the room as a guest room, office, etc. Potential buyers are looking for move in ready and to them, a mural is equal to a paint job unless they just happen to have the exact child who wants that exact detail.

AFTER: Removing decals and some of the furniture creates a space that feels much bigger. While it still looks like a nursery, it is easy to imagine other uses for the space.

2. Themed Rooms

Similar to wallpaper and murals, themed rooms can alienate potential buyers. Avoid things like sports teams, Frozen, Dora, pirates, rainbows, etc. This whimsical approach may seem fun but when staging, this is your opportunity to make more money and that takes priority.

3. Bunk Beds

While your first thought might be to use bunk beds to show that more can fit in the room, it actually has the opposite effect. A bunk bed takes up more vertical square footage and makes a room feel cramped. It also indicates to the buyers that the home does not have enough space.

4. Gender Specific Decor

You may have a little princess but your home buyer may be looking for a home for their son, or a home with room for an office or guest room. Choosing a neutral color scheme will help the potential buyer envision the room with alternative functions. Small doses of pink or blue accents are okay if done right but you should enlist the advice of a professional home stager for this.

5. Too Many Toys

BEFORE: Too many toys and an oversized bed create a cramped and messy space.

While your home is listed, pack away the majority of the toys as they make any room feel cluttered and messy. Purchase a plastic storage bin and allow your child to select their favorite toys to fill the bin. This way, when you have a last minute viewing, you can easily pack away the remaining toys and store out of sight. If you’re keeping 1 or 2 toys to use as decorative accents, make sure they work with the style and color scheme of the room and keep to a bare minimum.

AFTER: Removing toys and adding more sophisticated furnishings and decor along with a bed that fits this space gives this room a open, airy feel. Touches of pink are still included but they are minimal and tasteful.

It is always best to hire the expertise of a professionally trained home stager to help you determine the best choices in order to achieve the greatest ROI.

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The 4 Things You Need to Do While Unemployed

Most people would agree, being unemployed sucks, especially if you’ve been desperately looking for a new job for quite some time. However, a change in your perspective about your downtime can open a new door of opportunities to land a new job. To get some insight into things to do while you’re unemployed, we caught up with Chandria Lucious Harris, M.S., a Career Services Specialist with Gen “Y & Z” engagement, recruitment and retention intelligence.

 4 Things to Do While Unemployed

1. Maintain positive vibes

Finding the perfect career opportunity will make any jobseeker feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster. One minute, you’re happy to land interviews, the next minute you’re receiving rejection letters and your mood has shifted. But don’t take things personally, applying, interviewing, and getting rejected are all a part of the process and there is no way to skip this step. The best thing you can do is mentally prepare for how long it may take and be productive throughout your downtime.

Take action: Several studies report that exercise can reduce stress. Adopt a daily 30-minute routine of relaxation methods such as meditation, yoga, or exercise. Even listening to soft music and reading are all methods job seekers can use to stay calm and positive during the job search.

2. Network everyday

This is the perfect time to email or call friends, family, and former colleagues and let them know you’re job hunting. Positively narrate your availability for new opportunities and spend at least one hour a day connecting with professionals/confidants.

Take action: Use LinkedIn to engage with other professionals including experts, HR recruiters, and hiring managers in your industry. Search for people you’re interested in learning more about and request informational interviews. You can also join groups relevant to your industry and ask for feedback or respond to questions related to your area of expertise so you can build more meaningful relationships. Lastly, take your online professional relationships offline by inviting a pro in your area for coffee or lunch.

3. Stay up to date on trends

Just because you’re in between jobs, doesn’t mean you have to take time off from professional development. This is the perfect time to gain an additional certification, attend lunch and learns, watch webinars, and read latest industry news. Staying up on trends will prepare you for interviews and keep you involved in your industry while on the search.

Take action: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Alerts are great ways to stay up to date with trends happening in your industry. Beyond sharing articles, provide your perspectives on the topic; that way people begin to look at you as a go-to source in their field.

4. Tap into your creative genius – Unemployment provides a perfect opportunity to try the hobbies, home projects, or activities you’ve been dreaming about.

Take action: Take charge of your daily routine by scheduling a block of time to work on one of your creative endeavors.

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The 5 things you should always pack for a vacation


Unfortunately, there’s a bug going around right now and were not sure how to get rid of it. In fact, we’re not sure we want to get rid of the travel bug! Yep, we’re having way too much fun exploring the world and seeing what new and exotic destinations have to offer. However, going on vacation and traveling around the world isn’t all positive – because we don’t think we will ever enjoy packing our bags. How do you know how many pairs of shorts you should take? It makes sense to take underwear for two weeks even though you’re only going for one week, right? Well, to make things easier, take a look at the 5 things you should always pack for a vacation…

An electronics adaptor

Let’s be honest; we can’t go a single day without checking our phones and scrolling through Instagram. Yet, you often find yourself crying in the dark when you realize that the country you have come to doesn’t have the same plug sockets as you do – which means that your phone charger doesn’t work. Because of this, it’s important to remember an electronics adaptor for the country you are going to, to ensure that you can be zapped up all day, every day.

Sun lotion

There are some people in this world who seem to burn at the smallest sight of sunlight, and those rays can get even stronger if you’re going abroad. Of course, getting sunburn on your first day of vacation can ruin the rest of your trip. You have to cover yourself up, you have to stay out of the sun, and you might even start peeling for all of your vacation snaps! To avoid this, ensure that you pack sun lotion before you leave. Although you can buy sun lotion at the airport or at your destination, these are normally much more expensive. Save your pennies for the ice cream.

First aid kit

If you’re the kind of person who always finds themselves in the wars, it may be best to carry a first aid kit with you at all times. It’s best to carry basic items such as band-aids and gauze just in case you have to mend yourself. Going to the hospital in another country can be scary and time-consuming, so it’s important to be prepared for all eventuality. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be careful and take care of yourself!

Copies of important documents

It’s amazing how many people don’t make copies of their important documents when they travel, but it really could get you out of a sticky situation! Although many of us don’t like to think about losing our passport or our credit card while in another country, it can happen – and you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Obtaining a new passport can be a lengthy process, and can keep you in a strange country for weeks. However, many countries will allow visitors to fly in and out of their country with a photocopy of their passport if their passport has been lost or stolen. Don’t get caught out!

Wet wipes

Never underestimate the power of a good wet wipe! These nifty little things are the perfect travel companion because they offer many uses. You can use them on yourself, on your children, or even in your hotel room. Yep, they can take off makeup, wipe off food, and even help deal with the dust situation, and can make you feel more at ease during your vacation. What could be better than that?

Packing for your vacation is never fun, and we all try and put it off until the last minute. Yet, if you know what to pack – it can be a little easier!


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The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your Lawn

A great-looking lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work and lots of care to keep your grass healthy and green. Luckily, the secrets to fabulous, lush grass are available to anyone who wants to learn how to master their own backyard. Put this simple advice into practice all year long, and you could have your best lawn yet.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


‘I Love Things That Are Absurd.’ Meet the Man Who Turned Nathan’s Hot Dog-Eating Contest Into a National Obsession

Every year, the Nathan’s Famous 4th of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest draws nearly 25,000 people to Coney Island, N.Y., while over a million viewers tune in to ESPN’s live coverage, all to watch 20 competitors eat as many hot dogs as they can in 10 minutes.

Besides the competitors, there’s another draw: George Shea—the event’s host, or Master of Ceremonies—who delivers a series of verbose, outlandish and occasionally inspired introductions of the competitors. At the 2014 Nathan’s contest, he introduced one of the competitors saying: “His mother held him close and whispered in his ear. She said you are of mine flesh but you are not mine own. Fate is your father and you belong to the people.”

Eating competitions weren’t always what they are today. Shea, also the co-founder of competitive eating’s Major League Eating (formerly known as the International Federation of Competitive Eating), took over the Coney Island event in 1991 as a press agent a few years out of college. Hot dog eating as a “competition” reportedly dates back to the early nineteen-hundreds, and when Shea took over the Nathan’s contest, it was a small affair—a couple dozen spectators, one or two television cameras, and a group of enthusiastic amateur eaters.

It was Shea who began heavily promoting the event and delivering elaborate, irony-tinged introductions. (He once said of 10-time Nathan’s champion Joey Chestnut: “through the curtain of the aurora, a comet blazes to herald his arrival.”) Shea also began billing the eaters as “athletes.” In radio interviews throughout the 1990s, he explained that the dozen or so entrants were the fiercest competitors culled from a nationwide circuit of qualifying events.

“There was no business plan,” Shea explains. “You know what was in my mind? I thought it was funny and absurd, and I love things that are absurd. So we always treated it as a sport, called it a sport, called them athletes.”

2017 Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Nathan’s contest is now the largest and best-known competitive eating event in America, but it is far from the only one. From the Acme Oyster Eating Championship in New Orleans to the Pork Roll Eating Championship in Trenton, N.J., there are dozens of similar events all under the auspices of Shea and his partners’ Major League Eating. To prepare, professional and semi-professional eaters train year-round: practicing swallowing techniques; increasing their stomach capacity by alternately fasting and binging on vegetables, milk or protein powder; and working out to limit excessive body fat, which can curb stomach expansion.

“He convinces the audience these guys are athletes,” said Joey Chestnut of Shea in the 2017 documentary, Chasing the Mustard Belt. “He does such a good job, he convinces me I’m an athlete.”

The league was built in large part by Shea’s new pageantry. In 1997, he and his brother founded the International Federation of Competitive Eating to manage their multiplying events, each sponsored by a different corporate client. And in 2001, a first-time competitor from Japan named Takeru Kobayashi ate an astounding 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes, doubling the previous record. Other contestants, initially bewildered by Kobayashi’s technique—he practiced rigorously and employed a trademark “Kobayashi wiggle” to force food into his stomach—began to train like athletes as well. In 2003, ESPN began broadcasting the event on national television.

2017 Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest
Getty ImagesJoey Chestnut (center) wins the men’s division of the 2017 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, eating 72 hot dogs.

And in 2007, Nathan’s Famous got what all sports really need: a rivalry. The formerly unbeatable Kobayashi was bested by Joey Chestnut, who consumed a staggering 66 hot dogs. Shea continued to raise the dramatic stakes, narrating a tale of loss and redemption in interviews and onstage, with Joey Chestnut as the sport’s American hero. “This man stands for all that is eternal in the human experience, the courage to stand for a nation when all others fail or turn away,” Shea said at the Nathan’s contest in 2015.

“It’s a competition for us, but it’s a show for everybody else,” explains Matt Stonie, the 2015 Nathan’s champion. “You need somebody to tell that story.”

That story has always contained a unique balance of earnestness and irony. Shea’s trademark narrations sell the drama of the event while reaching a grandiosity that capitalizes on the contest’s absurdity. “[The audience] both knows that this is somehow a joke and still feels it at the same time,” Shea says. “That razor’s edge, that’s for me the magic.”

In many ways, the growth of competitive eating is similar to that of mainstream American sports. Amateur baseball clubs evolved into multi-million dollar leagues, much like how small eating competitions have turned into nationally broadcast events. Rather than traveling the back roads of turn-of-the-century America, competitive eating made the rounds of strip mall parking lots throughout the United States.

At times, the wild narratives of competitive eating resemble WWE professional wrestling, a scripted pseudo-sport that combines the melodrama of soap operas and the action of boxing. Like wrestling, winners of the Nathan’s competition are awarded “the mustard belt,” and Shea’s theatrical introductions often resemble wrestlers’ long-winded pre-match soliloquies.

By coincidence, Shea’s wife is a writer for WWE and a former soap opera producer. “What soap operas did and what WWE did is exactly what we do but in a different format,” Shea says. The difference, it seems, is that while professional wrestling delivers its narrative with a soap opera’s self-serious camp, competitive eating does so with a winking acknowledgement of the fact that its “heroes” are men and women who compete to cram down astonishing quantities of hot dogs, oysters, sweet corn or pork rolls.

Competitive eating’s mechanisms of audience engagement—the creation of heroes, drama and cultural relevance—are no different than those in other popular sports, except for their lack of straight-faced earnestness. In competitive eating, George Shea created the first true ironic sport, and made a killing along the way.

Asked if he believes that competitive eating will outlast him, Shea stops to reflect. “Do you know how many questions I’ve considered before? I’ve never considered that.” He pauses for a moment, thinking. “Wow,” he says. “I guess it could.”

Sports – TIME


6 Things We Want in the ‘Daria’ Reboot

Remember Daria? The animated adult sitcom on MTV? This Beavis and Butthead spin-off, starring a slightly misanthropic, disaffected, teenage outcast named Daria Morgendorffer, became an instant hit. Her off-color brand of teen angst and cleverly placed sarcasm helped form the critical voice of the millennial generation. Sadly, unlike some popular adult animated series that run for decades, Daria’s swan song came in 2002.  So, when MTV announced that a reboot of Daria was in the works, we here at FANDOM were super stoked.

Amidst a seemingly hopeless political landscape, Daria is more relevant today than ever before. Her signature satirical take on this “sick, sad world” is exactly what network television needs right now. The reboot, with the tentative title Daria and Jodie, will focus on the lives of an adult Daria and her former Lawndale High classmate, Jodie Landon.  It will be penned by Grace Nkenge Edwards, also known for her work on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Inside Amy Schumer, and Broad City, just to name a few. Daria and Jodie has the potential to be another home-run for MTV, if they don’t miss the mark.  We deeply, sincerely hope that this Daria reinvention will include these six things:

Jane, Daria’s Partner in Crime

Jodie and Daria were just acquaintances in high school, her real best friend was Jane Lane. She was snarky, well-adjusted, an artist who shared Daria’s worldviews, and they immediately gravitated towards each other at Lawndale High. Daria and Jane had a rapport unlike any other, their senses of humor were perfectly complementary, and they would oftentimes complete each other’s sentences.  Though they had a brief falling out in Season 4, their friendship was the cornerstone of the series. It would be unimaginable to have another Daria series without Jane.

Jodie’s #BlackGirlMagic

Though Daria’s scathing social commentary was novel in its time, it came from a place of white privilege. Daria came from an upper-middle-class family, her parents both had high power jobs, and her path to college was never questioned. Daria always had a feminist vibe, but it was never intersectional enough.  Hopefully, with the focus on Jodie Landon, an African American woman, the reboot’s social commentary will cover more bases. Considering Daria and Jodie were never really close in the original series, this reboot might compare and contrast their individual lives, rather than their experiences together. Paired with Grace Nkenge Edwards’ experience navigating academically elite environments, Jodie will be the perfect way to comment on what it’s like to be an African American woman in the United States today.

Tom, Daria’s Love Interest

In the first couple of seasons, most Daria fans were totally ‘shipping Daria and Trent, Jane’s burnt-out, older brother. However, Daria’s real OTP was with Tom Sloane, Jane’s ex-boyfriend.  Tom was a well-meaning, well-read, cynical cinephile. The two of them got on swimmingly. When they finally got together in Season 4, it was very satisfying to see Daria connect with someone truly on her same wavelength. In the reboot, we would love to see how Daria and Tom have nurtured their relationship over time.

Quinn, Daria’s Younger Sister

Quinn was the quintessential popular girl and anti-hero of the show. It’s safe to say that the two siblings were polar opposites of each other. Quinn would refuse to associate herself in public with Daria, and she would frequently ostracize Daria at school. (Though Daria did plenty of that to herself.) Quinn valued popularity over academics and was Vice-President of the fashion club.  Her flock of fellow mean girls, bossy Sandi, anxious Stacy, and clueless Tiffany, were a Greek chorus of sorts, repeating materialistic rhetoric in a vapid echo chamber. In the reboot, it would be funny to see Quinn get smacked in the face with a healthy dose of karma.

Biting Wit

Daria was the embodiment of teen angst, the girl who perfected shade-throwing, the black sheep that was somehow 100% relatable. We loved her long before hipsters stole her look because she wasn’t afraid to live her truth. Her melancholic, malaise truth. We certainly hope that Daria doesn’t grow out of her deadpan sarcasm, rather it will ripen with age.

Alter Egos

Daria‘s end credits were like the icing on top of the sundae. Every great show has an end-credit schtick, like Arrested Development’s “On the Next …” or Community’s adventures of Troy and AbedDaria was known for having incredible artwork at the end of each episode, known as her alter egos. They usually showed all the characters dressed up as pop culture references or ridiculous versions of themselves.  In the Daria reboot, let’s hope these beauties make a comeback. Imagine Daria and Jane à la Kardashian.

If MTV keeps some of these awesome Daria elements, we have no doubt in our minds that this reboot is going to be another hit!

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You probably shouldn’t wear these 7 things as a wedding guest this summer

You probably shouldn’t wear these 7 things as a wedding guest this summer

You probably shouldn’t wear these 7 things as a wedding guest this summer

If you’re dreading purchasing another dress to wear to your eighth wedding this summer, we get you—wedding season is a lot to handle. There’s no shame in re-wearing outfits from one event to another, and you can pretty much wear any dress of your choosing so long that it is appropriate for a wedding. That last part is important, because there are a number of different outfit mishaps that often occur at weddings, the pros say. To ensure you don’t make a fashion misstep, we chatted with four stylists to find out what you should or maybe shouldn’t wear as a guest this summer. Here are their best suggestions on what to avoid.

Anything that even resembles white.

You know the drill—the bride should be the only one wearing white at the wedding. This includes every color that could potentially be considered in the white family, such as cream, bone, ivory, beige, and off-white. The one and only exception to this rule is if the bride and groom are having a “white-themed wedding” and request that their guests wear the hue. Still, even in this case, Ali Levine, celebrity stylist, fashion expert, and TV personality, warns guests never to wear anything that looks like a wedding dress.

Denim anything.

If you’re thinking of pulling a throwback to that iconic Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim moment, don’t. “Save your jeans for the backyard BBQ! Jeans are not welcome at a wedding no matter how casual it is,” says Toni Ferrara, a celebrity stylist who’s dressed Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Beckinsale. “It’s just not a fabric that is meant to have a wedding moment.” Make sure your date knows this, too.

Anything too revealing.

Style experts agree that all eyes should be on the bride. “Drawing attention to you in a ‘sexual’ way is disrespectful in my opinion,” says Rayne Parvis, a certified Style Coach, personal stylist, media personality and author of Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!. She recommends staying away from anything too tight, that reveals too much cleavage, or with a completely open back. “A great rule of thumb is to accentuate one body part in a respectful way, not all three; cleavage, legs, and back,” she adds. Mayes agrees, adding, “Not only will your outfit be frowned upon, but you just may fall right out of that extremely plunging neckline.”

Caiaimage/Tom Merton/Getty Images

Related article: A comprehensive guide to wedding guest attire 

Out-of-season hues.

Levine recommends wearing colors that are in-line with the summer season, so keep your orange-, auburn- and maroon-colored gowns in the closet until fall and winter. “Certain colors, fabrics, and aesthetics tell us it’s summer and makes us feel a certain way about that season,” she says. “Do not show up wearing fall colors and heavy fabrics in June, July, or August.”

A dress that matches the wedding colors.

Unless you’re in the wedding party, Parvis warns against intentionally wearing colors to match. “If you’re not a bridesmaid and you show up dazzling in the same color, it will appear you’re trying to be part of the wedding party versus a guest,” she says. “You’ll get questions and confusing looks.”

An oversized hat.

Sure, you hate it when the sun’s in your eyes, but that’s what sunglasses are for. Leave your oversized hats out of the equation when it comes to selecting your wedding attire. “Excessively large hats may block the view of the other guests, especially if you are seated in the front row,” says Ty-Ron Mayes, a celebrity stylist who appeared on America’s Next Top Model. “If you do not want to wear a smaller hat, consider a fascinator. Your sense of style and appropriateness will be well received.”

Anything too casual.

It might be hot, or even a beach-themed wedding, but leave your poolside attire where it belongs. “Unless the bride and groom tells you in the invitation to bring a change of casual clothing, or that it is a casual affair, stay nicely dressed,” says Levine. The same goes for your shoes. “Leave sandals at home—even if they’re beautiful.”

This article originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.

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10 Things We Learned From Young Buck on The Breakfast Club

Young Buck on The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Power 105

Throughout his tenure in the rap game, G-Unit’s Young Buck’s had one hell of a journey over the decades. Starting out as a young independent rapper who found his way onto Juvenile’s tour but before ultimately ended up a G-Unit soldier, Young Buck’s paid his dues and reaped the rewards before falling on hard time.

Today the Ca$ hville Ten-A-Key rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his journey that’s led up to today and spoke about why he never signed with Juvenile, where things went sour with 50 Cent, and how that fight at the Vibe Awards had long lasting consequences on his life.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Young Buck on The Breakfast Club.


Instagram Photo

1. Ca$ h Money

Youngbuck was never actually signed to Ca$ h Money Millionaires but was affiliated with them through Juvenile before he eventually joined G-Unit. He remembers he was given a contract to sign with UTP but he simply put it under his bed on the bus and kept on with his life.

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired


15 things no one warns you about after childbirth


Michelle Stein

posted in Parenting

I devoured the obligatory What to Expect When You’re Expecting, pored through BabyCenter’s resource pages and asked my Ob-gyn about a million questions when I was pregnant with my first child. Since I armed myself with all the knowledge I could get my hands on, I thought I had a decent handle on what to expect.


As it turned out, there were still plenty of surprises after delivery and well into those first few months with my newborn.

Been-there-done-that moms in the BabyCenter Community who are due in February have been sharing their hard-earned wisdom, in a thread titled, “Things they don’t tell you after your first birth.” And basically, this should be required reading for expecting parents. Here’s just a sampling of the gems I found:

1) You might still look pregnant after giving birth. “Unless you have a semi-fanatical workout routine or a plant-based vegan diet planned after baby, (or are genetically lucky) that belly won’t go anywhere.”

2) Contractions continue even after delivery. “The after uterine contractions can hurt worse than labor. Especially if you nurse, AND they get worse with each baby.”

3) Nurses will push on your uterus after delivery. “I didn’t know a nurse will perform fundal checks after delivery. This can be uncomfortable. Basically the nurse will massage your belly. It helps to dispel clots. Also to make sure the uterus is responding after delivery and going back to its normal size.”

4) Postpartum bleeding is, um, intense. “The amount of blood and clots that fall out of your vagina is not something I was prepared for.”

5) C-section recovery = ouch! “No one told me how painful my scar would be after my surgery especially since it was an emergency or that I would have to walk the day after they did it.”

6) Night sweats are no joke. “I would wake up every night drenched in sweat. So much so I would have to change my pajamas. It lasted for a couple of weeks!”

7) The baby blues are real. “Be prepared for tears. I cried at everything. It’s normal.”

8) With that said, it could be something more. “Know the signs of postpartum depression and seek help right away if you think you may have it, or if someone else thin(k)s you do.”

9) Babies cry. A lot. And it’s totally normal. “A baby that sleeps through the night is a rarity not the norm, so all those older ladies that seem to remember their baby sleeping through by 2 months are lying.”

10) Breastfeeding might hurt in the beginning. “I didn’t know how painful nursing would be at first. It was like scraping glass around my nipples. So many tears from me and DD.”

11) Be prepared for leakage. “Your boobs will leak whenever you hear any baby cry. So if you get to go to the store without your baby, still put nursing pads on!”

12) Speaking of leakage … “Jumping will make you pee involuntarily.”

13) Sometimes, baby just wants to hang out in the middle of the night. “Night times feeds will not always end in baby going back to sleep. My daughter would eat and have a clean diaper and when it was all said and done she would be still looking in my face wide-eyed like ‘mommy where da party at?'”

14) Your baby might loathe her car seat And it really sucks. “Driving a screaming baby around to get him or her to sleep when they HATE their car seat is a nightmare. My DD (dear daughter) screamed for a year every time we went anywhere because she hated her car seat.”

15) When are you having another? “Once your child turns one, every person will be hounding you about having baby number two.”

Ah, this list takes me back. It’s funny how much of the unpleasant postpartum stuff I “forget” after each kid, even though my youngest is only 18 months old. I remember being totally overwhelmed by my bleeding, leaking body at first. And my first child (and third, actually) hated the car seat with a burning passion. Even after my second birth, the post-delivery contractions threw me for a loop. Because apparently these tend to worsen with each pregnancy. Who knew?

Expecting couples can certainly read about the mechanics of all this stuff in books and online; but, in my experience, testimonies often paint a more realistic picture of what they’re in for. So share this list far and wide. Because parents-to-be deserve fair warning.

What do you think of this list? What would you add?

Images by iStock

This post was originally published in October, 2017.

BabyCenter Blog


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5 Things Millennials Care About When Renting

Millennials have saturated the rental market, making up roughly 40% of it—becoming the largest group of renters in any other generation in the United States.

Millennials are vastly different from the previous generations, and, as a landlord, not considering these differences when trying to fill your property can hurt your chances of renting to them.

In this post, we’ll help you land more millennial tenants by exploring five ways you can cater to their needs and wants as a landlord.

1. Apartments that Allow Pets

It’s no secret that millennials are having kids later than the generations before. But what you may not have known is that 44% of millennials consider caring for a pet as practice for caring for their future children.

In fact, a whopping 35% of pets are owned by millennials, surpassing the percentage of pets owned by individuals in other generations.

By extension, catering to this trend and making your property pet-friendly could increase your chances of renting to a millennial—yet many landlords don’t because of the potential risk of damage. In reality, many pet owners have a hard time finding apartments that allow pets.

You can lower your risk by including a pet deposit or fee in your Residential Rental Lease. This deposit or fee can then be used if any damages occur as a result of the tenant’s pet.

With a deposit or fee and a pet-friendly property, you can feel protected while still being accommodating to the needs of tenants with pets.

2. Residential Complexes that Consider Environmental Friendliness

Millennials care about sustainability and are even willing to pay more for items that consider environmentalism, such as corporations that use less or environmentally-friendly packaging.

A millennial’s desire to only support corporations that match their sustainability beliefs is so strong that 45% of millennials are willing to switch the brand they normally buy to a brand that is committed to environmentalism.

For landlords, going green is a great way to stand out from your competitors, and there are plenty of ways you can do so, such as:

  • Being mindful of the ingredients in the cleaners or pesticides you use: there are many biodegradable or chemical-free cleaners you can choose from to maintain your property.
  • Using different lightbulbs: eco-friendly lightbulbs are often more efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent ones.
  • Investing in solar energy: though costly to install, if you can add solar panels to your property, your long-term return on investment is worth it. In the interim, adding solar panels could earn you some money through the Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit.

Other ways you can make your property more sustainable includes replacing traditional showerheads, toilets, and faucets with water-efficient alternatives, going paperless, and/or adding more recycling bins.

You’ll likely find that by making your building more environmentally friendly, you are not only enticing new tenants with your responsible sustainability practices but you are saving money and the environment.

3. Communicating with Their Landlord Online or Through Text

Convenience is key, and most tenants do not want to play phone tag with their landlord just to inform them of something like a minor repair. This trend is becoming popular, and lots of rentals are moving basic services (like where tenants make maintenance requests or complaints) online.

Keep in mind, though using email or text is better for you or your tenant for simple conversations, you still have to consider the legal regulations in place when it comes to communicating with your tenant.

For instance, it may be okay to text your tenant and tell them that maintenance is done making a repair in their apartment or for your tenant to text you permission to enter their property, but it is typically not okay for you to text your Notice to Enter (the document you need to provide in order to legally enter your tenant’s unit) in order to make the repair.

4. Accessible Payment Options

While a handful of renters may not think twice about the form of payment your rental property accepts, to some, accessible payment options are a must-have.

For example, how many times have you seen a millennial write a check? Probably not often since over one-fifth of millennials have never done so. What’s more, 6 in 10 millennials don’t own a credit card.

So, before you set your payment options as check or credit only, which some landlords do, look at the popularity of other forms of payments, namely mobile and electronic payments.

Adding payment options can come at a cost to you, so do your research and make a decision that works for your situation—preferably one that doesn’t inflate your overhead budget.

5. Proximity to Important Places Like Banks, Grocery Stores, and Bus Stops

Many of us care about being close to important places and like to have the option of busing to work or walking to the grocery store instead of getting in our car. Millennials, however, buy fewer cars than other generations, which makes proximity integral to choosing a rental home for this generation.

One downfall is that the neighborhood surrounding your rental is sometimes not under your control as a landlord. However, if your property is close to a bank or a grocery store, it may be worthwhile to see how long it takes to walk there and include that information in your advertisement.

Advertising Your Rental

With the vast majority of renters being millennials, it’s a good idea to make your property more desirable to individuals in this group.

Allowing pets, considering your environmental impact, and making communication and payments more accessible are just some of the ways you can market your property to millennials.

Be sure to do your own research about your property and the surrounding area to make sure marketing to millennials works for you.

Do you know of other ways you can advertise your rental property to millennials? Let us know in the comments!

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12 Things Never to Leave in a Hot Car

Common sense dictates that you not leave babies, pets, and expensive gadgets in hot cars. But did you know that some everyday objects, from sunscreen to art supplies, can get damaged in scorching vehicles as well? To stave off health hazards, technical malfunctions, and other unpleasant occurrences, be sure to remove these 12 items before you walk away from your parked car on a sunny summer day.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


The Point: Trump held a press conference at the G7 — here are the 38 wildest things he said

President Donald Trump didn’t spend much time at the G7 meeting in Quebec over the last 48 hours, but he managed to make plenty of news. As he was leaving for the conference, Trump told reporters he’d support re-adding Russia into the group. (Russia was removed from the group after it annexed Crimea in 2014.)

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Politics


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

David Axelrod: We’ve got to talk about these things



http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

The Weekend Reset: All things World Cup 2018, a seasonal weekend cocktail and a remembrance.

It’s Friday. Looking for something to switch up your weekend, or to give you an excuse to relax a little? That’s what the Weekend Reset is for. Each week contributor Tim Johnstone pulls together five things to get your weekend started. Could be something to read or watch, something to eat or listen to, or even something to do. Enjoy the weekend fellas.


PREP: Your 2018 World Cup! Are you ready for some futbol?!

2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup tournament begins next week. This is as big as it gets for soccer and the excitement of the matches almost always outweighs the stench of the corruption of the governing organization behind the event. No small feat, that. Joe himself recommends this blog over at ESPN FC which is doing a preview of the tourney. This is a good place to get up to speed on who will be competing and what to expect in the most watched sports event in the world. Also, if you are keen on making your own picks for the matches and see how you did against others, this looks pretty fun!


WRITE: A note to someone important to you.

Get a card. You’ll find them all over. Sit down. Write. Yes, hand write a note (bonus points for cursive). It could be a note of appreciation, or one of thanks. Maybe it is simply recognition of a recent event or shared memory. But write it. It not only makes you think and be thankful for someone in your life, but it will make you think about the importance of that expression. Your friend will be grateful for your time as well as your thoughts. There are loads of studies proclaiming the benefits of old fashioned, hand written, mailed correspondence. And if it goes the way I think, you might just make a habit if it. It is also a good idea to stock up on cards so you have some ready to go. Once you get past the big box places, indie coffee shops and gift stores and book shops have great cards, often by local artists.


DRINK: A tasty update of a Mexican favorite.

Paloma Cocktail Recipe from Saveur.com

While Margaritas get all the attention, Palomas are my favorite Mexican cocktail. A mix of grapefruit juice, good tequila, soda and lime juice make for a refreshing summer drink. They are certainly less caloric than their more famous brethren. This update on the Paloma honors the original but also raises is it to a new level. And while you’ll need to make the chile grenadine, it is not difficult and it is something you can adapt for other cocktails.


REMEMBER: Kate Spade’s influence in fashion – an appreciation.


Show of hands: how many of you guys own something from Jack Spade? Thought so. That brand is popular in the Dappered community. Jake Spade was part of the Kate Spade family. The deeply personal choice Kate Spade made this week has left many people sad, even stunned. Kate Spade had an enormous impact on women and men’s fashion. She was decidedly different. She made smart choices in how she marketed her brand. And she deserves to be remembered for that and much more. The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize winning Fashion writer Robin Givhan does a really lovely job in this piece. It’s worth your time.


WATCH: Go ahead! Eat as much pie as you want.

Sometimes a funny movie is just a funny movie. And sometimes a funny movie is also a not-entirely subtle lesson in how to live one’s life. Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep are at their best in this movie about learning some of life’s important lessons. It is genuinely funny and because it’s an Albert Brooks movie, it is often full of awkward situations that may be more relatable than you’d like. It has a huge heart and it is one of those experiences you just don’t forget.

Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He’s pretty sure he should lay off the horror movies but he’s afraid to. 

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10 things you should never get on a plane without


If you’re just as obsessed with traveling as we are, you’ll know that packing for a vacation is one of the hardest things to do. Sure, you can get excited about wandering around temples, frolicking on a beach, exploring rainforests and other fun activities, but if you haven’t packed the right essentials you might be turning as red as a tomato on the beach, being bitten within an inch of your life in the rainforest, and walking around with broken shoes in the temples. It’ll be a mess. Want our help? We travel all the time, and these are the 10 things we never get on a plane without.

A multi-functional carry-on

Gone are the days of simply taking a backpack as your flight carry-on – the world of traveling has advanced. Nowadays, you can buy awesome multi-functional bags that is a mix between a backpack and a tiny suitcase. Despite their size, these kinds of carry-on cases have enough space to carry everything you need for the plane journey, as well as being both practical and fashionable.

Wireless earbuds

There’s nothing worse than opening your bag to find that your headphones have got caught up in all of your other belongings, or saturated with the hand lotion that popped open mid-flight. This is why we always opt for wireless headphones that you can simply keep in your pocket – away from anything that might hurt or harm them. Nowadays, these kinds of headphones normally have a 6-8 hour charge on them, which is perfect for a mid to long-haul flight.

Comfortable and supportive socks

It’s no secret that sitting on a plane for hours on end is not comfortable in the slightest, which is why should always take it upon yourself to try anything to be comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to wear your most comfortable and most supportive socks. This way, your feet will feel warm, toasty and soft as you sit in the stagnant air of the airplane.

A multi-purpose toiletry bag

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re all about using things that can be used for different purposes, which is why you should get a multi-purpose toiletry bag. When you’re traveling a lot, it is not practical to carry various different bags for different categories of cosmetics and toiletries. By buying yourself an all-in-one bag that has separate compartments, you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

A toothbrush you’re used to

During ours travels, we’ve realized that the toothbrushes you receive in hotels or on long flights are often painful and uncomfortable – which is why it’s always important to travel with a toothbrush you’re used to. Whether you want something a bit fancy, or whether you’re used to a cheap dollar toothbrush from the local store, it’ll save you a lot of hassle and bleeding gums.

A multi-purpose wallet

You might be wondering what other purpose a wallet could have – but it’s actually pretty nifty! You can now buy wallets and purses that double up as battery packs for your cell phone, which is perfect for a long flight or a day of traveling. Instead of finding yourself with no battery, you can simply plug it into your purse and charge it up as you go.

A personal backpack

You may have your multi-purpose carry-on, but this bag is not practical for wandering around small side streets, checking out traditional markets, or even surviving a flight. This is why a personal backpack is one of the 10 things we never get on a plane without. This is where you can carry everything from your water to a good book, to your sunglasses, to your headphones and more. By using a personal backpack, you can separate your important flight essentials from your luxuries.

A fancy phone case

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the items you need to take on a flight, which is why it’s best to keep as many things as possible together. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in fancy phone cases that have space for important cards such as ID or bank card. This way, you do not have to fumble around for a purse if you need these items, as they will always be with your phone.

Comfy clothes

Just as you don’t want to step on a plane without comfy socks, you also don’t want to step on a plane without comfortable clothes. When you’re stuck in one position for a few hours, the last thing you want is to be constricted by your clothing. So, steer clear of tight clothing such as denim, and opt for looser items such as leggings, sweaters and more.

Quality skincare

There are a few issues with airplanes; they’re not totally clean, and they’re extremely dry – and these factors can wreak havoc on your body. If you find your skin feels dry during every single flight, then start arming yourself with quality skin care, such as hand lotion and cleansing lotion to avoid bacteria.

If you travel as much as we do, you’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when you’re in-flight – and after many years, we’ve come to the conclusion that these 10 things are essential. Trust us!


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Things to know before booking a hostel


Let’s be honest, we would give up our jobs right now and travel the world for years on end if we could – but unfortunately, our bank account would have an emotional breakdown and cry for the rest of its short life. Yep, traveling costs money, which means that your dream of flying from one country to the next just isn’t viable. Everything from the flights, to the insurance, to the accommodation, to the food and the travel within each destination will set you back a fair few dollars, so it’s not even worth thinking about, right? Well, you shouldn’t write it off completely. Although many people often have negative thoughts on staying in hostels, they are one of the cheapest ways to travel the world on a budget. However, you should probably know these things before booking a hostel…

You need to do your own location research

Most major cities and tourist destinations are overrun with hostels – which means that they are all in competition with each other. Unfortunately for lowly travelers, the people who run these hostels know exactly what their potential customers would want from a hostel, which is why they often advertise themselves as ‘centrally located’ or ‘just a five-minute walk to the metro.’ However, these guys will say anything for a sale, so it’s important to do your own location research. Using Google Maps to locate where the hostel in relation to the areas you want to visit, make sure you know what you’re booking.

Always keep your safety in mind

Sadly, you can never guarantee the safety of your belongings when you travel. That’s just the way it is. Every time you leave your suitcase in an airport or in a hostel (or even a hotel) you never know what is going to happen – but you can do your best to ensure your possessions are kept safe. Make sure that you book your hostel in a safe neighborhood, and ensure that you take numerous combinations padlocks with you on your travels. Just to be sure, it’s also a good idea to label your luggage with your name, address and contact number just in case. For your own benefit, take a picture of your suitcase or backpack before you leave to show the relevant officials if your stuff is stolen.

Make sure you’re up to date on the check-in and check-out times

A hostel is not like a 5* hotel – and many do not have 24-hour concierges or even receptionists. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that you are aware of the hostel’s check-in and check-out times, because they may not agree with your itinerary. If you know your overnight train will be arriving in the early hours of the morning, it would be an idea to contact the hostel before you go to see if they will be able to make arrangements to check you in. The same goes for the check-out times.

Each hostel is different

One of the best things about hostels is that each one is different, and they each have their own vibe. Most hostels around the world try to offer their own social scene for their visitors, and may often house their own bar or games rooms to accommodate their guests. By looking at their website, you’ll be able to get a feel for their vibe. If they are a buzzing hub of drinking and DJ’s, the introverted travelers may want to steer clear. If they are in the middle of nowhere that features just one communal kitchen, the travelers looking for a good time may want to choose somewhere else.

Hotels are one of the cheapest ways to travel the world – but you need to know how to choose the right one!


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Goldman Sachs’ next CEO is already shaking things up

A part-time DJ is in line to seize the helm at Goldman Sachs — and he’s already got the bank’s executives playing musical chairs. David Solomon — who on top of holding the No. 2 spot at the Wall Street powerhouse does weekend music gigs under the stage name DJ D-Sol — is the driving…
Business | New York Post


3 Things to Do When You Feel Stuck in a Rut | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network



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Pauley Perrette: 5 Things To Know About ‘NCIS’ Star Who Alleged There Was Assault On-Set

Days after Pauley Perrette’s final episode of ‘NCIS’ aired, she hinted that she may have left due to ‘multiple physical assaults.’ As this scandal unfolds, get all the details about her.

Hollywood Life


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5 things I’ve done since having a baby I was told I’d never do again


Jamie Reed

posted in Parenting

It’s a bit of a shock to realize my baby will be 5 months old this week. In some ways it feels as if he’s been controlling my life an adorable addition for much longer, and in other ways it’s like I only just found out I was pregnant.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the “helpful” advice people gave me before the baby, telling me all the things I’d never do again, now that I was going to be a mom. (I wrote about that  here.)

Not only have I done ALL of the things, I’ve done them quite a bit. Moms-to-be, don’t panic. Here are the things you’ll still get to do after having a baby:

1. Go out to eat

Granted I did pretty much stay tucked away in my house for the first couple of months of my baby’s life, but that was really due to the crazy cold/flu season we experienced. Once my pediatrician said things were calming down, we broke out of the house and have taken the baby all over the place. I imagine eating with a toddler will prove challenging in other ways, but for now, he’s pretty easy to transport wherever we decide to go.

mom and baby in restaurant

2. Travel

While I haven’t taken the baby on any big trips yet, I have done a little traveling on my own recently. A few days in California were quite lovely and I was really refreshed when I got home. My husband and I also have a couple of weekend trips planned for the summer, both with and without the baby. Is it harder to travel with a baby? Sure. It helps that we have grandparents near by and a pretty content baby.

landscape from airplane

3. Sleep through the night

When I was close to the end of my pregnancy I was sharing some fears with a friend. So many people were telling me sleep horror stories (and just general baby horror stories) and they were getting in my head. My friend listened to my fears and said, “You know, some babies actually do sleep. You might get one of those.” Huh.

Even better than hearing those hopeful words? The fact that she was right.

So far, my son has always been a good sleeper. We had to wake him up in the beginning to eat. When he hit 3-4 months he was sleeping 4-6 hours at a time during the night and now that he’s 5 months old? He’s sleeping 7-10 hours solid a night! (And yes, I know that not everyone gets a baby who’s a great sleeper, but, pregnant moms, don’t panic just yet. It can happen to you!)

sleeping baby

4. Take a shower

Were there days in the beginning where I wore the same outfit for three days solid and couldn’t remember the last time I washed my hair? Definitely. But things settled down and now I’m bathing at least a couple of times of month. 😉

baby playing on mat

That play mat goes everywhere, including the bathroom while I shower and dry my hair! He’s not too sure about the hair dryer…

5. Wear something other than yoga pants

I wear sweat pants too!

Sure, some days are spent in the clothes I slept in, but in my defense that happened pre-baby too. (I work from home.) I actually like getting dressed for the day, even if the only person who gets to appreciate my outfit is an adorable drool-machine. Though I will say wearing heels again after months of flats during pregnancy has been an adjustment. I feel like I’m a kid playing dress-up.

mother and baby in clothing store

Proof I put on “real” clothes AND leave the house occasionally!

It’s been reassuring that so many things have returned to how they were. My husband and I spend our evenings making and eating dinner, catching our favorite television shows, and trying to make plans for the days ahead. As big as an adjustment a baby is (and yes, it’s a BIG adjustment), life will take on a new normal. You’ll eventually find some form of a routine, and carry on almost like you did before. Almost.

Have you managed to do any of the things people say you wouldn’t do post baby?

BabyCenter Blog


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3 Things You Should Do Before Getting Remarried

If you’ve found your soulmate after a failed marriage, you’re probably anxious to move forward and turn over a new leaf in your life.

With new love in the air, you may also be thinking of getting remarried. If you are, you could be wondering if there is anything you should do to wrap up your previous marital matters and protect yourself, your family, and your future spouse in case things don’t go as planned.

In this post, find out three important things you should do before saying “I do” for the second time.

1. Make Sure You Are Divorced

This suggestion may seem absurd, but attempting to get married without being properly divorced can happen, especially because the distinction between separation and divorce in the eyes of the law can be unclear.

A separation typically means a couple is not together anymore but it doesn’t mean they’re legally divorced (and ergo, eligible to remarry). So, if you’ve tied the knot before, you’ll need to ensure you are actually divorced—and not just separated—before exchanging your vows with another person.

One way to check if your divorce was legitimate is to go to a vital record’s office in your state and attempt to pull a divorce decree (sometimes called a divorce certificate).

Likewise, individuals who divorce in a foreign country may find they are not actually divorced in the United States. This is because the rules and requirements regarding marriage and divorce in other countries can differ greatly from laws in the States, and other conditions, such as evidence that both spouses had an opportunity to be heard before the divorce was granted, may be required before the divorce can be properly recognized.

Similarly, you may want to check with your local records office to make sure everything is in order.

Weddings can be expensive, so before you say yes to the dress (or suit), pick your cake, and finalize your guest list, you should confirm your legal relationship status.

2. Protect Yourself with a Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement (often called a prenup) can seem ominous in that it addresses what you and your husband or wife will do after your relationship has ended, but this agreement is actually very useful and is recommended if you:

  • Have children with someone else
  • Want to protect anything that personally belongs to you or belonged to you before your relationship, such as personal property, inheritances, businesses, or investments
  • Want to avoid certain disagreements or misunderstandings about current and future financial responsibilities

When you plan to remarry, it is understandable to not want to be bogged down by the thought of your current relationship failing, but prenups can save a lot of headaches (and heartaches) for you and your husband or wife in case things don’t go as planned.

3. Update Your Estate Plans

Depending on when you originally created your estate plans, your estate documents, like your Power of Attorney or Last Will and Testament, likely reference your previous relationship, and as you enter this new chapter of your life, you’ll want to update these documents.

It’s impossible to know when these documents will be needed, so to protect yourself, your family, and your future husband or wife, you should ensure your estate documents accurately reflect your current situation.

A good rule to follow is to update your estate documents after any major life events (including having or adopting a child, purchasing a home, and more).

Start Your Next Chapter Properly

Although we all want our fairy tale life to start sooner rather than later, without taking the appropriate steps before getting remarried, you can quickly end up the protagonist of your own tragic tale.

Confirming your relationship status, getting a prenup, and updating your estate plans are just three things you should do before getting remarried that can be essential to protecting yourself—and your family—from future problems or mishaps.

Is there anything else you would recommend to someone who’s getting remarried? Let us know in the comments!

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7 things you need to know about Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber, we salute you. The legs, the wisdom, the hot new Omega watch – we’ll take it all

Kaia Gerber

As soon as she hit 16 (the legal age limit for models walking on the catwalk, FYI), Kaia Gerber made her catwalk debut at the Calvin Klein show in New York. As the daughter of Cindy Crawford, it was pretty much a given she would follow in her mother’s footsteps into the world of modelling, and last week Kaia Gerber made another debut – working with Omega as the face of its new Tresor timepiece. We met up with the model-of-the-moment to chat style rules, social feeds and what it really means to be a super now.

She’s not a supermodel. Yet…
‘When people refer to me as a supermodel, I think, ‘‘Give me a little time, at least!’’ The word supermodel shouldn’t be used lightly and I definitely think it has to be earned. But it’s an honour to be associated with who was there in the nineties.’

She grew up with Omega
‘To be a Omega ambassador is such a honour for me. My entire family went to the Beijing Olympics with Omega, and I was just in awe of the Omega family. It was on that trip that we got really close and I knew from that moment this was a company I wanted to work with,’ Gerber says, adding, ‘this is the first time I’ve worked with my mom, officially, for Omega; to be able to do shoot together with Peter Lindbergh means the world to me.’ What we would have given to have been a fly on that wall in that shoot, Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber together, boom!
Kaia Gerber

Karlie Kloss gave her the modelling 101…
‘My mom never gave me a catwalk lesson.’ In our heads, the supermodel duo sashay down their hallway all day every day but, alas, non. ‘I’m not catwalking down the hallways of my house, sorry to disappoint you,’ Kaia Gerber laughs. So, apart from her super mum, who else does she admire in the industry? ‘I have always looked up to Karlie Kloss. She started out even younger than my mom, and when I started out she always had the best advice for me.’

…but Cindy is her all-time inspo
It must be pretty inspiring having Cindy Crawford as your mum, Kaia Gerber tells us: ‘She’s so down to earth – that supermodel version of Cindy Crawford wasn’t my mom – she did a really good job of separating her work and home life, and I admire her for that.’

She has a golden style rule and we are SO into it
‘I follow the rule of less is more. I’m a bit of a tomboy, I just like to be comfortable as I’m usually running around. I wear jeans and sneakers every day and look at watches as an accessory, like sunglasses. If it makes you feel good, you should wear it. Watches are a piece of history – that’s what I love about the Omega Tresor – how classic it is. I wanted [the design] to be something true to Omega while giving it a modern twist.’ Hit the full Tresor collection here
Kaia Gerber

She loves a snoop in her mum’s closet
‘As a kid I would go into her closet and find her watches and jewellery and stack them up, literally weighing my wrists down. But now I have my own Tresor watch, which I wear everyday, I don’t have to steal hers.’ She didn’t just stop at watches though… ‘I definitely take a lot of her vintage pieces, they are the most iconic to me.’

She’s just like us on Instagram
Apart from the 3 million followers, obviously… but Kaia Gerber loves the way she can express herself on the app: ‘Instagram is the closest I can get to being who I really am – it’s easy to get caught up in social media but I don’t let it dictate how I live my life. I think when I was about 13 one person started following me on Instagram and I thought, how did they find me?’ And her fave person to follow? ‘ My brother Presley, because I would not know what he’s doing otherwise! When I’m travelling and he’s not responding to me, I have to check to see where he is. You spend so much time looking at other people’ s lives it’ s hard to live life in the moment. Some of the best advice my parents have given me is to be grateful.’ Words to live by? We think so, too.

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10 Things To Know About Former McDonald’s President and CEO Don Thompson

There’s a lot more to C-suite executive Don Thompson—the 2007 Black Enterprise Executive of the Year who gave B.E. an exclusive in-person interview after retiring from McDonald’s in 2015—than you might think.

10 Things You Need to Know About Former McDonald’s President and CEO Don Thompson

  1. He and his wife, Liz Thompson, recently created a $ 1 million endowment for Purdue University’s College of Engineering, according to a statement released by the college; $ 900,000 will go toward scholarships for underrepresented engineering students, and the rest will go to the Minority Engineering Program, or MEP.
  2. Thompson and his wife graduated from Purdue and both majored in electrical engineering.
  3. Thompson has been a Purdue trustee since 2009.
  4. Don and Liz met through MEP.
  5. Their gift to the college will help to ensure that MEP can continue to support students of color pursuing engineering at Purdue. Other colleges have adopted the MEP model, according to the statement.
  6. The Thompsons’ gift will support MEP programs like its Engineering Academic Boot Camp, designed to support the transition of underrepresented students to Purdue campus life.
  7. The Thompsons lead Cleveland Avenue, a privately held venture capital firm that invests in “innovative food, beverage, and restaurant concepts and emerging brands.”
  8. The Thompsons also head their own foundation, the Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education. Don is CEO and Liz is president.
  9. Don worked for Northrop Grumman Corp. before going to McDonald’s, where he worked for 25 years, the last three as president and CEO.
  10. He has received a number of honors, including a Humanitarian Award from the Illinois Holocaust Museum in 2012.

“Purdue University, and specifically the Minority Engineering Program, opened doors of opportunity for Liz and me,” Don Thompson is quoted as saying in the statement. “Those doors, and God’s grace, ultimately led to successful careers that yielded economic opportunities to enable us to do what we’re doing today. Not only did we meet at Purdue through the program, but MEP helped shape our grit and perseverance—first through the summer engineering camps and then through the support it offered in response to academically challenging courses. At every step, they were there for us and now we want to pay it forward.”

Learn more at the Purdue website.

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Career | Black Enterprise


Very interesting things you didn’t know about the Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is perhaps one of the most well known symbols of the United States. Situated at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York City, once new immigrants heading to Ellis Island saw the statue they knew that they were home and that they were to begin a new, better, more prosperous life. But the statue itself also has an amazing history. Here are five facts to fill you with awe for this totally American icon.

People used to live on Liberty Island

The name of the island where the statue is based in the Hudson River is called Liberty Island, and there have been several people who have tried to make the island their homestead. In fact, there was a couple living on the island as late as 2012. The couple, whose last name is Luchsinger, lived for free on the island. How did they get such a sweet deal? The husband, David, worked for the national parks service and helped with the upkeep of the statue. Sadly, his house sustained serious damage during Hurricane Sandy, forcing the couple to move out of their free New York City home.

You used to be able to climb to the torch

If you visit the statue of liberty today, you can climb (or take an elevator) all the way up to the crown of Lady Liberty. However, at one point you were able to go all the way up to the tippy top of the torch. However, the torch has been off limits to tourists ever since the Black Tom terror attack of 1916. German agents came in and blew up almost 2 million tons of explosives destined for the British. The shrapnel (as well as blast which had the same amount of force as a 5.5 magnitude earthquake) damaged the structural integrity of the torch, and the torch observation deck has been closed ever since. For those who still want to see the view however, there is a webcam on the top.

The statue is modeled after a real person

When sculptor Frederic Bartholdi wanted to make the world’s most impressive and famous statue, he decided that he would model the statue on the most important woman in his life – his mother. Thats right, the woman giving so much hope to so many immigrants throughout the past hundred plus years was the sculptor’s mom. This secret was let out when a French politician accompanied the sculptor to the opera one evening, and saw a woman who happened to look exactly like the statue. When asked, the sculptor wasn’t shy and said “Yes, this is my mother.”

The sculptor wanted another statue

The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the most famous statue in one of the most important trading ports in the world, but the sculptor wanted to make a second statue on the other side of the planet and wanted her to be no less famous. He wanted to build this statue however, in Egypt, at the mouth of the Suez Canal, linking the Mediterranean sea to the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea. According to reports, the statue was set to be of an Egyptian woman holding a lantern to “light the way to Asia.” The project never got off the ground due to the fact that the Egyptians weren’t willing to pay for it.

The statue arrived in pieces

The Statue of Liberty is much too big to have been transported by ship. So each piece was built and sculpted separately, and was ultimately assembled in its present form on Liberty Island. Imagine seeing just a giant head laying on a ship. Oh wait, that picture totally exists.


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Stranger Things Season 3 Announces Production and Priah Ferguson Is Already Stealing the Show

Stranger ThingsStranger Things season three, or Stranger Things 3 if you will, is officially in production. To mark the occasion, Netflix released the above video featuring all your old friends, like Millie…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Millie Bobby Brown Shared a Sneak Peek Video of Stranger Things Season 3

Brace yourselves: Stranger Things Season 3 is coming. Well, it’s started filming, at least. Today, Millie Bobby Brown shared the link to the first behind-the-scenes video of the highly anticipated season, and it has us more excited than ever. The video, which features the show’s signature creepy music, revealed that production began on April 20, so we might have to wait a while for the final product.

The sneak peek clip also shared the new faces we can expect in the upcoming season: Maya Hawke (none other than Uma Thuman’s daughter), Jake Busey, and Cary Elwes. “On April 20, 2018, old friends and a few strangers came together to start a new adventure,” the video states. Only time will tell what that new adventure entails—but in the meantime, we’ll be savoring every last clue. Scroll down to watch the video.

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These are the things Meghan and Harry aren’t allowed to wear on their wedding day

And wait ’til you see the wedding guest rules

Meghan Markle visits Titanic Belfast.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK – 23 Mar 2018

Royal fashion etiquette is a law unto itself, from dictating which kind of bag Kate Middleton should wear to whether or not Princess Diana was allowed to wear gloves. So it comes as no surprise that the Royal wedding has a very strict dress code.

The wedding invites went out earlier this month, and the formal dress code was set: day dresses and hats for the women; uniforms, morning coats, or lounge suits for the men. But there are a few other rules wedding guests are expected to follow, as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so here’s a breakdown which will especially be handy for non-Royal and non-British guests – well, we wouldn’t want a sartorial faux pas from Meghan’s Suits castmates now, would we?

Female guests should wear hats and day dresses for the day

Beatrice and Eugenie didn’t just wear hats to become the meme of the year (well, pretty sure that wasn’t their intention either), they had to. Ladies must wear hats in church as a sign of respect, and the bigger and more jovial the better. However, hats aren’t recommended for the evening, as that’s when the tiaras come out. For the day, dresses are expected to be on the conservative side (it’s a church wedding after all), and colour is encouraged, though of course black and white are discouraged.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie - Philip Treacy defends Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding hat  - Marie Claire - Marie Claire UK

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – Philip Treacy defends Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat – Marie Claire – Marie Claire UK

For the evening, expect guests to wear fancier and longer dresses.

Male guests should wear uniforms, morning coats or lounge suits

According to Town & Country,  military men are encouraged to wear their uniforms, but failing that, a morning coat and all the trimmings is a must. Think tail coat, waistcoat, tie etc, though if that’s not their bag, a lounge suit, which despite the name is really just a nice suit, is allowed. However it’s deemed ‘inappropriate’ for men to wear hats, and polished black shoes are a must.

Prince Harry will probably wear a uniform

When Prince William married Kate, he wore his uniform, and as Harry was in the military too, it’s likely he will follow suit as it’s traditional for Royal men to do so.

Meghan Markle’s bouquet will have myrtle

According to Bustle, it’s a Royal tradition to include myrtle in the wedding bouquet, as it symbolises love. It all started when Victoria included a sprig in her bouquet, and it has since been grown in the Royal garden. Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and the Queen all had it in theirs.

Meghan Markle will have a classic manicure

No bold colours for Meghan, as only neutral manis are allowed for Royal events.

meghan markle coats


The bride’s wedding ring must contain Welsh gold

Another tradition, started by the Queen’s parents. When they got married, they got given a gold nugget from a mine in North Wales, and a bit has been used for each Royal bride since.

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress will be by a British designer

This isn’t official, but since Queen Victoria, The Queen, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton all wore British designers, it’s safe to assume Meghan will follow suit. Which ties into the whole Erdem designing the wedding dress very nicely indeed.

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Marie Claire


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