Ethical travel – how you can join in on travel’s best trend


There is a new travel trend that’s gotten big over the past few years, and it’s one we all need to look a little closer at. Often, when we would go on vacation in the past, we might not have given much thought to the place we visited. Well, all this is beginning to change with the emergence of ethical travel, similar to eco-tourism. This is something that can really enrich your experiences traveling, as well as making a difference in the world.

In the simplest terms, ethical travel is the process of being more mindful and aware when you go abroad. This means respecting new cultures and environments, and doing what you can to help the local area thrive. Think more carefully about the impact you have as you travel the world and explore different places. So, how can you get involved? Well, here are some of the best ideas you can use that are going to help you make the most of the ethical travel, starting right now!

Get off the beaten track

It is so easy to get caught up in traveling to well-known places and indulging in tourist hotspots. However, this is not always a good approach, because much of the time that means you are giving business to larger organisations, rather than supporting locals. Getting off the beaten track and having more local experiences is really important. This can help to nurture the local community and allow smaller businesses and practices to thrive as a result.

Seek out meaningful experiences

Sometimes it can be difficult knowing the right way to approach the problem. Often, the seemingly obvious solutions are not necessarily the right ones. For instance, boycotting animal experiences because the animals are poorly treated could wind up in the animals being abandoned or even worse. It is much better to combat problems like this by looking for more meaningful experiences. This is something you can achieve with a bit of effort or research, and it will promote an ethical way of dealing with animals and running businesses.

Clean up after yourself

Nobody is expecting you to be able to change the mentality of whole generations of people, but you can do your small bit to help the environment, and hopefully set a good example in the process. This means you should focus on cleaning up after yourself, and doing your bit for the environment. Don’t leave your trash lying around, and try to make sure you walk (or cycle) as often as you can. Have a water bottle and refill it rather than replacing it with a new one. It’s little steps like this that can make a big difference to the environment.

There is a lot to think about when you are looking at how you can positively travel the world. Ethical travel and ecotourism have become popular in recent times, and this is something that you need to make sure you embrace. So, there are a lot of things you can do to help you achieve this, and it is important to get this right as much as possible right now.


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Top places where the British Royal family travels during winter


When most people hear about the royal family, all they think about is wealth and extravagance. Most of us think that because of their position, they only spend their time in the most luxurious and expensive cities during winter. However, this is not the case.

The British royal family often spends their time in some of the simplest but coolest regions of the world. They have been known to travel as far as Africa just to enjoy themselves. Here are the top locations where the British royal family loves to travel in winter.

1. Scotland

For many years now, Scotland has been the choice destination for Queen Elizabeth during winter. Her Royal Highness and Prince Philip usually spend their time in the private Balmoral Castle. Here, all other family members usually visit and enjoy themselves. The region is ideal for many sports that are loved by the royal family, including fishing, hunting, and taking walks on the beach. The climate in Scotland is very favorable, so the family can stay a bit warmer there during winter.

2. Norfolk

Norfolk, England is an eastern county, and is a traditional vacation spot for the royal family during winter. Here, they stay at Sandringham House where there are expensive gardens, woodland estates, wetlands, a country park, and tidal mudflats to enjoy. This is the perfect outdoor destination just for the Royal family to enjoy. William and Kate own a house in Sandringham Estate, too. They love to spend their time here with their loved ones.

3. Corfu Island, Greece

When it comes to picking a vacation destination, the royal family usually considers the sand, sea, and sun. The royal family usually selects Corfu Island as an ideal place for a relaxing vacation during the winter, where they often stay at Rothschild Villa. Corfu is famously known for its wonderful scenery and secluded beaches. Corfu’s center has been named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, because of its historic buildings including palaces, churches, and forts.

4. Kenya

Another location that is loved by the British royal family is a country located in East Africa next to the Indian Ocean – Kenya. Her Royal Highness spent time at Treetops Safari Lodge in 1952, where she received the news of her father’s death and that she was now a Queen. In 1983, she made another trip back to Kenya, this time with Prince Philip. Kenya was also the location where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton while the couple was staying at Lake Rutundu back in 2010. The climate in Kenya makes the country an ideal place for vacations during winter.

5. Botswana

This is another favorite destination for the royal family. Its warm temperatures, as well as sunny days all year round, make it an ideal place for a vacation. Prince Harry spent a gap year helping out in Botswana, where he set up a charity for children who were in need of medical care and assistance. He also took a trip there with Meghan Markle, which helped the couple to cement their relationship.


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On location: 2019 film releases to inspire your travels

From Aladdin to Tarantino, China to LA, we pick the locations from upcoming movies that are worth a visit

A live-action remake of Aladdin, directed by Guy Ritchie, comes to the big screen next year, with Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Will Smith as the Genie. It is set in the fictional kingdom of Agrabah, and was filmed in Wadi Rum in Jordan, where the protected desert landscape, sandstone and basalt mountains, canyons and otherworldly rock formations – such as Burdah Rock Bridge, one of the highest natural arches in the world – create a dramatic landscape.

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Denim Première Vision Travels to London and Aims to Be More International

LONDON — Denim Première Vision is looking outward and repositioning itself on an international scale: For the first time in 11 years, the denim trade show was held outside Paris as part of a new strategy that will see the show land in a variety of locations.
London was the first stop in the fair’s “roving denim” strategy, which will see the exhibition touch down in markets with mature fashion industries. The two-day event wraps up Thursday at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.
For Guglielmo Olearo, chief executive officer of Première Vision, London offers a hotbed of creativity and contemporary fashion while also being an “unexplored market for denim. Our new positioning is very contemporary, fashionable and sustainable, and from what I can see so far, London touches on all these points,” Olearo said.
This year’s exhibition hosted 89 companies, ranging from weavers to garment manufacturers to technology developers. Olearo said these exhibitors were chosen to fit the year’s four themes: Discover, Care & Share, Performance and Personalization. According to Première Vision’s fashion director, Pascaline Wilhelm, personalization is the DNA of denim.
According to Wilhelm, trends are stemming from product innovation and comfort. “People don’t want to be constrained with garments, the need for freedom is

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