Geoffrey Owens says pulled reruns of ‘The Cosby Show’ after Bill Cosby’s sex assault scandal led to job at Trader Joe’s

Geoffrey Owens wound up bagging groceries at a New Jersey Trader Joe’s thanks in part to Bill Cosby’s sex assault scandal.

Owens, 57, said that one of the reasons he was forced to take on a side hustle in addition to acting was because when reruns of “The Cosby Show” were pulled from syndication,…

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Tyler Perry Offers Former Cosby Show Actor Work on New Show After He Got Shamed for Trader Joe’s Job

Tyler Perry invited Geoffrey Owens to join his show after the former Cosby Show star was shamed for working at Trader Joe’s.

Images of Owens working at a local Trader Joe’s went viral online, prompting several comments shaming him for his job. Others, however, came to Owens’s defense and shared stories of the jobs they have had throughout their careers.

Among those who showed support for Owens is Perry, who invited the actor to join his show on the OWN network in a tweet.

“I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs,” Perry said. “The measure of a true artist.”

Perry has three shows at OWN this year, including The Paynes, The Haves and the Have Nots and If Loving You Is Wrong, Deadline reports. The Haves and the Have Nots was the No. 1 original scripted series for African-American viewers in 2017.

Speaking on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Owens said the experience shed light on the “dignity” of work and that “every job is worthwhile and valuable.” The outpouring of empathy toward his situation revealed that many working actors and artists often take on different jobs to make ends meet.

“I was really devastated,” Owens said of the shaming he received. “But the period of devastation was so short.”

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15 Beauty Steals You Should Be Buying From Trader Joe’s

Ah, Trader Joe’s: A health-conscious haven where you can buy everything from some of the most sophisticated wines and cheeses to the latest-and-greatest health food crazes to… beauty products? Turns out, the popular grocery destination also has an ever-expanding beauty section, which, like their food, happens to be natural (and very affordable). Plus, as with the food selection, you can count on TJ’s to stay on top of all the latest beauty crazes and fun seasonal offerings (pumpkin spice, anyone?).

So, next time you’re stocking up on kombucha or charcuterie must-haves for your next party, be sure to pay a little visit to the beauty aisle. Here are some of our favorite Trader Joe’s beauty products that may quickly become your favorites too.

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Store Manager Killed In L.A. Trader Joe’s Hostage Crisis

Photo by: Christian Monterosa

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A feud between a man and his grandmother over his girlfriend staying at the grandmother’s home exploded into violence that ultimately led to him taking dozens of people hostage inside a Los Angeles supermarket, a relative said Sunday.

Investigators believe Gene Evin Atkins, 28, shot his grandmother several times and wounded his girlfriend at their South Los Angeles home on Saturday afternoon before he led police on a chase, while exchanging gunfire with officers, crashed into a pole outside the Trader Joe’s in the city’s Silver Lake section and ran inside.

Atkins was booked Sunday on suspicion of murder after an employee was killed as he ran into the supermarket, police said.

His cousin, Charlene Egland, told The Associated Press that he had been arguing with his grandmother — who had raised him since he was 7 years old — “on and off for about two or three weeks” over his girlfriend staying at elder woman’s home.

“She didn’t want the girl over there anymore,” Egland said.

On Saturday, Atkins’ grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Madison, 76, was walking back into the home and told her grandson “he needs to turn some of them TVs off” when he shot her, she said.

Egland said she heard about six gunshots before another cousin came running from the porch and shouted to Egland, “I think Gene shot my mama!”

Egland said she ran to call 911 and waited for an ambulance to arrive. At the same time, police said Atkins stole his grandmother’s car and forced his girlfriend into the vehicle.

Officers tracked the car using a stolen-vehicle tracking system and tried to stop the man in Hollywood, but he refused to pull over, police said. During the chase, he fired at officers, shooting out the back window of his car.

More gunfire ensued before Atkins crashed into a pole outside the supermarket. The man exchanged gunfire with police again and that’s when a 27-year-old Trader Joe’s employee, Melyda Corado, was shot and killed, Police Chief Michel Moore said. Officers escorted the girlfriend from the vehicle.

Customers and employees frantically dove for cover and barricaded themselves inside storerooms and bathrooms as bullets fired by police shattered the store’s glass doors.

As he heard gunfire, Sean Gerace, who was working in the back of the supermarket, grabbed several of his co-workers and the group made their way into an upstairs storage area. He grabbed a folding ladder and tossed it out a window, helping his colleagues escape to safety, he told KNBC-TV.

“I grabbed an emergency ladder, barricaded the hallway, grabbed a weapon, put the ladder out the window and just tried to get the attention of the SWAT officer,” Gerace told the television station.

About three hours later, Atkins agreed to handcuff himself and walked out the front door, surrounded by four of the hostages. He was being held on $ 2 million bail Sunday and it wasn’t clear if he had an attorney to comment on the allegations.

His grandmother was taken to a hospital in critical condition and police said she had been shot seven times, but Egland, who visited Madison at the hospital on Sunday, said she had only been shot three times, had undergone surgery and her condition was improving.

Atkins, who has two daughters, bounced between several jobs, including working as a security guard, but had been repeatedly fired, Egland said. His license to work as a security guard expired in November 2017, according to state records. It was not clear whether the particular license he possessed would have allowed him to legally carry a firearm.

His grandmother had also tried to help him find employment and “was just trying to make him do better,” Egland said.

Atkins never grew violent toward his grandmother before, Egland said, but she started to grow concerned about him over the last several weeks because he seemed upset and distant.

“He didn’t seem right to me,” Egland said. “I’m just devastated.”

On Sunday, grieving family members, co-workers and customers remembered Corado, the Trader Joe’s worker, as lively, hardworking and always smiling. A makeshift memorial of flowers, candles and notes grew on the sidewalk outside of the store on Sunday.

“I’m sad to say she didn’t make it. My baby sister. My world,” her brother, Albert Corado said on Twitter.

Trader Joe’s said the store — known by customers as a neighborhood hangout with great customer service — would remain closed for the foreseeable future to give their employees time to process and grieve.

“Yesterday marks the saddest day in Trader Joe’s history as we mourn the loss of one our own,” company spokeswoman Kenya Friend-Daniel said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with her family, and our Crew Members and customers who experienced this terrifying and unimaginable ordeal.”


Associated Press writers Christopher Weber and Robert Jablon contributed to this report.






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Man taken into custody at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles after hours-long standoff


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Your Trader Joe’s salad may contain shards of glass, plastic

PHOENIX — Trader Joe’s says it has recalled several packaged salads after a supplier said there may be shards of glass or hard plastic inside. The grocery chain said Saturday on its website that packages of white meat chicken salad, curried white chicken deli salad and turkey cranberry apple salad sold in some areas that…
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Judge all but tosses case against ‘rogue’ trader Guy Gentile

A federal judge all but tossed the government’s case against “rogue” trader and ex-FBI informant Guy Gentile — likely ending the 18-month civil fraud case that Gentile claims was brought in retaliation. US Judge Jose Linares ruled on Monday that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s claims have largely been withdrawn or thrown out. While Judge…
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SAC trader accused of insider trading claims Bharara got it wrong

Preet Bharara’s credentials as the “Sheriff of Wall Street” are facing yet another challenge from the old gang at SAC Capital. An ex-trader for billionaire Steve Cohen’s now-defunct hedge fund, who had flipped to cooperate with the feds in an insider-trading case, is now seeking to withdraw his 2013 guilty plea, claiming that former Manhattan…
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Chinese firm’s trader linked to unmasking of Bloomberg chat users

Moataz Abed, the trader who seems to have been in contact with an e-mail address that blasted out a list of anonymous Bloomberg chat participants, works at Noble Group, a China-based energy trading company that has tried to root out names of unidentified analysts, The Post has learned. In 2015, publicly traded Noble sued rival…
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