From Mini Irons To Yes, Dad Sneakers: 6 Pre And Post-Workout Must-Haves To Throw In Your Gym Bag This Summer

In case you missed the memo, today is the first day of summer. With a new season comes a new array of products to try, including for wellness. I keep most of my most important products in my gym bag, from sunscreens to body sprays, wipes and balms. I’m adding a few new things to my lineup of must-haves, from chunky sneakers meant to cushion your soles to style protecting products made to keep your ‘do together after exercise, and I seriously want them all. Here are all of my new favorites just in time for summer workouts, summer sun and that pesky but welcomed summer heat.


Mini dryer and iron

Source: Eva NYC / Eva NYC

Eva NYC Mini Pro-Power Dryer and Mini Styling Iron

If you opted out of going the braids route for summer and are aiming for sleek styles that you don’t want destroyed by your spin and dance classes, do yourself a favor and get into Eva NYCs super handy and yet conveniently small mini pro-power dryer ($ 47.99) and mini styling iron ($ 29.99). Both products use infrared technology that helps to lock in moisture and aid in preserving your strands post-workout.


Mini dryer and iron

Source: Eva NYC / Eva NYC

Chapstick essential oils

Source: Coyne PR / Chapstick

ChapStick’s Total Hydration Collection Essential Oils Lip Balm

Pre or post-workout, ChapStick’s new Total Hydration Collection Essential Oils lip balm ($ 3.99) is a balm that you’re going to be sorry if you misplace. They come in four mood-inspired fusions, including Peace (rosemary and peppermint), Relax (lavender and chamomile), Energy (grapefruit and lime) and Happy (orange and lemon). Not only do they nourish, but they promote healthy and happy lips.

Reebok Aztrek

Source: Reebok / Reebok

Reebok Aztrek

You may not be sold just yet on the whole dad sneaker, retro shoe trend, but that’s because you probably haven’t had the chance to try the Reebok Aztreks ($ 79.97) yet. They’re super comfortable and the colors are sure to attract a lot of attention. Bring the ’90s back on your feet, and at the same time, hop in some cute and cozy shoes for brunch after your weekend workout.

Re-Wear Dry Wash

Source: Love Home and Planet / LHPNEXT PAGE

Love Home and Planet’s Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray

Love Home and Planet’s Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray ($ 6.99) is the best new option to help you revive some smelly gym clothes, whether in your bag or on your body. The spray, which comes in fragrances including Rose, Lavender and Vetiver, leaves your clothes refreshed and even keeps the wrinkles out. With this in your arsenal, you will always look like you’re ready for whatever is to come in your day, pre or post-workout.

Everyday by Unsun sunscreens

Source: Unsun Cosmetics / U.C.

EVERYDAY by Unsun Sunscreen

Katonya Breaux, who is the mother of singer Frank Ocean, is helping us as people of color protect our skin without having to pile on sunscreen that goes on white and makes you feel greasy.
The EVERYDAY by Unsun line has come just in time for summer, and the clean sunscreen is eliminating active chemicals in favor of natural ingredients. Protect yourself from sun damage while also keeping yourself from dealing with bloodstream absorption with the new body lotion sunscreen ($ 12.99), perfect for a run in the sun. You can also make sure your face is protected and flawless at the same time with the mineral tinted sunscreen ($ 15.99) post-workout.
Everyday by Unsun sunscreens

Source: Unsun Cosmetics / U.C.

Cantu Sweat Protection

Source: Cantu / Cantu

Cantu’s Sweat Protection Style Saver

Protect freshly washed hair without having to duck and dodge your workouts with the help of Cantu’s new Sweat Protection Style Saver ($ 1.49). With added charcoal and, of course, pure shea butter, the only thing you’ll have to duck and dodge is sweat, chlorine (if you decide to go for a swim) and UV rays if you want to get to work outside. All it takes is 10 minutes of letting this product absorb in your hair and you’re good to go. Whatever your type of curl or workout, you’re covered.



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