Emilia Clarke Says the Week After Game of Thrones Ended Was Like Going Through an “Existential Crisis”

Emilia Clarke, 2018 Emmys, 2018 Emmy Awards, Red Carpet FashionsEmilia Clarke had a moment when Game of Thrones wrapped filming. Well, more than a moment. Clarke, along with costars Nathalie Emmanuel and Jacob Anderson, was on hand at the Emmys for the HBO…

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Where’s Game of Thrones? Relax, Because Producers Said “It’s the Biggest Thing We’ve Ever Done”

Game of ThronesWinter is coming, again, and you still won’t have new Game of Thrones episodes.
The final season of the hit HBO drama, which just took home another Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series…

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Daenerys Targaryen: There’s Only One Real Winner in the Game of Thrones

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Proceed at your own risk.

It was almost exactly a year ago that we were left reeling from the revelations in “The Dragon and the Wolf” – the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. Littlefinger perished after a canny little bit of double-crossing at the hands of the Stark sisters, while the Night King and his army, which now includes a Wight Dragon (OMFG), took down the wall. Oh, and then there was the small matter of Jon and Daenerys sleeping together (incestuously, albeit inadvertently) after a fair bit of flirting. And THAT RIGHT THERE is one key factor in our reckoning that Dany is the number one candidate to end up on the Iron Throne. Let’s dive in…

Jon and Dany’s Baby Is The Prince That Was Promised

First, let’s get this straight. There’s no baby (yet) and no confirmation that Daenerys is even pregnant. But there’s every possibility that she is after cosying up with her irresistible nephew in the Season 7 finale, alongside heavy hints that she’s got a bun in the oven. It’s been seeded, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Let’s not forget that there’s also been plenty of speculation over the identity of the Prince That Was Promised throughout Game of Thrones. And nobody as yet has emerged to claim that role. The prophesied saviour – who is presumably the key to defeating the Night King and saving the world from darkness – will be “born again amidst smoke and salt to make dragons out of stone”, according to Melisandre. In the novels, the Red Priestess refers to a “bleeding star” as critical to the prophecy.

Also known as the Azor Ahai (if indeed the two are one and the same – there’s some doubt), this legendary figure in his original incarnation defeated the Great Other, or god of darkness, to save the world. Melisandre’s fellow Lord of Light worshipper Thoros of Myr, like her, buys into the prophecy. He says the chosen one will “reforge the great sword Lightbringer that defeated the darkness those thousands of years ago.”

Following? Lovely stuff. Some people have both Jon and Dany pegged as candidates for the Prince That Was Promised. It’s not a stretch to see why. Jon has been ‘reborn’ already (resurrected by Melisandre), and was originally birthed under a ‘bleeding star’. Remember the flashback to Jon’s mother, Lyanna Stark, in labour? Ned Stark lay the ancestral sword of House Dayne, whose bearer he just killed and which was forged from the metal of a fallen star, by the blood-stained bed in which Jon was born. Et voila. A neat little touch.

Dany, meanwhile, has already proven able to hatch dragons from stone, fulfilling that part of the prophecy easily. But then there’s the fact that she was born on Dragonstone – which qualifies her for the salt and smoke part of the prophecy, the island being volcanic (smoke) and also being surrounded by the sea (salt). She was also ‘reborn’, of course, amid the smoke from Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre. Both Jon and Dany, of course, also have the hero credentials to fulfil the role. But it all adds credence to the notion that it will be their offspring, not them, that will bear the responsibility of vanquishing the Night King.

There have been hints that the true saviour hasn’t yet been born, so this would make sense. And if this is the case, it would elevate Dany’s significance in the series further, making her a shoe-in as the new ruler of Westeros – not only is she the Mother of Dragons but she’d also be mum to the chosen one. Perhaps she’ll marry Jon, who currently stands as the rightful heir to the throne but who we reckon could die before Season 8 is out. Then, she could be left to rule legitimately in his stead.

It’s a Show About Women Overcoming the Toxic Patriarchy

Game of Thrones_Daenerys and Viserys
Daenerys has come far since being traded into marriage by her brother — making all the right moves along the way.

If you look at the way women were both portrayed and treated early in the series and compare that to how we see them now, it becomes apparent that the show has been setting its women characters up to fight back against the oppression and objectification they’ve suffered under Westeros’s patriarchal structure. And if that’s the case, it makes sense to put a woman on the Iron Throne to usher in a new matriarchal age – or better still, one in which equality reigns. Which brings us to Daenerys as the most obvious candidate to take the hotseat. She is arguably the most successful example of a woman in Game of Thrones overcoming patriarchal dominance, of all the women we’ve seen attempting to overturn their oppression.

One such woman is Cersei Lannister. To see Cersei end up on the Iron Throne would mean a corrupt, unhinged and despotic ruler, which wouldn’t fulfil the purpose of a series that seeks to denounce patriarchal ideology and put women on top. She’s a victim of the patriarchy and though she’s battled against its oppression of her, she’s continued to suffer because of her own actions.

Cersei is a woman who has been punished for her life choices. Because of her incestuous relationship with her brother Jaime, she was forced to complete a Walk of Atonement. Who could forget the humiliation and torment she suffered as she was forced to walk naked outside through a baying crowd pelting her with faeces and other gross bodily emissions and missiles? It’s easy to imagine how an experience like that would turn a woman into one bent on vengeance. All, of course, while her brother gets away with the part he played in the relationship. Officially at any rate – you could argue he’s paid in other ways. This woman’s experiences at the hands of the patriarchy would grind anyone down – and she’s fighting back in the most extreme way, having mustered all her fear, hate and vitriol to become a supremely powerful yet tyrannical force – one we definitely love to hate.

Sansa too has been seriously affected at the hands of men and the patriarchy in GoT. First becoming engaged to abusive tyrant Joffrey Baratheon, then finding herself married off to Tyrion by way of helping her escape her fate, then manipulated by Petyr Baelish into marrying Ramsay Bolton who proceeded to rape her nightly, Sansa has suffered. She’s consequently undergone a massive transformation and is now steely and determined, and capable of gross deception and bloody revenge. It’s not clear how her character might develop in Season 8. However, if that icy stare in the little snippet of footage released by HBO recently is anything to go by, it looks like she could be locking horns with Jon, and maybe Dany too. Sansa will complete her own arc by the series close, but it won’t end with her taking the throne.

Similarly, Arya has played too much by the unofficial Westerosi rulebook to make her a viable candidate to sit on the throne. Arya’s journey has seen her become an assassin as she ticks names off her lengthy kill list, eliminating those who have crossed her. Arya’s thirst for revenge has seen her set foot too far over the line to warrant a valid claim to the crown. She may well survive, as Maisie Williams’ Instagram post (above) suggested, but she’s an example of a woman whose decisions during her own personal fightback, influenced heavily by the patriarchal world in which she operates, means she won’t take the throne.

Daenerys, in contrast to all these other women, has overcome her downtrodden beginnings as the meek and mild little sister traded, essentially, as a sex slave. But using all the resources available to her, she turned her would-be rapist hulk of a husband, Khal Drogo, into a loving and gentle partner. On his death, her transformation into the powerful leader and warrior she’s become in latter seasons really began to take shape, as she woke her dragons and began her journey in pursuit of the Iron Throne.

She’s grown from strength-to-strength as the series has progressed, proving her worth in all situations – including the moment she killed the brutal Masters at Meereen. Though it may have seemed a tad harsh, it revealed a necessary savviness about the way the world works and an ability to blend a mostly moralistic standpoint with realistic action. She has proven herself to be the firm and humane woman needed at the helm of the new world order.

Ramsay Bolton Says So

When we interviewed Ramsay Bolton actor Iwan Rheon after Game of Thrones Season 7 ended, he told us it was “inevitable” that Daenerys Targaryen would end up on the Iron Throne. And who would argue with the man who played the most sadistic character ever to set foot in Westeros? Not us.

Game of Thrones will return for Season 8 in the first half of 2019.

‘Game of Thrones’: Sansa’s Reunion With Jon ‘Frosty’ in First Season 8 Footage

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Devolver’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Game is Like Tinder For Monarchs

It feels like forever since we’ve caught up with the battle for Westeros, doesn’t it? With Game Of Thrones’ final season a depressingly long way off, it’s a bit of a bleak time to be a GoT fan. But thankfully, Devolver is planning a trip to the Seven Kingdoms this October with Reigns: Game of Thrones.

In a surprise announcement, the indie publisher behind hits like Hotline Miami and Enter The Gungeon revealed it has teamed up with HBO to release a Game of Thrones version of their hit strategy game. Reigns: Game of Thrones blends fast-paced, Tinder-esque swiping with hard-as-nails narrative decisions, and will be available on mobile and PC.

Jon Snow Iron Throne Reigns Game of Thrones
Jon Snow takes his rightful place on the Iron Throne

The original Reigns is set in a fictional medieval world, and the simple singleplayer strategy game had us fill the shoes of a monarch, swiping left or right to accept or reject suggestions from royal advisors.

Reigns: Game of Thrones explores a series of ‘what if’ storylines where fan-favourite characters Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, and more are seduced by the villainous visions of the Red Priestess, Melisandre.

Daenerys Targaryen Card Reigns Game of Thrones
Swipe to aid Daenerys in her quest to rule Westeros

Once you’ve selected your chosen monarch from the show’s cast of characters, it’s up to you to navigate the complex relationships and hostile factions of the Seven Kingdoms and claim the Iron Throne. Expect to have to win over fickle bannerman, outwit devious political opponents, and attempt to maintain the favour of the people while avoiding all-out war.

Given all the back-stabbing and murky politics in Westeros, a simple but satisfying king sim feels like a perfect match for Game Of Thrones.

Reigns: Game of Thrones will launch on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam for $ 3.99 in October and is available for pre-order now where available.

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6 Missing ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Who Need to Return

Through seven seasons, we’ve witnessed the deaths of many beloved characters as well as those we couldn’t wait to see get theirs. But not every exit is a death, and many characters who have gone away still live, tucked in the darkest corners of Westeros or stretched to the farthest reaches of the Known World. With six episodes left, they could still come back one last time. After all, Gendry returned, so there’s hope for these favorites.

Hot Pie

“So the Night King has this dragon and… you know, just give me another wolf biscuit.”

Hot Pie is the rare Game of Thrones character to actually achieve his happy ending. He dodged both a violent death and a lifetime in the Night’s Watch by a hair. He had the good sense to not push his luck, instead choosing the less exciting but also less getting-murdered life of the rural baker. The nice thing to do would be to let him live out his happy life in peace.

By all accounts, the last season promises to be truly heartrending. Heroes may die, alliances may crumble, and whatever the outcome, we only have six more episodes to spend in this incarnation of Westeros. What can ease the pain better than baked goods and a friendly face? We need Hot Pie — if only to remind us that happy endings are possible, even in the Seven Kingdoms.

Salladhor Saan

Seriously, the spinoff could just be these two talking for six seasons.

Westeros in a rich and fascinating place, but it’s just one small part of a much larger world. Beyond the Narrow Sea live a host of colorful characters unlike anyone normally found in Westeros. One of the best of these is Salladhor Saan, a smooth-talking pirate and sellsail so filled with untapped potential he could star in his own spinoff.

Salladhor hires out his fleet to Stannis at the urging of Davos, but he bails when the battle turns. Still, Davos often convinces Salladhor to do the right thing — for the right price, of course. With the Greyjoy siblings out of commission, Daenerys could use a capable naval commander with a strong fleet. Plus, the dashing pirate’s return would promise more screen time for his old friend Davos, and when is that a bad thing?

Ilyn Payne

The Execution of Ned Stark.

Who doesn’t want to see Arya complete her kill list? Young Arya looked on helplessly as Ilyn Payne took her father’s head at the orders of King Joffrey, earning the King’s Justice one of the first spots on Arya’s list. Arya has grown so much since then as a person and as a killer. Should they meet, would she pay back a life for a life or has she forgiven him, knowing he had no choice but to obey the King?

Ilyn Payne gradually disappeared after actor Wilko Johnson contracted terminal cancer, forcing him to leave the show. Thanks to a life-saving operation, however, Johnson made a full recovery and has since expressed interest in once again portraying the mute knight. His return to Westeros would be a feel-good moment in a show steeped in death.

The Direwolves

“Who’s a good boy?”

Life in Westeros is no easier for its fauna than it is for its people, and the Direwolves are no exception. Against all odds, Ghost and Nymeria have managed to survive. Arya sent Nymeria away to save her life, but the former Stark companion didn’t seem to keen on a reunion at their last meeting. Meanwhile, Ghost has lived up to his namesake. He was last seen welcoming his master, Jon Snow, back from the dead.

The direwolves’ roles have always been constrained due to the cost of rendering them on screen. With a larger budget for season eight, hopefully the CGI canines will play a more prominent role. Jon, Daenerys, and their allies need all the help they can get against the Night King. Besides, it wouldn’t be a true Stark reunion without the surviving direwolves.

Meera Reed

“Boy, is everyone going to thank me when this is over.”

Pop culture is full of unsung heroes, and Meera Reed may well top that list. Sent by her father — along with her brother, Jojen — to protect the younger Stark brothers, she winds up joining Bran’s journey to find the Three-Eyed Raven. One by one Bran’s team falls, including Jojen, until it’s up to Meera alone to both protect Bran and pull his sled across miles of frozen wastes.

After literally saving his life a number of times, she barely gets a thank you from the newly-Raven-ed Bran. Even a glorious death would have beaten the shrugging-off she received. Whatever the new Three-Eyed Raven contributes to the fight against the White Walkers, Westeros will have Meera to thank for it. Her story deserves a better end.

Syrio Forel

“Not Today!”

We never saw a body, so Syrio Forel could still be alive. Last seen delaying Meryn Trant and the Lannister guards long enough for Arya to escape, Syrio faced down a fully armed and armored Trant with only a broken practice sword. Given the latter’s reputation for cowardice and incompetence, the First Sword of Braavos may well have survived the duel.

Syrio’s supposed death was one of the first tragedies that led Arya on her path toward becoming a faceless assassin and an expert at the sword. Should Arya’s sword master reappear in Westeros, would he be proud of his former pupil’s skill or horrified at what she’s become? And if he did manage to hold off Meryn Trant and the Lannister guards with a broken wooden sword, imagine how he could help Jon and Daenerys’ forces with a real one.

‘Game of Thrones’: Will Characters Who’ve Had a Taste of Death Survive Season 8?

‘Game of Thrones’: Should the Dragons Survive Season 8?

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‘Game of Thrones’ creator says Gandalf’s death is why he constantly kills off his characters

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin got asked for his vote as part of PBS’ The Great American Read, which features celebrities weighing in with what they think is the most beloved book in the country.

Turns out, he thinks the honor should go not to his own books about Westeros but to another epic fantasy series. About Middle Earth.

Continue reading…

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Netflix’s ‘Disenchantment’ Is ‘The Simpsons’ Meets ‘Game of Thrones’


The Simpsons is one of television’s greatest comedies (as well as its longest-running), and Futurama remains a beloved cult series with a following dedicated enough to get it revived from cancellation. Yet neither of Matt Groening’s animated triumphs were deemed a classic from the start. In both cases, the key to developing their signature humor was time—to cultivate characters’ personalities and relationships; to establish and expand their unique milieus; and to identify and nurture a distinctive atmosphere and attitude. Only after that creative baseline was in place, replete with fully-formed protagonists and a panoply of peripheral players, did those shows truly thrive, since such groundwork allowed them to then have unbridled absurdist fun playing to—or against—their strengths.

All of which is to say that anyone expecting Disenchantment to be phenomenal right out of the gate is probably suppressing memories of the maiden seasons of The Simpsons and Futurama, when laughs were less consistent simply because those series were still finding their voice and constructing their expansive worlds. Nonetheless, as far as early efforts go, Groening’s third small-screen endeavor, whose debut ten-episode run arrives on Netflix August 17, is routinely entertaining. A saga set in a swords-and-sorcery universe based on the likes of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, it boasts the hallmarks of its creator’s prior work while traversing familiar—and fertile—fantasy terrain.

And fortunately, it gets funnier as it goes along.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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The scene Maisie Williams wasn’t even allowed to watch in ‘Game of Thrones’


Game of Thrones stars — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to being mortified at having to watch those graphic sex scenes with their parents.

Maisie Williams gave an interview to The Australian recently and described just how weird it was to work around the nearly NC-17 levels of raciness when she first joined the show at 14-year-old. 

Her family did their best to protect her underage eyes, especially with one particular scene in Season 1:

Williams went on to say that, “Most of the gory stuff I was part of, and it’s not scary when you’re there shooting it. No one’s really getting their face ripped off. So it’s quite exciting really.” Read more…

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Bad news for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans

Trouble’s brewing in Westeros: “Game of Thrones” might not get several spinoff shows after all. On Wednesday, HBO programming president Casey Bloys told reporters in LA that while HBO is shooting the pilot for one potential “Game of Thrones” spinoff, there are currently no plans to move forward on the four other previously announced ideas. “There…
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Netflix topples HBO in Emmy nominations, but ‘Game of Thrones’ still rules

HBO’s medieval fantasy series “Game of Thrones” led nominations for the Emmy Awards on Thursday that spanned satire to the supernatural, but streaming service Netflix knocked HBO off its 17-year pedestal as the network with the most nods.

Reuters: Entertainment News


Can ‘Game of Thrones’ regain Emmy throne after winter vacation?

When it comes to the Emmy nominations, what isn’t on the ballot has become a significant factor, with more shows taking longer-than-customary lapses — for reasons ranging from scandal to health to simple logistics — that sometimes have them sitting out a year of eligibility.

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Maisie Williams Said Goodbye to Game of Thrones in a Very Game of Thrones Way

Maisie Williams gave a Game of Thrones farewell that was straight out of Westeros.

With the show’s eighth and final season looming, fans and stars alike are preparing to say goodbye. On Saturday, Williams decided to commemorate her time as Arya Stark with a little bloodshed — this is Game of Thrones, after allby posting an image of her red-spattered white sneakers on Instagram.

“Goodbye Belfast. Goodbye Arya. Goodbye Game of Thrones,” she wrote in the caption. “What a joy I’ve had. Here’s to the adventures to come.”

The 21-year-old star also got fans buzzing about spoilers by tagging herself “#lastwomanstanding.” Some speculated that the hashtag meant she’s the only character to survive, while others pointed out Williams might have been one of the last Game of Thrones actors to film scenes.

She also joked that “#immasleepforthenextfouryears,” before adding “#justkiddingidontsleep.”

Williams’ co-star Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, posted a similar — albeit less gory — goodbye last month, paying tribute to Ireland, the show’s most prominent filming location.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO sometime in 2019.

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‘Game of Thrones’ stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie wed at Scottish castle

LONDON — Former “Game of Thrones” co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie married Saturday with a church service and a celebration at the bride’s ancestral castle in Scotland.

The couple and guests arrived for the afternoon service at Rayne Church, close to the 900-year-old Wardhill Castle in northeast…

/entertainment – New York Daily News


Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tie the knot in stunning wedding at actress’ Aberdeenshire castle

THIS is the moment Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie ran through the confetti after marrying in Scotland.

The couple, who played on-screen lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte in the epic TV drama, tied the knot today at Leslie’s 12th Century family castle in Scotland.

Splash News

Kit and Rose looked beyond happy as they left the church after getting married[/caption]

Splash News

The happy couple ran couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces after tying the knot[/caption]

Rose wowed in her stunning dress as an equally beautiful smile beamed across her face in excitement.

She waved along to the fans and said hello to everyone as she was greeted with huge cheers.

Kit also looked delighted as he waved to guests who cheered as he left the castle with his new wife.

The happy couple ran through the church yard as their friends and family showered them with confetti.

Getty – Contributor

Rose beamed up with happiness after the nuptials[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Kit Harington looked dapper as he arrived at an Aberdeenshire castle today to marry Rose Leslie[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Rose beamed from underneath her veil as she was led into the castle by her father[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Rose couldn’t have been happier to share her special day with family and close friends[/caption]

PA:Press Association

The actress held her dad’s hand as she walked[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Bearded Kit looked equally as happy as he strode towards the historic building[/caption]

Splash News

Marcus Mumford and Nick Etwell were in town to see the couple’s big day[/caption]

We told you how fellow co-stars Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke also recently arrived in Aberdeen for their pals’ big day.

Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in the acclaimed HBO series, was spotted wearing headphones, a black beanie and a stylish leather jacket.

Rose waved to well wishers after climbing out of her car in the traditional bridal gown
Kit hopped out of a taxi beside a war monument
The actor waves to a delighted crowd who have gathered
Co-star Peter Dinklage greeted fans

PA:Press Association

Grateful Peter even blew a kiss[/caption]

He arrived from Belfast along with producer D.B Weiss shortly after 1pm.

Meanwhile stunning Emilia, who wowed fans as Qi’ra in the latest Star Wars blockbuster Solo, kept things chic wearing white jeans, shades and an elegant scarf.

She touched down shortly after Peter from Heathrow.

Emilia Clarke was all smiles as she arrived for the wedding

Sophie Turner also made her way to the venue and was snapped FaceTiming her fiance Joe Jonas at Aberdeen Airport ahead of the show’s real-life wedding of the year.

We also told you how the happy couple will wed in the castle that was Rose’s childhood home.

Set in the remote Aberdeenshire hills, Wardhill Castle has been in Rose’s family for 900 years.

It belongs to the Leslie Clan, whose Clan Chief is Leslie’s father, Honourable Alexander Leslie.

The marquee is set up in a garden closed off by a tall tress
Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie will be getting married at Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on Saturday
Splash News
The couple met on Games Of Thrones and fell in love
PA:Press Association
The castle has been in the family for 900 years and they now make money by hiring it out as a wedding venue and retreat for the uber rich
The castle has been in the family for 900 years and they now make money by hiring it out as a wedding venue and retreat for the wealthy
The marquee will host the wedding reception, speeches and wedding breakfast
The marquee will host the wedding reception, speeches and wedding breakfast
Kit recently said he can't wait to marry his fiancee Rose Leslie
Kit recently said he can’t wait to marry his fiancee Rose Leslie
Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie met when they played Jon Snow and Ygritte in the hit fantasy series and will now marry in a fairy tale castle
Wardhill Castle has been in Rose’s family for 900 years

Stroppy Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage tells fan ‘don’t touch me’ after fancy car didn’t arrive at Aberdeen Airport


Kit Harrington is set to marry Rose Leslie in the remote Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where a marquee has been set up
A large marquee has been erected in the grounds for the bash
Splash News
The actors met when they played Jon Snow and Ygritte in the hit fantasy series and will now marry in a fairy tale castle
The actors met when they played Jon Snow and Ygritte in the hit fantasy series and will now marry in a fairy tale castle
Splash News

The family moved out and now wealthy couples can hire the stunning abode to hold their own weddings.

Over 80 members of the couple’s family and close friends will assemble to witness them marry.

Leslie’s dad Sebastian told of his delight at the nuptials, saying: “We are absolutely thrilled for Kit and Rose to be marrying today.”

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Sophie Turner has drawn parallels between Game of Thrones and the #MeToo movement

‘[My storyline] is kind of mirroring what’s happening in real life, in every industry right now.’

game of thrones metoo
©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

The women of Game of Thrones battle no end of horror in the fantasy epic, fighting sexual harassment, sexism and political machinations to find their place in Westeros. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not the only one who’s noticed as cast member Sophie Turner has drawn parallels between Game of Thrones and the #MeToo movement.

In an interview with Screen Daily, the actress delved into her character Sansa Stark’s harrowing and sometimes difficult-to-watch storyline which includes her rape at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, frequent imprisonment and political relationships. While she started as one of the show’s weakest characters, she’s now become a fully fledged avenging angel ready to take her place on the world’s stage.

game of thrones

Credit: HBO

‘It’s funny the way [my storyline] is kind of mirroring what’s happening in real life, in every industry right now,’ Sophie said. ‘It’s really interesting how all of these women who were subjected to a lot of horror and oppression are taking a stand against the people who have done this to them. I think that’s why I connected with the #MeToo movement so much. Not just because of being a woman and obviously being a feminist, but also that character.’

Sophie Turner is a staunch supporter of the TIMES UP and #MeToo movement, as she previously helped fundraise for TIMES UP’s legal defense fund on Instagram and posted a message ahead of the all-black Golden Globes to show her solidarity with those affected. (She wasn’t actually in attendance, however.)

Sophie reflected on her character’s arc, saying, ‘It’s a really powerful message, the fact that she went through all of those things and she’s come out the other side. She’s used everything she’s learnt up until now to her benefit. She endured so much horror and really was a prisoner season-by-season. She took all of that, and now she has become stronger for it.’

The #MeToo movement has fiercely raged on, with this year’s recent Cannes festival led by Cate Blanchett becoming one of the most political yet and actors like Frances McDormand and Brie Larson calling for greater diversity in the industry. As women and their allies shine a light on the dark parts of Hollywood, Sophie also feels that entertainment needs to both respond to and also be a getaway from reality.

game of thrones metoo movement

Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock

She said, ‘Our role as filmmakers is to hold a mirror up to society. At the same time, I think it’s very important to have that escapism. That’s why Game Of Thrones is such a wonderful show. It provides both of those things.’

The next series of Game of Thrones will be its final run, with just six episodes to wrap up the mammoth story. While a release date hasn’t been formally been announced, the series has finished filming and will be screened at some point next year.

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Game of Thrones filming locations you can visit in real life


HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones is a massive hit with fans. It has become one of the most watched TV shows in history, and is the most pirated TV show ever. The drama is intense, and many of the scenes are incredibly violent. That all makes for great TV, but it is all set to some amazing real-life backdrops that help to set the scene and transport the characters and viewers to the fictional world of Westeros and beyond. If you want to get closer to the show check out some of the real-life Game of Thrones locations you can actually visit.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – King’s Landing

King’s Landing is an incredibly important location in Game of Thrones. It is where the ruling monarch will sit on the Iron Throne, and it is the closest thing Westeros has to a sprawling metropolis. Filming for King’s Landing was done in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. King’s Landing is where Cersei had to do her walk of shame, as well as the fighting arena where Prince Oberyn Martell met his demise fighting The Mountain in the most bloody of fights. As well as being the location for King’s Landing, fans of Daenerys Targaryen will be familiar with the city as it is where The House of the Undying was shot.

Northern Ireland – Various

Northern Ireland has been the location for many of the scenes in the seven seasons so far of the show. Ballintoy Harbor is where Theon Greyjoy returned to his birthplace of The Iron Islands. The Dark Hedges is the iconic setting of the Kingsroad where many of the cast are spotted entering or exiting King’s Landing. The home of the Stark family, Winterfell, was shot primarily at Castle Ward and fans can head to the historic site and utter the famous words “Winter is coming” if they really want to feel like a Stark.

Iceland – Beyond The Wall

Many of the scenes shot beyond The Wall were actually filmed in Iceland. Fans of snow (both the weather and Jon) can head to this Nordic country to take in some of the most beautiful scenery found in the world. Famous locations from the show include Jon and Ygritte’s love cave, the wilding camps, as well as the location where Brienne bests the Hound in hand-to-hand combat. Fans should head to Lake Myvatn for scenes beyond the wall. Tours are available from the capital city of Reykjavik that will take you to where Drogon attacks a herd of goats and many of the scenes used as backdrops for the white walkers.

Spain – Dragonstone

In season seven few could hardly believe that the location used for Dragonstone was real. The perfect sand and the crazy rock formations looked almost too unnatural to be real, but they are and can be found beside the small town of Zumaia. That long winding pathway Jon Snow meets Daenerys Targaryen on is also very real and is a short trip to the west of Zumaia at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Those were some of the most incredible filming locations Game of Thrones used that people can go and visit. While other locations may have used a large amount of green screen and special effects, these places are true to their depiction on the hit fantasy series.


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Sophie Turner’s Interesting New Game of Thrones Tattoo May Hint at Sansa’s Ultimate Fate

Sophie Turner has a new Game of Thrones tattoo that may just reveal Sansa Stark’s fate in the eighth and final season of the HBO drama.

Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer of Hunter and Fox Tattoo Studio shared the first photo of Turner’s ink on Saturday, debuting the 22-year-old actor’s new House Stark direwolf sigil above the words, “The pack survives.”

The design seems to be a direct reference to the quote, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives,” a maxim that Ned Stark shared with his children. However, it may also have a more explicit meaning in regard to Sansa’s chances for survival.

After Turner and co-star Maisie Williams got matching Thrones tattoos last year, Turner revealed that the onscreen sisters were hoping to double down on their brands.

“We got them together just the other day,” she told E! on the 2017 Emmys red carpet. “With Thrones, we were like, if we make it all the way through, hopefully we could all get a matching wolf but we don’t know if we’re going to make it, so Maisie and I were like, ‘Let’s get this before anyone kills us.’”

Interesting, very interesting indeed.

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George R.R. Martin teases new ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel series — ‘This one really puts the PRE in prequel’

The newly ordered “Game of Thrones” prequel pilot won’t affect “Winds of Winter,” that book George R.R. Martin is definitely going to finish.

HBO greenlit a spinoff pilot from Martin and writer Jane Goldman last week, and the genre-changing author is giving a few hints about what the series could…

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The age of dinosaurs was like a real life ‘Game of Thrones’

When you think of dinosaurs, your mind immediately goes to the impressive might of the tyrannosaurus rex or maybe the huge size of the brontosaurus.
FOX News


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I started Game of Thrones a couple days ago and now I’m finished. What are some coping methods before S8?

We feel your pain.

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Or just start re-watching again?

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There’s a Good Chance Game of Thrones Fans Will Never See This Character Again

Although Lord Edmure Tully hasn’t been seen on Game of Thrones since Jaime Lannister used him a pawn to conquer Riverrun, it seemed as though fans may still learn his fate in the show’s final season. However, according to Tobias Menzies—who played Catelyn Stark’s doltish younger brother—the chances of Edmure returning aren’t looking too good.

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Menzies was asked whether his character is still spending his days locked away in the Frey’s dungeon since Arya Stark used her face-swapping skills to massacre the entire Frey family. “The honest answer is, I have no idea,” he replied. “He’s obviously somewhere in a prison, he’s still around alive somewhere. They’re pretty stingy with their information and I’ve not heard anything from them.”

There’s always the chance that Menzies is giving fans the ol’ Kit Harington run-around. However, considering the rest of the cast has been filming season eight for quite some time, if he is telling the truth, that’s probably a wrap on Edmure.

But not to worry, Menzies is still going to be gracing our television screens: Netflix announced Wednesday that the 44-year-old actor is set to take over the role of Prince Phillip from Matt Smith in season three of The Crown.

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Thomas Middleditch Wants Silicon Valley to Do a Crossover with Game of Thrones

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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We Finally Know What Ned Stark Whispered on Game of Thrones and It Wasn’t About Cookies

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones fans finally have their answer to one of their most pressing questions.

Sean Bean, the actor who played Ned Stark on Game of Thrones, has revealed the truth to Huff Post on what he muttered during the season 1, episode 9 “Baelor” moment before his beheading. It is indeed a show known for its gruesome deaths.

Per typical Game of Thrones style, Stark’s mysterious musings launched a stampede of theories. Some fans believe he said, “I kept my promise” in terms of the R+L=J Jon Snow theory. Others think he may have whispered that popular Game of Thrones line “Valar Morghulis,” which means “all men must die.”

According to Bean, however, it was none of the above. Before the sword came down and the camera cut away, Bean revealed that he was “just saying a prayer.” He told Huff Post, “I just thought, ‘What would you do if this were really gonna happen?’ You probably would pray. You probably would murmur some words and you’d keep it quiet. You’d keep it to yourself.”

Bean noted that his whispering and praying was subtle and “many people wouldn’t pick it up.” So although, no, he didn’t say “I want some Oreos” as some speculate, he merely remained in tune with where his character was at that moment: “There’s not much you can do really, you’ve got your head on a block. That’s about the only thing you can do is murmur.”

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Game of Thrones Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Will Helm New Series of Star Wars Movies

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones may still be over a year away, but that isn’t stopping creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss from lining up new projects to tackle following the show’s conclusion — specifically ones that require a trip to a whole new galaxy.

Lucasfilm announced on Tuesday that the famed showrunner duo is set to write and produce a new series of Star Wars movies that will be separate from both the episodic Skywalker saga and the previously announced Rian Johnson-helmed trilogy.

However, the pair is clearly aware what Thrones fans think their priority should be right now. “In the summer of 1977 we traveled to a galaxy far, far away, and we’ve been dreaming of it ever since,” Benioff and Weiss said in a joint statement. “We are honored by the opportunity, a little terrified by the responsibility, and so excited to get started as soon as the final season of Game of Thrones is complete.”

Entertainment – TIME


New Series of ‘Star Wars’ Movies to Be Made by ‘Game of Thrones’ Creators

New Series of 'Star Wars' Movies to Be Made by 'Game of Thrones' Creators

The Star Wars movies as we know them will come to an end next year, with Episode IX of the "Skywalker Saga" finishing out the original storyline. But that certainly won't be all for the franchise. Besides a potential Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone arriving in 2020, there's also a new trilogy in the works from The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson. And now, directly from Lucasfilm (via StarWars.com), comes word of another series of movies from…

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Maisie Williams Shoots Down ‘Completely False’ Game of Thrones Story

Maisie Williams is sticking a bogus Game of Thrones story with the pointy end of her Twitter account.

The actress is shooting down a report that was picked up around the world that quoted Williams claiming the final season of her HBO hit would premiere in April, 2019. On Monday, Williams set the record straight:

EW picked up the story too, though we warned readers should “take Metro‘s quotes with a grain of salt,” especially because another part of her purported interview conflicted with something we’d previously heard (it had Williams saying the final season would wrap production in December, when late July or early August is actually the current plan).

HBO would not confirm nor deny the April report and has only said the show will air its eighth season in 2019.

Of course, the final season could still premiere in April, 2019, as that does make sense (six of the show’s seven seasons debuted in April or the last week of March). But if it is, then it’s a coincidence rather than a slip by Williams.

This article originally appeared on EW.com

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Why ‘Britannia’ Will Fill the ‘Game of Thrones’ Shaped Hole in Your Life

With the recent announcement that Game of Thrones will indeed not be returning for its final season until 2019, fans were, well… gutted. And that’s despite knowing ahead of the confirmation that that would likely be the case. But never fear, lovers of all things Westerosi, because there’s a new show coming to small screens that will itch your Game of Thrones scratch until Season 8 comes along. And it’s called Britannia.

Set in 43AD and based around a genuine moment in history – the second Roman invasion of Britain – Britannia’s anchoring in reality pretty much stops there. It’s definitely not a historical epic – it’s fantasy that comes to the fore. This is a show very much in the same vein as Game of Thrones, with plenty of swords, sorcery and sex. And here’s why, if you love GoT, you should be watching.

A Battle To Rule

The Roman legion led by David Morrissey’s General Aulus wants to seize control of Celtic Britain, on Emperor Claudius’s orders. The same Celtic Britain that led Julius Caesar to abandon his efforts to invade nine decades earlier. He’d come up against the Druids, we’re told, who forced his retreat.

Aulus, brash, bold, bossy and bolshy, is intent on claiming the land by force – and charges in violently with his men, something we’ve seen time and again throughout seven seasons of Game of Thrones. But it’s clear that the residents of this land aren’t going to give in easily – there are proud Celts and mysterious Druids to be reckoned with.

Bloodlust and Ruthlessness

David Morrissey as Aulus.

With that single-minded aim to conquer comes a heck of a lot of bloodshed. Aulus and his right-hand man Lucius (Hugo Speer) don’t think twice about callously toying with and dispatching would-be deserters much less running through Celtic strangers with a blade. Although brutality isn’t the preserve of the Romans. From the off, prepare yourself for a gory arm removal and a graphic throat-slit that comes from nowhere.

The Women Have the Power

Cait, seen here with Divis aka The Outcast, has the potential to be a badass.

Game of Thrones has its fair share of powerful women, from Cersei Lannister to Arya Stark and several in between. But while GoT took a while to get into its stride with regards to empowered women, in Britannia they’re visible from the outset.

There’s Zoe Wannamaker’s steely Queen Antedia, while young Cait, played by Eleanor Worthington-Cox, is a little badass in the making, very much in the Arya Stark mould.

There’s also a Druid woman with freakish black eyes who is absolutely terrifying, but rightfully so. It’s especially wonderful when she threatens to eat one particular character’s eyes if he ever comes back. You would too if some raving maniac approached you smelling of excrement and wittering about the sun not rising.

Amena, on the other hand, is a woman very much in charge of her sexuality, trading one husband for another and playing them off against one another. Let’s see how this pans out though, as we can’t see her getting away with it.

A Badass Princess

Mess with Kerra at your peril.

Another one of those powerful women has very resounding echoes of a certain white-haired GoT royal. Yes, we mean Daenerys Targaryen. Kelly Reilly’s Kerra is independent and warrior-like. She just wants to get involved, but that goes against her father’s wishes. Her father, King Pellenor, is played by Ian McDiarmid, incidentally, who is, of course, Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars. We’re looking forward to seeing how Kerra develops.


Britannia, Sky
Mackenzie Crook plays Druid Veran.

The Druids in Britannia are mysterious, and have bizarre rituals and unexplained powers. As do the Celts. But Divis (Nikolas Lie Kaas) – known as The Outcast – also has visions of the underworld, possibly explained away by the hallucinogenic substances he seems to take. There are clear parallels here with Game of Thrones — in the Red Priests’ powers, and also in the Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven storyline.

A Khal Drogo-Alike

Stanley Weber as Lindon

In Stanley Weber’s Lindon, one of the strongest men in the Cantii tribe, Britannia has its own Khal Drogo. Which is great because Jason Momoa’s Dothraki warrior has been dead for a while now in GoT and his presence has been sorely missed. In Britannia, Lindon is married to Amena but apparently likes Kerra better.

Plaits and Lots of Hessian

Enough said.

All episodes of Britannia are available on January 18 in the UK on Sky and will be available at a later date in the US via Amazon Prime Video.

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The Must-See TV Moments of 2017: ‘Game of Thrones,’ Ivanka Trump, the Oscars and More

We’ve reached the end of 2017, and yes, we’re still here. Donald Trump didn’t pull a Nixon and, whilst incapacitated, order a nuclear strike on North Korea in the dead of night.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles


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Sansa Stark Just Answered One of Your Biggest Game of Thrones Questions

Although many Game of Thrones fans were more than happy to see Littlefinger meet his end in the season eight finale, it seems that Sansa Stark may struggle to come to terms with the loss of her longtime guardian.

In an interview with Variety that was published on Wednesday, Sophie Turner — who plays the eldest Stark daughter — shed some light on the lingering question of how her character will manage without Littlefinger at her side.

“It’s going to be tricky for her, because at the end of last season, she felt that she had everything set up. She had her family back together. They were in control of the North again,” the X-Men: Dark Phoenix star explained. “This season, there’s a new threat, and all of a sudden she finds herself somewhat back in the deep end. And without Littlefinger, it’s a test for her of whether she can get through it. It’s a big challenge for her, without this master manipulator having her back. This season is more a passionate fight for her than a political, manipulative kind of fight.”

However, when pressed to reveal if that passion would be directed at combatting the Night King and his army of wights, Turner was a bit less forthcoming. “Well, I don’t know,” she said. “We’ll have to see.”

Entertainment – TIME


Iranian ‘Game of Thrones’ Hacker Demanded $6 Million Bitcoin Ransom From HBO, Feds Say

The Department of Justice on Tuesday charged an Iranian national with allegedly hacking into HBO, dumping a selection stolen files, and attempting to extort the company by ransoming a treasure trove of the company’s content. This summer, hackers released a bevy of internal HBO files, included scripts for Game of Thrones and full, unaired episodes of other shows.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Fans Spy Khloe Kardashian’s Baby Bump in Game of Thrones Halloween Costume

Khloe Kardashian, Halloween 2017Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson can’t wait any longer to celebrate Halloween.
On Monday night, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Snapchat where she documented her…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories


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These places in Scotland look like they came from “Game of Thrones”


Game of Thrones is just about our all-time favorite TV show, and we simply can’t wait for the final season. Whether you’re up to date, or late to the party, this multi-layered show has so much to offer TV audiences. One of the first things you may have noticed when you first watched the show is how stunning it looks. Many of the locations in the show are some of the most staggeringly beautiful places.

We bet you’re dying to know where some of those magical locations, like The Eyrie, and Winterfell were shot. Well, Northern Ireland is a popular place for filming on the show, as well as Scandinavia. But, there are also place in Scotland that look like they could have come right out of the hit HBO show. We’ve listed five for you to browse, and, don’t worry, unlike Jon Snow, we actually know what we’re talking about!

Craigmillar Castle – Winterfell

The North remembers! Winterfell is the home of the Stark family, and one of the defining strongholds of the North, and, don’t you think Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh looks exactly like it?! The actual castle used is Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, altered slightly using CGI. But, we think Craigmillar could easily have filled in; Bran would definitely have loved climbing the towers of this beautiful place!

Logan Botanic Garden – The Water Gardens of Dorne

The Dornish live across the Narrow Sea and have some of the most beautiful landscapes in all the GoT universe. To capture the feel of House Dorne’s lavish grounds, the producers traveled to Seville in Spain, but there was no need! They could have just visited these incredible gardens in the south of Scotland instead – don’t they just look every inch the tropical paradise?! In fact, this place looks so amazing you’d never even know you were in Scotland.

The Storr – The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie

A big part of Littlefinger’s scheming, The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie are hugely iconic and atmospheric locations in the show. The producers chose the stunning backdrop of Iceland to get their location, though they could equally have used the lush, sprawling mountains of the Isle of Skye. The Storr is the sort of location that is just crying out to be in a high fantasy movie or TV show; we hope they use it soon!

Culzean Castle – Casterly Rock

The beacon of House Lannister, Casterly Rock is frequently used in the show and is shown to be a stronghold, highly prized by Tywin Lannister and family. In the show, as you may already know, Castle Trujo in Spain is the actual colossus used for Casterly Rock. But, we have to be honest, we actually prefer this Ayrshire bastille, built way back in 1777. In fact, it could even have been used in the same way as Casterly Rock is used in the show!

Talisker Bay – Dragonstone Beach

You probably recall Dragonstone Beach as the place where Stannis Baratheon would go for walks to think and unwind when Season 3 got a bit much. It was also visited again more recently by Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister, as the Khaleesi finally set eyes on her birthplace. Again, Spain was used as the real location – Muriola Beach in the Basque region, to be precise. Though we’re sure you’ll agree, the stunning Talisker Bay on the Isle of Skye is pretty much a dead ringer for the famed beach in the show.

Scotland has so much stunning landscape, and this makes it the ideal setting for Game of Thrones lookalikes! We know the producers did use some parts of Northern Ireland to film the show. Scotland was used for some of the first season, and, judging by these sensational locations, we wish they’d filmed all of it there!


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Here’s Why Kit Harington Is the Key to the Release of Game of Thrones‘ Original Pilot

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have openly stated that the HBO drama’s original pilot was a complete and total disaster. But in a recent interview with The Guardian, Kit Harington — who plays the one and only Jon Snow — revealed that he may be the key to fans finally getting to see the unaired series premiere.

Although Harington himself hasn’t even seen the episode — in which he was clean-shaven and wearing a wig — he explained that Benioff and Weiss have jokingly threatened to make it available to the public to embarrass their star.

“They say, if I ever piss them off too much, they’ll release it on YouTube,” he said. “Every now and then, they send me a screengrab, just as a threat.”

Of course, Harington’s fake mane wasn’t the only misguided aesthetic choice made by the creators. While working on Thrones‘ seventh season, Benioff told TIME that they regretted originally making Peter Dinklage’s hair “Eminem blond” to match George R.R. Martin’s description of Tyrion Lannister in the author’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Entertainment – TIME


15 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, we list our top 15 Game of Thronesinspired costumes to dress up as this year. Whether you’re aiming for terrifyingly creepy, (we’re talking blood, guts, severed limbs; the whole GoT shebang) or if you’re just wanting to look fabulous this October, we’ve got all your Halloween costume inspiration here.

The Unsullied

unsullied game of thrones  Halloween costume idea

The Unsullied is definitely a costume for the “lads” night out on Halloween. It’s pretty simple too. Get your mates to join in or, if you’re pairing up with your Mrs. this Halloween, why not try a Grey Worm and Missandei joint costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • Black clothing (black pants and sleeveless black top)
  • Armour pieces — these could be made from card
  • Captain America-ish shield covered in aluminium foil
  • Massive-ass spear
  • Helmet — spray-painting a Roman gladiator helmet black could work

The Hound

the hound

Whether you want to go all-out armour gear, complete with Sandor Clegane’s dog helmet, or just dress in a casual villager’s outfit, the symbol of this costume would be the burn that covers almost half of The Hound’s face. Make the scar gruesome, realistic and gross to make a big impact.

What You’ll Need:

  • Rough, brown waistcoat or sleeveless jacket with a cream shirt and trousers
  • If you have the skills, utilise latex and pink face paint to create that awful scar and it will look even better if it spreads beyond your hairline (use a bald cap)
  • If you’re not that creative, even sticking small pieces of foam or paper on your face and painting it will give your skin that patchy look
  • As with most of these Game of Thrones Halloween ideas, the costume isn’t complete without a greasy hairpiece, and Clegane’s is very tangled and messy
  • Throw a ragged beard in there if you have time.

Poisoned Joffrey

joffrey-death game of thrones

You will make more than a few people uncomfortable dressed as a poisoned, dead man walking. For maximum impact with this Game of Thrones-inspired Halloween costume, focus on the make-up for the dying Joffrey here.

What You’ll Need:

  • Blonde colour wash-out hairspray — the lightest one you can get your hands on
  • Some trousers, top, and jacket in light colours (golden, silver, yellow, orange) to show royalty
  • If you’re good with a sewing kit, add detail with some elegant gold embroidery on your sleeves or chest
  • Pale, dried foundation to show that you’re dead
  • Bloodshot contacts
  • Fake blood for your nose and mouth.

The Mountain

The Mountain-Game-of-Thrones

Gregor Clegane is yet another dead man — or is heIf you have the right build and height, this Halloween costume can be very intimidating. Remember not to talk too much to make your costume even more spooky. This can be a terrifying zombie outfit.

What You’ll Need:

  • A shiny helmet spray painted gold
  • Armour pieces. These can be made out of card, again sprayed gold (the shoulder pads and torso are the most important)
  • Red contact lenses.

Tyrion Lannister After the Battle of the Blackwater

tyrion game of thrones fresh scar

With this look, you want to focus all your attention on that ghastly scar Tyrion received during the Battle of the Blackwater in Season 2. Make this cut your pride and glory which should spread right across your face. Wear it freshly slashed or healing slowly with the Medieval-style stitches and dressing. Bandaging half your face like Tyrion had after the battle would also look incredibly creepy.

This classic scar is a big part of Tyrion’s character and would turn Game of Thrones fans’ heads. Much like the dying Joffrey Halloween costume, the scar is really all you need to make a big impact.

What You’ll Need:

  • Even if you’re not a master of prosthetics, you can easily use adhesive glue to stick some black cotton or string to your face to make it look like stitches
  • Fake blood
  • Bandages (blood-soaked and aged)

The Sand Snakes

sand snakes arguing intro game of thrones helen sloan

Bastard daughters and deadly assassins, this costume can be pulled off with two of your friends and some stunning colour coordination. All three of you will look irresistibly poisonous as Dorne‘s Sand Snakes for Halloween.

What You’ll Need:

  • Brown boots
  • Gold or brown dress — you can even buy some gold material to wrap around yourself. Remember it’s warm in Dorne so make sure whatever you wear is thin and loose
  • Embroider some gold detail on a brown belt or use a gold craft pen or marker to draw it on
  • Very long spears, knives, whips, and machetes.

The Crows and The Wildlings

crows and wildlings jon snow game of thrones

Just hope that it’s cold at your Halloween party because you’re going to be roasting in this costume. If there’s a costume competition going on, split into two teams, one team dressing as Free Folk and the other dressing as The Watchers on the Wall, and fight to the death over who gets to be Jon Snow.

What You’ll Need:

For the Wildlings

  • Grey trousers and top
  • Winter coat or customise a regular coat with pieces of furry material
  • Snow boots — walk around in the snow for 30 years and then you will get the perfect, antique, gritty look. If you don’t have 30 years to spare, go traipsing around in the snow, mud and/or dirt in your street for a while to scuff them up.

For the Night’s Watch

  • Black leather (most importantly gloves and belt)
  • Super long black cape with the furry hoods
  • Accessorise with Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword which you can buy online.

Jaqen H’ghar


Follower of The Many-Faced God, Jaqen H’ghar is the pinnacle of mystery, so don’t forget that less is more. Don’t worry too much about your makeup here; plain and pale complemented with a vacant expression is all you need. A man is no one without this costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • An oversized cloak with a large hood. Make it look dirty and aged by spraying it grey or soaking it in coffee for a day or so
  • A reddish wig with the all-important silver highlight which you can paint on yourself.


melisandre game of thrones

Want to dress as a witch this Halloween? You still can with Melisandre. You don’t need a witch’s hat or broom for this look but swap those for red hair, red boots, and a red dress.

What You’ll Need:

  • A long red wig or extensions
  • Rosy cheeks, red lipstick, and on fleek eyebrows
  • Red boots and dress
  • To make fellow Game of Thrones fans notice, perfect the look with a replica of Melisandre’s beautiful, ruby gem choker that keeps her young and beautiful and hides her decrepit, old-lady form.

The Dothraki

dothraki game of thrones

You may be confident enough to dress up as the buff Khal Drogo, complete with blue body paint, but, if not, there are millions of Dothraki extras you can draw your inspiration from. Bonus points if you own a horse.

What You’ll Need:

  • Armoured kilt — you can attach pieces of card to an old medium-length skirt
  • Card torso pieces and wrist cuffs
  • Bandages to wrap around your knuckles
  • Spears and large swords
  • A stick-on black beard plaited or in a ponytail
  • Dark liner to define those deep eyes
  • Finish off the look with casual sandals

The Stone Men

jorah mormont greyscale game of thrones

Whether you’re dressing as Jorah Mormont, Princess Shireen Baratheon, or Stone man number three, this one is guaranteed to freak people out. You may want to think about having crazy eyes and yellow teeth if you want to look fully infected with the greyscale disease. However, make sure to keep the infection subtle but shocking on one side of your face if you’re dressing as lil’ Shireen. Tip: don’t moisturise for a couple of weeks.

What You’ll Need:

  • It’s all about the makeup here; apply a dusty, grey foundation to start
  • Make your skin and lips look dead and cracked with liquid latex or even try applying toothpaste to your entire face or body and leave it to crack up. Make sure to paint it grey afterward
  • Grey, loose shirt, trousers/leggings, and gloves
  • Colour your teeth with yellow teeth stain if you are dressing as an infected Stone man and maybe even add some bloodshot contacts.

Children of the Forest

This Game of Thrones Halloween costume can be incredibly intricate but you will look supernatural, alien-like, and scary all at the same time. If trees could walk and talk, they would be The Children of the Forest, so we want to go for a natural, green look.

What You’ll Need:

  • Start with plain underclothes — shirts and leggings can be brown, green, grey or cream
  • Use brown rope as vines and wrap them around your legs, arms, and torso (you can even get real leaves or flowers to stick to these ropes)
  • Braided/plaited hair
  • Green face paint; you could draw trunk-like patterns on your skin with a makeup pencil
  • Black or dark green lipstick
  • Green contacts.

Daenerys Targaryen

Why dress up as a monster, when you can dress up as the stunning Queen of Dragons? Work that long, silver wig, and draw on those thick eyebrows. If the look you’re going for this year is less sexy and more gory, then maybe a blood-covered Daenerys after she ate that horse’s heart would be perfect for you. Anyone who can persuade their mate to wear a dragon costume alongside this gets bonus points.

What You’ll Need:

  • A gorgeous full-length blue dress
  • Red Riding Hood-like cloak but in blue
  • Add more detail with dragon symbols on jewellery and don’t forget Dany’s wedding ring
  • Blue contact lenses
  • Long, wavy blonde wig
  • Thick eyebrows and extreme lashes.


game of thrones wight

This is the ultimate zombie costume. The ticking time bomb antagonists to the entire series, the cold, dead, bloodied figures, the terrifying White Walkers and their reincarnated slaves, Wights, are the pinnacle of horror. If you want to pull off looking like a Wight, you will need to have obvious, open wounds and even missing limbs. Wights always appear dirty, so don’t forget to roll around in the mud to develop the decaying flesh look. The more blood, the better.

What You’ll Need:

  • Pale foundation
  • Contact lenses (dull blue)
  • Fake blood to cover yourself with
  • Create open wounds with latex, makeup, and blood — even lodge some weapons into these to make it look more gruesome. Have blood seeping from your mouth and nose
  • You can also wear a skeleton costume. After all, you’re dead.

White Walkers

Game of Thrones White Walker

White Walkers are a little more complicated to replicate than Wights, with their silver skin and icicle-looking hair, but will end up way creepier too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Silver, shiny face paint
  • Battle armour — this can be made out of grey card
  • Bright blue contact lenses
  • Icy horns and claws
  • A long silver wig

A version of this article was previously published on October 6, 2016

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Jason Momoa Has Apologized for His Game of Thrones Rape Joke

Jason Momoa has something to say about that 2011 Comic-Con joke.

The Game of Thrones actor had his words come back to haunt him after a video from the show’s San Diego panel recently started making headlines in the wake of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and, closer to home, his Justice League costar Ben Affleck apologizing for a 2003 groping incident.

“As far as sci-fi and fantasy, I love that genre because there are so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it and rape beautiful women,” said the actor to some crowd laughter about his barbarian warrior character Khal Drogo.

Now Momoa is opening up about the incident in a statement on Instagram.

“I awoke in Australia to the justified reactions by many people to a distasteful joke I made years ago in Hall H for which I am sorry,” Momoa said. “I am still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks that day. I know my sincerest apology now won’t take away those hurtful words. Rape and sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have seen first hand its painful torment among members of my own family and friends.”

He continued: “I made a truly tasteless comment. It is unacceptable and I sincerely apologize with a heavy heart for the words I said.”


A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

The actor is introduced as Aquaman in Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero mashup while Affleck reprises his role as Batman.

This article originally appeared on EW.com.

Entertainment – TIME


‘Game of Thrones’: The History of House Targaryen Revealed

Need your Game of Thrones fix?

HBO just released a new animated short, entitled “Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms,” just weeks after the epic Season 7 finale. The entire series will be included in the U.S. Blu-ray and DVD December 12 and for digital download September 25.

The first episode details the history of House Targaryen and why the family left Essos for Westeros.

If the narrator sounds familiar, that’s because it’s Harry Lloyd, aka Viserys Targaryen, the late brother of Daenerys Targaryen.

The short illustrates the cataclysmic Doom of Valryria, which took place 400 years before the events of Game of Thrones. The catastrophic event destroyed the capital city of Old Valyria and wiped out all its inhabitants, save for the Targaryens.

In the Song of Ice and Fire books, Aenar Targaryen fled Valyria after his daughter Daenys Targaryen had a prophetic vision of the Doom. They established an outpost at Dragonstone (the location played a significant part in Season 7, as Daenerys’ place of birth and command center).

Aenar’s descendant Aegon (the first of many) conquered the Seven Kingdoms from Dragonstone, with the help of dragons, beasts — and weapons — unseen in Westeros.

Interestingly, the above clip details the other prominent Houses at the time of Aegon’s War of Conquest: House Durrandon (a predecessor to House Baratheon), House Hoare (of which House Greyjoy was a vassal), House Stark, House Lannister, House Gardener (from which House Tyrell sprung), and House Arryn.

Of those, only Targaryen, Stark and Lannister hold any real power by Season 7.

Will history repeat itself with House Targaryen conquering the others in Season 8? Or will they rally against the invasion of The Night King and his undead army?

Learn more about House Targaryen by watching the video above or checking out the Game of Thrones Fan Community.

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5 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Starring in Fall TV Shows

Gwendoline Christie

Top of the Lake: China Girl

When Gwendoline Christie isn’t brandishing a sword and wearing full-body armor as Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, she’s investigating crimes as Sydney Police constable Miranda Hilmarson in the newest season of Top of the Lake. Christie stars alongside Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss and Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman in the second season, titled “China Girl.” Moss’ character Robin has returned to Sydney for this season, where the murder of an Asian woman leads her and Christie to the dark underbelly of sex trafficking in Australia. Top of the Lake: China Girl premieres on SundanceTV this Sunday, September 10.

Richard Madden

Electric Dreams

Richard Madden’s presence as Robb Stark on Game of Thrones has been missed immensely since his tragic end at the Red Wedding. Now, Madden has made the jump from medieval fantasy to science fiction, in a new anthology series based on the works of of Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, etc). In Electric Dreams. Madden plays Agent Ross, a detective brought in to investigate the strange communications of a technologically inept society. Madden will be joined by fellow Game of Thrones stars Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos) and Essie Davis (Lady Crane) in an episode later in the series called “Human Is.” Electric Dreams premieres Amazon Video later this year.

Kit Harrington


Kit Harrington’s character Jon Snow had quite the year on Game of Thrones. He became King in the North, he appeared before not one but two queens who could have killed him, he “bent the knee” before Daenerys Targaryen, fell in love, and discovered his true name (well, Bran did anyway.) Now, Harrington is planning a mutiny against another crown, that of King James I, as the leader of the Gunpowder Plot. The series, aptly titled Gunpowder, will bring to life the English Catholic rebellion against King James in 1605. Harrington helped write and produce the series, which is set to air in the U.K. later this year.

Iwan Rheon

Marvel’s Inhumans

As if playing one bad guy wasn’t enough, Iwan Rheon is back as Maximus, the leader of an uprising in Marvel’s Inhumans. As bastard Ramsay Bolton, he was disqualified from ruling, so he took power where he could. The same could be said of Maximus, the younger brother of the Inhuman king Black Bolt. Maximus’ revolt takes center stage in this Inhuman drama, which deals with issues of royalty, gene manipulation, superpowers, and slavery. You could even say the show is Marvel’s version of Game of Thrones, just don’t let Lockjaw near Maximus and everything should be OK. Marvel’s Inhumans is set to premiere on ABC Friday, September 29.

Natalie Dormer

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell Game of Thrones) Picnic at Hanging Rock
Dormer will play a headmistress in this mystery set in 1900s Australia.

On Game of Thrones, Margaery Tyrell was a force to be reckoned with. She married not one, not two, but three kings, before her tragic death in the Sept of Baelor. Now actress Natalie Dormer is trading her House Tyrell sigil for the title of headmistress of an all-girls school in the 1900s. In Picnic at Hanging Rock, Dormer portrays Mrs Hester Appleyard, a teacher whose students go missing during a field trip. The show takes place in Australia and will deal with dream logic, murder, and mystery in almost a David Lynchian fashion. AmazonVideo will air the series later this year.

Check out Fandom’s full list of new and returning Fall TV shows below.

Fall TV Schedule 2017: See When ‘Gifted,’ ‘Star Trek’ and More Buzzy Shows Air

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This Might Be Just the Hardest ‘Game of Thrones’ Trivia Quiz Ever

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this post contains spoilers from Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

So if you’re like us, you’re probably feeling some major Game of Thrones withdrawal right about now.

Yes, it’s only been a week and a half since the finale, entitled “The Dragon and The Wolf,” aired. Considering the show might not come back until 2019, fans may need to wait longer than it took Daenerys Targaryen to finally make it to King’s Landing.

If you’re like us, you’ve binged the season finale a few times, reliving that awesome Wall-toppling scene and looking for hints at what’s to come in the show’s eighth and final season.

But just how closely were you watching?

You’ll need ears more finally attuned than Varys’ and eyes sharper than Gendry’s in a blizzard to get all of our trivia questions right.

And if you do, you’ve got powers like the Three-Eyed Raven. So without further ado, try FANDOM’s Super Hard Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Quiz below.

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What the Hell, ‘Game of Thrones’, Where Are My Other 3 Episodes?

Season 7 of Game of Thrones was not a bad season, yet at times it felt like it was on fast-forward. This was a season not really interested in the story it was telling; its eyes were trained solely at the light at the end of the tunnel. That pace made for a fast and exciting seven and a half hours. Yet there’s a sloppiness here. Game of Thrones was built from the little details that made Westeros feel real. When HBO cut Season 7 back by three episodes, it cut those details.

While shortcuts might keep the momentum going, each one Game of Thrones uses makes its world a little less real. As the showrunners rushed to finish a short season, Westeros became a less interesting place. Other than that Ed Sheeran cameo, the regular people of Westeros had no voice. In the rush to clean up loose ends, the writers treated some characters with less care and attention than they deserved.

Unceremonious Deaths

Nobody mourns the Sand Snakes. That’s the problem.

One of the main tasks in this season was to trim the fat. Game of Thrones has always had a huge population of characters and factions. Some had to go. In the span of just a few episodes, Season 7 annihilated the Freys, the Martells, the Tyrells, and the Tarlys. But don’t cry for these noble houses, their place in the story had already passed. (I will mourn the Queen of Thorns, though.)

The problem is that it was done without ceremony and consequence. Arya – rather improbably – slaughtered almost the entirety of House Frey at the start of the season, and this seems to have had no repercussions at all. Only Jaime Lannister even remembered they existed. The Sand Snakes were then executed with even less fanfare.

Character deaths ceased to really be shocking anymore. At some point, it was just fanservice. If characters are doomed, that doesn’t mean they don’t have interesting stories left to tell. By not telling those stories, Game of Thrones wasn’t cutting fat anymore; it was cutting muscle.

Even the slimy Ralph Cifaretto from ‘The Sopranos’ had a story to tell before he met his end.

Compare this to HBO’s former powerhouse, The Sopranos. That show wrote amazing episodes for minor side characters before they met their end. Even utterly awful slimy creatures like Ralph Cifaretto were made into fully realized human beings before they died. It made their characters more memorable and their deaths more important. We never got that for the Sand Snakes. Nobody had time to care about them.

The Littlefinger Non-Tragedy

Just how did Littlefinger lose? I still can’t follow this storyline.

Littlefinger is one of those characters worst served by the lack of space this season. His whole arc is a perfect example of the opportunities lost with the three fewer episodes.

It was easy to peg Littlefinger for death from the start of the season. His isolation and lack of options were obvious. However, given only seven episodes, we never got a chance to explore his story. Poor Baelish really needed scenes to establish his POV. Was he desperate that his plans were failing? Was he delusional that his plans were working? My theory is that he was trying to stop but just couldn’t help himself. He was addicted to climbing the Ladder. So he fell.

There were plenty of great dramatic options that Game of Thrones could have taken with Bealish. Instead, they went for a “gotcha” fake-out. He wasn’t a character; he was a bad guy whose throat needed to be cut. And so audience cheers for blood. This is far too simple, but what room was there for anything else? When you can’t tell a story, go for a swerve instead.

The biggest problem is that I can’t tell what the heck really happened! How did Littlefinger lose so badly? Sansa and Arya were at each other’s throats last week. Was that all an act? How much was real? When did Littlefinger screw up? The basic scene to scene structure of this entire plot is missing.

Tiny Westeros

Where did everybody in Westeros go?

Fans have complained all season about how easy it suddenly became to move around Westeros. It’s funny that Sam and Gilly teleported all the way across the Seven Kingdoms in one episode and they didn’t even have a dragon to ride.

An even bigger issue is the loss of scale. There’s just nobody in Westeros anymore. Outside the main cast, the people of this continent are silent. There are no POV characters on the ground like Arya was for so many seasons. This means politics are airy and lack impact.

Back to Littlefinger: He couldn’t have a drama because he had nobody to talk to. It seems like there are six people left in Winterfell, and most of them are Starks. The castle was never established as a real place with real politics happening. We only had a few limited perspectives from the named characters, not from their surrounding people. We don’t know how the peasants felt, how the Vale people felt, or how anybody felt.

I’ll go bigger. Why do people still serve Queen Cersei when she’s clearly insane? What do they think of Dany? How are the Dothraki interacting with the people they’re conquering? Winter is here, do the people have enough to eat?

The Strain of a Tight Time Budget

Dragons are cool. But what about people?

Fully adapting George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire book series was always going to be impossible. It was just too big. The issues only became worse as Martin himself struggled with the details and could not finish The Winds of Winter. Game of Thrones has done a great job so far, but it wasn’t until this season that we felt the strain of a time budget.

Older seasons took their time. They even went out of their way to pad out the story as they waited for Martin to catch up. But this season saw a massive shake-up of Westeros. There were four huge battles instead of the usual one or two. However, with just seven episodes, we never had time to digest what happened. Season 2’s Battle of the Blackwater was an explosion whose ramifications were felt for seasons. This season’s Battle of Highgarden was a non-event that was barely commented upon.

When HBO cut Season 7 back to seven episodes, the show had to restrict itself to just the highs and none of the lows. We got all the dragon action, all the executions, and all the boat sex. That meant they cut all the “boring” parts like slow character arcs and world building. Sadly, those cuts were also much of the heart of A Song of Ice and Fire. You don’t get the battles until you establish why they matter. You don’t get the character deaths until those characters are properly created.

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‘Game of Thrones’: Who Are The Men Named Aegon Targaryen?

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains spoilers from the Season 7, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones, entitled “The Dragon and The Wolf.” Proceed at your own risk.

Game of Thrones fans have known Jon Snow’s true lineage since Season 6.

In Sunday’s Season 7 finale, they learned his true name: Aegon Targaryen. He is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

Bran Stark used his greenseer abilities to witness the interaction between Jon’s mother, Lyanna, and her brother, Eddard. As she lay dying, Lyanna revealed the child’s name, and made her brother pledge to protect him.

Aegon Targaryen was the child of the secret union between Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

Ned eventually claimed Jon as his own bastard son, carrying the secret to his death. However, the identity of Jon’s true parents is now known to Bran as well as Samwell Tarly, and they plan to tell Jon when he returns to Winterfell.

There are many implications to Jon learning his true identity. As Rhaegar was the crown prince and Jon a legitimate child, he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. There’s also the uncomfortable reality that he just slept with his own aunt, Rhaegar’s younger sister Daenerys Targaryen.

Others Who Bore the Name

Jon isn’t the only person to bear the name Aegon Targaryen.

In fact, Rhaegar had another son named Aegon Targaryen. This Aegon was Rhaegar’s son with his first wife, Elia Martell. Aegon, his sister Rhaenys, and his mother were all killed in The Sack of King’s Landing by The Mountain.

To confuse matters more, both Jon and Aegon’s great-grandfather was also named Aegon. This man, Aegon the Unlikely, sat on the Iron Throne. He was the father to “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen.

Still confused? Check out our primer on Aegon Targaryen above.

Let’s just hope that after he learns his true identity, the still-living Aegon will go by his much shorter name, Jon Snow.

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13 people who have decided incest is fine after the “Game of Thrones” season finale

13 people who have decided incest is fine after the “Game of Thrones” season finale

13 people who have decided incest is fine after the “Game of Thrones” season finale

We can all agree that incest is wrong, right? Well…it appears that Game of Thrones fans are the exception. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you know exactly what incestual pairing we’re referring to. And if you haven’t watched the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, what are you waiting for?! Get watching, then come back here for all the family #DRAMA, because spoilers definitely lie ahead.

Moving along, a Dany-Jon romance has been brewing for some time now. Not long after their first meeting, a *heat* started to develop between them. Then, the showrunners confirmed that the pair we’re falling for one another. And tonight, the lovebirds got it on.

And while that moment was FIRE, it was also ICE WEIRD.

That’s because their hook-up was part of a montage that showed Bran (aka the Three-Eyed Raven) telling Sam all about Jon’s papa and mama. He told him that Jon is not Ned Stark’s bastard, but rather, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark — making him the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Upon hearing this, Sam told Bran about the annulment of Rhaegar and Elia Martell’s marriage, and that Rhaegar and Lyanna got married in a secret ceremony — and we got a flashback to that via Bran. Finally, FINALLY, the show itself confirmed more details about Jon’s parentage (we saw Lyanna with Baby Jon last season), and cleared up those annulment/marriage rumors.

Knowing all this, you’d think that Dany and Jon’s sex scene would be, um, uncomfortable to watch.

And for some Twitter users, it was. Because, Dany is Jon’s aunt after all. (But, the two don’t know that…yet.)

Others, meanwhile, just acknowledged that it happened at all.

But, it appears, an even greater number thought the Dany-Jon sex scene was HOT. AS. HELL.

And the same goes for their relationship at large.

So, here are just 13 examples of Twitter users who decided, incest? Yeah, that’s totally fine — at least, in this case.

So, much of Twitter can agree that Dany and Jon together is totally acceptable (and encouraged!), despite the fact that they’re related.

The question now is how will Dany and Jon react to the news? We’ll surely find out when Game of Thrones returns with its eighth and final season.



‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Predictions: Jon Snow and Dany Make Love, the Wall Will Fall, and More

It’s all led to this. Sunday night’s Game of Thrones finale will bring a who’s-who of Westeros royalty together for the first time: Daenerys Targaryen, joined by Jon Snow, Tyrion, Davos, and The Hound, will converge in the Dragonpit for her first-ever meeting with Team Cersei. There are a hundred dangling questions this episode might answer: Is Cersei really pregnant? Will The Hound and The Mountain finally duel to the death? Where are Sam and Gilly headed? What the hell is up with Arya? And, hey, remember the Greyjoys? They were important once, right?

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast – Entertainment


POLL: Who Will Die in the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale?

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has seen no end of character deaths. A ton of Freys. Obara and Nymeria Sand. Olenna Tyrell. Randyll and Dickon Tarly. Thoros. Benjen Stark. Even Viserion bit the dust! With one episode left, we reckon there is room for another character to die before the final credits roll. Taking out the main characters – Cersei, Daenerys, Jon, Jamie, and Tyrion – we listed the eight most likely candidates who might not make it to Season 8. Check out our list, see if you agree, and then vote in the poll!


littlefinger game of thrones
Will Littlefinger finally be outmanoeuvred?

From Master of Coin to Lord Protector of the Vale, Littlefinger has schemed his way throughout all seven season of Game of Thrones. Now, in the frozen wastes of the North, Littlefinger plays his games with the Starks of Winterfell. He attempts to set Sansa and Arya against each other in hopes of gaining more power. But has he underestimated Sansa’s deviousness, and Arya’s cunning?

Beric Dondarrion

Last surviving member of the flaming sword club.

The last surviving member of the Brotherhood Without Banners, Beric Dondarrion has already died a half dozen times. Each time he was resurrected by the Red Priest, Thoros of Myr, and now serves the Lord of Light with his flaming sword. But with Thoros’ death beyond the Wall, will Beric Dondarrion finally succumb to a final and true death?

Grey Worm

Game of Thrones_Grey Worm
Game of Thrones doesn’t do happy endings.

The bravest and fiercest of Daenerys’ Unsullied, Grey Worm led the assault on Casterly Rock. It was not his fault that the entire thing turned out to be a trap. He has been at the forefront of most of Daenerys military campaigns and come through them relatively unscathed. With armies now massing for war, will Grey Worm’s luck finally run out? He’s started to find happiness with Missandei, but will it be short-lived? One thing is certain: soldiers die in war.


Game of Thrones
Bronn should have bought it twice during the Battle of Blackwater Rush.

Sellsword, badass, and master of the deadpan snark, Bronn has come a long way since allying himself with Tyrion way back in the first season. As a fierce fighter, he’s constantly in the thick of battle where his skills, cunning, and ruthlessness helps him to survive. Bronn’s already had a few close brushes with death: nearly poisoned at the hands of the Sand Snakes, and almost roasted by Drogon. Will Bronn’s luck finally run out?

Sansa Stark

sansa-stark game of thrones
Sansa’s finally taking control of her life, but is it too late?

In the North, Sansa Stark is Lady of Winterfell. After all the indignities she has suffered, Sansa had evolved from a naive and sheltered young girl to a hardened and cynical woman. Now she tries to play the political games that she has watched others like Cersei and Littlefinger play. Sansa has Littlefinger to contend with on one side, and Arya on the other. Has she learned her lessons well, or is she in over her head?

The Hound

The Hound lives by the sword. Will he die by the sword?

The Hound is brutally honest and knows the truth about how life in Westeros works. The strong prevail over the weak, and violence is a way of life. The Hound knows that the way he lives his life leads him into situations where it is kill or be killed. He’s even cheated death before. Heading back to King’s Landing, will the Hound come face to face with his hated brother one last time?

Arya Stark

Arya may be a murder machine, but can she be as cunning as she needs to be to survive?

After several seasons training with the Faceless Men in Braavos, Arya Stark is looking to make good on her promise to kill the people on her list. Distracted from her mission of vengeance by the reunification of the remnants of her family, she now finds herself in the middle of Littlefinger’s schemes to gain power in the North; a scheme that sets her against her sister, Sansa. Arya has learned much in Braavos, but did she also learn this kind of warfare?

Jorah Mormont

Has Jorah come home to Westeros to die?

Daenerys’ most loyal servant, Ser Jorah Mormont has finally returned to Westeros. After surviving a seemingly lethal bout of greyscale thanks to the intervention of Samwell Tarly, Jorah returns to his Queen’s side to serve her once more. Pledged to defend the Queen with his life, will Ser Jorah finally have to make good on his oath?

Who Will Die in the Season Finale of Game of Thrones? Have Your Say With Our Poll!

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‘Game of Thrones’ Finale: What ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ Could Be Referring To

The final episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 is entitled “The Dragon and The Wolf.”

The two beasts in the title are the sigils of two Westerosian houses: House Targaryen, whose sigil is a three-headed dragon; and House Stark, whose sigil is a direwolf.

Previous episode titles have followed similar nomenclature: notably Season 1’s “The Wolf and The Lion” (House Stark and House Lannister), and Season 4’s “The Lion and The Rose” (House Lannister and House Tyrell).

“The Dragon and The Wolf” can refer to the two houses, but also their heads.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow

Game of Thrones_Episode 5_Daenerys_Jon
Dany is developing feelings for Jon.

Daenerys and Jon are finally on the same side. Dany came to his aide north of The Wall, but Jon sacrificed himself to ensure his comrades and Dany could escape from the Night King and his army.

Miraculously, Jon survived and was reunited with Dany, and finally bent the knee to her. The two shared a lengthy look (never mind the fact that she is technically his aunt). Which leads us to another interpretation of the title.

Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark

“The Dragon and The Wolf” could be referring to Rhaegar, Dany’s eldest brother, and Lyanna, Eddard Stark’s sister.

The lovers lost their lives prior to the beginning of the series, but their legacy lives on, mainly in the form of their son, Jon Snow. Jon was given to Ned to raise as his bastard son, even though he wasn’t.

In “Eastwatch,” Gilly learned the truth — Rhaegar had his marriage to Elia Martell annulled — meaning his offspring with Lyanna would be legitimate and thus have a true claim to the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow

The title doesn’t necessarily have to refer to two different things. Being half-Targaryen and half-Stark, Jon is both “The Dragon and The Wolf.”

Melisandre believed he was the fabled Prince That Was Promised and brought him back to life. Even more recently, Jon survived certain death after taking on a massive wight army alone and being thrown into the icy waters north of The Wall. Time after time, Jon has lived to fight another day — leading to what many believe will be a final showdown the Night King.

Viserion and Nymeria/Ghost

Viserion Game of Thrones
Viserion may help the Night King take down The Wall.

The most literal translation could reference an actual dragon and an actual wolf.

The Night King murdered and then resurrected Viserion, who may play a key role in breaching The Wall.

Meanwhile, the two remaining direwolves — Nymeria and Ghost — have not had any major roles. While Ghost is still at Winterfell, Nymeria made an appearance earlier in the season and chose to remain with her pack instead of going with Arya Stark, signaling the change in both wolf and owner.

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The Wall on Game of Thrones: Breaking Down Its History and Magic

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

With an ice dragon now under his control, the Night King is more formidable than ever. But for the time being, the people of Westeros still have one major advantage over the leader of the dead: the Wall.

Although Game of Thrones hasn’t spent nearly as much time at the Wall since Jon Snow renounced his Night’s Watch vows, the magical barrier has continued to shield the Seven Kingdoms from the dangers that lie beyond. However, with the threat of the White Walkers looming large, some fans believe the Wall is slated to come crashing down in the season seven finale.

Here’s everything we know about the Wall in Game of Thrones, best known as the realm’s long-standing first line of defense.

What is the Wall in Game of Thrones?

The Game of Thrones Wall is a 700-foot tall, 300-foot thick fortification that is 300 miles and spans Westeros’ northern border — from the Bay of Seals in the east to the Gorge in the west. The ice wall was originally built to defend the realm against the White Walkers, ice creatures who were created by the Children of the Forest in an effort to defend themselves against the First Men. But many also believe the Wall is a barrier to keep the Wildlings, or anyone who chooses to live outside the Seven Kingdoms, at bay.

“The Night’s Watch has forgotten its true purpose, Tarly,” Lord Commander Jeor Mormont tells Samwell Tarly in George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords. “You don’t build a wall seven hundred feet high to keep savages in skins from stealing women. The Wall was made to guard the realms of men…and not against other men, which is all the Wildlings are when you come right down to it. Too many years, Tarly, too many hundreds and thousands of years. We lost sight of the true enemy.”

Is the Wall magic?

The Wall in Game of Thrones is said to be warded with magic to prevent the dead from crossing over. This is significant as it is presumably the only reason the Night King and his army haven’t yet attempted to cross it.

“The Wall is not just ice and stone,” Benjen Stark — the younger brother of Ned — told Bran Stark and Meera Reed in the season six finale. “Ancient spells were carved into its foundation, strong magic to protect men from what lies beyond. And while it stands, the dead cannot pass.”


Who built the Wall?

The Wall was supposedly constructed some eight millennia ago by giants and men under the direction of King Brandon Stark — a.k.a. Bran the Builder — following the War for the Dawn.

However, some fans believe that present-day Bran Stark and Bran the Builder are actually the same person. There’s speculation that Bran will at some point travel back in time in an attempt to prevent the White Walkers from destroying Westeros only to discover that — since time in the Thrones universe operates in a closed loop — he was the one who built the Wall all along.

HBO fanned the flames of this theory when it showed Bran the Builder being carried around on a platform — indicating he may have been paralyzed just like Bran Stark — in a DVD extra about the history of Westeros on the season one box set.

Who lives at the Wall?

The Wall is defended by the men of the Night’s Watch who live in castles positioned at strategic locations along its 300-mile length. However, while the Watch once drew enough recruits to man up to 17 of its 19 castles at one time, there are now only three still guarded by sworn brothers — Castle Black, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and the Shadow Tower. When recruits are accepted into the Watch, they “take the black” by reciting the following vows:

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

After joining the Night’s Watch in season one, Jon Snow — along with his fellow brother Sam Tarly — spent much of his time either stationed at Castle Black or ranging beyond the Wall with Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. Jon’s years with the Watch also included an undercover stint with the Widlings beyond the Wall during which he was introduced to Ygritte, Tormund and Free Folk leader Mance Rayder.

Helen Sloan—HBO

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Where is the Wall in real life?

During a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, George R.R. Martin revealed that he came up with the concept of the Wall while visiting Hadrian’s Wall in England.

I can trace back the inspiration for that to 1981. I was in England visiting a friend, and as we approached the border of England and Scotland, we stopped to see Hadrian’s Wall. I stood up there and I tried to imagine what it was like to be a Roman legionary, standing on this wall, looking at these distant hills. It was a very profound feeling. For the Romans at that time, this was the end of civilization; it was the end of the world. We know that there were Scots beyond the hills, but they didn’t know that. It could have been any kind of monster. It was the sense of this barrier against dark forces – it planted something in me.

However, the Wall in the show is created pretty much entirely through CGI.

Will the Wall fall?

There are a number of fan theories regarding the destruction of the Wall. Here are a few of the most popular.

The Night King’s Mark

After being physically touched by the Night King during a vision in the fifth episode of season six, Bran was told by the former Three-Eyed Raven that he was no longer safe in the cave under the giant weirwood tree. The Night King and his White Walker lieutenants were then able to gain entrance to the cave, proving that he had nullified its magic by marking Bran. If the same principle holds true for the spells of the Wall, Bran may have already undone its magic when he crossed back to the southern side.

Viserion the Ice Dragon

The final moments of the sixth episode of season seven saw the army of the dead drag Viserion’s body out from the depths of the frozen lake beyond the Wall. The Night King then laid his hand on the dragon’s snout, reanimating him. Considering the birth of Daenerys’ dragons was the event that reawoke magic in the world of Thrones following a long period of dormancy, it stands to reason that an undead dragon may be a powerful enough being to overcome the Wall’s wards — and maybe even bring the entire thing crashing down.


The Horn of Winter

Since the Horn of Winter — also known as the Horn of Joramun — has never even been mentioned on the show, it’s unlikely that it will come into play this late in the game. However, in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, the Horn is a legendary artifact said to posses the power to bring down the Wall when blown. Ygritte tells Jon that the Wildlings searched far and wide for the Horn under the direction of Mance Rayder, but it was supposedly never found.

However, in A Dance With Dragons, Melisandre gives an ominous warning to the Free Folk concerning the Horn. “The Horn of Joramun? No. Call it the Horn of Darkness,” she says. If the Wall falls, night falls as well, the long night that never ends. It must not happen, will not happen!”

The Night King seems to have tools at the ready for every obstacle he encounters — like ice spears and giant chains. So, although unlikely, it’s possible he could be waiting for the right moment to reveal he’s in possession of the Horn as well.

“The Dragon and the Wolf,” the finale of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, airs Aug. 27 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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‘Game of Thrones’: Everything You Need to Know Before Sunday’s Season Finale

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is about to close the curtain on its seventh season. Even though this has been the shortest season yet, a lot of huge events have taken place over the course of just six episodes. We’re sure that the seventh and final episode of the season will have its fair share of shocking moments, but here’s a quick run down of what you need to know going into the season finale.

Arya, Sansa, and Littlefinger (Oh My!)

game of thrones beyond the wall feature 7
The Stark sisters are at odds. Or are they?

Arya and Sansa‘s journeys back to Winterfell have been extremely different but equally harrowing. With the two sisters now reunited, the devious Petyr Baelish is trying to tear them apart with deception and distrust. Are Arya and Sansa falling victim to his machinations? Or are they secretly playing him against himself?

It’s Cersei’s War, We Just Die in It

Cersei Iron Throne.jpg
Cersei sitting pretty – for now – on the Iron Throne.

Cersei claimed the Iron Throne last season, but now she’s been bombarded on all sides by her many enemies. She struck a powerful blow when she defeated Dorne, Highgarden, and Yara Greyjoy‘s fleet. However, just one attack from Dany‘s dragons left Cersei’s army in the dust (or ash). What does Cersei have planned for the finale? If the past is any indicator, it won’t be anything good.

Bran Flakes

bran catspaw dagger game of thrones
Bran examines the catspaw dagger.

Ever since his return from beyond the Wall, Bran has been a bit of a downer. His new status as the three-eyed raven has made him cold and detached from everyone else. But, his amazing powers have to play some role going forward, don’t they? Will he end up being a huge puzzle piece that falls into place in the final episode?

Dany v Night King: Dawn of Dragons

game of thrones dragons white walkers eastwatch
Dany’s dragons roast some white walkers.

After losing her beloved Viserion, Daenerys has been convinced of the Night King‘s power and the threat he poses to the entire realm. What’s worse is that her dearly departed dragon has become a zombie soldier for the Night King’s army. Now that she’s become allies with Jon Snow — and there might be some fire between them that isn’t dragon-based — her mission has changed from conquering Westeros to saving it.

Game of Thrones airs on HBO at 9PM EST.

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‘Game of Thrones’: The History of Dragons in Westeros

Dragons are the stuff of myths in many fantasy series, and the same holds true in Game of Thrones.

The fire-breathing beasts were long believed extinct in Westeros due to natural disaster, war, and inbreeding.

However, Daenerys Targaryen — the aptly named Mother of Dragons — “birthed” three dragons from eggs that were given to her as a wedding gift.

These dragons — Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion — grew from tiny hatchings to massive beasts who obey their mother’s commands, including “dracarys,” which unleashes dragon fire from their maws capable of melting flesh, metal and stone.

The trio of dragons have been used to deadly effect in the series, decimating the slaver fleet in Season 6 and the Lannister loot train in Season 7.

Drogon — named after Dany’s late husband Khal Drogo — is the largest and most fearsome of the trio. He serves as her mount, a weapon of mass destruction, and also an executioner (Drogon incinerated Randyll and Dickon Tarly when they refused to bend the knee after being captured).

Weapons of war

While the dragons have been involved in battles between the Houses, will they be employed in the greater one — the war with the Night King and his White Walkers?

Wights — the undead foot soldiers in the Night King’s army — cannot withstand fire. Their rotting flesh burns easily, and they dare not cross open flames. However, the Night King and White Walkers are more fire-resistant, partially due to the immense cold they radiate from their bodies.

Whether or not that applies to dragon fire remains to be seen, as the dragons have yet to encounter the White Walker threat.

One thing’s for sure … while the dragons are intimidating, they’re not immune. Drogon was heavily wounded in the Battle of the Goldroad by a giant ballista called the Scorpion. Whether the White Walkers weapons can pierce the dragon’s scales is unknown.

With an inevitable confrontation between the White Walkers and men coming, fans will have to see if the dragons will be used to turn the tide of battle.

For more on the dragons, check out the Game of Thrones fan community and try your hand at our trivia quiz.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragons?

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Why Sansa’s Letter Could Drive the Stark Girls Apart on ‘Game of Thrones’

Arya and Sansa Spoiler Gif

Quite a lot happened on Game of Thrones season seven, episode five, “Eastwatch.” Jon Snow’s not a bastard! Wolf Team Six headed north of the Wall to capture themselves a White Walker to take to Cersei! Gendry is back and he’s got a sweet hammer! It would be easy to dismiss Littlefinger’s trap for Arya as a minor plot point, but it has serious implications.

The letter that Littlefinger requested was written by Sansa way back in season one, and it was written under duress. In the letter, Sansa requested that her brother Robb bend the knee to the newly crowned Joffrey, despite the fact that the young king had just imprisoned their father (Ned Stark) for treason.

Sansa wrote the letter because Cersei threatened her and she didn’t have many options. She was fourteen years old, alone save for her sister in King’s Landing and she wanted to be queen. Joffrey hadn’t gone completely mad with power just yet, and Ned still had his head. Context gives Sansa’s letter meaning, and Robb understood that his sister hadn’t betrayed them in signing her name.

There’s just one very serious problem…

Arya was like this in season one. She’s even more stabby now.

So what does the letter say, exactly?

The letter that could divide Winterfell.

The letter, written in front of a very insistent Cersei, reads:

Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.

Think about what this means to Arya. She thinks Littlefinger is working for Sansa, and that he had this letter removed from the records at her behest. Arya believes her sister is trying to hide the contents of the letter, which are pretty damning without context.

The only context Arya has is her own memories. She watched her father lose his head courtesy of Ilyn Payne, under Joffrey’s orders. She watched the Lannister soldiers parade Robb’s corpse around with his direwolf’s head attached following the Red Wedding. Sansa advocating for Joffrey is the worst kind of treason anyone could commit, at least to Arya.

Arya’s Embraced the Dark Side

Quite a few murders ago.

Arya always walked a fine line with morality, but she embraced a pretty evil ideology in her studies at the House of Black and White. She swore herself to the God of Death. Sansa, by contrast, has tried to remain true to the ethics she was raised with. Sansa is very much her father’s daughter, whereas Arya is definitely more true to her wolfish nature.

Arya will either confront Sansa with the letter, or she’ll keep the information for herself and let it fester within her like an infection. She’ll never trust Sansa again and will likely lash out at some point. The sisters didn’t get along well before they were split, and their reunion has already been tense.

This is how they got along when things were good.

Showrunner D.B. Weiss confirmed that Littlefinger is trying to drive the sisters apart on the “Inside the Episode” featurette for “Eastwatch.”

“Arya is very used to being more clever and more stealthy, and smarter than any of the people she’s up against, but she hasn’t dealt with Littlefinger for a while. She gets roped into spying on somebody who’s actually leading her by the nose to something that he wants her to have,” he said.

“He’s looking for a way to prevent this sister bond from developing further because the tighter they are the more definitively he is caught on the outside of it.”

Sansa’s seen how stab-happy Arya is and was disconcerted with her display in the yard with Brienne of Tarth. She already thinks her sister is dangerous. It won’t take much from Arya for Sansa to be convinced she needs to be locked up or sent away for her own good. She’ll likely turn to Littlefinger for counsel, cementing his (uber-creepy) bond with Sansa.

Regardless of what Arya does with the letter, it’s going to drive a wedge between the Stark girls. That’s exactly what Littlefinger wants.

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Traveling in Game of Thrones filming locations


The HBO’s hit TV series “Game of Thrones” will be hitting our screens very soon. The fantasy drama, which is based on the books of George R.R Martin, is known for its high production values with filming on-location simultaneously in different countries posing as the lands of ice and fire. If you were thinking where to spend your next vacation, this is will probably give you some great ideas to pick from, while also a chance to revisit some of the stunning locations which provide the backdrop for your favorite show. Here are some of the countries that took part in the series :

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has many beautiful landscapes and ancient castles that can be dated back to medieval times. Because of that, they were HBO’s perfect choice as primary filming sites for many locations on the series, such as Winterfell, Castle Black, and the Riverlands. The episodes were mainly filmed in County Antrim and its Giant Causeway, County Down, and the Northern Irish capital Belfast. Although sometimes the scenery may be considered by some fans as bleak and cold, it is definitely stunning.


This beautiful country in Eastern Europe usually provides the backdrop for scenes and locations in King’s Landing, including the Red Keep and Blackwater Bay. While she is known for its sunny, Mediterranean look, Croatia is also considered to be relatively cheap, thus becoming a hot destination for travelers. Most of the scenes were Filmed in Dubrovnik, with many tourists and fans considering its beautiful Old Town as an entire set by itself. One can find also the beautiful Baroque staircase which is featured on the show.


This North-African hidden gem was an undiscovered, beautiful location for many years, But these days Morocco is slowly becoming a major tourist attraction, which they can credit to the show. The beautiful cities Ait Benhaddou and Essaouira, both located near Marrakech and the spice route, were used as the settings for the slaver cities of Yunkai and Astapur, in which Khaleesi visits in the exotic continent of Essos. Famous for trekking, its beaches, and great food, Morocco could easily be your favorite new place.


While searching for unique locations as portrayed in the book series, Game of Thrones even ended up filming at the edge of the world. This gorgeous island is mainly used for scenes that take place during Jon Snow’s journeys beyond the wall, while it also provides some otherworldly scenery in the show. Famous places include Dimmuborgir, which is a frozen lava near lake Mývatn and the Grjótagjá cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte had their famous love moment. Although the production team had to film during the winter in order to achieve the freezing look of the location, Iceland in the summertime can get pretty sunny and warm.

So what are you waiting for? Just take a vacation from work, book a flight and go visit some of your favorite spots in the series.


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Peter Dinklage Urges Game of Thrones Fans to Stop Buying Huskies Because They Look Like Direwolves

Tyrion Lannister is teaming up with PETA to help spread the word to fans of Game of Thrones that huskies are not the same as the direwolves seen on screen.

In a release from PETA, Peter Dinklage notes that shelters are reporting an increase in the impulse purchase and subsequent abandonment of huskies and that potential guardians of animals need to be prepared for the work that comes with being a pet owner.

In a plea to Game of Thrones fans, Dinklage writes, “Please, please: if you’re going to bring a dog into your family, make sure you’re prepared for such a tremendous responsibility and remember to always, ALWAYS, adopt from a shelter.”

As PETA points out in their statement, Game of Thrones is not the first television show or movie to lead to an increased demand for certain look-a-like animals. 101 Dalmatians, Legally Blonde, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua also faced this similar, dangerous phenomenon.

PETA estimates that more than 6 million animals, specifically cats and dogs, end up in animal shelters each year. About half of these animals are euthanized because there aren’t enough homes.

A longtime vegetarian, Dinklage has teamed up with PETA before in a video warning the public about the meat industry.

If you want to help out Dinklage and PETA’s cause, you can join the pledge to end animal homelessness and spread the word.

This article originally appeared on Ew.com

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Why This Tiny Game of Thrones Detail Matters in the War Against the White Walkers

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Following Jon Snow and company’s departure from Eastwatch-by-the-Sea in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, Westeros’ dream team looks set to face down the army of the dead at an eerily significant location in season seven’s penultimate installment.

In a shot from the episode six promo, the Hound and Thoros of Myr can be seen surveying a mountain beyond the Wall that appears to be the same one the Hound saw in his vision in the flames. “Ice, a wall of ice. The Wall,” he described. “It’s where the Wall meets the sea. There’s a castle there. There’s a mountain, looks like an arrowhead. The dead are marching past, thousands of them.”

However, this might not be the first time we’ve seen this particular location. Eagle-eyed Reddit user RKRagan pointed out that a very similar mountain appeared in the background of the flashback sequence in which Bran Stark witnessed the Children of the Forest create the White Walkers thousands of years ago. However, in that scene, we saw the mountain from the other side when it wasn’t yet covered in snow.

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If these places are indeed one and the same, it can’t be a coincidence that Thrones has spent the entire season building toward a major battle there. Unfortunately, judging by both the promo and season seven trailers, things aren’t looking too good for the living. “Death is the enemy — the first enemy and the last,” Beric tells Jon in the promo. “The enemy always wins. And we still need to fight him.”

The sixth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season airs Aug. 20 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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The Surprising Game of Thrones Wedding That Could Turn the Tide of War

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy may have been the first to strike up a marriage pact in season seven of Game of Thrones, but will they be the last? Following Dickon Tarly’s heroic performance during Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon attack, some fans are speculating that he may become Sansa Stark’s next suitor.

To refresh your memory, Dickon is the second son of Randyll Tarly and the younger brother of Samwell. His character first appeared during Sam’s brief trip home to Horn Hill — the seat of House Tarly in the Reach — in season six. However, the actor who played him, Freddie Stroma, has since been replaced by Tom Hopper.

Dickon was re-introduced in the second episode of season seven when his father was summoned to King’s Landing to pledge loyalty to the crown. He has since fought in the sacking of Highgarden and saved Jaime Lannister’s life during the Loot Train Battle.

Now, Reddit user ALL_STAR_87 has laid out a theory for a union between Dickon and the Queen Regent in the North.

Could Sansa Stark and Dickon Tarly be the pairing Westeros has been waiting for? Randyll Tarly is clearly the driving force behind the recent Lannister alliance, while young Dickon shows more concern about turning his back on old ties. If Randyll croaks and Dickon survives there’s a chance he could abandon his father’s pact with the Lannisters, paving the way to reconnect with his brother Sam — who happens to have the Tarly’s Valyrian steel sword and coincidentally is best mates with a Stark. With the Starks/Targaryens looking likely to take on the walkers, Sam bringing House Tarly (and most likely the rest of The Reach) onboard would be a big strategic win. Not to mention that House Tarly supported the Targaryens back in the day. By joining the fight in the north, Sansa and Dickon would no-doubt cross paths, setting-up a potentially perfect partnership bringing together north and south.

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Considering her past experiences, it seems unlikely that Sansa would agree to yet another political marriage. But maybe Dickon will somehow find a way to prove himself worthy.

“Eastwatch,” the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, airs Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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This is the dark meaning behind Sansa’s outfits in new Game of Thrones

Did you spot it?

game of thrones
Credit: HBO

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Of all the characters in Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark seems to have had the biggest transformation. When you look at all the other female leads – Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell, Brienne of Tarth – they’ve all been pretty fierce from the start. Okay, Daenerys took a few episodes to warm up but she quickly became the definition of a Westerosi girl boss if ever there was one.

Sansa, on the other hand, started off as a delicate and sensitive flower, and has been one pretty consistently since. It’s fair to say that the red-headed Stark has had it pretty tough – she saw her father decapitated, suffered at the hands of Joffrey, was tormented by Cersei, married off to Tyrion, kidnapped by Littlefinger and married off again to psychopathic Ramsay Bolton before she decided to ditch the naivety in favour of something darker and more calculating.

Now, in season 7, she has decided to allow all of the horrendous things that have happened to shape her as a straight-talking, no bullshit woman of Westeros. From the moment she cut Littlefinger’s counsel short with: ‘No need to cease the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll assume it was something clever,’ we knew that Sansa was on her way to joining the show’s legion of female badasses.

It’s therefore fitting that Sansa’s costumes reflect this new, strong Lady of Winterfell. As well as padding out with fur from IKEA rugs like her half-brother (ahem, cousin) Jon Snow, costume designer Michele Clapton revealed that Sansa’s latest outfits have a dark meaning. The use of blacks and dark greys are used to show how she was repressed by the men in her life following her father’s death, first at the hands of Joffrey, then Littlefinger, then Ramsay, and it serves as a warning to any man who wants to come near her.

One interesting detail is her belt. Clapton said: ‘This is her taking back control of her body. I designed it to wrap around over her side-laced dress to represent the absolute removal of any possible physical touch.

‘Her dresses are also tightly-laced on, incredibly difficult to remove; it’s a message to Littlefinger.’

game of thrones

Credit: REX

The one positive to come out of her sartorial transformation, Clapton says, is her cape which is a nod to her father, Ned.

‘Sansa’s cape, for instance, represents Ned and her desire to take on more of a leadership role at Winterfell,’ she says.

Talk about Medieval power dressing.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

How the Members of House Tyrell Met Their End in ‘Game of Thrones’

House Tyrell was one of the strongest and most valuable dynasties in the world of Game of Thrones. At the end of “The Queen’s Justice,” we saw the once proud and powerful house come crashing down. With the death of Lady Olenna, the legacy of the Tyrell family has been sealed in blood.

The Tyrell family was always a cunning and devious house. Their enormous riches offered them a lot of leeway when it came to the politics of Westeros. However, it was only their fortunes that gave them such power in the realm. They were never known for being fighters or having a strong standing army. The assumption that their gold would be enough to keep them alive in such a deadly world kept them feeling safe. They thought wrong.

The Beginning of the End

The destruction of House Tyrell really began once Margaery Tyrell was betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon. The Lannisters needed to align their family with House Tyrell in order to gain access to their copious funds. The Lannisters were massively indebted to the Iron Bank and joining themselves to the most prosperous family in Westeros was the easiest way of securing their repayment. However, the Lannisters were still viewed as enemies, and Lady Olenna’s secret plot to murder Joffrey at his wedding to Margaery was further proof that the Tyrells only allegiance was to themselves.

As Margaery moved on to wed Tommen Baratheon, Cersei Lannister saw that her control over her son was being usurped by Margaery. In an effort to kill more than a few birds with one stone, Cersei detonated an enormous store of wildfire underneath the Great Sept of Baelor. This killed not only Margaery Tyrell but her brother Loras and her father Mace as well. This left Olenna as the sole figurehead of the family left alive.

Though she became an ally to Daenerys Targaryen in order to exact revenge on Cersei, she was ultimately foiled by the armies of Jaime Lannister. Though she did impart one last damaging piece of information to Jaime before her death, it was a bittersweet end to a once illustrious empire.

QUIZ: Can You Complete Lady Olenna’s Most Savage Insults?

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HBO Links With Designers To Create Limited Edition Game of Thrones Apparel

The influence that Game of Thrones has had on pop culture for the past few years has been obvious and now HBO is taking things a step further with “Rep The Realm.” Rep The Realm is a new campaign that has HBO collaborating with some of today’s top designers including Billionaire Boys Club, ALIFE, 40s & Shorties, Dee & Ricky, Koio, V/SUAL and Carrots.

The name of the game is to create some dope limited edition micro-collections inspired by the hit HBO series.

The latest contribution from the Rep The Realm campaign comes from V/SUAL with a butters skateboard deck that features a map of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, which may or may not be made from dragonglass. Ok, it’s not made from

Ok, it’s not made from dragonglass, but it’s still hot fire, though.

Check out pics of the deck below and on the flip.

Photo: Rep The Realm

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Why Eastwatch Could Be a Pivotal Location on Game of Thrones

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Ever since Jon Snow sent Tormund and his Wildling army to guard Eastwatch-by-the-Sea in the Game of Thrones season premiere, the plot has been hinting at a major battle at the castle. And judging by the title of the upcoming fifth episode, “Eastwatch,” the time for the (presumably epic) showdown may be nearly upon us.

“Last time we saw the Night King was at Hardhome,” Jon told Tormund, referring to the season five massacre at the Free Folk fishing village. “The closest castle to Hardhome is Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.”

Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is the easternmost castle along the Wall belonging to the Night’s Watch. It is one of the three remaining Wall castles — along with Castle Black and The Shadow Tower — still manned by the men of the Watch.

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It also seemed to be referenced a second time in the premiere when the Hound described his fire vision. “Ice, a wall of ice. The Wall…It’s where the Wall meets the sea. There’s a castle there. There’s a mountain, looks like an arrowhead. The dead are marching past, thousands of them.”

This scene — along with shots from the season seven trailers — seemed to suggest that Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood Without Banners were also headed toward Eastwatch, heralding a meeting of several fan-favorite characters.

Not to mention that this week’s preview shows Jon dead set on convincing Daenerys that it’s time to head north to fight the White Walkers. “Bran saw the Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch,” he says as a shot of Bran’s ravens spying on the wights appears.

However, neither the promo nor the photos for the episode show the actual castle in the mix. Hopefully it’s still standing.

“Eastwatch,” the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, airs Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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This Unexpected Game of Thrones Character Could Ruin Cersei Lannister’s Master Plan

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Cersei Lannister’s plan for regaining control of Westeros seemed to be going pretty well until Daenerys Targaryen swooped in on dragonback and incinerated the Lannister army in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. However, based on Cersei’s most recent conversation with Tycho Nestoris, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms still has at least one more card up her sleeve.

“My only venture at this moment is reestablishing control over this continent and every person on it,” she told the Iron Banker. “I need to expand my armies, my navies. My Hand, Qyburn, has made overtures to the Golden Company in Essos.”

This was a reference to the most famous collection of mercenaries in the Free Cities. They were previously name-dropped in season four when Davos suggested Stannis Baratheon hire them to help him win the Iron Throne. Stannis declined on the basis that sellswords can’t be trusted, despite the fact that the Golden Company is renowned for never breaking a contract. The group even swears by the motto, “Our word is good as gold.”

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If Cersei successfully negotiates a contract with them, it would add around 10,000 much-needed soldiers to her army. However, there is one character who could put an unanticipated hitch in this scheme: Jorah Mormont.

After fleeing Westeros to escape execution for selling slaves — but before coming into Daenerys’ service — Jorah spent some time fighting in the Golden Company. If he still has connections in the group, he may be able to convince them to side with the Mother of Dragons instead — especially considering that Cersei may be low on funds once she repays the Lannisters’ debt to the Iron Bank.

Conveniently, Jorah is now greyscale-free and headed back into the fray. And since he has been desperately trying to get back in Dany’s good graces, this seems like a golden opportunity.

“Eastwatch,” the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, airs Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragons?

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is heating up like dragonfire. Now that Daenerys Targaryen’s pet dragon-babies — Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion — are pretty much fully grown, the reptilian trio are primed to wreak some serious havoc on anyone who gets in the way.

Test your worth as a mother of dragons or find out if, like poor Jon Snow, you know nothing by taking this quiz all about our favorite Game of Thrones dragon bros.

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Here’s What Might Actually Make Jon Snow Bend the Knee to Daenerys on Game of Thrones

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow remained adamant in his refusal to bend the knee to Daenerys Targaryen in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. But by the end of their conversation in the caves of Dragonstone, it seemed as though her argument may have struck a chord with him.

“I will fight for you. I will fight for the North. When you bend the knee,” she told Jon, prompting him to insist that his people wouldn’t accept a southern ruler. “They will if their king does. They chose you to lead them. They chose you to protect them. Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?”

As some fans pointed out, this final question is word for word what Jon asked Mance Rayder before the King Beyond the Wall was put to death for refusing to bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon.

“Pride? F—k my pride. This isn’t about that,” Mance told him. They followed me because they respected me, because they believed in me. The moment I kneel for a southern king that’s all gone.”

Despite Mance’s best intentions, he still ended up dead, forcing Jon to take on the responsibility of attempting to rescue the Wildlings at Hardhome. It was there he witnessed firsthand how a king’s refusal to kneel can doom his people. This callback seems to indicate that Jon might agree to support Dany’s claim to the throne in exchange for her help defeating the army of the dead.

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“Jon asked Mance to kneel for Stannis at Castle Black, so that his people can be saved. Mance says his people won’t follow him if he does. Jon asks the same line,” wrote Reddit user xIdkTbhx. “Such a great parallel. Seeing Jon realise that the position he is in, is just like the position Mance was in, exhibits the development of Jon’s character so well.”

Of course, if Jon just went ahead and married Daenerys, maybe he wouldn’t have to bend the knee at all.

“Eastwatch,” the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, airs Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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Why Meera Reed Probably Still Has a Major Role to Play in Game of Thrones

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Meera Reed may have left Winterfell to journey home in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, but it seems likely we haven’t seen the last of Bran Stark‘s longtime protector.

“I don’t want to leave you, but when they come I need to be with my family,” she told Bran, referring to the White Walkers. “And you’re safe. Well, as safe as anyone can be now. You don’t need me anymore.”

However, Bran responded rather numbly to her goodbye, offering only an indifferent thank you for her years of sacrifice. “That’s all you’ve got to say?” she asked in disbelief. “Thank you? My brother [Jojen] died for you. Hodor and Summer died for you. I almost died for you.”

But while Meera may be upset over how deeply Bran was changed by his transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven, her return to Greywater Watch — the ancestral seat of House Reed — could potentially set in motion a chain of events crucial to the series’ end.

We know that Meera is the daughter of Howland Reed — the only survivor of the showdown at the Tower of Joy other than Ned Stark. It was revealed during a season six flashback scene that Howland stabbed Ser Arthur Dayne in the back to prevent him from killing Ned in the battle — despite the fact that Ned always claimed he had personally defeated the legendary knight.

Considering what else happened at the Tower, Howland may be the only person alive who could testify that Jon Snow is not Ned’s illegitimate son but the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen — for those unwilling to take the word of a teenage boy claiming to be an all-knowing prophet.

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Howland apparently never told his children about his role in Robert’s Rebellion, but they seemed to be aware of his close friendship with Ned. Jojen even told Bran that the only time he ever saw his father cry was when he learned of Ned’s death. However, Howland hasn’t left Greywater Watch — a moving castle that can’t be reached by raven — since the Rebellion.

If Meera returns home and tells her father of everything she has seen and learned, he may realize it’s finally time to reveal the truth about Jon’s parentage. Or perhaps — as Reddit user ekky137 speculates from details in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series — he has just been waiting for his moment all along.

Howland Reed is obviously supposed to be the most mysterious, enigmatic character in the series. I understand that it’s supposed to be like this. He’s supposedly a great fighter, he’s supposedly so adept at magic he can move or disguise an entire castle in a bog, and a great friend of Eddard Stark. So great that he sent his only two children North to pledge their service to Robb Stark when all the trouble broke out.

And then nothing. No word from him. There’s no chance in all seven hells that Howland Reed would stand for Roose Bolton after what he did at the Red Wedding. And yet he does nothing. What about the disappearance of his only two children? His beloved Meera and scrawny Jojen? He must’ve heard about the sacking of Winterfell, the ‘death’ of Bran and Rickon. He must certainly believe his children are either dead at the hands of the Ironborn/Boltons or on the run.

And yet he does nothing. Not only that, but nobody in the entire series seems surprised by this at all…Whatever secrets Ned [kept about] what happened at the Tower of Joy, it is highly likely that Howland Reed also shares them and is likely heavily involved in them. He probably knows of Jon’s true parentage (R+L=J or otherwise).

Characters in this series never fail to speak highly of him. They talk of how mysterious and great he is, but none ever question, even for a moment, why he he remains at the Neck doing nothing while Westeros collapses around him.

All of this leads me to believe that in fact, Howland can’t be doing nothing. He’s up to something.

Howland Reed hasn’t appeared on the show in the present day yet, but it feels like it’s time for him to finally show his face.

“Eastwatch,” the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, airs Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Director on Daenerys and Jon Snow’s Sexual Tension and That Crazy Dragon Battle

In his Game of Thrones debut, veteran TV director Matt Shakman left us all in awe.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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How the Real History of Mercenary Armies Might Provide a Hint at What’s Next on Game of Thrones

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers for Game of Thrones

These days on Game of Thrones, Bronn of the Blackwater isn’t the only one thinking about gold in the midst of war: the cost of doing battle has become a major theme this season, as Cersei contemplates hiring the Golden Company to assist the Lannisters in the wars to come.

As is so often the case in the fantasy realm of Westeros, the soldiers of fortune known in the show’s universe as “sellswords” have parallels in real history — this time in the long story of mercenaries, professional fighters who are employed for personal profit on behalf of an army that is not their own. And that history may provide fans with a hint about what to expect in the context of the show’s remaining episodes.

The first sign of mercenaries in action can be found at a 15th century BCE battle in which Egypt successfully invaded Syria, according to Alan Axelrod’s book on the subject, Mercenaries. Due to evidence that the Egyptian army was larger than it should have been, considering the civilization’s population at that time, experts believe that it must have also included troops who’d be brought in for the express purpose of the fight.

Use of mercenaries continued in the centuries that followed — the Greeks in particular earned a reputation as ancient soldiers of fortune, with different areas boasting specialties with different types of warfare — but by the Middle Ages, the period in which Thrones so often finds its parallels, Europe’s idea of what it meant to be a mercenary shifted. Under the feudal system, those who owed a military duty to a local lord or monarch would traditionally be bound to serve for a set period of time in limited engagements. Rulers were generally not strong or centralized enough to support a large number of full-time soldiers.

However, as long-standing conflicts like the Hundred Years’ War engulfed Europe, those part-time soldiers who fought because it was their duty would no longer cut it. Because the size of an army could be a particularly decisive matter in an era of close-fought infantry combat, it made sense to hire troops to bump up one’s numbers as needed. And, as currency-based economies became more common and knights were often allowed to pay a fee known as scutage in order to get out of time for which they were bound to serve fighting, lords could afford to do so. As those paid troops served for longer and longer periods, they became professional full-time fighters.

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Axelrod writes of one particularly notable group of mercenaries, known as the Great Company, which he describes as “Europe’s first large, tightly organized, well-armed, and highly disciplined mercenary group.” Though “companies” had typically brought together a few dozen to a hundred men who could be hired as needed, the 14th century saw the introduction of the Great Company, to which tens of thousands of men would at one point belong. But the Great Company, later known as the Grand Company, also illustrated a problem with hiring mercenaries: “They were easy to hire,” Axelrod writes, “but not so easy to control, let alone disband or dismiss, once their job was done. While it was a great boon to have well-trained, well-armed men in one’s service, it could prove a great disaster to have these same men in one’s midst, armed, trained, and without a shred of loyalty to a former (or even current) employer.”

As James C. Bradford’s International Encyclopedia of Military History explains, men who earned their livings fighting had to do something when a war ended, and that often meant pillaging the areas in which they ended up. During the period of the Hundred Years’ War, mercenary soldiers became virtually ubiquitous, and so did the chaos they could cause as they roamed around in groups known as “free companies” between engagements. Italian states became well known for their mercenary armies — captains called condottieri became influential figures who “organized their units as closed corporations that operated independently of the state,” Bradford’s Encyclopedia adds — but even there the mercenaries got a bad reputation. As Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in his 16th-century The Prince:

Mercenaries and auxiliaries are useless and dangerous; and if one holds his state based on these arms, he will stand neither firm nor safe; for they are disunited, ambitious, and without discipline, unfaithful, valiant before friends, cowardly before enemies; they have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men, and destruction is deferred only so long as the attack is; for in peace one is robbed by them, and in war by the enemy. The fact is, they have no other attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle of stipend, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you.

In other words, the ruler whose army comprises mercenaries may be at some disadvantage, no matter those hired hands’ skill, compared to the ruler whose forces fight out of duty or devotion. That’s a lesson Cersei might want to keep in mind when she comes up against Daenerys Targaryen, whose forces (as viewer