Emilia Clarke Discusses Surviving Life-Threatening Brain Aneurysms During Her Early Game of Thrones Days

Emilia Clarke has opened up about surviving two life-threatening brain aneurysms during the early days of Game of Thrones.

In an article for the New Yorker, Clarke spoke publicly for the first time about suffering two brain aneurysms, the first of which struck shortly after she finished filming her scenes as Daenerys Targaryen for season 1 of Game of Thrones. She revealed that she experienced her first aneurysm at 24 years old while working out with her trainer.

“I immediately felt as though an elastic band were squeezing my brain. I tried to ignore the pain and push through it, but I just couldn’t. I told my trainer I had to take a break,” she wrote. “Somehow, almost crawling, I made it to the locker room. I reached the toilet, sank to my knees, and proceeded to be violently, voluminously ill. Meanwhile, the pain—shooting, stabbing, constricting pain—was getting worse. At some level, I knew what was happening: my brain was damaged.”

Clarke was rushed to the hospital where she underwent “minimally invasive” surgery for a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a.k.a. bleeding in the brain. A little more than two weeks after her surgery, Clarke discovered that she was suffering from aphasia, a condition that impairs a person’s ability to process language. In Clarke’s case, she couldn’t recall her own name.

“I’d never experienced fear like that—a sense of doom closing in,” she said of that time period. “I could see my life ahead, and it wasn’t worth living. I am an actor; I need to remember my lines. Now I couldn’t recall my name…In my worst moments, I wanted to pull the plug. I asked the medical staff to let me die. My job—my entire dream of what my life would be—centered on language, on communication. Without that, I was lost.”

The aphasia passed after about a week, but before Clarke left the hospital, she was told that she had a smaller aneurysm on the other side of her brain that could “pop” at any time. Two years later, when she went in for a brain scan after finishing season 3 of Game of Thrones, doctors told her that the aneurysm had doubled in size and it would be best to “take care of it.”

Although she was promised a relatively simple operation, the procedure failed and Clarke was left with a massive brain bleed that required a subsequent fully invasive surgery. But in spite of all the complications, Clarke said that she has fully recovered in the years since.

“I have healed beyond my most unreasonable hopes,” she wrote. “I am now at a hundred per cent.”

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Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Playfully Kept the Rest of the Game of Thrones Cast on Their Toes As Only They Could

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams may play sisters Sansa and Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, but that apparently didn’t stop them from pranking their castmates by kissing on set.

In an interview with Glamour UK that was published on Thursday, Turner revealed that the co-stars turned BFFs got in the habit of trying to sneak a kiss into every scene they did together while filming the show.

“People always think Maisie and I are a couple. I mean, I am obsessed with her, so you never know… I’ve got an addiction to Maisie Williams. I actually stalk her hashtag on Instagram!” she explained. “Even though we are sisters [in Game of Thrones], we tried to sneak a kiss into every scene we did together to freak everyone out a bit. It kept them on their toes making sure they were following the script.”

Turner also gushed over how close she and Maisie have grown during the series’ lengthy run. “Maisie is definitely my protector and I’m hers, too. I know if anything happened — especially if it was on Game Of Thrones, which it never, ever would — she’d go crazy and protect me,” she said. “Maisie is my strong home.”

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Kit Harington just revealed the prop he kept from Game of Thrones

And we didn’t see this coming…

jon snow sex advice
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Game of Thrones season eight is on its way – and we officially can’t wait.

Our past few months have been dominated by GoT news and updates, from the emergence of the teaser trailer to theories about what’s to come in Westeros.

But it wasn’t Sophie Turner confessing to being banned from washing her hair during filming or Maisie William talking about her final scene that had the world talking today.

Instead it was Kit Harington that made news when he confessed to Zoe Ball that he had kept one of his GoT props as a momento.

jon meeting drogon

Kit Harington as Jon Snow

But what did he take with him to remember his Game of Thrones days? His iconic coat? His sword? His direwolf, Ghost?

Nope. As it turns out, Kit opted to take a statue of his character, Jon Snow, that appears in the season 8 teaser trailer.

‘I kept that statue. You know, the one in the crypt?’ he reportedly told Zoe Ball. ‘I kept it. They sent it to my house so I’ve got it in my shed.’

Yes, this is not a drill. Kit Harington has a statue of Jon Snow in his shed.

‘How sad is that?’ he laughed. ‘I was the only one who kept their statue. That’s how narcissistic I am.’

kit harington

Credit: REX

And as for what he’s planning to do with the prop, he explained: ‘I’m going to turn it into a water feature.’

We wonder how Rose Leslie feels about this!!

Either way, we cannot wait for season eight.

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Here’s the Significance of That Feather in the New Game of Thrones Teaser

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The new Game of Thrones teaser that debuted ahead of Sunday night’s True Detective premiere opened with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) walking solemnly through the crypts of Winterfell and seemed to hint at a long-awaited reveal.

As Jon passes by the effigy of Lyanna Stark in the teaser we see the feather. Fans might recognize that it’s the very same feather that Robert Baratheon placed in her statue’s hand in the series’ first episode. The feather flutters to the ground behind Jon and he looks back, appearing confused, before continuing down the tunnel.

As fans know but Jon Snow is not yet aware, the King in the North is not actually the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, but rather the child of Ned’s sister, Lyanna, and Rhaegar Targaryen. In a series of flashbacks shown in the season 7 finale, it was revealed that Rhaegar wed Lyanna after annuling his marriage to Elia Martell. Lyanna then gave birth to Jon — whose real name is Aegon Targaryen — before she died, making him a trueborn Targaryen.

Lyanna and Rhaegar were very much in love when she ran away to be with him while still betrothed to Robert. However, Robert was blinded by his feelings for Lyanna and incited a rebellion against the Targaryen throne by claiming that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her. Many in the Seven Kingdoms still believe that Robert’s version of events was credible.

But after seeing Robert’s feather finally fall from Lyanna’s statue in the new teaser, some fans are speculating that the truth about Lyanna, Rhaegar and Jon will finally be revealed to all in season 8.

“Jon walking by and blowing the feather off the statue is symbolic of the fact that Jon is a child of Lyanna and the Targaryen,” one reddit user posits. “Jon’s existence is a symbol of Lyanna’s rejection of Robert’s love for her. Jon is a force of revealing the truth and his character destroys the lies everyone believes.”

Watch the full teaser above.

Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season on April 14.

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‘Game of Thrones’ new Season 8 trailer sees the Starks reunite


It’s official: Game of Thrones’ final season comes crashing into our lives April 14, 2019.

For months the only information about Thrones‘ eighth and final season premiere was that it would be sometime in April, but now, along with a brand new trailer, we have a clear date and can start counting down in earnest.

HBO kicked off the year with calculated Game of Thrones hype, starting with a four-second clip snuck into an ad during the Golden Globes. The footage shows Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen meeting for the first time, which we imagine is super-chill and not awkward or threatening for anyone involved! Read more…

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‘Westworld’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Are Basically Evil Twins

Many have noticed the dark similarities between Game of Thrones and Westworld, two of HBO’s most popular series; there’s loads of death and a focus on the nastier side of humanity, after all. But are they actually the same? Whether we’re talking about Westworld park or Westeros, there is a unique flair that sets these worlds apart. Let’s take a closer look at the parallels that create evil twins out of Westworld and Game of Thrones.

Death on a Whole New Level

GoT and WW death

Death has a completely different meaning in each series, even though both aren’t afraid to sacrifice any character. Game of Thrones continually shocks us by showing us that no one is safe, that death isn’t biased. The best and worst characters can lose their lives in the blink of an eye. The beloved and honorable Ned Stark, for instance, is beheaded under false accusations of murder. The infamously vile Joffrey Baratheon gave these orders, but a cup of poisoned wine led to his own brutal demise before anyone was expecting it. Clearly, death does not pick sides in Game of Thrones.

On the other hand, Westworld shocks us by revealing who was never alive to begin with. The nature of death itself is questioned with the existence of hosts. These artificially created beings are virtually immortal, yet look and feel so similar to humans that most don’t know the nature of their existence. Unfortunately, death feels very real for hosts, but their technological loophole around it is exactly what makes them suffer at the hands of biological humans; the latter don’t count it as true death if the victims can be repaired and reset.

Good Characters Gone Bad

Daenarys and Dolores comparison

Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones and Dolores Abernathy of Westworld are strong, female leaders from which we can expect great things. The only problem is that their good intentions evolve into reigns of terror. In Game of Thrones, Targaryens are known to be ruthless by nature to those who oppose their will. This is reflected in Daenerys when she initially threatens to destroy Qarth for being denied refuge, and later when she delivers death by dragon fire to those who refuse to surrender. It’s a challenge for her advisor Tyrion Lannister to steer her away from becoming a dictator.

In Westworld, the host Dolores leads the resistance against the humans who have tortured her kind for years. However, it’s her way or death; she executes hosts who don’t “deserve” to go to the Valley Beyond. Her darkest moment is when she forcefully changes her kind-hearted lover, Teddy, into a ruthless killer — which ultimately drives the latter to commit suicide. The heartbreaking realization that she has become as bad as the monsters who oppressed her is a wake-up call, and Dolores claims to have changed her ways… but she still wants to conquer the human world.

It seems that one leader is fighting a darkness that runs in her blood, while the other doesn’t see the light anymore. These ladies are becoming scarier than the original bad guys.

Evil Masterminds

Petyr Baelish and Robert Ford

The maddening events in these series can be pinpointed to a few select individuals, most notably Petyr Baelish (also known as Littlefinger) in Game of Thrones and Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld. They have their ways of analyzing and predicting the actions of other humans. Littlefinger is the master of schemes, causing chaos right under everyone’s nose. His plot to blame Jon Arryn‘s murder on the Lannisters is the first little spark leading to the War of the Five Kings. He literally would have gotten away with everything if not for a supernatural Three-Eyed Raven.

Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld is the co-creator of the host park, a genius of engineering and a master of mind games. Hosts and humans alike fear him, especially since he often knows more about them than they do. He is omnipresent and manipulative of events even after his physical death, and his programming ensures that no one will ever truly be rid of his influence. We’re still wondering whose side he’s really on and what he’s plotting next.

These men cause an impressive amount of mayhem in their respective series. The schemer turns an entire world against itself, while the programmer sweeps through it like a virus.

The Game Destroys the Winner

Tywin lannister and Man in Black comparison

Both series involve a game of power that doesn’t treat its players kindly. In Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister is easily the most successful figure of authority, but by keeping his family in power, he sacrificed his children’s happiness for his own interests. He underestimates what their bitter feelings can do; Tyrion murders him in a moment of rage after years of being disregarded as his son. Alas, this man was the closest to winning the game of thrones — but death found him at the finish line.

The Man in Black of Westworld, or William, is an infamously evil antagonist who practically owns the park. He obsesses over a “game” that Dr. Ford planned for him in the midst of the host rebellion. In his overconfidence, however, he murders his own daughter believing she was a host created to distract him. He is horrified by the reality, and he discovers the nature of his existence. The man who was a god in this world has become one of its hosts.

The two most powerful players in Game of Thrones and Westworld were quite good at the game, but they tormented their families. One was killed by his child, while the other killed his child by mistake. Does that even count as winning?

All in all, these two series remain original despite having a lot of dark themes in common. Their writers have created brilliantly evil twins, and we can only wait on the edge of our seats for the next seasons to release.

6 Missing ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Who Need to Return

Daenerys Targaryen: There’s Only One Real Winner in the Game of Thrones

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The latest Game of Thrones trailer will give you chills


game of thrones metoo
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If you’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit, you’ll have cracked open your beauty advent calendar, the Prosecco Christmas crackers will be in the fridge, and you’ll have got your £5 tree from Ikea.

You’re ready to celebrate, and there’s a tray of Ferrero Rocher just crying to be opened.

And while we don’t want to wish the time away, we’re also excited about the festive period for another reason – once it’s over, it means we’re one step closer to the final season of Game of Thrones.

Hurrah! We’ll finally see what goes down when Dany and Jon Snow realise that their saucy midnight cabin meets are actually incestuous. We’ll find out why Tyrion was looking all shady in the shadows during the last episode. And we’ll also find out whether faceless man trainee and all-round badass Arya will finally meet her match and join those who have fallen before her.

So much drama! So many questions! So many spoilers to read up on before season 8 airs in April!

And as (very) eager fans, we are delighted to see that another trailer has been released – and it looks epic.

The 54 second teaser sees that old board of Westeros along with the famous chess pieces – the Stark Direwolf, the Targaryen dragon and the Lannister lion. Each is slowly engulfed in plumes of icy chill, before a sudden rush of fire draws in from the opposite end of the board and the two meet in the middle.

We’re not too surprised that we don’t get any actual footage of the upcoming season, because the Game of Thrones lot are known for keeping as much under wraps as they possibly can.

However, it has whet our appetite and made us ridiculously excited for April 2019.

Will you be tuning in to see how it all ties up?

We’re on the edge of our (icy and fiery) seats.

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All the ‘Game of Thrones’ theories and speculations in ‘Fire and Blood’


George R. R. Martin’s new book, Fire and Blood, recounts the 300 years of Targaryen history before the events of Game of Thrones. But it also has plenty of potential fodder for theories directly tied to the time period we know and love on the show. 

But they’re also very well hidden.

“There are a few that are definitely important, but I’m not going to flag them,” Martin told EW in regards to whether the book contained hints. “Readers will have to find them and puzzle out whether they’re hints or red herrings.”

As a in-universe textbook by an Archmaester named Gyldayn, we can’t take everything stated in Fire and Blood as totally accurate. He’s writing down history that happened centuries before he was alive, and a lot of accurate information has been lost to time. Read more…

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George RR Martin confirms his new book contains sweet, sweet ‘Game of Thrones’ clues


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan but you haven’t got round to ordering George RR Martin’s epic new Targaryen history Fire and Blood yet, you’re probably consoling yourself with the thought that it can’t really contain that many Ice and Fire hints — it’s set 300 years before Martin’s main Westeros series kicks off, right?

Well, not so fast. The book may predate Daenerys & Co. by several centuries, but it still takes place in the same universe. And judging from a recent interview Martin took part in with Entertainment Weekly, the book does contain hints.

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Everything We Know About ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

With the announcement of the spring 2019 launch of Season 8 of “Game of Thrones,” one thing is now certain: Winter is here. The eighth and final season of the megahit HBO series is fast approaching, and although the premium cabler has taken CIA-level precautions on preventing spoilers from leaking, some details are beginning to […]



The President Used a Game of Thrones Meme. The Cast Wasn’t Having It

President Donald Trump invoked Game of Thrones on Twitter Friday to promote his Administration’s announcement on reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Appearing to take inspiration from the HBO series’ golden letters, ominous grey sky and signature tagline (“Winter is coming”), Trump took to Twitter to say “Sanctions Are Coming,” referencing an earlier announcement by the Trump Administration that it would reimpose all U.S. sanctions on Iran that had been lifted through the 2015 nuclear deal from when Barack Obama was President.

HBO responded quickly in statement released to Entertainment Weekly, saying, “We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes.”

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the show, was also quick to comment, tweeting “Not today.” Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, commented with a simple “Ew.”

Creators and several cast members from the show have made their feelings about the President known in the past.

“I think Joffrey is now the king in America,” George R.R. Martin, who created the books on which the show is based, told Entertainment Weekly in 2017. “And he’s grown up just as petulant and irrational as he was when he was 13 in the books.”

Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, once called the President a “con artist.”

The President’s tweet follows his speech at the United Nations in September, when he called on world leaders to cut purchases of Iran’s oil. Friday’s news also marks the second round of sanctions the U.S. has reimposed since Trump announced in May that the U.S. would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, which had been a frequent target of critique from Trump before and during his presidency. The sanctions will affect finance, shipping and energy sectors in Iran, as well as, with limited exceptions, third-party countries that import Iranian oil or do business with Iranian financial institutions.

For Trump’s detractors, the critical reactions were swift.

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Joe Jonas wins Halloween as fiancée Sophie Turner’s ‘Game of Thrones’ character


Joe Jonas won hearts and Halloween itself on Saturday night with one of the best one-sided couple costumes we’ve ever seen.

Going as the ultimate stan of his bride-to-be, Sophie Turner, Jonas attended a costume party dressed as Sansa Stark, her Game of Thrones character. Meanwhile, the actress behind Sansa went as… an elephant. Perfection.

In case the iconic red wig wasn’t a dead giveaway, Jonas even posted a video of his dramatic entrance as Sansa with the Game of Thrones credits music playing in the background of his Insta story. We’re not sure if it was a great idea to also add a GIF of Sansa’s almost-husband, Tyrion Lannister, to the video — but at least Jon looks like he approves. Read more…

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Peter Dinklage sure makes it sound like Tyrion will die in ‘Game of Thrones’


Fellow watchers on the wall, we must now add one more beloved Game of Thrones character to the endless list of potential and devastating deaths in the upcoming final season.

And while just about every character should be on that list, the Emmy-award winning Peter Dinklage just added fuel to the fire in support of Tyrion Lannister not making the much shorter list of survivors from the battles to come.

In a recent and rare interview with Vulture to promote his starring role in the new HBO film My Dinner with Hervé, Dinklage did what his character does best: delivered some foreboding yet wise words on the bleak future that lies ahead. Read more…

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Game of Thrones Deployed a ‘Thing That Kills Drones’ to Save You From Spoilers. What Is That?

Sounds like the Game of Thrones crew is absolutely willing to go to extreme measures to prevent season 8 spoilers.

According to Sophie Turner—who plays Sansa Stark on the HBO drama—the production team deployed “drone killers” to disable any camera drones attempting to capture footage of the show’s sets during filming for the final season.

“If a drone flies above sets, there’s a thing that can kill the drones, which is really cool,” she told Entertainment Weekly during an appearance at New York Comic-Con. “It creates a field around it and the drones just drop. It’s very X-Men.

However, these so-called “drone killers” are special electronic devices that are typically used by police to force drones to the ground in the event of an emergency, not keep fans from learning the fate of Jon Snow.

“The purpose is primarily for emergency situations,” Oceanside police Lt. Aaron Doyle told the Los Angeles Times. “It won’t be used when someone complains about a neighbor flying a drone. It’s pretty much for a life-or-death situation, to save lives.”

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Peter Dinklage praises ‘beautiful’ Game of Thrones ending

OHMYGOSSIP — Peter Dinklage thinks his ‘Game of Thrones’ alter ego has a “beautiful” ending.
The 49-year-old actor has wrapped shooting his scenes as Tyrion Lannister for the final season of the HBO drama and he has praised showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for the “brilliant” final episodes of the fantasy saga, as he’s particularly satisfied with the final storylines he was given as the Hand of the Queen.
He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “There are no better writers in television than [showrunners] Dan Weiss and David Benioff. They ended it brilliantly. Better than I could have imagined and you people are in for it.
“It ends beautifully for my character whether it be tragic or not.”
Peter recently admitted he had found it hard to say goodbye to the show because he had “developed deep roots” in many of the areas he shot the drama in because it was so far away from the home he shares with wife Erica Schmidt and their two children.
He said last month: “I had my last day on set in July, just over two months ago now and it was very sad.
“This is not only a great TV show to be a part of, but it was an enormous family to be a part of.
“I’m sure you’ve heard that before from actors but in this case I was far from home, I live in New York and we shot the show in Europe, so many times I had to stay there and couldn’t go home on the weekends and I really developed deep roots in the community of Ireland and some of the other countries we shot in.
“It was definitely hard to say goodbye, because it wasn’t just saying goodbye to the show, I was saying goodbye to a life over there.”

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Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner turns heads as she struts through Paris in a low cut blazer

GAME Of Thrones star Sophie Turner goes out for a fancy lunch in a blazer glory.

The glamorous English actress, 22, went braless underneath a plunging jacket in Paris.

Sophie, who plays Sansa Stark, right, in the epic TV series, was joined on Monday by fiance Joe Jonas, 29, at posh restaurant L’Avenue.

The Mega Agency

The actress, 22, was seen out in Paris but seems to have forgotten her shirt[/caption]

The Mega Agency

Sophie was joined by fiance Joe Jonas for lunch[/caption]

Sophie Turner plays the iconic Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

Splash News

Sophie is effortlessly glam in the blazer and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses[/caption]


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Sophie Turner thinks Game of Thrones fans ‘will be disappointed’ or ‘over the moon’ about the finale

‘I think it will be really interesting to see people’s reactions, but for me reading the script it was just like heartbreaking.’

sophie turner game of thrones finale
Sky / HBO

Any Game of Thrones fan by now will know that the HBO fantasy will never give you what you want. A happy family unit? For a few episodes, then your wife and kids will be forced to watch your public execution. True love? Sure, for a second, before somebody murders your pregnant wife in front of you in cold blood. And now that the series is drawing to an end, apparently the show’s grand finale is going to be a divisive one too and GoT’s Sophie Turner thinks it’s not going to please anyone.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, spoke to IGN about the anticipated final series next year and was pressed on the end of the entire show. She said, ‘I think a lot of fans will be disappointed and a lot of fans will be over the moon.’

There’s a lot to unpack here. You can take this a few ways: does this mean we’ll get a miserable ending that makes total sense for Game of Thrones, but keeps all our favourite characters from true happiness?

sophie turner game of thrones finale

Sky / ©2016 Home Box Office, Inc. All

Or, does this mean that we’ll get a happy ending that would make no sense because joy and closure are things that don’t exist in Westeros? If we were betting people, we’d put our money on the first TBH – especially after what she said next.

Sophie said there were ‘a lot of tears’ and continued, ‘I think it will be really interesting to see people’s reactions, but for me reading the script it was just like heartbreaking.’

Okay, now we’re really worried. Heartbreaking?! We had steeled ourselves for the death of at least one of our favourite characters, but now we’re prepping to have joint memorial services for everyone in the show.

sophie turner game of thrones finale

Sky / ©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

Even if she thinks the ending will be divisive, Sophie’s pretty happy with the way it all turned out. She said, ‘As an actor it was really satisfying. I think for everyone, everyone’s storylines — to be able to act out the way that it all ends. It was really satisfying for us. Who knows if it will be satisfying for the fans.’

Well, there’s only one way to find out and it’s a long, hard few months away. The next and final seven-episode series of Game of Thrones is set to drop next year, though no exact release date has been announced yet. We know that the show’s motto is Valar Morghulis, a.k.a. ‘All men must die’, but we really hope they don’t double down on that in 2019.

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