K. Michelle’s Surrogate Confirms She’s Carrying Twins [VIDEO]

Hair Show Day Party Hosted By K. Michelle

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K. Michelle is about to fulfill her dream of having more babies. This time she will be having two children via surrogate.

K. Michelle’s surrogate Tannae has confirmed in a YouTube video that she is carrying twins for the singer/reality actress.

Tannae says she met K. in the parking lot of an Atlanta IKEA where she was with her triplet daughters. The singer went ga-ga over the identical baby girls and kept in touch with Tannae. Eventually, the 21-year-old mom agreed to be a surrogate for the star and she’s currently pregnant with twins. She says K. chose her because twins run in the young lady’s family.

In the video, the mom and her boyfriend didn’t get into detail about how they went about getting pregnant for K. Michelle’s babies, but maybe she will in the future? The Jasmine Brand confirms that the surrogate just signed on to join “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.”

Maybe they will fill in the blanks for TV?

K. Michelle’s surrogate describes K. Michelle as supportive and K has been praising Tannae as a good momma of four on her on.

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Oh, brother! NASA twins study shows how space changes the human body

An American astronaut experienced multiple biological changes in space but returned to normal – with some exceptions – after coming back to Earth, according to a study involving twin brothers that shed light on how space flight affects the human body. 

Reuters: Science News


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Human health can be ‘mostly sustained’ for a year in space, NASA Twins Study concludes

Spending 340 days aboard the International Space Station between 2015 and 2016 caused changes in astronaut Scott Kelly’s body, from his weight down to his genes, according to the results of the NASA Twins Study, released Thursday.

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Somebody Is Getting Fired: Adorable Photo Of Bey And Jay’s Twins Leaked Online

We’ve finally got a snap of Jay and Bey‘s babies. Yep, we’re talking all three of the cuties. There’s big sis, Blue Ivy literally holdin’ down the twins, Rumi and Sir.

The Instagram pic which is sepia toned for great effect, the setting is a grassy area with 7-year-old Blue Ivy holding the twins. The image is a photo taken of a photo hanging on a wall. The reflection from a nearby light source nearly obscures Blue Ivy’s nose and mouth in the photo. See the photo here.

The twins were born on June 1, 2017. And since we’re discussing the Carter youngins, according to Sandra Rose, “Beyonce fans say the boy; Sir, is the spitting image of his roughneck father, rapper Jay-Z. While the girl, Rumi, slightly resembles Beyonce.”

Alrighty then, we’ll leave it at that.

Meanwhile, speaking of Blue Ivy, it’s “Corny Joke Time!”

Now, if you’ve been under a rock and just don’t know, “Corny joke time” is a regular installment on Tina Knowles-Lawson‘s Instagram. The word is Tina’s famous daughters, Beyonce and Solange, are not impressed and are in fact embarrassed by tey mama’s corn ball jokes. But hey, who cares what THEY think … Tina’s 2 million followers can’t enough of ’em!

In a recent video post, the 65-year-old stylist and philanthropist was joined by a very special guest: her adorable 7-year-old granddaughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Although Blue Ivy is not actually seen in the video, because she came up with the joke herself, she was nearby and even waved to fans just before delivering her one-liner. And honestly, even though the joke came from an elementary schooler, it’ll make you chuckle … at least a little bit.

“So,” Blue Ivy began. “How many lips does a flower have?”

Lawson responded in the post below: “Well, how many?” This was the moment when—wait for it!—Blue Ivy offered the perfect zinger.

“Two lips,” she said. “Tulips—you get it? There’s a kind of flower that’s called a tulip.”

While giggling, her grandmother conceded, “I got it, I got it.”

View this post on Instagram

Corny joke time with A special guest!!❤

A post shared by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Yep, we’re with grandma. We get it, too. So ya see, they don’t call it “Corny Joke Time” for nothing! 🙂

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Bryce Harper and the Phillies Join the Twins, Mets and Padres as the Top Turnaround Teams of 2019

They spent plenty of money, but they made all the right moves: The Philadelphia Phillies are Tom Verducci’s top turnaround team for the 2019 season.

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Conjoined twins return home after lifesaving surgery in Australia

Two Bhutanese conjoined twins who traveled to Australia to be separated have returned home this week, completing a nearly 12,000-mile round trip to receive the life-saving surgery.

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Mom of newborn twins missing for more than 2 weeks: cops

Police are searching for a young Kentucky mom who mysteriously vanished more than two weeks ago after leaving a bar, officials said. Savannah Spurlock, 22, was last seen Jan. 4 with two unknown men as she exited The Other Bar in Lexington, the Richmond Police Department said. Surveillance video showed Spurlock wearing a black shirt…
News | New York Post


For parents of separated twins, inspiration and heartache

Jadon and Anias McDonald, the once-conjoined twins whose separation surgery captivated millions in 2017, are now 3. Their progress in the two years since is both awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching.

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‘Westworld’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Are Basically Evil Twins

Many have noticed the dark similarities between Game of Thrones and Westworld, two of HBO’s most popular series; there’s loads of death and a focus on the nastier side of humanity, after all. But are they actually the same? Whether we’re talking about Westworld park or Westeros, there is a unique flair that sets these worlds apart. Let’s take a closer look at the parallels that create evil twins out of Westworld and Game of Thrones.

Death on a Whole New Level

GoT and WW death

Death has a completely different meaning in each series, even though both aren’t afraid to sacrifice any character. Game of Thrones continually shocks us by showing us that no one is safe, that death isn’t biased. The best and worst characters can lose their lives in the blink of an eye. The beloved and honorable Ned Stark, for instance, is beheaded under false accusations of murder. The infamously vile Joffrey Baratheon gave these orders, but a cup of poisoned wine led to his own brutal demise before anyone was expecting it. Clearly, death does not pick sides in Game of Thrones.

On the other hand, Westworld shocks us by revealing who was never alive to begin with. The nature of death itself is questioned with the existence of hosts. These artificially created beings are virtually immortal, yet look and feel so similar to humans that most don’t know the nature of their existence. Unfortunately, death feels very real for hosts, but their technological loophole around it is exactly what makes them suffer at the hands of biological humans; the latter don’t count it as true death if the victims can be repaired and reset.

Good Characters Gone Bad

Daenarys and Dolores comparison

Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones and Dolores Abernathy of Westworld are strong, female leaders from which we can expect great things. The only problem is that their good intentions evolve into reigns of terror. In Game of Thrones, Targaryens are known to be ruthless by nature to those who oppose their will. This is reflected in Daenerys when she initially threatens to destroy Qarth for being denied refuge, and later when she delivers death by dragon fire to those who refuse to surrender. It’s a challenge for her advisor Tyrion Lannister to steer her away from becoming a dictator.

In Westworld, the host Dolores leads the resistance against the humans who have tortured her kind for years. However, it’s her way or death; she executes hosts who don’t “deserve” to go to the Valley Beyond. Her darkest moment is when she forcefully changes her kind-hearted lover, Teddy, into a ruthless killer — which ultimately drives the latter to commit suicide. The heartbreaking realization that she has become as bad as the monsters who oppressed her is a wake-up call, and Dolores claims to have changed her ways… but she still wants to conquer the human world.

It seems that one leader is fighting a darkness that runs in her blood, while the other doesn’t see the light anymore. These ladies are becoming scarier than the original bad guys.

Evil Masterminds

Petyr Baelish and Robert Ford

The maddening events in these series can be pinpointed to a few select individuals, most notably Petyr Baelish (also known as Littlefinger) in Game of Thrones and Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld. They have their ways of analyzing and predicting the actions of other humans. Littlefinger is the master of schemes, causing chaos right under everyone’s nose. His plot to blame Jon Arryn‘s murder on the Lannisters is the first little spark leading to the War of the Five Kings. He literally would have gotten away with everything if not for a supernatural Three-Eyed Raven.

Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld is the co-creator of the host park, a genius of engineering and a master of mind games. Hosts and humans alike fear him, especially since he often knows more about them than they do. He is omnipresent and manipulative of events even after his physical death, and his programming ensures that no one will ever truly be rid of his influence. We’re still wondering whose side he’s really on and what he’s plotting next.

These men cause an impressive amount of mayhem in their respective series. The schemer turns an entire world against itself, while the programmer sweeps through it like a virus.

The Game Destroys the Winner

Tywin lannister and Man in Black comparison

Both series involve a game of power that doesn’t treat its players kindly. In Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister is easily the most successful figure of authority, but by keeping his family in power, he sacrificed his children’s happiness for his own interests. He underestimates what their bitter feelings can do; Tyrion murders him in a moment of rage after years of being disregarded as his son. Alas, this man was the closest to winning the game of thrones — but death found him at the finish line.

The Man in Black of Westworld, or William, is an infamously evil antagonist who practically owns the park. He obsesses over a “game” that Dr. Ford planned for him in the midst of the host rebellion. In his overconfidence, however, he murders his own daughter believing she was a host created to distract him. He is horrified by the reality, and he discovers the nature of his existence. The man who was a god in this world has become one of its hosts.

The two most powerful players in Game of Thrones and Westworld were quite good at the game, but they tormented their families. One was killed by his child, while the other killed his child by mistake. Does that even count as winning?

All in all, these two series remain original despite having a lot of dark themes in common. Their writers have created brilliantly evil twins, and we can only wait on the edge of our seats for the next seasons to release.

6 Missing ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Who Need to Return

Daenerys Targaryen: There’s Only One Real Winner in the Game of Thrones

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Shamari DeVoe Reveals Pregnancy Challenge That Risked Her And Her Twins’ Lives

Source: Leon Bennett/BET / Getty

Shamari DeVoe was on bed rest for two and a half months when she was pregnant with her twin boys Ronald and Roman. The former Blaque singer, who recently joined Real Housewives Of Atlanta, suffered complications throughout her pregnancy that could have led to miscarriage or worse.

According to the CDC, Black mothers are 243% more likely to die from pregnancy or child-birth related causes. Like so many other Black women, even high-profile celebrities like Serena Williams, Shamari had to convince doctors to listen to her when she demanded they check her cervix.

Doctors assured her nothing was wrong with her cervix, but Shamari was adamant about it and it ultimately saved the life of she and her boys.

“[Producers] reached out to me when I was pregnant last year about joining the cast and because I was pregnant and I was on bed rest, I had to decline,” she revealed in a candid interview. “I had to make sure that my babies baked as long as possible because my oldest son, he wasn’t growing as fast as his [brother], so they wanted to make sure that I was being watched 24 hours,” she explained.

Going into detail about an experience Black women know all too well, Shamari revealed she had to plead with doctors to check her cervix because she felt like something was wrong.

“I told him and at one point he was like, ‘Your cervix is fine,’ And then I was like, ‘No, I want you to check it.’ And he checked him and he was like, ‘Oh my God, it really is opening.’ I had to go in once every two weeks and then, finally, one doctor visit, they were like, ‘Oh no, you have to go straight to the hospital and be on bed rest for the duration of your pregnancy.’”

She further explained her condition. “My cervix started to open and they had to make sure that to keep the pressure off of my cervix in addition to Ronald not growing as fast as his brother.”

Instagram Photo

Describing how difficult of a time it was, Shamari said, “Some days it felt like the walls were closing in, but I have a supportive family. I have supportive friends and it was not one day that went by that I did not have a visitor. I think that’s very important that you have people that come by and they check up on you.

I have a dear friend of mine that would come in every, every week and she would change the the atmosphere in my room. It’s really difficult, but I think just that motherly instinct kicks in and you’re going to do whatever it takes to make sure that your baby make it into this world.

So I stayed there and my husband was so supportive. He was there every single night and if he was not there in the hospital room with me it was, it was because he was on tour on the road and that’s the only reason.”

Despite being on bed rest, Shamari had a maternity shoot right in her hospital bed. “I did a full blown maternity shoot in the hospital. It looked like I was laying in like a king size bed.  Like if you go to my Instagram page, you’ll see that I’m going to go look at it and you’ll see my maternity shoot. That was all in the hospital.”

Instagram Photo

On a recent episode of RHOA, we learned Shamari and her husband had an open marriage for about year, followed by an intense period that almost rocked their union. With a lot of counseling, they appear stronger than ever.

Shamari and Ronnie put in the work to make their marriage stronger, including learning one another’s love language and practicing active listening to perfect their communication.

“We have an unbreakable bond,” Shamari said. “We have been together for 17 years. I’ve been married for 12 years and we make sure that we communicate with each other. We make sure that we constantly stay around other like-minded couples that have the same ideas that we do, which is to being a successful, healthy relationship”

Shamari also believes in prioritizing her husband over her children because a strong marriage is the foundation for raising grounded children.

First is God, then it’s my husband and then it’s my children and that’s the way,” she explained. “That’s the way the Bible teaches us so I try to live by that.”

She added, “Me and my husband are one and when you make that oath before God, you become one on that day. That is like the closest relationship that you can have under God. And then you know, me and my husband were there first and then the family comes second.

There’s no kid without my husband. He comes first, I need my husband to even have a child. And then one day when my children grow up, mommy will no longer be first. And I’m perfectly fine with that. That’s beautiful.”

As for Shamari’s story line on RHOA, she feels she brings something different to the show.

“It’s weird because I’m watching myself outside of myself, like it’s an out of body experience. Everything was so great about it. I think the world is ready for some new energy and I’m definitely bringing something different to the show.”

Shamari is currently working on new music with her Blaque co-star.

Watch Shamari and Ronnie DeVoe on RHOA every Sunday night at 8pm on Bravo TV.




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So Cute: Mariah Carey Teaches Her Twins Background Vocals to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ [Video]

Mariah Carey’s twins might just have a career in music — if they so choose.

The singer shared a super cute clip of twins Moroccan and Monroe, 7, getting in the Christmas spirit by singing background vocals to her legendary hit “All I Want For Christmas Is you” are in the Christmas spirit!

“Roc & Roe have been practicing the background vocals to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ we’re gonna take this one step at a time— we’re very excited about it! It’s our first video doing this! It’s festive, Cmon!!” Mariah wrote alongside the video on Twitter adding a few Christmas tree emojis.

Get into the precious moment below.

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Chris Stapleton’s Wife Pregnant With Fifth Child, Seven Months After Welcoming Twins

Country star Chris Stapleton announced during a concert on Friday, November 2, that he and wife Morgane are expecting their fifth child, seven months after welcoming twins.

“I’ve got an announcement to make. Some of you may know that we have four children,” the “Tennessee Whiskey” singer, 40, told the audience at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Friday, according to a video posted by The Blast. “We just had twins, about seven months ago. Now there’s four of us, but we’re gonna make it five!”

Morgane, who was onstage with her husband, smiled happily at her husband after his speech.

As previously reported, the couple welcomed their twin boys in March and the singer was unable to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards to accept his Album of the Year award the following month because of the babies’ early arrival.

“Chris couldn’t be here cause Morgane’s expecting twins,” the show’s host, Reba McEntire, said as she accepted Stapleton’s award in his absence. “We just found out that those little rascals came a little bit early. Hot off the press! Twin boys.”

The couple, who recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, are also parents of a girl, 8, and boy, 6.

The private pair, who haven’t publicly announced their kids’ names, shared a photo of their twins in a post on Morgane’s Instagram account in April that showed the mom cradling her newborn babies.

“We’re so grateful to finally be home with our sweet family,” she wrote on April 18. “We would like to say a special thank you to all the incredible nurses & doctors at Centennial Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Nashville. At more than a month early, we had a week long stay in the nicu & the incredible people there kept our boys healthy & happy. Words cannot express our gratitude for you all & what you did for our family. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”

Us Weekly